Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 20 - The Day Planet Balan's Sun Dropped! - full transcript

Episode 20

The Day the Sun Falls onto Planet Balan !!

( Air date: Feb 16, 1975 )

Saraba Chikyuu yo

Tabidatsu fune wa...

...uchuu senkan Yamato

Space Battleship


Uchuu no kanata Iscandar he...

...unmei seoi...

...ima tobitatsu

Kanarazu koko he...

...kaette kuru to

Te wo furu hito ni...

...egao de kotae

Ginga wo hanare...

...Iscandar he...

...harubaru nozomu

Uchuu senkan Yamato

In 2199, Earth was attacked by Meteor
Bombs from the mysterious planet Gamilus...

{SONO}...and mankind was facing extinction in one
year due to the radioactive contamination.

{CHIKYUU}The space battleship Yamato, the first
Earth ship to exceed the speed of light...

{CHIKYUU}...has left for Iscandar to
obtain the radioactive purifier.

Galactic System

Iscandar is 148,000 light years
away in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Large Magellanic Cloud

{GENZAI}Their current destination is
the mid-point, Planet Balan.

{YAMATO}Balan appears to be a beacon
in space for the Yamato...

{YAMATO}...but it's also a Gamilus supply
base for the invasion of Earth.

Planet Balan

{Domel}After being assigned as commander of
the Solar System region operations...

{Domel}...a famed Admiral, Domel, has just
arrived on Planet Balan with his fleet.

{BALAN}Using Balan as
his main base...

{BALAN}...Admiral Domel is like a space wolf
sharpening its fangs to kill the Yamato.

Admiral Domel

The Yamato is approaching Planet Balan.


We've made it this far.

Hey, look. We've come
to the halfway point.

Chief Navigator,
don't relax too much.

It's only the
halfway point.

Schedule is the only problem.

It's been 109 days
since we left Earth...

...but we should have passed
Planet Balan in 65 days.

Once we pass Balan...

...it's only 71,000 light years to
Iscandar in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

How big is it
in diameter, Analyzer ?

Approximately twice
that of Earth's.

Hey, what's that ?

Chief Combat Commander,
that's the sun.

Sun ?

Yes, but this sun is unusual,
and it's orbiting around Planet Balan.

How is it, Captain ?

That's definitely Planet Balan.

We've been navigating the ship using Balan
as if it were a lighthouse, so it has to be.

But Shima, it's best to be
as careful as possible.

She's right. We'd better wait for the
report from the Chief Combat Commander.

Those plants are strange.
They're growing into the ground.

Chief Combat Commander,
look at that.

A base...?!
Isn't that a base ?

Kato, check that
crater carefully.


Captain, a report from Kodai.
He found a base on Balan.

A base ?

There's a base here ?

I wonder if
Kodai is alright.

Here they come.

How could I get hit by
such pathetic attacks ?

What're those ?

Those are skeletons of Paranodons, the
same creature which attacked the Yamato.

It's horrible.
What happened ?

Incoming message from the Yamato.

"Kodai and Kato, return
to the ship immediately."

Alright. My mind is made up after
seeing the corpses of Paranodons.

Kodai, leave them to me
and go back to the Yamato.

Idiot. Hey Kato, do you think you
can handle them all by yourself ?

Don't try to act tough.

You can't do anything
with a scout plane.

Analyzer, switch seats.

Kodai, hurry and go back !


Analyzer, what're you doing ?
Roll it back !

Attack them ! Hey !

Hey Analyzer, wait here
until Kato returns.

Aihara, order Kato
to come back.

Yes, sir.

Yamato to Kato. Yamato to Kato.
Return immediately.

Captain, let's destroy
the Gamilus base on Balan.

The indigenous Paranodons
were massacred.

Paranodon ?

Yes. We should destroy
it for their sake.


The Yamato is behind
schedule by 44 days.

Unless it concerns us directly,
we should hurry to Iscandar.

Are you saying you don't
care about the Paranodons ?

Even if they're primitive,
I can't look the other way.

What do you think, Captain ?
Your decision, please.

We'll destroy the base.

We can't leave it there,
for the sake of the deceased.

Captain, Kato's Black
Tiger is returning.

Meanwhile, Admiral Domel has moved his
main fleet 500,000 km away from Balan.

Calm down, Gale.

Just wait quietly.

Commander Domel, why do we have
to use such an irritating strategy ?

We already have enough
firepower to destroy the Yamato.

Don't be so hasty, Gale.

Victory is all we need in war.
A flashy ball game isn't necessary.

We showed them the dead Paranodons
to elevate their sense of responsibility.

In addition, they'll see
a lightly defended base.

I don't understand.
How will that destroy the Yamato ?

The Yamato will fall
into my trap.

After seeing the dead Paranodons,
they should feel like they are saviors.

But such cheap human compassion
can be easily manipulated.

The Yamato has come this far.

The more we increase the
intensity of our attack...

...the more they strengthen
their sense of responsibility.

{SONO}That's why this
trap will work.

Gale, we'll use the artificial
sun to destroy the Yamato.

As the Yamato advances,
our base will counterattack.

{TOUZEN}Naturally, the Yamato
will focus on the base.

{SOKO}We'll drop the sun and destroy
the Yamato along with the base.

Commander Domel...

{KIGAKARI}What worries me is that they might blow
up the sun with the Wave Motion Gun.

{WATASHI}But if my calculations
are correct...

...the sun should hit the Yamato
before they fire the Wave Motion Gun.

Commander, if you
destroy the base...

Just watch. We just have to wait and
watch the movements of the Yamato.

The Yamato has entered
the base's firing range.

Good. Order all the anti-aircraft
weapons to intercept it.

All hands, battle stations.

Ready the missiles.

Readying the missiles.

Hey Ohta, pay close attention
to the sun, alright ?

What's wrong with the sun ?

I don't have time to explain.
Just do what I say.

Okay. Watch the movement
of the sun with the radar.

Incoming missiles.

Fire the main guns.

Firing the main guns.

The Yamato is heading
for the Balan base.

It's approaching Hell. Send
energy to the artificial sun.

Sending energy to
the artificial sun.

Activate it.

What the...?!
The sun is moving toward us !

Ohta, don't be ridiculous.

I'm not lying. Look.

I...it's artificial.

Hey Shima, aim the bow
toward the artificial sun.

Only the Wave Motion
Gun can destroy it.

Can we make it in time ?
It takes a while to turn around.

We'll take attacks from
the Gamilus base directly.

Fourth wave of
missiles approaching.

Distance is 120,000 !
Descending faster !


You'll have control.
Let's trust the Wave Motion Gun.

Aye, sir.

Prepare to fire
the Wave Motion Gun.

Charge energy.
Starboard full.

Starboard full.

Shima, how long will it take to
align with the artificial sun ?

At least 300 seconds.

Ohta, how much time do we have
until we collide with the sun ?

I'm calculating.

290 seconds !

It's finally changing
course, but it's too late.

Before it finishes turning around,
the artificial sun will crush it.

Watch, Gale, this is
how to win a battle.

How...how absurd !

Captain, the ship can't
take much more of this !

Missiles approaching !
Distance, 5000 !

Port side hit. First armor
plating is severely damaged.

Shima, how much time do you need ?

190 seconds.

181 seconds till the
impact of the artificial sun.

Stop the engine, and
descend using normal thrust.

Are you serious ?
The Gamilus base will destroy us.

We have to lengthen
the time til impact.

Distance, 36,000 !
It's accelerating so fast !

70 seconds till impact !

Impossible. Are they going to
destroy their own base, too ?

It's no good,
we're five seconds behind.

Is this the
end of the Yamato ?


I'm alright.

This is the strategy
of Gamilus. Incredible.

I've won.

Commander Domel.

Incoming call
from Lord Desler.

You have a call
from Lord Desler.

At a critical
time like this...

Yes, Admiral Domel here.

Admiral Domel, are you going to sacrifice
our Balan base just to destroy the Yamato ?

I'm glad Gale told me in time.
You're so wasteful.

Don't do that.

The artificial
sun slowed down.

Shima, complete our
orientation now.


Target scope open.

Target, 8000 meters
directly ahead.

Energy charge, 120%.

Energy charge nominal.

Ten seconds till firing.
Protect your eyes from the flash.






...fire !

At such an
important time...

I thought we
were going to die.

We're so lucky.

Besides, I wonder why that artificial
sun slowed down at that moment.

Kodai, how did you know
it was an artificial sun ?

You'll find out, once
Yuki returns with the samples.


Sir ?

Come to my
quarters afterwards.

Aye, sir.

Kodai, I got the
samples you requested.

Hey, isn't it wild ?

Don't worry.
They're very gentle.

But they attacked us in
a group the other day.

Those Gamilus
are so cruel.

How could they convert such a gentle
creature into a combat machine ?

Hey Kodai, what's your secret about
realizing that it was an artificial sun ?

Did you bring
back any plants ?


Look at this paranodon.
The eyes are so small.

That means it's meant
to live in the dark.

Here is a plant.

I realized it for sure
when I saw this plant.

{HORA}See ? The ends of the
branches are growing downward.

{BALAN}It must need the
heat from Balan's surface.

That's true. If there was a sun,
it should have reached out to it.

When I looked at the sun,
I was sure that it was artificial.

Our Chief Combat Commander
is unexpectedly detail oriented.

Let's get going. We have to
leave as soon as possible.

Kodai Susumu, reporting.

Come in.

Come over here, Kodai.

Captain, don't
you feel good ?

I'm tired.


Yes ?

I have a favor to ask. Will you
substitute for me and act as the captain ?

My body can't tolerate the heavy duty of
captain. I'll need a skilled support staff.

But I can't...
I'm not...


Understood, Kodai ?

Yes, sir.

Do your best.

Aye, sir.

The space battleship Yamato
has passed the halfway point, Balan.

It has completed a quarter of
the journey of 296,000 light years.

Yamato, hurry to Iscandar
in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

The people of Earth are
waiting for your return.

Mankind will be
extinct in 253 days.

Only 253 days are left.

253 days left until the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:
Mori Yuki:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Ichiro Nagai
Asagami Yoko

Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf

Sanada Shiro:
Ohta Kenichiro:
Kato Saburo:
Nanbu Yasuo:
Aihara Yoshikazu:

Aono Takeshi
Yoshito Aihara
Kamiya Akira
Yamashita Keisuke
Shinji Nomura


Ogata Kenichi
Ibu Masayuki
Kobayashi Osamu
Saka Osamu
Kimura Akira

Dareno tame da to omotte iruka

Kodai and Analyzer investigate on the
Type-100 scout plane. It's supposed to have tandem seats, but it had transverse seats.
Is it because they didn't think the rear seat could be used for piloting ?

Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka

According to the explanation in ep. 18,
Balan was a dark planet, only visible because of the volcanic activities, but Admiral Domel attacks the Yamato with an artificial sun. When did they make it ?

Minna sono ki de ireba ii

Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa



Todd Perkins

Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa

Todd Perkins

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