Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 18 - Floating Fortress Island! Two Men Brave Death! - full transcript

Episode 18

Floating Fortress Island!
Suicidal Assault Team of Two!!

( Air date: Feb 02, 1975 )

Space Battleship


In 2199, Earth was attacked by Meteor
Bombs from the mysterious planet Gamilus...

{SONO}...and mankind was facing extinction in one
year due to the radioactive contamination.

{CHIKYUU}The space battleship Yamato, the first
Earth ship to exceed the speed of light...

{CHIKYUU}...has left for Iscandar to
obtain the radioactive purifier.

Galactic System

Iscandar is 148,000 light years
away in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Large Magellanic Cloud

{GENZAI}Their current destination is
the mid point, planet Balan.

{YAMATO}Balan appears to be a beacon
in space for the Yamato...

{YAMATO}...but it's also a Gamilus supply
base for the invasion of Earth.

Planet Balan

{Domel}After being assigned as commander of
the Solar System region operations...

{Domel}...a famed admiral, Domel, has just
arrived on planet Balan with his fleet.

{BALAN}Using Balan as
his main base...

{BALAN}...Admiral Domel is like a space wolf
sharpening its fangs to kill the Yamato.

Admiral Domel

The Yamato is 8 days
away from planet Balan.

Distance to the unknown object
is 20,000 km. No effect so far.

Kodai, you've sent
a scout plane, yes?

Yes, sir.
It's approaching right now.

Recon K62 to Yamato.
Recon K62 to Yamato.

This is Yamato.
K62, go ahead.

K62 is 1000 km from the
unknown object. No change, over.

Keep approaching.

Recon K62,
what happened ?!

Respond !
Come in, come in !

What do you think ?

Do you see how
unusual the explosion is ?

What do you think, Kodai ?

It was more like it was
disassembled rather than blown up.

That's right. Let's take
a look one more time.

It must be a
magnetron wave.

And it's coming from
that unknown object.

What do you mean ?

It's a Gamilus fortress.
No doubt about it.

Can't we go around it ?

No, we can't.

I changed our course to 9 o'clock,
but it's following us.

I'll leave it to Mr. Sanada.

Yes, sir. I will carry out the mission
to destroy the enemy fortress.

A seamless fighter has already
been built in the factory.

Captain, please let
me go with him.

You think I'm incapable ?

No, I don't mean
that, Mr. Sanada.

I lost two of my subordinates
in that scout plane.

I don't want you
to be next victim.

Just like you, Chief Engineer Sanada.
I wish you could've built this earlier.

What's wrong, Mr. Sanada ?

The shape is smooth oval.

Length is about 1 km.
Height is about 300 meters.

It's like a giant pumice
stone floating in space.

There are number of
holes on the surface...

...and they're assumed to be the
magnetron wave emitters. Over.

Alright. The magnetron wave has started
affecting the Yamato a little, so be careful.


Kodai, the fortress is in our range.
Try shooting an emitter with the laser gun.


What the...?
It closed.

As I thought.

It has an automatic shutter, which
senses vibrations and acts quickly.

The fortress is well prepared
against an external attack.

In order to destroy the fortress,
we have to sneak inside.

Kodai and Sanada will leave the seamless
plane and attempt to enter the fortress.

We'll be out of contact
for a while. Over.

Alright. Be very careful.
That's all.

Are you alright, Kodai ?

I'm fine.


It's like a maze.


I have something I need
you to forgive me for.

What do you need to tell
me in a place like this ?{ is it,
in a place like this ?}

It's about your brother.

Your brother Kodai Mamoru and
I were classmates at the academy.

Although your brother was popular and
I was quiet, strangely, we got along well.

{YAGATE}After the academy, your
brother became a pilot...

{YAGATE}...and I was assigned to ground
work, and we were separated.

{SONO}But we were reunited 9 months ago, when
the space destroyer Yukikaze docked.

{KODAI}Kodai Mamoru was the Yukikaze's captain,
and I was the chief engineer of Dock 3.

{FUNE}His ship was heavily damaged.

{FUNE}The Earth Defense Force was no match
for Gamilus's superior technology.

How is it ?
Can I go and fight ?

Oh, sure...

I see. I'll leave
in three days.

It's for the
Pluto front line.

If we're defeated,
Earth will have no chance.

That was the last
time I saw him.

The final battle of the Earth Defense
Force at Pluto was very difficult...

...and only Captain Okita's
flagship was able to return.

{KODAI}I heard that Mamoru's Yukikaze acted as a
shield to let the Commander, Okita, escape...

{KODAI}...and died a heroic death.

{DAGA}But I knew that the Yukikaze
didn't have any other choice.

{ANO}The ship was
already a wreck...

{ANO}...and I couldn't repair the Yukikaze
enough so that it could return to Earth.

{OMAE}I feel like I'm responsible
for Kodai Mamoru's death.

I see.

Every time I see your face, I remember Kodai
Mamoru's face, and it makes my heart ache.

It wasn't your fault.

Besides, it's about the past,
so let's forget about it.

Even I was...

It was bad timing to
talk about your brother.

However, even a Chief Combat
Commander can drop his guard, huh ?

I feel better.

{TEISATSU}When I saw the remains of the scout
plane, I remembered my sister.

{KAZOKU}It was when my family went to
an amusement park on the Moon.

I was a grade
school student.

{SORE}But I insisted on
piloting a rocket car.

Distracted by family,
when I'm not supposed to be.

I think
it's not just me.

That's normal for a man.

Yes, that's true.

Top panel no. 1
on the bow came off.

I hope Kodai and
Chief Engineer Sanada...

...can stop the magnetron wave
before the Yamato breaks apart.

We've been walking
for more than 5 km.

There're so many passages.
Where is the end ?


This fortress
is totally unmanned.

In other words, this whole fortress
is a computer-operated robot.

After walking around, I noticed that these
passages are similar to computer circuits.

And I just found the answer.
This is the heart we have to destroy.

So, according to your calculations, the
chance of a successful warp is only 55%.

Yes, sir.

The moment to enter warp
is very dangerous...

...because we'll be strongly
affected by the magnetron wave.

But at this rate, we'll be
dragged into its effective range.

But what about
Kodai and Sanada ?

Shima, prepare for a warp.

Aye, sir.

I liked painting
when I was a boy.

So I wanted to be a painter once
I grew up, but look at me...

I'm a professional scientist.

It's because I lost my
sister in that accident.

Machines kill men.
That's unbelievable.

Science should contribute to mankind,
and mankind is superior to science.

I believed so, and I became
a scientist to prove it.

Science is my
enemy to defeat.

Ah !

Warp preparations are complete.

Very well.

Kodai !

Kodai !

Kodai !

Kodai !

You're alive, Kodai.

Stand up, Kodai.
Stand up and walk.

You can move...

Kodai, it's an emergency.
The Yamato might warp.

Say what ?

The fortress's functions
are occupied by it.

It's our chance, Kodai.

Come over here, and
cut of my arms and legs.

We don't have time !
Hurry !

The computer probably thinks that it has
won by restraining my arms and legs...

{ORE}...but I'm like a lizard, cutting off its leg or tail
to survive and defeat the enemy in the end !

{SAA}Hurry and cut off
my arms and legs !

Even if you ask me to,
I don't have a knife.

You don't need one.

Unscrew the bolts.

Bolts ?

My arms and legs are artificial.
Unscrew the bolts on my elbow.

{ORE}If you follow my instruction,
you can separate it. Hurry.

The accident took the life of my
sister as well as my arms and legs.

I despise science,
which is so overrated.

Turn right at the
next corner. Hurry.

Good, put me down here.

Aren't we going to get
in the seamless plane ?

Put me down next to
the wall before that.

Kodai, leave the fortress with
the plane as soon as possible.

I'll stay.

No way.
What're you going to do ?

Listen carefully.

The arms and legs I left at the
computer are my trump cards.

Bombs are
installed in them.

The triggering device
is installed in my arm.

I'll operate it, and the computer will die, and
the space fortress will cease functioning.

But if I go any farther,
I won't be able to trigger it.

Mr. Sanada, you're so...

Don't jump to conclusions, Kodai.
I'm not rushing to my death.

The magnetron emitter is protected by a
shutter, which is activated by a strong shock.

{HYOTTO}It might be activated by an
explosion inside, and that's my hope.

{ORE}I'll activate it. If I'm lucky,
I'll be able to survive.

{DAGA}But Kodai, you don't
have to risk yourself.

{TOOKU}Withdraw to a safe distance,
and watch the explosion of the fortress.

{SONO KI}You can come search for me, if you like.
You might be able to find one of my bones.

Mr. Sanada...
I don't know what to say.

Well then, Mr. Sanada...

Take care of yourself.

I won't say goodbye.

Me neither.

Shima, commence warp.

Aye, sir.
Commence warp.

Seamless plane to Yamato.
Seamless plane to Yamato.

This is Kodai.

Kodai to Yamato...
Kodai to Yamato...


Kodai, is that you, Kodai ?

This is Okita of the Yamato.
What's your status, Kodai ?

Explosives are set.
Attempting to destroy it now.

Mr. Sanada...

This is Kodai.
Detonation complete.

I'll go rescue
Chief Engineer Sanada. Over.

Mr. Sanada !

Mr. Sanada !

Mr. Sanada !

Mr. Sanada ! Mr. Sanada !

Kodai !

Mr. Sanada !

Planet Balan

Gamilus Headquarters

Command Room

Your lighter is just like
Space Fortress No.13.

In other words,
it's useless.

Mr. Sanada.

Your injury doesn't
seem so bad.

Of course not.

Mr. Sanada...

...when I found you in the flames, I felt like
my brother was still alive somewhere.

Maybe so.

Where ?

Kodai Mamoru is alive,
especially inside your heart.

Ninety-seven days have passed
since their departure from Earth.

There are seven more days
to the mid point, planet Balan.

Hurry to Iscandar, Yamato.

Earth is waiting...
Waiting for your return.

Mankind will be extinct in
260 days due to the Gamilus attack.

Only 260 days left until
the extinction of mankind.

260 days left until the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo

Mori Yuki:
Kodai Mamoru:

Asagami Yoko
Kobayashi Osamu
Hirokawa Taichiro

Sanada Shiro:

Aono Takeshi
Ogata Kenichi
Nomura Shinji
Kimura Akira

The narrator says ninety-seven days, but it's actually January 20th, the 103rd day. The Yamato is 8 days away from Balan, and it was stopped by a space fortress.

From Sanada's flashback, the battle of Pluto took place around April or May of 2199. Also, Sanada's past was revealed.

Shima worries about Kodai and Sanada. According to the storyboard, Shima goes to the bathroom later, and the cells were drawn, but the scene was omitted.

We now know from the last scene,
that Yamato's uniform has a zipper on
the front center.
260 days left until the destruction of Earth.



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