Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 17 - Charge! Balanodon Special Attack Group! - full transcript

Episode 17

Paranodon Attack Squadron!

( Air date: Jan 26, 1975 )

Saraba Chikyuu yo

Tabidatsu fune wa...

...uchuu senkan Yamato

Space Battleship


Uchuu no kanata Iscandar he...

...unmei seoi...

...ima tobitatsu

Kanarazu koko he...

...kaette kuru to

Te wo furu hito ni...

...egao de kotae

Ginga wo hanare...

...Iscandar he...

...harubaru nozomu

Uchuu senkan Yamato

In 2199, Earth was attacked by Meteor
Bombs from the mysterious planet Gamilus...

{SONO}...and mankind was facing extinction in one
year due to the radioactive contamination.

{CHIKYUU}The space battleship Yamato, the first
Earth ship to exceed the speed of light...

{CHIKYUU}...has left for Iscandar to
obtain the radioactive purifier.

Galactic System

Iscandar is 148,000 light years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Large Magellanic Cloud

{GENZAI}Their current destination is
the mid point, planet Balan.

{YAMATO}Balan appears to be a beacon
in space for the Yamato...

{YAMATO}...but it's also a Gamilus supply
base for the invasion of Earth.

Planet Balan

{Domel}After being assigned as commander of
the Solar System region operations...

{Domel}...a famed admiral, Domel, has just
arrived on planet Balan with his fleet.

{BALAN}Using Balan as
his main base...

{BALAN}...Admiral Domel is like a space wolf
sharpening its fangs to kill the Yamato.

Admiral Domel

The Yamato is 16 days
away from planet Balan.

Chief Navigator,
the course is correct.


I'm glad it's been peaceful
for the last few days.

Warps were performed as planned, and we
should be able to make up for the delay.

No, not yet.

According to the plan, we should've only
spent 10 days leaving the Solar System.

And 10 more days for
the Galactic System.

Forty-five days
to reach Balan.

And we have forty-five
days to get to Iscandar.

But the Yamato
is still here.

We should have spent sixty-five
days from Earth to Balan...

{MOU}...but we've already
spent ninety-eight days.

I hope we can recover the time
loss before we get to Balan.

Planet Balan

The Yamato's current destination, Balan,
is a dark planet, 77,000 light years from Earth.

There's no sun or moon
to light its surface.

{AKARI}The only light sources are volcanoes, and
the countless number of stars in dark space.

{CHIHYOU}Rapidly growing plants, which are similar
to deep-sea plants, grow on the surface.

{OOKISA}Its size is
20 times Earth's.

Balan Frontline Base

{SHIKASHI}Its rotation is very fast, but gravity
near the equator is very weak...

{NINGEN}...and it's very comfortable
for humanoid type creatures.

{KONO}Domel's Solar System invasion
base is located near the equator.

Soon they will form my desired
shape of a Paranodon.

The head part is missing.

Perhaps my envisioning ability
is not strong enough.

Let's try
again tomorrow.

Aye, sir.

Commander Domel, the Paranodon
attack squadron is almost complete.

Good work, Gale.

This extraordinary plan will
surely defeat the Yamato.

But it was so hard to train such
a gentle creature like the Paranodon.

Gale, let's begin
the mission briefing.

Commander Domel...?!

Lord Desler's plan is for
Gamilus to colonize Earth.

The space battleship Yamato
has greatly delayed our plans.

I've ordered the Pluto base reconstruction
project team to plan that matter.

While we're doing that,
we must also destroy the Yamato.

That's why,
Commander Domel...

I'll use the Paranodon attack squadron
to turn the Yamato into space dust.

That Yamato, if they take
this Balan base lightly...

...just because they were able to destroy
the Pluto base, they'll be in trouble.

Gale, calm down. They
shouldn't have noticed us yet.

They must be heading for Balan
as a half way mark to Iscandar.

They don't even think
we have a base here.

We'll take advantage of their
carelessness and destroy them in one attack.

Hold off until then.

Commander Domel, is it
alright to be so cautious ?

His passive way of fighting...

...was the reason Shultz lost
the Pluto Frontline Base...

...an important milestone in
our colonization of Earth.


Please reconsider,
Commander Domel !

If we attack the Yamato as much
as possible while it's still far away...

...wouldn't we be being more
faithful to Lord Desler ?

{SONOTAME}That's what my precious Paranodon
attack squadrons are for.

Stop, Gale.

I'm the commander
of this base.

The warp is over.
I'm switching to automatic pilot.

We can relax for a while.

Captain !


Because of the
continuous warp...

It must've put a lot
of stress on him.

Kodai, what happened
to the Captain ?

He collapsed.

Collapsed ?


It's alright now.



It's progressed a lot.

I'm sorry to
tell you this...

...but an operation has to
be done, or you'll die.

I can't give you a 100% guarantee of
survival even after the operation is done.

I see.

Even if the chance falls to only 1%,
please perform the operation...

...and let me perform my
duty a little longer.

A man is
asking a favor.

I'm a man, too.

Mori, prepare for
an operation. Hurry.


Doctor, if something happens,
there's a note on my desk...

...which details how to
proceed with our journey.

I got it, but I won't let you die.
You can't die so easily.

Analyzer, please help.


Anesthesia, okay. Oxygen
inhaler, okay. All, okay.

Laser scalpel.


Blood pressure is falling,
and breathing is abnormal.



Who do you think I am ?!

I'm asking you !
Who am I ?!

Vice Commander Gale, sir.

How dare you...!

You called me Commander,
Commander, until a while ago !

And while your words are
fresh from your mouth...

{YOKUMO}How could you call
me Vice Commander ?

Say something !

Yamato detected.

Bearing FZ3, minus 6.

Good, launch Paranodons.

Alright, go.

Paranodon formation.

They did it.

Combine Paranodons.

Go, destroy the Yamato.

The attack on the dummy
Yamato was successful.

The real Yamato will
meet the same fate.

That Domel doesn't want me to be
successful, but that won't happen.

Commander Domel.

What's the matter so
early in the morning ?

Vice Commander Gale has left,
leading the special attack squadron.

That idiot.
He still doesn't understand.

I did everything I could,
but I don't know.

What do you mean ?

The operation was successful, but we have
to wait for a few hours to know the result.

Captain, please survive.

Approaching the Yamato.
Distance, 12,000.

Prepare to
launch Paranodons.

Prepare to launch Paranodons.

Prepare yourself, Yamato.
Your life is about to end.

An object detected on radar
is approaching rapidly.

Bearing, 10 degrees left,
relative speed, 6000 space knots.

Switching to
the video panel.

That's Gamilus.

Those Gamilus, and while
the Captain is absent...

All hands, battlestations !

Wait, Kodai. Shouldn't we
run in a situation like this ?

No way.

Because the situation is like this, we have to
get rid of the obstacle as soon as possible.

What's the fuss ?


Gamilus ships
are approaching.

But the Captain is absent.
We can't move without his approval.

What should we do ?
The Gamilus ships are still closing in.

Launch Paranodons.

What the...?

What's that ?

Is that a
space creature ?

We're out of time !
What should we do ?!

Prepare to fire
the shock cannons !



Shock cannons are
ready to fire.

Correction, left 2 degrees,
relative velocity plus 3.

Charge !
Destroy it !

It's in range of
the shock cannons.


I did it.

What's that stuff ?

It returned to its original form.
The attack didn't work.

Even if I hit, they break
apart and reform into one piece.

If they crash into the Yamato,
we don't know what will happen.

It's back
in one piece.

It's bigger
than the Yamato.

What do we do ?
Run away ?

Too late.

We have to use
the Wave Motion Gun.

But we just warped. For the
safety of the ship, that's...

Even if it might stress the ship,
we have to get out of this situation.

I'll take responsibility,
so please let me do it.

Alright, let's do it.

Let's do it, Kodai.

Alright, let the Wave
Motion Gun decide our fate.

Energy charge, plus 100.
Energy valve, closed.

Energy charge, plus 200.

Safety lock, off.

Fifteen seconds to firing.
Prepare for flash and shock.

Reticle adjustment,
right 3 degrees.

Alright, it's in the
reticle. Dead ahead.


Wave Motion Gun...

The Wave Motion Gun did it ?

No. No. No. No.

Chief Engineer, outer panels
were damaged again.

It was right after the warp, so the shock
of the Wave Motion Gun must have done it.

He survived.
The Captain survived.

He survived.
The Captain survived.

He survived.
The Captain survived.

Everyone, well done.

Captain, I'm sorry. I damaged the ship
because of my unauthorized decision.

Kodai, I thank you for managing the
ship and overcoming the obstacles.

They say lions throw their babies
into a bottomless ravine for a trial...

...and you're the baby lion who
climbed up from the ravine, Kodai.

Injuries are to be expected.

An injured body can
be healed. Thank you.

Captain, you have
to get some sleep.

Defeated by the
Wave Motion Gun ?

Idiot. That was expected
in the first place.

{OUSEN}Just because it could destroy
an unarmed dummy Yamato...

{OUSEN}...doesn't mean it could
be useful in real combat.

How foolish of you.

The Yamato is hurrying to Balan,
the mid point between Earth and Iscandar.

But Admiral Domel is waiting there.

Try hard, Yamato.
Earth is waiting for you.

Only 263 days left
until extinction.

Only 263 days remain.

263 days left until the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Ichiro Nagai

Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Ohta Kenjiro:

Asagami Yoko
Ogata Kenichi
Aono Takeshi
Yoshibito Aihara

Soldier A:

Kobayashi Osamu
Saka Osamu
Yamashita Keisuke
Kimura Akira

Dareno tame da to omotte iruka

Gale gets drunk and goes mad in his quarters.
The scared women wore only pink underwear, under their coats.

Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka

The Gamilus tandem airplane, used to control the Paranodons, was originally designed to spin during flight.

According to monster movie freaks, the voice of Paranodon sounds like Hedra of "Godzilla vs Hedra."

Minna sono ki de ireba ii

Okita didn't take off his hat during
the operation.

It took place on the 98th day. Yamato is 16 days away from Balan, 77,000 light years away from Earth. The scene, where the Yamato defeated the Paranodon, was the 100th day. Earth will be destroyed in 263 days.

Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa



Todd Perkins

Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa

Todd Perkins

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La la la...

La la la, makka na scarf