Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 15 - Desperate Escape! The Galaxy's Different Dimension! - full transcript

Episode 15

Desperate Escape!!
The Yamato in Alternative Space!!

( Air date: Jan 12, 1975 )

Space Battleship


In 2199, Earth was attacked by the mysterious
planet Gamilus with meteor bombs...

{SONO}...and mankind was facing extinction
due to the radioactivity in one year.

{CHIKYUU}The space battleship Yamato, the first
Earth ship to exceed the speed of light...

...has departed for Iscandar to
obtain the radioactive purifier.

Galactic System

Iscandar is located 148,000 light years
away in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Large Magellanic Cloud

Planet Balan

{GENZAI}Its current destination
is the mid-point, planet Balan.

Yamato Second Bridge

Navigator, how about a break ?

I made
some coffee.

Oh, thanks.

Oh, well...

It never gets better,
Chief Life Environmental Commander.

It tastes so good.

I feel so sorry for those who
can't drink coffee like this.

I wish I could have someone who could
make coffee like this, as my wife.

You're right.

Should I propose ?

Mr. Ohta, do you want another ?

N...no, thanks.

Ohta, you were forcing
yourself, weren't you ?

You knew ?

Okay, stop wasting your
breath and get back to work !

Don't worry about me,
just make sure you plan right...

...so that the Yamato doesn't
fly into the middle of nowhere !

Don't worry about us.

Hayashi, what's the error
factor to planet Balan ?


Plus 3 degrees.

Okay, adjust our course.

Got it.

Hey Shima, how many days will it take to get
from the mid-point, planet Balan, to Iscandar ?

Let's see...

On this course, it'll
take about 40 days.

I see.

But that's still 23 days behind schedule
from what Headquarters projected.

I'll minimize the lost time,
and hurry up.

Besides, Mori, please work hard,
so that you can make good coffee.


Planet Balan

Gamilus Galactic System Base


Domel !

Domel !

Domel !

Domel !

This is planet Balan, located mid-way between
Earth and the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Admiral Domel

A famed admiral
of Gamilus, Domel...

...just arrived as Commander of the Galactic
System sector, accompanied by his fleet.

I'm Domel.

Gale, I'll tell you the appointment
order from Lord Desler.

The Commander of the
Magellan sector, Domel...

...has been assigned to command the
Galactic System sector as of January 5th.

Gale, you will be under my
command as vice-commander.

Say what ?

Gale, that was an order.



And that...

Your lack of taste is the worst
on Gamilus ! It makes me puke !

Gale, replace all
the furniture.


...we'll begin an exercise in dimension 4,
sector 6, at 16:00. Inform the fleet.

A...aye, sir.

Hey, don't
overlook any details.

If we pamper it too much,
it'll be spoiled and useless...

...mustached commander.

Besides, I wonder how many days have
passed since we entered deep space.

The scenery doesn't change,
so I have no idea.

The number of stars
has decreased.

It's so vast that
it's almost uncanny.

Hey, just give it up, everyone.
We don't know what's going to happen.

I've got goosebumps.

Idiot. It's too late
to worry about it.

Hey, what's happening ?!

It's slowing down.

What is the
driver doing ?

What happened ?!

I'm going to go find out.
Kato, you take care of this.

Chief Engine Operator Tokugawa, the
output of the Wave Motion engine is down.

Report immediately.

I'm trying to compensate,
but it's not working.

Chief, the Wave Motion
engine has stopped.

Switch to the sub-engines.

Aye, sir.

Hey Shima,
what happened ?

If I knew, we wouldn't
be in trouble.

What's that mist ?

I'm analyzing it now.

Engine room, what're you doing ?
Sub-engines, maximum thrust.

I know.
Yabu, check the power.

Aye, sir.

I've checked three times, but
I can't get the power to come up.

Analysis complete,
Chief Navigator.

The main component of
the mist is hydrogen.

What, hydrogen ?

It's finally calm.

It looks
strange outside.

Video panel on.

I didn't expect the Magellanic
Stream to be around here.

What ? Hey Shima, what is
this "Magellanic Stream" ?

Well, it's a stream of
hydrogen, so to speak.

The Magellanic Cloud was said to be
near the Solar System long time ago...

{GINGA}...but it passed by
the Galactic System...

{GINGA}...and moved to its current position,
trailing a stream of hydrogen.

{SONO}Its width is several hundred million kilometers,
and its length is 164,000 light years.

{DAITAI}That's just about
all we know.

According to data, hydrogen volume
is 10 times that of the Sun...

{SUISO}...and the main channel of hydrogen
is flowing from the Magellanic Cloud...

{SUISO}...toward the Galactic
System at 200 km/sec.

But this is unusual. We're not just
caught by the Magellanic Stream.

What do you mean, Captain ?

We're trapped in a
fourth dimensional dislocation.

Look at that.

Ships that couldn't escape...

Are we going to
end up like them ?

Stop joking around.
Can't you do anything ?

Unidentified flying
object, detected.

It's an enemy ship.

What ?
You found the Yamato ?

Yes, sir.

That Earth ship is capable of
flying in the fourth dimension, huh ?

Even we have to hold exercises to prepare
for operations in the fourth dimension.

Order the advanced scout to engage
the Yamato to draw their attention.

Black Tigers,
prepare to take off.

Main cannons,
prepare to fire.

Chief Combat Commander, we can't use
Wave Motion energy in this situation.

Use normal power, and do
it manually. Manually !

Kodai, wait.

What is it, Shima ?

Let's run away.
That's all we can do.

Say what ?
Run away ?

Yes. It's too reckless to engage
in combat in this unknown space...

...while we can't use
the Wave Motion engine.

Shima, are you telling me
to show our back to the enemy ?

Captain, let me fight.

If we run away from a ship like that,
it'll take advantage of our weakness.

{KOUGEKI}It's said that a good
offense is the best defense.

Let's run away.

Shima is right.

We run as much
as we can.

Sub-engines, power up.

Sub-engines, power up.

Captain, there's only
one enemy ship.

Kodai, that's an order.

A report from
our advanced scout.

The Yamato didn't counterattack,
it started running.

What ? They noticed it ?
How clever.

All ships, head to the fourth
dimensional cave. Destroy the Yamato !

Gale, the Yamato is
smarter than expected.

Why do you think it's running
away from a space destroyer ?

The Yamato will be
destroyed at this rate.

Nanbu, get the
main cannon ready !

An enemy fleet is approaching
from behind the Yamato !

It's estimated to be
one hundred thirty{three hundred}{thousand} ships !

There's no way we can take that on!
Hey Shima, run ! Hurry !

This is the fastest !

Shima, calm down.

Since we were able to enter here,
there should be an exit.

Find the escape route,
while running.

Aye, sir.

But the gauges are malfunctioning,
so it's nearly impossible to find the exit.

Hey Shima, go faster, or the
Yamato'll look like a beehive !

Even if you say so, the
sub-engines have their limits !

We have to get away from them.
Kodai, stop their advance.

Aye, sir.

Nanbu, prepare
the main cannon.


The rat is desperate.
But how long can they hold out ?

Gale, it's acting strange.

Strange ?

Maybe the Yamato is still learning
about the dimensional dislocation.


That Yamato...
Destroy the Yamato.

Destroy it !
Don't give them any time !

Captain, if we continue running,
we'll stimulate their attack.

Captain, the sub-engines
are reaching their limit.

W...what's that ?

Our energy is gone.

Those wrecked ships must've
been disabled because of this.

Engine room !
Engine room !

Oh, no.

Captain !

What's happening ?

Strange. None of the
other gauges are working.

People of Earth,
I am Starsha of Iscandar.

I have been watching over
you since you left Earth.

You have overcome
many hardships.

I regard highly your love, courage and
determination to complete your duty.

Guide the Yamato according
to the dimensional compass.

I'm Starsha of Iscandar.

It started working.

It's back to normal.

Thank you, Starsha.

Kodai, counterattack
as much as possible.

Aye, sir.

Shima, ahead full, in the
direction the compass shows.

Aye, sir.
Ahead full.

Fire ! Blow it to pieces !

Wave Motion engine, activated.

Good. All hands, as soon as
we escape this hydrogen mist...

...we'll warp to get
away from the enemy.

Activate the main engine.

Activating the main engine.

Five minutes till warp.
Fasten seatbelts.

Hey Shima, hurry up.

There's no effective damage at this rate.
It's like shooting a BB gun.

Leaving the hydrogen mist.

Wave Motion energy, 120%.

Start the countdown.





Kodai, stop firing
the main cannon.

Stop firing the main cannon.







The Yamato has warped.

The Domel fleet failed...

It's a great relief to know
that Iscandar does exist.

Yes, we can travel
more confidently.

It's all thanks to you.

What's wrong ?
You're acting weird.

If we fought head to head at that time, we don't
know what would've happened to the Yamato.

Oh, c'mon, Kodai.

I didn't save the
Yamato from danger.

It was Starsha of Iscandar.

Good evening.

What's wrong ?

Hey Shima, don't
tell me you're...

I like Starsha...

Starsha...? I think we'll remain
rivals for quite some time.

January 7th. I encountered the Yamato,
and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

I encountered the Yamato,
and it shouldn't be taken lightly!

The space battleship
Yamato hurries to planet Balan.

Will it be storm or
rain that awaits them ?

Hurry, Yamato. Earth is
waiting for your return.

Only 273 days left until
the extinction of mankind.

273 days left till the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Ohta Kenjiro:
Nanbu Yasuo:

Asagami Yoko
Aono Takeshi
Aihara Yoshito
Nomura Shinji


Ogata Kenichi
Kobayashi Osamu
Michiko Hirai
Akira Kimura

Admiral Domel's ship, the Domelards II,
was originally a heavy battleship, bigger
than the Yamato.

The tail was shortened, but the bow and
the bridge remained unchanged
after the redesign.

On January 5th 2200, the 86th day, since the Yamato left Earth, it was caught by the Magellanic Stream, which actually exists and flows from the Magellanic Cloud to the Galactic System.

Then it was trapped in an imaginary dimensional dislocation.

The fighter Kato was maintaining was the Cosmo Zero, painted in Black Tiger scheme, but it didn't show up in the later episodes.

The date after the escape from the
dimensional dislocation was January 7th.
273 days left.



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