Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 11 - Resolution! Break Through the Gamilas' Absolute Defense Line! - full transcript

Episode 11

Decision!! Enter the
Outer Defensive Lines of Gamilus

( Air date: Dec 15, 1974 )

Saraba Chikyuu yo

Tabidatsu fune wa...

...uchuu senkan Yamato

Space Battleship


Uchuu no kanata Iscandar he...

...unmei seoi...

...ima tobitatsu

Kanarazu koko he...

...kaette kuru to

Te wo furu hito ni...

...egao de kotae

Ginga wo hanare...

...Iscandar he...

...harubaru nozomu

Uchuu senkan Yamato

In 2199, Earth was attacked by forces from
Gamilus, a mysterious planet in deep space...

...and mankind was on the verge of
extinction due to radioactive poisons.

Planet Iscandar

{CHIKYUU}There is a radioactive purifier on Iscandar,
in the Magellanic Cloud, far away from Earth.

{SONO}The space battleship Yamato began a journey
of 148,000 light years to obtain the purifier.

Planet Gamilus

{IMA}The Yamato has left our Solar
System and is hurrying to Iscandar.

Great Empire of Gamilus/
Galactic System Command Headquarters

Central Planning Room

{1}Long live Lord Desler !

{2}Long live Lord Desler !

{3}Long live Lord Desler !

{4}Long live Lord Desler !

{5}Long live Lord Desler !

Lord Desler

You may begin.

I'm going to explain the foolish
baby steps of the Yamato.

General Hisu

The Yamato left Earth on the eight
hundred and first day of Desler year 103.

{dounen}On the eight hundred and 2nd day, it tested
its warp capability in the Mars sector.

{chikyuu}It became the first Earth ship
ever to exceed the speed of light.

{ikioi}The Yamato grew confident and destroyed
our base on the floating island with a "pistol."

Hisu, was it a pistol ?

It's called a
Wave Motion Gun...

...but to me, it is
but a mere pistol.

I don't need your opinions.
Only report the facts.

Yes, sir.
My apologies.

In short, the Yamato has
boldly left its solar system.

However Lord Desler, a minefield,
named after you...

General Talan

...has been set up as a solid defensive line in
the outer boundaries of their solar system.

{kono}Despite being the first Earth ship
to exceed the speed of light...

{kono}...this defensive line will burn
the Yamato like a paper plane.

{yuushoku}I arranged it as an
amusement after your supper.

General Talan, thank you for setting
up such an interesting attraction.

{KOYOI}This drink will
taste good tonight.

Gentlemen, why don't we toast and pray
for the survival of the space battleship Yamato.

For the survival of Yamato...?
Our lord likes to joke.

Gamilus doesn't
need such a vulgar man.

Long live Lord Desler !

Unidentified object detected.

Put it on
the video screen.

Aye, sir.

Magnified by 700x.

Launch the dummy boat.

Captain, I'll use the newly
designed balloon dummy.

Balloon dummy ?

That's a cute Yamato.

How's my balloon dummy ?

They're mines.

Don't worry, Kodai.

If we change course,
it won't be a problem.

The Yamato changed course.

Looks like it's going to
go around the Desler mines.


They're matching our movement.

Just get away
by warping, Shima.

Don't be so absurd.

We can't warp if they're
in our path, remember ?

Then what should we do ?

Shima, stop the ship.

If we move carelessly,
we'll be attacked.


They stopped moving, too.

Mori, measure the
space between the mines.

Aye, sir.

Hey Kodai, why don't you
use the Wave Motion Gun ?

No, we can't charge
the energy in time.

You're slow.

What do you mean by slow,
you mediocre driver ?!

Say what ?

Because you are...

Hey, stop it,
both of you !

Captain, I've calculated the spacing.

They're 110 meters apart in both
vertical and horizontal directions.

We can barely make it.

Shima, go through
the minefield.

Aye, sir.

Start the sub-engines.

Starting the sub-engines.

Ahead slow.

It's getting interesting. I'm counting
on you, Mr. Mediocre Driver.

Leave it to me,
slow Chief Gunner.

Your Excellency,
the show is about to begin.

Gentlemen, do not forget your
applause at the end of the Yamato.

Hey, how's it going,
Mediocre Driver ?

Don't call me mediocre.

If you aren't, get through
and prove that you aren't.

I'll get through,
no matter what.

Hey, something's wrong.

The mines
ahead are moving.

C'mon, you lay blame on
others when you can't do it ?

Captain, the mines ahead are getting
closer to each other at 2cm per second.

What ? Really ?

The ones aft are also
moving in the same manner.

Captain, their antennae are
emitting an electromagnetic wave.

Shima, be careful. If we're caught by that
electromagnetic wave, they'll explode.

Shima, brake.
Stop, stop.

No, I'll get through.

I know you're a good driver,
so listen to me and stop.


Shima, stop the ship.

Stopping the ship.

Stop the ship.

Stopping the ship.

Are they conducting a
performance test on the engines ?

Start and stop,
start and stop..

Mori, there should be a
controller for the mines. Find it.

Aye, sir.

We have to get rid of the transmitter
that controls the mines first.

Mr. Sanada,
you take care of it.

Aye, sir.

Analyzer. Analyzer. Analyzer.

Sick Bay

Analyzer !

There's no law that
prohibits a robot from drinking.

Go ahead and drink.
Don't hesitate, drink.

I am a robot. I am not
interested in such a thing.

Don't be stuck up.
I'll tell you how to taste sake.

Water: 83 percent,
ethyl alcohol: 15 percent.

See ?
Tastes good, doesn't it ?

Analyzer, where are you ?

Get to the
Explorer at once.

Analyzer, you have a job.

They sure work us hard.

Here I am.

Analyzer, you slacker.

That's it.

There's an irregular transmission
from 5 degrees high.

Mr. Sanada, investigate the
mine 5 degrees high from the Yamato.

Understood, Captain.

I'm launching.

Analyzer, find the control
mine as soon as possible.

Aye, sir.

T...they're acting strange.

They must be searching
for the control mine.

Any commander
would do that.

They're closer by 20cm.

Oh no.

At this rate, the ship will interfere
with that electromagnetic wave.

Mr. Sanada, haven't you
found the control mine yet ?

Not yet.
Please wait.

Captain, we're in danger.

Shima, tilt the ship.

Five degrees to port.

Y...yes, sir.

Can't you hear my orders ?!
You idiot, tilt the ship !

Aye, sir !
Tilting the ship...

...five degrees to port.

Analyzer, haven't
you found it yet ?

Due to the electromagnetic waves,
I can't filter out the control wave.

Don't make excuses.

You got drunk
when we need you most.

A useless part of
you is so precisely made.

Hurry up. If we take too long,
the Yamato will explode.

Space mines,
closer by 15cm.

Bank angle, plus 5 degrees.

Bank angle, plus 5 degrees.

Aihara, haven't you
heard from Mr. Sanada ?

Nothing yet.

Bank angle,
plus 10 degrees.

An irregular transmission is coming
from the mine to the right.

That's it.

Analyzer, find the transmitter.


Don't mess up, Analyzer.

I'm alright.

Space mine,
closer by 10cm.

Plus five degrees.

Mr. Shima, please be careful.
A mine to port is too close.

Captain, this's as
much as we can roll.


Done yet ? Hurry ! The Yamato
doesn't have much time !

I found it.

It's being transmitted
from this cone.

Good. Remove the cap.
Don't shake it.


Are you really alright ?

I'm 100,000 times more
precise than a human.

Shut up.

Yamato, Yamato...

This is Yamato.

I've found
the control mine.

Disassembly is in progress.


No orders for
30 minutes from up there.

What is our Captain thinking ?

Yes, steady. Slowly.
You pull it straight, okay.

I'm alright. Trust me.

You did it, Analyzer.

Hey Analyzer, one mistake,
and it'll go off with a bang.

I'm analyzing.

I found it. That's it.

Hey, not yet ?

See, I removed it.

Good, well done, Analyzer.

Disassembly complete.

The mines stopped moving.

The electromagnetic
wave has stopped.

Alright, Mr. Sanada,
get back immediately.


Yes, sir ?

You lead the
Black Tiger Squadron...

...and remove the
mines with your hands.

Aye, sir.
With our hands...

You mean, with this hand ?

Aye, sir.

Look Shima, I'll make
a path for you, soon.

Thanks for your trouble.

Not really.

It's light, 'cause there's no gravity.
They're nothing for a man to move.


Your Excellency...?

I'm a little forgetful lately.
What were those mines called ?

We named them after you,
and called them "Desler Mines."

It's a serious offense to disgrace your name.
I'll take any punishment.

Hisu, you don't have to be
so critical of yourself.

I'm just astonished.

They removed the
space mines by hand.

The Desler Mines are the product
of our superior Gamilus science...

...but it wasn't prepared to
deal with such a foolish action.

{MATTAKU}I'm learning a lot from the
primitive ideas of these barbarians.

{MATTAKU}Don't you think so, gentlemen ?

Captain, we're ready to go.

Good. Start the sub-engines.

Aye, sir.
Starting the sub-engines.

Start the sub-engines !

Although we didn't see the end of the Yamato,
the show was quite amusing.

Gentlemen, I appreciate
your consideration.

I'm going to sleep.
Goodnight, gentlemen.

Long live Lord Desler !

Oh, Hisu, what's the name
of the captain of the Yamato ?

It's Okita.

Okita, huh ?

Send a congratulatory message,
that he did well, in my name.

Yes, Lord Desler.

A message from Gamilus.

Aihara, why did
you break contact ?

You could have
found the source.

I'm sorry.

It's alright.

Captain, what does it say ?

Aihara, read it.

Crew of the Yamato,
I congratulate your performance.

I look forward to future combat.
Emperor of Gamilus, Lord Desler.

Desler ? That's the
name of the enemy leader.

It's getting interesting.

Start the Wave Motion engine !
Ahead flank !

Hurry to Iscandar, Yamato.

Earth is nearing its end.

Yamato, when will you return ?

Mankind will be extinct in 311 days.

Mankind will be extinct in 311 days.

311 days till the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Ichiro Nagai

Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Ohta Kenjiro:
Aihara Giichi:

Asagami Yoko
Ogata Kenichi
Aono Takeshi
Yoshibito Aihara
Nomura Shinji

Aihara Giichi:

Nomura Shinji
Ibu Masayuki
Yamashita Keisuke
Kimura Akira

Dareno tame da to omotte iruka

Starting this episode, the skin color of Gamilusians was changed to blue.

In the story, it was due to the change of the light, and the walking scene of Desler was made accordingly.

Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka

However, the scene was not even discussed in Yamato related books, and people believed the

joke theory, presented in the Yamato special Q&A in the June 1977 issue of OUT magazine.

Minna sono ki de ireba ii

Second navigator Ohta handed over the
message from Desler.

They mistakenly drew Ohta, instead of Aihara, and they didn't even have time to correct it.

Translator's Note:
Aihara is credited twice.

Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa



Todd Perkins

Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa

Todd Perkins

Song Translations


La la la...


Central Anime(Kansas)
Version 1.0

La la la...

La la la, makka na scarf