Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 1 - SOS chikyuu!! Yomigaere Uchuu senkan Yamato! - full transcript

Episode 1

SOS from Earth!!
Awaken, Space Battleship Yamato

( Air date: Oct 6, 1974 )

Farewell, Earth.
{Saraba chikyuu yo}

A ship is taking off...
{Tabidatsu fune wa}

...it's the space battleship...

{Uchuu senkan yamato}

Space Battleship


It's set for Iscandar, carrying the fate of mankind.
{Ucyuu no kanata Isckandar he unmei seoi ima tobitatsu}

We'll return for sure.
{Kanarazu koko he kaette kuru to}

Smile at all the people waving their hands.
{te wo furu hito ni egao de kotae}

Leaving the Galactic System
on a long voyage to Iscandar.
{Ginga wo hanare Iscandar he harubaru nozomu}

Space battleship Yamato!
{Ucyuu senkan yamato}

Objects detected on radar.
They're approaching.

Bearing 3 o'clock,
distance 100,000 km.

Velocity, 27 space knots.

6 heavy battleships, 8 cruisers, and
many escorts are rapidly approaching.

Enemy flagship identified.
Bearing 11.5 o'clock, distance 25000 km.

All hands,
battle stations.

Turn 30 degrees starboard,
prepare for a gun and torpedo battle.

Message from the enemy ship.
"Earth fleet, surrender immediately.''

How should we reply ?

Tell them, "Idiots.''


I said, "Idiots."

This is Earth command
ship 225, "Idiots.''


Target, right +4.
Error correction 22.

Main gun,
correction zero degrees.

Aim carefully.

Fire !

Damage to the stern !
Cyan gas being generated !

Radar malfunctioning !

One of our assault
ships has exploded.

We can't defeat them
with this kind of ship.

Unidentified flying
object detected.

It's much faster than
interplanetary cruise speed.

At this rate, it'll reach Mars
orbit in a matter of minutes.

Earth Defense Force Command Center

Unidentified flying object of unknown
origin is freefalling towards Mars' surface.

It's going to crash.

Estimate area of impact.

It's going to be
near the frozen cliff.

Do we have any
observers there ?

We have two trainees.

Who are they ?

Earth Force Commander

Kodai Susumu
and Shima Daisuke.

Can they handle it ?

They're training
for a special mission.

They're not done yet,
but I believe they can handle it.

Alright, contact them.

Mars Observatory

Order from Earth HQ.
Identify the object that crashed.

That's probably
what it was.

There is a battle near Pluto?
Could it be one of them ?


But Pluto is
too far away.

Hey Shima, that's it.

Looks like a spacecraft.
It's not from Gamilus or Earth.

I'm landing.

Be careful.

Hey, Shima.

She's dead.

What's that ?
A message capsule ?

Close the
partition shield !

Engine malfunctioning !

Wait !

Distance 8500. Velocity gain +2.
It's on course.

Launch missiles !

This is missile ship 17.
Just sunk one assault ship.

Repeat, this is missile ship 17,
Captain Kodai Mamoru...

That's Okita's ship.
It's heavily damaged.

Captain ?!

I'm alright.

Our laser ship exploded.

How many of
our fleet are left ?

This ship and
one missile ship.

Whose ship is it ?

Commander of defense,
Kodai Mamoru.

It's over.

We have to pull back.

Captain, are we
going to run away ?

At this rate, we'll
die for nothing. Withdraw.

Turn 180 degrees about.

Kodai, follow me.

I can't do that.

If I withdraw now, I'd be too
ashamed to face the deceased.

Listen, Kodai.

If we're annihilated,
no one can defend Earth.

Put up with the shame
of today for tomorrow.

That's how a
man should be.

Okita, if you're a man...

...you should fight, fight and destroy
as many enemies as possible, and die.

Don't you think so ?

Kodai, please understand.

Course change, steady.

180 degree turn, complete.

Captain, Kodai's ship
isn't following !

It's not ?

Okita, I can't run away.
Please, let me go.

Good luck, and please
take care of Earth.

Don't die, Kodai.


Trainees on Mars...

...grab your documents, rendezvous with
the withdrawing ship, and come home.

Roger, join the ship, and return.

The battle at Pluto was
over three days ago.

The battleship will reach
Mars orbit in 3 hours.

Mars reconnaissance
craft is approaching.

Open the air lock.

What happened to
my brother's ship ?

No, we can't stop it.

We aren't capable of
stopping a meteor bomb.

How could our mother
planet have turned into that ?

In 2199, Earth was reaching
its final moments.

A mysterious space fleet...

...which started invading known
space in the early 21st century...

...finally reached
our solar system...

{CHIKYUU}...and they are indiscriminately
attacking earth.

{CHIKYUU JIN}Mankind has built
underground cities to survive.

{CHIKYUU JIN}Despite desperate efforts
by the Earth Defense Force...

{CHIKYUU JIN}...the mysterious fleet
was just too powerful.

{CHIKYUU JIN}They demanded that mankind
either become slaves or die.

{SHIDAI}The Earth Defense Force
slowly lost its power to resist...

{SHIDAI}...and the Earth Defense Fleet
was Earth's last remaining hope.

{KYODAI}But now, it has nearly been destroyed by
the mysterious fleet's powerful attack.

{YUUSEI}The meteor bombs contaminated not
only the surface, but also underground.

{MOHAYA} There is no longer any habitable
land on the Earth's surface.

Must man only
wait for death ?

{ASU}Is there any
hope for tomorrow ?

You'll see, demons.
As long as I live, I'll fight.

I won't give in to despair. I won't
give up, even if I'm the last survivor.

This dock was full of
water a long time ago.

Radioactive contamination is
reaching 1 km underground.

At this rate, mankind will
be extinct within a year.

Kodai, what's wrong ?

Is it about
your brother ?

Captain, what happened
to my brother's ship ?

You are...?

Kodai Mamoru's
younger brother.


I see.

Kodai was a man...

...a brave man.

But he won't return.
Please, forgive me.

My brother...?

I won't let his
death be in vain.

Why didn't you bring
him home, Captain ?

I'm sorry.

Kodai, someday we'll go to
space and avenge your brother.

The Captain was wounded.
I bet he went to the hospital at HQ.

My brother died. He wasn't
just wounded, he died.

So this is the
message capsule.

Well done. Both of you have
completed your training{are full fledged}. Get some rest.

Yes, sir.

She looks just like her.

Wha...? This is the
hospital section of HQ.

I'll do the operation,
don't you get it ?

What's the name of the
nurse who just walked by ?

W...wh...what ?!

She's Mori Yuki, the
beauty of the hospital.

You've got good eyes.


Curse you...

What are you ?

I'm a genius.
I'm useful in anything.

Who was that man ?

He is a great vet, Sado Sakezo.
You'll see his ability soon.

I screwed up.

That was the fifth today.

What's wrong ?

No, nothing.

Hello, this is Okita.

What ? From Earth
Command Headquarters ?

What's wrong with him ?
He looks depressed.

Does he need a vitamin
drink or something ?

No, that won't do it.

His only brother died
in the battle near Pluto.

I see.

I can understand a man's
feelings, but women can't.

Yes, fine.
Be that way then.

You dummy.
It was going perfectly.

Take it easy.
I have news for you.

The analysis of the message capsule
you brought back from Mars is finished.

I am Starsha of Iscandar.

If my sister Sarsha
arrives at Earth safely...

...and if you receive my message,
you should come to Iscandar.

All life on Earth will become extinct in
one year due to radioactive poisoning...

...so you have
no time to waste.

We have the Cosmo Cleaner-D,
which will eliminate the radioactivity.

Unfortunately, I can't
send it to Earth myself.

I'm 148,000 light years
from the galactic system.

I believe you will
come to Iscandar.

I'm Starsha of Iscandar.

Okita, what do
you think it is ?

Looks like
blueprints for an engine.

I wonder if we can
trust her, Okita.

Right now, we have
no choice but to do so.

But she's 148,000 light years away.
How do we get there ?

Emergency alert !

An unidentified scout plane is
approaching the sunken ship, Yamato !

Shima, I want to go.

If it's one of the themds who killed
my brother, at least I want to see it...

...to engrave this
grief into my heart.

Hey, wait ! You will be an easy target !

Here we go.


But I wonder what it's
doing in Kyushu.

The Yamato is just scrap metal,
sunk in a war a long time ago.


Hey, we're
almost over Kyushu.

Radar has detected something.

There it is.
I'll shoot it down.

Go after it !

No, the engine
is overheating.

Blast this piece of rubbish !

Hey Shima,
are you alright ?

You worry about yourself.

We were so close. I wanted to shoot
it down, even if it was only one.

We'll be punished
when we return.

I wonder why an enemy
scout plane has come here.

What's wrong ?

Shima, is that the Yamato ?

It really is
just scrap metal.

What was that enemy
scout plane searching for ?

What's the secret behind it ?

The Yamato sits silently,
like a tomb before the setting sun.

However, the Yamato holds
mankind's hopes for tomorrow.

When will the Yamato
show its deadly power ?

Awaken from your
200 year slumber.

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Kodai Mamoru:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Makamura Hideo
Hirokawa Taichiro

A girl was waving her red scarf.{Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf}

Mori Yuki:

Hirai Michiko
Asagami Yoko
Ogata Kenichi
Kimura Akira

History Notes:
Judging from Sanada's flashback in Ep. 18, the battle of Pluto took place in April or May of 2199.
The escape ship Yamato was converted to the Wave Motion engine only 5 months after receiving the message from Starsha.

Who was that for ?{Dareno tame da to omotte iruka}

It doesn't matter who it was for...{Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka}

History Notes:
Gamilus started its invasion early in the 21st century, and according to Ep. 13, it started attacking Earth with meteor bombs in 2190.
April 20, 2192, Japan was also hit,
and Earth was ruined.

...everyone should take it as theirs.{Minna sono ki de ireba ii}

Video Note:
The cell in the opening was fixed, and different from the rest, which rises up, showing it was made in haste.



Todd Perkins

In the hearts of men, who are
leaving on a long journey...{Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa}

Todd Perkins

Song Translations


...a piece of romance is needed.{Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa}


Central Anime(Kansas)
Version 1.0

La la la...

La la la...

La la la, red scarf.{makka na scarf}