Uchû keiji Gyaban (1982–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Taihen da! Kuroboshi-Hakase no Bemu Keikaku o Soshi Seyo - full transcript

Space Sheriff Gavan

You're a man, aren't you?

{\pos(157.5,90)}Created by: Yatsude Saburo

Then you'd better get moving!

{\pos(157.5,270)}Episode Writer: Uehara Shouzou

Spark a fire in the engine of your heart!

{\pos(225,360)}Gavan/Ichijoji Retsu:
Ohba Kenji

I'm already one step ahead of you

{\pos(232.5,442.5)}Mimi: Kanou Wakiko

dashing for the future at the speed of light!

{\pos(225,90)}Commander Qom: Nishizawa Toshiaki
Marine: Nashiro Kyoko

{\pos(225,90)}Oyama Kojiro: Suzuki Masayuki
Toyama Shigeru: Kase Shinichi

{\pos(240,277.5)}Ishibashi Masashi {What's her role?}

What does it mean to be young?

It means never looking back!

What does it mean to love?

It means never hesitating!

Gavan! Bidding farewell to tears...

{\pos(225,30)}Action Directors: Kaneda Osamu, Yokoyama Minoru
Narrator: Masamune Issei

Gavan! Welcoming in courage...

Space Sheriff Gavan!

{\pos(225,90)}Hunter Killer: Iida Michiro
Voice of Don Horror: Iizuka Shouzou

{\pos(217.5,240)}Gosuke: Tatara Jun

{\pos(217.5,240)}Director: Kobayashi Yoshiaki

Mei! Stop lagging behind and walk!


Hurry up and walk!

Sis, hurry up!

I'm trying, but I can't get Mei to move!

Stop barking, Sabu!

Yoichi. Take him over there.

C'mon Sabu!

Keep him quiet!

I'm sorry. Our dog is just really inconsiderate.

Mei's gone!

{\pos(463.2,189.367)}Emergency! Stop Dr. Kuroboshi's

{\pos(465.6,546.967)} Operation: BEM!

Space Sheriff Gavan has come here from Planet Bird.

Taking the name Ichijoji Retsu, he's gotten a job at Avalon Riding Club.

Up you go, dear.

You'll be fine! This horse is very good-tempered.

He may be a horse, but he loves beautiful women!

Hey, take care of her!



Hey Gavan.

This is no time to clam up. Say something.{fv}

We finally got some time alone together.



Just like you, I became a Space Sheriff

and I'm fighting Makuu on this planet.


Please, keep me safe.

Fight, Gavan.



Hey, Gavan.



Mei! Where are you?


Mei! Where are you?



Yoichi. What happened?

Mei disappeared!

Mei disappeared?

I just turned my back for a minute!

I bet that old man did it.

Sabu barked at him too.

Old man?

He was a creepy old man carrying a butterfly net.

Where is he now?

He went that way!



Hunter Killer!


Space Sheriff...


Go to hell!


Your father, Voicer, is in hell.

Just as all who oppose Makuu will fall to hell!

Commander Qom.

Why did Hunter Killer betray us?

Does it have something to do with my father?

Commander. Tell me.

I was the one who dispatched Hunter Killer to Earth, Gavan.

You, Commander?

I'm the one who gave the order.

But the one on Earth who requested his dispatch,{fv}


Was your father, Voicer.{fv}

My father... asked for Hunter Killer?

Hunter Killer betrayed us.

And ever since then,

Voicer has been missing.


Then, my father...

He's alive?

We can't be certain of that. But...

No one has ever confirmed his death.


I'm sure he's alive.

Your father is alive
somewhere on this planet.

Your father, Voicer, is in hell.

Just as all who oppose Makuu will fall to hell!

Hunter Killer...

Dr. Kuroboshi.

How far has Operation: BEM proceeded?

I'd like an update.

Makuu is trying to modify Earth's organisms

to survive on planets with thinner atmospheres

so they can ship them into space.

Makuu calls this Operation: BEM.

Space Sheriff Gavan sets the mystery of his missing father Voicer aside for now

and moves back into action.


Oh, what have we here?

We meet again, I see.

What's going on?

I'm investigating alien footprints.

Alien footprints?

You're pulling my leg!

It's true!

I was standing here, see...

And an old man walked in that direction.

But then...

He suddenly disappeared.

It's all too strange.

By chance, was that man carrying a butterfly net?

What? Hey!

How did you know that?{fv}

Where did you lose sight of the old man?

I think it was near the Future Space Food Research Center.

Space Food Research Center?

See you later!

Hey! Hey! Don't do it!

You can't do it, I said!

Future Space Food Research Center

- You're here for the tour?
- Yes.

Park your car in the back, please.{fv}


Excuse me.

- Yes?
- Could you tell me about Cosmo Hustle?

It's a health drink for the space age.

These tanks are loaded with it.{fv}

That's Dr. Kuroboshi over there. He's the one who developed it.


How'd it go?

Dr. Kuroboshi is quite an incredible person.

He's a world leader in the field of astrobiology?

He has a Nobel Prize too, for inventing Cosmo Hustle.

Just who is Dr. Kuroboshi?

The animal experiments were a huge success!

Operation: BEM is entering its final stage.

Then it is time to begin
modification surgery on humans.


Use children for your research.

Children have more vitality.


I heard all Kaima's chicken's got stolen!{fv}

Our cat got stolen!

It's no joke. Aliens did this!


It's true! They come in UFOs!

It's the old man who stole Mei!

Where did he go?

Let's split up and search!

Wonder where he went...

My sister's bag!

Help! Help!

Let me out, Mister!


Mister! Help!


I'm scared! Let me out! Send me home!

Mom! I'm scared!

Help! Send me home!


Mister, let me out!

-Please, Mister!
-Cute little things!

You're going to serve the future of humanity.

Oh, Yoichi!


My sister's missing!

That old man took her!

That old man?

We're going in, Mimi.

Laser Vision!


Keep quiet, now.{haha he just stuffs the bird in his jacket}

No! Stop it!

Help! Someone!


No! Help!




Stop it!






Are you okay?


Take her!

Come on!

Miss Mimi!{fv}

Hurry, everyone!

Dr. Kuroboshi.

I know who you are.

You're with Makuu!

Get him!

Condor Monster!



Space Sheriff Gavan!

The electroplating of Space Sheriff Gavan's combat suit

takes a mere 50 milliseconds.

So, let's take another look at the electroplating process.



Transmitting combat suit.

Send him to hell!

Let's go!

Wretched Space Sheriff Gavan.

Draw him into the Makuu Space!


BEM creatures receive
energy from Makuu Space

which gives them three times the power they have on Earth!

Laser Z Beam!

He disappeared! Laser Scope!

Laser Z Beam!


This time, I will face you myself!

Laser Blade!

Gavan Dynamic!

Space Sheriff Gavan has
stopped Operation: BEM.

But Gavan will continue to face challenges from Makuu!

To find his missing father

and to protect the home world of his beautiful, kind mother.

Electroplate, Space Sheriff Gavan!

Somewhere in the starry sky, you'll find my home.

The people I love are calling to me.

On nights when I'm crushed by the weight of my sadness

I raise my eyes to the far side of the galaxy.

"Never stop." "Never say die."

"Never give up on your dream."

So come the whispers from those countless points of light

a message from the warm starry sky.

The Demon Helm.

It is said that he who wears this helmet becomes indestructible

and will hold power
throughout the cosmos.

5000 years ago, this helmet was taken from Bird and hidden on Earth.

Professsor Kaminaga learns of this and embarks on a search for the helmet.

Don Horror learns of this

and initiates his own plan to steal the Demon Helm.

Electroplate, Space Sheriff Gavan!

The Deadly Demon Helm.

{\pos(470.4,489.9)}The Deadly Demon Helm

See you then!{fv}