Two and a Half Men (2003–2015): Season 7, Episode 6 - Give Me Your Thumb - full transcript

Alan suggests that Chelsea get breast reduction surgery and Charlie kicks him out.

- Morning.
- Oh, morning.

What you doing?

Saving a little money,
so Jake is brown-bagging it.

Oh, who am I kidding?

Breakfast of champions.

Type-2 diabetes division.

- Charlie still in bed?
- Uh-huh.


- You all right?
- Yeah, just a little back pain.

Oh, no.
Uh, would you like me to take a look?

- Oh, it's okay.
- Chelsea, I'm a chiropractor.

This is what I do.
Besides, you're like family now...

...which entitles you
to my family and friends discount.

- All right.
- You'll actually be the first one to use it.

Now, I trust your insurance is up to date.

Yeah, but I don't think
it covers chiropractic.

Oh, of course not. Big insurance will pay
for an 80-year-old man to get a boner...

...but God forbid his spine is erect.

Now, how long have you been dealing
with this pain?

- On and off since I'm a teenager.
- Aha.

So would this be around the time
you started to develop?

- What do you mean?
- Well, you know, as a woman.


- Oh, uh, yeah.
- Ah.

I've always known that's a factor,
but what are you gonna do?

Well, I would recommend
that you get two adjustments a week...

...and ultrasound massage therapy.

Plus, strengthening your upper traps
and rhomboids... they can support
the load on your pecs.

Or in layman's terms...

...reinforce the door
that holds up the knockers.

You're staring at them, Alan.

It's okay, I'm almost a doctor.

Anyway, I've tried all that.
It didn't help.

Well, there is one other option.

- It's kind of a last resort.
- What's that?

Have you considered
having breast-reduction surgery?

Something's wrong.

You see? They reshape the whole breast
so you can't even tell.

- How long does it take to heal?
- It says just a few weeks.

You can keep Charlie off them
for that long, can't you?

- Morning.
- Morning.

Oh, that is not good porn.

It's not porn. It's a website
about breast-reduction surgery.

Oh, Alan, you don't need surgery.

A little exercise
will firm up those man-boobs.

Don't be silly, Charlie. Alan suggested
it might be a solution for my back pain.

Really? Alan made that suggestion?

I just said it could help.

I'll tell you what helps pain. Pain pills.

In fact, I saw a guy on the news
with a nail in his head...

...and thanks to pain pills,
he was laughing.

What about addiction?

It's the least of his problems.
He's got a nail in his head.

- Charlie.
- Kidding, kidding.

Look, I love your breasts
just the way they are.

But if you're in pain,
you have my support... do whatever you have to do
to feel better.


So you'd be okay with this?

Sweetie, come on. I'm sure if you knew
that the weight of my penis...

...was causing me back problems...'d be okay with me
shaving off a few inches, right?

I suppose.

Of course I've learned to deal
with that pain, but that's my choice.

Well, thank you for being so understanding.

- You don't have to thank me. I love you.
- I love you too.

I'm gonna go get ready for work.

I'll be up in a minute.

Charlie, I gotta say,
I think you handled that really...


Are you out of your freaking mind?

- My fingers.
- What are you doing...

...sticking your nose
in my fianc?e's breasts?

- I was just trying to help.
- Let's make one thing clear.

The only acceptable boob reduction
in this house is you moving out.

Funny. Please, Charlie,
I make my living with my hands.

Really? Somebody's paying you
to masturbate?


Also funny. Ha, ha.

Don't I wish. Ha, ha.

Now, please stop now.
I am duly chastised.

Not good enough.

- You need to be punished.
- What?

- I'm giving you a time out.
- Ugh. What are you talking about?

You've been very bad and you need
to think about what you've done.

- Fine. You want me to go to my room?
- Not far enough.

- Movies?
- Not long enough.

What do you want me to do?
I can't afford to stay in a hotel.


That's enough for two nights
in a nice hotel...

...or two months in an airport locker.

- I don't want your money.
- Fine, go sleep in your car.

Hold on.

I'll just take a couple of bucks for gas,
that's it.

And meals. I have to eat.

Tips and incidentals.

- That feel good?
- Mm.

Flavored oils.

This one's apple cinnamon.


- Want a lick?
- No, thanks.

You sure? Tastes kind of like oily pie.

- I'll pass.
- Okay, more for me.

You know, I appreciate this...

...but I don't think
it's gonna solve my back problems.

Well, not right away.
But if we do this enough, who knows?

You might feel so much better,
you'll want bigger boobs.

I don't think so, Charlie.

Fair enough. I want them bigger,
you want them smaller.

So we'll compromise
and leave them just the way they are.

God, I love
that we can talk these things out.

I made an appointment
for a consultation with a plastic surgeon.


The more I think about it,
the more I think Alan's right.

No, Alan's never right. Ask anybody.

He's like an idiot savant
without the savant part.

I'm hoping you'll come with me
for support.

Hey, you can always count on me
for support.

I love you for who you are,
not the size of your breasts.

Thank you.

Of course,
it goes both ways, you know.

One of these days I'm gonna need you
to love me for who I am...

...despite my old-man balls.

- Old-man balls?
- They get long, baby.

And don't throw away
your D-cup bras.

We may be able to re-purpose them.


- Hi, Mom.

To what do I owe this unannounced
and inconvenient pleasure?

- I was just hoping to ask for a favor.
- I see.

Tell me that there's a severed head
in that bag and you want me to hide it.

Nope, just socks and underwear.

How many pair?

Come on, Mom, don't make me beg.


All right.
You know where the guestroom is.

Thank you. Uh, oh, uh,
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Not unless you wanna talk
to my gentleman friend.

I was joking, Edgar, don't stop.

- Good night, Alan.
- Night, Mom.


Lord...'ve blessed me with a lot.

More money
than I know what to do with...

...a beautiful home,
and a surprisingly resilient liver.

You have truly given unto me
with both hands...

...which brings me to my request.

Of all the gifts
you've bestowed upon me...

...none are a greater testament
to your glory...

...than Chelsea's heavenly breasts.

I don't know why you couldn't
throw in a sturdy spine... she could tote those things around,
but who am I to question your methods?

You probably know that she's thinking
about tampering with your great work...

...and I was just hoping that you could,
you know, talk to her.

Return her
to the path of righteousness.

And bodaciousness.


Oh, one more thing.

Sorry we haven't talked recently...

...but I had a little crisis of faith
after last year's Super Bowl.

Water under the bridge.
I got healthy on the NBA finals.

Nice work with Kobe, by the way.


Looks like somebody
missed their period again.

So, uh, where's Edgar?

Oh, he didn't stay the night.

Kind of a booty call.

More like a dine and dash.

What'd you do
to piss your brother off this time?

Nothing. I just suggested
that Chelsea's back pain...

...might benefit
from breast-reduction surgery.

You suggested that Charlie's fianc?e
get smaller breasts?


While you're at it,
why not try and reinstate prohibition?

Well, anyway, Charlie and I have decided
to take a little break from each other.

- So I'll only be here for a couple of days.
- Oh, Alan.

I know, I'm a little old
to run home to Mom.

Believe me, if I had money for a hotel,
I'd be there right now.

Well, it's nice to know that my investment
in chiropractor school...

...was pesos well spent.

Hey, you know,
I think things are starting to look up.

I feel like I'm at a real turning point

- You're an eternal optimist, aren't you?
- Yes. Yes, I am.

Oh, that just breaks my heart.

So we'd make an incision here
and here...


...and one more here.

Oh, God.

Then we would remove
some fatty tissue...

...reshape your breast
and relocate the nipple.

Oh, not the nipples.

I thought
you were gonna be supportive.

I am being supportive.

I just didn't know we were gonna play
Mr. Potato Head with our boobs.

They're not "our" boobs,
they're my breasts.

Hey, if we were to dust them for prints,
who's suspect number one?

I take it you're not entirely on board
with this.

No, no, no. I'm trying.

I mean, I don't want her to be in pain,
but come on, look at those babies.

They're perfect.

The only way you could improve on them
is if you can make them squirt money.

Don't worry.
They'll be still be perfect when I'm done.

Except your fianc?e will be pain-free.

Hey, hey, I'm not questioning
your abilities, doc.

In fact, I've been a big fan
of your work for years.

I mean, when you make them
freakishly huge.

Really? You know my work?

Oh, yeah.

I have an honorary lifetime membership
at the Pussycat Palace.

They named a pole after me.

Uh-huh. You know,
maybe it would help...

...if you had a better sense
of the end result.


This is Chelsea now.

That's about right.

And this is the size
I'm recommending.


- Got the one that goes with this?
- Sure.


No. What else you got?

- I, uh... I made you a cup of tea.
- Oh, thank you, dear.

What you doing?

Just finishing up
some escrow paperwork.

Inspector found no termite damage.

Sign here, sweetie,
where it says "inspector."

- Is that legal?
- Oh, don't worry about it.

There are no termites.
The mold killed them.

I guess you have to cut corners
with the real-estate market.

True that.

- Initial here, here, and here.
- More termite stuff?

The less you know the better, dear.

Listen, I was thinking
when we're finished with this...

...we'd run over to Rodeo Drive
and do a little clothes shopping.

Oh, Rodeo Drive, that sounds fun.

Do they have a Sears
or Kmart over there?

Oh, don't worry about it.
It's my treat.

No, no, no. I'm a grown man.

I can't have my mom
buying me shirts, slacks...

and possibly dress shoes.

You're my son, Alan.

I want nothing more
than to see you happy.

And not dressed
like an unemployed lesbian.

Give me your thumb.

Never been arrested, have you?

Berta, these fish sticks are great.

Thank you. My secret is
I take them out of the freezer.

Well, kudos.

Hey, where's my dad?


- Damn it.
- Pay up.

Thought for sure he'd stay oblivious
until Monday.

Well, obliviously you were wrong.

- Charlie, can I talk to you for a minute?
- What's up?

Let's talk upstairs.


Here's your cut.

No, you didn't do anything wrong.

Oh, cool. So, what's up?

You want a quickie?


I just got a call from the plastic surgeon
and they had a cancellation... they can squeeze me in
tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow? But that's so soon.

Why put it off?

Well, I was hoping we'd have time
to go away for a few days.

You know, one last fling,
just the four of us.

You've flung them plenty, Charlie.

Oh, come on.
Just give me some more time.

- Time for what?
- Time to talk you out of this.

- You said you were gonna support me.
- Yeah, but when do I get my support?

- What are you talking about?
- This decision affects both of us.

- I should get a vote.
- You're not the one in pain.

Then why does it hurt so much?


Oh, you're just making it worse.

I love my new silk jammies, Mom.

It's like wearing a baby seal.

Well, I'm glad you like them, dear.

Oh, and I thought tomorrow
I could take you to my hairstylist...

...get you one of those
hip new spiky looks.

Oh, that sounds like fun.

Although I'm only two haircuts away
from a free one at the barber college.

Oh, nonsense.
You deserve to be pampered a little bit.

- I kind of do, don't I?
- Yes, you do.

I just have to be careful
not to make you too attractive.

I don't wanna lose my fella
to another gal.


Your fella. Ha, ha. Funny.

Well, I'm serious.
You'll always be my fella.

And I'll always be your best gal, right?


And I've been thinking,
this is a big house...

...and you and I
are clearly not the marrying kind... why don't you just move in?

- Here?
- Sure.

Why not?

Can't you see
how you and me are meant to be?

Well, we're meant to be
mother and son.

That's a given.

It's how we're living.

- Very clever.
- Ha, ha.

Of course,
there is a certain financial imbalance.

But I'm sure
that we can come up with a plan...

...that meets both of our needs.

- Plan? There's a plan?
- Of course there's a plan.

I mean,
I'm a vibrant woman now, Alan...

...but there will come a time when
I won't be able to fend for myself...

...and I don't wanna pay some stranger
to dress me and feed me...

...and carry me to the bath,
soap up a washcloth...

...and give me a good
thorough cleaning.

Thanks, Mom, I'll call you.

That should keep him away
for a while.


- Are you sure you're gonna be okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Would you do me a little favor?
- What?

Go like this:

For old times' sake.


- We're ready for you.
- Oh, God, this is it.

Take a deep breath, Charlie.

I will if you will.

It's still gonna be me,
just a little smaller.

I know.

I guess the good news is it'll draw
more attention to your backside.


You know, with your breasts smaller, the
eye will naturally go to your ample tush.

- Are you saying my ass is too big?
- No, no, no. I love your ass.

I'm saying with smaller boobs,
more people will notice it.

Are you insane?
I don't want people noticing my ass.

Hey, hey, hey.
Don't kill the messenger.

It's the first law of landscaping.

If you trim down the tree,
the backyard looks bigger. Am I right?

Damn you, Charlie Harper.

- What?
- Tell the doctor I changed my mind.

- What did I say? Where are you going?
- Home.

- What about your back pain?
- I'll live with it.

- Are you sure?
- I live with you, don't I?

Come on.

Well, how about that?

Thank you, Lord.
You speaketh through me.