Two and a Half Men (2003–2015): Season 4, Episode 14 - That's Summer Sausage, Not Salami - full transcript

Charlie tries to set up Alan with the sexy and rich new next-door neighbor who is looking to settle down. But when Charlie discovers her secret history as a drunken slut, he decides to go after her himself.

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English Subtitles.
Two and a Half Men - S04E14 [KoTuWa]
"That's Summer Sausage, Not Salami"

You're taking advantage of me
because I'm drunk, aren't you?

- Yeah, I'm a bad girl.
- Lucky for both of us, I don't judge.

It's not my fault.
Whose fault is it?

I told you. Uncle Charlie.
- I thought you lived alone.

I do. I leave the Tv on to deter criminals.

Charlie, did you tell Jake
he could use your computer?

Just take what you want
and don't hurt us.

- Go ahead, tell him, Uncle Charlie.
- No one's talking to you.

Can you explain to me
why I caught him watching a movie...

...called Vanessa Does Van Nuys?

Hey, meet vanessa.
Why don't you hop upstairs?

- I'll be right there.
- Okay.

- Hey, Dad, can we move to van Nuys?
- No.

- Hey, whose skateboard?
- Mine.

- Wow, it's really rad.
- Thanks. So's your movie.

Thanks. We're working on a sequel.

Yeah, I'm gonna do Woodland Hills next.

- Hippety-hop, hop, hop.
- Oh, right.

- Can we move to Woodland Hills?
- Forget Woodland Hills.

What the hell is your skateboard doing
on the stairs?

We're talking about the dirty movie
on your computer.

I'm sorry. I forgot it was on there.

You can't forget
when you have a child in the house.

- I'm not a child.
- And I don't have him.

No one's talking to you,
and that's no excuse.

Look, it's not hard-core.

It's mostly her and a couple friends
having a pajama party.

- I didn't see pajamas.
- Shut up. Go away.

Again, I am sorry, mea culpa.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
"mea" going upstairs...

...for a "culpa" hours.

Hey, Charlie, who do I work for... or this fastidious parasite
you call a brother?

I get the feeling you want me to say me.

Me, definitely me. She works for me.

Then tell her when something
is on the shopping list...

...she should, in fact, shop for it.

I'm gonna slug him. Can I slug him?

- Why are you making such a big deal?
- It is a big deal.

- It's not.
The hell it isn't.

- What is going on here?
- It's very simple.

I have decided
to start drinking acidophilus milk.

It promotes intestinal flora,
which aids in healthy digestion.

Anyway, for three weeks,
I have been writing it on the shopping list...

...yet Berta insists
on bringing home 2-percent.

Slug him.

This is my life. Milk and skateboards.

It's a good thing I'm drunk.

"Salted butter." Salted butter.

"Extra-large eggs." Extra-large eggs.

"Acidophilus milk."
Two-percent milk, you whiny pinead.

- Morning.
- Hey, how you feeling?

- Not too bad, really.
- That was some fall you took.

Yeah, if I hadn't been plastered,
it might have killed me.

You'd think the liquor industry
would promote that.

It is a selling point.

Right up there
with making ugly people doable.


Two-percent, the king of milk.

He's gotta go, Charlie.

What am I gonna do, Berta?
He's my brother.

We could make it look like an accident.

No. No accidents.

As long as my mother's alive,
nothing happens to Fredo.



I am sorry to bother you.
I'm just moving in next door.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

- You're my new neighbor?
- Mm.

Thank you, God.

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by
and introduce myself.

- Danielle Stewart.
- Charlie Harper.

- Nice to meet you, Danielle. Come on in.
- Oh, thank you.

We'll have
a "welcome to the neighborhood" drink.

It's 9 a. m.

Oh, right. Pfft. Who drinks at 9 a. m.?

I wouldn't mind a cup of coffee.

- Ah. Great.
- All right.

- Oh, Berta.

My faithful housekeeper. Ahem.

Would you be so kind as to bring
a cup of coffee for our new neighbor?

Sure. Luckiest SoB on the planet.

- Please.
- Oh. Thank you.

So, Danielle, what brings you
to our little stretch of paradise?

Me? Well, I just got tired
of the cold winters in Chicago.

Well, I don't wanna scare you away,
but winters here...

...the mercury can dip down
to the mid-60s.

- Oh, no. How will I stay warm?
- I recommend the buddy system.

- You're cute.
- I know.

So, what did you do in Chicago?

Uh, well, for the last eight years...

...I've had a full-time career
trying to spend my divorce settlement.

Oh. A working woman.

Buying a Malibu beach house ought to take
a chunk out of that settlement.

Yeah, you'd think.


Anyway, I've had my fun.

I wanna settle down,
get serious with my life.

Oh, yeah. Me too.

No kidding? So are you married? Ha.

Me? Uh, no.

You looking to get married? Ha, ha.



Do you like children?



Ha, ha. So how do you define
"getting serious with your life"?

Well, I've stopped drinking
in the morning.

- Hey, Berta. Ahem. Where's that coffee?
- You men are all alike.

Isn't there anyone left...

...who just wants to get married
and raise a family?

Yeah, but they're all gay.

- Here we go.
- Oh, thank you. Oh, uh... wouldn't happen
to have any acidophilus milk, would you?

Walk me through this again.

She's beautiful, rich, divorced...

...and you wanna hand her off
to Zippy the Chimp?

Okay. Follow my reasoning here.

This is a woman
looking to settle down.

If I sleep with her,
I'm happy for one night.

But if I teach my brother
to sleep with her...

...he falls in love,
asks her to marry him, moves out...

...and I'm happy for the rest of my life.

- It's a nice plan, but it'll never happen.
- Don't... Don't... Don't say that.

- Unjinx, unjinx, unjinx.
- Charlie, she is way out of his league.

Pfft. I know that.
Everybody's out of his league.

He doesn't even have a league.

He's just a kid with a bat and a ball
and a football helmet.

- But luckily, he has me.
- Color me dubious.

I'm home.

Come on, I need you to be with me
on this one.

It'll never work.

This... is acidophilus milk.

It is on the shelf below the 2-percent,
right next to the low-fat yogurt.

Boy, does your brother
have a girl for you.

- What?
- She just moved next door.

She's gorgeous, divorced and loaded.

Uh-huh. What's wrong with her?

Why does something have to be wrong
with her?

Because there's only two reasons
you ever set me up with a woman:

You either need somebody
to keep the emotionally disturbed...

...or cross-eyed
or hermaphroditic best friend busy...

...while you do the pretty girl, or...

okay, I guess there's just one reason.

There is nothing wrong with Danielle.

- Berta, is she or is she not gorgeous?
- Hey, I'd do her.

If she's so great, why give her to me?

- You want the truth?
- It'd be a nice change of pace.

All right, first of all...

...I am sorry
about the hermaphroditic incident.

"I'm sorry" does not make up for leaving me
in a hotel room...

...with a girl who had a vestigial penis.

I didn't know.
I was as surprised as you were.

Charlie, no one was as surprised as I was.

But let's move on.

Okay, now, I'm not saying I didn't try
to hit on our new neighbor, because I did.

- And?
- I got nowhere.

She saw him for the mindless
meat-seeking missile that he is.

Anyway, I just thought
you two might hit it off.

I'm even making a little welcome basket
for you to give to her, see?

So she's beautiful, rich and single.

- Right.
- Why would she want me?

What kind of thing is that to say?
Why wouldn't she want you?

I'm broke, middle-aged, twice divorced,
sleeping on your Hide-A-Bed...

...and sharing custody of a flatulent,
underachieving son.

We're gonna need a bigger basket.

You're gonna need chloroform
and a rope.

Just remember, the most important thing
is to project confidence.

Got it. How do I look?

Just project confidence.

- Here, you give her the welcome basket.
- All right. Well, what do I say?

- "Welcome."
- Oh, good. That's good.

- Oh, hi. Heh.
- Welcome.

Uh, thanks. Ha, ha.

Danielle, this is my brother, Alan.
Alan, Danielle.

Alan just wanted to welcome you
to the neighborhood.


- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Would you like to come in?

- I don't know, she seems kind of busy.
- Go, go, go.

- I am sorry that the place is such a mess.
- Don't be silly.

Moving takes time, right, Alan?

Oh, yes, uh, I remember the last time
I moved, it was very time-consuming.

I had to collect boxes
and those packing peanuts.

- Boy, those things get everywhere.
- Yeah.

Hey, that's summer sausage, not salami.
A lot of people confuse the two.

Ha, ha. Interesting. Heh.

Ahem. So why don't I, uh, open up this
wine and we can toast to my new home?

- Good idea.
- None for me. Red wine makes me gassy.

Sorry, I don't have anything else to offer.
I haven't had time to go shopping.

Well, then you must be starving.
We should take this young lady to dinner.

But I was planning on warming up
the pot roast from Sunday night.

- The pot roast will keep.
- I don't know, it's right on the edge.

Forget the pot roast.
So, what do you say?

We could walk up the beach to Georgio's
and grab a bite.

That sounds wonderful.
Let me throw on some clean clothes.

- Terrific.
- All right, I will be right back.

Ah, ah?

- She's incredible.
- Incredible, my ass. She's perfect.

Okay. A couple of pointers. Ahem.

- First off, you never open with gassy.
- I know.

- I know that. It just came out.
- It's all right, it's all right.

- No permanent damage.
- Mm.

Now, what's gonna happen here... I'm gonna bail on dinner
so you two can be alone.

Because Georgio's is kind of pricey.

Ah, jeez. Here.

- Tip big. Don't agonize over the math.
- I don't agonize.

I just take the sales tax and double it,
which is roughly 15 percent.

Unless the service is less than impeccable,
in which case, I leave a flat $5.

Alan, it's my money, go crazy.

Fine. Eighteen percent it is.

Now, dinner conversation.

Don't talk about your boring job,
your petty problems, or your stupid hobbies.

What else is there?

Her. Her petty problems,
her stupid hobbies.

No woman ever came home from a date...

...complaining that all she did
was talk about herself.

Oh, that's good.
And that way, I remain an enigma.

Yeah, let's call you an enigma.

Alrighty. So do I look okay?

You look beautiful, fantastic. Right, Alan?


Okay, ahem, let's go.

All right, let me just lock up.

- Oh, no.
- What do you mean, you have to go?

I mean, uh, what's wrong?

I just remembered
I have some work I need to do.

Oh, no.

Oh, what a shame.
Maybe we should do this another time.

- No, no.
- No, no.

- You go ahead, enjoy yourselves.
- Are you sure?

- He's sure. Let's go.
- Okay. See you later, Charlie.

So, Danielle, you got any hobbies
or problems?

Yes, I know she's hot.

But I'm thinking long-term, so shut up.

- Hey.
- Hey, where have you been?

Stuck in traffic.
Danielle's coming over in a few minutes.

- Gotta shower and change.
- Wow, you two are going out again?

What can I say, Charlie?
The girl digs my mojo.

When did you get mojo?

Scoff if you like,
but that woman is entranced... the enigma
that is Alan Jerome Harper.

- Unbelievable. Your plan is working.
- Told you.

- There's something wrong with that girl.
- There must be a lot wrong with that girl.

Well, then it's a match made in heaven.
There's something wrong with her.

We know there's something wrong
with him.

Yeah, and before you know it,
he'll move out, they'll get married...

...and we'll be wondering what's wrong
with their kids.

- Hey, Charlie.
- Hey, Danielle. Come on in.

- Thank you.
- Oh, man.

If the kid wants to kill me,
why doesn't he just cut my brake line?

- Alars in the shower.
- Am I too early?

No, no.
No, he's been living here for three years.

- You want a drink?
- Uh, no, thank you.

- I'm trying to cut down.
- Really? Why?

- Long story.
- Alan takes long showers.

- Longer when he's not dating.
- Thank you, Berta.

So tell me your story.

- Oh, it's a little embarrassing.
- Hey, all the good drinking stories are.

After partying at the Pomona State Fair,
I once woke up on a Tilt-A-Whirl...

...wearing nothing but a grass skirt
and a tiny sombrero.

- No kidding? Ha, ha.
- I've still got the sombrero.

Okay, your turn.

Oh. All right. Um...

The reason
my marriage didn't work out...

...the reason
none of my relationships work out... because
I tend to drink a little too much...

...and then do things I regret.

- And by "things" you mean...?
- Men.


And the occasional woman.


Well, as stories go,
I'd say this is a good one.

At least yours doesn't end with
a toothless carny offering you a churro.

You know,
I had a feeling you'd understand.

You know, Alan is very sweet.

But the guys I usually go for
are more like...

...well, you.


Anyway, I think I am ready for a nice,
normal relationship.

No more getting blitzed...

...and falling into bed
with the first guy who asks me.

Or girl. Or couple.


Huh, huh, huh.

Excuse me.

Okay, new plan.

I'm gonna boink Danielle
and Alars gonna live here forever.


- Hello.
- It's not your night, Alan.

- What?
- Danielle. She's not right for you.

- But you said she was perfect for me.
- I was wrong.

She's sick and twisted.
That makes her perfect for me.

- I'm sorry, I'm not following.
- I was talking to her out there.

And it turns out she's a boozehound
and a sex freak.

What? I haven't seen that in her at all.

I mean, I got a good-night kiss...

...but she was perfectly sober
and her tongue did nothing freaky.

That's because
she's trying to hide who she really is.

- And who's that?
- Me. She's me, Alan, top to bottom.

Except, you know, from here to here.

So, what is it you want me to do?

Step aside so you can lead her
back to a life of sordid degradation?

- If you wouldn't mind.
- No, no, no. You gave her to me.

- There's no takebacks.
- All right, fine.

- We'll just let her make her own decision.
- All right, all right. May the better man win.

You should probably be rooting
for the shriveled man.

- Now, now, just a little. Ha.
- You got it.

- That is a beautiful dress.
- Oh, thank you. Ha, ha.

- Whoops.
- Ooh. Ha, ha.

- Sorry.
- Ha. That's okay. Ha, ha.

Mm, mm.

Buttery, with a slight citrus finish.



So you know wine.

Okay, Danielle, we'd better get going
if we're gonna make our reservation.

You're right. Thanks for the wine, Charlie.

Whoa, what's the hurry?
I was gonna make a pitcher of margaritas.

- Oh. I love margaritas.
- I'll be right back.

Gee, Danielle, do you really wanna sit here
and drink with Charlie?


You know what? You're right, Alan.
You're a nice guy. You're good for me.

- Okay. Charlie, we're leaving.
Wait, wait, wait.

If you don't have time for margaritas,
I could mix one up in your mouth.

- Cut it out. I know what you're trying to do.
- What?

- I'm being a good host.
- You're taking advantage of Danielle.

- No, I respect Danielle for who she is.
So do I.

No, no, you respect Danielle
for who she's pretending to be.

I don't get you.
Why did you bother putting us together?

Because I thought she was dull
and boring like you.

And I had hoped the two of you would go
and be dull and boring at her house.

That was really your plan? That's insane.

It would've worked
if she wasn't a drunken slut.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

There is no need to fight over me.

Alan, you're a sweet, gentle guy.

Charlie, you're a pig.

But I find you very attractive.

There's only one reasonable solution.
I'll have to do you both.

No crossing swords.

Are you out of your mind?
You're...? You're actually considering this?

Yeah, you're right.
I don't even like eating dinner next to you.

Uh, thank you for your generous offer,
but I'm afraid we must decline.

But mostly, he's afraid.

Ah, should've known.
Not a pair between you.

All right, well,
if either of you change your mind... know where to find me.

Okay, you can have her.

"One pound salted butter."

"One dozen extra-large eggs."

"And one acidophilus milk
for the whiny pinead."

I thought I was the only one
who drank this stuff.


Ha, ha. Are you kidding me?
It's all I drink.

You know, for the intestinal fauna.

That's all you drink?

Well, I've been known
to add a few fingers of vodka.

Kind of an "acidophi-tini."

- You're cute.
- So I've been told.

I can't.
I promised Berta I'd get the groceries.

You're right.

You're always right.