Two and a Half Men (2003–2015): Season 3, Episode 7 - Sleep Tight, Puddin' Pop - full transcript

Charlie wakes up drunk with stalker Rose in his bed, presuming they 'did it' a second time in two years. Alan is all but helpful when Charlie, whose fears Rose's revenge is shared by Bertha, gets a surprise visitor: Rose's super-rich dad Harvey. So Charlie is relieved when normally unwelcome mother Evelyn hits it off romantically with Harvey and takes him away. A few days later, she turns to her boys for help against the 'live-in' stalker, and gets it from another relative.

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Two and a Half Men S03E07 - Sleep Tight, Puddin' Pop - Web-DL [KoTuWa]

Oh, this is gonna be so great.

Are you guys as excited as I am?

Probably not.


Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

You guys are the best.

Is this a chocolate fudge cake?

You tell us, you brought it.

Make a wish
and blow out the candles.

Oh, right, right.

I wish this was chocolate fudge.

Okay, now it's time for party games.

I've got one.

It's called Drink Until This Night
Makes Some Sort of Sense.

I'll go first.

Nope, not yet.

Round two.

Uncle Charlie?

Go away.

Have you seen my iPod?


What about you, Rose?

No. Sorry, Jake.

Oh, man.

Good morning, sleepyhead.



What's new?

That's good coffee.

- Good morning.
- It's getting there.

- Whose birthday cake?
- Rose.

Oh, surprise party?

No, I think she saw it coming.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Hey. Coffee?

Can you make it to go?

To go?

Yeah, the thing is,
I made a little boo-boo.

- A boo-boo?
- A boo-boo.

Anyway, I may have to leave town
for a few days.

Why? What did you do?



I did Rose.

Wait. You had sex with Rose?
Are you insane?

Moot point, Alan.

What I have to do is find my passport
and head for the border.

What you have to do is tell Rose
that I was drunk and I'm sorry...

and that there's no reason to hunt me
down and glue my testicles to my thigh.


I'll tell you now, you're swabbing on
your own nail polish remover this time.

That wasn't pleasant
for either of us, Berta.

- What the hell were you thinking?
- Thinking?

There was no thinking.

We had tequila shots,
were talking, having a nice evening...

and somebody suggested
a sponge bath.

- Somebody?
- Lt might have been me.

The next thing I know, Jake
is waking us up looking for his iPod.

Wait, Jake saw you in bed with Rose?


Oh, great, great. That's great.

- What am I gonna tell him?
- Who cares? He's 11.

He'll get over it.

I'm the one who still has a bald patch
on my scrotum.

And let me tell you,
the comb-over isn't fooling anybody.

- Morning.
- Oh, hey, look, it's Rose.

- Morning, Rose.
- Hey, birthday girl.

You get anything good last night?

It was a wonderful party.

Isn't that nice.

Can I get you anything?

Coffee, orange juice,
industrial strength adhesive?

No, I can't stay.
I'm having a birthday lunch with my dad.

Well, that's great.
Not that I'm anxious for you to leave.

It's great you're gonna
spend time with dad.

Dads are great. I like the word "dad"
better than "father."

If Hitler had called Germany
dadland instead of fatherland...

it would have been
a friendlier country.

- Charlie.
- Yes?

- You're acting crazy.
- Am I?

Hey, if anybody knows.

I understand last night
was just one of those things.

I have no expectations.

Okay. Good.

- And?
- And nothing.

I'll see you later.

- Bye, guys.
- Bye.

Oh, God, it's worse than I thought.

What are you talking about?
She sounded fine.

Berta, tell him.

She's nuts, he's screwed.

- Uncle Charlie?
- Yeah, buddy?

You know what would be cool?
If you and Rose got married.

Yeah, Charlie, that would be cool.

I could be the best man.

Carry the ring for you
and the medication for her.

Do pharmacies have bridal registries?

Hey, have you guys talked
about having kids?

Are we gonna hear the pitter-patter
of teeny-weeny, crazy-ass feet?

No, he's not gonna marry Rose.

Why not?
He's already getting sex from her.

Jake. Jake,
the only reason Rose was in my bed...

is because she was
too tired to go home.

Uncle Charlie, I'm an underachiever,
not an idiot.

Okay, fine. You want the truth?

- Charlie, be discreet.
- Because a man and woman have sex...

doesn't mean they get married
or they see each other.

It doesn't even mean
they have to give their actual names.

Thank you for your discretion.

No, no. It's time somebody
taught him the facts of life.

What facts? That you did a stupid thing
because you're a stupid man?

I was getting to that.

Why was it stupid?

Because he had sex with someone
he doesn't love.

No, no. Because I had sex
with someone...

who knows how to disable
the alarm system.

And who has no compunction
about shaving my head while I sleep.

- What's a compunction?
- Go get ready for bed.

Sounds dirty.

Just go.

Hey, lady,
I can see your compunction.

- Charlie, do me a favor?
- What?

- Don't talk to my kid about sex.
- Why?

Because you're a pig.


- What was that?
- What was what?

It was a thump.

- What do you mean a thump?
- You know, a thump.

Like a woman dressed as a ninja
jumping from a tree...

and landing on the roof
with cat-like precision.

- I didn't hear anything.
- Well, I did.

I guess your hearing's more acute
when your nuts are on the line.

Come on, you don't really
think Rose is gonna do anything?

Hey, I never told you
half the weird stuff she pulled here.

- Why not?
- We needed a babysitter...

and I didn't want you
to get spooked.

Okay, I'm listening.

One time she trained a seagull
to swoop down...

Oh, God, this is it.

Come on. I can not believe a grown man
like you is afraid of a little girl.

A little girl with a big seagull.

Went right for my eyes.

You ever seen one of them swoop down
on a picnic table to grab a french fry?

- It was just like that.
- Charlie.

That's how she trained it.

Took a picture of me
and put french fries all over it.

You're being ridiculous.

Am I?

We'll see.

- Are you Charlie Harper?
- Yes, I am.

I'm Rose's father.

I don't see a way out of this, do you?

So you're Rose's dad.

I can see the resemblance.

You and I need to talk.

Okay, sure, if you want.

I'm booked for the next few days,
but maybe we can next week.

- Now.
- Or now.

There's a window in my schedule.
Come on in.

Thank you.

- Can I get you something to drink?
- I'm fine.

You don't mind if I have
a conversation starter, do you?

- Knock yourself out.
- I'm gonna try.

- So I'm Charlie's brother, Alan.
- Nice to meet you.

Same here.

I never slept with your daughter.

I'm not surprised.

Okay. Rose's dad.

- Call me Harvey.
- Okay, Harvey.

Easy. Like the invisible rabbit
in that Jimmy Stewart movie.

- What was that called?
- Harvey.


Loved that movie.

People don't know it was originally a play.
Then they tried to make it a musical.

- Charlie?
- Yes, sir?

- Sit down.
- Yes, sir.


what are your intentions
towards my daughter?

Oh, right to the chase.
Straight shooter.

I like that.


So where were we?

He wants to know
what your intentions are towards Rose.

Thank you.

Well, I would have to say
that my intentions are good.

Anybody who knows me
would confirm...

that "Charlie Harper
has good intentions."

His actions, on the other hand,
are usually selfish and asinine.

Again, thank you.

Harvey, I'm glad we had this chance
to talk...

- Sit down.
- Sorry.

- You gonna marry my daughter or not?
- Not.

- Not?
- A very well-intended not.

So after two years together, you just
plan to keep on stringing her along?

No, I would never...
Wait a minute, did you say two years?

Now look, Rose cares very much
about you...

and she's not gonna leave you.

So I think the honorable thing
for you to do is let her go.

Believe me, Harvey, I've tried.

God, how I've tried.

So, what's the problem?
You love her too much?

Not exactly.

I mean, she's a wonderful gal
and I do care for her.

But you see...

What, the peanut gallery taking
a break?

Harvey, the truth is,
Charlie has tried to end it.

But your daughter
doesn't handle rejection well.

Or all that legally.

In my defense, we're not talking
about a long-term relationship.

We're talking about a couple of nights
of drunken, frenzied sex two years apart.

- That's your defense?
- I didn't say it was a good defense.

You'll have to forgive my brother.

He thinks with his penis
and his penis isn't very bright.

That's true. Anybody
who knows me will confirm that.

I can confirm that.

Oh, for God sake.

Rose, did you tell your father
we've been going out for two years?

Yeah. I thought it sounded better
than saying we had a one-night stand...

and then I stalked you
for two years.

She's not wrong.

Daddy, try to understand.

I didn't want you to feel sorry for me...

or try to set me up with anybody.
Or have me committed.

Oh, sweetheart,
I would never do that.

We're a wealthy family.
We can afford home care.

Okay, well, I'm glad
we had this chance to clear the air.

I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about
so I'll let you get to it.

- Mom?
- Hang on, dear.

- Hello?
- Alan. Oh, good, I'm glad you're home.

Listen, I'm in the neighborhood
and I know how Charlie hates it...

when I just drop in unannounced,
so I thought I'd call first.

I'll let him know.

Charlie, Mom's coming over.

Tell her I'm not here.

Hi, sweetie. Oh, hello, Rose.

Hi, Evelyn.
Daddy, this is Charlie's mom, Evelyn.

- Evelyn, this is my father, Harvey.
- Harvey, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

So, what are we talking about?

Well, Charlie and I got hammered
last night...

and then somebody suggested
a sponge bath.

It might have been me.

Then we ended up
spending the night together.

I see.

Are you as proud of yours
as I am of mine?

You do the best you can
to raise them...

but in the end they drive down
life's highway on their own.

Isn't that the truth?

I think God gives us children so death
won't come as such a disappointment.

So, Evelyn...

are you married?

Not at the moment.

Why? What do you have in mind?

Well, maybe we could start
with a little dinner.

Sounds good.

But how do you wanna finish?


Oh, he's good.

Hello. Oh, hi, Mom.

- Hold on. Alan?
- Yeah?

Get the door.

Boys, we have a problem.
We need to talk.

- What's going on?
- We haven't seen you in days.

- Not that we're complaining.
- Merely an observation.

Well, as you know,
I have been seeing Rose's father.

- And how's that going?
- At first it was wonderful.

He was handsome, charming,
and a raging bull in the sack.

No mental pictures. Push them out.

Well, don't give them to me.

What I didn't realize...

is the man has the emotional stability
of a bag of rats in a burning meth lab.

- What did he do?
- It's what he didn't do.

- Okay, what didn't he do?
- Leave.

Now, a couple of days
of Viagra-enhanced boinking...

and he suddenly thinks
he lives with me.

He's moving my furniture around,
he's getting his mail forwarded...

he had a satellite dish installed.

Did he get the NFL package?

Charlie, please, this is not funny.

This man is obsessed with me.
He will not let me out of his sight.

Wherever I go, there he is...

with this stupid love-smitten look
on his face.

You just wanna hit him with a shovel.

Well, what do you want us to do?

Come over to my house
and hit him with a shovel.

Wouldn't it be easier to keep
feeding him Viagra until he strokes?

Charlie, don't be ridiculous.
That could take months.

Come on now, guys, think.

How can I get this loon out
of my house?

- I say we bring in expert help.
- Way ahead of you.


- Yes, Charlie?
- Road trip.

Oh, goody, I'll meet you in the garage.

- Daddy?
- Oh, Rose, good.

You got my change-of-address card.

And there's my other favorite gal.

- Hello, Harvey.
- Where were you, pudding pop?

I was worried sick.

- I just went out.
- I didn't see you leave.

That's because I climbed out
the laundry room window.

Aren't you a limber little minx.

Daddy, we need to talk.

Yes, right away, honey.

Hey, fellas,
are you ready for some football?

Evie, why don't you get our guests
some cold drinks?

Yes, of course, dear.

Garden shed. Shovel. Bag of lime.

- Daddy, listen to me very closely.
- Okay.

You don't live here.

Yes, I do. Look at me.

We've been through this before,

The pretty receptionist
at your psychiatrist's office?

Oh, yeah. Cheryl.

She had a mean lawyer.

But this is different.

Evelyn and I are in love,
we're gonna get married.

Isn't that right?

Not if you were the last crazy man
on Earth.

Guys, feel free to call me Dad.

- No, thank you.
- I couldn't.

Daddy, pay attention.


I know what it feels like to be so in love
with someone you wanna crawl inside...

so that you're wearing their skin
like a leotard with nipples.

What I've learned is that not everyone
is ready for that kind of intimacy.

Take me and Charlie for example.

We slept together two years ago...

realized we were better as friends,
and haven't done it again since.

- We haven't?
- You were too drunk.

I was gonna tell you eventually.

Then why did you let me think
we did?

Because it doesn't make
any difference.

I'm in this for the long haul.

Sweetheart, when Evie and I get married
Charlie will be your stepbrother.

Oh, I didn't think of that.

Oh, tr?s kinky.

Rose, stick with the plan.


I didn't wanna have to do this...

but I brought someone else here
to talk to you.

- Who?
- Come on in, Grandma.

You brought Mother?

Harvey, how many times
have I told you...

not to leave the estate
without telling me?

- Mom.
- Playtime's over.

- Get in the car, we're going home.
- But, Mom, we're getting married.

To this trash? I don't think so.

Excuse me?

Roll with it, Mom.

I'm counting to three, Harvey.

One, two...

I'm going, I'm...

- Keep the robe.
- Thanks. I'm not wearing pants.

Harvey, do you want me
to put you over my knee?

All right, I'm going.

He's really a good boy.

But these things happen
when you marry a first cousin.

I'd say they're lucky to have thumbs.

I'm really sorry to impose on you.

I just feel very uncomfortable
being home alone tonight.

- No problem, you sleep in my room.
- Where will you sleep?

I don't know, I'll find somebody.

- I'm beat. I'm gonna go to bed.
- Good night.

- Good night, sweetheart.
- Good night, Mom.

Sleep tight, pudding pop.

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