Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

Ben gets a visit from his lawyer, Jerry. Lucy's meddling sister visits her. Norma's judgy mother arrives in Twin Peaks with a shady new husband. Both Bobby and Catherine plan to blackmail Ben. BOB covers his tracks but Mike is after him.

- Hey, Donna.
- Hi.

- James, come on in.
- Hi.

We just came
to say goodbye to Maddy.

Oh, I'm sorry, you just missed her.

In fact, I dropped her off
at the bus station not 20 minutes ago.

- She's gone?
- Yes.

She thought that you were coming
over last night.

Um, did she say anything?

Well, I would have to say that
she was a little bit disappointed.


Leland, honey?

Excuse me.

You know, if you'd like,
you could write her.

I'm sure she'd be glad
to hear from you.

Yeah. Look, I'm sorry
we bothered you.

Hey, no bother, no bother.

- Say hi to your folks for me, Donna.
- Okay.

- Okay.
- Goodbye, Mr. Palmer.

Bye, James.

- Take it easy now.
- All right.

- Leland?
- Yes, dear.

Remember to sign us up for
the Glenn Miller Night at the club.

Don't worry, dear, I won't forget.

- Bye, hon.
- Bye, Leland.

It smells like a toilet in here.
There's nothing...

Jerry, what the hell
took you so long?

Ah, gee, datelines, time zones,
I don't even know where I am.

God, you look terrible.

- Jerry.
- Ben.

Well, Ben,
since your regular mouthpiece

has been charged
with murder himself,

I'm gonna be handling your case
personally. So let's get started.

Did you kill her?

- Jerry, for God's sakes.
- Sorry, you're right.

The last thing a good defense attorney
needs to know is the truth.

Jerry, can you get me out of here?

Well, they can only hold you
for 24 hours without charging you.

Or is it 48?

Oh, Jerry, Jerry,
I am in trouble here.

Under control, big brother.

Okay, so where are we saying
you were on the night Laura died?

- I was with Catherine.
- That's not a good choice.

It happens to be the truth.

Oh, dear.

Is there any sign of her?
Bone... Bone fragments or teeth?

Charred corroborating note
regarding your whereabouts?

I'm so depressed.

Bunk beds.

Do you remember
our first room, Ben?

Me on the top bunk
and you on the bottom bunk.

And Louise Dombrowski dancing
on the hook rug with a flashlight.

Lord, what's become of us?

You know, the first time I went in,

they thought it was my bladder,
so they checked it again.

It was an infection.
I hadn't even been near a rusty nail.

I mean, you remember that time
my toe turned purple, right?

So instead, I took a bath in baking
soda and then my toe came around,

but I got the worst cramps

like I swallowed
a kinked hose or something.

Have you seen Andy?

Oh, you must be that native person

I've heard so much about,
um, Eagle Eye?

Hawk. Sister?

Oh, yeah, this is my sister Gwen.
This is Hawk.

Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you.

God, how you must hate us white
people after all we've done to you.

Some of my best friends

- are white people.
- Oh.

Anyway, oh, come on.
My stomach...

Diane, 10:03 a.m.,
Great Northern Hotel.

Sheriff Truman and I have just been
with the one-armed man,

or what's left of him.

In another time, another culture,

he may have been
a seer, a shaman priest.

In our world, he's a shoe salesman
and lives among the shadows.

Leland Palmer.

- Whoops! Excuse me.
- Whoa!

Does he know
we arrested Ben Horne?

Doesn't look like it.

Harry, best if he'd hear it from you.

Hi, Harry, Agent Cooper. Heh.
Just having a little fun.

You're looking good, Leland.

Just call me Fred. Ha-ha-ha.

Leland, I'm sorry.

We didn't want you
to hear it from anyone else.

We've arrested Ben Horne
for Laura's murder.

- Huh?
- He hasn't been charged,

but we're holding him.

- Ben? Ha, ha.
- That's right.

There must be
some mistake, Harry.


- I thought that Jacques Renault had...
- No.


- You have a strong case against him?
- Yes, we do.

Oh, God.

- Will you be all right, Leland?
- Oh.


- The law will handle this.
- As it should be.

Thanks, Harry. Agent Cooper.

Harry, I'll catch up with you.


Ahem. Yes.

If you can remember anything unusual
about Mr. Horne's behavior

the night of Laura's death,
would you please let me know?

I will, of course.

Thank you.

Everything okay?

I'm not sure.

This won't hurt a bit.

Sheriff, I protest this brutal treatment
of my client.

After all this man
has done for this town...

- Now, hold still.
- Ow!

I'll have the results
in a couple of hours.

- Thanks, doc.
- Gentlemen,

I demand that my client
either be released or charged.

Never in all my years of practicing law
have I witnessed such a complete

and utter disregard for
an accused man's constitutional rights.

Jeremy Horne,
Gonzaga University, 1974.

Graduated last in his class of 142.

Passed the bar on his third attempt.

License to practice
revoked in the states

of Illinois, Florida,
Alaska, Massachusetts.

Hey, I'm not on trial here.

Sit down.

Mr. Horne, do you know what this is?

- A book.
- A book.

Take a closer look.

A diary.

We all know about One-Eyed Jack's.

So did Laura.

"Someday, I'm gonna tell the world
all about Ben Horne.

I'm gonna tell them who he really is."

She never got the chance, did she?

Come on, Ben, we're all adults here.

Wild, young girl like Laura Palmer,
things spin out of control.

She becomes a threat not just to you,
but to your business, your family.

You are way out of line.

Well, maybe
you don't have anything to hide.

That's not what it says in here.

- You cannot talk to me like this!
- Ben. Ben.

- You cannot, you understand?
- Sit down.

Nice and easy. Gentlemen, I'd like
a moment alone with my brother...

With my client.

If you don't mind?

You have your moment.

Ben, Ben.

Ben, if you're gonna blurt out
a confession like that,

it's gonna make our options
shrink down to a tiny little nub.

All right, what are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?

Your alibi has been roasted.

They can establish motive.

And your blood
may have Laura's fingerprints on it.

Ben, as your attorney,

your friend, and your brother,

I strongly suggest
that you get yourself a better lawyer.

Okay, one last chance, Leo.

Don't disappoint me.

The mill?

Okay, one last chance,
Leo. Don't disappoint me.

The mill?

Keep it simple.

Insurance investigators
should read "arson."

Block letters about, uh, 6 feet high.

The deal as we discussed?

Ben Horne, his voice,

and Johnson's voice, Ben and Leo.

Special delivery for Mr. Horne.

Bobby. Oh, God.


He did it again.

It's your turn to clean him this time.

What's that?

That is our ship.

What's that mean?

Since our cash cow in the other room
has turned into a sinkhole,

I've decided to pursue a career
in business.

Really? Like a salesman?

Oh, no, I'm thinking
more executive suite.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Bobby, that sounds great.

I'm gonna give you
anything you want.

Um, I want a full-time nanny.

- Maybe a French maid.
- Bobby.

- Hello, Norma.
- Mother.

I trust those are real potatoes
and not flakes?

Real potatoes.

Excuse me.

What a nice surprise to see you here.

Mm! Hey, those are good.

I see they taught
him a skill in the stockade.

- Where is your charming husband?
- Hank? He's not here right now.

I see.

Mother, I got your message.
But if you don't mind my asking,

what are you doing here?

I want to introduce you
to my new husband.


Ernie, this is Norma.

Hi, how are you?

- We're honeymooning. Ha, ha.
- Ha-ha-ha.

I wonder if I could
bother you for a cup of coffee?

- Nice girl.
- She's darling.

Ernie's a financial analyst.

I just love what you've done
with your diner, darling.

The flowers add
such a measure of cheer.

Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.

Nice to see those good looks haven't
isolated themselves to one generation.

- Yeah, I know, go with gold figures.
- Excuse me.

You still look very smart
in that uniform.

Your figure's lovely.
It hasn't changed.

Now, I don't mean to be rude,
but how long will you be staying?

A couple of days. Ernie wanted
to see something of the country.


I just wish I had known, that's all.

Oh, I didn't mean for you
to go into any fuss.

You know me, dear, I'm easy.

What's wrong?

Nothing, it's just that
there's a food critic coming

and I'm short on help, that's all.

Food critic. Ooh.

So that's why you tried so hard
to make the place look nice.

Norma, hoping to spend
much more time with you.

If it's all right, we'd better check in.

I've got a Tokyo fax
waiting for me at the desk.

We'll be at the Great Northern.

I'm sorry we missed Henry.
I'll call you later, okay?

Okay. Nice to meet you.

He's close.


Could I have
a glass of water, please?

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry.

Hi, Norma.

I guess I'm a little late.

Forty-eight hours is not late, Hank,
it's missing.

I'm sorry, it was some, uh...
Some business I had to take care of.

Business? No, this is business.

Business is a place where you come to
whether you feel like it or not.

- Norma, I...
- Don't sweet-talk me,

I'm this far from telling you
to take a hike.

Norma, please don't make that
kind of judgment until you hear me out.

Because of the bad choices
I've made,

there are people out there,

people from my past
who wanna see me fail.

I've tried fighting them,
but I just get in more trouble.

I've tried running from them,
but there's always somebody faster.

I know it's no way for a man
to live his life,

but sometimes it's just best

to hold up and wait
for the storm to pass.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

I'm just trying to keep my head
above water.

Maybe next time,
you'll ask for a little help.

Next time, I will.

Well, the prodigal son returns.

- Heh, Vivian.
- Hi.

- You look great.
- Thanks. Ha, ha.

Prison treat you well?

Well, uh, ahem, that's a long story.

I'd like to hear it over dinner tonight.
I have a new husband.

- Heh. Great Northern, 8:30?
- We'd love to.

- I don't think if I'll be able to get there.
- We'll be fine, honey.

Eight-thirty sharp, we'll be there.

- Harry?
- Oh, hello, Pete.

What you got?


Pileated, I think.

Yeah. Here.

Pileated woodpecker.



Yeah, Pete.

Harry, Josie's gone.

Yeah, I know.

When I came home
from the late shift,

she left a note on the kitchen table,
no explanations, no goodbyes.

A note.

She sold the mill to Ben Horne.

Well, not exactly.

You don't have to explain.

I loved her.

There. I said it.

- No offense, Harry.
- Eh.

I loved her too.

I stood there and watched her go.
Watched her assistant

carry her bags away.

Her assistant?

Yeah, Asian fellow.
Never saw him before.

What did he look like?

Average height,
medium build, ponytail.

Oh, that was her cousin, Jonathan.

She said it was her assistant,
Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee?

Harry, I have a bad feeling.

- I'm right there with you, Pete.
- Harry.

Hello, Pete. Gerard's missing.
He knocked the deputy out.

Pete, you'll have to excuse us.

He don't get far.

Hi, sheriff. Agent Cooper.


- Lucy?
- What?


Step right in, Pete.

We desperate criminals
are locked safely in our cages.

I have a message for you.

Greetings from the boys
down at the mill?

Ah. But first, a little music.

Hello, Benjamin.

Oh, I'm sorry I haven't
dropped by for a visit, dear.

But I have a strong aversion
to prisons.

- How awful...
- She's alive?

The night
we spent together lost in love.

When was that?
It seems so long ago.

Almost like a dream.

Oh, yes, I remember,
it was the night Laura Palmer died.

Memory is so unreliable finally,
maybe it was a dream.

Maybe it never happened.

To tell you the truth,
I can't be sure anymore.

What does she want? I'll pay anything.
What does she want?

You okay there, Benji?

In exchange for my testimony, dear,

you will sign the mill and
Ghostwood Estates back over to me.

I will consider letting you keep
your precious hotel.

A representative of mine
will come to you

with the documents within 24 hours.

If you won't cooperate...

Well, I'm confident
that you'll go on from here

to excel in one or another
of the many fine career opportunities

offered by the federal
prison system.

Ben, so nice to see you again.

She set me up.

That Catherine.

She set me up.

She's a cautioned, isn't she?

You set me up!
You bitch! You bitch!

I'll get you, you bitch.

Set me up.

Chicks and ducks and geese

Better scurry

When I take you out in the surrey

When I take you out in the surrey
With the fringe on top

When I take you out in the surrey

With the fringe on top

Harry, are driver education programs
mandatory in your school system?


I think we got a dropout.
Harry, look out.


With the fringe on top

- Leland.
- Ah. Heh.

Agent Cooper, Harry, I'm sorry.

- Are you two all right?
- Leland, we're fine. How about you?

Oh, sure, I'm fine, I'm fine.

I was just on my way to the club
to try out a new set of irons,

and, uh, I must have started
thinking about Ben.

I guess my mind just wandered.

It's a good idea to leave your troubles
at home when operating a vehicle.

You're right, of course.
My apologies.

Ah! I did remember something,

as you asked,
about the night Laura died.

I was working late at the office
with Ben, it was about 10:00.

He left the room
to make a phone call.

I don't know who he was talking to, but
his voice was raised, he was angry.

I heard him mention
something about

a dairy.

- A dairy?
- That's what I think, yes.

- A diary.
- That could be it.

Sheriff Truman, this is Lucy.

Are you there, sheriff?
I have an urgent message from Hawk.

- Do you play golf, Agent Cooper?
- Uh, yes, Leland, I enjoy its precision.

I'd like to invite you for a round
at the club someday.

May I show you my new clubs?

Uh, sure.


They found Gerard.
Near the waterfall.

Better go. They're waiting for us.

Let's go get him. Leland,
we'll see those clubs another time.

I understand, Agent Cooper.
You let me know

- if there's anything I can do to help.
- Will do.

Poor Andy.

You know, the exact
same thing happened to me

when I first got pregnant.

I would be out shopping,

and then boom, pass right out
in the produce section.

Then come to covered in bruises
and crushed fruit,

and strangers standing over me
waiting to see if I was dead.

You see, people want terrible things
to happen to you, I know.

I wanna talk to you
about my sperms.

You know, that is all men think about.

You know, I remember
when little Carl was first born

and they laid him out on my breast,

I looked down and saw what kind of
a tiny little creature I was dealing with.

And I thought to myself, I thought,
"My God, just what the world needs,

another sperm gun running around
loose. Right? Women beware."

Well, I did.

I had mine counted twice.
The first time, they were all dead.

Oh, man, if I had a nickel
every time I heard that one.

- Second time, they were jumping like...
- What? What?

- Like salmon swimming upstream.

So, of course, all you could
think of was spawning. Ha, ha.

- Shut up.
- Shut up, Gwen.

So when you told me that you were
pregnant, I didn't think it could be me

because mine were all dead
supposedly at the time.


But they got better.
I was misinformed. I'm the father.

Oh, brother.

Aren't I?

Oh, yeah. Oh, come here.

You want to see
your mean Aunt Lucy.

Oh, aren't you neat,
you little snooky-bookems.


He's been close.

Bob is not here now.

Sheriff. Sheriff?

Isn't there something
that you'd like to share with us?

Oh, great.

And would you tell this guy to stop
staring at me like I'm a dog biscuit.

Bob has been very close.

Who's Bob? I don't know a Bob.

Do we know a Bob?

Sheriff, no offense, but clearly,
this man's stairs do not reach the attic.

Now, your 24 hours are up.

You either charge my client
or let him go!

Ben Horne, I'm charging you
with the murder of Laura Palmer.

Yeah. Good move, Jer.

Hawk, take Mr. Gerard
back to the hotel.

- Nail all the windows shut.
- No. No.

- I want two men on the door.
- You two-bit lumberjack.

- You're finished in this town.
- Don't make it worse.

You're finished.

Calm down.

- What are you doing?
- Step outside, please?

I'm all right.

Harry. Harry, I think we're saddling
the horse before we're ready to ride.

I don't follow.

I don't think Ben Horne
killed Laura Palmer.

- What?
- You should release him.


I've backed you every step of the way.
I've had enough of the mumbo jumbo.

I've had enough of the dreams,
the visions, the dwarfs, the giants,

Tibet and the rest
of the hocus-pocus.

Now, we've got hard evidence
against Ben Horne.

It's my job to lock him up.

You're right, Harry.
This is your back yard.

Sometimes an outsider
can forget that.

Well, the salmon was fresh and firm
and just a little bit overdone.

- Mine too.
- Just right.

Would you excuse me
for a minute, please?

I'll join you.

Ladies, hurry back.

You're not gonna say anything,
are you?

If Vivian ever found out
I'd been inside she'd...

She'd drop me flat.

I like your new hair color.

Ernie Niles.

Ernie "The Professor" Niles.

- So when did you?
- A couple of weeks ago.

Let me tell you, Ernie,

without you in there to pal around with
the last six months were sheer hell.

Nobody to go to the library with.

Nobody to stamp out
license plates with.

So, uh, what's your angle here
with Miss Moneybags?

No angle.

Come on, buddy,
we don't have any secrets.

Vivian's rolling in dough.

I met Vivian
at a Republican fundraiser.

- We're married.
- Heh.

You must have told her
some tall tale, a whopper.

I'm trying very hard to tell nothing
but the truth these days.

It's, uh, therapeutic.

And Vivian wants me to handle
all her investments.

What about yours?
Introduce her to your loan shark?

I'm out of it, I'm out of it, Hank.
I don't gamble anymore.

I go to meetings. I go to church too.

So, what happens when
Vivian finds out that you ran off

- with the congregation's picnic fund?
- I never stole from a church.

It was a savings and loan.

I was sick, it was an illness.
I paid my debt.

It's a new life, a clean... Clean slate.

- So she really doesn't know?
- No.

Well, Ernie, this is interesting to me.

Because family is the most
important thing in the world to me.

One must be prepared
to pay any price to protect it.

Don't you agree?

Oh, yeah, yeah. I completely agree.

We'll talk more later, Ernie.

I've always enjoyed
our talks in the yard,

man-to-man, prisoner-to-prisoner.

- We're back.
- Ladies.

I would like to propose a toast

to the newlyweds
and their happiness.

Thank you, Henry.
It's very generous.

To Ernie and Vivian,

to much success in their future
and all their future dealings.

How sweet.

That's sweet.

Diane, it's 11:05 p.m. I'm in my room
at the Great Northern Hotel.

There's not a star in the sky tonight.

Ben Horne is in custody.

The trail narrows, Diane.

I'm very close,

but the last few steps are always
the darkest and most difficult.

- Hi.
- Audrey?

- Can I come in and talk?
- All right.

- Is that where you got shot?
- Yeah.

Did you arrest him?


Did he do it?

That's for a court to decide.

What do you think?

What I think
doesn't really matter right now.

Did you arrest him
because of what I said?

Only in part.

But it helped?


All I ever really wanted
was for him to love me.

I'm sure that he does.

He's ashamed of me.

No, he's not.

Agent Cooper,

when I was at One-Eyed Jack's,
I never, never let anyone...

Audrey, you don't have
to say anything.

I want you to know.

I know.

I have to get that.


Cooper here. Where?

How long ago?

- I'm on my way.
- What's wrong?

I want you to go to your room
and lock the door.

- Why?
- No questions, do what I say.

All right.

It's Maddy Ferguson.