Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

Cooper and Agent Rosenfield are alerted when an attempt is made on Ronnette Pulaski's life at the hospital. Meanwhile, Donna meets with the reclusive Harold Smith, an orchid cultivator, whom she asks about Laura. At the One-Eyed Jacks, Audrey is held prisoner by Blackie and Emory who are under the employment of Jean Renault who plans to extract a ransom from Benjamin Horne, as well as kill Cooper whom he blames for the deaths of his brothers Bernard and Jacques. Leland comes to the police station after seeing the police sketch of Killer Bob claiming to have known the mysterious man from his childhood. Elsewhere, Lucy meets with the suave and vain Dick Tremayne where she confides that she's pregnant from a brief fling they had and the baby may be his. The mysterious Asian man staying at the Great Northern Hotel continues to follow Cooper around. Philip Michael Gerard, the one-armed man, has a seizure after seeing the sketch of Killer Bob, and emerges as his alter ego, 'Mike'. At the hospital, Nadine Hurley awakens from her coma, but to Big Ed's bewilderment, she thinks she's 18 years old and in high school. Nearby, Dr. Jacoby is hypnotized by Cooper to look back into that night when Jacques Renault was murdered. Also, Donna continues to become jealous over James hanging around Maddy and runs to Harold for comfort.

- Get her arms.
- I got this side.

Miss Pulaski?

- Cover her arms.
- Miss Pulaski, calm down now.

It's okay. It's gonna be all right.

- Get her legs.
- I got it. Hang on.

Miss Pulaski,
just calm down, please.

- You're all right.
- Give her a sedative.

No! No!

Ronette pulled out her IV.
I just gave her a sedative.

Looks like dye.

- Harry, give me a hand.
- What's this?

A little chloride.
Spray her finger.

Albert, get your microscope.

All right.

All right, Ronette.
Breathe, now, honey.

- He's been here.
- We have a 24-hour guard.

Harry, he did this.

And he tainted the IV.

Maybe she saw him.

Maybe she heard a Sousa march
and got up to look for her baton.

I'll do a workup on the IV.

That's our man.

Those letters were never made public.


let's stand together for a moment.

It's time I mentioned something.

Now, I'm not sure,

but I believe I was visited by a giant.


In my room.

He left me three clues.

The first had to do with
Jacques Renault in a body bag.

It came true almost immediately.

The second was,
"The owls are not what they seem."

The third was about a man
who points without chemicals.

You were visited by a giant?

Any relation to the dwarf?

You're wearing a
different sweater than yesterday.

Color's better on you.

I forgot my manners.

I'm Harold Smith.

I guess you know who I am.

Please come in.

Would you like some lemonade?

I also have some saltines
and some apple butter.

Or would you
like to wash your hands?

No, thanks.

I insist.

It's very warm in here.

- Don't be nervous, Donna.
- I'm not nervous.

I'm curious.

Curious about my relationship
with Laura.

Why did you send me that letter?

Laura wanted me to get in touch with
you if anything ever happened to her.


She said you'd ask
a lot of questions.

How long did you know Laura?

Ever since she began
Meals on Wheels.

I was her best customer.

You don't seem
much like a shut-in.

You mean, politely,
what's the matter with me?


I don't like to go outside.

I, uh...


Do you have a judgment
you'd like to express?


Laura said you were very fair-minded.

If you knew her so well, why didn't she
ever mention you to me?

Well, Laura liked to think of me... a mystery in her life.

Then why did you call me?

I am...

Well, I used to be a horticulturist.

I raise orchids.

That's why it's so warm in here.

They don't need a lot of light.

I wrote to you because I wondered

if you'd be kind enough
to place one of them on her grave.

Of course.

- Will you excuse me a moment?
- Sure.

This is a hybrid.

A lady's slipper.

- It's very beautiful.
- Mm.

Take it, please.
My last gift to Laura.

That's very kind of you, Mr. Smith.


She was very kind to me.

Forgive me, but I know so much
about you, you see.


You're every bit as lovely
as Laura said you were.

I'll be back.

I'll be here.

R, B, T.

Harry, I believe that these letters
and the Giant's clues

are in some way related
to this long-haired man.

Mrs. Palmer saw him in a vision.

She called this morning
to say that Maddy

had seen the man twice
in the past two days,

both times in a vision.

I've seen him in my dream.

And Ronette.

- Saw him physically at the train car.
- Right.

Four of us have seen him
in different forms.

This path is a psychic link
that will lead us straight to him.

So, what did this giant sound like?

I mean, did he have
a big, booming voice or what?

- No, no. He spoke softly, distinctly.
- And you gave him the beans

you were supposed to use
to buy a cow?

No, Albert, I gave him my ring.


confining my conclusions
to the planet Earth,

the cocaine you found
in James Hurley's gas tank

was a match to what we found
in Jacques' car

and Leo's house.
Get the picture?

Even got the frame.

Handiwork of Leo Johnson,

currently appearing at Calhoun
Memorial Hospital as Mr. Potato Head.

The boots are a Circle Brand
rare work boot.

Ones we found haven't been worn
or tampered with.

The letter B from Ronette's finger

was cut from a copy of Flesh World.
It's a perfect match.

This particular edition features
swingers' clubs

for standard poodle enthusiasts.

No comment.

We sent a portrait
of your long-haired man

to every agency from NASA
to DEA and came up empty.

This cat is in nobody's database.

A man that four of us
have seen here in Twin Peaks.


Oh, by the way, you were shot
with a Walther PPK.

It's James Bond's gun,
did you know that?

You're looking better today, Coop.

Thank you, Albert. Feeling better.

The trail of the man who shot you
is ice-cold,

but I hoovered some fibers
from the corridor outside your room.

My ticket out of Trolleyville.

I'll be at the lab, gentlemen.

- Anything we should be working on?
- Yeah.

You might practice walking without
dragging your knuckles on the floor.

Albert, let's talk about knuckles.

Now, the last time,
I knocked you down.

I felt bad about it. The next time's
gonna be a real pleasure.

You listen to me.

While I will admit to
a certain cynicism,

the fact is that I'm a naysayer
and hatchet man

in the fight against violence.

I pride myself in taking a punch

and I'll gladly take another

because I choose to live my life
in the company of Gandhi and King.

My concerns are global.

I reject absolutely revenge, aggression
and retaliation.

The foundation of such a method... love.

I love you, Sheriff Truman.

Albert's path is
a strange and difficult one.


James, you're not
gonna be charged.

The cocaine we found in your bike
was planted.

- I was trying to tell you that when...
- James,

I don't wanna see you
down here again.

Yes, sir.

Stop trying to
figure it all out yourself.

Find someone to talk to.
Talk to me.

Go on home, James.

How's it going, Lucy?

Seventy-five words.

Oh, wait a minute, 76.

- Seventy-seven.
- Good work, Lucy.

That's 78.

Agent Cooper asked me to find
as many words as I could

that contain the letters B, T and R.

Let me see.
I used to be pretty good at this.

My lunch date is here.

This is the date that made Andy
call in sick?

Hi, Lucy.

There you are.

Hello, Dick.

Lucy, I've always considered you
to be a woman of letters.


I say, I don't believe
we've met.

Richard Tremayne.

Horne's Department Store.

Designer Menswear.


Did I do something to anger him?

Not that native people don't have
enough reason to be angry, per se.

- Let's go to lunch.
- Capital.

We'll go Dutch.

So how tall was this guy?
Did his head hit the ceiling?

- Almost.
- Whew.

I believe that the ceilings in The
Great Northern are at least 10 feet tall.

At least.

I'm sorry.
I hope I'm not interrupting.

That's okay, Leland.
What's on your mind?

This man.

I know him.

How do you know him,

When I was a little boy,

my grandfather had a summer home
up on Pearl Lakes.

We used to go there every year.

- You knew him from there?
- Yes. Yes.

Now, I know that
he wasn't a Chelbert.

They were our neighbors that lived
on one side.

On the other side
there was a vacant lot.

Next to that was a white house.

That's where he lived.

Do you remember a name?


I think...

I think it was
Robertson. Robertson.


Robert. R, T, B. That's what
the letters are trying to spell.

Hawk, get up to Pearl Lakes, find out
who used to live in that white house.

I'll do what I can.

Leland, thank you.

- That's valuable information. Thanks.
- Thank you, Leland.

Oh... Something else.

He used to flick matches at me.

He'd say:

"You wanna play with fire,
little boy?"

That's our man.

Of course, most of the time I keep
my department running like a top,

but Christmas...
Well, that was such a madhouse.

Was absolutely
no time for paperwork.

I simply had to develop a system
to memorize customer orders

using mnemonic triggers.

For instance,
someone looking for argyle socks?

Well, that would file under A
for "argyle," subheading S for "socks."

Now, it does get tricky.

A request for a vulcanized mackintosh,
for instance...

Now, does that file under R
for "raingear,"

or W for "waterproof"?

My familiarity with the inventory
finds me leaning towards an R.

Lucy, may I ask you something?

Do you find it odd that
I don't switch my fork when I eat,

that I lift it to my mouth
with my left hand?

My mother calls it piling.

Actually, it's not odd at all.

It's the European way.

It's been six weeks, Dick.
You said you were gonna call.

I know.

I lost your phone number.

I work for the sheriff.
You could've dialed 911.

Lucy, I do apologize.
I've been so terribly busy, honestly.

I've hardly had time to feed my cat.

We went out every Thursday night
for three months.

You made promises to me. You said
you were gonna take me to dinner

at the Space Needle in Seattle.

Even though you took me to
Family Night at the Pancake Plantation,

I still couldn't help but think
that it meant something special.

When in fact the only thing special
we did that night

was drink two bottles of champagne

and end up on a display bed
in Horne's Home Furnishings!

I admit it was daring.
That made it exciting.

Still, I thought it would lead to more.
Like a phone call.

Lucy, I feel terrible you're upset.
Really I do.

- Let me make it up to you.
- Like how, for instance?

For starters,

I know I promised you a new dress
at my 20 percent employee discount.

After lunch, I'll go right back

and arrange something with Ms. Bolbo
in women's wear. Very special indeed.

Oh, yeah?

How about a maternity dress!


I'm pregnant, Richard.


Preggers? Hmm.

Does Donna seem different to you?

What do you mean?

Well, like, doesn't her smoking
and stuff bother you?

She's trying to act, like, all tough
all of a sudden.

James, you know her
better than I do.


She came to visit
when I was in jail and...

I don't know.



she acted like she wanted

to do it with me
through the bars.

She didn't even care
if anybody was around.

I don't know.

It was weird.

It wasn't like her.

I don't know.

I don't know anything anymore.

Sometimes I think I should
just get on my bike and go.


Running away
won't solve anything.

It's gonna be okay.

Donna, where you been?
You're late.

I met someone
from Meals on Wheels.

Those old folks must have
some pretty cool stories.

This was a young man.

What's wrong with him?

You know, it's hard to say.

Other than he was bright
and charming, intelligent.

Completely unlike anybody I know.

What's that supposed to mean?

Why don't you sit here and hold hands
and try to figure it out.

That's good, Emory.

She's ready for her close-up now.

We should get rid of her.

She knows I sent Laura up here,
she knows her father owns the place.

With what Ben Horne will pay to get
his funked-up little daughter back,

I'll buy the bastard out.

Look, I don't wanna lose my job.

Honey, if this doesn't work,
you'll lose a lot more than your job.

We can't handle this alone.
Ben Horne is dangerous.

Now, listen, you spineless gasbag,
you are in this up to your shiny pate.

Now, stop whining.

You do as I tell you, and we'll have
all the help we need.

Look at her.

Riding the white tiger.

In a few days
she won't wanna come down.

Just like her daddy did to me.

Now, these babies
are just perfect.

For heavy field work,
and they're extremely versatile.

- Durable, with a steel reinforced toe.
- Not quite right.

Now, if the department does
any parading,

on the Fourth or Veterans Day,
these are your best bet.

- Nice, huh?
- Yeah.

Add some silver-trimmed laces,
it's a real eye-catcher.

I can see that. But a little outside
my budget, Mr. Gerard.

I understand completely.

- You need something more practical.
- Yep.

A shoe for all seasons.

Now, this is more like it.

Yeah. Jim-dandy.

Oh. Very popular.

The lovely thing about...

Mr. Gerard?

Mr. Gerard, you okay?

Oh. I'm sorry.

Sometimes I get
a bit disoriented.

Can I get you something?

If there's a bathroom,
I have a medication.

Sure. It's right down the hall.
This way.

Thanks for coming down, Shelly.

Sheriff, I'm just gonna say this:

I know I don't have to, so I'm not
gonna say anything against Leo.

We're not asking you to.

He's my husband. I don't have
to testify against my husband.

Well, you're not testifying.
You're just giving us a statement.

Doc Hayward says he's too sick.

What difference does it make?

The difference, Shelly,
is there's some people injured

and there's some people dead.

Now, we know Leo started that fire.

And we know you were there.

I'm not gonna say anything
against him.

I love him.

Okay, Shelly, that's fine.

- Thanks for coming in.
- What?

Oh, I think Shelly's thought
long and hard about this.

Maybe someday, with a little luck
and some topflight medical attention,

you'll have Leo back.

The same old Leo
that you obviously still love.

Maybe then he'll realize what
a wonderful person he's married to.


Thanks again, Shelly.

Best of luck.

What's going on?

Smells like insurance money.

Shelly didn't dream this up herself.

So who do you think is
pulling the strings?


that's a damn good question.


...I know you're near.

I'm after you now.

- Mr. Horne?
- Tsk tsk. Gotta go, Jerry.

Mr. Horne, have you heard
anything from your daughter?

Not since I spoke to
Sheriff Truman yesterday.

She phoned me last night.

- From where?
- She didn't say.

She referenced seeing me
in my tuxedo.

Now, I was wearing a tux here
at the hotel the night that I was shot.

Well, like I told you,
Audrey's gone missing before

on a semi-regular basis.

So have two other
local girls recently.

Mr. Horne, speaking frankly,
is there trouble at home?

Mr. Cooper,

do I detect a note of something outside
the scope of professional concern?

Audrey and I have struck up
an acquaintance.


Agent Cooper.

Let me give you the best advice
that you're gonna get all week:

Men fall under the spell
of Audrey's charms

like ducks in a shooting gallery.

And if you don't want a
load of buckshot in your tail feathers,

may I suggest that you park your jalopy
outside of somebody else's window.

Mr. Horne, if I've overstepped my
bounds with my concern, I apologize.

I am here
with only the best intentions.

That is achingly clear.

And not unappreciated.

I'll put a lamp in the window,

you'll be my first call
when she comes home to roost.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

Welcome back.

Where am I?

I brought you something.

Open wide.

English caramels.

Sugar's what you need.

- Please...
- Go slow, baby.

Candy's dandy, huh?

Plenty more where that came from.

My name is Jean.

Sweet sleep.

Feel the warmth.

That's the man.

Oh, my God.

- You know him?
- FBI.

He's FBI. I saw him at the town
meeting after Laura died.

He was up here?

I want him.

Jean Renault. Emory,

say something weak and fawning.

Jacques was your brother?

And this is my sister. Nancy?

I also had a brother, Bernard.

This business cost me them both.

I told you we'd have help.

I'm your go-between.

The father pays me,
my cut is 30 percent.

The father never know
who snatch his baby.

And I get the man
who kill my brother.

What's his name?

- Cooper.
- Cooper.

And all you have to do
is bring him to me.

Mr. Horne can maybe do that.

But you're going to be a big help,
aren't you?

Whatever you want...
Want me to do.

The tape of the girl.
Get it now.

Yes, all right.

She goes back north,

- or this deal goes south.
- Jean, tell my sister to behave herself,

or you'll get mad.

She stays.

You get the money, I get Cooper.
Everybody happy.

Of course, we...

We can't let the girl live now,

can we?

No, no, no. Thanks, Pete.
I appreciate the call.


Time for a break.

Josie called Pete.
She'll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Great. Let's bring her in.

Coop, I need a favor.

I'd like to see her first.

Harry, we can't let personal feelings
interfere with our work.

Easier said than done.

Talk to her.
Bring her in.

You know there's a chance that
she's not involved with any of this.

Harry, you have my blessing.

Pearl Lakes. There's a vacant lot
next to the Palmer house.

Next to that there's a white house
all boarded up.

- Mailbox, no name on it.
- Title check?

County's working on it. Power and
Lights are searching their records.

- How soon before we know?
- Morning, earliest.

Hawk, you haven't seen Mr. Gerard,
have you?

- Shoe salesman?
- The one-armed man?

He came in to show me
some samples.

The one-armed man was here?

Yeah, he got faint
and had to go to the bathroom.

Never came back.

Harry, remember in my dream?
The one-armed man knew Bob.

What's going on?

"Without chemicals, he points."

The Giant's third clue.

Harry, we've got to find
the one-armed man.

Is that really necessary, doc?

It's for her own protection, Ed.

She ripped two pair
of leather restraints last night

like tissue paper.
I ran a blood test.

She's pumping out more adrenaline
than a wildcat well.

Never seen anything like it.

Now, your being here
may quiet her.

Talk to her. Maybe sing.
She got a favorite song?

Favorite song?

Beats a trip to Lourdes.


But if I'm gonna sing to her, doc,
I'd rather it was just the two of us.

I'll close the door behind me.


Doc says I should sing a song for you.

I'm sorry, honey.
I'm not sure what you'd like to hear.

On top of Old Smokey

All covered with snow

I lost my true lover

A-courtin' too slow

Courting's a pleasure

Parting's a grief

A false-hearted lover

Is worse than a thief

Good God.

You're a jack and I'm a jack
And Steeplejacks are we

And when we climb up to the top

The cry is victory!



Hi, Eddie.

Did you come by
to pick me up?


Doc Hayward says
tonsillitis or no tonsillitis,

I can go to cheerleading tryouts.

Cheerleader tryouts?

Well, I'm a senior, Eddie.

You know what they say. Heh.

You're only 18 once.

Dr. Jacoby?

Gents. Come on in.

This is my wife, Eolani.

She lives at our place in Hanalei.

We're... Well, we're practicing
a kind of creative kahuna healing.

- How do you do?
- Ma'am.

Are you ready to be hypnotized?

Oh. Yes, yes.
I've been under many times.

This is the autosuggestion program
that I use.

Eolani, start the tape, please.

Sheriff Truman.

Would you hold this stone, please,
at the end of the bed there?

Great. Just...

Yes. Whoa.

Okay, Agent Cooper.
I'm ready.

"You are standing on
a smooth, green carpet of grass.

The ball is 15 feet from the hole.

Beyond the green,
two pristine white sand traps

and a lily-filled pond yawn out
towards the emerald fairway.

The hole seems to slowly drift away
across the green

towards the pond,
carried by the summer wind.

The green grows larger and larger.

The green engulfs you,

enveloping you
in a soft blanket of peace.


You stroke the ball.

It drifts towards the hole
and gently drops in its center."

Can you hear me, Dr. Jacoby?


You're in your hospital room.
In the room is Jacques Renault.

Do you smell anything?
Burned engine oil?

I smell engine oil at the park.

Air is filled with it.

All right, we're going back to your room
at the hospital now.

Does anyone come into the room?


Doc Hayward.

You, Sheriff Truman.

What happens after we leave?

I dream I'm at Hanauma Bay.

I'm juggling coconuts at a luau.

The guests are all Nigerians.

All right.

Does anyone else come into the room,
later that night?

The sound of the tape ripping
wakes me up.

I see a pillow going over his face.

He's making this sound.

Almost like a dog barking.

Jacques stops moving.

I look up to see
who's holding the pillow.

Who is it?

Do you see who it is?

I know him.


This is from Harold Smith.

Sorry I haven't been out
to see you since the funeral,

but things have been
pretty strange.

So were you sleeping with
this guy Harold or what?

He seems pretty nice.

Kind of an oddball.

Although, I guess anyone
can start to seem like that

when you look close enough.

We need to talk.

Maybe you already know
about me and James.

But anyway, after you died,
we kind of got together.

This isn't something
I feel like I have to explain to you

because you probably knew
how we felt before we did.

How can you be so smart
about things like that...

...and so stupid
about so much else?

I'm mad at you.

When it was you and me
and James, it kind of worked.

Now you're gone.

I love James.

And it's a mess.

Your cousin Maddy's here,

and I think there's something going on
between the two of them.

And I'm afraid I'm gonna end up
losing both of you.

I wanted so much to be like you,

To have your strength
and your courage.

But look what it did.

Look what it did to you.

As much as I love you, Laura,

most of the time we were trying
to solve your problems.

And you know what?
We still are.

Not mine or James' or Maddy's.

You're dead, Laura, but your problems
keep hanging around.

It's almost like they didn't bury you
deep enough!


I'm looking for Donna.
I can't find her.

I just gotta talk to somebody.

What's wrong, James?

She came home.


My mom was all loaded.
She was all screwed up.

God, I hate her.

James, no.

God, you're on fire.

Hold me.

Oh, my God.




All I did was come to a funeral.

And it's like I fell into a dream.

It's like people think

I'm Laura.

And I'm not.

- I'm nothing like Laura.
- It's so hard, I know.

I know, sweetheart.
I know.

All I know is that Laura
was my cousin,

and I loved her and she died.

I don't know anything else.

You just want life to be the way
it was before.

- Yeah.
- So do I.

We all do.

And try as we might,
it just won't cooperate, will it?


Oh, baby.

If life could only be like
those summers up at...

...Pearl Lakes.


The door was open.


What is it?

Leland, you're under arrest
for the murder of Jacques Renault.

I'm sorry, I didn't know
where else to go.

What's wrong?

I don't even know if I want to
talk about it, I feel so stupid.

Slow down.

Sit down.

I keep telling myself
that he's confused,

but how much longer
am I supposed to think that?

- James Hurley?
- Yeah.

Just when I thought I had it
all figured out.

Why do I even care?
Why should I?

Well, you care
because you care for him.

- Don't you?
- I wish I didn't. I just want it to stop.

First, you have to stop.

Hey, what was it she
used to say?

"Donna Madonna,
there's always mañana."

How did you know that?

- I'll get you something to drink, okay?
- Okay.