Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 21 - Episode #2.21 - full transcript

Leo releases Major Briggs with a plea to save Shelly. Windom Earle finds out and retaliates by tying up Leo to a lethal device and leaves his cabin and Leo to an uncertain fate. The delusional and dehydrated Major Briggs is found by Deputy Hawk and returned to the police station where Briggs makes little sense about his captivity, but leaves clues to how to find the Black Lodge. Meanwhile, Ben continues to seek a path to goodness, while Audrey confides in him that her business trip to Seattle reveals the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan is supporting Catherine's development plans. Andrew and Pete manage to get the last silver box open to reveal a safety deposit key. Lana seduces Dick Tremayne to get him to vote for her in the beauty pageant while Mr. Pinkle rehearses dance moves with the other contestants. Nadine reveals to Dr. Jacoby that she wants to marry Mike Nelson as soon as Big Ed and Norma are married. Cooper and Truman discuss more about the power and significance of the Black Lodge as Andy finally discovers that the cave painting is a map to the lodge itself. Donna finally learns the secret between Ben Horne and her mother: Ben is actually her biological father. Lucy finally chooses Andy to be the father for her baby. Cooper and Annie finally consummate their relationship. The Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pagent gets underway as Windom Earle arrives at the event disguised as the Log Lady to abduct Annie.

- Save Shelly.
- Huh?

Save Shelly.

Why, who in the world
let Major Briggs loose, Leo?

It couldn't have been you, could it?

No, no. No punishment, Leo.

It's too late for that
to do us any harm.

And I have a new game for you.

Well, here's our contribution
to the Miss Twin Peaks gala buffet.


And I fully expect to see one of you
up there in the winner's circle.

- Dream on, Norma.
- Don't be so sure.

This is the biggest day of the year
for us.

And we have to have somebody
up there

who really deserves this title.

Especially this year.

You mean Laura Palmer?

It would be a good day for healing.

I think we need more than a day.

So, Norma, are they gonna
honor you tonight

on your 20th anniversary
of winning Miss Twin Peaks?

Don't remind me.

Come on,
if you entered today, you'd win.

Look at you,
you're already working on the judge.

Well, since you mentioned it...

Who are you gonna vote for?

Maybe you could split your vote.

- Hi, Daddy.
- Audrey.

The most intelligent face
that I've seen all day.

You make the rest of us
look like primates.

What's with all the books?

Ah, yes, the Koran,

the Bhagavad-Gita, the Talmud,

the Bible, Old and New Testaments,

the Tao Te Ching.

Audrey, I hold in my hands
those holy books

which constitute
the fundamental framework

of humanity's
philosophy of good.

Somewhere in here
are the answers that I seek.

And I intend to read them
from cover to cover, until I find...


Listen to me prattling on.

It's Jack, isn't it?

It's only been a day.

I hope it doesn't hurt this much
in a week.

Honey, may I give you
a piece of ageless wisdom

culled from these volumes?

Time heals all wounds.

I know how it feels.

Believe me.

We barely had time
to know each other.

But the time that you had
was highly concentrated.

It's the concentrate
they make concentrate from.

I'm afraid I'll never see him again.

Jack is a man of his word.

And if he said that he'd be back,
then he will be back.

I promise you.

Daddy, you can't promise me,
but thanks for wanting to.

I actually came here
to update you on my trip to Seattle.

Right. Update away.


The Packards are using
Twin Peaks Savings and Loan

to funnel cash
to the Ghostwood project.

But the bank is keeping
a very low profile.

It seems they don't want
any bad publicity.

Oh, they don't?

Well, bad publicity
is exactly what they're gonna get.

Audrey, have you given
any more thought

to, uh, the Miss Twin Peaks


From the bottom of my heart,

I don't wanna be
the town bathing beauty.

I understand.

But Miss Twin Peaks
is the ultimate local forum.


It would truly be inspirational

to have a winner
with a political sensibility

that extends
beyond makeup strategies

and, uh, recipes for cherry pie, huh?

Now, as you know,

each contestant gives a speech
to the, uh, assembled town.

This year's theme concerns
our immediate environment.

And what we must do to preserve it.

I know there's another way to do this,

Audrey, make the speech.

Help stop Ghostwood.

And take us to a better day.

Has he taken his eyes off it yet?

Not today.

And before you ask,

we still got people out
combing the woods for Major Briggs.

Harry, considering their mutual
connection to Project Blue Book,

I believe that Windom Earle
has targeted the major.

- What for?
- Interesting.

I don't know.

But with your permission,
I'd like to speak out loud.

Windom Earle has been
seeking access to the Black Lodge

as far back as 1965.

This chess game may involve

more pieces
than we've begun to imagine.

Then of course,
there's the mysterious circumstances

surrounding Josie's death
to consider.

What about them?
Consider them how?

When she died- I'm sorry
I didn't mention this before, Harry,

but I had to take into account
your mental state.

What is it?

She was trembling with fear.

I would go as far as to say
quaking like an animal.

I might venture a guess to say
that it was the fear that killed her.

At the moment of her death...

...I saw Bob.

As if he had slipped in
through some crevice in time.

Upon reflection, I believe
there's a connection

between his appearance
and Josie's fear.

As if he was attracted to it.

Feeding off it somehow.

You see a connection
between Bob and the Black Lodge?

I think it's where he comes from.

I think that the Black Lodge
is what you have referred to in the past

as "the evil in these woods."

If Windom Earle is seeking access
to that,

it is imperative that we find our way in
before he does.

There's a source of great power there,

Far beyond our ability
to comprehend.


Dale, I could kiss
your pointy little head.

Mwah. Ha, ha.

It's fear.

It's fear, Leo. That's the key.

My favorite emotional state.

And all this time,
it's been staring me right in the kisser.

Leo, it's marvelous, a perfect fit.

These night creatures that hover
on the edge of our nightmares

are drawn to us
when we radiate fear.

It's their bread and butter.

A perfect symbiosis.

Oh, nature,
perfect in design and aspects.

You do not disappoint!

Leo, look lively.

Victory is at hand.

We know where the entrance is.
We know when the lock appears.

Now we hold the key in our hands.

Forgive my hasty departure,
dear one.

The time has come
to gather my beloved queen

and embark
upon our dark honeymoon.

I haven't been this excited
since I punctured Caroline's aorta.

Leo, we must share
a final sentiment.

During our time together
in this verdant bower,

I must confess, I've developed
something of a fondness for you.

Sounding board, companion,

ever obedient and faithful.

An overall A for effort, Leo.

But I'm still a trifle miffed
at your release of Major Briggs.

But then, you'll have plenty of time
to reflect upon that, won't you?

Goodbye, Leo.

And good luck.

One and two and three, step four.

And one and two.
Let the mood carry you.

Don't be afraid of your vulnerability.
Show me more leg.

What kind of a dance
is this supposed to be, Mr. Pinkie?

It's a dance of nature, my friend.

It's a celebration.
All right, girls.

Now, turn around
and bend forward

like a sapling.
A sapling in the wind.

That's it. A little bit more, and hold it.

What exactly are we celebrating
with us all bending over like this?

Don't ever question the vision
of your choreographer!

You are but a petal on my rose.

Now, please, people.
On the count of one.

One and two and three and four.

And one and two

- and three and four...
- I love a chorus line. Ha, ha.

If we could just focus here
for a second.

I've gotta get back to the diner.

Now, what qualities do we think
best exemplify Miss Twin Peaks?

Um, beauty and power.

That's the way I like them.

Poise and, God help us,
a sophistication

and breeding.

Well, I think a major factor
should be originality.

Well, wouldn't that fall under talent?

It's always nice when it does. Ha, ha.

I've always been big on style.

I think this is enough
for me to work with,

so I'm gonna go back
and work up the scoresheets,

- and I'll see you tonight.
- Mm-hm.

- Terrific.
- Bye.

And three and four.

Okay, that's a break, team.

Hi, Dick. We're on break.

Hi, Lana.

Would you mind helping me
find something in the storage room?

- Storage room?
- Mm-hm.

We're missing
a very important prop.

Come on.

I'm having trouble.

Well, just flick it.

Now, what exactly
did you need to find?

- Lana?
- Oh, did I do that?

What are you looking for?

Well, now, I don't know
the exact technical name for it, but...

Does anything...
Does anything in here look like it?

Oh, I think this might be it.

Oh, by George, I think you've got it.

Diane, it's 1:17 p.m.
I have just concluded

my second meditation of the day
in lieu of sleep.

And I feel completely refreshed
and struck again by the realization

that all of us on this great big
planet Earth

live at only a fraction
of our potential.

We are working round the clock
on the cave petroglyph.

I am certain that the answers lie
in this mysterious etching.

I am also convinced
that Windom Earle

is searching for exactly
the same thing as we are

for diametrically opposite reasons.

If I'm correct in my assumptions
about the power of this unholy place,

God help us if he gets there first.

Diane, at this particular juncture,

I would like to make specific mention
of Annie Blackburn.

She is a completely original
human being.

Her responses,
as pure as those of a child.

I must be honest, I haven't felt this way
about a woman since Caroline.

It has taken meeting Annie
for me to realize

how gray my life has been
since Caroline's death.

How cold and solitary.

Although occasionally,

there is something to be said
for solitude.

Annie Blackburn,
you have almost perfect timing.

That's not
what our choreographer says.

What can I do for you?

Well, I need to, uh, give a speech
in six hours.

I haven't written a word,

and, uh, I don't have any idea
what I wanna say.

I'm in a complete
sweaty-palmed panic,

and I need to talk to someone,
namely you.

What's your topic?

What you can do
to save our local forests.

I just don't wanna stand up there
like some deranged Barbie doll,

saying things like,
"Make sure your campfires are out,

kind of like my brain."

- You're terrified of public speaking.
- Yes. Ha, ha.

All right, well...

...our forests need saving because
of the way people regard them.


If the Ghostwood development
cost thousands of lives,

do you think it would have
a chance of going forward?

Well, trees aren't the same
as people.

But they are alive.

Your forest is beautiful
and peaceful.

Part of it's been damaged.

I've tried to replant,
but nothing's taken root.

Every forest has its shadow.

I can see half my life's history
in your face,

and I'm not sure that I want to.

I don't wanna talk about trees

All I know is,
I wanna make love with you.

And this is me with last year's
regional champion from Yakima.

He was cute, but a little slow. Next.

Oh, and this is me
with Brock Farmington,

triple-A champion from Spokane.

Superior upper-body strength,

and quads like bridge supports.

I pinned him in a minute five.


Oh, this is me
with all the stuff I won.

That's nice.
Way to go.

Thank you, Nadine.

Well, ahem, now,

I suppose all of you are wondering
just why we've gathered here today.

See, I learned that, uh, when a couple
is contemplating div...

Uh, uh, uh, breaking up,

well, um, uh, sometimes it's easier
to talk about our feelings, uh,

when we're around other people.

So, uh, Nadine,
maybe you'd like to begin.


Um, well, I guess it all started

when I noticed Mike's buns
in the hall at school.

Yes, um,

well, how are you feeling now?

Well, a little guilty, I guess.

I mean, Mike and I are hot.

And Miss Twin Peaks is tonight,

and Mr. Pinkle thinks
I'm a show-business natural.

Well, I mean, because I'm so happy,

I worry about Ed being sad.

Ed, is there something
that you'd like to tell Nadine?


...Norma and I
plan on getting married.


Well, that's wonderful, Eddie,

because Mike and me
are getting married too.

Which way is the castle?

- I waited for you.
- Thanks, Harry.

Not that he's too talkative.

He checks out okay physically.
Doc ran some blood tests.

He's been shot full of haloperidol.



Did Windom Earle do this to you?


Odd name.

Judy Garland?

Was it Windom Earle?

It was God, I suppose.

Garland, where did he take you?

The woods?

Can you be more specific?

They were lovely.

Dark. The king of Romania
was unable to attend.

Harry, this is gonna take some time.

- How much time we got?
- Not enough.

Let's leave him here with us.
Maybe something will bubble up.

Harry, we're in trouble.

If the door to the Black Lodge
does exist,

it probably exists at a point in time.

Now, an object, such as a door,

normally exists at a point
in time and space.

By way of contrast,

a shooting star normally exists
at a point in time

over a continuum of space.

But taken from the star's point of view,
it's a completely different experience.

You just lost me.

If we're not at the right place
at exactly the right time,

we won't find our way in.


Could the Four-H Club
have anything to do with all of this?

Doubtful, Andy.

This has to be the last box.
Look at it.

I can't take any more of this.

Boxes inside boxes.

Whatever is in that
better be worth a fortune.

Maybe it's not a box at all.

Maybe it's just a block
of stainless steel.

- Eckhardt's last little joke.
- It'd be a good one.

Let's channel
some of that high wit into the job.


I can't believe a little crumb like that

can stand up to
this Cram Jack all-duty vise.

On three. One, two and three!

I'm sorry, Andrew.
That was my fault.

Dumb boxes!


Darn boxes.

Nice shooting, Andrew.

Look at that.

A key!

And where there's a key,
there's a lock.

It should be kept safe.

Yes, in plain sight.

You two don't trust each other?

Of course we do.

Like brother, like sister.

How about here?

In the cake saver.

In plain sight.

- So we have a key.
- Yes, we do.

You look truly beautiful.

Read us your speech.

I'd rather talk about the truth
right now.

What truth is that?

I know something's going on
with you and Benjamin Horne,

and I wanna know what it is.

don't talk to your mother like that.

You know, I'm really tired of you
talking to me like I'm a child.

I wanna know what's going on.

Donna, I understand your feeling.

But there are some things
you just have to trust.

You're young
and you don't know all the limitations.

I know the limitations of lying.

I know that you raised me
to tell the truth.

I expect the same from you.

If you're not gonna tell me
what I need to know,

I'll find out from Benjamin Horne.

- No.
- Then tell me.

All right, this is your choice,
not mine.



By heavens.

Andy, take a look at this.

What you mistook
for the Four-H Club,

the four and the H,
are actually astrological symbols.

- You mean, like planets?
- Why, yes, Andy.

They stand for Jupiter and Saturn.

Some of the others
represent planets as well,

but this particular part of the puzzle
pertains to a precise planetary position.

- Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction.
- What's that supposed to mean?

Well, historically, Harry,
when Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct,

there are enormous shifts
in power and fortune.

Jupiter being expansive
in its influence,

Saturn, contractive.

Conjunction suggests a state
of intensification, concentration.

What this indicates to me
is the potential for explosive change,

- good and bad.
- So when's the next conjunction?

Well, now, let's see.

According to the ephemeris...

...the next conjunction is due
January to June.

My God, Harry.

The door to the lodge.

That's when it's open.
That's what the puzzle is telling us.

It's telling us
when it's gonna be open.

Protect the queen.

If it's telling us when,
then it must also tell us where.

Fear and love open the doors.

What's he saying?

He said,
"Fear and love open the doors."

Two doors, two lodges.

Fear opens one, the black.

- Love, the other.
- What's that mean?

I don't know exactly.
It just came to me.

How does the queen...

- Of course, the queen.
- Of Romania?

No. The chess game's final piece.
Harry, follow my logic.

- If Windom Earle takes the queen...
- Game's not over till he takes the king.

That depends. Maybe he takes her
to the doorway when it opens.

- Which queen?
- Agent Cooper.

Just a minute, Andy.

The queen. The queen.
The crown. The queen.

- Harry, the queen.
- Agent Cooper?

Andy, please.

Harry, Miss Twin Peaks.

- Holy smokes, that's it.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Agent Cooper, please.


Coop, the plant's been bugged.

This bonsai isn't from Josie, Harry.

This bonsai's from Windom Earle.

He's way ahead of us,

and we've been working for him
from the beginning.

- What time does that contest start?
- Any minute.

Let's go.

Agent Cooper. Agent Cooper!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

I hope you've had a good weekend.

And welcome
to the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant,

in which one of these lovely
and talented young citizens

will soon be crowned
Miss Twin Peaks.

And now, commencing
our talent section of the show,

Lucy Moran.

Come on.

Small town, man.

So, what,
did you bring your whole family?

We're pulling in deputies from all over
to surround the place.

They should be here any time.

Harry, it is essential whoever wins
this contest receive 24-hour guard,

house security, I want the works.

As soon as she's announced.

Our next entry
is Lana Budding-Milford,

who will perform a dance of, uh...

...contortionistic jazz exotica.

- Lana?
- Agent Coop...

There, my friend, is a real artist.

There is only one way to save a forest,
an idea, or anything of value.

And that is by refusing to stand by
and watch it die.

There is a law of nature,
which is more fundamental to life

than the laws of man.

And when something you care about
is in danger,

you must fight to save it

or lose it forever.

Thank you.

Thank you, Audrey Horne.

Now a brief musical interlude.

Thanks, Daddy.

I'm gonna go out there.

I wanna know what's going on
with you and my mother.



I, uh, think the wisest course
would be,

first of all, just to get together
and talk about this.

I don't think so.

Donna, I really don't think
this is the time or the place.

Old pictures,
Horne bearer bonds in the attic,

love letters to my mom.

I want to tell the truth.
I want to do the right thing.

A birth certificate
with no father's name on it.

What the hell's going on here,
Mr. Horne?

Why won't anyone tell me the truth?


Your mother and I...

You're my father?


And to illustrate my point,

I'd like to quote these words
from Chief Seattle,

leader of the Suquamish tribe:

"Your dead are soon forgotten
and never return.

Our dead never forget the beautiful
world that gave them being.

They still love its verdant valleys,

its murmuring rivers,
its majestic mountains.

When the last red man has vanished
from this earth,

these forests and shores
will still hold their spirits."

For the Indians love the earth

as a newborn loves
its mother's heartbeat.

Why have we all lost touch
with this beauty?

Maybe saving a forest starts
with preserving some of the feelings

that die inside us every day.

Those parts of ourselves
that we deny.

For if we cannot respect
that interior land,

then neither can we respect
the land we walk.

So let us, in walking gently
upon the earth,

leave behind a simple legacy.

That we're new warriors,

mystic warriors who love the earth

and tried to save it.

Thank you very much.

Thanks to all our contestants.

Balloting will now commence,
and we will then announce our winner.

Have you both forgotten
what day this is?

Miss Twin Peaks Day?

Today is the day
my unborn child receives a dad.

It was right on the tip of my tongue.

I have decided

that regardless of which individual
is biologically responsible,

that I want Andy to be the father
of my child.


I'm sorry, Dick, but I just have to do
what's best for little what's-his-name.

Oh, no, not at all. A sound choice.

Heartiest congratulations,
dearest Andrew.

Now, if you'll both excuse me,
I do have a vote to cast myself.

Here's to the children. Ha, ha.

Don't sound so disappointed.

My God, Lucy.

I'm so honored
you made this decision.

And I promise I'll be a great father.

But right now

I've got to find Agent Cooper.


It is time
to make the announcement.

The winner of the contest

and our new Miss Twin Peaks is...

...Annie Blackburn.

Ladies and gentlemen,
your new Miss Twin Peaks!

This is an outrage.

She's been living in this town
about 15 minutes.

And what the hell got into you?

She gave a beautiful speech.

Inherent in her message were words

even the most craven of us
can ill afford to ignore.

What's happening?

Everybody, please,
please, stay calm.

Good Lord.

This way.

Settle down. Everybody
settle down. Don't panic! This way.

- I will help you.
- Aah!




- Harry.
- What?

- He took Annie.
- What?

He got Annie.

Bastard. He won't get half a mile
from here. We'll get him.

Agent Cooper,
I've been looking all over for you.

Andy, they're gonna need you

This is important.

That cave painting in the office,
I finally figured it out.

- What?
- I knew I'd seen it someplace before.

I know where it's telling us to go.

It's not a puzzle at all.

It's a map.