Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 20 - Episode #2.20 - full transcript

Cooper and Truman try to figure out Windom Earle's next move following the discovery of the heavy metal youth's body in a large chess pawn. Meanwhile, Wheeler searches for Audrey before he has to leave town for Brazil, while Audrey tries to do the same and asks Pete for help who's still mourning the loss of Josie. Catherine shows Andrew Packard the puzzle box, who manages to get it open to reveal a small silver box. Lucy also decides to enter the Miss Twin Peaks Beauty Pagent tells Andy that she will choose who the father of her unborn baby will be. Cooper also contacts Donna, Shelly, and Audrey where he confides about Windom Earle and warns them to be careful. But incredibly, the lovesick Cooper does not think about warning Annie who also decides to enter the Twin Peaks beauty pageant. Lana continues her plans to fix the beauty pageant in her favor. Also, Major Briggs is abducted by Earle and Leo where they interrogate him for information to what the Owl Cave markings mean, and learn that they are a actual map to the Black Lodge.

Hold it. Watch it, watch it.

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

- Got it. Got it.
- Thank you.

On your shoulder,
put it on your shoulder.

- Watch the step.
- Watch the step.

Easy, easy.

If you need some help
down there, say something.

- Watch it.
- Keep it coming.

- Don't go too fast.
- Easy.

Whoa, whoa. whoa.

That's it, come on.

You hit me in the foot.

Watch the car.

- The car's right here.
- That's it.

Watch where you step.

Oh, man.


What was Rusty's last name?


He got me in with the band.
I'm a roadie.

What were you doing
in Twin Peaks?

We were supposed to play a gig
in Knife River,

but a tire on the van crapped out.

Then you met someone.

Yeah, this guy...
This guy came out of the woods,

like Bigfoot or something,

and he was wearing a weird suit.

And we talked to him for a while

and he said he had some brew,
you know, would we like some?

So Rusty went with him.

I didn't see him after that.

We'll need to get in touch
with Rusty's parents.

Heh. He hated his parents.

He's staying with his uncle
in Moses Lake until we were gonna...

We were gonna move.

We were gonna move to L.A.


Ow, my foot! Watch it.

He's taken another pawn, Harry,

but he didn't tell us his move.

Windom Earle's
playing off the board.

- Morning, Lucy.
- Morning, Sheriff Truman.

- Morning, Lucy.
- Agent Cooper.

Deputy Hawk is in your office,

He's with somebody
I've never seen before,

but he looks really sad,
so Hawk is feeding him breakfast.


Yes, Lucy?

What do you know
about saving our planet?

I know it's in a lot of trouble.

Andy, I'm taking fate
into my own hands.

Mostly because the suspense
is too much for me.

Tomorrow is D-day. Dad Day.

In 24 hours,
I will choose the father of my child.

Deputy Andy Brennan

or clothing salesman
Richard Tremayne.

What does that have to do
with the Miss Twin Peaks contest?

I... I mean, we could use
the money.

We could also use a father.

So I have to make a speech
about saving our planet,

which is a great concept,

but I have no idea
how to go about it.


I do know that people have got to stop
sinking their beer cans in Pearl Lake

when they're fishing.

Oh. Beer cans.

And, um, Styrofoam never dies
for as long as you live.

It doesn't?

- Randy, has Audrey returned?
- No, sir.

- No messages from her?
- No, sir.

Would you send someone up
for my bags, please?


The insurance companies
send me so many forms

that I could get a heart attack
just lifting them.

You're fine.

It's what's in your heart
you should be worried about.

I know that I have given you
reason to doubt me.

But I am only interested in doing
the right thing for everybody.

Then stay away from Eileen.

I can't.

Not as long as the lie survives.

Damn it, Ben. It's not that simple.

I believe you.

I applaud your desire
to do the right thing.

But goodness in you is...
It's like a time bomb.

There's nothing good
about ruined lives.

It is a confusing
and difficult process.

But I must continue.

Sorry, Will.

Ah. Excuse me. Mm.

- Jack, come on in.
- Hi.

You know Will Hayward?

Yes, hello. I've met your daughter.
She's a lovely girl.

I should be getting back
to my office.

Nice to see you again, John.

Ben, be careful, please.

I've been looking for Audrey.

Oh. She should be back any minute.

Ben, I gotta go.

They're gassing up the jet
as we speak.

Well, you can call her
when you get to wherever it is

you are in such a hurry to get to.

A friend of mine...

He was more than a friend. He was
a partner... he's been murdered.

Female child.

Mother, Eileen Hayward.

Daughter, Donna Marie.


Donna? Donna, where are you?

What is it, Mom?

Deputy Hawk is on the phone.

I'll be right there.

He says it's important.

- Ms. Horne, I have several messages.
- Great.

I'll take that for you.

Okay. Thanks.


Agent Cooper would like to see you
at the sheriff's station.

Oh, well, I have a lot of work to do.
Maybe this afternoon.

Now. It's important.


But what about Stop Ghostwood?

How am I supposed
to get ahold of you?

I need more time.

A brave man is dead.

He's my friend,
and I have to take his place.

You aren't coming back, are you?

Damn this rainforest business

You can handle this without me.

I don't know.
I'm afraid that I'm weak.

Ben Horne, weak?
I find that hard to believe.

Strive for goodness, huh?

Tell the hardest truth first.

Just do the best you can.

That's all you really can do.


Well, I'm sorry
that Audrey wasn't here.

I want you to give her
something for me.

Tell her I...

Just give it to her, will you?

Good luck.

See if any
of these symbols have to do

with harvest schedules
or ancient calendars.

Look for any curious nomenclature.

Got it, chief.

Good work, Cappy.

- Major. How goes the battle?
- Harry.

- Agent Cooper.
- Major, you look bushed.

Well, I spent the night obtaining and
perusing the Project Blue Book files

regarding Windom Earle.

I found it impossible to sleep after.

What have you gleaned?

Earle was the best
and brightest among us.

But when our attention
turned from outer space

to the wooded areas
surrounding Twin Peaks,

he became destructively obsessive.

Earle acted in an overzealous
and secretive manner.

Possessive of his assignments,
finally violent.

He was removed from the project.

I found this in the project archives.

These... These evil sorcerers,
dugpas, they're called,

they cultivate evil for the sake of evil,
nothing else.

They express themselves
in darkness for darkness

without leavening motive. Uh...

Now, this... This ardent purity
allows them to access a secret place

where the cultivation of evil proceeds
in exponential fashion,

and with it, the furtherance
of evil's resulting power.

This place of power is tangible,
and as such, it can be found, entered

and perhaps utilized
in some fashion.

The dugpas have many names
for it,

but chief among them, ahem, is the...
Is the Black Lodge.

You don't believe me, do you?
You think I'm mad.


Go away.

Gentlemen, when Windom Earle
arrived in Twin Peaks,

I assumed
he had come for vengeance.

For me.

But I miscalculated.

He has insinuated himself
into the lives of people I care for.

He has murdered innocents.

He has engaged us in subterfuge
and red herring.

A fish I don't particularly care for.

But all of these acts
are merely camouflage.

He's been after something else
all along:

the Black Lodge.

Fellas, we need to find out what this,
the Black Lodge, has to do with that.

Do you really believe
there's a connection?

Windom Earle does, Harry.

All right. Harry, we're gonna go
through these files from top to bottom.

Cappy, I want you to dig up
everything you can about the dugpas.

I think you'd better hit the sack.

I could use a good stretch.

Perhaps a walk in the woods
to clear my mind.

Good idea.
Don't forget the bread crumbs.


Harry, let's do it.

You know, Leo, the only thing
that Columbus discovered

was that he was lost.

Cooper and the gang
haven't even left the snide yet.

I know something they don't know.

I know something
young Dale merely suspects.

Project Blue Book.

Little men,
pewits loaded with optimism. Heh.

They were a deterrent so slight
it was practically encouragement.

Yet I would like to ask Major Briggs
a question or three.

Polish up that bald nub of his
and see what shines.

Perhaps, Leo, we too
should venture out for a good stretch.

Wouldn't it be fun to have
a Project Blue Book reunion?

Wine, cheese, talk about old times,

trade hilarious anecdotes
of the good old days.

I wonder what amongst my detritus
I can use to spice up Briggs' life.

Leo, stop dawdling.

If you were outside,
you'd have trouble with pigeons.

"And that's the only way
we're ever going to save the trees.

It's time to stand up and kick some butt
for our environment.

Before it's too late for all of us."

It's beautiful, letter-perfect.

I don't know about
the "kick butt" part.

How about, um, "fight"?

It's time to stand up
and fight for our environment.

Much better.

Shelly, I've been thinking.

Oh, Bobby, I know, I know, I know.

- The speech counts double...
- Forget about the contest.

I've been thinking about us.

You have?

I know that I have not been paying
the right kind of attention to you lately.

I got busy with Mr. Horne.

I started wearing suits, okay,
and suddenly I'm walking around

like I'm more important
than everybody else.

You were pretty crummy.

Bobby, I've missed you.

I've missed all the things
we used to do together.

When I saw you kissing that guy,
whew, something snapped.

It was like my brain rolled over,

and I could see all the stuff
that was special to me.

All the stuff that matters.

I love you, Shelly.

And I wanna spend my time
with that.

I mean, you know,
if that's okay with you,

I'd like to do that, you know...

Bobby, what do you think?


Lucky me.

Shelly, telephone.

Agent Cooper's on the line.
He needs to talk to you.

Now, Shelly. He says it's important.

- I've got great news.
- What?

It's going to be Norma Jennings
and Richard Tremayne.

Tremayne is the third judge.
It's in the bag.

Well, now, I have to be sure.

Baby, I have to be sure
I'm gonna win.

Oh, my God, this guy's British
or Bahamian or something.

He's bound to fall for your charms.

We'll find some way
to get you two together, alone.

And then
you put on a dress with a slit.

Oh, the slit cut halfway
up to Seattle.

And then nestle in real close to him,

and when he gets a look
at those gams

and smells that French perfume
dripping off you and then

becomes lost
in those brown eyes, oh...

Mm, mm, mm.

Oh, stop it. Stop it.

Stop it, you vixen, you.

I can't stand it anymore.

Why can't we just elope and?

- No. Now, not until I've won, darling.
- Oh.

Then, and only then,
I will marry you.


Oh, you're so strict, darling.

And I am the blasted mayor.

Oh, now, baby, come here.

It's okay. Shh, shh, shh.

It's okay.

Each of you received
a piece of this poem.

Each in a curious manner,
along with this invitation.

We all went to the Roadhouse.
Nobody showed up.

Have any of you had
contact recently with a stranger?

Someone who struck you as peculiar,
personable or just plain puzzling?

Well, there was this strange guy who
said he was a friend of my father's.

Same day I got the poem,
I got a $10 tip for a cup of coffee.

That's unusual.

You know, there was a funny old guy
at the library.

He asked me
to read the poem to him.

All three.

Shelly, take a closer look.

Does this handwriting
look familiar to you?

It's Leo's.

Listen carefully.

I want each of you to check in
with the sheriff twice a day.

Nine o'clock in the morning,
9:00 at night.

I want your parents
to know your whereabouts at all times.

You walk to school,
you drive to work,

make sure
that you do not do so alone.

Please believe me
when I tell you to be very careful.

You're in danger.

We all are.

Heh. You would've
appreciated the dugpas, Leo.

Ancient sorcerers bent on evil.

Rather like the Kali worshippers
in India.

Another fine bunch of zanies,
I can tell you.

Blood for breakfast, blood for lunch.

Those were the good old days.

- Shelly.
- Very good, Leo, you remember.

Tawdry little trollop.


Just between you and me, old boy,

your wife has some
fairly modern views on marital fidelity.

But no matter.

She is still fit for a queen.

Would you mourn her passing, Leo?
I doubt it.

Her death, Leo.

Shelly's imminent demise.

It's very simple, really.

Shelly wins Miss Twin Peaks,
Shelly dies.

Maybe you'd like to help.

Shelly. No.

Good God, what have you got there?

No, Leo, I'm begging you.

- I prithee. Have mercy, Leo.
- Love Shelly.

Poor Leo. Ha-ha-ha.

We are all love's fools, more or less.

But you will learn, as I have,

the value of hate.


- Hi, Daddy.
- Oh, Audrey.

- Welcome home, honey.
- Thanks.


I got back this morning but
Agent Cooper needed to see me, so...

Something's wrong?

- Some creep sent me a poem.
- Oh.

Um, I tried to call Jack's room,
but he wasn't there.

- Do you know where he is?
- Audrey, while you were gone,

- I had the most incredible brainstorm.
- What?

The Stop Ghostwood movement
needs a spokesperson.

Someone with a highly visible profile

to be able to inspire
our community to action. Huh?

Daddy, where's Jack?

You can do it, Audrey.

As Miss Twin Peaks,

you could be that spokesperson and
you could use your public platform...

- Heh. No, Dad.
- a forum for environmental debate.

Audrey, listen, you can do it.

Only you can take our message
to the people.

where is John Justice Wheeler?

- He's gone.
- Where did he go?

Some tragedy in Brazil
demanded his immediate attention.

He left a letter for you.
I have it here.


- When did he leave?
- A few minutes ago, the airport.

what about Miss Twin Peaks?

I'll talk with you about this later,
okay? I promise.

Audrey. Audrey. Audrey?

Josie, I see your face.

- Randy.
- Yes.

Oh, forget it. You.

Do you have a car?

A truck. Runs like a dream.

Great, let's go.

Wait. Oh, I'm sorry.

Come on. Come on.

Well, the symbols suggest a time.

Seems clear.

- A time for what?
- I don't know.

At first I thought it was a signpost.
Perhaps it's an invitation.

Or both.


Where's the major?

He should be here by now.

Andy, give Mrs. Briggs a call,
see if the major's home yet.

What is it, Coop?

Oh, just thinking
about Annie Blackburn.

Well, bless your heart.
I've never known your mind to wander.

Oh, Harry,
I've been feeling this way all day.

You know, I proceed as usual,
my mind clear and focused,

and suddenly, out of nowhere,
I see her face and I hear her voice.

Naturally, I try to reorient myself,
come back to the task at hand,

but the image remains.

Sometimes I actually feel dizzy.

A man in love
is supposed to feel that way.

Well, my symptoms suggest
the onset of malaria.

But I've never felt better in my life.

I'm sorry, Harry, that sounds foolish.

No, no, man, it sounds lucky.


Home, home on the range

Where the deer
And the antelope play

Where seldom is heard
A discouraging word

Hello, Wilbur.

And the skies are not cloudy all day

Long time no see, Briggsy.


It looks like
you've finally found your calling.

Couldn't hurt to give it a shot.

Maybe next year.

Annie, there's a whole world out there.
Jump in.

"Hear the other side.
See the other side."

St. Augustine.

- Coffee?
- You bet.

- Something's troubling you.
- Yes.

Would you like to talk about it?

Annie, I'm involved
in a fairly complicated investigation

requiring my complete attention.

Yet I spend most of my time
thinking of you.

I know the feeling.

I've been seeing your face
in fried eggs all this morning.

You know, there are those who believe
in a scientific basis for attraction.

It's chemical.

Is that what it is?

I don't know.

Hard to comprehend
without perspective.


I spent five years
trying to comprehend it, heh.


It's hard for me.

But I have faith in you,
in us, because I understand it.

We're very much alike.

It helps.

We think too much.

"What we observe
is not nature itself,

but nature exposed
to our method of questioning."


Maybe we should go bowling.

How about dancing?

I don't know how.

I'll teach you. It's easy.

- When?
- Tonight.

There he is. Step on it.

Jack! Jack, stop!

I guess a simple goodbye
was out of the question.

I love you.

I love you too.

- Do you have to leave?
- Yes.

When will you be back?

I don't know.

I'm a virgin.


I want you to make love with me.

What? Here and now?

It's your jet.

Thank God for that.

When did you first see
the symbol in Owl Cave?

I'm not at liberty
to divulge that information.


Cheater. Ha, ha.

What does the cave painting mean?

I'm not at liberty
to divulge that information.

Damn, but I love the military mind.

What is the capital of North Carolina?


Fat lot of good that will do me.

Major, I admire your fortitude.

Had I the time and patience,

we might continue this game


I have neither.


Your name, please?

Garland Briggs.

Garland, what do you fear most
in the world?

The possibility
that love is not enough.

Oh, Garland, please, I shall weep.

How much does your wife weigh?

One hundred and fifteen pounds.

Oh, good for her.

Now, when did you first see
the petroglyph in Owl Cave?

In... In dreams.

What kind of dreams?

I was night fishing
with Agent Cooper.

There was a light,
guardian beyond it.

I was taken, but my mind...

Still I recognized the signs.

What do the signs mean?

There's a time,
if Jupiter and Saturn meet,

they will receive you.

Garland, Garland.

Garland, Garland, I was hoping
for a lengthy conversation.

Leo, put the major to bed.

I'm afraid his mind
has begun to wander.

There's a time,
if Jupiter and Saturn meet.

His woman servant, Jones,

delivered this to me
shortly after he died.

Eckhardt's last bequest.

A clever jape, perhaps,
or something of value.

Try this.

No, you see, there's a secret
to opening each of these boxes.

And this one
is about to drive me mad.

Oh, Andrew,
tell me something good.

Our foreign investors are chomping
at the bit from Paris to Beijing.

You're going to get your golf course.

Right next to
The Great Northern Hotel.

And Benjamin is doing everything
he can to stop us.

Well, it's too late. When the project
was still in his possession,

Ben cleared every possible hurdle:

the zoning, the impact statements.

He was and is
his own worst enemy.

As always. What are you doing?

Nothing, Catherine, I'm just
trying a few simple combinations.

- Let me, let me.
- No, Catherine.

Eckhardt's birthday.

My birthday.

The day the gift arrived.

- Ah! Ha, ha. Ah.
- Give it to me.

- Oh, what a bore.
- I opened it.




I'm not completely prepared for this.

Just think of it as a walking embrace,
all right?

Two people stepping
as one would step.

- So far, so good.
- Now, just follow me.

- We'll follow each other.
- Mm-hm.

- Good.
- Mm-hm.

It's genetic memory.

Mom and Dad danced the lindy.

You've got it.

Your body feels nice against mine.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Listen, if I'm being too forward...

- I want more than your kisses.
- For instance?

- I want...
- This thing on?

Welcome to this final night
of festivities

celebrating the Miss Twin Peaks...

As some of you...
Damnation, is this damn thing on?

What I mean is
I understand why you hesitate,

why you treat me with care.

The convent evokes the image
of helpless women,

fearful of the thought of any emotion

other than those derived
from scripture and prayer.

But when you hold me,

when we kiss,

I feel safe and eager.

I'm not afraid

of anything
that you make me feel or want.

Is this on? Huh? Is this on?

I'm beginning to tire
of his interruptions.

- Welcome to...
- I don't know. I think he's cute.

...this final night of festivities...
- You do?

I think that maybe I will enter after all.

- The Miss Twin Peaks contest?
- Why not?

"Hear the other side.
See the other side."

There's worse places to start
than Miss Twin Peaks.

It's like a fairy tale.

And you're the queen.



What a gyp.

Finally meet the man of my dreams,

next thing I know,
he's on a plane to Brazil.

He'll be back one day.

- He promised.
- Yeah.

Well, he also promised
to take me fishing, and we never did.

Love stinks.

- Fishing?
- Yeah.

Pearl Lake or something.

I have some tackle in the truck.

You do?

Audrey, there are many cures
for a broken heart,

but nothing quite like
a trout's leap in the moonlight.

May I?

You may.

Jupiter and Saturn meet

Oh, what a crop of mummy wheat

The planets our babbling major
spoke of are more than distant orbs.

They are, in fact, a clock.

A clock that tells the time.

And the time...

Time draws nearer
with each ticking tock.

Dale wasn't far wrong. The cave
painting is an invitation of sorts,

telling us when the revels begin.

But what Dale doesn't know
is where to find it.

For, you see, the cave painting
is not only an invitation,

it is also a map.

A map to the Black Lodge!

There's something wrong.

This isn't right.
There's something wrong here.