Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 2, Episode 13 - Episode #2.13 - full transcript

Following Major Briggs mysterious reappearance, Cooper and Truman are frustrated as they question him to learn his whereabouts during his absence. At the same time, Cooper assists Bryson and Truman with setting up Ernie Niles to arrest Jean Renault and Mountie King at the Dead Dog Farm house. But the sting goes bad due to Niles' nervousness in which a standoff ensues. Cooper then trades himself for Bryson and Niles and is held at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Hank finally discovers the romantic relationship between Norma and Big Ed, in which he attempts to beat up Ed, but gets attacked and pulverized by the super-strong Nadine. At the Great Northern Hotel, Audrey sees Ben slipping further into insanity by reenacting the Civil War in his office and thinking that he's General Robert E. Lee. Audrey asks Bobby for help with her father's condition. Mike Nelson continues being persuaded by Nadine. Dick Tremayne persuades Andy to help him look up the past of Little Nicky. At the Marsh estate, James continues romancing Evelyn under her husband's nose. Also, Bobby has another argument with Shelly about taking care of the catatonic Leo, who does not remain that for long.

Ripped By mstoll

I remember stepping from the flames,
a vague shape in the dark,

then nothing.

Until I found myself standing
by the cold remains of our campfire

two days later.

HAYWARD: Major, there are
some new techniques

that might help us break through
your amnesia.

My memories are immune
from regression.

I can feel them, they are palpable,
the smells and the sensation.

Everything is known to me,
yet somehow beyond my reach.

Do you remember anything else?

Very little.

Save for one disturbing image
of a giant owl.

- Pervasive.
COOPER: A giant owl?


A giant owl? How big?

Enough to cloud my mind
and memory.

Three triangular scars behind
the right ear in perfect proportion.

Major Briggs,

exactly what does
your work involve?

That information's,

as I've repeated endlessly
to myself,


Though the keeping of secrets
seems less meaningful to me now.

Perhaps there are sources
of information that are so important

as to transcend the human need
to conspire.

Information of such weight,
that pertains not...

Oh, God.

Is this meant for the soul?

My Soul?

COOPER: Major, perhaps you'd better
start back at the beginning.

Are you familiar
with Project Blue Book?

Yes, sir, lam.

The Air Force investigation
into the phenomena

of unidentified flying objects.

Officially disbanded in 1969.

But there are those of us

who continue,
in an unofficial capacity,

examining the heavens as before.

In the case of Twin Peaks,
the earth below,

We are searching for a place
called the White Lodge.


- Major Briggs?
- I've been expecting you.

- Hold on just a minute, fellows.
- Colonel Riley's orders.

I don't care what orders you've got.

This is my station and Major Briggs
happens to be a friend of--


I'm afraid we will have to continue
this discussion at a later date.

Are you sure
you wanna go with them?


- Goodbye.
- Major,

Oh, go ahead, Ernie, it won't bite.

A lot you know, pal.

These men are dangerous thugs,

not that I haven't met
plenty of their kind before.

Jean Renault is a hard man,

but I've known men
that would make him quiver.

Ernie, come on.

Make the call.

Well, have we set the buy yet?

Trying to.
Ernie's a wee bit gun-shy.


Ernie Niles is as bold as can be.
Let me at him.


Please, don't make me do this.

This is suicide, I know.
Please, I'm begging you, please.

For everybody's sake, please.

Ernie, Ernie, Ernie.


May I speak to Jean Renault,

Hi, Jean. Yeah, I've got
that big out-of-town buy here.


Hi, Lucy.


Where have you been, Andrew?

There was a cat in a tree.

A peace officer's work
is never done.

But fortunately for us, my efforts
have borne more palatable fruit.

I paid the Happy Helping Hand
adoption agency a visit,

where several blue-haired ladies
were only too happy to sup

from my open palm.

little Nicky's records have been sealed

and returned to the orphanage.

We'll never know what really happened
to little Nicky's parents.

Courage, Andrew.
Do not despair, dear boy.

Next stop,
that selfsame orphanage.

And little Nicky's records within.

ANDY: Maybe we should tell Lucy.
DICK: Absolutely not.

This, dear boy,
is strictly a man's job.

Follow me.

- Lucy.
- Hi.

Any luck?

I checked the personals columns
in every national newspaper on the list,

and I didn't see anything
that looked like a chess deal

or find any mention
of the name Windom Earle.

I'm sorry.

Ifs okay.

More coffee?

You bet.

Is everything all right, Ed?

Couldn't be better.

This is for you.

Bye for now.


Come on, Leo.

That's a good Leo.


Each day brings a new beginning.

And every hour, the promise of...

It was your turn to feed him, Bobby!

I got practice.

Football season is over.

Our national pastime?

Fine, You can clean
when you get back.

I ain't coming back.


You're looking
at Ben Home's brand-new boy.

Do the words "golden opportunity"
mean anything to you?

This is my big break, Shelly.

You don't think
I have anything better to do

than give Leo Johnson
a bubble bath?

And what about me, Bobby?

Do I not have anything better to do?

Not that I can think of.






Big Ed's Gas Farm.

JAMES: Uncle Ed?
ED: James?

JAMES: Yeah, it's me.
- Where are you? Are you all right?

Oh, I'm okay.

Uh, look, I need a favor.

Um, I need you to get all the money
out of my savings account.

That's only $12, James.

Well, whatever's left.

And send it care of me to Wallies.
It's this bar out on 96.

Are you in trouble?

Um, no, I really can't talk about it.

- James--
- Listen, I really can't talk right now.

- Okay.
- We'll talk about it soon.

- Take care.
- Yeah.

- Call soon.
- Okay , bye.

- Long-distance?
- Twin Peaks.

Are you homesick, James?

No, Heh.

Tell me about Twin Peaks.

There's nothing to say.

You could start with why you left.

It was a woman, as I recall.

No, you said it was a few of them.

I loved a girl who died.

Her name was Laura.

And I thought I knew her,
but I didn't.

I guess nobody did.

I'm sorry.

My life used to make sense,
you know?

I didn't like it all the time,
but it was mine.

And I fell like it belonged to me.

And then Laura died.

And now I belong to something else.

To Laura.

And no matter what I did,

or how much I tried to help...

...another girl got murdered.

I just wanted to get on my bike
and ride away.

Take off, just go as far from
Twin Peaks as the thing will take me.

I know the feeling, James.

I know the feeling.

Why do you let him hurt you?


Jeffrey's leaving.

I need you. Will you help me?

MAN [OUTSIDE]: Mr. Marsh.
- What do you mean?

- I need your help.
MAN 1: I'll put the bags in for you.

MAN 2:
Very good, sir.

- Good morning, Mike Nelson.
- Oh, Lord.

You wanna share a soda?

How about a nice big piece
of cherry pie? Two forks.

Mrs. Hurley, Nadine,
I want my own piece of cherry pie.

In fact, I want two pieces
of cherry pie, by myself.

Okay. Meat loaf.

No. Cherry pie and coffee.
In fact, I want 16 cups of coffee.

I don't wanna talk with you,
walk with you.

I don't wanna see you,
I don't wanna know you.

Is that clear enough to understand?

Or do I need a court order
to get my point across?

Mike Nelson,

you are the handsomest boy
I've ever known.

And I would really like it

if you and I could go out on a date.

I'm sorry.

Sometimes I can't help myself.


Hey, Norma. Where are you going?

Oh, I have to run some errands.

It's a little early for errands, isn't it?

We've still got most
of the breakfast crowd.

Just you and a kitchen full
of scrambled eggs.

I'll be right back.

Just think of it as a test, Hank.

I'll do that.


I thought you were moving
into my place.

- I'm sorry.
- What happened?

What the hell are you doing here?

- This is my home.
- Home?

After everything Catherine
has done to you?

I have no choice.



- Oh, go home.
- Josie, let me take care of you.

- No.
- Please.

Listen, I'm safe here.
And when I'm here,

- you're safe too.
- No.


Look at me.

I'm Catherine's maid.

I'm no good for you.

You are good for me.

I love you.

I want you.



What's wrong?

Yes, sir, general.

I want you to lead the charge
on Little Round Top.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir!

And where is General Stuart?
And his cavalry?

He's a-coming, sir.
Damn his eyes.

- He's coming, sir. I know it!
- Daddy.

- He's coming. He had better be.
- Daddy.

For all our sakes.

Because the enemy,
we meet the enemy here.

We meet him before morning.

- We meet him here.
- Daddy.

Yes, darling?

What are you doing?

There's a war going on, darling.

A war?

A war between the states.

Daddy, I think you need some help.

No, no, I'm all right, darling.

I just need a little time.
This is a very important day.

Yes, Daddy,
this is a very important day.

We're gonna save the business.

- You and l.
- Darling, darling.

Yes, Daddy?

You are standing on General Stuart.

General Lee!

General Lee! Yes, sir.
Old Jeb, he's come.

Oh, I don't need any more wagons!

I want my eyes
and my ears beside me.

- Get me General Stuart.
- This is Audrey.

- I need you to get me Jerry Horne.
- Bring me General Norton.

- Ready the men of the Alabama 15th.
- This is an emergency.

- I've been figuring that we have to--
- I think we need to talk about what--

Come on in.

You first.


You're the last thing I think of
when I go to sleep at night.

And you're the first thought
on my mind

when I get up in the morning.

I know this world is going to pieces.

And it feels like it's designed
to keep us apart.

But we love each other, Ed.

I wanna be with you.

I wanna be with you
no matter what happens.

Ed. Ed, Ed. Your turn.


Ouch! Will you mind the chest hair,
will you?

You're sweating like a pig, Mr. Niles.

Oh, thanks a lot. Huh?

That's nervous perspiration, man.

It's a childhood condition.

I didn't notice it till the war.
Korea, remember that year?

I was leading a battalion
up towards the 49th parallel.

We were just a bunch
of fresh-faced kids.

I didn't know what kind of hell
we were stepping into.

Ernie. Ernie, I want you to focus
on the here and now.

Repeat your instructions to me
step by step.

Okay. Uh...

Hake Denise up to Dead Dog Farm.

- I introduce her to Renault.
- Right.

I, uh, take Renault through the buy,

complete the transaction
and get the hell out of there.

Good. Harry?
That's when you come in.

By golly, I sure wish
I could join you fellas.

But I've temporarily lost
my enforcement franchise.

- I'll bet.
- Well,

I've been giving that
some thought.

Consider yourself deputized.

The Bureau's loss is my gain.

I hope I can live up to this.

He's done. You might wanna
towel him off before we go.

Come on.

Uh, how long will it, uh,
take you guys

to storm the farmhouse after, uh,
I complete the buy?

You go out, we come in.

- Can I ask you a question?
- What, Ernie?

Don't make me do this,
This isn't my line of work.

I'm a coward. I don't do
this kind of thing, I'm a CPA.

- Ernie.
- Ernie.

Heh. Just a momentary lapse.
Look, I'm cool.

Let's go do it, huh?

- Where's Denise?
TRUMAN: I haven't seen her.

You can call me Dennis.

Oh, I don't know,
somehow it seemed more appropriate.

- What do you think?

DICK: Our investigation
must proceed sub rosa.

We may have to pick the lock.
Tricky business.

Voilà. We enter.

- Where is everybody?
- Lunch.

Here we are, the case files.

N, N.

N, N!

Nails, Neaster,
Neatherby, Needleman.

Nicholas Needleman,
our little Nicky.

- We can read it in the car.
- Patience, Andrew.

- Dick.
- The usual background information.

Hmm. Birthplace,

initial adoption.

Hmm. First of several, it seems.


Ah, the plot thickens.

Where are thy secrets, little Nicky'?



We're the Brunstons.

Heh, I know we're a little early.

Ifs just that we're so darn eager
to see him.

Can we see him? Where is Donnie?

Uh, little Donnie is...dead.

Ah! Dead tired, I mean.

I'm afraid little Donnie,
he isn't feeling up to snuff.

Well, he was in perfect health
only yesterday.

- Dick.
- Just a minute.

Woody, let me finish helping
these good people.

Now, where were we?

Ed. Ed, it's Donna.

- I need your help, Ed.
- What can I do for you, honey?

Well, I've been looking for James.

He hasn't been in school,
no one's seen him at the diner.

I even went by his house,
but I can't find him.

Listen, James is fine. He called.

He asked me to send him some money
in care of a bar out on 96.

We didn't talk long.

- It's all I know.
- I'll take it to him.

Well, what about your folks?

I'll explain, they'll understand.

- Okay.
- Thanks, Ed.

I have to get going.

I'll call.

- We have a lot to talk about.
- Yeah.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Oh, Ed. The things we do for love.

Eddie, I'm home. Ugh!

Eddie! Look out!

You big bully!


Can you hear me?

- Nadine?
- Yeah, Nadine's here.


Don’t you worry about a thing, baby.

Nadine will take care of everything.


BENJAMIN: Colonel Chamberlain
and the 20th Maine

were trapped at the summit
of Little Round Top.

Now, his only chance

is to maneuver his left flank

down the hillside
like a swinging gate.

But we were waiting for him, Bobby.


And Chamberlain's desperate
maneuver ended, Bobby, in failure.

- Mr. Horne--
- Little Round Top, Bobby, was ours.

From that vantage point, we were able
to roll back the Federal lines.

Setting the stage
for Pickett's mighty charge, Bobby.

And victory!


Victory. Hurray.

General Meade,

you have suffered an ignoble defeat.

And I accept
your unconditional surrender.

Okay, tell you what, Mr. Horne.

I'm gonna go and talk
to President Lincoln first, okay?

So you just wait right here and...

And, uh, I'll get back to you
on this whole surrender thing.

Okay? Gotta go.

Don't, uh, wanna keep
the president waiting.


Baby, I got some good news
and I got some bad news.

The bad news is that your old man
just bought a condo in Flip City.

The good news is that he's about
to win the Civil War,

I know.

Uncle Jerry said he was coming home
on the next plane.

Dr. Jacoby said
he would come over tomorrow.

I think Daddy needs an injection.

God, we gotta help him.

BOBBY: Don't worry, baby,
Bobby's on the case.

Don’t call me baby.


Enter lively.


Hello, Ben.

You've come here to gloat,
haven't you? Huh?

To, uh, celebrate my demise.

Well, you go ahead, You laugh.

You defeated me,

as I have defeated General Meade.

It's true.

I did come here to gloat.

You double-crossed me.

You tried to kill me.

And I wanted lo bury you so deeply

that future generations would unearth
and exhibit your remains.

Slim? rat bastard America nus.

Do not feed.

Do not trust.

I suppose that. uh...

hat I'm not that trustworthy.


Despite everything
I know about you,

I find myself here with you.

Wanting you.

You can't be serious.

I want you, Ben.

Horrifying as it seems,
I can't escape it.

You, uh...


You make my body hum.

Kiss me, General Lee.


On to victory!

Hurry up, Jim.
The champagne's getting warm.

Don't call me Jim.


All right. all right, all right.

- James, what?
- You may look.

Any place you wanna go?


Jeffrey will be home by midnight.

Doesn't leave us a lot of time.

Well, I'll take what we can get.

It's a deal.

To handsome strangers.

And rebuilt engines.

You know, I never thought
I'd see it drive again.

You're a miracle worker.

No, honest.


You're being too modest.

Oh, go on. You deserve it.

You're strong and you're kind.

You have a wonderfully honest face,


Don't laugh, it's quite rare.

Every time I look at you,
I could tell exactly what you're thinking.

Well, I'd better be careful
about what I'm thinking.

Don't be too careful.

Not on my account.

So, what are your plans?

I don't really have any plans.

Where will you go'?

I don't know.

- James, don't.
- What?

I don't want you to leave.

Give me some more time, James.

I can think of a hundred reasons
for you to stay.

ERNIE: You sure you don't wanna wait
for Hank?

He told me this morning
he wanted in on all of this.

- I think we should wait--
RENAULT: We'll start without him.

Whatever you say.

You're sweating. Is something wrong?

Sweaty. You know, it's hyperhidrosis.

It's a childhood condition.

I was living in Guam at the time.

I contracted yellow fever.

The effects are vicious.

You know, sweating is one
of the more socially unacceptable.

Sit down, Ernie. Take a deep breath.

ERNIE: Socially unacceptable.
- Everything seems to be in order.

Do you think we could hurry this up?
I got a plane to catch.


KING: Jean. Jean, take a look,
his shin is smoking.

The Wire's dead.



ERNIE: Cooper!
- Coop.

He came for me, Harry.

I want safe passage to the border.

First, release the hostages.

We're at cross-purposes, Cooper.

We'll kill you if you don't.

Then everybody dies.

No, we'll trade.


Ernie Niles
and agent Bryson for me.


- I want backup.
- State police?

Call them in.

Lucy, it's Hawk.

Patch me through
to the state police.


How's our baby boy?

Sound asleep.

Dreaming of love.

Lucky, lucky, lucky boy.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.


They moved him to the center room.

Andy, keep steady.

More deputies.


Let's deal or let's run.

Will they let us run, Agent Cooper?


So you think they will deal?


What do you suggest we do?



Are you crazy?


But first, we must decide
to give up quietly or to kill him.

- Then we both die.
- I know.

Is my death so important to you?

My two brothers died.

I hold you responsible.



Before you came here,

Twin Peaks was a simple place.

My brothers deal dope
to the teenagers and the truck drivers.

One-Eyed Jack's welcomed
the businessmen and the tourists.

Quiet people lived a quiet life.

Then, a pretty girl die,

and you arrive,
and everything change.

My brother Bernard.

Shot and left to die in the woods.

A grieving father smother
my remaining brother with a pillow.

Kidnapping. Death.

Suddenly, the quiet people,
they're quiet no more,

Suddenly, the simple dream
become the nightmare.

So if you die,
maybe you will be the last to die.

Maybe you brought
the nightmare with you.

And maybe the nightmare

will die with you.

KING: I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

But I do know
we've got a damn problem here.

And if you're not gonna solve it,
I will.

- Jean.

Take a look at this.

- You order any food?

No, no, no, let her come.

Let her come.

It's just a girl.

- Hello.
- Suppertime.


Don't I know you?


Are you okay?


Quick thinking, Denise.

It was just my legs.

Thank Sheriff Truman.
It was his idea.

Harry S. Truman.

Sometimes you gotta improvise.

He's dead.










Bobby, this isn't funny.





Bomb. What do you mean, bomb?

- Start at the beginning.
- Well, the voice on the phone said

that there was a bomb
planted in the woods,

but it didn't say which woods.

Then all of a sudden,
there was this huge explosion

and all the lights went out.

So then I called
the fire department.

- Good work, Lucy.
- Was there a fire?

Two of them. First there was one
at the power station.

But most
of the volunteer fire department--

I'm gonna go check on the generator.
Somethings not right.

Okay. So?

- Were playing bingo, so it took a while
to get everybody together.

- Excuse me, Lucy.
- Then there was the explosion

I told you about, which sounded
like it was right upstairs,

so we all got out of here.
Well, it turned out to be a transformer

on the pole right behind
and above the building.

Well, we had to wait
to go back inside

because it was shooting sparks

and we were afraid that the station
was gonna catch on fire too,

But it didn't.

Do they know how it started?

LUCY: Suspicious in nature,
that's what Chief Kipple said.

He was suffering
from smoke inhalation at the time.

So he sounded a little hoarse.

You should hear his cough.

I'm gonna make him
some chicken soup.

COOPER: Harry?
- Yeah, Coop.

You'd better take a look at this, alone.

Lucy, wait here.

Good Lord.

Who is it?

I don't know.

It's a chess game.

Windom Earle's next move.
Ripped By mstoll