Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

Ben Horne's plans are finally realized, with unforeseen consequences.

- Where do we look?
- I don't know. Everywhere.

Where should we start?

Maybe this is something.


The Kahala Hilton, July 1969,
men on the moon.

August 9, 1974,
I first lay eyes on Mimsi.

- Weird.
- Yeah. Heh.


- What did you do?
- I just hit a button.

Hit it again.

There's gotta be
a way to turn it off.

My little coconut.


Laura said something
on her tape about a coconut.

Oh, my God. The necklace.

Okay, Laura,
this is where you shot that video.

Now just tell me,

tell me why you sent me
to Sparkwood and 21?

Oh, my God.


- Red 36.
- Sorry, I guess our date's off.

Sir, are you absolutely sure
you want another card?

Yes, please.

Twenty-one, can you beat that?

Mother always said I was born lucky.

Maybe later.

Thanks for asking.

This is for you.

I'm a friend of Leo's.

Who's Leo?

Buy you a cocktail, Jacques?

Come in.

Turn around.

Yes, very nice.

Come over here.

Something wrong?


This is a good night for you
to break in.

The owner's coming by tonight,

he likes to spend some time
with all the new girls.

- Who's that?
- No names, child.

You don't offer and you don't ask.

Yes, ma'am.

Pick a card.

Jacques, how long
you been dealing blackjack?

Long enough to spot a card counter.

You always let
card counters buy you a drink?

I don't see tips
like that every day.

Leo ever mentioned me to you?

I don't know, mister. Who are you?

I can't believe
Leo never told you about me.

Maybe he did, I don't know.

Leo played you like a violin.

Had you and your brother
taking all the risk

running the product
across the border.

Never cut you in
on a piece of the action.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Take that chip out of your pocket
and a look at it.

Go ahead.

That chip has a special significance.

A very special night
you spent up at your cabin.

Here's a clue:

"Laura, Laura."

Take it easy. Take it easy.

How do you think
a low-rent hump like Leo's

been financing this little operation?

- You.
- I'm the bank.

- He never mentioned your name.
- Course not.

Leo makes the buy with my cash.

You and your brother mule it
across the border.

He ever tell you
who was distributing stateside?

No. Some high school kid,
that's all I know.

That's right.

We're in sync now, Jacques.
Can you feel it?

- Can you?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.

Good, because I've got a job for you
across the border tonight.

No Leo. No middleman.

It's ten grand.

Half now, half on completion.

How's that sound?

Sounds good.

What are we doing?

You meet me at the water-processing
plant on Black Lake in two hours.

- Is that gonna be a problem?
- No.

- No problem.
- Good.

One more question, Jacques.

You know, Leo told me all about
that night at the cabin with the girls.

I'm curious about the chip,
how'd that happen?

It was that crazy bird.

- Bird?
- It had a thing for Laura.

Saying her name all the time.
Like he's in love or something.

So we're all partying.

Girls are all getting pretty high,
everybody's pretty crazy.

You, Laura and Ronette.

Leo lets Waldo out of the cage
and the bird, he lands on her shoulder.

Laura, she's all tied up.

She liked that, the bird,
he starts pecking on her shoulder,

pecking like love pecks or something,
you know what I mean?

So Leo,

he's doing a number on her

and Laura,
she's screaming about that damn bird.

So Leo takes out a chip.

Puts it in her mouth and says:

"Bite the bullet, baby. Bite the bullet."

Thanks for clearing that up.

Yeah, no problem.

See you on the other side.

Can do, Cappy.

Got a trout on the line, Hawk.

This one's a keeper.

I'm just gonna sit right here, okay?

Come here, sweetie.

Look, we got all night, baby.


You made me do this, Shelly.
You made me.

Is Lucy talking to you yet?

As we say
in the law enforcement game,

it's a cold trail.

Agh. Women.

Harry, Hawk here.

The trout's heading upstream
towards the net.

Hawk, hold the line.
We'll set the hook.

You got a twenty on Agent Cooper?

He's downstream
about ten minutes.

He'll probably miss the catch,
but he'll be there when we grill him.

Copy that.

We'll make our move as soon
as the big fish shows his fins.

- Ready, Andy?
- Ready, Harry.

Jacques, keep your hands
where I can see them.

Put them on the roof of the car, now.

You heard him.

Get in there and cuff him.
Don't move.

You're under arrest.

For the attempted murder
of Ronette Pulaski

and the murder of Laura Palmer.

Give me your other hand.

- He's got my gun.
- Harry, look out.

- My shoulder.
- Andy.

- Call an ambulance?
- Are you okay, Harry?

- Yeah.
- Shut up, you're all right.

Better call that ambulance.

- You have the right to remain silent.
- Yeah.

Anything you say can and will
be held against you in a court of law.

You have a right to an attorney.


All clear.

Be there as soon as I can.

Hey, what's up, doc?

It's Laura,
in case you haven't guessed.

It's Thursday the 23rd
and I'm so bored.

Actually, I'm in kind of a weird mood.

God, James is sweet,
but he's so dumb.

And right now,
I can only take so much of sweet.

Hey, remember that mystery man
I told you about?

Well, if I tell you his name,
then you're gonna be in trouble.

He wouldn't be such a mystery man

but you might be history, man.

I think a couple of times
he's tried to kill me.

But guess what?

As you know, I sure got off on it.

Isn't sex weird?

This guy can really light my F-I-R-E.

As in red Corvette.


Here comes Mom
with milk and cookies.


- Later, Lawrence.
- Dad?


I've got an emergency at the hospital,
I don't know when I'll be back.

See if your mother
needs anything, huh?

- Okay. All right, Dad.
- I'll call later.


It's okay, I'm glad I heard her say it.
I'm glad.

I might have gone my whole life...

- I'm sorry you had to hear that.
- I'm okay.

Jacoby didn't kill her.
He was trying to help her.

Then how'd he get the necklace?

You hear that?

You've got about one hour
to think about what you've done to me.

And think about it.

Because by then
Bobby Briggs is gonna be dead.

You broke my heart.


It's all here.

Pretty generous, Josie.

Sitting in that concrete box
all that time,

90 grand seemed like
all the money in creation.

Kept me going.

It's a funny thing.

Back in the world, I don't know,

seems kind of light.

We had an agreement.

I've been going over this
in my mind and...

See, if you could follow my thinking,

we're all born into life,

and we have
a certain number of years

to move and breathe
and have our being.

That's from a book
on Oriental philosophy

I read when I was in the joint.

And maybe somebody somewhere
knows how much time we have.

I don't, do you?

So when a man gives up
a certain portion of his life...

Eighteen months, for instance.

how does he place a value
on that time?

Eighteen months, 90,000,
what's that?

Five thousand a month?

Well, that's not bad, if you're gonna
live another 40 or 50 years.

But what if you only got another 20?

Or ten?

Or some unforeseen event
killed you tomorrow?

As in the case
of the boating accident

that killed your late husband,

Or say you just got out of prison,

where you went in for, uh,

vehicular manslaughter
as part of an agreement

to avoid being implicated in the
commission of a much greater crime.


For which in fact
you were responsible.

But now there's this threat,

this possible threat
that this fact could be discovered.

And in one stroke ten
or 15 or 20 more years of your life

could be cut right off
from underneath you.

So I've been asking myself:

"What does that do
to the market value of 18 months?"

We had an agreement.

And we still do, sweetheart.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

And I'm gonna take care
of everything we agreed to.

See, you want a lot for your money.

And I want a lot for my time.

You know,
there's a saying in the joint.

It's not Oriental philosophy,

but it has a similar kind of logic that
appeals to my, uh, spiritual nature.

Once you're in business
with somebody,

you're in business for life.

Like a marriage.



Where is it? Where is it?


The account ledger,
have you seen it?

Well, don't you keep it
in that little safe at home?

No, it's not in the safe at home,
it's not here, it's not anywhere.

Tell me you didn't take it.

I didn't take it.

Pete, tell me the truth.

You're not helping her
to pull something here.

- Who?
- Josie.

Well, no.

Pull what here?

Oh, Peter, forget everything that we've
ever said or done to hurt each other.

Just like that?


I know our marriage
is a living train wreck.

But there used to be something
caring between us.

The fellow who caught my eye.

The lumberjack who could
scamper up a tree like a cat.

The boss' sister
from that big house on the hill.

A summer's indiscretion
and here we are.


Oh, Pete.

I never should have taken you
to that house up on the hill.

Well, I have no complaints
about the house.

As for me, taking my principle pleasure
in lashing out at the one person

who was decent enough
to stand by me

through all my foolishness.

I know things haven't
been easy for you.

Peter, if somewhere
under all that scar tissue

there's the faintest flicker
of what we used to feel for each other,

I'm asking you to feel that now.



Because I'm in trouble.

And given what I've become
and the way I've treated people,

there's no one else I can turn to.

I need your help.

Catherine. Catherine.

So Fred starts
to put the cuffs on him, right.

Now Harry, he turns to go.

Now all of a sudden, Jacques throws
an elbow at Fred like this: Wham!

And in one move, takes Fred's gun

and he's got the drop on Harry.

Harry is deader
than a pound of roadside stew.

Then all of a sudden,
a single shot rings out.

All right.

- Andy, my man.
- All right, Andy.

Go ahead, Andy, give it your best shot.
Go on.

- Oh, Andy.
- Oh, Punky.

I'm pregnant.


Fresh coffee.

- What?
- Let me talk to the sheriff.

I'm sorry,
the sheriff isn't in at the moment.

I expect him back shortly,
would you care to leave a message?

You tell him Leo Johnson
said to check out James Hurley.

- He's an easy rider.
- An easy rider?

- You got that?
- Yes, I've got that, but Leo?

Wait, Leo?

Dr. John Vincent, ICU,

Dr. John Vincent, ICU.

Did you take Laura and Ronette
up to your cabin that night?

You know they'd both been up there
before, they was no nuns.

Is that where you took the pictures
for Flesh World?

Yeah, that was Laura's idea.

She talked Ronette into,
uh, making them ads.

What did you and Leo fight about
that night?

Bastard, he hit me
with a whiskey bottle.


I don't know why.
That's why we fought. Heh.

I'm bleeding like a stuck pig,
and he's laughing.

So you used Leo's shirt
to stop the bleeding. What then?

I got sick.

I go outside, pass out.

I wake up, I'm lying on the ground.

Where was Leo?

Leo and the girls,
they were gone. Ha, ha.

What about the train car?

I don't know nothing about that.

I come down the hill,
Leo's car's gone.

Had to walk 15 miles
back to my own house. Heh.

When they brought him in,
he was rambling incoherently.

These things he said to you,
they're pretty incredible.

I know, let's hope he pulls through.

Well, he's stabilized anyway.

So Leo had to take the girls
to the train car by himself.

- You believe him?
- He's too stupid to lie.

He'll testify against Leo. We got him.

We've gotta find Leo first.

- Doc, how's Jacoby?
- He's out of the woods.

Listen, he, uh... He says he got
a phone call from Laura Palmer.

He was on his way to see her
when he was jumped.

That brought on the heart attack.

- Any description of the assailant?
- He didn't see him.

But he says he saw Laura Palmer
standing by the gazebo in Easter Park.

It's not here. It's not here.
It's not here either. Damn.



Midge Jones.

What are you doing?

It's, uh, my old high school yearbook.

I thought it was gone forever.

Oh, Pete.



- It's at the mill.
- What is?

What you're looking for.

Drying shed 3, near the north gate.


Guess I'll look in the other room.

What do you want? Talk terms.

We'll let you know.

Hey, Norma, do you still have
that big down comforter on your bed?

Yes, Hank.

Mattresses they give you
on your bunk,

they're probably yay thick, you know.

And you lie there at night thinking,

"If this mattress's so skinny,
how'd they get all those rocks inside?"

So, uh, you'll forgive me if I tell you

that, uh, night after night,

I dreamed of you lying there
on that big feather bed.

I guess the, uh,

hired help shouldn't be so familiar
with the boss lady, huh?

I can't blame you for dreaming.

I wasn't just dreaming
about being with you, Norma.

What I was trying to...

I shouldn't even be saying
this much, heck.

I think you should.

No, I haven't earned the right,

- I've been back what, two days?
- Say what you wanna say.

I've been trying to picture
a whole life with you.

With the diner.

Making it soar. Making it blue sky.

I always talk too big.
That's my biggest fault.

I learned that talking
to my counselor inside.

This is new territory for me.

But I'm gonna try Norma.

You know, it's 20 years
we've been together next month.

Can you believe it?

Maybe we're doing this
all backwards.

Maybe it's the next 20 that counts.

Give me time, Norma,
I'll make you proud of me yet.




Oh, God, Nadine. Don't you do this.


I need an ambulance.
My wife has just taken some pills.

422 Riverside.

For the love of God, hurry.

Stay with me, Nadine.

Please don't go.

Stay with me.

Leo Johnson's gone underground.

My bet is he's holed up
somewhere near his home.

Sheriff, Leo Johnson called.

- When?
- About ten minutes ago.

He left this message.

And sheriff, in the background,
when I spoke to him,

I could hear a clock striking.

What kind of clock, Lucy?

It sounded like
the clock at Easter Park.

- Harry.
- Hawk.

Good work, Lucy.

Hawk, pull the surveillance
off Leo's house,

I want you to set up a perimeter
around Easter Park.

Got it.

I'll radio.
You get some cars over there.

- Harry, I gotta talk to you.
- Sure.

Harry, let me talk to James.

You wanna investigate this?

Come on, James.


Harry, is it true?

You've found him.
You've got the killer?

We've arrested a suspect, Leland,
that's all.

But is it the man, Harry? Is it him?

We can't release
any details right now.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.

there's nothing you can do here.

You should be home
with Sarah now.

Well, yes, you're right.
Of course, you're right.

- You going back to the hospital?
- No. I'm heading home.

- Thank you, Will.
- Don't give it a thought.


Think you ought to listen to this tape.

Why is that?

It was Laura's. We found it.

I think it'll help you find
who you're looking for.

Who might that be?

Somebody with a red Corvette.

Dr. Jacoby's in the hospital
with a heart attack.

- Heart attack?
- He said he saw Laura Palmer tonight.

James, what kind of dangerous game
have you been playing?

Is Jacoby gonna be all right?

I've been very patient with you,

From here on out, I'm gonna need
a better set of answers.

Let's start with why this was
in the gas tank of your bike.

Fine, fine, fine.

- Okay, okay.
- Uh-huh.

- Ghostwood. Fantastic. I love it.
- Mm! Ha-ha-ha.

All your revisions are included.

Ben, I am so happy
I can't even say how much.

- After you.
- No, no, no, after you.

- After me.
- Ha-ha-ha.

Excuse me.

Benjamin Horne here.

Time to Black Flag that little firebug.

Leo Johnson's
gonna get a house call.



Shelly, are you here?

Shelly's not here, Bobby.

Leo, man, am I glad to see you.

Was there something
I could help you with?

Actually, it's you I was looking for,
the cops, man, they're after you.


- Shelly's dead. You killed her.
- Aah! Unh!

No, Leo.

Later, Leo.

I can't understand
a word you're saying,

you have a thing in your mouth.

- Who are you?
- Shelly Johnson.

You know who called me here?

No, I don't know anything,
please help me...

Be quiet, I'm thinking.

Oh, God.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, God.

- Any of the boys still inside?
- Not sure. Shift was over.

But we're still trying to get a count.

- Seen Catherine?
- No, Pete.

That's her car.

Jesus God,
you think she's still inside?

I guess I'm gonna have to find out.

Pete, that ain't such a good idea.

She's still my wife.


And that is that.

- Ben, is this a great moment?
- Ghostwood.

Incredible. Ghostwood. Huh?

Einar, tonight,
you play on the house.

This is marvelous, eh?

Enjoy, my friend. Enjoy.

To Ghostwood.

To Ghostwood Estates
and Country Club.

Congratulations, boss.

Blackie, old pal,

this calls for a celebration.

Let's have a look at the new girl.

Good luck, honey.

Close your eyes.

This is such stuff
as dreams are made of.


4:37 a.m.

After a long investigative night,

returning to my room
at The Great Northern.

We have one suspect in custody

and Leo Johnson, the man I believe
is responsible for Laura's death,

won't be able to escape the dragnet
we've thrown up for him much longer.

As you can hear
from the ambient sound around me,

and I notice with some relief
that the Icelandic group

staying on my floor
have either checked or passed out.

I may not need
the Ear-Pillow Earplugs,

which I did receive today, Diane,

although I suspect
I may put them to use

as a purely precautionary measure.

I ordered some hot milk
from room service.

Hoping that does the job

and I'll be able to catch a few hours
of quality sack time.

Twenty-four hour room service

must be one of the premier
achievements of modern civilization.

"My special agent."

Cooper here.

Who is this?

Couldn't this wait
until tomorrow morning?

Please excuse me,
I've got room service.

Agent Cooper,
we found Leo Johnson.

He's been shot. Agent Cooper?