Twin Peaks (1990–1991): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Undercurrents of passion, greed, jealousy and intrigue surface in a seemingly respectable town when a high school homecoming queen is found murdered.


Gone fishing.


The lonesome foghorn blows.

Oh, dear.


Lucy, this is Pete Martell.
Lucy, put Harry on the horn.

it's Pete Martel! up at the mill.

Um, I'm gonna transfer it to the phone
on the table by the red chair.

The red chair against the wall.

The little table with the lamp on it.

The lamp that we moved
from the corner.

The black phone,
not the brown phone.


Morning, Pete. Harry.

She's dead.

Wrapped in plastic.

Whoa, hold on.
Hold on a second, Pete.


You slay right there, I'm on my way.

You better get Dr. Hayward.

Tell him to meet me up
at the Packard Mill,

the dock right below the dam.

And roust that Andy out of bed,
tell him to get his butt up there now.

- What is it?
- We got a body up there.

Lucy, not a word about this to anyone
until you hear from me.


lt's over here.

You want forensics first?

No, she's been in the water.

We'd better take some pictures.

ANDY: Who is she?
- Andy, pictures.

ANDY: Sorry.
- Then we'll turn her over.

Sure, okay.



Oh, Andy.

My God, Andy.

Same thing as last year
in Mr. Blodgett's barn,

- Give me the camera, Andy.
- Sorry.

Is this gonna happen
every damn time?

I'm sorry.

- I'm so sorry.
- Okay. Okay.

Why don't you go up
to the coroner's van

and bring back that stretcher?

- Okay.
- Okay.


Harry, let's roll her over.

Good Lord. Laura.

Laura Palmer.


Laura, sweetheart,
I'm not gonna tell you again.

Yes, lam.



Oh, for goodness sakes.





Laura, honey, are you downstairs?


[BETTY swans]

BETTY: Hello?
SARAH: Bert, it's Sarah.

Listen, I just went up to wake Laura
and she's not here.

- Is she with Bobby?
- Well, she could be.

He leaves every morning to go running
and then he goes to football practice.

Can you, um, find out?
Can you reach him? I'll call the school.

BETTY: Just a minute, I've got
the number of the field office here.

Thanks, Thanks, Bet.

You know, I'm wondering
if maybe she went out with Leland.

He had an early meeting.

Oh, I'm sure that's it.
Either that or she's with Bobby.

Sure. I'll call up to the hotel, thanks.


No, Bobby hasn't showed up
for practice yet today.

And come to think of it,
as a matter of fact,

he's been late every day this week,
Mrs. Palmer.

And last week.

And maybe even the week before.

BENJAMIN: Are they ready to sign?
LELAND: You're not gonna mention

that we have not as yet acquired
access to the Packard land?




We have solid information

that the Packard Sawmill
is gonna go belly-up within a year.

We're gonna be able to get it
for a song. One verse, no chorus.


let's get out there

and get those cheese-eaters
where they live.

Ahh, Benjamin...

Clean, wholesome environment,
much like your very own.


With a quality of life

to rival the very best
that this country has to offer.

And that is what the Ghostwood
Country Club and Estates will be.

Now, when I first spoke to Sven,

he was naturally very concerned
about the quality of air here.

If you'll permit me, Sven,

to repeat what you told me
this morning after your run:

"My air sacs, ah,
have never fell so good."


Your wife's on the phone again.
She said it's urgent.

Excuse me a moment, gentlemen.
I'll be right back.

Uh, make it snappy, huh?

So... in Twin Peaks,

health and industry
go hand in hand.

- I'll transfer you to the house phone.
- Okay, thank you.


Ahh. Sarah, what is it?

SARAH: ls Laura with you?
- No, why?

She didn't go with you this morning?

No, what--? Honey, what's wrong?
What's this all about?

She's not here.
She wasn't here this morning.

Well, she's, um,
probably with Bobby.

I can't find Bobby.

Well, there you are. That's it.

Let's not worry.
I mean, they're probably together.

She would've left a note.
Why didn't she?

- She would've told me.
- Honey, honey, take it easy, please.

TRUMAN: Excuse me.
I'm looking for Leland Palmer.

He's right over there on the phone.

Sheriff Truman.

What? Who? What did you say?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God. Laura.


Laura. Oh, Leland, please, what is it?
Tell me.


ls this about Laura?

I'm afraid it is.



Tell me.

Oh. My bahy.

No! Oh, no!

- Okay?

Leland, we're ready to go
with the contracts,


What's wrong?

My daughter's dead.




What kept you, Heidi?
Seconds on knockwurst this morning?

I couldn't get my car started.

Too busy jump-starting
the old man, huh?


I thought you Germans
were always on time.


I thought the only time you cared
about, Bobby, was making time,

You heading out, Shelly?

Yeah, I'm heading home.

I'm going to practice. I can drop you
by your place on the way if you want.

That would be great, thanks.

Here's a tune for you, gals.



I'll see you in my dreams.

Not if I see you first.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.


I think she knows about us.

- Norma?
- Mm-hm.

No. Fat chance.
I think she's hot to trot for you herself.


Ifs happy hour in France.

Come on, cowboy, light your fire.

Right. Just a little pick-me-up
before home room?

- I thought I was your little pick-me-up.
- Ha, ha.

Baby, you are more like
a three-stage rocket.

A pocket rocket.

And what stage are we in now?

Are you sure that your old man
is still on the road?

Yes, he called me last night
from Butte.

That's a long ways away
and he ain't got a phone in his truck.

So quit worrying
and start scurrying, Mr. Touchdown.


Back up.

I'll call you later.

Leland, I'm so sorry.

Seventeen years old.

Lee, I hate to put you through this.

No, I have to see her.

I have to see
what was done to my little girl.



My baby.

It's my little girl.

- God, God.
- Let's get out of here.

I can't...

Oh, God.




- Have you seen Laura?
- No, not yet.

- Nice day for a picnic.
- Uh, yeah.

GIRL: Bobby Briggs,
they're looking for you.

- Who is?
- Sheriff is.

Well, here I am in school.

- Hey, Snake.
- Hey, man, somethings up.

- Where?
- Think I'm kidding?

What, me worry?

Bobby, you're wanted in the office.

- Who wants me in the office?
- Right now, young man.

Watch out.

WOMAN: Terry Franklin?
TERRY: Here.

- Martha Grimes?

- Donna Hayward?
- Here,

WOMAN: Audrey Horne?
- Here,

WOMAN: James Hurley?
- Yo,

Excuse me. Room 106?


Is there a Bobby Briggs
in this classroom?

No, urn, he's in 107? 107.

Could I speak to you
for a moment, please?


- Um, there's a...
- Mm-hm.


The principal will be making
an announcement.


Thank you for your time.



There will be an announcement
from the principal.

I told you, I got up early
like I always do.

I went running like I always do.

I went for some breakfast
at the Double R

and I didn't go to practice
because I didn't feel like it.

Why didn't you feel like it, Bobby?
Were you upset about something?

ANDY: Something troubling you,
Bobby? You wanna tell us about it?

Look, you guys, please, what did I do?
What's going on?

Mr. Wolchezk,
there's rumors all over school.

Maybe it's best
if they heard it from you.

Mr. Wolchezk, why don't you go ahead
and make that announcement?

- Now?
- Now's the time.

Excuse me.

What is it, sheriff? What's going on?

Now, Bobby, you look at me.

Your girlfriend,
Laura Palmer's, been killed.

She was found just after dawn.

Now, she was with you last night

and you weren't where you
were supposed to be this morning.

Have these fellas advised you
of your rights?

Yes, but I didn't know why.

- Laura's dead?
- Yes,

Did you understand your rights
as they were explained to you?

You think I killed her?

We're gonna have you
make a phone call.

You can call your parents and they can
arrange to get a lawyer to be with you

when we talk to you again.

Andy, take Bobby out
to make his call.

I loved her.

And she loved me.

You think because I wasn't at football
practice that I killed my girlfriend?

You are crazy.

You get off of me.

Bobby, we're gonna talk
about this later.

May I have your attention, please?
This is Principal Wolchezk.

I am deeply saddened
to have to tell you

that early this morning your classmate
Laura Palmer was found dead.

This is a terrible moment
for all of us.

For all of us who knew her.

Her friends, her family.

It is very important that we all try
to help each other

through this difficult time.

The police have asked me
to ask each of you,

if you have any information
about Laura's activities

after school yesterday

or yesterday evening.

Please come forward.

I am dismissing all classes
for the day,

but before we leave,

I would like to ask each of you

to join me in a moment of silence

for Laura

and her dear memory.

Oh, God.



You can talk to her now, Harry.

Do you know what time it was

when you last saw Laura,
Mrs. Palmer?

- What time?
- Yes,

Uh, it would have been about 9.

Yes, 9:00...


She came home from Bobby's

and she was going up the stairs.

Those stairs right there.


Who's upstairs?

Your husband and one of my men.

I can tell from the sounds
that it isn't her.

Her diary?

Do you know where the key
to this is, sir?

- Do you have to take that?
- We'll return it as soon as possible.

Did she say anything to you?


She said good night.

And I said good--

Good night, sweetheart.


Mrs. Palmer, can you remember,

did she make or receive
any phone calls?

I heard her phone ring once.

About what time was that?

I don't know who it was.


That was Lucy.

Got a call from a guy that works up
at the mill, Janek Pulaski.

Says his daughter didn't come home
last night.

And she didn't show up
at school today either.

Two by fours, four by eights.

Two by fours, four by--

KATHERINE: Did you hear me?
You can't do that to my workers.

Don't walk away from me like that.
Come on back here.

You're not going anywhere

and you're not gonna tell
anybody anything.


I'm sorry if this offends you,
but I am the owner of this sawmill.

And you don't know the first thing
about this mill.

That's why I'm running it.

I've never taken this authority before,
but maybe I should have.

You're not shutting us down.

Katherine, I have the final say-so.

Peter, push the plug.

Pete, don't you dare.

Katherine, please.

Shorty, tell the boys to pull the plug.

That's right.


May I have your attention?
This is Josie Packard.

[ON PA] I've decided that today,
in the light of what has happened,

all work here will stop.


JOSIE: This morning, as you know,
the body of Miss Laura Palmer--

What's your name?

JOSIE: -was found near our deck.
- Fred Truax.

You're fired.

Just now your coworker and a friend,
Mr. Janek Pulaski,

has learned that his daughter,

one of Lama's schoolmates,
is missing since last night.

Today, all work here will stop.

The mill will shut down.

[ON PA] Perhaps you can
spend the day with your families.

Thank you all for your attention.

What the hell?


Laura's dead.

Yeah, I heard.

She was the one.

Buy you a coffee?

Can't do it.

If you see Donna,
could you give this to her?

You bet.




They said those drapes
would be ready by 10.

Now, I want those drapes up
by nightfall.

Diane, 11:30 a.m., February 24th.
Entering the town of Twin Peaks.

It's five miles south
of the Canadian border,

twelve miles west of the state line.

I've never seen so many trees
in my life.

As W.C. Fields would say,
"I'd rather be here than Philadelphia."

Fifty-four degrees
on a slightly overcast day.

Weatherman said rain.

If you could get paid that kind of money
for being wrong 60 percent of the time,

it'd beat working.

Mileage is 79,345,
gauge is on reserve'

I'm riding on fumes here,
I gotta tank up when I get into town.

Remind me to tell you
how much that is.

Lunch was, uh, $6.31
at the Lamplighter Inn.

That's on Highway 2
near Lewis Fork.

That was a tuna fish sandwich
on whole wheat,

slice of cherry pie
and a cup of coffee.

Damn good food.

Diane, if you ever get up this way,
that cherry pie is worth a stop.


Looks like I'll be
meeting up with a, uh...

...Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

Shouldn't be too hard
to remember that.

He'll be
at the Calhoun Memorial Hospital.

Guess we're gonna go
and take a look at that girl

that crawled down the railroad tracks
off the mountain.

When finished,
I'll check into a motel.

The sheriff will be able to recommend
a clean place and reasonably priced.

That's what I need.
A clean place, reasonably priced.

Oh. Diane, I almost forgot.

I've got to find out
what kind of trees these are.

They're really something.

TRUMAN: Agent Cooper?

TRUMAN: Sheriff Harry S. Truman.
COOPER: Dale Cooper, FBI.

- Pleasure. Ahem.
TRUMAN: Good to meet you.

- Have any trouble finding the place?
- No, no. Your directions were fine.

Came out over Highway 2,
near Lewis Fork.

Stopped at a place
called the Lamplighter Inn.

Had a slice of cherry pie. Incredible.

Well, I'll tell you,
we're sure glad lo have the FBI here.

Kind of lucky, in a way, that Ronette
stepped out across the state line.

Whole town's
really badly shaken up.

Sure, nice, quiet place,
something like this.

Sheriff, let me stop you
in the hallway here for just a second.

There's a few things
we gotta get straight right off the bat.

I've learned about this the hard way.
It's best to talk about it up front.

When the Bureau gets called in,
the Bureau's in charge.

Now, you're gonna be
working for me.

Sometimes local law
has a problem with that.

I hope you understand.

Well, like I said,
we're glad to have you here.


what kind of fantastic trees
have you got growing around here?

- Big, majestic-
- Douglas firs.

Douglas firs.

Can someone get me a copy of
the coroner's report on the dead girl?

Well, the autopsy
hasn't been done yet.

But I'll take you downstairs
to the morgue

when we're finished here.

Oh, that will be fine.

Dr. Shelvy,
this is FBI Agent Cooper.

SHELVY: Glad to know you.
- Doctor, how's the girl?

She's in shock,
suffering from exposure.

- Can I see her?
- All right, this way.


Was she raped?

Several times.

- One perpetrator?
- We're waiting for the results.

Is there any connection
to the dead girl?

Same high school.

Far as we know,
they hardly knew each other.

- No connection.
- Mm.

I'd like to question her.

This girl doesn't even
know where she is. Or if she is.

What exactly are you saying?

We need a CAT scan
and we're not equipped for that here.

My opinion,
she may have neurological damage.

She's just not responsive at all.

I'd like to examine her fingers.

All right.

- They've already scraped for particles.
- No, that's not what I'm looking for.

Oh, no, there's nothing here.
Not a thing.

Don't go there.

Don't go there.



I catch this fish,
pull him out of the water, big mouth.

It's got a big mouth
and starts talking to me. Wh--?

Hey, hey.


Dr, Jacoby.

Terrible, terrible tragedy.


This is Special Agent Dale Cooper.

- Gary Cooper?
- Agent Cooper.

Agent. FBI.

- Right.
- Heh.

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, Agent Cooper.

Laura was a patient of mine.

You're on your way to the morgue
now, do you mind if I join you?

Yes, I do. Why would you want to?

It's son of against procedure, doctor.

Heh. Well, no offense.
I thought I could be of some help.

You still could be. At another time.

Oh. I understand completely.

By the way,


Laura's parents...

Well, they didn't know
that she was seeing me. Ha, ha.

- That guy's a psychiatrist?
- Yeah.

I have to apologize again
for the fluorescent lights.

I think it's a bad transformer.

That's quite all right.

Agent Cooper, we did scrape
those nails when we brought her in.

Here it is.

- There it is. Oh, my God, here it is.
- What?

- Would you leave us, please?
- Jim.

Uh, would you
leave us alone, please?

Oh! Certainly.

COOPER: I've got to find something
to grab onto this with.

Diane, I'm at the Twin Peaks County
Morgue with the body of the victim--

- What's her name?
- Laura Palmer.

Laura Palmer.

I got here before the autopsy.
Diane, it's the same thing.

I had a feeling we'd see this again.

What do you got there?

Ring finger, under the nail.

Let's see what he left us.

It's an "R,"

Diane, give this to Albert and his team.
Don't go to Sam.

Albert seems
a little more on the ball.

- We need to bag and tag this.
- Okay, Cooper,

You gonna let me in
on whatever the hell is going on here?

Sheriff, we got a lotto talk about.


Hi, Ed.

Hey, Donna.

I'm so sorry.

- Have you seen James yet?
- He came by.

- Is he okay?
- No.

Do you know where he went?
I've already been to the Roadhouse.

I don't know, honey.
He told me to give you this.

What the hell are you doing?

- Well, I came by--
- I've been looking all over for you.

In case you didn't realize it,
Bobby's in a lot of trouble.

He's my best friend.
You're supposed to be with me.

We're going to the police station.

Look, don't tell me
where I ought to be.

Second of all,
Laura was my best friend.

- Get in the car.
- Muffle it, junior.

- Mind your own business.
- You're on my lot, friend.

Oh, Ed, I'm not your friend.

Donna, you get to the sheriffs
right now.

Boy, I sure know
how to pick them, huh?

Ed, you waiting for those drapes
to hang themselves?

Yeah, okay.

Well, I know how to pick them too.

Will you do me a favor?

If James comes around,
tell him I'm looking for him?

You bet.

And, Donna, you take it easy.


That's the, uh, videotape we just saw.
The one we found in Laura's bedroom.


At a certain point, I'm gonna wanna
show this to the boyfriend.

You say when.

- Did you complete your forensics?
- You bet. All done.

- No key yet, huh?
- We're still looking.


Why not?

Diane, I've just opened
Laura Palmer's diary.

This is the, uh...

It's the last entry,
dated February 23rd.

It reads, "Asparagus for dinner again.
I hate asparagus.

Does this mean I'll never grow up?"

And then she's written,
"Nervous about meeting J tonight."

That's the letter J, Diane.


And that is the last entry.

That's something to get started on.

Yeah, that's one out of 26.

Yeah, one out of 26.

Diane, I've just turned back 18 days
to day one.

What we have taped to the page here
is a plastic envelope

containing a white residue
and what looks to be a key

to a safety deposit box.

Sheriff, after you very carefully
remove this key,

we're gonna run this envelope.

And my bet is
it'll test positive for cocaine.

Thais impossible.

You ever been surprised before?

Mr. Cooper,
you didn't know Laura Palmer.

Let's get started on a court order
to open that safety deposit box,

and maybe we'll both find out
a few things about Laura Palmer.

Diane, I'm holding in my hand
a small box of chocolate bunnies.



Andy, is that you?

Tell Harry we found happened.

[OVER RADIO] Where Ronette
and Laura were taken and tortured.

Tell Harry...

...l didn't cry.

Andy, are you okay?


But, Lucy.

Ifs horrible.



Oh, God.

COOPER: This is to reaffirm
that you have been advised

of your constitutional rights,
am I correct?


Bobby, did you kill Laura Palmer?


She was studying at your house
until about 9:30 last night,

isn't that right?



Yes, sir.

Did she drive herself home?


You two had a big fight last week,
didn't you?

So what?

If I had a fight with her,
if I sang songs with her,

if I went skipping rope with her,
what difference does it make?

I didn't kill her.

Bobby, here's how this works.

We ask the questions, and you answer
the questions that we ask.

Briefly and to the point.

Did you shoot this video, Bobby?


Well, if you didn't, then who did?

Did you know Laura
was seeing someone else?

That's what you two fought about
last week.

Look at these pictures.

Look how happy she is.

You ever do cocaine with Laura,

I don't do drugs.

Excuse me, but what are you charging
my client with?

That's right.

You're a football player,
aren't you, Bobby?

Bobby, if you knew
who she was seeing,

trust us on this,
now's the time to tell us.

Why don't you ask Donna?

- She was there with her.
- Because I'm asking you.

Come on, Bobby. Give me a name.

Here's a hint. First initial, J.



She wouldn't do that to me.

You didn't love her, anyway.

Let him go.

Julie, the Norwegians are signing
the contract at 4:00

when Mr, Horne returns.

Make sure they do not hear
about Laura Palmer's death.

That will blow the whole deal, got it?

JULIE: Okay, Bob.
- Thank you, okay.

Okay, Bob. Okay, Bob. Okay.

Julie, what would happen
if I pulled this out?

You wouldn't.

- Oh-- Oh. Oh!
- Ha, ha.

Audrey, look what you've done.

Audrey... Oh...

Did they scarf
that whole damn smorgasbord?

- Audrey, honey, don't you go in there.
- I'm hungry.

Audrey, don't-

Don't go in there. Audrey.



Excuse me, is there something wrong,
young, pretty girl?

They found my friend Laura

lying face down on a rocky beach.

Completely naked.

She'd been murdered.


Hey, buddy.


We're out of here, man.

Just a sec. Donna's still in there.

- You straightened her out yet?
- I don't know what's up with her, man.


Forget her.
I got it figured, Laura and her.

That cop mentioned something
about the letter J.

We're looking
at some freaking biker.

And some freaking biker's
gonna get his head busted open.

What's his name?
And we'll finish this quick.


Come outside.

Robert, I'll be at home this evening,
if you need a sympathetic ear.

I don't need
any damn sympathetic anything.

You know, dear,
I have no idea what's going on here.

- Let's just go home.

So you were on a picnic, just the two
of you, way up in the mountains.

Not another soul around?

Is there some law
against having a picnic?

Donna, this is interesting to me.

Because with just the two of you
out there, I can't for the life of me

figure out
how these pictures got taken.


Well, that's easy. There was

this, um, hiker that came along.

This woman hiker
had a backpack and...


We asked her
to take the pictures for us.

What was her name?

I don't know.
I don't think we asked her.

I forgot, I don't know.

Donna, who are you protecting?

That's really what happened.

Does this person's name
start with the letter J?

No, she didn't tell us her name.

Donna, this is serious business.

More serious
than Laura falling in love

with someone
other than her boyfriend.

Much more serious than you know.

Agent Cooper,

the sheriff's ready to roll up
to the site.

And I've gut something else
for you here.

You can come on in.

I know Laura was your best friend.

You've been through a lot today.

We're finished here
for the time being.


Go ahead, Lucy,
tell Agent Cooper what you heard.


Now, after you were done with Bobby
and he was taken back to his cell,

well, then his parents were standing
by the door with his lawyer,

and Bobby, he was released,

and he came out
and he saw his friend Mike,

who was down by the water cooler,

- which is near my desk.
- Mm-hm, mm-hm.

Okay, okay.
Well, I pretended to be typing,

but I was typing
what Mike and Bobby were saying.

And, well, they didn't say exactly
who it was they were talking about,

but anyway,
here's what they were saying.

They said the person we're looking for
is a biker.


Looks like a hog to me.

Holy smoke.

Holy smoke.


The Norwegians are leaving.
The Norwegians are leaving.

The Norwegians are leaving.
The Norwegians are leaving.

The Norwegians are gone.

- Everybody gone? Not good.
JULIE: The Norwegians are leaving.

- Norwegians are leaving.
- Listen to me.

You are throwing away the investment
opportunity of a lifetime.

Better that
than to throw a lifetime away.

You stay out of this!

- Ha, ha,
JULIE: The Norwegians are leaving.


Diane, it's 4:10 in the afternoon
at the scene of the crime.

Here's something
we haven't seen before.

A mound of dirt approximately
a foot and a half in diameter.

On the top is a gold necklace
with a gold heart.

Correction, half a gold heart.

At the base of the mound of dirt
is a torn piece of newsprint

written with the words,
which appear to be in blood:

"Fire walk with me."

Sheriff, you and I have gotta find out
who's got the other half of that heart.


Mrs. Home.

Mrs. Horne, it might help
if you talk to Johnny yourself.

So you think it might help?


Well, you can tell Johnny
one more time

that Laura isn't coming this afternoon
to work with him,

Or tomorrow afternoon
or any afternoon.

Now, what is so difficult
to understand about that?

Thank you.

Oh, it fell down.

I knew Laura.
She was always so nice.

When was the last time
she came in?

Oh, I couldn't tell you exactly.
Uh, we have so many boxes.

You don't keep records?

Well, we have plenty of paperwork.

Can you tell me how long
she's had this box?

I'd say about six months.

Um, I could check for you.

Would you, please?

And close the door on the way out.

- Okay.
- Thank you.


"Flesh World"

Man, oh, man.

There's over $10,000 here.

That's a lot of Girl Scout cookies.

Here's a page that's marked.

There's your connection.

Ronette Pulaski.

I can't believe it.

REPORTER [ON TV]: --local
and federal law-enforcement officials

emerging from this abandoned
railway car, which is believed to be---

Shelly, would you please
turn the television set off?

Why, Leo? I wanna see this.

Ronette Pulaski, a second--

Shelly, turn it off.

REPORTER: --apparently escaped
her captor and fled to safety,

remains hospitalized
and in critical condition at Cal--

Shelly, sit down here a minute
and help me out.

What kind of cigarettes
do you smoke?

Whatever's around.

No, you don't.

You smoke these.
What are these doing here?

Come on, Leo,
I pick up different packs

from the diner all the time,
me and Norma.

There's two things, Shelly.

When I come home,
this house should be clean.

- And I mean clean.
- Okay.

Number two, you smoke one brand
of cigarettes from now on,

because if I ever see
two different brands of cigarettes

in this house again,
I'm gonna snap your neck like a twig.

Okay, Leo, you have nothing
to worry about with me, darling.

That's right.


Big Ed's Gas Farm.
This is Ed speaking.

I'm sorry, I know l promised
not to call you there,

but I have to see you.

I feel so bad.

It's okay.

Why don't I, uh, meet you
at the Roadhouse around 9:30?

Thank you, Ed.

I'll see you tonight.

All right, sweetheart.


I think I saw a cottontail rabbit.

It must have been
a snowshoe rabbit.

- Snowshoe?
- Right.

Snowshoe. Snowshoe rabbit.

Who's the babe?

That's one of the most
beautiful women in the state.

Mrs. Packard.

- Packard sawmill?
- Yeah.

Where's Mr. Packard?

Died in a boating accident last year.

Andrew Packard
practically built this town.

Brought her over from Hong Kong
six years ago.

Left her everything,
which didn't exactly please his sister.

That's her right there.

The original deep freeze.

Who's the glad-handing dandy?

Benjamin Home. Local bigwig.
He owns half the town.

He's not after her,
he's after her land.

Who's the lady with the log?

We call her the Log Lady.


Ladies and gentlemen,
if I could have your attention.

Is this thing on?

- Is this thing on?
- Hang on, Dwayne.

Sorry. Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

Thank you, Mayor Milford.

Agent Cooper?


Thank you, sheriff.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Special Agent Dale Cooper.

One year ago, almost to the day,

in a town in the southwest comer
of this state,

the body of a young girl named
Teresa Banks was found.

She had no family. No one
came forward to claim her body.

It wasn't even news. Until today.

There are irrefutable similarities that
for obvious reasons I cannot discuss

that lead us to conclude
that Laura Palmer was the second,

and Ronette Pulaski would have been
the third, victim of the same killer.


Now, there is a chance

that the person
who committed these crimes

is someone from this town,
possibly even someone you know.

You are the leaders
of this community.

It is vitally important
that this not tum into a witch hunt.

I would strongly suggest
a temporary curfew

for those under 18 years of age.

Keeping your kids off the streets now
may teach them a degree of caution

that may protect them in the days
and the weeks to come.

I will remind you
that these crimes occurred at night.

When I left the house,
Sarah was sleeping.

Leland made it
through the day somehow.

I'm not sure
I could've done the same.

Poor dear. Poor Sarah.

Eileen, the brutality,
the madness of it,

I know.

They're not releasing many details,
wisely, I suppose.

At the scene where it happened--
No one else knows this.

--they found part of a necklace.

Half of a golden heart.

It was Laura's.

They know this
because she was wearing it

in a video of a picnic they found.

The reason I'm telling you this

is that Donna
was in the video with her,

and she won't tell them who shot it
or who else was with them.


WILL: But they think the killer
may have the other half of the heart.

Donna, which do you like better:

"The blossom of the evening"
or "the full flower of the evening"?

Now, listen to me. This is serious.

- Well, this is serious too.
- Shh.

I'm going out the window
in a few minutes

and I need you to cover for me.

Aren't you aware
that there's a curfew?

They just announced it on the radio.

Yes, I know there's a curfew, Einstein.
That's why I need you to cover for me.

I suppose this will include
a phone conversation with Mike,

Mr. Bonehead-Boyfriend.

No, this is about Laura.

And it's really, really serious.


- Okay, thank you.
- Ha, ha.

Oh, I'll need to borrow your bike.

Oh, well, then put a little air
in the back tire, would you?

Yeah. Harriet,
don't forget to brush your teeth.


now that some time has passed.

I like "the full blossom
of the evening."


Hey, Snake!

Don't take any oink-oink
off that pretty pig.

Don't you worry about that.


Hi, Dr. Hayward.
I'd, uh, like to talk to Donna.

Donna's upstairs
getting ready for bed, Mike.

You're not drinking and driving,
are you?

Well, we're all pretty broken up
about what happened today, sir.

Bobby's doing most of the driving.

I'll see if she wants to come down.

Mike, would you mind
waiting out here, please?

The best-laid plans
of mice and men.

Snake, man. Let's go!

Where's your sister?

Dad, I'm gonna tell it to you
and I'm gonna tell it to you straight.


See that window?


Donna's not here.

What do you mean? She snuck out?

Maybe you have an idea
where she might have gone.

Maybe you can help us find her.

Oh, we'll find her.
Don't you worry about that.


Let's go.


Sheriff, I got a call for you
from Dr. Hayward.

I explained to him that you were
on a stakeout at the Roadhouse

but he stiff would very much like
to talk to you.

Go ahead, Lucy, patch him through.

I'm gonna patch him through
to you now, sheriff.

I'm patching you through now,
Dr. Hayward.

Harry, my daughter Donna

snack out of the house.

I don't know where she's gone.

Doc, you rest easy now.
I'm gonna put out an all-points for her.

We'll keep our eyes peeled.

Thanks, Harry.

You betcha.

Lucy, you take care
of that all-points now, okay?

All right, sheriff.

Of course Donna snuck out.

Meaning what?

Meaning how else
is she gonna lead us to that biker?


Then I saw your smile

ED: This whole afternoon
I've been hanging drapes.

- Drapes?
- Drapes.

Lots of them.

You know how I feel about you, Ed.

Don't do it for me, do it for yourself.

- It's Tammy Wynette time, darling.
ED: Yeah?

What about you and Hank?

I told you, I'm gonna leave Hank.

Before or after he gets paroled?

I love you. Ed.

I'm gonna do what's best
for both of us.

When your sweetheart's husband's
in the joint for manslaughter,

the word "parole"
has got a nasty ring to it.



Are we falling in love?

You know why I'm whittling?

Okay, I'll bite again.
Why are you whittling?

Because that's what you do
in a town

where a yellow light
still means slow down, not speed up.

Mike and Bobby.

They're liable
to be a little trouble this evening.

There is a love

Meant for me

The nightingale

It flew to me

And told me

That it found my love

Scotty, Mutt and Jeff just crawled in.

Oh, what a wonderful world.

Looks like sooner than later.


Why don't you whistle
for a little backup?

TRUMAN: I can see
which way the Wind's blowing.

Lucy, get us a backup unit down here
at the Roadhouse right away.

Make that two backup units.

And call Dr. Hayward. Tell him
we found his daughter and she's fine.

All right, sheriff.


What are you sneaking around for?
Everybody's looking for you.


- You and Laura, you're the same.
- Get your hands off me!

Leave me alone. Get off me!

- No!
DONNA: Get your hands off me!

Let go of me!

- That's enough!

You heard him. Let me go.

Lights out, Mr. Monkey-Wrench.


- You guys got it covered?
- That's right. No sweat.

Don't worry, I'll lake you to James.


Joey Paulson.

- That's a J.
- No, he's taking her to somebody else.

TRUMAN: I suppose you want me
to follow them at a discreet distance.

Harry, you're all right.


Hold on.

Do you think they spotted us?

Give me a doughnut.

Well, Harry, I think we lost them.

Man, smell those trees.

Smell those Douglas firs.

I think I hear them.

- What's down there?
- An old logging road.

The only access is five miles back
at the Packard Mill.

And I told Doc Hayward
his daughter was okay.

My fault, Harry, not yours.

JAMES: Thanks, Joey.
JOEY: No problem, James.

James, they're looking for you.

I'm gonna talk to them.
But I think they're gonna lock me up.


I don't have an alibi for last night.
I was with her.

James, what happened last night?

It was kind of like a nightmare.

Donna, she was a different person.

What are you saying?

I'm telling you, there were things
she was involved with.

Things she let herself get pulled into.
Things she thought you'd hate her for.

She said,
"There are things about me."

She said,
"Even Donna doesn't know me.“

I knew her.

I knew her
better than she thought I did.

Donna, she said something
about a guy getting killed.

- Who?
- She didn't say.

But she said

Bobby told her
that he killed this guy.

Oh, my God.

This is why I had to see you.

It all makes some kind of terrible sense
that she died, that someone killed her.

I don't know, I can't explain it.

I didn't know whether
to believe any of this last night.

I mean, half the time
she wasn't making any sense.

I couldn't calm her down.

I could hardly keep her on the bike.

We came to the light
at Sparkwood and 21, and she...

She put her hands around my neck

and she screamed she loved me.

I looked into her eyes.
They were clear.

It was like she was Laura again.
She was so sad.

She sounded so desperate.

Then she ran off.
I let her go and she died.

Oh, it's okay.

It's not your fault, James.

Ifs okay.

James. it's all right. James.


Oh, my God.

I'm sorry.

Oh, my God.

I changed my mind.

I'm not sorry.




Oh, James.

Those are sirens.

I've got to go to the police.

I don't have an alibi.

After she left, I just rode around
most of the night.

James, the necklace
you gave Laura with the golden heart.

You have to give me the other half.


Because they found the half
where she was killed

and they think the killer
will have the other half.

If you go down there
with the necklace and no alibi...

- What about you?
- I'll get rid of it,

- No.
- I'll hide it.

All right. We'll bury it.


- Right here.
- Okay.

I'll take you home.


- What goes around comes around.
- Around and around.


- That's not Joey, that's James Hurley.
- He'll do.

James, stand away from the bike.
Stand away from the girl.

Put your hands behind your head.

He didn't do anything.

She's probably right.


He didn't do anything.

Lucy, gel an arrest form ready.

Doc, I'm gonna release her to you.

But I want her back up here for
questioning first thing in the morning.

All right, Harry.

Andy, Hawk,
put James back in Number 4.


Ifs gonna be all right.


We'll be back to check on you later.

Good night, officers.


I'm sorry, Dad.

Donna, after what happened today,
I'm sure you understand

what you put your mother
and me through tonight.

But I also know you well enough
to know you wouldn't have done it

unless you had a good reason.

But we also have another problem
facing us, young lady.

Where's your sister's bicycle?

Uh, I left it at the Roadhouse.

Well, we'll have to go get it.

I understand you promised Harriet
you'd put some air in the back tire.

Yes, I did.

We're so thankful
to have a daughter like you.

A policeman's dream.

Lucy sets it up for us every night.

Sheriff, is everything okay?

There's extra jelly doughnuts
for Agent Cooper

and there's some extra decaf.

You know, Andy's been drinking
so much caffeinated coffee lately--

Thank you, Lucy.

You can go back to work now,
and no listening.

Sheriff, that reminds me.

Can you recommend to me
a good inexpensive hotel or motel?

Now, it doesn't have to be fancy,
and I mean that.

I can get you a good rate
up at The Great Northern.

Because, you know, I think
I'm gonna be here for some time,

and these motels,
they'll promise you a good rate,

and when you get there
it's a whole different story.

Now, all I need is a bed,
a bathroom, a telephone,

and sometimes a television,
in the unlikely event that one day

I'll get a chance to knock off early.

I can get you a good rate
up at The Great Northern.


Well, tomorrow comes early.

Diane, it's 12:28 a.m.

Looks like I'll be staying locally at a
place called The Great Northern Hotel.

Sheriff's getting me a rate.

When you least expect it.



Hello, sheriff.

Hey, Jo.

I understand
you wanted to see the sheriff up here.

Yes, I did.

Right over here.

He's here again.

Let's get together and talk about it.

All right.

All right.

It must have happened
about this time 24 hours ago.

I'm afraid.

Laura, “now” means now.

Laura, are you downstairs?







I saw him!




Hello? Lucy Moran's residence.
This is Lucy.

Lucy? Lucy?

Shh. Shh.

I'm trying to talk on the telephone.


Lucy, this is Leland Palmer.

I'm trying to get in touch
with the sheriff, Sheriff Truman.

He's not at home.
Now, can you tell me where he is?

You know, Mr. Palmer,
I'm not at the sheriff's office,

and since I'm not there,
I'm over at my house,

and I don't have any idea
where he is.

Lucy, listen to me, please.

My wife has just remembered.

She believes that she saw the killer
this morning in Laurels bedroom.

No. How is that possible?

I don't know, I don't know.

But if that's what she believes,
then we have to do something about it.

Now, she thinks
that she might be able

to help somebody draw the face
of the man that she remembers.

Deputy Tommy "The Hawk" Hill

is our police sketch artist.
He's very good.

And you know what?

The pictures
look just like the people he's drawing.

Good. Uh, have Sheriff Truman, then,
and that deputy

come right over here right away,

Okay. You know, I've got an idea.

As soon as we hang up,

I'll try the sheriff in his car,
in his cruiser,

and tell him everything you told me.

Thank you, Lucy. Thank you.

That was Mr, Palmer.

He told me
that he thinks his wife remembered

that this morning, possibly,
when she was in her daughter's room,

that she saw-- Hello, sheriff?

Isn't that funny?
I had a feeling you'd be in your cruiser.

- Sheriff?
- Yeah, Lucy, what is it?

Mrs. Palmer was
in her daughter's room this morning,

and she just remembered that--
Are you sitting down?

. Uh--
- Oh, of course you are. You're driving.

She just remembered
that she saw the killer.

You're kidding?

And they want you and Hawk
to come over to their house.

She wants Hawk to make a sketch.

I'll be right there. Ten minutes.

And just when
we were getting ready for bed.

Oh, Punky.



Ahem. Agent Cooper.

Were you sleeping?

Yes. Who is this?

It's a strange night.

There's something in the air.

Can you feel it?

You know about Teresa Banks,
that pretty girl they found last year?

- Yes, I know about Teresa.
- I know the man who did her.

And I know about the stitches
with the red thread.

And there's more
I think you'd enjoy hearing.

I'm at the hospital now.

I'm on my way.


Agent Cooper.

Hi, Agent Cooper. It's Lucy, from work.

Lucy, are you still at work?

No. Andy and I are over at my place.

Andy was playing the trumpet
and we were getting ready for bed.

- And do you know what happened?
- No, tell me.

Well, Mrs. Palmer was
in her daughter's room this morning,

and she remembered
that she saw the killer, she thinks.

And so Hawk and the sheriff

are over at the Palmers' right now,
making a sketch.

You tell the sheriff to get that sketch
and meet me at the hospital.

- The hospital?
- Yeah, the hospital, and hurry.

Diane. Just woken from a sound sleep
at the Great Northern Hotel.

It's Room 315.

It's 2:24 am.

Received two phone calls
back to back.

The first from a man unknown to me

who had certain
confidential information

about the Teresa Banks murder.

I'm on my way to meet him now
at the hospital.

At the same time,

Mrs. Palmer apparently remembered
or had a vision of the killer,

The sheriff is on his way to her now,
and he'll meet me afterwards.


When two events
happen simultaneously,

to the same object of inquiry,

we must always pay strict attention.

He's unarmed.

He wants to see you,

and he wants to see you
in this particular room.

Uh, don't turn on the overheads.

The fluorescents don't work.

I think your transformer's bad.

- We know that.
- Hmm. Yes.

Wasn't Laura Palmer here earlier?

Through the darkness of fume past

The magician longs to see

One chants out between two worlds

Fire, walk with me

We lived among the people.

I think you say "convenience store."

We lived above it.

I mean it like it is, like it sounds.

My name is Mike.

His name is Bob.

You were in an elevator here
this afternoon at 1:30.

Mm-hm. I was looking for Bob.
He sometimes works among the infirm-

The injured of the species.

I was watching, Mr. Cooper,
for over a year,

waiting for Bob to come out again.

I have known of your interest
in the results of his endeavors.

I, too, have been touched
by the devilish one.

Tattoo on the left shoulder.

Oh. But when I saw the face of God,

I was changed.

I took the entire arm off.

We'd like to show you
a police sketch of Bob, for verification.

Oh, of course.

No. No, that is not Bob.

That's Bob.

That's the man
Ms. Palmer identified.

- Where is Bob?
- He's here, right here.

He's downstairs in the basement.



Welcome to the killer's lair.

Come down.

I won't hurt you.

Come down.

Is Mike with you?



I so much
wanted to sing with him again.



Mike? Can you hear me?

Heads up

Tails up

Running to be with scallywag

Night falls

Morning calls

Catch you with my death bag

The letters.

- What were the letters gonna spell?
- "Robert."

That's my proper name.

Teresa's was with a T.

That's right.

You may think I've gone insane.

But I promise,

I will kill again.

Like hell!


You got a nickel?


It hurts something terrible.


Well, you took your tum, Bob.

Bob, wail till it's your time.

Make a wish.



But it- It is Laura Palmer.

Are you Laura Palmer?