Twin Peaks (2017): Season 1, Episode 12 - Part 12 - full transcript

An old FBI case gets new recruits after many years while well-known residents of Twin Peaks face problems.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Thank God Gordon
stocks the plane

from his own wine cellar.

No, you'll be
the one to tell her.

Ignore the strange man.

- Here's to the bureau.
- To the bureau.

To the bureau.



Okay, here's what
you need to know.

Please speak succinctly,

and do not make any loud,
sharp noises.

In 1970,
the United States Air Force

shut down Project Blue Book,

their 20-year investigation
into UFOs.

They concluded that
no credible evidence existed

and therefore they posed
no threat to national security.

In other words,
a massive cover-up.



A few years later,
the military and FBI

formed a top secret task force

to explore
the troubling abstractions

raised by cases
Blue Book failed to resolve.

We called it the Blue Rose
after a phrase

uttered by a woman
in one of these cases

just before she died

which suggested these answers
could not be reached

except by an alternate path
we've been traveling ever since.

Gordon suggested an agent
by the name of Phillip Jeffries

to head the squad.

He soon recruited three others:

myself, Chet Desmond,
and Dale Cooper.

Perhaps you haven't
failed to notice

that I'm the only one
of that group

who hasn't disappeared
without explanation,

which has led to a certain
reluctance on Gordon's part

to bring new blood
into the fold...

until tonight.

Agent Preston,

you've been on our radar

since you made the honors list
at George Washington High,

not to mention
the dean's list at MIT

and top of your class
at Quantico.

You're asking me to join
the Blue Rose task force.


I'm in.

I'll brief you in detail
in the morning.


To Tammy and the Blue Rose.

The Blue Rose.

The Blue Rose.

Diane's on her way.

Have a seat, Diane.

Care for a drink?

I like it on the rocks.

Well, you're in luck.

The Dakotas are still
in the Ice Age.


we know your work
with Agent Cooper has given you

more than a passing insight
into the Blue Rose.

Even though you're no longer
a part of the bureau,

we'd like to deputize you.

On a temporary basis,

because we really need
your help.

What's in it for me?

Some cash.

Not much.

Maybe the satisfaction
of learning what happened

to your friend Cooper.

Let's rock.

Uh, could I have a carton
of Salems, please?

How much is it?


I don't remember seeing
those beef jerky there before.

Uh, that's new.

What type is it?

Uh, it's turkey, not beef.

Is it smoked?

Uh, I-I think so.

It's the same as beef jerky,

except it's made from turkey.

Were you here
when they first came?

Uh, yes.

They brought it in
a couple weeks ago.

Your room seems different.

And men are coming.

I'm-I'm not sure I know
what you mean.

I am trying to tell you

that you have to watch out!

Things can happen!

Something happened to me.

Something happened to me!

I don't feel good.
I don't feel good.

I don't feel good.

I don't feel good!


Sarah, s-stop doing this.

Should-should I call a doctor?

Stop doing this.
Stop doing this.

Okay. Leave this place.

Find the car key.
Find the car key.

Get the car key.

Get the car...
Get the goddamn car key!


I know where she lives.

I can d-deliver them.

I guess.


I want to ask you something.

You been selling
your blood again?

Yes, sir.

Now, Kriscol, did you install
a new propane tank

for Jenkins last week?

Yes, sir.

Did you get paid for that?

No, sir.

Do you mow lawns around here

and rake up?

Yes, sir.

Do you get paid for that?

No, sir.

Okay, Kriscol.

Here's 50 bucks for the work.

Plus don't pay me
for any rent this month.

- What?
- Rent is due soon.

Don't pay it this month.

And the next time
you're thinking

about selling your blood,

come talk to me about it.

I don't like it.

I don't like people
selling their blood to eat.

It's true
the hospital medical people

need people to donate blood,

but you've given enough already.

Yes, sir.

Keep your blood, Kriscol.

Yes, sir.

Hello, Sarah.


Been meaning to stop by.

Some old cases popped up,
and I thought about you.

That's very kind of you,

but I suppose you're really here

because of what happened
in the grocery store.

Yeah, I heard about that.

Uh, people were worried
about you.

I just don't know
what came over me.

But, uh, you're okay now.

I feel fine now.

- Is somebody in the house?
- No.

No, just something
in the kitchen.

You're okay, then.

It's a goddamn bad story,

isn't it, Hawk?

Sarah, if you need any help,

if you need anything,

I want you to call, okay?

I mean it.

Help of any kind.

Thanks, Hawk.

- Excuse me.
- Hmm?

Sheriff Truman is here.

Yeah, please, have him come in.


Good to see you.

How are you?

Have a seat.



What can I do for you?

There's no easy way
to say this, Ben.

Your grandson Richard

was the one who ran over
and killed that little boy.

Oh, my God.


And it looks like he tried

to kill the only witness
who saw him do it.

Miriam Sullivan.

Nursery school teacher.

She's in intensive care.

No insurance.

Desperately needs an operation.

I was hoping that you could...

Of course.
Of course.

I'll take care of it.


That boy has never been right.

Sorry to have
to bring you this news.

Harry, your brother,

has had a number of run-ins
with Richard.

Nothing too bad, but each time

was worse
than the time before, and...

Does Harry know about this?


We stay in touch.

And Richard is...
Where is he? Is he in jail?

He's on the run.

If you hear from him

I doubt that.

We pretty much lost contact

when I refused
to give him more money.

How's Harry?

He's hanging in there.

Course, we're hoping
for the best.

Of course.

And that girl?

Is she in the hospital here?


Intensive care?


And the boy's parents?

As you can imagine.

I was going to send this
to Harry.

What's that?

The key here.

Showed up in the mail
the other day.

We haven't used a key like this

in over 20 years.

Room 315.

I'm pretty sure
that this is the key

to Agent Cooper's old room.

I thought Harry would like
to have it as a memento.

You think he would?


Yeah, Ben.

You want me to take it for him?



You think he would like it?



We're just opening up
an old case

involving Agent Cooper.


this key shows up
after all these years.


I thought so too.

I really think he would like it.

It'd mean a lot to him.

I'm sorry, Ben,
to bring you this news.

Good to see you again.

Wish it was under
better circumstances.


I'll let you know if, uh...

if I hear from him.

I'll let you know
if we have more news.

Thanks, Frank.

For Harry.


my grandson,

killed that little boy.

I am so sorry.

Richard never had a father.

I remember...

I remember riding.

My father got me
this old Schwinn...


He painted it green,

got a new seat for it.

Two-tone green, kind of a...

kind of a lime green
and a deep forest green.

Fat tires.

Oh, it was so hard to ride,

but I loved that bike.

I loved that bike.

I'd ride with my friends.

Call the hospital.

I want you to arrange to pay

for all of Miriam, uh...

I don't even remember
her last name,

but they'll-they'll know
who she is.

All of Miriam's
medical expenses.

Richard assaulted her.

She needs an operation.

Beverly, please take care
of this right away.

Yeah, of course.

I'll do it right now.

I loved that bike.

I loved that bike

that my father got for me.

The trap was set.

They waited till after midnight,

and then, 75 strong,
they came up over the mountain,

sirens wailing, guns drawn...



would you please ask your friend
to wait downstairs?

Sweetheart, would you excuse us
for a moment?

I'll call you in the bar.

Oui, mon chéri.

Très chic.

Très bon.

It's a good one.

Call you at the bar.

She's here visiting a friend
of her mother

whose daughter has gone missing.

The mother owns a turnip farm.

I told her to tell the mother

that her daughter
will turn up eventually.

She didn't get it either.

Being French,
it doesn't translate.

Do you realize, Albert,

that there are
more than 6,000 languages

spoken on Earth today?

What is it, Albert?

Incoming to Diane:

"Las Vegas?"


"They haven't asked yet."

What do we know

that we haven't asked her about?

We'll figure it out.

But for now, I'd really like
to get back

to this fine Bordeaux.

What kind is it?



sometimes I really worry
about you.

You sure?

I'm sure.

We don't have time
for torture, babe.

I'm hungry.

Passed a Wendy's back there.

Just shoot him.

Okay, I'm there.

I can shoot him in the legs.

We kidnap him.

Then you could torture him.

Told you, I'm hungry.

Just making sure.

He's here.



Next stop, Wendy's.

Daddy! Daddy!



It's seven o'clock.

Do you know
where your freedom is?

Coming to you live

and electrified from studio A,

high atop the escarpments
of White Tail Peak,

the roof...
Ruff, ruff...

Of the American Hindu Kush,

this is Dr. Amp

doing the vamp for liberty,

climbing the ramp to justice,

and lighting the lamp
of freedom.


what's on your mind tonight?

I mean, you know I'm gonna
tell you what's on mine.

We're sinking down deep
in the mud.

Act now!


we all live in the mud.

In the shit!

Shovel your way

out of the shit.

This is your shiny gold shovel.

Two coats, guaranteed.

Shovel your way out of the shit

and into the truth.

It's working for me, Dr. Amp.

Dig yourself
out of the shit... $29.99.

That's right.

Only $29.99 plus shipping.

Accept no substitute.

Get yours now.

And the fucks are at it again!

These giant
multinational corporations

are filled
with monstrous vermin,

poisonous, vile murderers,

and they eat, drink,
and shit money.

They buy our politicians
for a song.

Then these fucking politicians

sing as we gag and cough,

sold down the river to die.

Fuck you who betray the people
you were elected to help,

elected to work to help

to make life better for.

Fuck you all in the ass,
you fucking treasonous puppets!

The ninth level of hell
will welcome you.

Okay, I'm tired of waiting
for the phone to ring.

I'm going to the Roadhouse.

I know he couldn't stand
that place,

but we've checked
everywhere else.

Are you coming with me?

look at this paperwork I have,

and I've got a deadline.

Look, stacks of it.

How can I leave this
and go out so late at night?

I want to find Billy
same as you, but...

can't we start out
in the light of day?

It's a new moon tonight.
It'll be dark out there.

Stay here and get a good sleep,

and we'll both
go looking tomorrow.

What kind of shit are you?

If you were missing,
would you want people

finishing their fucking homework

before they went looking
for you?

You're nothing but a spineless,

no-balls loser.

Do you know that?

Do you?

Because that's what
you really are.


I have a deadline.

I have to do this.

Why do you put me down for doing
my allotted duty in life?

Billy is out there somewhere,

but you're not gonna
find him tonight.

I guarantee it.

Oh, you know for certain.

What fucking crystal ball
are you looking into?

Why don't you ask
your crystal ball

where the fuck Billy is,

who's been missing for two days?


Ask your ball.

Come on, Audrey.

You know I don't have
a crystal ball.

It's already late,
and I'm getting sleepy.

I have so much more work to do
before I get to sleep.

You poor fucking thing.

I told you, don't talk that way
to your husband.

I've been good to you.

You always say it,

how I've been good to you.

Who cares?


I got to thank you
every hour on the hour,

get on my knees and adore you?

Audrey, I don't like
the tone of your voice.

Look, Charlie,

let's just call a spade a spade.

You have no balls.

That's why I'm in love
with Billy.

That's why I am fucking Billy.


I saw Billy
in my dream last night,

and he was bleeding
from the nose and mouth.

And dreams sometimes
hearken a truth.

Now, I got to go, Charlie.

I asked for your company,

your protection,

but you're such a milquetoast,

the only protection would be
me protecting you.

And Tina...

I got to find Tina.

She was the last person
to see Billy,

and I can't fucking stand
being in the same room with her.

You were supposed to call her,

but you never did.

Don't be sore at me, Audrey.

You know I just want
the best for you.


Well, then sign
the papers I gave you.

Uh, I don't know, Audrey.

Those papers...

there's something fishy
about them.

I'm not signing anything
until I run them by my lawyer.

Oh, I see.

Maybe I should run them by Paul.

Maybe I should have Paul
come give you a visit.

Don't, Audrey.

Don't be like this.

I'm your lawfully wedded

I have rights.

You gave up those rights.


You mean you'd go back
on our contract?

Renege on a contract?

That's what I will do.

That's what I'm doing.

Okay, Audrey.

I'll go with you.

I'm so sleepy, but I'll go.

Where are we going?

We're going to the Roadhouse.

I told you.

Oh, Audrey.

I'll go, then.

I'll need my jacket.

I see you've already got yours.

Uh, yeah, what the fuck
do you think?

I told you we were going out.

Obviously I'll need my jacket.

There's thousands
of square miles of woods

out there, Audrey.

Do you think we're just
gonna walk out the door

or waltz into the Roadhouse
and presto,

there he'll be?

Just get your jacket.


Wait a minute.


Let me call her now, okay?

I know, I'll tell her
I'm alone, but...

let's see if she knows anything.

If her husband's there,

she won't be able to talk,

let's see.


Okay, call the bitch.
See what she knows.

Supposedly she was
the last one to see Billy,

but I think Chuck
is certifiable,

so we can't count on shit
from him.

Chuck told you Tina was
the last person to see Billy?


Did you know that Chuck
stole Billy's truck last week?

What are you talking about?

Billy came out of his house

and saw Chuck driving off
with his truck.


And Billy called the sheriff.


And they found the truck
that same afternoon.

So what happened, then?

They called Billy,

and I guess
Billy got his truck back

and dropped any charges.



Call Tina.

I'm so tired, Audrey.


Yes, Tina.
It's Charlie.

How are you?


Yeah, I know.

Sorry to call so late.

I wanted to ask you something.


Yeah, so Chuck told me

you might have been
the last person to see Billy.

Is this true?


Yeah, I know that.

You're sure?




Yes, Tina.


How did you find...


Oh, my goodness.

Thank you, Tina.


I'll talk to you soon.

I'll try tomorrow.

Yeah, again,
sorry to call so late.

what you're telling me.

I won't.


I promise.

Yeah, me too.


You're not gonna tell me
what she said?

You're not gonna
tell me what she said?


I know you're closed.



"Co... or...

din... ates...

plus two."

Where's Angela?

I haven't got a clue.

She was supposed to show
last night.

She didn't show then either.

She might be with Clark.



They've been hanging out lately.



You look surprised.

Yeah, 'cause I saw Clark
and Mary together here,

like, two nights ago.

I hate her.


And Angela fucking
really hates her too.

What were they doing?

Like, practically making out.

Slow dancing
and getting real close.

Over in the corner.

Off in their own world.

Lots of people saw 'em.

Angela's gonna go crazy

when she gets wind of this.

She's getting really serious
about Clark.

He's been on her
for a couple of weeks now.

She's even dreaming
about the guy.


I guess Clark's
spreading it around.

And she's off her meds now.

I hope Clark
doesn't fuck this up.

She won't be able to take it,
I don't think.

Well, yeah.

She's kind of on the edge.

Who wouldn't be?

Losing her mom like that?


- Yeah.
- Hey!

I almost got fucking killed
coming over here.

Some fucking ass-eater's heading
toward me on the highway

and runs me off the road.

All I see is two headlights

coming fucking right at me.

I drove off the road
and almost hit a tree.

Some farmer had to pull me out.

Man, I could kill
the motherfucker that did that.

I need a beer.
Obviously you want one too.

- Do you want another one?
- Yeah, sure.

All right, I'll be right back.

Thanks, Trick.

Trick's lucky to be alive,
sounds like.

Sure does.

By the way, isn't Trick
under house arrest?

No. I-I mean, yeah,

but he got that behind him now.

He's a free man again.

A free man.