True Detective (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Episode #3.5 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
And everything pointed
to a girl being dead.

We were wrong.

Let's find out why.

The way Will's body was...

It's almost as if there was
an element of affection in it.

I found this spot they
played in the woods.

They were meeting somebody.

Julie had been excited
about seeing an aunt?

She doesn't have any aunts.

The dolls. Somebody bought 'em.

All we know, man's got a dead eye.

Sound like anybody in the community?

Mr. Whitehead. Where were
you the night of the 7th?

They trying to fix me up!

Calm the fuck down!

If word's out now this girl's alive,

there's a real possibility
there's people somewhere

don't want that to remain the case.

Drained quarry in southern Missouri.

Dental records identify
the remains as Dan O'Brien.

What I really need is
for you to find Roland.

I need his memory, son.

We got a hit on the bike. Freddy Burns?

I know brothers inside
will tear your guts up.

Woodard! You was warned off them kids!

We comin' in! You ain't comin' out!

Back up!

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We're doin' an APB,

but we're keepin' the public out of it.

That'd hurt us if she
don't want to be found.

Like Wayne said,

somebody else might
be lookin' for her too.

We're sending it to Oklahoma.
The Missouri State Police.

How much do we think this is really her?

I think it's her.

Show it to the father,
see what he thinks.

He don't know what she looks
like now any more'n we do.

He could make it into
her, even if it's not.

Just give him somethin'
else to hurt about,

and I ain't gonna do that to the man.

So we don't know it's her.

We find her, we can ask.

What else?

I got the file on the mother, Lucy,

from Clark County Sheriff's.

August 12th, 1988.

Housekeeping found her,

motel in Paradise, Nevada,

right outside Vegas.

She'd been stayin'
there 'bout three weeks.

The OD fits.

Right. Old news.

The cousin, Dan O'Brien... No luck yet.

Did nine months Missouri
Eastern Correctional.

Bad checks. '85-'86.

Have him in Vegas, '87.
Then he drops off the map.

Vegas, like Lucy.

- Morelli?
- Yeah, uh, found a few former residents,

just repeated what they
remember, nothin' jumped out.

Had one guy said a
plainclothes took his statement,

but there's no record of that interview.

Excuse me, uh, Lieutenant West.

They're wantin' me to make a statement.

- That's Lucy.
- You shouldn't be here, Tom.

- That picture.
- You don't wanna see that.

Come on, now.

I never saw it, man,
didn't really know it...

- I'll tell ya about it...
- Who's that?

Who's that, Lieutenant?
Is that someone...

- Lieutenant, who is that?
- Listen to me.

Calm down, Tom.

All right, I'm sorry.

I never, uh...

I never saw that room.

Is that where she was livin'?

You shouldn't've seen
that. Try and forget it.

What are you doin' here?

They wanted me to make
a statement. On TV.

So I...

Do you know somethin' you haven't...

What are you lookin' at Lucy for?

We're just gettin' started.

I told you, Tom, we find
something out, I'll let you know.

Yeah, but that girl. The
black-and-white picture.

Who was she?

- Does she look familiar?
- Shut up.

- Here, look close.
- Who is this?

Is this my baby girl?

What do you think?

Get back in the squad room. Now.

You need to go home.

I'm gonna give you a call later.

All right?

Who is this?

Is that her?

Is that what she looks like?

Tell me.

You were in that, huh?



Get out here!


We comin' in

if you ain't comin' out!

What's goin' on here?!

Back up!

What's happening? Huh?


Let's go!



Aw, fuck! Gaah!

Stay put.

Ya think I'm fuckin' goin' somewhere?!

- That you, Sergeant?
- Put it down, man.

I gotcha.

Just put it down.

I had you.

Out front.

That double-tap on the door?

I don't miss 'less I mean to.

All right.

Let me return the favor.

Put it down, and I'll
walk you out of here.

I might've been within my rights...

'fore I took out those cops.

We'll get you help, man.

Got all kinda veteran affairs
shit can work in your favor.

I don't want it to work in my favor.

You gon' put this on me, huh?

Nobody made you take the job.

I'll put one in your knee.

Then I'll kill you.

I'm'a count to three, in my head....

and when I hit three...

I'm gonna give you a full burst.

I'm countin', Sarge.

Hey, hey, hey!

I'm speakin' to Julie now

in the hopes that she's out there.

Julie, if you see or hear this,

please, please call.

Call me or call the police number.

I'm sorry I let these years go by.

But I love you forever, Julie,

and we just want to
know that you're okay.

And for you to know that...

you can come home.

And if somebody's keeping
you from coming home,

we won't stop lookin'
for you, sweetheart.

I'll never stop now.

And anyone who might know
anything about my daughter,

I ask you to please come forward.

The police have got a hotline,

and there'll be a reward for any
information that leads us to her.

Please, keep Julie in
your prayers. God bless.

Do you now believe that
Mr. Woodard was innocent?

What about the evidence?

I don't know.

I-I just know that...

my daughter's out there, and...

for so long I thought she wasn't.

Do you think the police fumbled
the initial investigation?

Mr. Purcell won't be
taking questions right now.

Mr. Attorney General,
what about this petition

to have the original
conviction overturned?

The possibility of the Purcell girl

being alive doesn't
change our conclusion

that Brett Woodard murdered Will
Purcell and kidnapped his sister.

Now, what he may have done
with her, we can't know.

David and Josie Woodard

want their father's name cleared.

Now, we all understand the
violence Brett Woodard committed,

and view it as the reaction of a man

persecuted by the violence of others.

And regardless, we
insist he is not guilty

of hurtin' those children.

We contend his posthumous
conviction was fraudulent

and a significant dereliction of duty

on the part of the
prosecutin' attorney's office.

Is this a mandate against Gerald Kindt?

It's a mandate against
the lack of due process

that could allow somethin'
like this to happen.

- Excuse me.
- What about the evidence

found at the Woodard place...

Where was this Perry Mason shit in '80?

Even bein' a lawyer, you ought
to know this is outta line.

Press is the only
language he understands.

You're tellin' me you didn't
enjoy that look on his face?

It's not about you, or your old boss.

Maybe consider that man tryin'
to get his daughter back.

- Those his kids?
- Uh-huh.

They know who I am?

Motherfucker made me carry his water.

Like I need more of them memories.

It's good to see you back
on the job, Detective Hays.

Freddy around?

He's changing oil.

Can't take anything new.

We're old friends.

Who remembers?

I saw the Trash Man guy, Woodard,

but he was headin'
away from Devil's Den.

Them two kids was ridin' towards it.

Don't mean anything.

He coulda doubled back.

Yeah, sure. I mean, he did it, right?

And you're the one killed him, huh?

I seen you in the paper back then.

We just wanted to know if
you remembered that night.

Maybe you could take
us through it again.

You must be a stone-cold killer, huh?

- Plenty tough with teenagers.
- That night,

you told us Will was
alone when you saw him.

Where was the girl?

- Where was the sister?
- How would I know?

He was all nervous, like,
"I can't find my sister.

I don't know where they went."


He said "they"?

I'm pretty sure he did.

I don't know, you wanna slap
me around some, make sure?

He give you any indication
who they might be?

You two can't be very good at your job.

Comin' back ten years later,
try hangin' this on me.

Nobody's hangin' anything on you.

Maybe killer here wants to see
can he make me piss my pants.

That don't seem like a very tall order.

Come on, then.

Bounce me off the walls,
you black motherfucker.

'Cause you think there's
something you can do to me,

you might wanna take
another look at my life.

Hold on, now.

Mr. Burns,

I understand your hard feelin's.

But we just needed you to remember.

And not for nothin'.

Things might be what they are...

'cause you're the type like
bullyin' somebody weaker than you.

Hmm. And you don't?

I was a teenager, me.
What's your excuse?

I wanna thank you for
your help, Mr. Burns.

Maybe you let me know,
you remember anything else.

Mrs. Burns.

Don't you wanna call me
a shit-heel twerp again?

Tell me how I'm gonna get ass-raped?

Believe that guy?

Actin' like I ruined his life?

Please explain to me all the
hardships and tribulations

of bein' a white man in this country.

Verified Woodard's location,
which don't mean much.

But "they"...

Makes me think we need to
get back on who those kids

were meetin' in the forest.

I'm gonna tell you, when I was his age,

age he was in the room with
us, I was in the fuckin' jungle.

And them toys we found in the woods?

We need to run those
unknown prints again.

They didn't even have a database in '80.

I made the kid skip college?

So what do you think?

I think that whole
generation's a bunch of pussies.

You left Mena, 16.

You been on the streets this whole time?

I been all over.

Went as far west as
Boulder a few years back.

You said you recognize this woman?

Yeah. With the same crew a while.

You know, other kids.

We had a good little family.

But she didn't stay long.

What's her name?

Mary, she said.

Mary July.

Was that her real name? I don't know.

She tell you anything about herself?

Where she was from?

I wasn't close with her or anything.

A little nutty.

How's that?

Like, couldn't get straight
on what year it was.

Tell some story how she's a
secret princess or somethin'.

Any idea where she mighta gone?

No, sir. Really.

I'd try talkin' to workin' girls.

A lot of 'em end up trickin'.

She ever do drugs?

Not that I saw.

Some of her stories,
seemed like she used.

She's, uh... a "princess."

From "the pink rooms."

I don't know.

Hey. said she'd lost a brother.

She was lookin' for her
brother. That's right.

- Did she...
- What happened with her brother?

She say?

I think they got put apart
when she was young, I dunno.

- She act like she was runnin' from anybody?
- I don't know.

You hear that kind of thing, but...

everybody on the road's
runnin' from somebody.

Write down names.

Anybody in that crew with ya,
anybody else mighta known her.

They're not in trouble.

And they'll get a favor
to call in with the police.

Mary July?

Don't know that's our girl.

It's her.

The missin' brother. That's her.

I'm just sayin'...

don't want us fixatin'.

Hey. Till we find her, this is her.

Hookers and runaways. Let's go.

- What about...
- Spent a few days all over the place.

- ...called "Mary."
- Runaways, workin' girls.

- Ask you a coupla questions.
- Nobody knew.

Or maybe they did, but
nobody talked to us.

Were you aware that one of the officers
who processed the Woodard scene,

Harris James, went missing in 1990

during the second investigation?



No, I didn't.

Who was that?

The field statements said
you talked to him in '90.

A lot people around this thing are dead.

A lot of people gone.

People do that, miss.

Most people I ever knew are gone.


They've done all right, huh?

Hate these suburbs.

Like a plastic factory.

Hello, hello! Welcome!

I'm so glad to meet y'all. I'm Lori.

- Come on in.
- Hey.


All right.

Your home is beautiful. It really is.

Well, thank you.

We got it after his promotion.

Man been rentin' his whole life.

I said, "You're an adult.
You can afford to own a home."

Too much commitment for this one.

Naw, just, like, if
somethin's needs fixin',

I pick up the phone and
say, "Fix this shit."

Now I gotta fix this shit.

You two been together
this whole time? Since '80?

I saw these two meet.

And I saw you two meet.

I messed with him a bit
first time he saw you.

We were together two years,

and then we split.

And about three years later,

we run into each other at the IGA.

So this time now, we're on five years.

I add 'em together.

I say seven years with a
little vacation in between.

So when's the big day?

Well, that is touchy.

Don't be comin' to my
house to break bread,

thinkin' you're gonna stir shit up.

How's the case going?

I saw Tom on the TV.
Have you been able...

Nobody wants to talk about that.

Well, I'm curious too.

It's just the first week. We
got some stuff we're lookin' at.

It's incredible she's alive.

Do you know anything? Where she's been?

You see how late I been workin'.

Maybe let's forget about it tonight.

We found a runaway. The guy knew her.

We tried askin' others, street kids,

but they ain't talkin' to us.

Have you tried that women's
shelter on Pine Street?

Can't really get into it,
stuff bein' classified and all.

- Oh, come on...
- Would ya stop?

I'm sorry.

I'm a writer, I can't help it.

Right. He said. You have a book.

Yeah, it comes out next week.

It's all about the case.

And us.

Well, I would love to read that.

Well, I was gonna bring y'all a copy,

but he stopped me.

Gifts shouldn't flatter the giver.

We'll talk later about
what you been up to.

Lori, you grew up around here?

Little Rock. I came here for college.

"What I've been up to."

What'd you study?

Poultry science.

They make rocket fuel outta chickens.

What are you talking about?

Jesus. You don't quit.

Excuse me.

You have a lovely home.


"There surely exists
a mutable area of soul

where grief is
indistinguishable from madness.

Standing above the box
of her children's things,

she wept and clutched her chest.

'This wasn't a happy home.

Children should laugh, you know?

And there wasn't much
laughter around here.'"

"Should laugh."

"Children should laugh."

"Children should laugh."


The fuck?


Babe, I shoulda read
this a long time ago.

- Thanks so much, Mom.
- Oh, you're welcome.

Mmm! Always happy to see my grandkids.

I know they love it, too.


Becca's gettin' a cold.
She just went down,

but you might want to
pick up some NyQuil.

- Sure.
- All right.

- Thanks again.
- Mm-hmm.

- You didn't tell her about the divorce?
- What?

How you referred to me the
other day as your ex-husband.

In Sallisaw.

What? You went to Sallisaw?

Why didn't you tell me?

Why would I? I didn't
just go to Sallisaw.

I found footage of her. Julie.

Yeah. I got her on film now.

You have?

- You didn't tell me?
- Are you state police?

Seemed like you were gettin'
real comfortable, havin' secrets.

I let this dumb detective
think I was single.

He talked. So what?

Maybe I thought you took
this a little more serious.

Now I know. No sweat.

You know what this is?

You trying to control me.

Now you're running
around doing your thing,

you want me home, washing
clothes, making dinner.

This will shock you,
but I have bigger dreams

than just making a house
for you to brood in.

I did nothin' but support you,

whole time, years, while you
worked on that fuckin' book.

Yeah, as long as I was around,

saw to the kids, kept your house.

Well, now you're all over the place,

meetin' interesting men, tellin'
'em about your ex-husband.

Do you really think that I did
something with that detective?

I think...

No, I don't.

But I think you're a tourist, okay?

I think you're a voyeur.

Lifting yourself up
on people's bad luck.

That's not what I do. Or did.

Mm-hmm. Yeah. You...

I think you use people.

Like we're all stories to you,

and you use 'em to make
yourself bigger than us.

I see you too, baby.

Y-You're using this case to avoid home.

You're smoking again...

Smellin' my clothes now, Ma?

We're all just things in your way.

Ten years, and you never got me right.

You never got yourself right.

Stop pretending that you're too dumb
to know that you're full of shit.

Well, soon as you dig your
way out, lend me the shovel.

What's wrong, baby girl?

She's sick. She can't breathe.


you're all stuffed up, huh, sweetie?

I can run out, get some medicine.

We've got Vick's and some nose spray.

I wanna be in your bed.

Why don't we all go get in the big bed?

Can Mom read a story?

Sure, baby.

Let's get in bed. Henry, you wanna come?

Mom? Dad?

What do "we do not"?

We do not say goodnight
without "I love you's."

I love you.

Wait. Ame? Becca?

Oh, no.

Where are ya?

Becca. Henry. Becca!

Where'd you go? Huh?

Where's my family?

"'They fed me behind
bars from an iron pan

till one night I felt that

I was Bagheera, the Panther,

and no man's plaything,

and I broke the silly lock
with one blow of my paw

and came away.

And because I had
learned the ways of men,

I became more terrible in
the jungle than Shere Khan.

Is it not so?'

'Yes, ' said Mowgli.

'All the jungle fear Bagheera...

All except Mowgli.'"

"'Though thou art a man's cub, '

said the Black Panther, very tenderly,

'and even as I returned to my jungle,

so thou must go back to men at last...

to the men who are thy brothers,

if thou are not killed in the Council.'"

I announced myself and
told him drop the weapon.

He said when he counted three,
he was gonna turn and fire.

I let him get to two.

More'n I would've given him.

More'n he deserved.

I went through this twice already.

I know how it goes,

but maybe give me some space.

What's happenin'? How is he?

He's stable. He's out of surgery.

Won't know about the leg till morning.

Look, we need the statement
again, while it's all fresh.

Do not fuckin' speak to
me till tomorrow mornin'.

At the earliest.

Oh, God. Are you okay?

It's all over the news,
all these people dead.

Fuckin' cracker shot Roland.

Might lose his leg.

What happened?

A-Are you okay? You're hurt? You...

What? I'm fine, it's my partner's.

What happened out there?

I'm sure it'll be on the news.

I wanna see him.

- I wanna see my partner.
- No. No. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

He's sedated.


Sit down.

I don't wanna sit down.

You wanna go somewhere? Talk about it?

Talk about what?

You can't do anything here.

Let's go, get you cleaned up.

What's that you're wearin'?

That smell.

Ivory soap.

Chalk dust.

You wanna get outta here?

Wanna take a shower?

You want something to drink?

Are you hungry?

What are you doing?

Come over here.

There was a set of prints
in these files. They're gone.

Pretty old. Sure they were in there?

I put it there myself! Box
been sittin' there ten years!

I'm the one handed it over.

Don't know what to tell ya.

Shit gets misfiled all the time.

I'm tellin' you, this is
where they're supposed to be.

We had a set of unknowns
taken from these toys...

The unknowns aren't here anymore.

You got a log book? Anybody
looked at these since then?

Since 1980? Books only
go back a few years.

Let me look at it anyway.

Go get 'em!

Harris. Got something here.

That looks like that boy's backpack.

From the all-points, the dead boy.


It's planted.

It's bullshit.

You get any sleep last night?

There was no real trial,
so nobody looked hard.

I know I didn't. But
there's no fuckin' way

that backpack was in that
crawlspace when that mortar went off.

It's pristine.

How long it take to process
the scene? Three days?

Plenty of time to put it there.

What about the shirt?
Why is it burnt up?

I thought on that.

They needed to sell
the girl was dead, see?

Somebody was movin' fast.

When that shootout happened,
somebody saw an opportunity.

And our side slammed
the fuckin' door shut.

What about Alan's people?

Why didn't they say anything?

State keeps puttin' off the
subpoena. They haven't seen it.

It's all bullshit.

What are we sayin'?

I don't know.

Coulda been somebody sneak in overnight.

I'm just sayin', nobody was
compelled to look too hard.

I don't know what to
do with this right now.

We bring this to Blevins or Kent...

they shut us down for doin' the exact
opposite of what we're supposed to do.

Oh, come on, man. It's too big
for that political bullshit.

It ain't bullshit to the Man.

You ever learned that, you wouldn't've
been on a desk last ten years.

Lieutenant West.

When was this?

All right.

Bring it over. Yeah.

I'm serious about this,
Roland. This is huge.

That was Briggs.

Call came on the hotline last night.

Says we need to hear it.

Uh, all right.

♪ Yeah, early in the morning ♪

♪ When the church bells toll ♪

♪ The choir's gonna sing ♪

♪ And the hearse will roll ♪

♪ On down to the graveyard... ♪

All right, get back.

Come on! There ya go.

There you go. Come on.

♪ Don't want no sorrow ♪

♪ For this old orphan boy ♪

♪ Don't want no crying ♪

You best get in there, little man.

Ain't no charity with these old dogs.

Suppose you're a lover, not
a fighter, huh? Come here.

♪ And I'll be bound for
glory in the mornin'... ♪

Come on.

Them eggs are fierce, huh?

You show a woman you got
good kitchen skills...

they know you ain't lookin' for a cook.

You listenin' to me, little man?

I'm tryin' to help you out.

Look here. Another stray.

True, he's got flaws,

but we'll hear him out.

You sure this is his place?

Yeah, I phoned.


He was always what you
call a people person.

Never saw him have any
use for the outdoors.

Let's go see.

Give me just a second.

When was the last time I saw him?

I don't really know, Dad.

Hey. Maybe now's not
the best time to do this.

Y'all in the right place.

You're lookin' good, Purple.

Who's that old man with you?


He might be a little
shaky, is all I'm sayin'.

Or he might think that, uh...

I don't know, he might
be a little shaky.

He don't remember the
last time he saw you.

He remember why I'm pissed at him?

Mm-mm. I don't think so.


can I tell you... From experience...

It doesn't do any good.


...maybe I forgot, too.

Where you keep your medals and whatnot?

The White River.

What about that picture with Clinton?

Mighta lined the kennel with it.

Thought you hated dogs.

My best friend's a dog.

Got pictures or somethin'?

Let me get a look at your kids.

Don't have no kids, man.

You and that woman.


Name escapes me. Uh...

y'all got married.

You're thinkin' of someone else.

You never got married?

Not once?


sworn you were married.


you don't talk to somebody for 24 years,

you're gonna miss some shit.

Come on.

Go on, have a seat.

State Police hotline.


You're looking for me.

I saw on the television.

What's your name, ma'am?

I saw him on the television.

Leave me alone. Make him leave me alone.

Ma'am, is this about Julie Purcell?

Do you have information
about Julie Purcell?

That's not my real name.

What is your name, ma'am?

Tell him to leave me alone.


I know what he did.


The man on TV acting like my father!

Can you tell me where
you're calling from?

Where's my brother? Will.

I don't know what he did with him.

What who did with him, ma'am?

We left him resting.

What she sayin'?

What's that mean?

Can you tell me where you are?

We can take care of you, ma'am.

No, you won't.

You work for them.

Tell him to leave me alone! It...

He took me, and I'm never coming back.

Ma'am, can you stay on the line, please?

Could you talk to me?

Just leave me alone!

Ma'am. Hello?

Are you there?

What's she sayin'?

I mean, that was her.

Man, where is she?

Lieutenant West.


You talkin' to those TV people?

I hung up on 'em several times.

They're deep in it.

Didn't want anything to come back on us.


Like... killin' a man?

Well, is it...

comin' back?

No, so far.

But that director
showed me some pictures.


Dan O'Brien's body was
found in a drained quarry...

southern Missouri.

They're onto somethin'
about Harris James.

How you gonna talk to these people...

we done what we done?

You don't know what you might say.

Or might remember.

If I remember what we done,
I'll remember not to say.

Other thing I found out. Me.

That note sent to the parents,

letters cut out?

Lucy wrote it. The mother.


How you know that?

Some things Ame quoted in the book.

Things the mother said.
I'll show you. They line up.

Why would she do that?

I think...

You look at the note,
what it's sayin'...

think she was tryin'
to make Tom feel better.

Tryin' to get him to let go.

'Cause she already had, way before.

Ah, so what? So what if she did?

We already knew she had
some connection to...

...that guy whose name you just said.

He came to see me.

Day after what happened.



You never told me that.

I made a decision.

Yeah. Had other things to think about.

Includin' a family.

I let it go.

What'd you get from him?

Nothin', I think.

He knew about what we done.

Seemed like he was in the
dark on some stuff, too.

I can't, uh...

I... really can't remember.

Passed away some years back.

You walked away.

Not this time.

This what you come to see me about?

Twenty-five years.

What, you doin' old man fantasy camp?

You think you...

Think you can just roll up here

and I'll be all, "Golly gee, partner!

Let's grab our junior
detective clue-finders

and have an adventure!"


You know, '80?

We stopped bein' partners.

You get married.

It's natural for people to drift apart.

This right now? This ain't that.

All this time.

You never picked up the phone.

Never dropped by for a beer.

Never said you're fuckin' sorry once.


And I was gonna put that shit aside.

Have a drink with ya.


Maybe just watch the dogs play
and the sun go fuckin' down.

But look what you're doin'.

How many of those you go through a week?

Hey, fuck you, man!

I'm fine...

alone out here.

No woman. No kids.

And no old friends.

So that means I get to drink
exactly as much as I want to!

You don't judge me, motherfucker!

I know you.

I know what you did.

What I did.

You talkin' 'bout my drinkin'?

I'd whip your ass if
it wouldn't kill ya.

And you still ain't apologized,


I don't remember.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, but I just can't remember.

I don't... I...

I, uh, I can't...

Can't remember my life, man.

I can't remember my wife...

I-I don't know.

If you tell me I...

I did something wrong,
well, okay. I'm sorry.

It's all right.

I'm sorry.


I-I got this, uh...

this file I'm workin' on,

and, uh, I read it every mornin'.

And, uh...

But I'm missin' so much.

But you remember some stuff.

I mean...

you know me, right?

Nah, it's... other things.

Hey, look.

You need help killin' time,

I'm your man.

I come up with ways to kill time

ain't nobody ever thought of.

You wanna drink? Talk?

Watch a ball game?

I'm right here.

But I don't want to dip so
much as a toe back in that shit.

She still be out there.

Ohh, don't give me that.

Half the cases you ever
worked never closed.

You quit the job.

I was there.

There were other
considerations at the time.

I just, uh...

between me and Ame.

And before I'm a...

droolin' fuckin' squash plant,

and with whatever brains I got left,

I'm gonna finish this.




Oh, yes.

No, man.

Come on.

Stir some shit up with me.

How is it your son
don't have you locked up?

He don't know how fucked up I am.


Well, I got bad news.

Your condition's worse than you think.

You imagine two old
motherfuckers like us

doin' anything other
than pissin' our pants?

Come on.

This is some sad... senile shit.


Seventy-year-old black man...

goin' batshit crazy, runnin' around

with a badge and gun.

You shouldn't miss that.

Well, I could use a laugh.