True Detective (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - The Hour and the Day - full transcript

Hays and West see a possible connection between the local church and the Purcell crimes; as the detectives search for one suspect and round up another for interrogation, Woodard is targeted by a vigilante group.

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♪ I got a letter this mornin' ♪

♪ How do you reckon it read? ♪

♪ It said, "Hurry, hurry,
the man you love is dead" ♪

♪ I got a letter this mornin' ♪

♪ How do you reckon it read? ♪

♪ It was sayin' "Hurry, hurry ♪

♪ The man you love is dead" ♪

♪ Well,
I grabbed up my suitcase ♪

♪ And I took off
down the road ♪

♪ When I got there he was
layin' on the coolin' board ♪

♪ Grabbed up my suitcase ♪

♪ And I took off
down the road ♪

♪ Mmm, when I got there
he was layin' ♪

♪ Layin' on the coolin' board ♪

♪ Mmm, mmm ♪

Priest: For whoever desires
to save his life...

will lose it, but...

whoever loses his life
for my sake...

will save it.

I will never leave
the gathered regiment,

nor flee from any battle.

( door closes )

And I give them eternal life.

And they shall never perish.

Neither shall anyone
snatch them out of my hand.


what is this about?

Wayne: We didn't do classes,
my first communion.

Why are the children
posed this way?

Prayerful repose

signifies their innocence
and rebirth in Christ.

And why does Will
have his eyes closed?

I don't know.

I suppose he blinked.

Who took these pictures?

I did.

The youth group--

had you talked much
with the kids

about their activities
outside the church?

Ever about their home lives,

new acquaintances?

I didn't often see
their parents at service,

and it usually was just
the father, Tom.

Actually, last I saw her,

Julie had been excited
about seeing an aunt...?

She doesn't have any aunts.

Tell you anything
about this aunt?


Something might
draw notice?

She told the woman's name.
I-I wish I could recollect it.

We'd be grateful for names,

other people who worked
with the youth group.

Like to get
some fingerprints too.


Any of this stuff
look familiar?

That's a chaff doll.

Patty Faber makes them
for our fall fair,

first week in October.

She's a dear, good woman,
I can tell you.

You were Catholic.
Do you attend services?


Remiss of late.

I was an altar boy,

little country church
in Conway.

Well, even abiding
in the dark,

we implore
a steadfast faith,

assured His hand
is at work.

Anything else
about the kids?

Just that
they were sweet children,

and they looked out
for each other.

I don't like him.

The priest.

And I know his alibi's good,

but... I don't like him.

Man signs up to go
without fuckin' for life--

either he don't
know himself for a liar,

or he's some tight,
limited edition psycho,
you know?

( scoffs ) I mean,

fuckin' somethin'.

You can imagine
that little boy

looking out
for his sister, huh?

He was trying to defend her.

That's what happened to him.

Maybe whoever they were
playing with in the woods--

maybe this new aunt
or whoever--

they never wanted the boy.

My feeling...

it was all about the girl.

Catholic, huh?


We were Baptist.

Had a good buddy
in the war. Baptist.

What happened to him?

( imitates gunshot )

Look forward
to meeting Patty Faber.

A dear, good woman.

Yes, I'm pretty sure
these are mine.

( chuckles )
Just little things I do.

Somebody bought 'em.
Do you know who?

Well, the last
I sold these myself

was at the fair
in October.

I'd only sold a couple,

and then one man
bought ten off me.

That was nice.

You know who he was?

You remember
anything about him?

Didn't recognize him.

Negro man, like yourself.

Oh, he had a dead eye.

Filmy, you know,
like a cataracts?

Nothing 'bout his face
besides the eye?

Handsome, ugly?

Well, like I say, uh,
he was black.

Roland: You speak
to him at all?

He say what the dolls
were for?

Well, I asked,
and I think he said

he had nieces and nephews.

That man...

any chance he mentioned
where they live?


Well, I just assume
that would have been

with the rest of them

over the tracks
in Davis Junction.

Thank you, ma'am.

( soft chuckle )

Special Investigator.

New detail.

Roland's in charge,
he wants me on it.

They're reopening
the Purcell case.

How 'bout that, right?

Yeah, but this time
we get to close it.

Actually get to do
my job again.

I'm happy for you.

( chuckles )

That what happy looks like?

I've been doing it wrong
all these years.

I'm happy for you
like you were happy
for me the other night.


Oh, good.

'Cause of course
no mistake,

no slip of temper
could possibly occur

without me paying
double interest for it
at a later date.

You could just apologize.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I haven't
expressed better

how inadequate and useless
I've been made to feel.

Yeah, "made to feel."

You're this person
things just happen to.

Your job, your marriage...

your family,
your feelings--

everything's just
happening to you.

You're this grown man
with no agency of his own.

Fate just keeps
throwing him curveballs.

How awful for you, these
trials and vicissitudes.

Look it up.

When have I ever not
been stand-up

for you
and our family?

I try, you see me tryin'.

There's guys,
they're barely around.

They get girlfriends.

I wish you would.
Get a girlfriend, please.

I'm not the one
my head in the clouds
the last five years.

"Oh, I'm 'on be
a great writer.

Let me just use
this awful tragedy

to take myself on
to better things,"

because you always gotta be
on your way to better things.

'Least I have
some kind of drive.

I can't even say
what moves you anymore.

I think you stay upright
out of habit.

This walking wounded,
poor me.

Wayne: Let me
ask you something.

You guys OK?

( in unison )
Yeah, Dad.

( sighs )

Do not talk shit to my face
and walk away.

I don't want to be
around you right now.

You want me
to leave you alone,

then stop talking shit.

'Cause when you talk
shit about me,

I'm required to defend

How can you defend yourself?

You can't defend yourself

because you don't know
what's wrong.

Did the wife in your scenario

play any part in the conflict,

any role the last ten years?

Let go of me, Wayne.

Stop talkin' shit about me.

Or what?

Or I'm gonna start cryin'.

Well, that's a first.

Thinking we can't
understand each other.

We're never gonna.

Oh, great, Wayne.

Walk away.
Surprise, surprise.

Well, what do you
want me to do, huh?

You want me
to yell some more?

You want me to hit you?
You want me to fuck you?

Just give me my orders,

I want to finish this.

All on your schedule,
I guess.

Be happy when you say.
Fight when you say.

Talk when you say.
Fuck every so often.

Well, how 'bout right now?


How 'bout right now?

You got some major
cognitive dissonance.

( steady pounding sound )

( soft grunt )

Guess we 'bout
six years old, huh?

I don't think bad of you.

What I was saying--
I didn't mean that.

Me neither.

Wayne: Want to just do
a house-to-house?

That'd be fun.

I thought we'd just start
at the liquor store.

Pretty fuckin' racist, man.

And it's one of three
businesses here

'cause nobody uses it.

Let's flip for it.

All we know,
man's got a dead eye.


Sound like anybody
in the community?

Having us owe you a favor
could be worthwhile,

find yourself
in a difficult position ever,


He's always been
a good customer,

but you...

talkin' 'bout
that dead eye.

Sam Whitehead
got one of them.

Where's he live?

That trailer park
off of Central Avenue.

( low chatter )

Mr. Whitehead.

Wonder could we
talk to you a minute.

Well, what's this about?

Could we step inside, sir?

I'd rather stay out here,
if it's all the same to you.

You ever go to mass?

St. Michael's church?

No, I go to
First Presbyterian.

Roland: You go to
their church fair, maybe?

Buy some dolls
made out of straw?

What? No!

What the hell is this?

What y'all tryin'
to do to me?

Just runnin' down
a coupla details.

Case we're workin'.

Dead boy, missin' girl.

You mighta seen it
in the papers.

White children.

If it's in the paper,
it's white children.

Knowin' we're not gonna solve
the racial complexities
of our day

here in your front yard,

maybe you could tell us
where you were the night
of the 7th?

Where was I?
Where you tryin'
to say I was?

Y'all come over here!

Come watch these nefarious men,
what they's tryin' to do to me!

( angry chatter )

And you--

how you gonna
wear that badge?

It's got a little clip
on it.

Off on the wrong foot here.
It's just a few questions,
Mr. Whitehead.

Man: Why y'all messin'
with old Sam?

- Man 2: Leave him alone.
- Be cool, y'all.

It's nothin'.
So far.

Might not stay that way,
certain people don't
back the fuck up.

- Knock it off with that shit.
- Whitehead: Y'all heard that?

Peckerwood lookin'
to shoot somebody!

Ain't nobody
call for the po-lice.

Where were you
the night of the 7th?

Right here. My house.

They tryin' to fix me up!
Them white children
on the news!

- You know they tryin'
to put that on a nigger!
- ( angry chatter )

Goddamn it,
calm the fuck down!

Hey, hey! No, no! Roland!

( angry chatter continues )

Stir up enough of this shit,
somebody gon' get hurt.

And brother,
it ain't gon' be us.

Roland: You talk to us here
or at the station--

but you're talkin'.

Lookin' for a black male
with one dead eye.

You know anybody like that,

I don't know what
you're talkin' about.

I work for a goddamn living!

Two jobs, when I can get 'em!

I haul freight
for the railroad,
and I trap.

You fittin' to shoot me now?

Wayne: You spend any time
at Devil's Den?

Whitehead: I do not.

Anybody verify you were here
the night of the 7th?

Most of the people
on my goddamn lawn!

I ain't the only
one-eyed nigger
in these parts!

Farm work, killin' line
at the chicken plant.

You know anybody else
with one eye?

Half the motherfuckers out here

missin' fingers, toes,
ear, somethin'!

( glass breaks,
ruckus intensifies )

Go ahead
and shoot me now.

See how this goes first.

- Man: Come out here!
- Take it easy.

Nobody gettin' hurt today.

Tell 'em, Mr. Whitehead.

It's all right so far, y'all.

But everybody be careful.

This white man
wanna shoot somebody.

Don't take it

Oh, that's fuckin' perfect!

( wind whistling
through windshield )

( sighs )
Believe this shit?

I mean, bit of
an overreaction,
don't ya think?

Would you've done it?

Would you've
shot one of 'em?

If I thought it was
between him and me.

And no,
I could give a fuck
what color he was.

Sure about that?

Fact these were black folks
probably gave me more pause.

Mob of white people
surrounds me,

smashes up my ride,

be a lot less hesitation
what I'd do.

( sighs )

Can we say this was
anonymous vandals?

We're not goin' with
"irate Negros"?

( wry chuckle )

When I was on the force
in the '80s,

that woman could
do more pushups than
anybody in the department.

- ( laughing )
- ( woman laughing )

- Hey.
- Woman: All right.

She here's a good woman.

We had a fat guy
that smoked Viceroys
one after another in my day.

What's goin' on, Dad?
Why didn't you call?

- I'd have come to you.
- Take it easy.

I didn't drive.
I...grabbed a bus.

I'm just sayin',
you take a bus,

what happens,
you forget to get off?

What happens,
you don't remember
why you even got on?

I hold down this button.

It calls you.

Think I oughta walk around
with a note or somethin'?

Whatever you think is best.

I don't wanna get arrogant
with this thing.

What ya got there?

Oh. You know, I...

I been workin'
on this thing.

Writin'. About the case.

Both times, the first one
and the second.

- Mm-hmm.
- Well, so...

I been goin' through old files
and writin' stuff down,

and recording stuff,
so I remember.

What's the point, you
lookin' at old case notes?

Writin's been good for me.

Maybe I got a book in there
or somethin', or...

maybe it's nothin'
and don't mean anything,

but it's been good for me.
My head, I mean.

You don't need
to do that show anymore.

I'm not talkin'
about the show.

It's me. It's my life.

Tell myself the story,
I tell the case in steps,

and I'm rememberin'.

Rememberin' my life.

Goin' along with all that,

found a coupla people
and details

I was wonderin' if maybe
you could look up for me.

Man, Dad,
I don't think so.

I really need your help here.

Where else I'm gonna go
than Detective Hays?

- ( Henry scoffs )
- Look at it.

Just a few names
and people I'd like
to see where they ended up

and never got around
to gettin' everything from.

And Roland.

What I really need is
for you to find Roland.

Roland? Jesus, Dad,
come on.

I need his memory, son.

I'm bein' straight with you,
man to man.

Knowin' I had a place here,
as you do.

This right now is...

my way of stayin' alive.

This can't be a habit
or anything, all right?

Yes, sir.

Thank you, son.

Roland, um...
he's not dead, is he?

I guess I'll find out.

How are you otherwise?

One of my good days.
Pretty clear.

Be a good day
for that director
to catch me.

You seen her since?

The director? Elisa?

Uh...since the last day,
I mean?

No, not since she
pulled that shit,

the investigation.

OK, son.

Now look, Dad,
I'm gonna see what I can do
about some of these,

and I'll try to find
where Roland is,

if he's still around.

I appreciate it.

Come on, Pop.

I'll drive you back.


Yeah, that's right.

Yes, sir.

Well, that'd be my preference,

and you'd have my gratitude.

Thank you, now.

We're good
with Sallisaw PD.



Lieutenant West.

Mr. Attorney General.

( Blevins grunts )

Roland, A.G. Kindt

wanted to reiterate
our cause.

All the evidence at the time
pointed to the Purcell girl
bein' dead.

Kindt: And whether or not
this was the case,

state and county offices
remain convinced
of the man's guilt.

The mandate of this unit
is to vindicate

the original conviction
for Will Purcell's murder.


Hmm. Officer Hays,
I know it's been some time

since you've been involved
in an investigative unit.

Roland had to do
considerable campaigning

to get you to, uh,
be a part of this.

I'm hopin' your involvement
does not portend

to any damage to his reputation.

And I further hope, Officer,

that you might
use this new role

to redeem an unfortunately
stunted career.

I'm committed to fulfillin'
the mandates just described
to us, sir.

Good. This is all
brought to conclusion,

I could imagine you
back at Major Crimes.

( chuckles )

( clears throat, grunts )

- Sir.
- ( raps table )

We're not gonna
do any of that shit
they just said, right?

Wasn't plannin' on it.

How right that today

His Word to us
promises justice.

Promises us liberation
from the weight

of time and flesh.

And He tells us today,
the reading from Malachi...

Justice is not ours to deliver.

Justice is not in our power;

it is in His.

Having said as much,
I would like to ask you all
for your help today.

After services, the police
will have set up some tables,

and I dearly hope
you will assist them.

( congregants chattering )

Right hand. Mm-hmm.

Roland: I didn't see
no one-eyed brother,

but I'll tell ya this:

there's some serious ass
up in here.

I gotta get back to church.

Well, don't mind me.
I'll just hang back.

( chatter )

Excuse me! Miss?

Thanks for helpin' us
with this.

I don't know anybody'd do it
without your askin'.

Of course. We'll keep it up
through Sunday.

I noticed you didn't
take the Eucharist.

I'd need
to hit confession first.

Would you like
to confess now?

I reckon I'll let it
pile up a little more.

( no audible dialogue )

Can you tell me,
any member of your congregation
a black man with a dead eye?

- Like a cataract?
- Offhand, I don't believe so,

but we have over
a thousand parishioners,

and I regret to say
only a small portion
are African-American.

Thing of it is, Father,

we're about ninety percent sure
whoever took Julie, hurt Will,

they're one of y'all's.

I find it difficult to believe
that anyone here could do
something like that.

They don't exactly
wear signboards,
say "psycho-killer."

Be a great help to us,
keep an eye out.

Maybe ask around
about the man I described.

I'll certainly try,
and pray to be of use.

I really would like
to hear your confession,

I get to feelin' penitent,
I'll let you know.

I think faith is one
of the most important
things there is,

you ask me.

Well, that's nice.

- Wayne: Ready?
- Yeah.

I'll see ya next week,
Miss Lori.

- See you then.
- All right.

Holy Spirit
workin' out for you?

God is love, brother...
God is love.

( crickets chirping )

- ( low chatter )
- ( piano softly playing )

- Amelia: Beer man.
- Hmm.

Only when I need
my wits about me.

I started thinking...

Will's death--

could it have been
an accident?

I'm sorry, I shouldn't
bring your office home.

- It's OK.
- My whole life,
I speak, I regret.

Never regret
on my account.

How'd you do
with California?

It was all
steers and queers, man.

( chuckles )

Lotta people...


lotta confusion.

Figure that stops
at the state lines?

Good bit of that confusion
was mine.

Can I tell you a secret?

I used to be
something of a mess.

That might be
the least surprisin' thing
I've ever heard.

What about you?

Your clip-on ties
as crazy as you get?

Oh, God, no.

But I'd like to
pretend normal with you...

for as long as I can.

So later on,
it'll be a surprise.

How much later on
were you thinking?

I found this spot
they played in the woods.

They were meetin' somebody--

the kids-- out there.

Somebody gave 'em toys.

It's where the boy died.

The way Will's body was--

How you were saying
the toys--

It's almost as if
there was an element
of affection in it,

don't you think?

People who hurt kids
think of themselves

as having affection
for the children,

even up to the fuckin'-'em-
and-murderin'-'em part.

You want a do-over?

Where do they
give those out?

Tell me about your family.

Mom was country.

Chopped wood,
killed chickens,
build you a barn.

Worked a farm
as a domestic.

I worked the fields,
time I was eight.


You need to get
that information
somewheres else.


Me what?

I'd like a full presentation
on your background.

- ( Amelia chuckles )
- Keepin' in mind
I'm a trained interrogator.


- You're my first police.
- Hm.

You gonna rough me up?

Nowhere on my list
of things to do with ya.

You got a list?

More detailed
by the minute.

I didn't mean to overstep.
I'm sorry.

You apologize a lot?

I could start.

When was the last time
you had a girlfriend?

I don't know.

Memories of other women
are gettin' hazy now.

Oh, brother.

You hear about cops
being pussy hounds.

I don't like that word.

Unless it's describing a man.

What word do you use?

"Dick holster."

( both laugh )

( continues laughing )

You never answered.

You see many girls?

Hmm. Sometimes.

Don't seem to last for long,

I don't plan it that way.

I have a mental handicap.

The other stuff
don't work for me
without this.

Wanna trace fingers?

( laughs )
That can be kinda fun.

( chuckles )

I'd like
to make you laugh.

I'll have to catch my breath.

you're pretty good at this.

I can see you being
a real dog.

That's down to you.

I have no idea
what I'm doin'.

( laughs softly )

( thunder rumbling )

- ( chatter )
- ( music playing )

He started hollerin'--

broke a glass,
made some accusations,

Took a swing at Kenny.

Had your card
from when y'all
talked to me.

What's goin' on,
Mr. Purcell?

Doin' my Bozo the Clown act,

since everybody thinks
I'm so fuckin' funny.

She was fuckin' him,
ya know.

Her boss.

Shit, you're a detective...

you probably figured that out

Why didn't you
call his wife?

Lucy's got enough problems
right now.

Could press charges on ya,

but I sympathize,
what your family's
goin' through.

( spits )
Fuck you.

( rain pattering
on car roof )

I'm such a joke.

You didn't need
the one nigger cop
on the job

to help babysit me?

He's the best detective
on the case.

Tryin' to find
your daughter.

I apologize.

That word I used.

Your pal wanted to kick my ass,
he'd have the right.

You've gotten your ass
kicked enough for now.

You takin' me home?


I can't be in that house, man.

Every inch of that place
is them kids.

I can't be there.

I can't sleep there.

I just wanna die...

all the time.

I got a jail cell
for ya,

or I got a couch.

Whyn't you use that?

Then we see
how tomorrow looks.

Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry
I used that word.

Don't tell him.

He been called worse
by people meant it
more'n you did.

I'm sorry for that, too.

First thing. You two,

go over every statement
taken back then.

I want y'all finding
current addresses

for any residents
we talked to in '80--

anybody from
that neighborhood.

Detective Hays here
was lead at the time.

He's come over
from Public Information
to help us out.

We had a coupla threads
we were just getting started

before the whole thing
closed out on us.

What we got that's brand-new

is the missing girl's prints
showed up in Oklahoma.

Now, we're gonna have to--

Roland: Wayne's gonna try
to help me find her.

We figure find the girl,
who by now is 21 years old,

we get the story
of what happened.

Now, everything pointed
to her bein' dead.

We were wrong.

Let's find out why.

I don't know about "we."

Her mother Lucy,
she's dead. We knew.

OD'ed outside Vegas, '88.

She had a cousin,
Dan O'Brien--

nobody knows where he is.

Hobbs, Segar--
focus on findin' him.

Mainly, y'all seekin'
anything mighta got overlooked.

All the tips,

Yeah. You in the back.

A secondary consideration.

If word's out now
this girl's alive,

there's a real possibility
there's people somewhere

don't want that
to remain the case.

Imagine she escaped

imagine we're
not the only ones
lookin' for her.

There's any chance
that's the case,

I think it's like
the last time--

we gotta figure
there's a tickin' clock.

He's not wrong.

May not be right,

but he's not wrong.

All right, let's get to it.

We goin' to Sallisaw?



Mind if we talk a little?

Hope I didn't
interrupt anything.

You and a friend.

No, I'm alone.

My mistake.

I get confused--

as you by now know.

Sit. Please.

what can I do for you?

I kinda had the impression
after our last talk
you might be done with me.

It's all right.

Thing is,

you shared some details
I didn't have.

It's clear you have
some kind of investigator
workin' this.

We have researchers, a couple
of investigators, sure.

And you'd like to
talk to me some more?

Since we haven't
addressed the conclusion
of our efforts in '80,

much less '90,
which to me

is more hauntin'
than anything.

Yeah. Of course I want
to keep talking to you.

So you want to talk to me,
I want to talk to you.

All right, great.

But, Miss...

you're gonna have to
show yours, too.

- How do you mean?
- I mean, I wanna know

anything and everything
your people pulled together.

Why are you doing this now?

You got some idea
what happened to the girl?

Are you trying
to work this?

I wanna know
the whole story.

A lot of this is my life.

There are some pieces
I'm missin', I need 'em.

Drained quarry
in southern Missouri.

Dental records from prison
identify the remains
as Dan O'Brien...

Lucy's cousin
who went missing in '90
after resurfacing.

This it?

Look, I can't show you
all my cards just yet.

But it's not on you.

Should you happen
to see my son, Henry,

it'd be best for both of us
you didn't mention
this exchange.

Are you sure you're not trying
to investigate this again?

That'd be a job for somebody
who knows where he is
most of the time.

We're puttin' an APB
on the description,
person of interest.

Between the pose, the dolls,

and why we think
this has something to do
with the church.

That's strange--
the body position
bein' the same.

That, and the toys.

Playin' out in the woods--
this new "aunt."

Doll guy mentionin'
nieces and nephews,

little notes in her room.

There's an aspect
we're not catching.

We're tryin' to print
the whole congregation.

Oh, speaking of--
still no match

on the bicycle's prints.

We just had our guy start
comparing to student files.

There was this program
a couple years ago,

all the kids got theirs done.

What about the note?

Matched magazine ads

to the letters,
but no real action there.

Processing public mailboxes
that ZIP code, but...

it's not gonna come
to anything.

Thought to look at
the toys from the woods.

Call around, see what shops
sell those specific.

We've still got those
unknown prints from 'em too.

Another thing.

How 'bout workplace
injuries going back
40 years?

Anybody lost an eye,
black male,

and surrounding counties.

That's kind of thin.

Any priors from
that list of employees

at the Hoyt Foods plant
where the mother worked?

with workplace injuries.

You heard your prosecutor's
going on Donahue?

What the fuck is a Donahue?

Phil Donahue:
Is the caller there?

- Woman: Yes.
- Go right ahead, please.

Woman: Mr. Kindt,
in your experience,

do you think that
dangers to children

have gotten worse
over the years?

Kindt: Well,
I think children are
at considerable risk.

I mean, i-it's no secret
that our values

have lowered significantly
as a society,

and in that environment,

certain people
feel emboldened to
prey on children.

Dickhead wants
attorney general.

Kindt: Now, this crime
is our number one priority.

Phil Donahue: And we'll
be back in just a minute.

It's beyond
the fuckin' pale.

Bowen: Forget it.
We got a hit on the bike.

What? Who?

That Black Sunday

what's his name?
Freddy Burns?

Lucy: "Don't call."

Who the fuck do you
think you're talkin'
to, motherfucker?


Hello? Hello?

What do you want?

My name is Amelia Reardon.

I taught Will English.

I picked up...

the children had things.


projects in the art room,
other stuff.

- I said I'd bring it by.
- Right.

I forgot.


Thank you.

I-I know we don't
know each other.

I can't possibly imagine
what you're going through.

But if you ever
need anything,

please reach out to me.

Can I tell you something?



I have got the soul
of a whore.

Lot of times...

we do things
to hurt ourselves

because we think
we deserve to be hurt.

Whatever you think
you did or didn't do...

you don't deserve to suffer.

You don't
need to be punished.

And those children
wouldn't want you
doing that to yourself.

I never knew my momma.

All I hoped,

when I knew enough to hope,
was that them kids

might have a better time
of it than I did.

But even then, I couldn't
make that easy on 'em.

This wasn't
a very happy home.

Children should laugh.

There wasn't a lot of
laughter around here.

Every parent
wants to do more.

But people make mistakes.

Not like this.

Not like I did.

What do you mean?

I ran around on Tom.

I always run around.

And sometimes,

in this house,
I know that I...

have the soul
of a whore--

sometimes I couldn't
breathe in this house.

And I didn't even argue
with that part of me.

Well, what kind of woman
hates the only things

that ever shown her love?

I got a .38 revolver
in my purse.

It's just that last bit
of courage--

where does that courage
come from?

I've never really
thought of that

as courage, Mrs. Purcell.

( soft sob )

I have done
such terrible things.

Oh, good God.

Oh, God.

God, forgive me.

( sobbing )

The policeman
who's looking for Julie,

the black man,
I know him a little.

You can trust him.
He's a good man.

If there's anything
that you haven't said
or shared,

you feel you might need to,
I'm just saying

you can trust Detective Hays,
and you should talk to him.

Should talk to him


What's that supposed
to mean?

Nothing, I'm just saying
I think he's a good man,

and I think you could
talk to him.

( laughs )

Of course. Of course.

I open up to you,

and you're tryin'
to work me.

Spillin' my guts.

Who are you takin'
this to, huh?

Pretendin' you're listenin'.

Get a load of the white trash
whore you're tryin' to work

to get good
with your cop boyfriend!

I didn't mean anything.
I'm sorry.

You got a lot of nerve,

you know, coming
around here, bringing me

this shit!

You pickaninny bitch!
You get out of here!

I didn't mean anything--

You snooty cunt!
You get the fuck
out of my house!

You get out!

Hi there.

You think when you're
finished, you could
leave the cans for me?

Girl: Why? How much
you get for 'em?

Two cents apiece.

We ought to get
a part of that.

I can deliver you a penny
next time we meet.

That's fair, I guess.

I'm almost done.


Detective: We got
the drug store surveillance

going back seven days
before the robbery.

Haven't been able to go
through it all.

Pair of lawyers
tryin' to see this?

They subpoenaed us,

but we're not in any hurry
to help 'em out.

So far, we haven't
shared much, really.

How 'bout a lady writer,
pretty good-lookin'?

Share much with her?


Pretty black gal.

Said her ex-husband
was police.

( chuckles )
I'll leave you to it.

Her prints were on
aisles five and seven.

It's been five hours,
and you're not through
a whole day yet.

You gonna watch all this
video at once?

I don't know.

Wayne: 'Ninety.

'Ninety I found
the video footage.


we learned about Julie Purcell.

That group of street kids,
was that...?

Shut up.

Shut up.

Was that when I...


That's when I lost you
at the Wal-Mart.


The fuckin' Wal-Mart.

I don't think I ever did
forgive myself,

losin' track of you
like that,

the way I...

yelled, and how sad
that made you and your brother.

Did we ever find
the brown car?

Whose was it?

I felt...

I felt sometimes
without knowing it,

I felt like maybe I...

like I made y'all sick.

Like I...

Like I poisoned you.

( mutters )
I don't know,

may have.

( distorted whispers )

I may be decidin'
I don't want to stay alive
without your mother.

Shut up!

You're nothin'!
Shut up!

I need to tell Roland
about O'Brien.

Where's Roland?

When did we last...?

Talk to Roland?

( distorted whispers )

I'm sorry.

( helicopter rotors
whirr )

( distorted whispers )

( panting )

( whispers silence )

( Wayne panting )

Looks like a late-model
Lincoln or Mercury.

Maybe a Chevy.

Do they still make Mercury?


( panting ) Uh...

Sedan. Dark color.

Deep gray under the moon.

See him again,

may mean somebody's
watchin' you.


( wolf whistle )

Have a seat, pal.

I know we
a few weeks late here,

but I want to wish you
a happy 18th birthday.

All the fellows pitched in
and got you life imprisonment,

and a good possibility
of chokin' in the gas chamber,

you fuckin' shit-heeled twerp.

- Wait, wait, wait.
- So, Freddy,

how polite we talked to you
the first time,

that was all behind
the small possibility
you might be innocent.

Ah, but now, that small
possibility's gone down
the toilet.

Your prints.

I didn't do it.

I did not do it,
I swear to God.

In other words,
you're sleepin',

somebody secretly
removes your fingerprints

and puts 'em on
Will Purcell's bike.

No, I'm not-- I'm not saying
I wasn't ever on it.

I took his bike, all right?
He was a nerd, okay?

He was coming around when we
were hanging out, and--

- Roland: His sister with him?
- No.

He was looking for her.
I don't know, he was bugging us.

And you what?

And I had a few.

I feel... I feel
terrible about this.

I might have shoved him,
chased him off.

And played around
on his bike.

Where'd he go,
you chased him off?

He ran.

Into the woods.

We already know all that.

You haven't mentioned that
you were gone for a half hour

before your friends saw you.

Just an observation,

I don't think you're

What'd you do in the woods,
those 30 minutes?

Look, I don't know
what happened to him.

I chased him just for a minute,
but I was kind of drunk.

I lost my way real fast.
Like, 'fore I knew it,

there was trees all around,
and it took a while
to find my way out.

What about the bike?

It was where he dropped it.

I fooled around on it,
that's all.

I hit a tree, I bent
the wheel, and just...

you know, I threw it
back in the marsh.

And you're gonna risk
20 years in prison

saying the only thing you did

was throw the kid off
and take his bike?

Which, by the way,
makes you a dirtbag.

Puttin' you in the legal
category screwed.

Prior to suckin' gas.

Call him
a shit-heeled twerp again.

You shit-heeled twerp.

Unless you can
enlist us in the Save
Freddy Burns campaign,

which can only
achieve victory

with your complete
disclosure of the truth

in its entirety.


He's sayin'
tell the whole story,

or train your ass
to be an entrance.

I know brothers inside
will tear your guys up,

fuckin' you stupid.

( sobbing )

( videotape rewinding )

( click )

God damn.

( muffled )

( quiet sobs )

That prison rape's a real
go-to for you lately, huh?

you want to tell me?

( Freddy panting )

I think he's done.

Freddy: Oh no, oh no,

oh no, oh no, oh no!
( crying )

Never mind.

You gonna go with this?

We sayin' it's him?

What are you thinkin'?

That probably when he's 25,

that kid's gonna be in jail.

But not for this.

Detectives, a couple
of calls just came in.

Something big's going down
at that trash guy's place.

West Finger.

Men with guns, they said.

Keep him here.


You was warned off them kids!

( weapon cocks )

Eddie: Woodard!

( pounding on door )

( tires squeal )

Get out here!

( pounding on door )

Eddie: Woodard!

We comin' in
if you ain't comin' out!

What's goin' on here?

Back up!

( explosion )

Male Vocalist:
♪ For all your love of soma ♪

♪ All my blood's in vain ♪

♪ Hahh ♪

♪ Television coma ♪

♪ All my blood's in vain ♪

♪ Flash across your screen ♪

♪ Got you in their hand ♪

♪ Hahh ♪

♪ Fifteen minutes of freedom ♪

♪ Still three-fifths a man ♪

♪ Hahh ♪

♪ Sterilize your conscience ♪

♪ And disgrace your name ♪

♪ Hahh ♪

♪ A healthy simulation ♪

♪ All my blood's in vain ♪