True Detective (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - full transcript

Hays looks back at the aftermath of the 1980 Purcell case, including possible evidence left behind at an outdoor hangout for local kids; as attention focuses on two conspicuous suspects, ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Could you tell us
about November 7th, 1980?

I remember everything.

TOM: Will and Julie went
riding their bikes around 4:00.

Supposed to go by
a friend's house,
kid says he never saw 'em.

What did you do?

You're their mother,
where were you?

I am entitled to a life!

How long have you folks
been sleeping separate?

TOM: Dan left last May,
then I took the couch.

-My cousin.

You're having memory problems,


You have memory problems.

Henry's coming
with the people from the TV.

you caught the case back in '80?

Didn't work again 'til 90.

And your wife's book

was considered a classic
of literary non-fiction.

AMELIA: I teach English.
Will's a student of mine.

There's a few of the older boys.

They make it hard on the others.

TOM: Last name is Woodard,

saw him riding around
when I was looking for the kids.

What's your partner doing?

Man was a long-range
reconnaissance in 'Nam.

I found the boy.
There's no sign of the girl.

Two months ago,
the burglary

and only one set of prints.

Julie Purcell.

She's alive?

♪ I got a letter this mornin' ♪

♪ How do you reckon it read? ♪

♪ Said, "Hurry, hurry,
the man you love is dead" ♪

♪ I got a letter this mornin' ♪

♪ How do you reckon it read? ♪

♪ Sayin' "Hurry, hurry ♪

♪ The man you love is dead" ♪

♪ Well,
I grabbed up my suitcase ♪

♪ And I took off
down the road ♪

♪ When I got there he was
layin' on the coolin' board ♪

♪ Grabbed up my suitcase ♪

♪ And I took off
down the road ♪

♪ Mmm, when I got there
he was layin' ♪

♪ Layin' on the coolin' board ♪

♪ Mmm, mmm ♪

Wayne Hays:
You have the autopsy report.

I don't need
to go over that.

Blunt force trauma...

and a cervical fracture.

Somebody broke his neck.

Brought him to that cave.

Folded his hands, I guess.


Talk to me about Oklahoma.
You have to, man.

Wayne, this isn't the time--

How many sets of prints
were taken?

Do they know she was
one of the robbers
and not a customer?

If they found her,
you wouldn't even
be talkin' to me, right?

Do they have video surveillance?

Mr. Hays, the purpose
of this deposition

is to give your statement,
not to extract one from us.

I'm pretty easygoin',
but go away already.

I don't think I will.

Look, we're not at liberty
to divulge details

of an ongoing
police investigation,

nor to share
discovery items
with anyone

other than
the prosecutor's office.

Now, you can talk to them,
if they'll talk to you...

- All right, stop.


Finish up today,
all right?

Then after, we'll speak.

I'm sayin'...

we'll talk. OK?

Now, you were sayin'.

You questioned people
during this time.

- Right?
- Do you know another
way to do it?

The father worked
at Wilson Body Works,

where they used to make parts
for school buses.

We talked to everybody there.

Employed about a hundred people
from West Finger.

The dolls were their own thing.

Wasn't gettin' us anywhere,

Thank you very much.

That guy collected garbage,

We talked to him too.

I saw the kids.
They were pedaling
into the sun.

Headed west?

We went by your place.

You sorta collect things, huh?

I salvage trash
that I can sell.

You don't need to make it
sound better than that.

You got any other properties?
Anywhere you keep things?

I don't have anyplace else.

What'd you do
before this?

Before you collected scrap.

Uh, came back
from overseas. '72.

Did some carpentry.

Construction dropped off.
Things didn't work out.

My marriage. Stuff.

I was gone too long.

About four years ago
she left me.

Took the kids.

I was motor pool.

My man here was a LRRP.
Two tours.

Detective Hays.
They called him Purple Hays
over there.

You miss your family?

I-- Yeah.

I miss being someone that way...

a way I could have a family.

You were recon?

Seventy-fifth Infantry.


You must be pretty insane.

Volunteerin' for that.

I didn't think about it much,
tell ya the truth.

I ain't one of them burnouts.

Ya know, comes back
bustin' guys up,
gettin' high.

And I ain't a bum.

I keep a house.
I pay my way!

Hey. I ain't judgin', man.

Look, I punch in and out.

I put on a suit in the mornin'.

And bein' honest...

I don't have much of a life.

So why?

Why punch in?

Why the suit? Why--

I don't ask myself
questions like that.

Could be I'm too chickenshit,
Mr. Woodard.

It ain't my world.

Less than yours, even.

But I did pretty good
at following orders.


You ever do this?

I miss when "Don't get killed"

was the only thing
on my to-do list.

It's hard to unplug from that.

I spent a year comin' down.

Just to go back over it,
you sure you didn't
see anything?

I told you.

I saw the teenagers
out there, too.

I was goin' in
the other direction.

You like kids, generally?


What the fuck's
the right answer to that?

You think I--

Listen, I got two kids, OK?

Where are they?

I don't know.

She didn't tell me.

And I haven't gone lookin'.

If I'd never left...

I think it'd have been fine.

But to go, and come back--

I just couldn't put myself
back in that old story,
that's all.

And I couldn't leave it,
either. Ya know?

You ever been someplace
you couldn't leave,

and you couldn't stay...

both at the same time?

Do you remember the place?

I remember.

I can tell you all
that none of us will rest

until we achieve justice
in the matter.

Our detectives are hard at work,

and this is priority one
for law enforcement

in Washington County
and Northwest Arkansas.

Now, it's temporary,
but we're gonna have to have
a curfew for a little while.

It's important that we keep
an eye on our kids right now,

and we want to make sure
you know where they are
at all times,

and that
they're indoors by 8:00.

Now, we can't really
say too much about
the investigation,

but I'm here to answer
any questions I can.

Well, I don't let mine
go near Devil's Den.

Everybody knows you got
something happenin' in it.

Bums, junkies.

Queers meet up out there.

You have a question, sir?

I wanna know what
y'all are doing
to break up that stuff.

Clean up that park!

What about these junkies?

You got heroin
in Arkansas now.

Right now our focus is tryin'
to find this little girl

and bring her home.

We're considering
every possibility.

Man 2: And what
about that fella

always diggin' through
everybody's trash?

Mr. Kindt, can you tell us

if they think
the girl is still alive?

It's our hope that
she's alive, yes.

But again, I really can't
discuss any of the details
of the investigation.

Now, our detectives
have a pair of Xeroxes
to pass out.

One is a picture
of Julie Purcell.

The other is
the kind of backpack
that the boy, Will, had.

It's red and has
his name on it.

Now, if anyone has
any information of
potential interest,

no matter how far afield,

share it with us.

And trust that we will not
let this terrible, cowardly act

go unpunished.

Wayne (age 44):
Your old boss got real vocal
around then.

Gerald Kindt had an election
comin' up the next year.

I know. I guess that works
to some point in your petition.

It's worth notin', I think,
his motivations.


now he's fuckin'
State Attorney General.

But we didn't work for him.
He was your boss.

Oh, not for a good while now.

The broken neck is clear.

But the way
the arms were folded--

- I know.
- And the other thing.

The hell
are those dolls for?

Look familiar,
some way.

Like the kind of thing
at country fairs.

What do you get
from that crowd in there?

They're worried.

Could be thinkin'
it coulda been a neighbor.

Had 'em sign in.
Saw some shifty eyes
in there, but...

may be my redneck radar.

I don't know.

Excuse me.

- Hi.
- Hey.

You found him,
didn't you?

You look like
you haven't slept
in a couple days.

Work to do.
How's it at school?


People are scared.


been askin' about this.

We haven't gotten anything.

I don't know,
you knowin' the kids and such.

You ever seen
anything like this?

Seen a kid
with a doll like this?

Uh, maybe. I don't know.

Looks like something you'd find
in a craft store or something.

I-- I haven't seen
any of the kids with them.

Can I keep this?

Uh, sure.

I'll ask around with the kids,

maybe check with
the other teachers.

All right. Thanks.



- OK, I gotta go.
- All right.

Be safe.

Now, this family--

haven't we spent
enough with this?

It's helpin' me.

Bringin' things back.

How's that?

Your mother.

I, uh...

I have trouble
seein' her sometimes.

Or, uh... I know who she is,

but the parts of our lives,

I can't picture 'em.

You think Mom wants you
to keep doin' this?

It's bringin' things back.
Goin' over the case.

I'm rememberin' things.

My life. Your sister.

You know when the last time
I saw Rebecca?

Mom's funeral?

I think you
talked on the phone
a few months back.

You sure you
wanna keep talkin'
to the TV people?

That woman, the director--

I wanna know
what she's after.

What they might know now.

She said she'd, uh,
show me somethin' next time.

She's baitin' ya, Dad.

Do you think she cares at all
about you or who did it?

She just wants people
to watch her shitty show.

And I think...

Mom would want you
to move on.

Enjoy the family
you have around you.


she and I always
had different ideas.
I remember that.

Wayne. Roland.

Special Agents Burt Diller
and John Bowen.

Thanks, Detective,
we'll get these back ASAP.

Want you to know
we have no intention

of impeding or usurping
your investigation.

This is a Task Force.

One unit with a common goal.

Feds are gonna take the lead
with the kidnappin'.

You two are still point
on the death investigation.

Both of which
will hopefully lead
to the same solution.

Everybody shares everything.
We'll be doing debriefs
first thing every mornin'.

Everybody turns in dailies.

How you guys
wanna go forward?

We got a multi-state APB
out on the girl.

Checkpoints along state lines.
Agents advised.

Let us get caught up.
We'll figure our next move.


You two have
somewhere to be?

We got a funeral to get to.

I know we spoke on the phone,

want to touch base
on a couple of things.

What's that?

I haven't been out here
since last May.

You stayed in the boy,
Will's, room, right?

Yeah. Told you I did.

You leave
a couple magazines

Under the mattress?

Ohh, damn. Yeah, maybe I did.

Should I, uh--

- Never mind.
- You recall anything

from the time you spent
in the house

might be worth mentioning?

Like you ever see anybody
talkin' to the kids?

Any adults
you didn't recognize?

Nah. Nah, can't say I recall
anything like that.

Them kids, they kept
to themselves a lot.

The house was
a pretty tense place.

You can probably tell,
Lucy and Tom aren't real happy.

Before any of this.

Will and Julie,
they play outside
the house a lot?

Yeah. I think so.
I don't think they liked
being around there.

You know, Mom and Dad
angry all the time.

Were you pretty close
to Will and Julie?

I don't know. We got along.

I played with them
a couple times.

They didn't see me much
before I stayed here.

But they were good kids.

What do you think of Tom?

He's an all right guy.

I feel sorry for him.

I felt for him
even before all this.

I mean, in my opinion,

Lucy always needed,
like, a strong male.

You stayin' in town long?

Nah, I gotta
get back to work.

Family could probably
use you around.

I can't get the time off.

It's not like there's a lot
I can do for 'em.

And the night of?

Your neighbor can confirm
you were at home?

I don't know
if they can or not.

But you could check
with the Starlight Bar
in Springfield.

I had a couple there after work,
and then I went home

and watched CHiPs.

You wanna search my place?

Would that be OK?


But maybe...

you should be out there
tryin' to find my niece.

I'm gonna get back to Lucy.

Man: Like we said
over the phone,

we hadn't seen
or talked with the kids
since last Christmas.

Nearly a year ago.

She doesn't like us.

That's Lucy, you mean?

Man: 'Loise,
let's don't, now.

Why not now?

Why not just say it?
The children are lost.

Yes, I mean Lucy.

She runs around on Tom,
you know.

Every marriage
has its own story.

Nobody knows
except the two involved.

Bull. She was a terrible--

( sighs ) You know,

there's been some wonderin'
about Julie.

Don't. Not today.

Tom was workin' offshore.

Could have been weldin' in Texas
when Julie was conceived.

- Now, I've wondered--
- Goddamnit!!!

Not today, Eloise.
Not today.

- Tom: Hey.

Why don't the two of y'all
get out of my house for today?

Mom, Dad.

Yes, I got it now.

There's a web forum that posts

about real-life criminal cases,

things that are unsolved
or unresolved.

They have a whole section
on the Purcell case.

This is what
people do now?

They go in lots
of directions.

Did you know at
various times since,

large-scale pedophile rings
connected to people of influence

were uncovered in
the surrounding areas?

Do you know about
the Franklin scandal?

Wayne: No.

It's been theorized
that the straw dolls

are a sign of pedophile groups,
like the crooked spiral.

I don't think
that's right.

Can I ask,
with what happened in 1990
and you leaving the force,

did you ever feel your leads
and theories were discounted
because of your race?

Not particularly, no. Why?

I'm interested in
the intersectionality
of marginalized groups

within authoritarian
and systemic racist

Well, anyways, those--
those dolls from the scene,

they were a significant lead.

Amelia. She's the one
helped us out with that.

Got us that lead.

Have you seen a doll
that looks like this?

- No.
- Not you?

OK, well, you let me know
if you do, OK?


Have you seen
this doll before?


Somebody was passing them out
at trick-or-treat,

I think.

Julie... she got one.

This Halloween you went
trick-or-treating with her?

We met her and her brother
and-- and some other kids.

We live on
the next street over.

It's OK.


- Tom!


Hey, what-- what--

what ya doin'
back up here, brother?

'Talkin' about?

This is my usual shift.
Four years.

What's you're fuckin' problem?
My dick showin'?

Hey, Tom.

You sure you wanna be back
at work today?

I been workin' full-time
since I was fourteen years old.

You want me to sit at home
with this shit in my head now?

How long you motherfuckers
gonna stare at me?!

Somebody got something to say
about me?!

My family?!

Huh?! Somebody know somethin'
I don't--

Tom? Hi.

We didn't plan on
havin' you back this soon.

Well, I gotta earn a livin'.

Well, the thing is,
we, uh...

we put you on leave.

Well, I didn't ask for that, OK?

Now, I gotta work.
You tellin' me I can't work?

Look, with everything
that's happenin',

it's a little disruptive.

People have other things
on their mind?

These machines?

That's how accidents happen.
You know that, Tom.

I'm the guy nobody
wants to be, huh?

I'm the fuckin' joke, right?

You shouldn't look at it
like that.

But you ain't comin' back
to work right now, Tom.

Well, fuck everything, anyway!

Yeah, fuck each of ya!

I quit!

You remember which house
was givin' these out?

Who else got one?


did you see her
get the doll?

No, ma'am.

When did you see
she had it?

It was like at the end.

We were all showing
what we got,

and she had the doll
in her trick-or-treat bag.

Did you stay in
the neighborhood,

or did you drive somewhere?

We just walked.

Thanks, Mike.
You're really helpin'.


What'd you go as
for Halloween?

Luke Skywalker.

Cool, man.

My partner,
he loved that movie.


were you with Julie
and her brother
the whole night?

Or was there ever a time
y'all went different ways?

Yeah. They'd been
to a couple houses
before we met up.

But I don't think
she had the doll then.

How 'bout
the rest of the night?

We mighta split up
once or twice.

But... not for long.

I saw her talking to people.

Adults, maybe.

They were two ghosts.

Just in big sheets.

You don't know
who the ghosts were?

Can you show us
where it was y'all went?


You musta had
some good times.

- When y'all meet?
- Tom: Hmm...

thirteen years back.

We got married
'cause she was pregnant.

How long you knew her

Not long.

Got married three months
after we met.

The Fort Smith courthouse.

Me and Lucy, we--

we never really knew each other,
we just... well, had the kids.

( crying ) My kids. Will and--

Are we gonna find Julie,
or what?

'Cause I can't live
through this, man.

Neither of us can.

If we're not gonna find her,
I just need to know now.

I can't go to sleep...

...and I can't wake up.

Now, you're sayin'
last week, Halloween,

girl got one of these dolls,

and then you found two of them
at the crime scene?

It's an identifier,

So what do you
want to do?

We wondered maybe
let's put it out
on the TV or paper.

Ask everybody
if they seen one of those,

or know who makes 'em
around here.

But that'd tip our hand.
We're not ready for that.

- What's better--
- There's 114 households
in the marked area

and the subdivision near it.

We do total surveillance.

We have people searchin'
every single house.

Oh, come on. You don't have
enough for one warrant,
much less a hundred.

No warrants.
Say, two days, maybe three.

Every detective we have.

Pull in more feds, you want.

Everybody just knocks
and asks if they can search.

Say it'll help
with the Purcell case.

People won't like it...

but a lot, I bet...

a lot of people
let us look around.

We keep surveillance.

See if somebody starts
actin' hinky.

Nobody escapes the net.
Our guy panics or somethin',

we do it fast--
without announcement.

Even if you find anything,

it could be problematic
at trial.

This is about the girl,
not a trial.

- Something happened
on Halloween, that night.

She gets that doll.

A week later,
she and her brother are gone,

and you got two of those things
on the scene.

Bowen: Maybe the perp
just brought 'em somewhere.

You know? Maybe the dolls
belonged to the girl.

It's all maybes, man.
You do the maybe
that gives you a shot.

No, it's thin.

And our constituents here,
they value privacy
and property rights.

They aren't just
gonna acquiesce

to random searches
of their homes.

There's other ways
to approach it.

If we bring in the public,
it stirs up the town

and lets our guy know
what we're thinkin'.

Maybe he takes off.
Maybe he just kills her--
if he hasn't already.

We can just do it fast.

People will get over it.


Just give us some time,

Been runnin' this sting.

Truck stop next door.
Prosts and drugs.

I was gonna
check this guy out
at some point.

He asked one
of the workin' girls

if they had
any younger friends.

And another said
he asked her, too.

Came in here lookin'
for special magazines.

Ted LaGrange.
Pulled his file.

He got outta Wrightsville
a while back.

Carnal knowledge of a minor.

Enticing a minor.
Buncha shit.

Callin' himself
"Robert" somethin' now.

Thanks, Rich.

( chuckling ) Man...

you gotta come in here
every day?

Welcome to Vice.

♪ I love my man ♪

♪ I'm a liar
if I say I don't ♪

♪ I love my man ♪

♪ I'm a liar
if I say I don't... ♪

I haven't seen you here
before, have I?

I'm usually at the VFW.

♪ I'm a liar
if I say I won't... ♪

Want to thank you
for everything you did today
with the kid.

He wasn't talkin' to us
'til you opened him up.

Real grateful for that.

He was broken up
about it.

I think he had
a crush on Julie.

Why'd you give me
that picture?

The doll.

Instinct, I guess.

I knew the kids
weren't talkin' to us.

You were in the war?

You're a cop,

so you want to know more
about a person, you just
look 'em up, huh?

Pretty much.

Did you look me up?

Thought about it, though.

I was born here.

I went to U of A.

Dropped out my junior year.

Went west with a friend.

We got in with some people.

I was in this scene,
San Francisco.

Anti-war, kind of
fringe Panther stuff.

Some things happened,
not good.

And then I was alone.

'74, I came back home,
got my degree.

I grew up in Conway.

My mom worked on a farm.

I spent two years
in the jungle,

a lot of it I was alone.

I hunt a lot now.

- I'm a vegetarian.

That's a real shame.

If you're a Democrat,
don't tell me.

You like teachin'?


I want to be a writer.

Write books.

I don't read enough.

I like Batman
and Silver Surfer.

I had this sorta
dyslexic thing
growin' up.

Was that hard?

They said I was dumb.

My mom wasn't havin'
any of that.

That poem you were teachin'.
I looked it up.

- Oh, yeah?
- I read it.

I'm not ready
to talk about it yet,
but I have thoughts.

- Share when you want.
- All right.

You ever been married?



I was engaged.
Seven months.

I broke it off.

I didn't want
to be married,
I realized.

- I don't wanna get married.
- No?

Guy the other day
said I must be crazy.

Thing is, and I've thought
of this for a while...

I think I might be.

Like how?

I wear clip-on ties
'cause I'm preoccupied

with this idea
of getting strangled with one.

Is that too much?

This year, twice,

I've been to St. Louis

and I've stayed
at this hotel,

and I've pretended
I'm someone else.

I go out, meet new people,
and I am someone else.

Different name,
different background,
different job.


- Hmm.

You drink too much?

I don't know.

I might get drunk
twice a month.

Three times.

I like to laugh,
is the thing.

Hey. Raise it up?

Hurry. Quick.

...information in the Purcell

we go to the Washington County

- earlier this afternoon.
- Don't do it.

We believe the missing girl,

Julie Purcell, was contacted
by her abductor

while she participated
in Halloween last week.

We're sharing a graphic
of the area where she and her
brother went trick-or-treating.

Now, our investigation suggests

that someone who saw her
on Halloween

has special knowledge
of this case.

- Givin' it away.
- Anyone who saw
anything suspicious...

- What's wrong?
- I'm sorry, I--

I gotta go.

Are you saying the children
knew their kidnapper?

Kindt: I'm not at liberty
to reveal that at this time.

I knew they wouldn't
listen to me.

But you shoulda
stopped that.

Me? What am I
supposed to do?

You were there.

I'm sayin', I talk,
it don't mean anything.

Don't matter if I'm right.

You, at least, you talk,
it means somethin' to 'em.

Might consider
what you're saying.

You mighta stopped 'em
from doing that.

Bullshit. Who knew
until it was on the TV?

Why didn't you stop 'em?

They ain't my tribe, man.
Take care of your shit.

Tribe? Where you think
you are, asshole?

- I know where I am.
- Do ya?

It don't sound like it.

Son, I know where I am in a way
you will never understand.

Are you high,
Purple Hays?

'Cause you're makin'
about as much goddamn sense

as my grandmother's

No, I'm sayin'
I know where I am.

Hey, good for you.

Was all I could think of.

You got somethin' else?

Vice gave me a dude
near Fort Smith to look at.

I pulled his file.

What is it?

You can read
for yourself.

You wanna go get him?

I wanna go get him.

We might as well
keep watch out here.

Check the guy out
in the mornin'.

Toss his place first.

We should get bennies.

Stayin' up all night.

Glove box.
Red-and-blue ones.

Prosecutin' attorney decided...

best thing was
to take our single clue

and spread it all over the town.

And that got us
a few hundred false tips
the first coupla days.

That's when it all started
with the town.

Just panic.

Wayne (continues):
Lived in their imaginations
now, you see?

Everybody was scared.

That included us.



♪ And I'll never
make you sad again ♪

- ♪ 'Cause I swear... ♪

You gonna eat?

♪ And I'll never
make you sorry... ♪

Me neither.

We need you
to come with us, sir.

Uh, wha-- what's the--

We'll tell ya on the way.

( grunting ) No! Please!

No, it's not me,
I swear to God!

You're wrong about this.

You shouldn't have
brought me here.

This get you off, mister, huh?

You entertain fantasies
of strappin' white men to posts?

- Now and then, yeah.
- Really?


Talk about
your fantasies.

Then he'll tell ya his.

Theodore LaGrange.

It's Ted, yeah?

Ted, you been out
a bit over two years.

I know what you're doing,
and I haven't done anything.

Released from

You got Little Rock
up the road.

Why'd you come
way out here, Ted?

And why you callin' yourself
Robert Hebert?

I-I wanted a new start.

They keep you in protective
custody in Wrightsville?

Hmm. Figured.

Guys who mess with kids,

they don't usually make it out
with all their parts.

Tell me how
you mess with kids.

The boy and the girl.

Your landlady said
you didn't come home
last Friday night.

- What?
- The 7th.

That's not-- I was out.
I-I was just out.

Help me understand
what it was like for you
in the moment.

Let me feel
your side of it. OK?

Tell me why
you killed the boy.

I didn't! I never seen him
before he was on the news.

You'll wanna explain to me
where you were that night.

- Help me see
your side of things.

What'd you do
on Halloween night?
Where were you?


we're here to listen
when you want to share.

- Aaaaah!

Woman: Yes.

He's here
Mondays and Fridays.

We do storytime twice a week
in the evenin's,

and he plays guitar for it.

But his name's Robert Hebert,
not what you said.

And he worked on the 7th?
Last Friday?

Yes. Mm-hmm.

You know what time
he left that night?

Probably about 8:00
or after.

He helped us put up
the tables and chairs.

Did he do something?

You're not gonna
see this guy anymore.

If you do, give us a call, OK?

Alan: Robbery was
a coupla months ago.

All I know for sure
is that her prints showed up.

It's like you said--

they don't know
if she was a customer

or part of
the break-in.

Was it a partial or a full?


It was her.

They had video surveillance?

They smashed the camera
in the pharmacy.

Store's got footage
goin' back three days prior.

We subpoenaed it,
but we have to wait.

Somebody watchin' the store
in case she comes back?

My understandin',
Sallisaw PD's focused
on the robbery.

And I wouldn't say the locals
are a crackerjack investigative
team or anything.

So nothin'.

Man's family
didn't have the resources

for an investigator...

but obviously,
we'd like to find her.

What about Arkansas PD?
They lookin' for her?

There's nobody
on the case yet.

Kindt's office will
have to look at it

since they'll be defending
our motion to overturn,

but right now, no.

I don't think so.

You all right
goin' up against
your old boss?

It's overdue.

Talk to Roland?

We have an appointment.

He's done well.

He has.

You wanna execute him?

We can bury him
right out here,
I don't give a shit.

Throw him off a bridge...
Nobody'll care.

- LaGrange:
- Put him in holding,
get his parole violated.

He'll be back
in Wrightsville

- Full sentence.
- If you say so.

Talk shit about us...

I'll have monstrous niggers
fuck him to death in his cell.

D'you hear me, boy?
You will bleed black cock.

( LaGrange grunting,
sobbing )

Gotta catch up, man.
Just spent the day
on this bullshit.

That was a vivid description
of prison rape. Jesus.

Could tell he had
the racial thing.

Remember what he said
in the barn?

Still-- it's gonna haunt me.

Police dispatch:
D-12, do you copy?

Copy, dispatch.

Lieutenant Twiggs wants y'all
at the Purcell place.

What's up?

Someone said
the family got a note.

Copy. On the way.

( children's show
playing on TV )

- Henry: Hey, Dad.
- Hi.

Hey. Hey!

Did you see?
They sent me the galleys.

That's great.

You got a little loose
after work?

How was the deposition?

It was fine.

It's as much about us
as anything.

And I think her and me,
it was as close

as she could give the thing
a happy ending.

After the events of 1990,

and what happened
with Julie and her father,

you left the PD.

Did you believe
that concluded the case?

Did you feel the investigation
ended too abruptly?

She wrote six novels after.
This was her first.

Uh, very...
to a cop,

very impressive
eye for detail.

Have you read it?

Mr. Hays,
did you have theories
after what happened

with Julie Purcell
and her father in '90?

Theories that
weren't in line

with your superior's

I heard what you asked.

The answer is...

I never stopped
coming up with theories
about that case.

And I hit Todd and Dave
into home,

and when I went over, we won.

Coach saw, and came and talked
to me about baseball

when I get older.

- That's fantastic, Henry.
- Henry: Mm-hmm.

You're gonna be
very athletic.

You already are.

The publisher said
we can issue an update
for the paperback

once this appeal
goes to trial.


You're a bit out of it tonight.

The kids noticed.

You can't be that way
in front of them.

- I'm not drunk.
- What's going on?

What happened
with the deposition?

They overturning
the conviction?

Julie Purcell is alive.

Thought for sure
you'd all beat us here.

What is that, huh?

What's that mean?

Well, what's it mean?


You want more chicken, Wayne?

Thanks for the spread,

This is wonderful.

Are you feelin' all right?


He's been goin' back
through that case.

Mom's book.

I never read the whole thing.

Couldn't stand
I was in it so much.

Goin' back over the story,
it's good--

makin' me work my brain,
I mean.

Leadin' me to other stuff.

Maybe you guys could see
about gettin' Rebecca out here.

I'd like to see her.

She's in L.A., Dad.

When did that happen?

What's she doin' out there?

She's playin' music, Wayne.

She OK? You talk to her?

I talked to her
a few weeks ago.

Think she'd
come back home
for a visit?

She don't like it here, Dad.

Why not?

I just don't think
it suits her.

- She never liked it.
- She didn't?

- Hey!

One more time, OK?

Shh. Eat.

It's goin' by pretty quick.

Don't I know it.

Maybe you guys could see
about gettin' Rebecca out here.

I'd like to see her.