True Detective (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Church in Ruins - full transcript

Desperate to locate a missing woman with intel about Caspere, Frank meets with Mexican drug dealers; Ani infiltrates an exclusive inner circle, with Ray and Paul keeping close tabs.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It's been 66 days

since the alleged murderers of
Vinci city manager Ben Caspere

engaged police in one of the deadliest
shootouts in state history.

The so-called Vinci Massacre

was determined closed
by Attorney General Geldof,

who used the conference to announce
his candidacy for governor.

Benjamin Caspere was
a corrupt individual,

and he was killed
by the dangerous psychopaths

who engineered
the tragedy in Vinci.

In examining how to protect the
state's most overlooked places,

I can finally only
come to one conclusion.

No comment yet
from the governor.

In other news, construction
is expected to break ground

next week on the state's
central rail line.

Help you with something?

Security, hmm?

Frank Semyon.

Stick with what you know.

You didn't have to quit.
I told you that.

None of that went down right.

State came in.

Better to walk
before they make you run.

We'd have helped you with that.

Geldof closed the case.
You're clear.

He's saying
the Mexicans did Caspere?

Anybody come to you
asking about that?

Caspere, the Mexicans?

You and Teague,
he talk to you much

when you were working together?

What did you come
here for, Lieutenant?

Learned some things about Dixon.
Wondered if you knew anything.

Anything about what things?

He had a lot of photographs,
some other stuff.

Might've been into some people.

Bought another Charger.

Yeah. I, uh...

I appreciate a good rut.

Well, I gotta tell you...
Sorry about this,

but, uh, these row houses are
reserved for municipal employees.

And now that you're not one...

You fucking evicting me?

Hey, I got them to
give you 60 days.

And I wanted to
come tell you myself.

Come on, Ray, you don't
want to live here anymore.

I gotta go to work.



This is short $200.

I told you about this.

What do I tell Mr. Frank?

If he can buy beer,
he can pay the rent.

Tell him to have it tomorrow,
or I'll put you on an ICE bus.


Jesus Christ.

harassment's a political tool.

You pay a compliment,
a chick lawyers up.

That shit's about looks, too.

Difference between something like
what I'm here for and flirting

- is how good-looking a dude is.
- How's that fucking fair?

Now, this reflex to project
blame upon the victim

is going against the sorts of
habits we want to encourage.

Detective Bezzerides, how do
you feel about your actions?

Can I just ask, what the
fuck are you doing here?

Who wouldn't want her sexually
harassing you? Am I right?

See, that kind of thing there could
be considered inappropriate.

What? It was a compliment.

Oh, it's all right.
It's all right. I understand.

But, uh, I don't know.

I mean, what can I say? I...

...just really like big dicks.


It's not just length.

Everybody's always talking
length, but it's fine.

I mean girth, too.

I really want to have trouble
handcuffing the thing, like...

Um, I'm not sure...

Uh, you know,
that might be taken...


I thought you
wanted me to share.

This is a safe circle, right?

Hell, yes, it is.

Hey, let her share, man.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

This man just received
a commendation for bravery

for one of the worst firefights
in LA County history.

I don't think anyone would argue

Mr. Woodrugh's
facility for killing.

All right, damn it...

We're amenable to putting this
entire matter behind us. Hmm?

I just want to forget that this
terrible thing ever happened

and get on with
getting my life back.

I did not do anything.

And I am innocent.

Black Mountain. Pandhar Village.

I wasn't there.

I wasn't at Pandhar.

How many men did you kill then?
How many at Vinci?

We want any violation

involving this incident dropped.

And we want Miss Lindel's earlier
probation violation expunged.

That was your publicist, right?

Got the tabloids
to try smearing him?

And now you feel okay
about dropping the allegation?

I've learned a lot in therapy.

I'm listening to
my higher power.

I saved lives in Vinci.

Oh, and did they fully account for
whose bullets killed those civilians?

Yeah, they did.

I just don't want what happened
to me to happen to anybody else.

Detective Woodrugh
works insurance fraud now.

So you got him off the street.

Are we still talking?

You're going for
the deal, so take it.

She is a fucking liar.

I think we're past
all the name-calling.

We could still pursue
a civil case, Mr. Woodrugh.

Detective Woodrugh.

Rate's changed.

I need you to offer me
an old-times'-sake price.

Frank, man, this economy?

Start me a tab, Lloyd.

Frank Semyon?

Who are you?

Our name is Gonzales.
We work here.

How's that, friend?

We had an arrangement
with Santos.

Nobody's seen him.

Long time now.

We heard.

So, it is time to
ratify our arrangement.

We never had one.

And I don't need partners.

Door's in the same place, amigo.

Can I help you, Cisco Kid?

The fuck?

Frank, what the fuck
are you doing in here?

Ship seems a little loose today.

Micro naps, Frank.

Michelangelo took them.

You remember
Archeron Waste Management?

You sold it off.

After we sprinkled that corridor
valley with heavy metals.


So, it's closed.

The guy I sold it to,
Ali Komunyakaa,

who I never saw finish a beer,

gets drunk and drives off
a hillside in Ventura.

All of a sudden.

Not everyone has our
physical fortitude, Frank.

Like Caspere?

Ben was king
fuck of pud-pulling.

You deal with pimps,

you get pimpish results, Frank.

Couple months back,

you said that there were outside

interests looking
at the poker room.


Foreign interests.

Some fuck. I don't remember.

I haven't been in touch since.

Your boy hasn't moved to Oakland.
I've noticed.


But you moved to Glendale.

Shame, that.


And your kid Tony.

My family ain't
your concern, boychick.

You've been running girls
through the poker room.

Not so much as a heads up to me.

Penance is
an extra five a month.

Get out of my office, Frank.

Next time,
wait for an invitation.

I'll let you get back to your
process, then, Michelangelo.

Mr. Semyon.

You don't direct me,
Khe Sanh motherfucker.

I'm Chinese.

Then go stand in
front of a fucking tank.

Mr. Velcoro
was a person of interest

in a state investigation
into corruption.

Which yielded nothing.

And after the firefight
in Vinci,

he resigned under scrutiny

and pending a charge
on substance abuse.

That's anecdotal hearsay.

There's no record of my client
being reprimanded for drug use.

Would you submit to a blood test, Mr.

Absolutely, Your Honor.

Finally, Your Honor, we are contesting Mr.
Velcoro's paternity

and wish to establish whether he
even qualifies for father's rights.

Objection. Fucking assholes.

You're not helping your case, Mr.

Mrs. Brune
was the victim of an assault

during the period of conception.

She believes the rapist to be the
biological father of her child.

I raised that boy.
Am raising him.

It doesn't matter
where he comes...

Our position is that
it matters a great deal.

I trusted you.

I trusted you.

What does that mean?

I'll instruct
the parties to refrain

from addressing one another.

Now, I'm going to order a
paternity and toxicology test.

I'm ordering
supervised visitation

until both the paternity
and toxicology results are in.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold on.

What, I gotta get a stranger
to chaperone me and my son?

- I've delivered my verdict.
- Don't push me, Mr. Velcoro.

Any revision at this point
would not be in your favor.

She never looked at
me like that before.

Like she hated me.

You really gonna test clean?


Yeah, 60 days now.

I want to fight
this however I can.

Then pull some
more cash together.

Tax-free or not,
this is gonna get expensive.

You need more money?

I need more money.

We're war rationing.

More work, then.

I can, you know,
do double shifts at the Lux.

This is for your kid?


I might have a job for you.

The guy who bought the waste company
we used in the corridor died.

Place has been cleaned out.

I'm gonna start listening to the hot
feeling I got in the back of my neck.

I want you to tail Blake. I want to
know what his life is outside of me.

I can do that.

What's your feeling?

Running girls?

Am I in confession?


Just, uh, never seemed like you.

Maybe you're just
not very perceptive.

Ask you something?

You think those
Mexes really did Caspere?

I don't know.

It was bullshit
surveillance and...

The crash pad was
a fucking meth factory.

Caspere died

with five million
of my dollars, cash.

Stan's killed.

I'm squeezed out of
the rail corridor.

The enemy won't
reveal itself, Raymond.

Stymies my retribution.

It's like, uh...

Blue balls in your heart.

I'll see about some
shifts at the Lux.

But follow Blake. He's gotten too
smooth for my peace of mind.

Oh, Paulie. Oh, no.

I'm getting married.

I love her.

Her name is Emily.

How pregnant is she?

Almost four months.

Mother of God.

Of all the stupid...

You're a good-looking white man.

And you want to get in shootouts

and become somebody's husband.

You could do anything you want.


If I was a man,
I'd have had the world.

Dumb bastard.

No, no.

No, no, no.

No. Fuck.

You took it.

How the fuck could you?

Took what, Paulie?

You know what!

The money!

The money I brought
back from Afghanistan!

dollars, Cynthia!

That bag?

Oh, Paulie.

You've been back four years.

I thought that was
something you left for me.

Something I hid, for
what, you to find?

That's my stake.

I'm having a kid.

Well, how would I know that?

I fucking bled for that money.

What did you do with it, slots?

Now listen.

You knew I was out of work.

I had every reason to
expect a little help.

I'm making a family.

I know that don't mean shit
to somebody like you,

but it fucking matters to me.

Don't you fucking tell me
I don't care about family.

I was a dancer,

but I carried you.

And I brought you up alone.

You could have
been a scrape job.

You wouldn't even
know whose it was.

You ruined my career,

you ungrateful asshole.

I carried you for nine months,

and I've been
carrying you ever since

with your weirdness.

You're strange.

All your good friends, the boys.

Yeah, I know about you, Paulie.

Yeah, I know.

You shut your fucking mouth.

You fucking poisoned cooze.




I got this last week. The
police never found anything.

And you... You said
you'd look into it.

She left this,
what, at a PO box?

Attached to my old address.

The bill took
a while to find us here.

When I paid it,
they gave me the contents.

You settling in okay?

What's it mean?

Looks like a party.

Did you follow
up with Sheriff's?

They got nothing.
I hear nothing.

I didn't want to hand this over.

I thought...

When we talked,

I thought I could trust you.


Fuck me.

Ain't you been warned
about that kind of talk?

Sorry you're down here.

And I know you don't believe it,

but I never put
you under that bus.

Sheriff already
knew about you and me.

I took full responsibility.

Yeah, sure.
You're a real prince.

You'll be out of
here in a few months.

Look, somebody was
trying to do you, girl.

And if you had
a few more friends,

it might have been
harder to get done.

Hey, hey.

You remember that foreclosure
we served a couple months back?

The missing girl, Vera.


You said you had looked into her
old roommate's phone records,

found an address
where Vera last called from?

Yeah, it was, uh, up north.

Could you get me that?

You're here now.

Help me out with this,
and I promise

to do a fearless
and searching moral inventory.

All right.

Loyalty's important

and usually painful.

One day you might find
cause to ask yourself

what the limit is to some
pain you're experiencing,

and you'll find out
there is no limit at all.

Pain is inexhaustible.

It's only people
that get exhausted.

Tony, how are you?


Always a pleasure. Hmm.

Approval is always essential.

Let me see.

These books are bullshit.

Whatever they were actually making
here, I can't figure it out.

That's expected.
We can wipe that clear.

How about you?
How are you doing?

Where is this Santos character?
Used to own the place.

Wherever he is,
he ain't coming back.

This is backslide city, Frank.

I know what's going on out
there in the poker room now.

We're not just
running some club. Come on.

What's happening now
is we are surviving.

All right? We are rebuilding.

You were almost

out of this kind of
thing when we met.

It was like you had a design.

That design does not work

once someone has
stolen all of our money.

The design does not work
when I am knee-deep in dirt.

You don't bring a kid
into a situation like this.

To what? Where is this going?

Excuse me?

I thought this was
a you-and-me thing, first off.

It is, but it has to be about
something more than this.

God, Frank, I helped, I know,

but I don't want to be
some fucking gangster's wife.

You know that word bothers me.

Because, me,
I didn't ask for this world.

I took it as...


I was born drafted on the
wrong side of a class war.

So fuck that gangster shit.

You're a pimp now,
Frank. A dealer.

I don't mix with those people.
You know that.

I'm trying to stay above water
long enough so that we can...

Those people, everything they
do, they would do anyway.

Crime exists
contingent on human desire.

These were the avenues left me.

And what's the expiration
date for all this?

Our child?

Our child is part of the design.

And being legitimate
is part of the design.

Right now it's on hold.
You love me?

Then you're with me.

And maybe...

You love me if
you're not with me.

I understand.

But say so,

so we don't have to be
on these goddamn eggshells.

Like I'm not me
and you're not you.

I don't think I
can have kids, Frank.

I've been pretending
that it might not be that way.

I thought maybe...

But I went to the doctor alone.

I had more than one.

I had more than one
operation, I mean.

- I had three.
- Three?

- The fuck are you...
- In my 20s.

We don't think I can
have one, a child. I can't.


You. But why now, huh?

Maybe I'm less appealing
in current circumstances.

Why not tell me this
when I'm on top of the world?

Well, now I'm me.

And you're you.

And here we both are,
out in the open.

So, who loves who?

- This chicken looks good.
- Did you use that recipe or...

I did, yeah.

Carlotta's recipe?

I did. I hope it comes out
as well as she makes it.

- Here.
- Very nice.


Thank you.

Thank you.

You know, we were just saying
that it'd be a good idea

for Mami to come stay with us
a while after the baby comes.

And the wedding?

Speed up, I say. You're
doing it, get on with it.

And you're gonna want me here. You
have no idea what you're in for.

Long nights. No sleep.

Might get kind of cramped.

I'll take the sofa in the living room.
I don't complain.

An entire week on a boat, I'm four.
I don't complain.

Down in the hull eight days.

- Mama.
- What?

Is he gonna arrest me?

Thank Jesus they got
you off that motorcycle.

Much better.
And you wear a suit now.

Mmm, he's very handsome.

A couple of months back,

when I talked about adoption.

Jordan, I don't want...

I was thinking
about you as a kid,

what it would have meant

if somebody had
looked out for you,

if somebody had
taken care of you.

There's no bandwidth
for that right now.

I'm with you, Frank.

I love you.

But I don't want to see you
lose who you've become.

And I don't mean the money.

And I want to thank you
for seeing me like that.

It fucking tears me up the way
you're having to live now.

My problem is with
you not coming to bed.

With both of us being half
in the bag each night.

I will find a way out.

The adoption,
you were so definite.

I think you were saying no
to the kid that you once were.

You were saying he was
somebody else's problem.

I'm going home.

You should make
some time to join me.

Spent all day in
state's evidence control.

Then Vinci PD.

Nobody had an answer.

They just vanished.

Well, looks like them.

But these would have to be
taken before Caspere died.

How you been?

Drinking more.

My hands get fucked up.

Shake, like. You?

Talking to myself a lot.

Sticking to booze,
though. That's new.

So, the diamonds from Caspere's

safe deposit went
missing from evidence.

It ain't exactly unheard of.

This girl's missing.

Disappeared shortly before
Caspere's body turned up.

What did we keep hearing
about? Escort parties.

Powerful men.

I couldn't make them all,
but that's a state senator.

Look at this one.


This ain't the type of
party allows cameras.

What do you think?
Some kind of blackmail?

You really think we
cleared the Caspere case?

Those Mexicans?

They had items from
Caspere's house there.

Fingerprints. What do you care?

These people put you
in a cage, Bezzerides.

This girl's gone missing.

Nobody cares.

The interior's poisoned
and suddenly worth billions,

nobody cares.

Bunch of people
got shot to shit,

nobody fucking cares.


I'm not a cop anymore.

And you're not a detective,
last I heard.

Nope, you do security
for some comeback mobster,

and I log evidence.

I do consultation.

And you should get out.
You're too good for them.

You hear about the kid?

I mean, fraud investigations?

He was a fucking
god warrior that day.


I talked to him.

He's miserable.

Belongs in the field.

Then he should quit, too.

Why didn't Dixon make that
place for a cookhouse, huh?

I don't know.

'Cause he's a wet brain alky.

I have this new program, see.


Because my powers of influence are so
meager in this sublunar world of ours,

I try to limit
the people I can disappoint.

And I make sure to
know the difference

between my obligations
and somebody else's.

Don't do that.
It was... It was...

It was good seeing you.

I didn't realize you
had been on my mind.

Some Lee Marvin movie on TCM.

Maybe something light.

I don't care what we watch.

What's it matter?

Your boss moved off all this.

Pretty cleanly, too.
That's my point.

We closed
the Vinci investigation,

and Geldof announces
a governor's run

with a suddenly
massive war chest.

So, he had his hand out.
That what this is?

You holding your hand out?
Where's my cut?

A real Attorney General could
do a lot of good in this state.

Has she got to you
with her missing girl?

And you, what, are you
just looking for trouble?

I need to be in the field. I'm not
happy either how things played.

Geldof's actions are the
clearest indication of collusion

between the Vinci
power structure

and the larger
state institutions.

And it wouldn't
hurt your job prospects

having dirt on
the future governor.

I'm putting together a confidential
special investigation.

Stated goal is to
track down Irina Rulfo,

the girl who pawned that shit,
brought you all to this place.

You know she was
never brought in.

What's the real purpose?

Finding out who killed Caspere.

Uncovering evidence of collusion

between Vinci PD,
mayor's office,

AG, and any other state bodies.

You know I'm not a cop anymore.

You have your PI
license. I checked.

I could detail you
as a state attorney's

investigator into
a missing person.

I need people who aren't
gonna ping on our radar.

Word gets out what
we're looking for,

they could shut it
down like last time.

I got a job.

Thanks, but no.

That job gonna get
you your kid back?

What do you know about him?

I know it's not
looking good for you.

State Attorney's
office could intercede

on your behalf
with Family Services.

Recommendations, testimony.

I could make sure
you keep your boy.

Well, they never found
the camera and the hard drive.

I don't think
the person who shotgunned me

was one of those maniacs
at the shootout either.

While we're talking...

I want to look at some
of this land up north.

Might have a line
on those hooker parties, too.

A lot of money there.

If it's a place deals go down,
we need to look at it.

You can't be cleared for this.

She's taking vacation time.

I'm placing her as
a confidential investigator.

Means I don't
have to register her.

I can follow up on the diamonds.

Why Caspere had them.
Why they're missing.

Why the girl had
photographs of them.

I guess my million-dollar
question is, why me?

You're out of the system.

You know Vinci PD.

Properly motivated, you're a
good bet to get the dirt.

Think it over, Velcoro.

Never too late to
start all over again.

You let me keep my kid,

I'm in.

Get started.
You're on the clock.

I want daily reports.

Wasn't it you who thought I was
the worst of these people?

Saw that rumor about you
killing a guy was bullshit.

Figured maybe
the rest of it was, too.

How'd you decide
it was just a rumor?

I thought you knew.

They caught the guy.

I assumed maybe
your ex told you.

What do you mean,
caught the guy?

A few weeks back,

guy got pulled in for
sexual assault in Venice.

DNA matched six unsolved rapes,

including your ex-wife's kit.

He'll get life, sounds like.

Get results.

I'll make sure
you keep your kid.

Frank, thanks for coming.

My position is you
people owe me some land.

I'd have a hard time
convincing my board of that.

Imagine word of
how that corridor's

gotten bought up over
the past five years.

How exactly it
came to be so cheap.

I can't see that
being of any interest.

A waste removal
service poisons park

and farmland along
the central valleys.

A major California landowner

committed to real estate
development steps in.

You're reaching.

Archeron Waste
Management is dissolved.

The guy I sold it to
ran himself off the road.

You know anything about that?

There might still
be something for you.

Why I called.

Let me ask, have you ever heard of
Caspere possessing a collection of...


Home movies.

A hard drive full of them.

If you're interested in
doing something for us,

it could put you
back in the corridor.

Somebody's got that hard drive.

I know the police never found
it in either of his houses.

What about the Mexicans?

Did Caspere?

I'm no detective,

but it might be
a good place to start.

If you believe they're
the ones that did it.

Five parcels,


I find that hard drive.

Oh, yes, I remember you.

How can I help you?

I'm here to help you, Doc.

I'm here to help you keep all
that cosmetic work intact.

I can't imagine we have
anything to talk about, sir.

I fully cooperated
with you last we spoke.

Well, maybe that's on me

not asking the right questions.

You and Chessani,
girls, human trafficking.

You do their implants,
nose jobs.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I'm a psychiatrist.

With a secondary concentration
in reconstructive surgery.

You, Chessani, Caspere, you went
back farther than you made out.

The girls, spill.

Your compensatory
projection of menace

is a guarantor of its lack.

And it says something about the
depths of your misperceptions.

Kind of day I've had,

seeing you pop a few stitches
might start to make up for it.

Pin-eyed motherfucker.

Hooker parties.

What you'd call affluent men.

Caspere attended.


I just do work on girls.

Make eights into 10s.

Make sure they have the proper
prescriptions, that's it.

The parties are a safe place, a
conclave for men of influence.

Talk motivations, or I'll dig
into that face-lift and yank.

Caspere concocted the idea of
the parties with Tony Chessani.

Tony's a pimp with
political ambition.

His father doesn't participate
in the gatherings.

Tony's service makes him friends

with those men of
affluence you mentioned.

Lays the groundwork for deals
that Caspere facilitated.

What else?

I think both men
used the occasions

to compile potential blackmail
material on their guests.

Rumored Ben had footage
of various important people.



He's the president of Santa
Clara Railroad Company.

It's smaller now.
Called Catalast.

You go back with the Chessanis.

You put his first wife
in a mental hospital.

Yeah, I did...

I did everything...

I did everything
I could for Helene.

Certain traditions of the Chessani
patriarchs, she had a difficult time with.

They are,

you might say,
a highly inventive family.

Might be tough to get
back into that scene.

But not impossible, right?

Look for the pieces
that are solid,

that haven't been
hollowed out yet,

with, like, a smooth surface.

Say you lost your job, whatever.

Just some story. You need
to work the next party.

I don't... I don't know if I can
get in touch with those girls.

They weren't exactly stable.

I'm getting really good at this.

Not like hers.

If you can get
a line on an invite,

I need to look into it.

This girl's missing.

There's other stuff.

Something else?

After that shooting?

You haven't talked about it.

Dad asks and says that
you won't call him back.

I'm busy. Work.

I wondered why you were so
hot to hit the beach today.

I tried weighing if it was
worth the price of a lecture.

I'm not in a spot to give those.

Did I tell you I
got into CalArts?


That's great.


Thank you.

Congratulations. Jeez.


I should, uh...

I should buy you dinner.

Maybe I can reach out to a couple
of the girls that I knew before.

For the straight-up purpose of
getting me into that party, okay?

Aren't you supposed
to be behind a desk?

I just started my vacation.

Going anywhere special?

Yep. Guerneville.

You homesick?

For a place you hate, you never
really got that far away.

An excess of
boron produces the color.

Now, most of your colored
diamonds are of low quality,

but something like
these with such a rich hue,

it's very rare.

And the cut, octahedron, these
must almost certainly be stolen.

I told the other
policeman the same.

What other policeman?

A few months back,
a detective came by

with pictures of
identical diamonds.

Wanted to know if anybody had come
around, maybe trying to sell them.

I told him I read
the pawn sheets regular

and I haven't seen them listed.

He tells me they don't want
the stolens on any sheets.

So, he gives me his card,

says to let him know
if I hear anything.

You still have that card?
- Yeah.

He was a portly man.
Smelled like bourbon.

Flatulent, too.


The thing is, when Dixon came
around about the diamonds,

it would have been before we
found the safety deposit box.

So he knew about the diamonds
before we found them.

And in which case, why not
put them on the hot sheets?

My ex-partner got this address where
the missing girl last called from.

Spot was on Caspere's GPS, too.


Seems like a happening place.

Used to be this commune here

on the River Valley.

Why did you say...


So that man that you tracked
down, that was a lie?

No, I...

I don't understand.

They caught him weeks ago.

Called me in.

Richard came with me.

He's a serial rapist.

DNA matched the kit that
they took on me back then.

Did you just make it up?

What you said?


Why would you do that?

So... So, what?

So you can make me think that you
were protecting me or something?


It's not... It's not what I...

That ruined everything, Ray.

That ruined you.

That's why I have to
have the paternity test.

I have to know.

I have to know so I can

put it all where
it's supposed to be.

I don't want to live this fantasy
about Chad with you anymore.

He should have
the truth when he's ready.


This fake story where we're
made a family has to end.

He set me up.


I don't know what
that means, Ray.

You serious?

About the adoption?

It meant something
to me, what you said.

I want to thank you
for telling me that.

We both could have
used different parents.


Don't worry about kids now.

This is between you and me.

Seems like nobody's been home.

Want to call local?
Get us in here?

Now we're following birds.

Carrion birds.

You smell that?

What, bird shit?

It's arterial spray.


The ceiling's clean.

No water stains.

I like it here.


We didn't need all that room.

Don't talk like that. Come on.

There's a guy,
McCandless, Catalast...

Leave business.

We should sell the clubs.

Buy a farm.

Grow organic produce.

I could see us as farmers.

Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.

You would run for a plane the
first time you smelled shit.

Trust me.

I worked as a picker.

I was, uh, 14.


You don't want to grow anything.

What about this guy?

There's something
I might be able to do for him.

If I can,

we can get it all back.

Do you trust him?

I trust self-interest.

Stay here.

I'm fucking coming!
Shut the fuck up!

Got a fucking problem?

You alone?

Yeah. Why?

You and me need to talk.