True Detective (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Western Book of the Dead - full transcript

A bizarre murder brings together three police officers and a career criminal in the corrupt city of Vinci, California.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You all right, bud?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Worried about the other kids?

How much longer do I
have to go to school?

A while longer, sorry to say.

You got that camping trip
coming up next weekend, huh?

That'll be fun, right?

Hey, you like your new kicks?

All right. Go on, pal.

Mom or Richard will pick you up.

I'll see you in two weeks, yeah?

Head up.


Hey, I love you, buddy.

Now be proud.

Hey, Chad. Nice sweater.

I really like it.

Oh, and I like your shoes,
too. They match your hair.

It's great.

It wasn't an incident.

She was, uh, beaten.


I'm sorry, I need to ask.

Your wife, was she
pregnant at the time?

We think so.

You were trying
a long time, right?


Your son was born nine
months after what happened?

And they never caught the
man who did it, correct?


They never caught the guy.

And how is the relationship
with your son?

It's good. It's real good.

I mean, he's
a true-blue kid, you know?

I... I bought us...

I got us these
digital recorders. You see?

So we can send each other letters,
like, and express stuff, talk.

Book said that can
be effective, so...

So, why do you feel
your visitation rights

should be expanded,
Detective Velcoro?

Well, how about
I raised him alone

for two months
when she took off?

You know? It was me and him.

She comes back,
she's talking divorce.

Did either of you
request a paternity test?


My son is my son.

They're gonna ask that question.

More rudely than I just did.

Look, you're not getting...

There's me and him,
and I'm his dad.

And I just need you to come
up with something, all right?

You might have the wrong idea.

Why? You like paying taxes?


You were with LA Sheriff's Department
eight years before Vinci PD.

Anything there gonna hurt you?


I welcome judgment.

Deputy Velcoro, right?

This filth hurt your woman.

We know this guy.

Tell me.

Sometimes everybody's
not always on the same side.

Fine, it's business.

But this...


Fuck that.

Some things don't stand.

What do you know about it?

Fits the description, right?

My people know him.
He's not with us.

Amphetamine freak.

Bragged about it, said, well...

Matched your wife's account.

How do you know
my wife's account?

This is only information, man.

Shit in the air.

I'm sharing with you.

I wanted to do this.

And now it's done.

That's it.

What do you want from me?

- Me?
- Yeah.

Not a thing.

Maybe we'll talk sometime.

Maybe not.

Your wife, she doing better?

Did you go to sleep?

No. Big day.

All the marbles.

Suits you better than you think.

Behold what was once a man.

You think I should have sprung
for the country club?

Don't put on airs.

You don't need to fake anything.

You're better than that.

Caspere pitches at developers.
Russians in for five.

Somebody taking
Osip through customs?

United Ambassadors
are meeting him at the ramp.

Maybe I should have
gone to the airport.

Don't want to look hungry.

Never do anything out of hunger,

not even eating.


The fuck? An eight-part series?

Talks city corruption,
sweatshops, nothing on us.


What's Osip gonna
tweak from this?

That we're not
buttoned down at the least.

Could put Tom or Ivar on the
reporter you want, but I think...

No, get Velcoro.

He won't get carried away.

If this story gets play, there
could be a state investigation.

But I'm saying
you're not touched.

This place is built
on a codependency of interest.

Worries me,
you talking so stupid.

Everybody gets touched.

Hey, hey, I'm sorry.
Look, don't let that ruin it.

Just... It took me
by surprise, was all,

you know? I didn't expect that.

Forget it. Don't worry about it.

Oh, come on,
we don't have to stop, right?

You know, it's just I
wasn't really ready.

And I didn't think...
I mean, I don't know.

Do you like that?


Okay. I just didn't
think that most women...

You know, you would... I'm just used to...
You know, I mean...

Have you done that a lot?

Let's not talk this to death.

Hey, I still got some
time before I report.

Yeah, I've got to
get ready for work.

Can we talk? Please?

I mean, forget this,
what just happened.

You know, I think
this is good, right?

Depends on what's expected.

Well, I wanted...
I mean, I thought,

you know, maybe we could talk
about taking things forward.

Steve, you're a nice guy,

but right now is not the time you
want to have this conversation.

Okay. But if you...

Can you get your stuff?
'Cause I gotta get going.


Sheriff's Department!

Yo, what's this?

Hands! Hands! On your knees.

You running hookers?

Right there! Stay there!

- Sheriff's Department!
- Hands up! Get up! Get up!

- Clear!
- All right, everybody out.

Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go. Come on.

- Right here, right here.
- Let's go, move, move.

Clear in the back.

- What is this?
- Webcams.

Private subscribers.
Totally legit.

We ain't broke no law of yours.

Got IDs for these girls? Visas?

They American,
that what you mean?

Who here is an American?

Say, "I am an American,"
one by one.

I am an American.

I am an American.

I am an American.

I am an American.

This is private property.

- Shut the fuck up.
- Come on, now.

Everybody out. Let's go.

Let's go, on your feet.


All right.

I ran this op
because I heard a rumor.

Unbelievable. Porn.

It's not porn, okay?

Not everybody has a problem with sex.
I'm a performer.

Oh, okay, I'm sorry.

So, this is like some kind of Meryl
Streep-type expressive creativity?

Are you off your meds?

God, you're
fucking hilarious, man.

You want people to stop screwing
and start taking drugs, right?

That is so typical.
So typical you.

That's not...

This isn't right.
It's not healthy.

Not healthy? Really? And what do
you know about being healthy?

When you walk,
it's like erasers clapping.

Okay. Okay.
This isn't your business.

So, what is this? This is like
another "I hate my sister" cycle?

When does that stop?
You take another bust?

Bust doing what?


I'm straight edge now, okay?
I'm totally clean.

Okay, then maybe you should
get back on something.

You know, what you say
are my problems

are really your
fucking problems.

Don't think we got anything.

They even have
the business license.


That low background
rumble is the sound

of paper shredders
on the third floor.

First part of a series, it says.

Talks about municipal salaries,
undocumented workers,

pollution, policing practices.

He uses the word "extortionary."

Are we expecting subpoenas?

You know Ben Caspere,
the city manager?

Gone missing. Second day he
hasn't shown up for work.

Lots of people looking for him.

- Fix on his phone?
- Shut off.

Mayor Chessani's on DEFCON. His office
has been on the horn all morning.

Some big meeting today.

Get with Teague Dixon on this. Caspere
is officially a missing person.


Seriously, Lieutenant, he's...

We're lucky just to
detail the two of you.


You know where I should start?

City manager's office,
I imagine.

All right.

License and registration,
please, ma'am.

Uh, yes. Yeah.


I, um, don't have my
license on me right now.

It's at my house.

It's just, like,
a mile away in Malibu.

I'm really close.

You had anything to drink
this morning, ma'am?

To drink?

No. No, sir.

Well, I absolutely have not... Have
not have had anything to drink.

Would you step out of
the car for me, ma'am?


Please, if I get
in trouble again...

Look, I pay my
parents' bills for them and...


Look, maybe you could
just escort me home,

and we could talk
or do something.

A trade, like...

Hell, I know, Paul.

We all know it's bullshit.

Soliciting a blowjob
to avoid a citation.

That ain't you, kid.

But they're already looking at
that mercenary work.

This actress, she violated her
parole by leaving the fucking house.

To score, I guess.

Swerves into
traffic high, freaks,

I'm getting flushed.

- No.
- Yes.

Administrative leave with pay,
just until IA finishes.

The Black Mountain work,

do you know how
hard they're looking?

You got a little vacation,
that's all.

Comes back around about this girl,
and it will, you'll be reinstated.

Back on the bike?

I like the bike, sir.

The highway, it suits me.

I am no good on the sidelines.

The other watch commanders want
me to convey our full support.

Black Mountain.

We were working
for America, sir.

I know you were, son.

Woodrugh, tell me it's true.

Hey, Bart. Enjoying it?

- Yes.
- All right.

Nice to see you.

Good to see you, too.

Mayor. You heard from Caspere?

Newspaper shit
couldn't wait, huh?

Federal contracts come through,

they can write all the
stories they fucking want.

Newspaper's not
gonna be a problem.

Let's allow an afternoon
for celebration, gents.

See that? I tell
people it's her brains.

Maybe you'd like
something to eat?

See you in a bit.


Caspere hasn't been
to work in two days.

He hasn't? This is his
entire goddamn pitch.

Watch the mayor.
He's getting a load on.

You think I should have sprung
for the country club?


What did you say
about looking hungry?

Osip landed yet?

Just touched down.

No family?


He didn't have
any trips on the books?

Not the type to just take off?

No, sir. He wouldn't leave
without saying something.

He had been going up to Monterey

and the Russian
River Valley a lot,

but he wouldn't be
out of touch like this.

He mention anything
about the newspaper?

You know, that journalist.

Nothing I've heard.

I've only been here
about six weeks, though.

I didn't know
a whole lot about him yet.

Bad blood? Any enemies?

I don't think so.

I mean, not like enemies.

Mr. Caspere sort of holds the
purse strings for a lot of stuff.

A lot of people
have to go through him.


Can you give us
a list of his properties?

I, uh...

Well, I guess that's okay.

Sure, it is. We're the police.

Big place for one guy.

Hey, you see that, too, right?

Now we got us

You ever meet this guy?

Once or twice. Some civic thing.

I had no idea he was so


You know, I got instructions.

Anything happens to me,
you burn all my shit quick.

Took the computer.

This is fucked.

We need a tech crew
in here for prints.

Anything they can catch.
Catalog what's left behind.

We should let the bosses know.

You sure they
don't know already?

We need to treat
this like a 207.

- What?
- Kidnapping.

Teague, we don't belong on this.

Francis Semyon. Look now at you.

This man in the '90s,
what a terror.

The good life suits you.

Osip, have a champagne.

To friends and the future.

Hear, hear.

Frank, I don't think
you met Michael in Paris.

Michael Bugulari, my attorney.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Semyon.

Osip, you should
meet some people.

Contractors, developers.

If he turns up, I'm gonna put my
size 13s so far up Caspere's ass...

He'll spit shoelaces?

They should make the fucking
banks deliver these things.

This the best
they got for police to do?

Take people's houses?

They just make us
drop the paper, ma'am.

We are sorry.

You want to be police?

Why you don't find my sister?


Who's that? She missing?

My little sister, Vera.

She's 24.

How long she been missing?

We're not sure.

I mean, about a month ago,

I hadn't heard from
her for a few weeks.

Started calling,
getting voice mail.

One day it's disconnected.

I go to her apartment.

Her old roommate says
she moved out a while back.

Took all her stuff.
They didn't know where.

Does she have a job?

She worked as a maid
at a couple of places.

But they said she quit.

Well, could you come down,
file a report,

and we could get started on it?

We told city police.
Never heard anything.

Last place she worked, this,
like, religious place,

an institute.


The Panticapaeum Institute?

Yeah, that's it.

What are we gonna do?

Our city manager, Ben Caspere,

was going to be
here to explain this,

but I suppose I can
approximate the information.

So everybody knows
Proposition 1 has passed.

And next year
construction will start

on a $68 billion high-speed
rail up Central California.

An undeveloped valley adjacent to
the rail and the coastal highway

has been purchased
by several holding companies

a commercial development

that will be in line for hundreds
of millions in federal grants.

And the feds

have guaranteed cost overages.

I was told
something a long time ago.

Let me share it with you.

When you see

only with God's eyes,
you see only the truth.

And you recognize
a meaningless universe.

Ginsberg said this to me once.

And it was a gift.

So, today's exercise is to recognize
the world as meaningless,

and to understand
that God did not create

a meaningless world.

Hold both thoughts as
irrefutable and equal,

because this is
how we must live now

in the final age of man.

She gave her notice
maybe two months back.

- Any forwarding address?
- No.

She said she got a new job,
less hours, more money.

Told me she was working,
like, some club circuit.

She mentioned Sonoma, I think.

All right if we talk to
the rest of your staff?

Of course.


I may have seen her.

Just on the grounds, but...


No, not speak to her.
I wouldn't know her name.

I still have an office, but...

I don't spend as much
time here as I used to.

Just a few lectures a year.

I've wondered how you are.

You talk to Athena?

A few days ago, actually.

She seems good.

Clear eye, has a job.

You talk to her that much?

Do you know what her job is?

Something on the Internet. Web
camera performances, she said.

Athena, goddess of love.

I won't go near computers,
you understand.

She's doing porn.

Well, what exactly is porn?

I remember, you see,
when the status quo,

they labeled anything they
didn't like pornography.

Avant-garde cinema, then,

featuring live sex
acts for paying customers.

She has a different outlook.

Athena said it was theater.

God damn.

You don't have any feeling,
your daughter doing that?

Well, what would you
have me do, Antigone?

Since I've never been good
at guessing your needs.

Maybe talk her into doing
something with her life.

Maybe convey some guidance,

some values she could carry.

We have always disagreed here.

I am not comfortable
imposing my will on anyone,

and I haven't been since 1978.

Not even to stop them
walking into a river.

Yes, not even then.

And if your
mother's flair for drama

had been more
present in her acting,

she might have gone
on to great things.

These totems,

they watch over
departed spirits.

I've always felt
your mother among them.

You won't even own it a little.

She abandoned
the two of you, I didn't.

You should spend less time
in a state of resistance

making up problems for yourself.

What does that mean?

A failed marriage,
a few relationships,

you're angry at
the entire world,

and men in particular,

out of a false
sense of entitlement

for something
you never received.

Your entire personality

is an extended
criticism of my values.

Meant, I'm sure,

to compel me into engagement
through argument.

Do you even like what you do?

Or is it just a reflexive urge
toward authority out of defiance?

Talk to your daughter, prick.

Help her.

I just did.

- Hey, bud.
- Dad?

- Hey.
- Hey, Ray.

uh, not till next Friday.

Hey, buddy, I knew you had
a camping trip coming up,

and I just wanted to...

Here, it's a Coleman.
It's, like, top line.

- Oh, thanks.
- Yeah.

Camping trip was last weekend.

He ended up
having a stomachache.

Wait a minute.
Where's your shoes?


He's wearing shoes.
Ray, you been drinking?

Not those, the Nikes. The
fucking LeBrons or whatever.

The tennis shoes he begged... You
know what I'm talking about.

I just didn't wear them.

You realize I tell when people
are lying for a living?

All right, Ray.
Let's talk about this later.

Is that... Is that blood
on your sleeve?

What happened to your shoes?

It was a little thing
that happened last week.


What happened?

What happened to your shoes?

Ray, God damn it. They took his
shoes out of his gym locker.

And what? What, shit on them?

They cut 'em up. That's it.

Christ, man, come on.
This isn't good for him.

- Who was it, boy?
- Ray, stop it.

Let's talk later somewhere else.

Jesus, God, you fat pussy.

You're gonna give me
a kid's name right now,

or I'll pull down your
pants and I'll spank you

in front of the fucking
cheerleading squad.

Don't look at him!
You look at me!

You tell me the name
of that kid, Chad.

I'm gonna count to three.

One, two...

Aspen. Aspen Conroy.

Aspen? That's a boy's name?


God damn it, Ray.

What the hell is
the matter with you?


We, uh, just had a...

A thing,

me and you.

Totally, totally my fault.

Childhood is so scary.

I used...

I used to want to
be an astronaut.

But astronauts don't even
go to the moon anymore.

Detective Velcoro?


Yeah, got that Conroy address you wanted.
Place in Sherman Oaks.


Last name Conroy,
first name Wit. 982...

And your pop, he's
a piece of work, huh?

Don't talk about
my family, Elvis.

Come on back, baby.
I've got something for you.

It's been a week, Mr. Policeman.

Get that dick over here.

Hold that thought.
I'm pretty rank.

Let me jump in the shower.
I'm gonna get clean for you.

I like it when you stink.
I don't mind.

Five minutes and
I'll be right out.

Can I soap you up?

No, I like you the way you are.

One hot shower, I'm ready to go.

I'm timing you,
Officer Woodrugh.

Jeez, that was like 30 minutes.
I thought you had drowned.

What took you so...

Oh, it's been a long day.

I had to work some kinks out.

Well, I've got a place

right here where you
can work that kink out.

Osip, we talked
this through in Paris.

Caspere's absence
don't mean a thing.

It is happening, though.

Vinci tapped fed money
from the subway line,

and the same thing will happen

on a much, much bigger scale
with the rail corridor.

Owned by our holding companies.

Set up through Catalast.

This goes beyond us.
A legitimate legacy.

Chance for the grandkids
to be part of

one of those old
California families.

Don't even remember
where the money comes from.

Let's talk more at dinner.

Give us a minute, friends.

I thought we already
had an agreement, Osip.

Frank, you know you have
my complete confidence,

but our organization
has very old rules.

Checks and balances.

I have to perform
my due diligence.

Sure. Sure.

But, Osip, it's a buy-in.

I thought you
were here to close.

I will close when
I'm ready to close.

Do not rush me, Frank.


Yeah, of course.

You guys should relax.

Get some rest before dinner.

I look forward to
meeting Caspere.

Fuckin' Caspere.

What could you have
to talk to my son about?

Relax, it's nothing.

Maybe I just want to ask him
about some stolen property.

Look, bud,
you want to call him out,

and maybe we can take care of
this, you know, right here?

You don't even have
to tell the missus.

Yeah, hold on. Um...


Hey, son? It'll just
be a second, honey.

This man's with the police.

He says he has
something to ask you.

You like to bully kids, Ass-pen.

Hold on, what is this?

You're 12 years old and
you're already evil as fuck.

Hey, you can't talk...


You're gonna run
out on your dad?

Take a look.
He's doing this for you.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop? Stop?

I thought that got you off,
kid, seeing people in pain.

If you ever bully or
hurt anybody again,

I'll come back and
butt-fuck your father

with your mom's headless
corpse on this goddamn lawn.

Twelve years old, my ass.

Fuck you.

Oh, my God, Wit!

What's this one?

The big one.

I know you don't like talking about
the army, but I keep wondering...

It's not from the army.

It's from before.

A long time ago.

What are you doing?

I'm working on something.

Just got to check it out.

How are you working on something?
You're on leave.

It's a side job, babe. Told
a friend I'd help him out.

That sounds like bullshit, Paul.

Hey, it's not.

I swear.

Are you ever
gonna spend the night?


there's no one else.

It's just, right now my
life is kind of fucked.

I gotta keep working.

I need to do something.
I need to work.

You need to come back to bed.

It's just work.

That's it.

These are all his
files and his laptop.

I asked him how long he thought
it took Stephen Hawking

to type a piece of
investigative journalism.

He ain't gonna be
writing that story no more.

Good. Yeah.

Give him something to chew on.

Supposed to savor that.

Yeah? Let me try it again.

Tying one on?

Not particularly.

How's your kid?

You talk to that
lawyer I put you with?

Harris? Yeah. Yeah. She's
gonna see what she can do.

She said, you know,
don't get my hopes up.

Is your dinner okay, Ray?
- Yeah.

You want something else?

No, thank you, darling.

You seeing anybody? A woman?

There something
else I'd be seeing?

Nah, not interested in
anything like that anymore.

Need to get back on
that horse, my friend.

A good woman mitigates
our baser tendencies.

You got time. Have more kids.

We're trying.

Gonna be doing this,
uh, IVF thing.

I tell you,

I ain't looking forward
to jerking off in no cup.



Anyways, good job
with the thing.


Jordan has our friends at the Soho Bar.
We should join them.


Take care, Raymond. Talk soon.



Stop it.

You motherfucker.

What the fuck?




911, what's your emergency?


Fuck your little...

Yeah, El?


I need you in Ventura.
PCH, Point Mugu.

Use the sirens.

What? How? Why?

They found Ben Caspere.

Eyes are gone, obviously.

Looks like chemical burn.
Acid, maybe.

Some kind or other
abrasion in the sockets.

Can't call COD yet, but he
bled out somewhere else.

Severe pelvic wound.

That's the guy
we've been waiting on?

Velcoro, Vinci PD.

This man's
a missing person with us.

Ilinca, Bezzerides,

Ventura Sheriff CID.

Paul Woodrugh, CHP.

The fuck is Vinci?

A city, supposedly.

That's bullshit.