True Blood (2008–2014): Season 7, Episode 7 - May Be the Last Time - full transcript

As Bill's condition worsens, Sookie desperately turns to her ancestor for a solution. Andy's worry for his missing daughter leads him to enlist Jessica's help. Eric and Pam close in on Sarah. Jason deals with Hoyt's return.

Did your sister come to see you, Amber?
Amber, answer the fucking question!
She's not gonna tell us anything.
Well, maybe it's because you're not asking the questions right.
What's the matter, sugar, do those chains hurt?
"Sugar"? He's right.
- I ain't telling y'all shit. - Hmm.
Maybe you're both asking the question wrong.
- May I? - Go ahead.
Hello, Amber. My name's Mr. Gus.
Mr. Northman and Ms. De Beaufort tell me...
...your sister was paying you to remain in hiding.
Is that correct?
So then would you say money... a primary motivator for you?
Because, Amber, if we are correct in assuming...
...that your sister's in possession of an antidote for this virus... could mean a lot of money...
...for all of us.
Did Sarah come to see you?
Her name is not Sarah.
It's Noomi...
...and she is a good person.
Yeah, a good person who created a virus...
...that's killing off every single vampire on the planet.
Except now she's the cure.
Did you just say Sarah is the cure?
Now, your sister may have healed you...
...but she is killing me.
She killed Jeremy. You loved Jeremy.
- May I? - She's all yours.
And Jeremy loved you.
You were happy together.
But then your sister...
...Sarah or Noomi or whatever you want to call her...
...she set fire to that happiness.
She killed him.
Stop it.
Time's wasting, Amber. Tell us where she is.
I can't.
She saved me.
Well, stop trying to save her.
Fuck you.
She's my sister.
Huh. Oh, no.
No one's here. You recognize this truck?
- Yes, it's Brian's. - Brian? Who's Brian?
Wade and Rocky's father, my ex-husband.
Well, they should be here, then. Adilyn!
Wade, honey, if you're here, come on out.
With your hands up where I can see them.
You don't have to be so dramatic.
- They didn't break any law. - Like hell, they didn't.
They're perverts and they're out here in violation of a parish-wide curfew.
What--? What are you doing?
Calling her. Even if they don't wanna answer...
...teenagers can have a Pavlovian response to a ringing cell phone.
Why is it happening so fast?
I don't know.
Is it because I'm fae?
I don't know.
It's mine.
Are you gonna get it?
I ain't even sure I can stand up.
- In that case, I'll get it. - No, I'll get it.
Sookie, please.
I'm not dead yet.
- Hello? - Vampire Bill, it's Andy.
Is Jessica around?
- Is that Andy? - Passing you over.
Andy, shit, I am so sorry. I completely forgot about y'all.
Don't worry about it, Jessica. We ain't even at home.
Well, where are you?
Adilyn's had your blood, right?
Yeah. But I-- Andy, I only did it because I--
So you'd feel her, right?
If she were in danger...
-...if anything bad happened to her? - Uh...
Uh, yeah.
Well, have you felt her?
No, why?
You haven't? Oh.
- Well, that's great. That's great. - Wait, Andy, what's happened?
Adilyn and Wade ran off together.
- Oh, my God. Do you need my help? - No, we're already out here looking for them.
Just do me a favor.
Promise me if you do feel her...
...give me a call, or even if you hear from her.
- Yeah, of course. But, Andy? - Yeah?
If you find them, will you call me?
You got it, Red.
Well, the good news is they're alive.
But where the fuck do we look now?
Brian has a lake house.
Shit, that's it.
Let's go.
Where is this lake house, anyhow?
Half hour north of Oklahoma City.
- Oklahoma? - I know.
When we get there, I'm gonna hug them, but then I'm gonna kill them.
Here we are.
Home, sweet home.
Oh, my God. Wow.
- You like? - This is amazing.
- Yeah, it's-- It's cool. - Wow.
Just breaks my heart that your parents...
...don't support the love that you feel for each other.
Oh, and for what it's worth...
...when I was your age, I used to fuck my brother too.
A lot. Tsk.
This way.
So there's a fully-stocked fridge with snacks.
Sling is over there, nipple clamps on the bedside table...
...with some erotic oils and handcuffs.
Dildos and toys are on the wall.
Oh, I got that strap-on in Zanzibar in the 19th century.
It was one of the first of its kind.
- What's it--? - What's it for?
You sweet, sweet boy. Your imagination's a muscle.
Use it or lose it.
Now, I'm gonna go get some shut-eye.
You'll be safe here, and you can stay as long as you like.
- Are we cool? - Totally. Yeah.
- And, Violet? - Hm?
Thank you for everything.
Yeah, thanks.
You don't have to thank me.
I love love, and watching love flourish... all the thanks I need.
Have fun fucking.
This isn't happening.
Yeah, Sookie, it is.
In your book you mentioned an experimental treatment... India?
- It's years away. - Gotta be something to slow this thing down.
Sookie, there's no cure.
I refuse to accept that.
Ah! Oh, my God.
- I didn't mean to frighten you. - Well, you did.
Matter of fact, you scared the bejesus out of me.
My apologies.
I know you've been through a great deal of suffering...
-...I should've known better than to sneak up. - Why did you, then?
Because, Arlene, it's still not safe for you to be out alone at night.
I came to see you home.
To offer you my protection.
Well, just so long as you don't get the wrong idea...
...because, to be honest, Keith, this is silly.
I mean, what are you, 25?
I'm 515 years old.
Look, you're very attractive, but I am not a fangbanger, okay?
I know who I am.
And a human with a vampire is just wrong.
You know?
Did that feel wrong?
What about that?
That feel wrong?
What are you doing?
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Oh, God, don't stop. Oh, God.
Oh, my--
Oh, fuck.
You shouldn't have killed her.
She wasn't gonna cooperate anyway.
She was cooperating.
What do you want me to say, Pam?
I saw Sarah on that couch and I fucking lost it.
- Do you wanna die? - I wanna kill Sarah Newlin.
- That's why we came back, remember? - No.
- No? - She's the antidote, Eric.
She can heal you.
This isn't about capture and kill anymore.
- This is about capture and-- - Capture and exploit.
You're a capitalist, yes?
I have a business proposition for you.
All right, we're listenin.
Together we track down Ms. Newlin...
...we capture her...
...and we synthesize her blood and we bottle it...
...and distribute it worldwide as a product:
New Blood.
Yakonomo Corporation will retain controlling interest, of course...
...but you will own 49 percent of the company.
I only see one problem.
How the hell are we supposed to find her?
In Japan, business and government work together.
Now, when Tokyo hears about Ms. Newlin's potential...
...we will have immediate access to all of her intelligence assets.
We will find her.
You don't need a partner.
I'm sorry, was that a question?
My word is oak.
Why do you need us?
New Blood will eradicate Hepatitis V from the planet.
Now, the only problem is...
...the public has lost its trust in Yakonomo Corp.
They'll want proof that New Blood works...
...which means we'll need a vampire's testimonial...
...for the advertising.
You want Eric to be your fucking spokesperson...
...for your vampire Jenny Craig commercials?
Now, I ain't a homo...
...but you have to admit he is a handsome devil.
Do you know what 49 percent...
...of a 3-and-a-half-billion- dollar-a-year company is?
I thought so.
Now, like I said, my word is oak.
What is your word worth?
- You have my word. - Really?
I thought I had your word earlier...
-...and then you hauled off and killed the sister. - You need me, right?
Well, then you're just gonna have to trust me.
I think I'm gonna stay up... him sleep.
I have a better idea.
Why don't you climb in with him?
- You don't think that would be weird? - No, honey, I really don't.
And you need your rest, so come on.
See? It's not weird.
You said that you refuse to accept this.
But what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
But I meet people every day who say...
...that they don't believe in miracles.
Sometimes they don't say it. Sometimes they're just thinking it...
...but when I hear that...
...I just wanna shake them because... can you not believe in miracles and magic...
...when they're happening all around us every single day?
There's a miracle out there just waiting for Bill.
I just have to go out there and find it.
I really hope you do.
- All right. - It's okay.
Good night.
It's morning.
Of course it is.
When I marry, Father, it will be for love.
I'm sorry, son, but you're a man now.
It's time for you to take a wife.
You will marry Carolin Shelby, the neighbor's daughter.
They've just moved here. I haven't met her.
- William-- - I was gonna go to California.
- I wanted to see the world. - The Shelbys are a good family, it's important.
- Father, please-- - I'm dying, William.
You will marry Carolin Shelby...
...not for me, but for your mother.
This way, you see, our lands will combine... she won't have to worry how to get by when I'm gone.
Very well, sir.
I will meet her.
She's just back from finishing school.
I'm sure you'll find her to your liking.
I have met her, William.
She's quite comely.
This is about the only place in town you can get a decent breakfast.
- I thought you said it was called Merlotte's. - It is.
No, it's not. Look.
Well, I'll be.
- We got customers, Big John. - And I'm ready for them.
Welcome to Bellefleur's.
Thank you.
Oh, my--
Oh, sugar, I am so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
And I'm, uh--
I'm so sorry about Terry.
- Yeah, life is precious. - Yes, it is.
- Mm-hm. - Yeah. Oh, Arlene...
...this is my girlfriend, Brigette.
Nice to meet you, Ms. Bardot.
Oh, you are too sweet.
I'm really not.
Well, it's nice to meet you too.
I didn't know you took the place over.
Yeah, like five months ago, I think it was.
Yeah, business was booming until the H-vamps came.
Did y'all have any problems with them up in Alaska?
- Not yet. - We've only been spared...
...because it just about never gets dark where we live this time of year.
I never thought of that.
- Yeah. - Yeah, Brigette's super smart.
We met on the job. She's a microbiologist.
- Hoyt, stop. - But she don't like attention, though.
- Ooh. - Listen, I am starving.
Oh, of course. Let me get you some menus.
Sit wherever you want.
Can I get y'all something to drink while you decide?
Coffee for me.
Uh-- Hot tea for Brigette.
And we're in a little bit of a hurry. I gotta get to the police station... talk to Officer...
You mean Jason.
I didn't get a first name. Just Stackhouse.
Yeah, Stackhouse.
Hoyt's here, Jason.
- What? Hoyt? He's where? - At the BB&G.
- He's acting like he doesn't even know you. - Yeah, that's because he doesn't.
Listen, Arlene, do not say anything to him, all right?
- I'm on my way. - Okay.
-...should I use this on you? - Uh...
How much does it say to use?
Um... It doesn't.
All it says is that its chief ingredient is horny goat weed.
It "Invigorates the sensory nerves while restoring the adrenals...
...and alleviating fatigue for...
...a stress-reducing effect."
You wanna try something else, then?
Okay, just keep cool. Be a man.
If she's into this stuff, you gotta do whatever it takes... please your woman, even if you ain't into this at all.
- Oh, thank God. - What?
You're not into this.
- Are you? - No.
Oh, my God. Thank you.
No, thank you. You have no idea how happy you just made me.
I thought you wanted to experiment.
No, and I thought that you wanted to on account of you being... much more experienced than me. - Wait, what?
- What? - Listen, I'm--
I'm not more experienced.
I mean...
...our first time...
...was my first time.
Mine too.
I really do love you, Wade Cleary.
I love you too.
That is Hoyt's girlfriend.
- Mr. Fortenberry? - Ahem.
- Officer Stackhouse? - Yes, sir.
I'm Hoyt Fortenberry. This is my girlfriend.
It's nice to meet you too.
Though I'm sorry about the circumstances.
Well, uh... be honest, ahem, you know...
...I try not to think about it.
It just all seems so unreal.
- Hmm. - It'll probably feel more real...
...once you go and see her. Hmm?
Yeah, I don't know if...
...I'm ready for all that yet, but...
You wanna join us for breakfast?
- Hmm? - You wanna join us for breakfast?
Oh, you guys finish up. I'll just... waiting over at the bar. - No, don't be ridiculous.
No, please. We insist.
It's okay.
Sorry about that.
Dr. Ludwig, thank you for coming on such short notice.
- Where's the patient? - At his house.
I would've had you meet me there...
...with him being a vampire, I thought this was safer.
Next time, save yourself some money and have me meet you where the patient is.
I fear nothing and no one, and I have no natural enemies.
Well, where is he?
Across the cemetery.
Ooh. How very spooky. A cemetery. Shall we?
There she is.
- Where? - Right over there with the Shelbys.
- Stewart. - Claire.
And you must be Caroline.
I have to admit...'re not what I was expecting.
What were you expecting?
Well, your daddy.
Only younger...
-...and just as-- - Rotund?
No, I take after my mother.
The truth be told, Caroline, you're not quite what I was expecting either.
And what were you expecting?
My father described you as "comely."
- Well, comely is a good thing. - I know it is...
...but that word is just so anachronistic...
-...that I suppose I thought you'd be-- - Old and dowdy?
Formerly pretty, yes.
You feel their eyes on us as aggressively as I do?
Now that you mention it, I can feel all eight of their eyes...
...searing a hole into the back of my head.
Would you care to take a walk with me?
I would.
Mr. Compton.
Mr. Compton.
- Mr. Compton. - Careful, he doesn't like to be woken.
Like I said, I fear nothing and no one. Mr. Compton!
Remember me?
- Doctor? - Ludwig.
Put your fangs away, son, and meet me in the parlor.
Mm-mm. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
Congratulations, Mr. Compton.
They said it could not be done, but you have thoroughly grossed me out.
Can you help him?
How many days ago do you believe you were infected?
Don't look to her. I'm the one that asked you the question.
I gotta say, Dr. Ludwig, I'm a little curious about your bedside manner.
Sometimes monogamy means one thing to hopelessly romantic blond girls...
...and something altogether different to their vampire lovers.
We are no longer lovers.
- Are you sure she knows that? - He contracted the virus from me.
I was exposed through a cut in my arm.
He drank my blood and got sick pretty much right away.
I'm sorry, but that's not how this virus works.
Would it make any difference if Sookie was a halfling?
Half what?
- Half fae? - Mm-hm.
A few weeks ago, I was called to the home of a sick vampire in Monroe.
He had a not dissimilarly accelerated rate of infection.
Went from stage one to stage three in 10 days.
I was perplexed until he revealed to me...
...that his boyfriend was a Hep-V positive fairy.
He was no halfling, mind you. He was the real deal.
And even so, he didn't look anywhere near as bad as Mr. Compton does.
Do you happen to know the name of your line?
- My line? - Come on, missy. Your fairy line.
- Your lineage. - I don't know.
I don't know the name. I guess I could ask Niall.
Niall Brigant?
Yeah, do you know him?
Are you related to Niall Brigant?
Yeah, he's my great-great-great- times-a-thousand-grandfather. Why?
I'm so fucking out of here.
- Dr. Ludwig? - I'll show myself out.
Goddamn it, Stackhouse. Get your fucking eyes off her.
I should've been here.
Maybe I could've saved her.
At least just--
Just been here for her when it happened or something.
You can't blame yourself.
And I'm sure if she were here right now, your mama would tell you the same thing.
No, she wouldn't. If she were here right now, she'd lay it on thick.
God, what I wouldn't give for one more guilt trip.
- Hey. - Huh?
Can you come in here, please?
Did you know Maxine?
Um-- Yeah, yeah, a little.
I think he needs to talk to somebody who knew her.
Do you think you could just go and talk to him, maybe?
Thank you.
I know it's hard, Mr. Fortenberry.
How'd it happen?
- Huh? - How'd she die?
Um... Well, you remember Vince McNeil?
- He's the orthodontist? - Yeah.
Yeah, that's him.
Well, when the shit hit the fan at the BB&G last week...
...Mr. McNeil...
...he got a bunch of the townsfolk all riled up...
...and together they took the law...
...into their own hands.
Was my mama one of them?
No, that--
No, she was not.
She was one of the good folks.
Did you get the son of a bitch that did it to her?
Mm-hm. Yeah.
Yeah, I sure did.
Thank you, man.
Grandpa Niall?
You know I've been in a lot of situations lately.
I had plenty of good reasons to call on a fairy godfather...
...but I didn't.
Until now...
...because I like to think of myself as strong.
But I ain't this strong.
If you're listening, Grandpa Niall...
...I need you to materialize...
...right here...
...right now.
Oh. You know what? Fuck this.
Jesus Christ.
- Niall. - Hi.
How do you make that wonderful spaghetti?
This is so good.
- Can we go now? - No.
Food first.
- One mustn't forget to nourish oneself. - Please.
- I don't know how much time he has left. - I understand...
...but if this munchkin doctor doesn't know how to heal him...
...what can I do?
You were watching?
I'm always watching you.
Do you know why she was so afraid of you, then?
We are royalty.
Dwarves have an innate fear of us.
Maybe because we killed so many of them in the past.
I just realized that if you're always watching...
...did you know...
...I was infecting Bill when he was feeding off of me?
I did.
Why would you let me do that?
- I don't like him. - You don't have to like him.
You're doing something for me.
What I meant was...
...I don't like him for you.
Grandpa Niall... say we're royalty...
...but other than the vampire-killing light ball...
...that I can only use once, by the way...
...I can't think of a single fucking advantage in being what we are.
If you say that we're so fucking special...
...I am asking you...
...I'm begging you...
...prove it.
Use some of your magic for me.
Fine, Sookie.
I'll try.
Watch him.
That's how you catch it.
There it is. Hoo. Hoo. Hoo-hoo-hoo.
Jason? Over here.
- Oh. Hey, Noomi. - Oh, God, I'm so glad you're here.
I feel so alone.
Oh. Well, we all die alone.
You're gonna die tonight.
See, Eric's coming for you, and there ain't no escaping it.
But I don't wanna die.
Ha-ha-ha. Well, that's just too fucking bad.
See, death comes for all of us...
...and your number's up.
You're not real.
Maybe not, but death is.
- Fuck off. - Yeah, I'll be sure to do that, then.
I'll see you in hell when I get there.
There is no hell.
You just try to convince yourself of that.
You don't even know--
Hold it together, Noomi.
You are one with the universe. Keep it together.
We've got her.
You can find another vampire.
You know how on the news you see these...
These places get...
...wiped out by tornados...
...but the people who live there are always...
...vowing to rebuild on the exact same spot...
...where tragedy took away everything they had?
I do.
Am I as crazy as they are?
I mean, is Nicole right? Is this whole town crazy?
Because I love her and I wanna be a father to my baby girl...
...but this ultimatum's got me.
Why can't I wrap my head around leaving this place?
I mean, at what point does the guy whose house keeps getting hit by a tornado... it a day, take his family, move someplace else?
I can't answer that for you, Sam.
Let me ask you a question.
Better pour me another one first.
I know you, Sam.
I know you better than I think you think I do.
And so I know that you've spent your whole life running away from things.
Bon Temps is the only place you actually stopped and stuck it out.
I ain't heard a question yet.
If you left... you think it would feel more like you were running from something...
...or to somethin?
Let me put it another way.
If you stayed...
...could you be happy here without them?
When you can answer the question, you'll know what to do.
Are you happy here, Arlene?
I mean, with everything that's going on and--
I fake it.
See, my hope is the more I fake it, the more I'll believe it...
...until the happiness becomes real.
But, no, Sam, I ain't happy.
But there ain't a chance in hell I'm gonna stop trying to be.
Bon Temps is where my life is.
Everyone I know and love is here.
Adilyn, it's Daddy.
- Wade? - Okay, here.
I think I got keys in here somewhere.
- What, he never changed the locks? - I'm guessing no.
See, even though he hates me, he's as lazy as shit.
What'd I tell you?
Hey, kids, if y'all aren't wearing any clothes... better put some on because we're coming in.
Wade, honey?
Where are they?
I mean, there's only so many places they could've gone.
Does Adilyn have any friends or family...
...on her mama's side that she could've gone to?
I don't know, some kind of fairy hangout or something?
Baby, you crying, baby?
Something about how peaceful this lake looks, I guess...
...compared to this fucked-up reality we live in I don't know.
Oh. Okay. Hey, just take a breath.
Just breathe. Oh, baby.
First you and then it's my baby girl, and I--
I'm trying to run around, keep y'all safe all the time.
- I can't do it no more, Holly. I'm sorry. - I know.
Oh, honey...
...of course you can't. You're just a person.
It was bad enough...
...that I wasn't there that night they took you, but now this-- Now this is all on me.
- No. - Yeah, Adilyn ran away.
- And that's all because of me. - Hey, hey, that is not true, okay?
And we're gonna get her back.
- I know it. - How?
Listen, Andy, I know you love me for a lot of reasons...
...and I know that my being a Wiccan ain't high up there on that list...
...but do you believe I'm an intuitive person?
Then you listen to me, sheriff.
This story's gonna have a happy ending for us, okay?
I know it. I promise it.
Are you kidding me?
What's wrong?
We need to channel nature's memory here.
May I ask to what end?
Bill is inside the house.
How is channeling nature's memory gonna help?
History teaches us great lessons.
We need to look to it, find some answers.
Give me your hands.
Now, she will pull through, William.
Mr. Compton, please come in.
Congratulations, Mr. Compton.
Hi, sweetheart.
Hi, sweetie. She's perfect.
"Wow," what?
Didn't you thin that was amazing?
I guess?
Bill's wife gave birth.
So what?
"So what?"
Was I not clear before?
Because I thought I made myself perfectly clear...
...when I said I was looking for a miracle.
- That was a miracle. - Babies are born all the time.
That doesn't make it less miraculous.
There's magic in the ordinary, Sook.
There's magic in the things we can see.
Birth is a miracle. Love is a miracle.
Death is a miracle.
Forgiveness is a miracle.
Especially if you can learn to forgive yourself.
Did you bring me here to Bill's house...
...just to trick me?
No, sweet orphan.
I brought you here because I wanted to give you some advice.
There are some things that can be fixed with magic.
But your vampire friend is not one of them.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for the life lesson.
Can you go now, please?
- Am I dreaming? - No.
- Then how did you--? - I felt your pain.
I came as soon as the sun went down.
The way Sookie always made it sound...
...I thought vampires could only feel you when you were in danger.
Arlene, the pain that you're feeling...
...that is dangerous.
Are you really 515 years old?
Yeah, I am.
You need to know.
I'm Hep-V positive.
And I know that you vampires are all super sexual and everything...
...but we can't have sex.
Then let's just dance.
- Oh, Violet. - Hello, lovebirds.
- How'd you sleep? - Oh, I slept like a baby.
Oh, I hope you don't mind, but we didn't wind up using any of your toys.
That's all right...
...because we're gonna use them now.
- Uhn! - Aah!
We overslept.
Goddamn it.
He fucking didn't.
Shall we go make some money?
I'm not gonna leave you.
I'm gonna stay with you till the very end, okay?
I don't judge. I don't judge lest--
Judge not, you lest judge.
I'm not alone. I don't-- You have to make me be alone.
I'm here. I felt my heart in this path...
...and this light, the light of love, the light of God.
Please, I've led a good life.
Y'all are the only two men I've slept with so can you...
-...just go away? - Ha. Only two?
Oh, come on, Sarah. Don't play me for a fool.
We both know that you fornicated with Jason Stackhouse... the balcony of the church that you and I built.
I'm no fool either, Sarah.
You lied to me. You misled me.
I lost my head because of you.
Ha. That's funny. So did he.
Oh, my God.
Come on, Sarah. You fornicated with him too, didn't you?
That makes four.
Why are you here?
I'm here because you're gonna die tonight, Sarah.
- Oh, God. - I'm here to give you a choice...
...between heaven and hell.
Because there's still time to save your soul.
There is no heaven, Noomi.
There is only the now...
...and nothingness.
Nothingness? What is nothingness?
I don't know what nothingness is.
- Which is why Christianity is a way better deal. - No.
If you choose Jesus...
...your meeting with the heavenly father which takes place in the risen Christ...
...through the communion of the Holy Spirit awaits!
Follow the path, Noomi.
Die a Buddhist.
- Fuck the path, Sarah. Die a Christian. - Buddhist!
- Christian! - Buddhist!
I choose neither. I choose me.
I am the cure. I am the messiah.
I choose myself.
Ha-ha-ha. That's a bad fucking call right there, Sarah.
You never could stand on your own two feet.
What was that?
What, you need me to spell it out for you?
That's death coming for you.