True Blood (2008–2014): Season 7, Episode 5 - Lost Cause - full transcript

Exhausted from her recent travails, Sookie finds herself the unwilling host of a festive mainstreaming party in Bon Temps. In search of an elusive adversary, Eric and Pam head to Dallas and attend a gala fundraiser. Andy makes a life-changing decision; Jessica and James reach a crossroads; Bill loses himself in remembrance of human days.

I don't give a shit. I am not going with you.
- I would rather die than get in that coffin. -You will do what your maker tells you.
He may be my maker, but he sure as fuck didn't raise me.
Tara did.
She was the one who taught me how to feed... to control my impulses.
He left, and then you left her when we needed you most.
We have bigger problems than your mommy--
- She died because of you! ERIC: Enough!
You're right.
I've been a terrible maker to you.
And for that I am truly sorry.
But I do not regret turning you...
...and I am proud to call you my progeny.
Why did you come back for me?
Pam and I are gonna kill Sarah Newlin before I meet the true death.
You can count me out.
She was practically your stepmother, Willa. If you have any idea where she might be...
...l need to know it.
- I'm not going with you. - Like fuck you aren't.
WILLA: But I will tell you what I know...
...if you release me.
Willa Burrell...
...l renounce the ties of our blood...
...and my dominion over you as my progeny.
As your maker...
...l release you.
Like being kicked in the coach by a wallaby, isn't it?
Sarah has a sister.
Oh, no shit, Willa. The whole world knows that.
- You'd better know more. -Her name is Amber.
- Amber Mills. -Mm.
And she's a vampire.
Oh... Heh.
How the fuck could Sarah Newlin...
...have a vampire sister and the world not know it?
I don't know, but I overheard her one night on the phone at the governor's mansion.
Sarah was warning her never to call there again...
...or my father would send her to camp.
Any idea where this Amber lives?
The call came from a Dallas area code.
Good girl.
Tell the driver we're heading for Dallas.
And we'll only be needing two travel coffins.
What? No.
You just got back.
And if you walk out that door, I ain't never gonna see you again, am I?
Take me with you. Put me in the third coffin.
- Sorry. -Wha--?
You're sorry?
I have been your sex slave for 15 years, Eric Northman...
...and we ain't never had sex.
Blow job, hand job, nothing.
Do you know what a sex slave is without the sex?
A slave?
Now, you are taking me with you to Dallas.
And if you can't fucking take me...
...then you had better fucking fuck me before you go.
Ginger, I'm diseased.
So the fuck am I.
I came as soon as I heard.
About Alcide?
About everything. How is you holding up?
[VOICE BREAKING] The house is so empty.
Well, that big man of yours did take up a lot of space.
- Sorry. -No, I'm sorry, Sook.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] I gotta clean up. Jackson will be here in the morning--
- No, don't worry about that. -No, what you need is some sleep.
When's the last time you got some shut-eye?
Let me put you to bed.
- Lafayette? -Yes, ma'am?
Don't leave.
Sook, I will be here when you wake up.
So don't fret, okay?
SOOKIE: What the hell?
Look who's up.
- Where's all his--? -In the truck. Uh...
When Alcide's mama died, the hardest part was going through all her things.
You just say when you wanna go through it all...
...when you feel you're ready...
...and Jenny and me will have you out to the place and we'll figure it all out.
Yeah, we'll figure it out.
Hey. The undead has arisen.
- Hey, Sookie. -How'd you sleep?
You wanna tell me why there's enough food... choke a horse on my dining room table?
Child, me and Jenny was busting our humps cooking all the livelong day.
Well, that's-- That's real sweet...
...but I can't eat all this.
There's enough food here to feed the whole town off of.
...the whole town will be here.
- What? -Uh-huh.
Wait, are--?
Are y'all throwing a party?
- Yeah. Sookie, come on. -In my house?
The day after--
I know what you're probably thinking, honey. But death doesn't have to be such a sad thing.
Actually, it does.
Death is inherently sad.
I'm sad.
I'm not in the mood for a party.
Sook. Sook.
Sook, what did you say last night when you came home?
About how this house was feeling so empty?
That's why we gonna fill it up.
So we can say "fuck you" to death and "hello" to life.
JENNY: Yeah. -And that's what we doing.
We are motherfucking celebrating life.
I'm going back to sleep.
What would Tara want? What would Alcide want?
Alcide would want people to be around you tonight.
Yes, ma'am, so take that pretty little ass of yours upstairs and get presentable.
Because folk gonna be here soon with some top-shelf alcohol...
...and I got one restriction. Not a nan person come up to you and say:
"Oh, I'm sorry for your loss." Mm-mm.
None of that bullshit.
- Hear, hear, I say. JAMES: That's right.
LAFAYETTE: Come on, hooker. Let's bring out the vittles and bits.
JAMES: And that chicken Jenny made. LAFAYETTE: It ain't as good as mine.
BILL: Sookie?
Oh. This is not happening.
- Am I early? -Why? Do I not look ready?
Actually, best not answer that.
I only just now found out about the party I'm hosting tonight.
I see. Um...
I didn't have any alcohol on hand, as requested.
My mother always taught me it was ungentlemanly... turn up to a gathering empty-handed... I brought you these.
Well, I guess I'd better go upstairs and put my face on...
...but in the meantime, I invite you in.
Amber Mills?
Who are you?
AMBER: I was always the black sheep of the family.
Started fangbanging right out of high school...
...while Little Miss Perfect's marrying Steven Newlin.
- She's not here. -Just like I told you she wasn't.
We had to be sure.
Your boyfriend?
Jeremy. He was the one that turned me.
He helped me get my shit together.
But the second I turn, Sarah freaks.
She's married into the Fellowship of the Sun, after all.
But she knows I'm broke... she starts paying me off, a monthly cash delivery to stay in the coffin.
Then she goes out and she tells the world that...
...her sister was taken by those evil vampires...
...that I disappeared into thin air.
But I was here the whole time.
Jeremy and me sitting around...
...watching House Hunters marathons...
...and drinking Tru Blood.
What happened to Jeremy?
Same thing that's happening to us.
One day, he gets the veins.
A few months later, he's dying in my arms.
Sometimes I beat myself up over it.
If I hadn't taken her money, if I had come out--
She would have had you killed and kept on walking.
None of this is your fault.
It's your sister's...
...which is why Pam and I are going after her.
And will you help us find her?
Are you gonna kill her?
There's a real good chance that's the way it's gonna go down.
Then you can count me in.
ERIC: Mm. -I like her. I like you.
Is it all right if l haven't made up my mind about you yet?
Yeah, I really like her.
When's the last time you saw Sarah?
Oh, it's been years now.
But she did call here this morning.
She said she just got to Dallas and she needed a place to hide. I told her to fuck off.
She's in Dallas.
Any idea where else she might've gone?
Where she always goes, to Mommy and Daddy.
Even though she disgraced the family, they always fall for her BS.
And where do Mommy and Daddy live?
Why, Preston Hollow, of course.
But they won't be home tonight.
Probably already left for this.
The second I told her that's where Mommy and Daddy were going, she hung up.
- She'll be there. -Looks like we're going to a gala.
You have a picture of your parents I can borrow?
You'll never get in. You're vampires. Security's gonna be tight...
...and they only invited assholes.
You don't know us, sweetheart.
We can be assholes.
I wanna go. I wanna say goodbye to my girl.
There's gonna be alcohol and vampires at Sookie's.
Know how you're always saying that eyes are the windows to the soul?
Lettie Mae, please.
Look into mine.
I ain't going to that party looking for no vamper blood.
I just wanna say goodbye...
...because there won't be no grave in no cemetery where I can visit my Tara.
Ain't nothing left of her to bury.
I'm so sorry, sweetheart, but no. No, no, I have to do what's best for you...
...whether you like it or not.
Now, look, let me take care of you tonight.
Please. All right?
All right. Now, come on, give me a taste...
...because I wanna make this just how you like it.
Come on.
Needs cumin.
Okay, all right, I'll...
WOMAN 1: Hi. WOMAN 2: Hi, girl.
JAMES: Bring it in, honky. -Hey.
Well, ladies, we dodged a bullet.
- Yeah, we did. -Whoo!
Amazing what a little shut-eye can do to calm the nerves.
You know what, girls? After what we all went through...
...l'm gonna make some major changes in my life...
...clean up my act. -That is great, Jane.
I'm gonna finally get my shit together.
HOLLY: Amen. -Good for you, girl.
Starting tomorrow.
HOLLY: I'm starting tomorrow too, okay?
- To not dying. -Amen.
ARLENE: If anyone knows how to live it up, it's you, Jane Bodehouse.
Mr. Compton. I ain't seen you since your daddy died.
It's good to see you, Minus.
- What's going on? Why's everyone going--? -What's going on, William Compton... that Lincoln has called his soldiers.
Called his soldiers?
- Charles, are you saying-J? -That's right, William, war.
Everyone's gonna enlist.
Based on our education and you and me being from prominent families...
...we're guaranteed to be made commissioned officers.
Isn't that thrilling?
It is our God-given right to live our lives as we see fit...
...without interference.
And I, for one, am willing to do whatever it takes... lay down my life, if necessary... preserve that God-given right.
Are we gonna let a bunch of Yankee cowards...
...come on down here and take our freedoms?
- Huh? CROWD: No!
Then it is the sovereign right of the state of Louisiana... secede from the union!
Mr. Dupont's right.
Fort Sumter was just the beginning.
You see, we cannot, we must not...
...let them destroy our way of life.
We have no choice but to fight.
With what?
This is a lost cause.
The Yankees have better artillery...
...and more sophisticated weaponry than we do.
What they will destroy is our town.
Scorch our land and our livelihoods.
BODEHOUSE: Get out of my bar, William Compton.
We got no room here for Yankee sympathizers.
I'm sorry if you find the truth offensive, Mr. Bodehouse.
MAN: Coward. Get out.
HOLLY: To not dying.
JASON: Hey, Sook.
- You look real pretty. -Thanks, so do you.
Yeah. Yeah, I have to admit finally getting a chance to shower up...
...makes all the difference.
I was talking to Violet.
- Oh. -Tsk.
Oh, Sookie, my sister.
Oh, I know we're not supposed to say we're sorry for your loss...
...but I am so very sorry. I've had about a hundred boyfriends die on me over the years...
...but I remember how painful those first ones were.
There you are, Sookie.
You look like you could do with something to eat.
I hear there are two kinds of chicken to try.
Excuse us.
"I've had about a hundred boyfriends die on me, but I--"
Shut up and come dance with me.
Alcide could be an arrogant little shit...
...even when he was a kid.
You'd tell him to go left, and he'd go right just to piss you off.
He'd question everything.
Now, fighting...'s a way of life where we come from.
But Alcide, he wouldn't fight just for the sake of fighting.
In fact, he told me once, "I'll fight when I'm good and ready.
I'll fight when I have something worth fighting for."
You were worth it, Sookie.
Otherwise he wouldn't have fought for you.
My boy died a hero.
But you can't die a hero without having a righteous cause.
Thank you.
To Alcide.
- To Alcide. ALL: Alcide.
LETTIE MAE: Excuse me.
Uh-uh. No, Lettie Mae. You can't come up in here causing no scene.
- Mm-mm. -I am so sorry for your loss.
Lettie Mae.
You wanna say a few words about Tara?
LETTIE MAE: First off, I'd like to say... heart goes out to you, Mr. Herveaux.
I'm sad for you...
...but I'm also glad for you, because your son died a hero.
My Tara was a hero too.
Most of you know I made some big mistakes raising her.
Most of you know I didn't raise her.
That's because you did.
Her friends.
Still, though...
...she sacrificed herself trying to save me...
...even after all the pain I caused her.
And that's just beyond heroic in my book.
So I wanna ask you to join me... raising a glass to her.
You got anything non-alcoholic?
JASON: Yeah.
Here you go.
Thank you, deputy.
To my baby girl.
To Tara.
ALL: To Tara.
[MOUTHS] Thank you.
How's the party?
You should come inside.
JESSICA: I'm fine.
- Jessica-- -Andy.
I can't.
Did it ever occur to you that you torturing yourself over my girls...
...keeps that pain alive for me too?
You ever think about that?
This has been a hell of a week we're having, but during it you have been there.
You have been good to Adilyn.
You helped bring Holly back to me and her boys.
I don't know if I'm supposed to be taking some message...
...from all this bullshit that's been going on, but I'm taking one anyhow.
Life's too shun.
Jessica, it's too fucking precious to always be looking backwards.
I'm moving forwards.
But I'm gonna need your help to do that.
How can I help?
You got a ring I can borrow?
A ring, but--?
Oh, my God.
- Are you gonna propose to Holly tonight? -Please don't make this...
...a bigger deal than it already is. -Oh. But it is a big deal.
I know that. Jesus Christ, I'm freaking out inside.
Just give me a ring before I change my mind.
Andy, you can't propose to Holly with any of these.
Well, what the hell am I supposed to do? I ain't exactly had time to go to the mall.
Come on.
Wait up.
Are you sure you don't mind me borrowing it, Sookie?
SOOKIE: Not at all.
Gran would've loved Holly.
Although she did leave it to Jason to give to the woman he was gonna marry.
JASON: That's right, she did.
You're already mine, Jason.
I don't need a ring to tell me that.
Well, here it is.
JESSICA: Oh, my God.
It's beautiful.
That's it?
Holy crap, I'm really gonna do this, huh?
Andy... got yourself a real good woman, man.
It's all yours.
- You seen your mother? -Uh, pretty sure she's in the living room.
Y'all are gonna wanna see this. Oh, come here.
A little word to the wise. I don't know if the two of you are fucking. If you are...'s gonna have to stop right now. You got it?
What's up?
Andy, what's wrong?
Could we kill the music, please?
On it.
Andy, oh, my God.
What are you doing?
Holly, I-- I'm--
I don't know-- I-- I can't--
I don't know what I'm about to say...
...but I have been waiting for the perfect moment to do this...
...but something keeps getting in the way.
It wasn't until you went missing...
...that I realized that something this whole time...
...was me.
See, I got this voice in my head that says...
...l don't deserve a woman as beautiful as you are.
I don't deserve a woman as kind as you are.
And I probably don't, but...
I know the timing's weird, and you got all kinds of healing to do...
- Oh. -...but, please...
...wear this ring for me?
I'll go through all of it with you...
...every step of the way. -Yes.
I didn't ask you yet.
You gotta let me ask you.
Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry.
Jumped the gun.
Uh, Holly Cleary, I love you with everything I got.
Will you marry me?
JASON: That's lovely, man.
- I love you, Andy. SAM: Ha-ha-ha.
- Let's go congratulate them. -Yeah.
- Hey. -What? What?
- You just seem happy is all. -Well, I am.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Seriously? Now?
Yeah, it's been a while since...
I know, but we're at a party.
Okay? Don't be such a wet blanket. Just try to have fun, and we'll leave later, okay?
SAM: Oh, man. What a surprise.
You doing okay?
- Yeah. -You fixing to cry?
I think I might be.
Come on, let's sneak upstairs.
Don't get me wrong, I am so happy...
...for Andy and Holly.
It's just a little bit more of a celebration of life...
...than I was ready for.
You miss him?
How can I miss someone I can't even believe is dead?
ARLENE: Alcide dying's a bit of a shock, sweetie.
SOOKIE: That's the thing. It never occurred to me that Alcide could die. He's just... big and strong, and he just--
It don't matter how big or strong someone is...
...if someone else has a gun.
It was the same way with Terry.
It happened so fast, came out of nowhere.
The thing is, though...
...when it comes to loving a man...
...and then losing him... doesn't matter how it happens, because he's still gone.
You still have that hole inside you, and it hurts just the same... matter how prepared you are for it or not.
Oh. When Terry died, I thought I was gonna die right along with him.
How did you get through it?
At night, when no one was looking...
...sometimes I'd put his jacket on...
...just so I could feel his arms around me again.
You never get over...
...the loss of someone you love. You just learn to live with it.
And nothing's gonna help heal this pain you're feeling...
...but time.
And tequila.
How about a little tequila?
SOOKIE: There's not enough tequila in the world to get me through tonight.
"Wet blanket"?
Do she even know who you is?
- She gives me just enough love. -Mm.
And just enough affection... keep me hooked.
That's just like paying the minimum on your credit card bill each month...
...just to keep that fucker from getting canceled.
That's exactly what it's like.
- Mm. -Jesus Christ, am I that...
...fucking simple?
No, sir.
There's nothing simple about you at all.
The night we met...
...remember that story you told me about how you was turned?
- Mm-hm. -Can I ask a follow-up question?
Of course.
Danny Monoghan.
What about him?
Was y'all...?
I told the saleswoman my wife and I were going to an exclusive high-society event...
...and that only the very best would do. Voila'.
Oh, my God.
I'm a Republi-cunt.
- You think that's funny, huh? -Mm-hm.
Wait till you see what that nice man at Neiman's and I picked out for you.
Oh, fuck, Eric.
You're stage two.
Just cover the ones that will be visible.
I'm gonna die, Pam.
You have to accept that.
- My God, there he is. SOOKIE: There who is?
That vampire who gave me his blood.
He's been making eyes at me ever since he got here.
Evening, Arlene.
SOOKIE: Heh. Hey, Keith.
Um, Arlene here is super grateful on account of you, you know...
...saving her life last night and all, but she's been through a lot, so you might wanna...
...l don't know, dial down your sexy a notch. KEITH: Heh.
I understand.
And I can wait.
Sookie, would you please tell your friend...
...that I think she's the most beautiful woman I've seen in over 300 years?
[WHISPERING] And I'll see her in her dreams.
I have to go make tinkle...
...because, you know, I am a human.
Arlene, have you seen James?
- Huh? -James. Have you seen him?
I've been looking everywhere.
I think I saw him step outside with Lafayette a little while ago.
You incredible asshole!
- Get out of here. -I am so sorry.
Really, James? That's what you have to say? That you are sorry?
Need I remind you that I just found you...
...fucking a man in our car? Jessica, please--
Get the fuck out of my way.
JAMES: Will you come outside and talk to me?
- Jason? -Yeah, what's going on?
- Can we please talk? -There is nothing to say.
Would you rescind his invitation to this house?
- What'd he do? What did you do? -I found him...
...fucking Lafayette in the car that he and I bought together.
Get the fuck out of here, James.
- I should probably-- -Yeah, okay.
You all right?
I just wanna be alone...
...right now.
In case you need a place to crash, you know where I live.
You mean...
...with all that--
That sensitive musician shit, it never occurred to you that he might be gay?
I don't think that he is gay. I think that he-- He's just--
- He's confused. -Jess, I gotta be honest with you.
Based on what you saw him doing outside... all sounds pretty gay to me. -Oh, my God.
- Who is it? LAFAYETTE: It's me.
Go away.
JASON: Whoa. -Look, Red, I know this shit got to hurt--
Don't you dare presume to know me.
You do not know the first thing about me.
And you don't know the first thing about him.
- Fuck you! -Fuck you.
You know what? When was he turned? How was he turned?
Who turned him?
And where's he from back before he got turned?
Ms. Ma'am, you don't know any of this shit, do you? I do...
...because I cared enough to ask him, and he cared enough to tell me.
Now, listen, I know the way this shit went down is real embarrassing.
But if you keep it 100 with yourself and honest... know this is not the man for you.
- He's the man for you? -If he is...
...what's so fucking unimaginable about that, Red?
Huh? Everybody else in this town is falling in love...
...and getting engaged and having babies.
Has it ever occurred to you that Lafayette, that queen...
...that make all you white heterosexuals laugh...
...and feel good about yourselves... Has it fucking ever occurred to you...
...that maybe I want a piece of happiness too?
James is a good man.
He's a vampire, Lafayette.
Whatever he is.
If you don't love him, let him go.
And I will take over from here.
WOMAN 1: I was wrong about that Sookie Stackhouse.
It wasn't her fault. Hep-vamps were taking out town after town.
WOMAN 2: I feel bad about the things I said. MAN: Her guy gave his life for her.
WOMAN3: Lost the man she loved trying to save our town. So pretty.
MAN: I wonder if I'd have the courage to do the same.
WOMAN 4: She’s lost more people than anyone.
Here she is being hostess.
WOMAN 5: Seh's got a heart bigger than all of Louisiana.
WILLA: Hey, Sookie.
- Hey. -You okay?
- I'm drunk. -Oh, okay. Well, you deserve to be.
Have you seen Arlene?
No, have--?
Have you seen Bill?
There's a safe house...
...just on the other side of the bridge.
That's good people.
They'll give us food, shelter for the night.
Get our strength up... we can keep going north come morning.
Shh. Get down. Everybody down.
MAN 2: Keep going! MAN 3: All right, come on.
Okay, they're gone. We're safe.
- You scared? -Yeah, I suppose I am.
All right, folks, it's gonna be all right.
We gots to keep moving, though.
MAN 4: Let's go. -We've come this far and we almost--
Well, well, look who we have here.
You had no right to kill that man. He was a good man.
- You had no goddamn right. -Oh, actually, I do.
Now, if you would kindly hand over that map.
Do it!
Hey. Hey!
- No! No! No! -Get out of the way, Caroline!
Please, Charles, I beg of you. Please think of the children.
You let that man serve as a warning of what we do to any and all deserters... matter what their color.
Bill? I'm coming out.
Is it safe?
Yeah, it's safe, Sookie.
You don't look quite right. Are you okay?
- I'm fine. I'm just thinking is all. -Well, then, stop.
The whole point of this celebration is so that we don't sit around here with long faces.
You haven't socialized at all tonight.
I know everyone's pleased to see you here.
No, they're pleased to see you, Sookie.
You've done well.
You've done more these last several days than I've managed to achieve in decades.
- I didn't do this. -Yeah, you did.
...I’ve had a lovely evening.
SOOKIE: You can't leave yet.
BILL: No, I should be on my way.
But I had a wonderful time.
But I must admit, this concept of men and women being friends...
...was a little bit foreign in my day.
- Bill? -Yeah?
Thank you.
For what?
For seeing me the way I can't see myself sometimes.
Come on.
Good night, Bill.
Good night, Sookie.
WOMAN: Look at her smiling like that, how she fights up the room.
LETTIE MAE: Heard Willa was here.
Can't figure out what my Tara 's trying to tell me unless I get me some of Willa's blood.
Don't care if I have to stab her to get it.
Where's Willa?
- Hey. Where's Willa? -Who the fuck's Willa?
- Dance with me. -No. Willa?
Sugar, I've had a little too much to drink, so you're gonna just have to get to the point.
Okay, since Eric released me, I need a job, so I was wondering if maybe...
...l could be a waitress-- -Lettie Mae, stop.
- Aah! -What the fuck?
- Get back! Get the fuck back! WILLA: I'm okay.
- I'm okay. SAM: She's okay.
She's okay, y'all. Put your fangs away.
LAFAYETTE: What the hell's goings on here?
Lettie Mae stabbed Willa.
Of course she did. What the fuck, Auntie?
Tara has been trying to contact me from the other side. She's stuck.
And the only way I can find out what she needs is with Willa's blood.
- Come on, before you get killed. Come on. -You're all looking at me like I'm crazy.
Because I used to have a drinking problem, people don't believe me.
You stabbed somebody, Auntie. That's why people think you crazy. Come on.
You're all fucking crazy, if you ask me.
What the fuck are we doing here?
Huh? When just three days ago a group of rabid vampires...
...came and attacked the town and killed a bunch of people and kidnapped us, right?
Arlene, Jane, Holly and I, we were fucking chained in a dungeon and we--
Let's go to another room and talk about this.
- Oh, no, no, no. No, Sam. -Okay?
No. I know you don't wanna hear this, but it needs to be said. lt's real.
Damn it, people are dead. people are traumatized...
...and the reaction you all have to this is to throw a party?
You fucking kidding me?
Now, I ain't for stabbing people, but at least Lettie Mae gets it.
Shit, I mean, you all are going on like this shit's normal, and it's not.
This shit doesn't happen in other towns.
- Take me home. I wanna go home. -Hey.
- I wanna go home. -Hey, hey. Here's your knife.
- Hey, I'm gonna make sure they get home safe. -Thanks, Violet.
I don't know.
Maybe Lafayette is right.
- What about? James and I.
Maybe we don't belong together.
You did meet in a prison camp, Jess.
Careful, Jason. You know, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
I see your point.
Yeah, Violet.
She's pretty weird, ain't she?
I mean, she's--
She's ancient and sexy as hell, but she's a little...
- Off? -Yeah.
Ha, ha. She's way the fuck off sometimes.
You think maybe that's why...?
No, why what?
We're supposed to be talking about you, Jess.
Yeah, I don't really feel like thinking about me anymore. Go on.
- What? -Well, okay, then.
It was like earlier tonight, when we were digging in...
...trying to find Gran's ring to give it to Andy...
...Violet was like, "I don't need a ring to prove to the world that you are mine."
All I kept thinking was, "Jesus, please. Sweet baby Jesus...
...put that ring on Holly's finger before it winds up on Violet's."
I mean, that was my Gran's ring, Jess.
It meant a lot that she wanted to give that to me. Hell, man, I would've loved... have put it on someone one day.
But if that someone had to be Violet...
I don't know.
- Oh, Jason. -What?
I think you might just be the sweetest man in the world.
PAM: Of all the horrible things I've seen in the last 100 years...
...this could be the most disturbing. ERIC: Yeah.
Oh, come on. It's fun because we're together.
No, it isn't.
What do Mommy and Daddy look like again?
Someone's having a good time.
You think Daddy'd be enjoying himself this much if Sarah got to him first?
ERIC: I'll get him alone.
You mingle, find the mother.
How? All these bitches look the same.
- Oh, my God. -Hi, Mommy.
Sarah, what in he--?
The whole world is looking for you.
What are you doing here? Have you lost your ever-loving mind?
Oh, my God. I missed you so much.
You look so pretty in that suit.
I forgot how beautiful you were.
What do you want?
And what have you done to your hair?
I'm in trouble.
Well, no shit, baby girl.
No, I mean real trouble.
And I need help from someone high up.
Someone powerful, right here, right now.
Is Laura Bush out there?
No, she is not.
Well, can you call her?
Sarah, Laura stopped taking my calls just about the time that that book came out...
...claiming that my daughter is the monster...
...who created the monsters who are scaring the shit out of half the country.
Now, is that true?
But I'm not a monster.
I'm a Buddhist.
Look, you have gotta get out of here.
If the liberal media finds out you are at this event, they are never gonna--
No, Mommy, stop. Listen very closely.
The yakuza are after me.
Oh, darling.
I need to ask you some questions about your daughter.
Has she come to see you?
The yakuza?
Go, move! Get out!
- Where is your daughter? -I don't know.
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
- Come on! -Go on, baby!
What are you doing out here, my love?
Someday soon you'll be buried here too.
I don't want to fight.
But I don't see a way out. Do you?
I have loved you since the very first time I ever saw you.
Long back as I can remember.
You are my first and only true love.
And you are mine.
I will survive this war, Caroline.
And when it's all over...
...l will come back to you...
...and to the children.
I promise you.