True Blood (2008–2014): Season 7, Episode 4 - Death Is Not the End - full transcript

In the aftermath of yet another bloodbath, Sam, Sookie and Jason find themselves the bearers of bad news in Bon Temps. Pam recalls the events that led her and Eric to Shreveport and Fangtasia.

- You know how I love them sexy toes. - Ha-ha-ha.
- It's for you, big daddy. - Who is it?
I don't know.
It's a girl, and she sounds kind of cute.
You better not be fucking around on me.
You're more woman than I can take, Jenny. You know that.
I do. I do know that. Ha-ha-ha.
- Yep. - Hello?
Mr. Herveaux? It's Sookie.
What's the matter, Sookie?
There's no real easy way to say this.
It's Alcide.
He's-- He's gone.
Yeah, I'm-- I'm still here.
- Hello? - Hello, Mr. Fortenberry?
- Yes, sir. - This is Deputy Stackhouse...
...with the Renard Parish Sheriff's Department.
I'm afraid I'm calling with some bad news...
...about your mother.
How bad?
She passed last night...
...Mr. Fortenberry.
She was killed... a vampire.
God. No.
...terribIy sorry for your loss. I, um....
She said if I left, she was gonna die, and she did.
You listen to me, bubba.
You left because you had to.
And I have to believe, deep down, Big Max knew that.
Do I know you?
No, you don't.
When do you think you'll be able to make it by?
Jenny and I, we have some loose ends to tie up and then we'll hit the road.
Okay, welI....
Don't try to come here at night.
I won't.
I'll see you when you get here.
Sookie, before we hang up...
...AIcide and me, we didn't talk much...
...but when we did, I never heard him happier.
He loved the fuck out of you, Sookie.
I loved him too.
All right, Mr. Fortenberry, um...
...when you get into town, give us a call at the station and we'll, um....
We'll arrange for somebody to come pick you up.
- Thank you, Deputy, um...? - Stackhouse.
Stackhouse. I appreciate it.
You— You got it, man.
How'd it go?
Poor Hoyt.
Poor, sweet fucking Hoyt, so polite. He....
He thanked me for calling him to let him know his mother had died.
- What the fuck? - I know.
Another one.
He says he's coming back, but what the fuck to?
Hey, you pull it together, all right?
- People are looking to you for-- - I don't care if people are looking.
You have to, because you're it, Jason. You're the law.
Andy is with Holly, which is where he should be.
But that leaves you.
- No, I can't. I'm not that strong. - You don't think I wanna cry?
I do. It is all I wanna do.
But I'm manning up, and you gotta man up too.
Y'all ready?
Let's do this anyhow.
We're going to be climbing to an altitude of 41,000 feet...
...and should make touchdown in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 6:31 p.m. local time.
Baton Rouge?
I thought we'd start with Senator Finch.
If Sarah was gonna reach out to anyone, it would be him.
Tell the captain there's been a change of plans.
We'll be landing in Shreveport.
What the fuck for? There is nothing left for us there.
- There's Willa. - Eric... abandoned her.
She probably hates you just like Tara hated me.
I don't care if she hates me.
I'm sorry about Tara.
But Willa is my progeny and she is still alive.
I need to see her before I die.
You're dying?
Oh, did I forget to tell you?
Congratulations, Victoria.
You are now a proud carrier of the Hepatitis V virus.
This is what I do for a living. I'm gonna lose my job because of you.
I am terribly sorry about that. Now...
...go tell him.
I hate Shreveport.
Oh, come on.
It'll be a trip down memory lane.
The elusive Mr. Northman...
...and his beautiful progeny Miss De Beaufort.
I'm sorry, did we fuck and I blocked it out?
No, Miss De Beaufort, we haven't fucked.
I am the Magister of the Authority...
...Ione judge and jury for all vampire offenses...
...and this is your sentencing.
From the Côtes du Rhône to Shreveport.
Look around, breathe it in.
This place smells like sperm and piss and bad hair dye...
...and it's all yours.
What do you mean, it's ours?
You're to run a small business here. Heh, heh.
I'd rather take a stake to the heart.
You were warned, Mr. Northman.
Against the wishes of almost everyone within our organization, but you were warned.
And over a cow--
Put those away.
If, of course, you wanna keep them.
Come, let's give you the grand tour.
Shall we?
There's lights around here somewhere. Ah.
- We've got them all. - Oh, my God.
- Comedy, action-adventure... - So sorry, Pam. fiction, cult classics, documentaries, drama...
...and one of the store's biggest moneymakers, movie theater-style concessions.
Twizzlers, not Red Vines.
Not impressed? No.
It gets better. Let's head downstairs.
Oh, good. There's more.
This video store, your video store...
...boasts the largest collection of adult videos in all of Northern Louisiana.
Leave it to humans to make sex this depressing.
You're welcome to put your own stamp on it, of course, but I wouldn't change it too much.
Humans love their porn.
This stuff sells like hotcakes. Fun fact, behind that door——
Don't tell me. Glory hole.
Better. There's a small tunnel, dates back to the Civil War.
- The Underground Railroad? - See?
America's not the cultural vacuum you think it is.
She's got history, and the two of you own a piece of it.
Of course, all of this doesn't come without a price.
To help contribute to rising Authority overhead costs...
...we're asking all our sheriffs to pay it forward at a rate of 80 percent.
- Sheriff? - Of Area Five.
Now, why would you wanna make me a sheriff?
We don't trust you, Mr. Northman, and this way we can keep you close.
- Shit. - Yeah.
Before I go, a word of caution.
You are being watched, both by night...
...and thanks to our friends over at the Yakonomo Corporation...
...and their friends, the Yakuza, we've got eyes on you by day as well.
The keys to your new lives.
- Hey, Coby. - Hey.
Where's Lisa?
I'm just gonna check in with them, see how they're holding up.
- You guys wanna head on in? - See you inside.
Mind if I sit?
Well, this effing sucks, doesn't it?
At least you're not trying to pretend like nothing's the matter.
Everybody else has been treating us like we're stupid or something.
- Hey, Coby, can you come here a sec? - I don't wanna.
Put your stupid ball down, Coby.
Come on, be nice. Don't you two turn on each other.
Come on over, please.
You can bring the ball with, if you want.
TaIking's hard sometimes for boys unless they've got a ball with them.
I don't know why, but it's true.
Come here.
- What? - Come on, sit down. I won't bite.
Your sister was just telling me...
...that people are treating you guys like you don't got a lick of sense.
Well, I want you both to know that I know you do.
I know you know what's going on.
And I'm not gonna pretend like it isn't scary.
Because it is.
But your mom and me, we've been friends a long time.
And I know this about her.
She is tough as hell and she loves you.
And what that means is that, wherever she is...
...I know that she is fighting as hard as she can to get back where she belongs...
...which is right here with the two of you, and Mikey.
So while she's doing herjob, we gotta do ours, which is to get her back.
How we gonna get her back when we don't even know where she is?
- Holly knows. - Holly doesn't know anything.
She knows. I'm just gonna have to help her remember.
We're gonna get her back.
You promise?
I do.
I promise.
Damn it, Andy.
Y'all need to back off of her.
- I told you she still don't remember nothing. - I can make her remember.
Like hell. She don't wanna remember.
I promised Lisa and Coby I'd bring their mother back.
I know I shouldn't be making those kinds of promises, but I did...
...and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you, their uncle and the sheriff...
- ...keep me from delivering on it. - Come on, Andy, please.
- Oh, God help me. - Thank you.
How are you feeling?
I've been better.
How are you?
I'm okay.
You can't be.
I have to be.
What's the last thing you remember?
I was at the mixer. Uh....
And then I remember running into y'all at the creek.
Everything between is just.... It's gone.
It's not gone, it's just locked away.
And I'm here to help you bring it back.
But look at me.
Would you wanna know how this happened to you?
No. No, I wouldn't.
- Take my hands anyhow. - We need you to do this, Holly, please.
For Arlene and Nicole. All right.
- Your memory picks up by the creek, right? - Uh-huh.
Let's try to go backwards from there. You came out from the forest.
- Jesus Christ. - They were feeding on me.
I kept begging them to stop, but they wouldn't.
- Goddamn it. - I can't do this, Sook. I can't do this.
I know, but you're doing good. Come on, let's keep going back, before the woods.
- Hurry, you bitch. - They took me outside.
- Outside of what, where? - I don't know.
Don't fight it, just keep going backwards. Before the woods, where were you?
I think it was a bar.
- Fangtasia. - Bingo.
- Fangtasia. - Fang-fucking-tasia.
What about everyone else? Where were they keeping y'all?
- They kept us locked, locked in a dungeon. - ArIene, Nicole and Jane are still alive.
- Kevin didn't make it. - Jesus, poor Kevin.
Poor Rosie.
I'm gonna let go of your hands. I want you to know that you did good.
Really, really good.
I better get to Bill's and figure out a plan.
I'm sorry.
What am I supposed to do with her?
We like to be held.
I'm out, Stackhouse.
Thank you, Holly. Thank you.
I ain't Sookie, man. I can't read your mind.
But I think I know what you're thinking anyhow...
- if you wanna maybe talk about it-- - I'm sick of talking.
I'm sick of waiting too.
I'm sure Nicole and the baby are okay, if that's what you're worried about.
- Are you? - Huh?
"Huh?" That's exactly my point. "Huh?"
You're not sure they're okay.
We ain't there, so we don't know shit.
What the fuck, man?
- What the fuck are you doing? - Going to Fangtasia.
Bullshit. We're going to Rosie's house on official business, Mr. Mayor.
Fuck that. Official fucking business. My fiancée and my baby need me.
- Do not fucking do this, Sam. - You can stay in the car, but I am doing this.
- Turn around. - What the hell are you doing, Jason?
I'm protecting you and your family from what you're about to do.
Turn the fuck around.
I'm asking you to think about what you're doing.
Because you said it yourself, Mr. Mayor, whether we like it or not...
...we can't do it without the vampires.
We have to wait for them. We have to wait till the sun goes down.
Fuck it.
- Where are you going now? - You drive.
I ain't gonna be the one driving away from them.
- What? - You have to eat.
You're not healing because you're not eating.
We don't-- We don't know that.
I love you...
...but this is getting fucking ridiculous.
- Where are you going? - To get Bill.
No, don't you fucking dare.
If you won't eat for me, maybe you'll eat for him.
If not, at least he'll be able to command you to.
No, don't walk out on me. James!
Fucking fuck.
How long has this been going on?
- How long? - Ten weeks, maybe.
It has not been 10 weeks.
Jessica... this because of what happened between you and Andy's girls?
- No. - Jessica.
It's-- It's not.
Adilyn and me, we're good.
She even invited me into her home.
So you're protecting Adilyn, are you?
And she's not feeding you in exchange for that protection.
Well, who are you feeding off of?
Jess, I'm almost 175 years old.
We're up here if you wanna join my inter-fucking-vention!
- Intervention? - Give me a break!
One of these days, you're gonna have to forgive yourself, Jess.
Thanks, Bill. That's real fucking helpful. Let me do the math here.
What is it, six months? That's three fairies. Two months per fairy.
- Yeah, that's more than enough. - Why isn't she healing?
- She hasn't eaten in months. - None of this is even up for debate.
- You must eat. - You can feed off of me.
- You're a fairy. - I trust you.
- You shouldn't. - Well, I do.
Guys, can you give us a minute?
What she needs to hear, she needs to hear from a woman.
Be careful.
I know what you're gonna say.
I don't think you do.
"You need to eat, Jess.
Going hungry isn't gonna change what happened.
And you're not just punishing yourself, you're punishing everybody who loves you."
I don't give a shit about any of that.
Fact is, I don't give a shit why you're not eating.
Because in my eyes, those three dead fairy girls are just the tip of the iceberg around here.
So what if they're dead? AIcide's dead, Tara's dead.
Almost everyone I've ever known and loved is dead.
And even as we're talking right now, Jessica, you're dead too.
So I'm sorry, but I just don't give a fuck about you or your problems.
My friends are being held captive at Fangtasia...
...and I am gonna need a lot of help if I'm gonna rescue them tonight.
And whether you care to admit it or not, I have been good to you.
So are you gonna help me or not?
But I won't drink your blood.
Who's your boyfriend's human?
Call Lafayette. We really need to talk.
Something I can help you find?
I'm looking for The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck...
...from 1967...
...David Cronenberg's Rabid from 1977...
...and Cronos, which I'm not sure is even out yet.
A girl who knows a thing or two about good vampire cinema.
It's rare. Follow me.
I drove all the way up here from Tulane.
One of my professors recommended you for a paper I'm writing.
- You'll find everything you need in this section. - Thanks.
You know, I've always been a fan of the genre... you can imagine how thrilled I was when I read they were offering a course...
...entitIed "Monsters in Our Midst" this semester.
We're examining the plight of the other in society...
...and how others are treated, vis-à-vis vampire lore.
You're looking at me like I'm some obsessed fan.
I'm not. Heh. It's not like I think vampires are real or anything.
Hm. Of course they're not.
Close your mouth, dear.
- Evening. - You....
Good evening.
You work here?
Pamela and I are the proud owners of this establishment.
Name's Eric.
Hi, Eric. I'm Ginger.
Enchanté, Ginger.
- Ha, ha. - Welcome to our shithole.
What are you talking about, shithole? This place is charming.
- Are you two--? - Together? No.
I mean, on and off.
But we've been on permanent off since we took over this place.
- Idiots. - Are you guys hiring?
The day shift, yes.
May I please have an application?
I'm getting pretty sick of this shit.
It's even harder when you know them.
Or knew them.
Kevin was a good man...
...with a funny voice.
Who is it?
Hey, Rosie, it's Jason and Mayor Merlotte.
- Hey. - Am I under arrest?
No, Rosie, you're not under arrest.
I'll do you one better. How about we forget about last night?
About the fact that you were even there, okay?
How come you're being so nice to me, you freak?
Um, may we come in?
What for?
It's about Kevin.
All right.
- You wanna sit? - I don't wanna sit, goddamn it.
Where's Kevin?
He's gone, Rosie.
Can I see him?
Well, we, uh....
We haven't recovered his body just yet.
- Then how do you know he's dead? - We found Holly.
She told us.
They're keeping everybody at that abandoned vampire bar in Shreveport.
What--? What am I supposed to do now?
- He was my everything. - I know.
I'm so sorry, Rosie. You have no idea.
You're gonna get those fuckers, right? Make them pay?
Yeah, tonight.
Sookie's over at Bill's right now.
He's gonna call on every vampire willing to help.
And we're gonna go in heavy.
- Rosie, we're gonna get them for you. - Mm-hm.
Fuck me.
Get them for Kevin.
Yeah, we'll get them for both of y'all.
I'll call on as many vampires as I can, Sookie, but you have to realize...
...that when we descend upon Fangtasia tonight...
...we're gonna be badly outnumbered.
What about all the vampires that showed up at BeIlefIeur's the other night?
Many of them died.
Many of them are still frightened, and these aren't their humans they'll be protecting.
- But still— - I compelled those vampires...
...because they were gonna get something out of it.
But for them, there ain't nothing to be gained from tonight.
Then why are you doing it?
Because I owe you everything.
- Have you eaten? - Not in a while, no.
Go ahead.
I'm gonna need you at your strongest for tonight.
Are you sure?
It's just lunch.
Wakey, wakey, vampire homies.
J. Redbone, how is you?
- I'm all right. - That bullet wound in your shoulder...
...say otherwise.
- Jess. - Just shut the fuck up, James.
Jesus. You don't think that I wanna eat?
Because I do. I feel completely empty inside, like I am just some fucking shell and—
Well, you's a pretty shell, though.
- I'm not. - Yes, you is.
Step aside, hooker.
Give a real hooker a shot.
Now, I ain't gonna front and pretend like I understand everything that's been goings on.
But between you and me, it's real motherfucking simple.
Redbone, you has to eat, and I'm here to feed you.
Vampires, we call ourselves immortal.
But we ain't immortal.
Not if we need to feed on innocent people to survive.
Well, shit, well, we all to the good, then, because I ain't motherfucking innocent.
- You're a hell of a lot better than me. - I have done some fucked-up shit...
...that would make me hate myself for it, but I don't.
Have you killed people?
I killed the man I loved.
How did you forgive yourself?
Still haven't.
I accept the fact that I is a deeply-fIawed—ass motherfucker...
...and one of those flaws being I'm a-shaking in my boots...
...scared as hell of figuring out what death is like.
You should be scared.
Because it sucks.
Trust and believe you can be a whole lot deader than what you is now.
And I thinks you knows it.
So come on, pretty girl.
Show me those baby fangs of yours.
It's okay, go ahead.
Thank you.
Is Eric here?
- You're late. - Oh, I know, and I'm sorry.
But I think you're about to forgive me.
You are never gonna guess what I found.
Is it a shitty chair?
- This is not a shitty chair. - Ginger...
...look at yourself and look at me.
Who has better taste?
Fine. But this shitty chair...
...just might be the start of a new future for you.
Do you hate your life in this video store or not?
Go on.
Now that vampires are out of the coffin, what's to stop you and Eric...
...from turning this place into any kind of business you wanna run?
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm still listening to you, Ginger.
We turn this place...
...into a nightclub. We line this wall with alcohol.
We put this long bar in front of it.
And we have a DJ booth back here and a dance floor with stripper poles.
And we buy out the carniceria next door.
And we knock down those walls and we build, like, this elevated stage... the corner over there. And we put this throne up on it--
- Oh, it's a throne now? - Oh, it is.
If Eric's sitting in it. Think about it, Pam.
We have all these movies to choose from.
But where do we do most of our business?
The porn section.
And do you know why that is?
Because sex sells.
And Eric Northman is nothing...
...if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne.
You're starting to see it, right?
There is nothing else like it.
He sits up there.
This thing you can see but cannot have.
And so— So everyone just gets hornier and hornier until they just can't take it anymore.
And they start losing control...
...of how many drinks they're ordering.
Poor things. Might as well just leave their wallets at the door...
...because when the sun comes up on Fangtasia...
...there won't be anything left in them anyhow.
Well, if-- If you and Eric don't like the name, you could change it.
I wouldn't mind.
Nope, Ginger, it is perfect just the way it is.
Thanks, Pam.
I think that might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
...I am so sorry for what I'm about to do.
What are you about to do?
This idea of yours, Fangtasia...
...I'm gonna tell Eric it's mine.
Of course it is.
Pamela, you didn't.
I did.
Such a bitch.
But you still love me.
Okay, so how many of these fuckers are we up against?
Fifteen, maybe. I can't be sure. Could be more.
Ain't anyone else coming?
We called every uninfected vampire we know.
Uh, the only two who responded were Michael and....
- Keith. - Keith's my drummer.
Guitar and bass flaked out.
- Yeah, and I still haven't heard from Willa. - So this is it.
- This is our group. - Well, then, all right.
This is the group...
...we're gonna kick some H-vamp ass with. Mm-hm.
This is our Normandy.
Who's with me?
- What? - Jason, we suffered...
...over 200,000 Allied casualties in the Battle of Normandy.
The beaches were stained with blood for years afterwards.
Oh, fuck.
History's a bitch.
Pam tells me you wrote a book in which you claim not to be an asshole anymore.
Is this true, Bill?
How far along are you?
Oh, about a month.
Still only stage one, though.
- Bill, who is it? - Come on.
Oh, perfect. Sookie's here.
I'm still here, Sookie.
Need I remind you we have a Christian to kill?
- Give us a minute, Pam. - What about Willa?
We came for Willa.
Of course.
- Shit! - What?
- I fucking hate you! Aah! - Look, whatever I did, please don't kill me.
- We'll be waiting for you out front. - Thanks, Bill.
...what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into tonight?
You're one to talk.
Fair enough.
You can't die on me.
Sookie Stackhouse... have you been?
My boyfriend died.
Your boyfriend?
Alcide. He and I were...
The werewolf?
I signed your house over to you so you could take your life back.
- How's dating a wolf—? - Don't.
He died this morning.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Where were you? - Well, first I went home to Sweden.
Which was absolutely beautiful.
But unfortunately, I triggered an avalanche that killed an entire ski village.
Things got a little hectic after that... I went down to South America, Bolivia, Peru.
But I got bored after a while... I went over to Africa.
Gabon, Morocco, then up to Spain and finally France.
That's a lot of traveling around.
Well, I thought I'd see the world one last time.
What kind of trouble are you in?
Storming the entrance? You morons are on a suicide mission.
- Where is he? - Inside, with Sookie.
- What do you want? - WiIIa.
- You look beautiful. - Save it, asswipe.
You know, I wasn't even 2 weeks old and you left?
- Yes. - Mm-hm.
And we will talk about that. Later.
- Sookie needs our help. - I don't give a shit what Sookie needs.
- No offense. - No, I get it.
If you want my help, we are talking about this now.
As your maker, I command you...
I understand you're badly outnumbered tonight.
- We are. - There's another way in.
Let's go, shall we?
We're going?
- We're going. - She's like a fucking fungus that won't go away.
- Aw, Shit. - Rat!
- Sam. - Shh. Do not scream.
We gonna get y'all out of here.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, were you just a rat?
We'll talk about everything when y'all are safe, okay?
Are they keeping anybody else upstairs?
- We're the only ones that made it. It's just us. - Y’aII need to do something for me.
Some vampires are gonna be coming out of that same vent that I just came through.
- I need y'all to trust them. - Trust them?
- It's vampires that did this to us. - These are different vampires. They're friends.
You promise me?
- Yeah. - Listen to me.
I gotta-- I gotta get back up.
- No. - I have to, Nicole.
- You can't. - You're gonna be okay.
Okay. Okay.
- I love you. - I love you.
- Tell them to hurry. - Okay.
Please don't turn into a rat. Please don't turn into a rat. He did.
He turned into a rat.
We're gonna make it. Heh-heh-heh.
Oh, fuck.
Okay. It's exactly as we were hoping. Nicole, Arlene and Jane are still alive.
- Thank God. - Get them out of there, guys.
Get them out now.
- Let's go. - Eric. I’ll go.
- I'm fine. - You need to save your strength.
Come on, now. Who's it gonna be?
Eric, I'm going.
After you.
- Is it them? - It's gotta be.
Where the fuck's the third?
Wait, you can't do this! I've got kids!
- Aah! No, please, don't! - Let's eat.
- You take them up. I'll stay here. - Bill, not that I care...
...but before you go and do anything too stupid, can I give you some advice?
Don't try to be too big a hero tonight, because it ain't gonna happen with Sookie.
Not tonight, not ever.
I'll try and wait for the rest of you, but hurry.
Back in a jiff.
What the fuck was that?
Who's there?
My name is Eric Northman, and I used to be the sheriff of this area.
I'm diseased and badly in need of shelter.
It's not our problem. Fuck off.
- What's that smell? - I brought my own human.
- I know that smell. - I'd be happy to share her with you.
Fuck's sake. Can't you smell that?
Let him the fuck in.
Thank you.
I remember you.
- What are you? - I'm his.
Here's one more.
I can't believe you let them in your house.
- It was a momentary lapse of weakness. - Now's the time for strength.
Fucking A, it is.
This is the one I was talking about from the car park.
Spread your legs, blondie.
I want it from your nasty place.
- Fuck you. - Ooh.
- Oh, you like it rough. - Now that's enough.
She's mine.
Now, I'll share her, but only if you treat her with the respect she deserves.
- Jason, come on. - Yeah, I'm coming.
As I'm sure you can tell, my human friend here is quite special.
You will not drink her blood.
You will sip it.
Like a nice glass of Barbaresco.
You talk too much, mate.
Just shut the fuck up already and give me a fucking pull.
- Okay, mate. I'm gonna let you go first. - Ah....
- But before you go... - Yeah?
- …do you mind if I ask you a question? - What?
- Do you like it rough? - What the fuck kind of question is that?
Well, I brought some friends.
- Aah! - Go! Go!
No, Sookie!
- Fire! - Sookie!
Oh, man! Whoo!
- Aah! - Fuck you, fanger! Aah!
- Arlene? Arlene? Stay with me. - Terry.
No, honey, I'm not Terry. Honey, it's me, Sookie.
Come on, just hang in there. We're gonna go get you some help. Come on.
She needs a healthy vampire to feed from.
Let's get you guys out of here.
See? I'm not an asshole anymore.
- Burn them! Throw in another one. - No more fucking fire.
Bill, please, you need to give Arlene your blood.
- Aah! Bill! - Die, fanger.
- I've got you, Jess. - Aah!
I'm losing her.
I'm losing her. Oh.
Eric, a healthy vampire, please.
Come on. Hang in there. You gotta stay with me, you hear?
- Terry. - Terry's not here, sweetie. But I am.
I'm here for you, and Eric's getting us help.
And I just need you to hold on a little bit longer, all right?
- Is that you, Terry? - Babe?
Oh, I hear you, angel. I'm coming.
No, goddamn it, Arlene. That ain't real.
I've missed you, baby. It's not the same without you.
He's calling me.
That ain't Terry.
The real Terry would want you here to raise your kids.
- No. - You gotta fight this with me.
- He's real. - He's not.
No, he's right there. He's in the door. Hey, hon.
There you are, doll.
- You look so handsome. - No.
- We're together again. - Finally, time for a taste.
- She needs to drink. - I'm coming.
- We're gonna be together again. - No, no, no.
- Come on, honey, drink. - I got her.
Come on, honey, you need to drink.
I missed you so much, baby.
I missed you too.
How are the kids?
Heh. They're good.
You should see Coby. He's huge.
I wish I could, I do. I wish I could see all of them.
But I can't.
But I can.
You should stay.
Yeah, I think I better stay.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, Arlene.
Yeah, baby?
Be happy.
Who are you?
Keith. His name's Keith.
Jesus Christ.
That was intense.
- That all of them? - Every fucking one of them.
- Eric? - What?
Where the fuck is Eric?
Jesus fucking Christ. You scared the shit out of me.
Well, I had to eat.
I love you so much, Arlene.
- Oh, I love you too, Sookie. - My pleasure.