True Blood (2008–2014): Season 7, Episode 3 - Fire in the Hole - full transcript

Sookie hatches a dangerous plan to take down the H-Vamps; Jason eyes a family future with Violet; Willa is forced to find a new place to stay; Sarah Newlin sheds her past; Pam offers Eric a compelling reason to return to Louisiana.


What are you looking at?


How come?

Because I couldn't stop looking at you...

...even if I tried.

I'm okay with that.

Taste it.

I can't.

You know this.

Do you miss it? Wine?

You, Sylvie.

You're all that I need.

What about my father?

He can go fuck himself.

If he finds out about us...

...I'll just glamour it out of him.

Or kill him?

Or kill him.

Whatever you like.

Who is it?
What does she want?

It was a pleasure, Sylvie.

Don't worry.

Everything's going to be fine.

It's a threat, that's all.

If they were going to kill us...

...they would have done it already.

Tell him your name.


My name is Sylvie.

Take her.

Do it.

Let's go.

The sun'll be coming up soon.

Do it.