True Blood (2008–2014): Season 7, Episode 2 - I Found You - full transcript

A trio of hostages taken in the Bellefleur's attack looks to a familiar face as a possible liberator from the H-vamps. Sookie and Jason visit the neighboring town of Saint Alice, where a ...

You found me.
You didn't make it easy.
I know I didn't.
I needed space.
To think.
How's that working out for you?
Still thinking.
Yeah, me too.
In fact, I can't escape a single fucking thought... or no space.
Why'd you come here, Jason?
I came because I knew you'd ask that fucking question.
That you'd act like I must've been crazy...
...thinking there was something, anything between us.
That you'd play the whole lone rider...
..."I'm an island, I don't need shit from anybody" thing that you do.
I came because I fucking knew you'd do it.
But that if it was true, you wouldn't have to get that far away from me to think.
So, what about Violet?
I'm crazy about her.
But I can't get you out of my head.
You probably hear that a lot, don't you?
For a thousand years.
Only twice have I felt it in return.
Mm. Mm. Mm-hm.
Sheriff, you think that we fan out like we did last night, continue canvassing?
Dumb girl who brought this here, and she's gonna save us?
- Fucking mess. - Fucking danger hole.
No way out of this one.
How many there gotta be in this state? We don't have the time to figure it out.
- There's gotta be a lot of them. - The truth is...
...I don't know how to narrow the search.
I do.
I found the dead girl in the woods last night.
And I didn't recognize her, just like I didn't recognize a single one of those vampires.
What if they came from another town that was hit just like ours...
- ...and brought the girl with them? - You saying we ID this girl...
...find out where they were last?
Maybe those folks can tell us who it is we're dealing with and where they're holed up.
What do you think, boss?
I think it's a long shot.
But like you said, we're spread pretty thin right now.
Where are the feds?
I've been making calls, haven't gotten an answer. We're fending for ourselves.
Where did you say this body was?
Quarter mile away. Just down Antelope Road.
- All right, then. - Yeah.
I gotta get Adilyn home.
Sookie and Alcide, meet Jason and me at the station.
- Kenya will drop you off. - Oh, no, sheriff--
I do not wanna hear it today. Not today, Kenya.
- Somebody's gotta be there. - Mr. Mayor. Uh....
Now, I know we discussed protocol for tonight...
...but folks are asking what they gonna do with themselves today.
I told them my door's open for prayer and council...
...but it sure would be nice if they had something to keep them occupied.
Yeah, okay. Okay, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Listen up, y'all. Uh-
You know, today is a dark day.
There's no manual on how to get through this, believe me, I know.
But I think keeping busy and being of service... as good a way to go as any.
One thing I do know for sure, when we get Arlene back...
...and we will get her back, she's gonna be none too pleased with the state of Bellefleur's.
So it sure would be nice to put it back together for her.
Ain't it risky going back there?
Remember, as long as it's daylight, you'll be safe.
But again, I strongly recommend y'all be in your houses by sundown.
And do not even think of leaving, unless accompanied by a vampire.
- I was thinking of checking in on Lafayette. - He didn't make it in this morning, did he?
No, sir. And with the way his side of the family can go to dark places... worries me. It do.
- How about I go along with you? - No. You got your hands full here.
And like the mayor said, it'll do me good being of service.
Lafayette needs me.
I'm all he's got left.
All right, honey, all right.
- Let's go, Adilyn. - How come I can't come with you?
Because, darling, a crime scene ain't no place for a child.
- Well, I'm 18. - I know you are, but not really.
- I'm taking you home. - What about Rocky and Wade?
Don't you think that I should stay with them? I mean, isn't that what family does?
Stick together at a time like this.
All right, but I want you home a solid hour before dark.
- Okay, Daddy. - All the same rules as last night apply.
You hear? If Jessica comes back, you do not invite her in.
- Of course. - You got that?
All right.
- Did you hear that? - Yeah.
Jesus fuck. How could you, you fucking cunt?
- It just happened. - That's your fucking excuse?
So when I rip your fucking head off, you won't mind ifl use that one, will you, mate?
I told you I was so fucking hungry I just lost control.
We're all hungry, Ronnie, that's why we put the fucking plan in place.
We share or we starve.
Do you understand?
Yeah, I understand.
- It won't happen again. - No, it can't.
Because you cut our rations down by a fourth.
Fuck! Now we're gonna have to go back out hunting again.
What? No. No, no, no. Not again.
We have no choice. Last night shouId've brought in three times the bodies.
- Great choice on that town. - How was I supposed to know...
...they'd invite vampires to their barbeque?
And if you're so tired, why don't you take a nice, long nap...
...and spare us your endless whining?
You have some nerve after what you just did.
All right, everyone, just shut the fuck up!
Look, we can't keep losing our shit like this.
If we do, we die.
We're all gonna die, no matter what.
But it doesn't have to be like this. We don't have to die like animals.
Betty, you were a teacher, right?
You gotta have a whole hell of a lot of self-control to be a teacher.
Good. New plan.
Betty, you gonna be the new reaper.
- Ronnie, you're on sleep patrol from now on. - What? How can we trust him to wake us?
Because he's gonna eat last until he can prove he can be trusted.
- That ain't fair-- - Tough shit, you little bitch.
- Betty. - Fine.
I'll reap.
But can we please stop acting like savages?
Just go get us some fucking food.
Jesus Christ.
No, please! No! No! No, pIease--
- Oh, my God. - Oh, I know.
- My heart's beating out of my chest. - No, I know her.
- I know I know her. I just don't know how. - Aah!
- Aah! - What is it, sweetie?
It's cramping or something.
Why is she cramping?
- It's digging into her. - Okay. Okay, let me see what I can do.
- Somebody told me I'd die sober in a bar. - Listen to me, Jane, you're not gonna die here.
We're gonna get you through this. You're detoxing, that's all.
Holly, did Rocky and Wade have Miss Harris for fourth grade?
Miss Harris? Yeah. Yeah. She was the only teacher who ever said that they were smart.
I didn't believe her, but I appreciated it.
- Was her first name Betty? - Uh....
Yeah. Yeah, I think it was.
- What, why? - That was her.
- That lady. We know her. She taught our kids. - The reaper?
Well, I was too scared to even look. Are you sure?
Yeah. Uh-huh. And she recognized me too.
She was gonna pick me and then she saw me and she took Belinda instead.
She spared me.
I think she might be our way out of here.
- How? - I don't know.
But I gotta believe Miss Harris doesn't have it in her to eat us.
- I wish I shared your optimism. - Okay, listen to me, y'all.
I know I've had some pretty shitty luck...
...and it probably ain't too reassuring to be in a situation this fucked up with me...
...but that is why you've gotta believe me...
...when I tell you that I did not survive four lousy husbands...
...a serial-killer boyfriend and the sort of suicide of my love, Terry... die in a dingy basement of a fucking vampire bar.
I am getting us out of here. Do you hear me?
You sure this was the place?
There she is.
Oh, shit.
Animals got to her.
I hate to be morbid, but do you think she's got any fingerprints left?
No, it's not necessary.
Sometimes not being clever makes you a better detective.
This is a Starbucks card.
"Mary Beth Grant," 25 years old, from Saint Alice.
Saint Alice? That's only two towns over.
Mayor Rampeaux gave me a call last week, never called him back.
I'll try their sheriff.
Sook, you okay?
There's a quote on one of the gravestones in the cemetery.
"The brutal indifference of Iife."
That's true.
Life don't care how old you are or where you're from.
Or how good a person you've been.
Totally indifferent.
Sook, stop looking. It won't do you no good.
Voicemail box is full.
It just rang and rang.
Well, I guess we're taking a road trip to Saint Alice.
We'll go door-to-door if we have to.
Come on, y'all, let's go.
I heard you.
I know I may not be who you wanna see right now...
...but I came to check on you all the same.
See how you're holding up.
I'm holding up all right.
How you holding up?
I lost her a long time ago. I deserve to just--
But then last night-- Lord, your timing is something to behold.
Last night, Tara and me made good.
Just before that evil came...
...I said my peace and I took care of my baby the way I always was meant to do.
I'm not a big fan of Jesus‘ work, but that's some pretty epic fucking timing, Auntie.
Problem is, I'm glad I had that with Tara, but it ain't enough.
I want more.
I wanna wrap my arms around her, hold on to her.
I get it, I do, but you can't hold on to her, Auntie.
- Trust me, I tried. - That's where you're wrong, Lafayette.
Tara came back to me last night.
Just after her body left, her spirit returned to me.
See, she needs my help before heading up to heaven.
Which is why I need your help.
Why do you need my—? Oh, no, no, no.
I'm not summoning Tara. I don't do that bullshit no more.
You don't gotta do nothing. All I need is some blood.
- The rest is in God's hands. - What? What blood?
And it ain't even like with alcohol. It ain't.
I don't even like the taste of V, but when I got it in me...
...I am with her.
Well, Iookie-Iookie at you. I saw you taking a little blood last night.
- Auntie, that's not Tara, that's the V. - You are wrong.
It most definitely was Tara.
Well, it most definitely was Gandhi I was playing Chinese checkers with...
...that time in the bathtub.
You're making fun of me?
My little girl is stuck between heaven and Earth, and that's what you do?
- She needs me. - She don't need nobody, Auntie, Tara's dead.
She gone.
And she'd want you to let her go.
- And not go down this path again. - You turned my Tara into a vampire.
And then you don't let me have a second chance?
You're a selfish, two-faced, no-good sinner.
And you a drug addict, you trifling bitch, through and through.
- You're going to hell! - That's what this is.
Are you okay?
You know, my daddy's following a lead in the woods right now.
And I bet you anything he's bringing Holly back today.
So you all really are sweeping up like your mayor told you to.
- Seems like the right thing to do. - Why?
Got a better idea?
MerIotte's gone. I saw him drive off with my own two eyes... yeah, there's probably better ideas than being his janitor.
Right now there ain't nothing to do, but be good citizens.
And let our law enforcers do their job.
And what job is that exactly? The job of protecting us?
Like they did last night?
What happened? What happened?
What are they doing there?
The vampers are keeping them fresh for when they come back.
- I thought they only drank live bodies. - I don't fucking know.
- You think they're coming back? - What's to stop them?
They saw how ill-equipped we were.
- And our law enforcers are on a field trip. - Hey, they'll be back by sundown.
- Andy told me himself. - And what about Sam Merlotte?
What about him?
You all remember how he ran his campaign on "I'm a politician you can trust."
Last night when we was bringing folks in here...
- ...I looked out the window and saw a dog. - So what?
So that dog turned into our mayor.
- What? - What?
I'll be damned. I knew it.
And all this time I was blaming the NyQuil.
About a year ago, I saw a bear going through my trash out back.
And by the time I got Hoyt's BB gun, the bear was gone...
...but standing right there in its place, Sam Merlotte, in his birthday suit.
- Didn't you vote for Sam for mayor? - I did.
- Why? - Well, I don't know.
There's a bigger picture here y'all are missing.
This town's full of vampers, has a dog for a mayor...
- ...and is being preached at by a telepath. - You think they're in cahoots?
- Not Sheriff Andy. - Oh, no?
Last night, he pointed a gun square at my face to protect a vampire. That's who your sheriff is.
- A no-good vamp lover. - Sorry, son.
I know he dates your mother, but look what happened to her on his watch.
You wanna get her back? It's on you and us to do it.
- Yeah. - Fuck. You're right.
They have my Kevin too. What are we gonna do?
Well, there's only one thing to do.
Arm up.
We take matters into our own hands. It's our only shot at making it through the night.
I heard all the gun stores were sold out.
Wait a second. I know where there's still guns. And a lot of them too.
Well, we'll have to get clever.
These will make just fine stakes.
Take a look around, see what you can find.
Anybody got anything? Everybody look around.
We'll find some stuff. Here, stake.
- Go ahead. - We gotta get out of here now.
I know, I know, but what about Rocky?
- There's no time. - He's gonna get himself in trouble.
Trust me. He's gonna be in a lot more trouble if we don't move.
No. No, no, no.
Please, please, please.
Miss Harris.
- It's Arlene Fowler. - And Holly Cleary.
You know who we are. I know you do.
I can't be talking to you.
If they sniff out even a whiff of mercy I show you, I am dead.
I-- Look, I mean this in the nicest possible way...
- ...but aren't you gonna die anyway? - Arlene.
She's right.
You don't have to mince words with me.
But even if I accepted the idea that saving your lives was more important...
...than saving my own, I wouldn't have the first clue of how to do it.
No, no, that's not what I meant at all.
Your life is very important.
You're the best teacher my kids ever had.
And you got Lisa through those months when she was having those nightmares...
...after the whole Rene thing.
I mean, I was so tired and caught up with myself, I had no patience for her.
But you did.
You told her about deep breathing and counting backwards from 50.
You saved us.
And you were the only one that could teach my Wade to read. Everyone else had given up.
I loved being a teacher.
Well, it showed in everything you did.
Yeah, we were so sad when you moved away.
I was taken away.
Oh. Of course.
I'm so fucking scared.
I don't wanna die like this.
I know. Oh, it's okay.
Oh, sugar, I would hug you, but I can't.
Oh, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay. Shh.
You have more to show for your life than most people.
I can't help you.
- I’m sorry. - Oh, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait a minute. Okay, okay, I'm not gonna bullshit you.
This ain't a dignified way to die. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
But you have the gift of knowing it's coming...
...of making choices in your last days.
Not everyone gets that. I mean, we wouldn't get that.
My husband Terry, he didn't get that.
Your legacy is all you have now.
But please, help us get out of here.
I'll figure something out.
You Will?
Thank you.
Thank you.
"I'm sleeping inside with 100 pounds of silver...
...and two UV guns."
There's no one left.
They either killed or took everyone.
- You heard what from who? - Rosie. I kind of...
- ...overheard her. - You kind of overheard her...
...saying she was gonna attack her place of work?
Listen, it doesn't matter how I know what I know.
There's a mob forming at BeIIefIeur's.
They are scared, mean, and looking for weapons...
...and the only place that has guns is that supply room...
...right behind you.
They are coming here.
Come on, come on, come on. Let's go!
Come on, let's go.
Let's start moving these out to your truck.
- What are you doing, Kenya? - I should be asking you the same thing.
It's simple. We're here for the guns that are a part of our 2nd Amendment right...
- …to not be fucked over by our government. - NameIy, our boss, Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.
And our mayor, who's a dog-bear.
Look, we need the guns, Kenya.
If we had them, you think half this town would be dead or missing today?
Don't try that NRA hillbilly shit on me.
Y'all would've been armed last night, this whole town would be dead.
I ain't letting you get these guns.
Kenya, girl... does it feel being left in charge of this town...
...all by yourself, the day after it suffered its deadliest attack since the Civil War?
It makes me feel like my sheriff trusts me to do my job.
You sure? What happened to that promotion...
...Andy promised you when Bud retired?
You thought about why Jason Stackhouse...
...who has half your experience and a quarter of your IQ...
...gets the lion's share of work around here?
Sure it got nothing to do with being a woman of color.
Now you're taking orders from his white teenage daughter?
Who was a newborn, last time I checked.
What the fuck's going on with that, I have no idea.
Face it, Kenya.
Girl, you've been rolling over and taking shit from Andy for years.
- Fuck it. - No, no, no....
- Holy God! - Huh?
Okay! No!
Rocky, come on. Don't let them do this! This ain't you!
Who the fuck else can I call?
You wanna put as many as you can in here.
Like this?
Boom, boom, boom.
Hell, yeah!
- Whoo! - That's it. Good!
Yeah, that was real good.
- Yeah! - Woo-hoo!
That's some shooting!
- Whoo. - Pow.
Die, you vampire fucker.
Oh, I'm getting to like this.
Renard Parish Sheriff's Department, is anybody home?
It's clear, man.
Come on, it's safe.
- That's her. - Yeah.
That must be her sister.
And husband, kid.
Looks like they all lived here together.
Got them in the middle of a goddamn pizza dinner.
- When do you think they were here? - Hard to say.
No way to know, unless we do a-
Two and a half days ago.
Looks like they stick with one town. Hit it again and again till it's over...
...then move on to the next.
This was one of the last houses they hit before Bon Temps?
If Jason's pizza forensics are to be trusted, yeah.
Why would this family stay here like sitting ducks?
Gas station was cleaned out. Safer at home...
- ...than out on the road on your own. - With a child, no less.
We don't got all day. Let's spread out, see what we can find.
If I get Holly back...
...I ain't ever gonna let her go.
I'm gonna make an honest woman of her...
...first chance I get.
Sounds like a real good plan, man.
I've always been too much of a pussy to make a plan and stick with it.
But a man ain't nothing without a family.
It's her diary.
- Do you think it's okay? - Could help us out.
I think she'd understand.
"October 10th, 2010.
They say it happens when you least expect it.
Tonight, I was minding my own business, at the diner...
...when he walked into my life.
His name is Henry, Henry Ellis, and...
...I knew he was a vampire right away...
...with his eyes as clear and piercing as I've ever seen."
"November 3rd, 2010.
I'm trying so hard...
...not to run away with my heart...
...but I think I'm losing that fight.
Tonight, Henry took me to Fangtasia for the first time.
I should've been scared of this new world, but I swear...
...the touch of Henry's hand just...
...wipes away all my fear.
Makes it feel like one big dream...
...I'm just walking through."
Apparently, there's this vampire bar where Maudette and Dawn...
...used to hang out at in Shreveport. You know it?
Well, I was thinking if I went there...
...I could do some sniffing around.
You think maybe you could take me?
- How about tonight? - The sooner, the better.
I just gotta tell Sam I'm leaving and run home and change.
- Meet you there. - Thank you.
Bill, I'm asking you this as a friend, okay?
- This is not a date. - Fine.
It's not a date. I'm serious.
As am I.
"Like I Said...
...I can't fight it.
I am his...
...totally and completely.''
"April 27th, 2011.
There was an attack at the church tonight.
Everyone who was there... either dead or just straight up disappeared.
They're saying it was sick vampires...
...they came out of the dark as the wedding was letting out.
I wish I could ask Henry why this happened...
...why they'd do such a thing.
There's so much I wanna ask him...
...since this disease took him from me."
"May 2nd, 2011.
They came again tonight. Another ambush.
Fifteen dead and 30 missing.
How can this be happening, that our government would leave us for dead?
Still no sign of Molly and Todd.
I don't want to write it because it makes it real, but...
...I think they're gone.
I wonder why I wait...
...why I don't just crush up some pills...
...crawl into bed beside Kaylen and...
...let us drift off to sleep.
I guess there's a shred of hope left, hope that...
...they might still have the decency to spare a baby.
And in the end, I want to believe Kaylen knows...
...someone stayed with her and fought for her to the death... we all deserve."
That's enough.
The rest is blank anyway.
We'd best be on our way. Sun'II be setting soon.
Ooh. Sweet Lord, have mercy.
Doesn't look too bad.
Willa, I need you. Willa!
I'm sorry! I didn't know what else to do!
I am so sorry.
I've never been woken up before.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I burnt myself real bad.
- How did you do that? - Lost in thought.
I was thinking of Tara, my hand slipped.
Okay, you need to go to a doctor.
- This is serious. - I know it is.
I'm not even sure a doctor could help with this.
I was thinking maybe your blood.
The reverend told me not to give you any more blood.
I don't care what he said.
He wouldn't either.
I'm in so much pain.
It's too much.
There we go.
That's enough.
Lettie Mae?
Lettie Mae?
Mama, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. I have the answers.
I have the answers for you.
Speak up, baby. I can't hear you.
Speak up, baby.
No, no, no.
I need the answers.
I need the answers!
No, no, no!
I need the answers!
I need the answers, please.
- She's nothing like you. - What?
That girl, Mary Beth.
Other than dating Vamps, you two got nothing in common.
I'm not so sure about that.
Sookie, you gotta stop beating yourself up.
Vampires came out of the coffin the whole world over.
You didn't bring them to Bon Temps any more than that girl to Saint Alice.
You sure as hell didn't infect them with a virus that makes them rabid beasts.
Yeah, you fell in love with Bill.
He wouldn't have been my first choice.
Well, I hate to break it to you, but... fell for him the same way that every single person on the entire planet...
...falls for their first love.
Hard and fast.
AII's that makes you is...
...a human.
I appreciate you saying that.
I do.
To be honest, all I'm thinking about right now is how...
...our town is gonna end up exactly like Saint Alice.
They're coming back, Alcide.
One way or another, that's where we're headed.
I could keep driving.
We got a full tank of gas.
We could save ourselves.
No, that's not the answer.
Anybody need to feed right away?
- No. - Set the clock.
Not a second past 15 minutes.
I know, I know. Jesus Christ.
I want to be the sleep monitor.
Why? Aren't you tired?
Oh, you know I am. That's just the problem.
We all know that I'm the weakest one here...
...and you're waiting for me to die so there's one less mouth to feed.
- I think you're being paranoid. - Either way...
...I don't trust Ronnie to wake me.
I'd rather just do the job myself.
Let her do it. Just shut up.
Fine. Ronnie, you can take a nap.
And you can set the clock for 14 and a half minutes.
Fine with me.
We have exactly 12 minutes to get y'all out of here.
Betty, you don't look so good.
Are you okay?
I haven't slept and I'm gonna have to feed on one of you before we do this.
Who's it gonna be?
You can have my blood.
It's the least I can give you.
It's gonna need to be the femoral artery.
If they find us and you got bite marks, there'll be no way to cover this up.
- Okay. - Let's make it quick.
Are you okay?
Aah! Oh. Oh, Betty. Ow.
What the hell?
In the attic.
- How'd you get in here? - She's in trouble.
- How'd you get in here? - She invited me.
You ate her, didn't you? You fucking eat her?
You finish her this time?
- Unh! - Look around! Do you see any sign of her...
...any trace of harm that I did to her?
For the last time, I am not here to hurt you. I am here to fucking help you.
Then where the hell is she?
I don't know for sure, but she is in trouble.
Goddamn it.
When the sun sets, I'm going to find her, Andy.
And I will, I'll find her.
Question is...
...are you coming with me or not?
I can't remember being this tired in my life.
I'm gonna catch a few minutes of shut-eye.
Hey, not smelling like that, you're not.
Just take a shower before you get into our sheets.
- All right, fair enough. - Hey.
You know, I think you like me better with a little extra stink.
Can you still sense my fear?
Why are you here?
If I got myself into some serious shit...
...would you be able to feel me?
He won't take my blood. I don't understand!
You found me.