True Blood (2008–2014): Season 7, Episode 1 - Jesus Gonna Be Here - full transcript

A band of rogue H-vamps crashes the vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur's, with shocking results. As Sookie seeks refuge from accusations that she's somehow to blame for the chaos in Bon ...



What are you?



- Come on. Jane, come on. Come on, come on.
- No, no, no! Get out of here! Aah!

Jane! Aah! You fu--



- Aah!
- Come on. Come on.

Run! Aah!


WILLA: Come on.
DANIELS: Lettie Mae!

Lettie Mae!

WILLA: Hurry up.
- I can't go.

Come on. Come on.
Get in, hurry. Move.

LETTIE MAE: I'm not moving.
- Come on, Mama, we have to go.

- We have to get out of here.
- They gonna kill us. They gonna kill us.

Ha-ha-ha. Oh, your mama's right.


No, no, dear Lord, don't let me die here.


- No.
- Aah!

Stay in the car! Aah!


Come on.


Looks like we got two
for the price of one.

- Yeah.
- Aah! Sam!

- Sam!
- Whoo!

Sam, he's taking me.

- Sam!
- No!





Stay there.




I saw those Hep-Vs.
They got Holly, Arlene.

They even got Jane Bodehouse.


They killed my Tara.

They killed my baby girl.




- Bellefleur.
- They came, man. They attacked.

They killed Tara, man.
It's a fucking bloodbath over here.

Whoa. Stackhouse, slow down.

They took Holly, Arlene.

- What'd you just say?
- The Hep-Vs ran off with them.

Listen, Andy, I gotta go.



Hep-Vamps showed up at Bellefleur's
and all hell broke loose.

They kidnapped Holly
and a bunch of people. I gotta go.

You stay inside, no matter what.
You understand me?

- There's been an attack on Bellefleur's.
- I overheard what you said. Go.

I'll make sure that Adilyn is safe.

They killed Tara.
I don't think you heard that part.

Do not invite her in. Do you understand me?
No matter what.


WOMAN 1: Leave me alone.
WOMAN 2: I can't move.

My legs ain't working.

LAFAYETTE: Can't fucking deal with this.
I won't. I gotta get out of here.

LETTIE MAE: I don't trust you, vampire.
Stay away from me.

Fucking vampire whore.

Can't keep her legs shut.

If I ran this town,
none of this shit would be happening.

I would have thrown you out with the trash.

Sookie Stackhouse, you shameful slut.

You killed Jim
sure as if you'd stabbed him in the heart.

Where'd they take them?

- Holly and Arlene, which way'd they go?
- They went south.

Alcide went after them,
and Sam did too.

Miss Daniels, you need to drink my blood.

- I ain't drinking vampire blood.
- No.

But you're hurt and it will heal you,
I promise.


We lost the scent at Caddo Creek.

Great fucking plan, Mr. Mayor: "I know,
let's have a fucking vampire-human mixer."

Shut your mouth. They got my baby.

ALCIDE: Hey, that's enough.
- All right, Andy.

We gotta figure out how to find them.

- These Hep-V vampires, they'll be nesting.
- Nesting?

They'll be finding buildings with basements
and no windows and sleep there during the day.

Take Violet, check out
the old Reeves place on Route 9.

- I'm gonna check the slaughterhouse.
- I'll come.

- Like hell.
- It's not safe. Every human needs a vampire.

Get these people home safe.

ALCIDE: I'll never understand
how she can love the dead.

If she'd only walked away,
we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

MAN 1:
Fucking vampire whore.

- Spread your legs....
WOMAN 1: Look what it got you.

WOMAN 2: How come you're still alive
and my baby's dead?

WOMAN 3: She stood there at Terry's funeral
saying all this bullshit.

MAN 2:
Exterminate the fucking vampires.


- Hello?
JESSICA: Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

No, I'm okay.

Jess, they...

They killed Tara.

Yeah, I know.

I can't believe it.

Wait, where are you?


I'm at the Bellefleurs'.

I offered them my protection.

I'm going to protect Adilyn.

Have you fed?

It's okay, I'm not hungry.

Jess, you have to eat.

I'll see you later, okay?

Yeah, okay.

- South, and they went north.
- What if we don't find them?

- You're a dog.
- What?

I just saw you.

You were a dog, you turned back into you.
What the fuck was that about?

Look, Vince, when Mayor Norris passed... and me fought a hard campaign,
so I don't blame you for sour grapes...

...but you tell these people
their mayor's a dog?

- See, all that's gonna do is make you look crazy.
- Don't tell me I didn't see what I saw.

You were a motherfucking dog.

Goddamn it, fine.
You saw what you saw.

Take a look around this place, Vince.

Folks here are barely holding on.

Throw another curveball,
people are gonna panic.

What the fuck are you?

I'll tell you,
but not until we get through this.

For the sake of the town we both love,
I am begging you...

...can we keep this between us for now?


Hey, listen up, everybody.

It's not safe here.

Those Hep-V vamps could be back any time.

We need every vampire to take their assigned
human back to the safety of their home.

And there, if every Hep-V negative human...

...would kindly feed their vampire
in exchange for their protection...

-...we got a chance of making it till morning.
- Now, tomorrow morning... up at Reverend Daniels' church...

...try and figure out how to help those folks
who've been hit. Spread the word.

You have a human?

Come on. I'm gonna get you home.

- Let's get you home, Mr. Mayor.
- No, thanks, man, I'm fine.

Every vampire a human.

This was your plan.
People need to see you sticking to it.

All right.


Hey, this is Sookie. I'm not in right now.

Please leave a message.

Hey, where'd you go? I'm looking for you.

We should head back.






We watch Deer Hunter.





- What is your name?
- Go fuck yourself.

The lady "Go Fuck Yourself."


Challenger go first.



I've survived 27 times.




Allah loves me.

Does your god love you?

Nope, my god fucking hates me.


The world is ending.
You need to make peace with your god.

Everyone I love leaves,
everything I touch dies... forgive me if I don't share
your faith in my lord.

- He can save you.
- Yeah, tell you what.

Your god and my god can go to a motel
and have a circle jerk for all I care.

I'll be in hell
having a three-way with the devil.

Your words are hollow.

I can see the love and pain in your eyes.

Because this feeling...

...right now...

...makes you closer to God, no?

Makes you know you're alive?

You're dead.

No, I'm not. I'm alive.


So where the fuck's my maker?

This is who you have to see.



What are you doing?

I'm sorry about your friend.

- Thanks.
- You can't come in here, right?

- Even though the window's open?
- That's right.

I can't come in without an invitation.

- That's kind of a weird rule.
- Yeah.

I heard what you said to my dad before.

About not wanting to hurt me.

I meant it.

I have nightmares about that night.

Me too.

It's because of my blood, right?

- I smell different to vampires?
- Yes.

Do I still smell good to you?


Are you gonna kill me?


Well, what if you can't help it?

I should hate you.

But I don't.

Was that your boyfriend?


On the phone, was that your boyfriend?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Well, what's he like?

He's so loving...

...and kind and gentle...

...and he's hot too.

Yeah, he's, like, sexy as heck. Heh.

Do you have a boyfriend?

There's this one boy, but I don't know.

What's his name?


Holly's boy?

You have a crush on Holly's boy?

- No, not a crush exactly.
- Yes, you do.

What is she?

She's mine.


You walked home alone.

After what happened, ain't a question of whether
these Hep-V vamps are out there looking for us.

We know they are.
Why would you do that?

- I read your thoughts.
- What?

I'm sorry, I know I'm not supposed to,
but I got no buffer tonight.

- And I can't-- They just keep coming in--
- Sookie.

And I expect it from everybody else...

-...but not from you.
- What?

You're supposed to love me and support me,
and even you are blaming me for this...

...for what's happened to this town,
and blaming me for Arlene being missing.

- No, I'm not.
- I read your thoughts.

- Sookie, it ain't fair.
- I know that.

It ain't fair to judge me and push me away
because of something I thought.

- I know that too.
- I love you.

You're not telling me anything
I don't already know...

...because, newsflash,
I can read your fucking thoughts, you get it?

I'm sorry, it's my fucking curse to know
the truth of what people think of me always.

To feel the pain and the hurt
and the ugly, ugly truth.

Even you, even Jason, even Andy and Sam
and every goddamn human in this town.

- Sookie, I--
- Tara's dead.

I know.

- I'm sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.

I need to be on my own right now.


How many people you seen die?

How many?

I've lost count.

You know, me and Tara,
we grew up together.

She'd come over to our place all the time.

She'd come running over
with her skinny little legs...

...whenever her mom would hit the bottle.

It's weird, huh?

I mean, it feels like we should stop, don't it?

- Jason.
- What?

Somebody's here already.

What the hell?

- Evening, Stackhouse.
- Vince?

What are you folks up to?

Hunting those H-Vamps.
They took Lou's brother.

All due respect, that's my job.

All due respect, you aren't equipped.

Now, the feds might be,
but they're all camped out in the big cities...

...which means Small Town America,
well, we're on our own.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Listen, we are all freaked out... the Armageddon-like situation
that we got going on here...

...but you folks taking matters
into your own hands?

Well, that's just a shortcut
straight to the morgue.

So the alternative is to, what, Jason?

Put our faith in you?
Or Sheriff Bellefleur and Mayor Merlotte?

- If they took Kevin, we gotta get him back.
- Put that gun down.

- Violet, I got this.
- Oh, so is that how it is? Is she the law now?

- Deputy vampire?
- No, that's not how it is.

You a fangbanger now, Stackhouse?

- Jason is mine.
- Violet.

VIOLET: So why don't you take
your puny little guns back home...

...and go fuck your depressed,
homely housewives with your tiny little dicks?

What if I don't have a dick? Can I stay?

Of course you can.

But then I'll have no choice but to rip your
fucking head off and use it as a candy dish.


Okay, now, why don't you folks go on now?

All right.

All right, come on.


What was that?




Oh, you can come in, I guess.


I like your place.

Yeah, it has a certain ghetto je ne sais quoi.

I know you got to eat...

...but it is motherfucking mandatory...

...that I get my brain out of this
plane of existence right the fuck now.

So give me a sec while I get altered
and then I'll give you lunch.


Can I?

So you Jessica's man, right?


She cool.

I am sorry about your cousin.

You know, I feel relieved.

How fucked up is that?

I guess because I grieved
the first time she died.

The second time she died,
I don't feel nothing inside.

All my friends died in Vietnam.

All of them.

Their bodies would be brought home
on this plane.

Wood coffins, a flag draped over top.

A notification officer and a chaplain
would show up in town.

And they'd drive down the road
in their Ford Galaxie...

...and all the moms and dads
would come out onto their porch...

...and they would hold their breath and wait
to see which house the officer stopped at.

You served?

I was a draft dodger, a pacifist.

I don't believe in violence in any form.

If I had lived then,
I'd be right there with you.

One day, I was home for Christmas...

...and the officer came to my best friend's
house. Danny Monaghan.

He lived right across the street.

Danny and I, we were, um--
Well, he was...


The officer delivered the news that Danny had
died during the Battle of Hue. Mortar attack.

So I went across the street
to pay my respects to Danny's family.

Danny's dad, Mr. Monaghan,
he grabbed Danny's old Louisville Slugger.

It was the same bat Danny and I
had used all through high school...

...and he beat me with it,
right in the street.


Called me a hippie faggot...

...and just left me there to die.

And this vampire in town took pity on me.

Made me a vampire that night.

So if you ask me...

...there's zero point in feeling pain or fear...

...or grief, or regret.

You can laugh, you can cry... can smoke out.

It doesn't matter. To Tara or to the universe,
it makes no fucking difference.

You are one metaphysical fuck.



...give me your best shot.

What the fuck?!

Get back in the car. It's not safe out here.
What are you doing?

I am a man.

I'm a fucking officer of the law.

You left me standing with my dick out,
back there.

How you think that makes me feel?

I don't know, Jason.

How does that make you feel?

You won't let me fuck you.

You won't let me do my job.

You fucking feed on me every night.

This is bullshit!

See, my balls are so fucking blue,
they're about to fall off.

Well, what are you going to do
about it, huh, Jason?

I'm gonna fuck you.

And you're gonna fuck me back.

We're gonna fuck together.

You hear me, woman?

Let's fuck, for fuck's sake.

It's about fucking time, Jason.

I've been waiting.




Come on out, baby girl. I don't bite.

- Shut the fuck up.
- Why she smell so good?

You had a taste?

I get that you wanna keep her all to yourself.

Sink your teeth into that sweet flesh.

But didn't your mama tell you
it's nice to share?

Cross that line and I will fucking kill you.


I'm dying anyway.

Got nothing to lose.

Close the window.

He can't hurt me.
You said not if I don't invite him in.

I said that he couldn't come inside.
I never said that he couldn't hurt you.

We could share her.

We could fuck her.

I need you to drink my blood.

- What?
- If you drink my blood, even one drop...

...I will always know where you are,
and I will always be able to protect you.



- No.
- You're gonna have to trust me.

I trusted you before.


- You stay the fuck back!
MAN: I'm gonna...

...taste that little girl before I die.

Oh, sweet Jesus.

- I can see her. My Tara's talking to me.
- Honey, it's gonna be all right. Shh.

Tara? Tara? Tara, baby?

WILLA: What's wrong with her?
- She's high on your blood.

I didn't give her that much.

- You gotta calm down.
- She ain't in heaven. She needs our help.

That's the vampire blood talking.
Honey, come on.

She can't speak.
She ain't saying any words.

- Tara is on the other side, you see.
- She ain't in heaven.

- She needs me.
- No, that's the vampire blood talking now.

Shh. I want you to quiet down.
That's it, quiet down.

Now lay down, okay?

- Lay down.
- Tara, I'm right here.


- I'm right here.
- Shh.

- Go to sleep, baby. Go to sleep.
- I won't leave you.

Shh. Yes. Yes.

Tara ever tell you
about her mother's issues?

I know a little bit.

No more blood for her, you understand?

Of course.

It'll be out of her system by morning.

Thank you for your help.

I've got nowhere to go.

Eric's gone.

Pam's gone.

And I was rooming with Tara, but I...

I can't go back there.
I can't sleep there with all of her stuff...

...and her smell, with her just being...


Lord, Lord, Lord.

You're a lost sheep, ain't you?

Come with me.

Lord knows it ain't much.

But it's light tight.
And you can stay as long as you like.

I'll see you tomorrow night.

You sleep now, sweetheart.

Thank you.





I'm looking for Najat.



My daughter, for you.

She's not sick.


Only clean blood
in North Africa is child blood.

While your daughter does look delicious...

...I'll pass.


When was last time you feed?

I'll be fine.

Just the information, please.


- There must be some mistake.
- No mistake.

- He would never--
- My information is accurate.

What you do is your choice.


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I love you.

I love you too.


This place closed down a year ago.

Used to find kids partying in here
all the time.

They've been nesting here.



Jesus Chr-- Unh.

Hey, hey! Don't move!

- Ho, ho.
WOMAN: Vampire!

Hold on, hold on.
Stay right where you are, Mr. Compton.

- What's the problem?
- Don't look him in the eyes.

Everybody, calm down, all right?
We're all on the same side here.

- Like fuck we are. They took my brother.
- They took my Holly.

Well, then it serves you right.


For every human, a vampire?

For every vampire, a human?

Look at what they're doing to people.

You and Mayor Merlotte... stood up there in church...

...and you told us to trust the vampires.

Now people we love are dead!

Our friends have been taken.

It's me that you want.

The mixer was my idea.

- Mine and Mayor Merlotte's.
- He ain't my mayor.

Now, maybe you didn't notice...

...but the sheriff wasn't
at Bellefleur's tonight.

Not until he got the call
about what happened.

He was at home, in protest.

You let him go... can do what you want with me.

All right, then.

Why don't you get out of here, Andy?
And don't look back.

Because you won't wanna see
what's coming next.

That's where you're wrong.

I do wanna see it.

This vampire and me,
there's a history here.

And it ain't a good one.

If you're gonna end him,
I deserve to be the one to do it.

What'd he do to you?

That's between him and me.

Okay, sheriff, do it.

We could use you on our side.


What's your name, son?

- Lou.
- Listen to me, Lou.

I want you to forget the fact that I'm a sheriff
of this parish for just a second.

Firing a weapon at another human being
is a big fucking deal.

When you do,
when you pull that trigger... are crossing a line
you can never come back from.

Pull it.

Your life's never gonna be the same.

Be sure this is what you wanna do
because I will pull my trigger, Lou.

I've done it before, and I'll do it again.
So help me God, I will.


Get the hell out of here.

Go on, go home. It's not safe.

I can't believe you're just gonna stand by,
let these H-Vamps kill our town.

Ain't nobody standing by.

- It's to be continued.
- No, son, this shit's over.


Come on. He made his choice.




Oh, Jesus Christ.

We ain't never gonna make it out of here.

Not ever.

Bon Temps got a police force of five people,
and I'm one of them.

- That is not true. Andy's gonna find us.
- We are in Shreveport.

In the basement of some fangbanger bar.
How they gonna find us in time?

Oh, my God, I can't die down here.
I've got kids.

No, no, no.
You gotta keep your head up, Arlene.

You hear me?
I can't have you losing it on me.

Hey, hey, hey. It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.

- I can't feel her.
- She's gonna be okay. She's just fine.


ARLENE: Oh, God!
- Keep your head down. Be quiet.

- We're all gonna die. I can't...
- Shh.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, please, God, please.


Oh, God. Please don't touch me.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.

Please don't.
Please, please don't kill me.

Please, please, please.

Please, please don't. Please don't.

Oh, God.

Oh, no. No. No fucking way.

Oh, no. You don't have to do this.




Look, I wanna say thank you
for what you did back there.

I saved your miserable hide...

...because I need your help
to get Holly and Arlene back.

But we are not good.

We will never be good.

Nothing in this world can make right
what you done to me and my family.

So save your thanks.

Bye, Daddy.

Dawn's coming.

You should go.

You willing to die for her?

I am not leaving.

We have an attic.


You're gonna die out here.

You stay inside.
Do not invite me in.

I trust you.

You shouldn't.


Jessica, I invite you in.

Oh. Fuck.

I invite you in!


No! No.

Let me in, you fucking bitch!

Let me in!

Share her, lady!

I'm gonna make her mine!

Let me in!

You bitch! No!

No! No!


Yes, brothers and sisters... has been night a long, long time.

But when I got up today, I prayed to God.

I asked him for guidance.

I strained to listen.

And he told me...

...morning is coming.

Yes, he did.

- Morning is coming. Let the church say "amen."
ALL: Amen.

DANIELS: You have to believe me, children
of God, that when you stay with the Lord...

...if you cling to him, if you abide in him...

...then he'll let you catch a glimpse
of the morning.

It's hard to know what to say.

Our community has been raided.

Don't you put your hand on me,
Sookie Stackhouse.

It's your fault my baby's dead.

She always went running to you.
And you led her down the path to hell.

You are not welcome
in this house of God.

Fucking slut. Vampire fucking bitch.

MAXINE: Why don't you run back
to your vampire lover?

MAN 1: I wanna fuck you, vampire fucker.
WOMAN 2: Has she no shame?

MAN 2:
Get out, you stupid cunt.

If she would leave, vampires....

MAN 1:
Vampire lover, I wanna fucking kill you.


Stake you through your heart.

I can hear you.
I can hear each and every one of you.

At least Lettie Mae's got the decency
to say what she thinks to my face.

I lived in Bon Temps my whole life.

And I love this town.

And I've known all of you my whole life.

And even though most of you hate me...

...I love just about everybody here.

I know what you think of me...

...that some of you blame me
for what's happened.

And you're not wrong.

I played a part.

But we can't go back
to the way things were.

And I can't save those
who have been lost.

But some of our loved ones
are fighting for their lives...

...and for better or for worse,
nobody in this town...

...knows vampires better than me.

I wanna help.

Please, let me help.