True Blood (2008–2014): Season 6, Episode 8 - Dead Meat - full transcript

Jason gets to know Violet in vampire camp; Sarah is desperate to keep Tru Blood flowing; Sookie mulls brokering a deal between Warlow and Bill; Sam's and Nicole's futures depend on Alcide's decision.

How long have you known this was gonna happen?
I didn't.
But you can see the future.
The visions-- they come to me as they come.
I have no way of controlling what I see.
How very convenient for you.
We still have a job to do together, you and I.
My sister's blood is still warm on my chest...
and you're asking me to go fight your holy war?
We've been called upon to save these vampires, all of them.
- Fuck off. - I upheld my end of the deal.
I did everything I could to save her.
Did you? You were supposed to come back with Warlow
so we could give her his blood.
I don't see him, Bill.
- Where is he? - Sookie has him.
And out comes the truth.
The almighty prophet
didn't wanna pick a fight with his precious Sookie,
so he just let my sister die.
- She is going to bring him here. - What did Sookie do
- when you asked her? - You and I are gonna take
him to the camp together.
His blood was never gonna save Nora in the first place.
Did she stake you again?
- I bet she did. - Eric...
How did it feel when she tried to kill you, Bill?
I'm guessing that even as you pulled that stake out of your own heart
and proved yourself invincible,
you still felt weak.
I've seen that look before.
I was right, wasn't I?
Oh, my God, I guess I was right
'cause you're taking me for a ride with your mind, Bill.
This is amazing!
Oh, Mother, I can fly!
I can fly!
Do you have a death wish?
Praise you, Bill, for thou art beneficent!
- Praise Bill! - You wanna die...
- just like your weakling maker, Godric? - Hallelujah!
Tell me, is it immortality that you can't handle,
or are you just embarrassed because for once in your life,
you took a chance and believed in something other than yourself?
You're no fucking god.
I never said I was.
Get out.
Leave my house.
I'm already gone.
That girl doesn't look dead to me.
Danielle, would you double-check?
Nope, still alive.
Enough! They won't tell anyone anything.
We won't.
- Please. - Shut the fuck up.
You can have me.
You can do whatever you want with me.
Just let her go.
Did you not hear me, Mommy?
I said, shut the fuck up!
- Rikki! - And you need to shut up, too.
What did you say?
I am your packmaster.
Not anymore, you're not.
I challenge you.
Excuse me?
Do I have a second?
You got me.
And me.
You betrayed us all, Alcide.
You lied to every single member of this pack.
And not only that, you chose a shifter
and them over us.
You're not fit to lead anymore,
so I'm gonna remove you.
Seriously, you are looking for a fight with me?
To the death.
You outta your fucking mind, bitch?
Actually, Kenneth, I don't think I am.
See, I got no doubt I'm about to get my ass kicked,
but I don't think Herveaux here's
got the balls to finish me off.
Poor Alcide.
You're just not a killer, are you?
- Yeah, fuck her up! - Hell, yeah!
Come on. Come back at him.
Let go!
- End it. - Do it.
Told you you didn't have the stones.
- Well, what if you were to reason-- - Not gonna happen.
Okay, well, what if together we went--
If you wanna stay alive, Willa,
you gotta know what you don't know.
And what you don't know is that bitch is a dog
and he is her bone
and she will fucking fuck us up
if we fuck with her bone.
So, what is it you did to get yourself thrown in here?
Oh, you know, the usual.
Oh, don't bullshit me, Jason.
This is prison. What did you do?
I did the governor's girlfriend.
How the fuck did you pull that off?
We have a history.
Does the governor know?
- I don't think so. - Good.
This may work out for us after all.
Thanks for getting my back before.
What I said before about you being mine...
I meant it.
I don't know how long we're gonna be here.
I don't know if I'm gonna live or die.
But as long as I am alive, Jason,
I'm gonna feed off you as I see fit
and as often as I like.
Take your seat.
But wait,
you're not gonna pass me around
for favors or anything?
What do you take me for?
I grew up Catholic,
and I'm not talking this modern world
bullshit Catholicism.
I'm talking badass medieval times Catholicism.
See, I'm the real fucking deal, Jason.
I believe in God and the sanctity of our union.
If I say that you're mine,
then you are mine forever.
Even if we get outta here?
I'm coming back, so you need to go to the gravestone
and put your hands up like you did before.
That's good.
- How you holding up? - Okay.
I'm hungry.
So, I was around at my friend's house--
Arlene, the one who just lost her husband--
and I got, um...
I got a daytime visit from Bill while I was there.
He drank my blood.
Bite your tongue.
Now, I have to ask you a favor.
It's kind of a biggie.
How would you feel about doing something for Bill?
Why would I do anything for Bill?
Do you still have feelings for him?
Hell, no.
The thing is, it's not really him that I'm asking for,
it's for me, for my friends.
- Vampire friends. - They're all gonna die.
You realize Bill wants to kill me.
He won't. I'll make it a condition of our deal.
That's funny, I seem to recall you telling me
how he lied to you and betrayed you,
and now I'm suddenly just supposed to take him at his word?
I'm not asking you to trust him, Warlow.
I'm asking you to trust me.
If I don't believe him, the deal's off.
I won't let anything happen to you, I promise.
If I do this...
I want you to be mine forever.
Will you be?
- Is this an ultimatum? - That's not how I see it.
How do you see it, then?
It's a proposal.
I love you, Sookie Stackhouse.
I've loved you for nearly 6,000 years.
And now that I've been with you,
now that I'm so close, it's unbearable.
I don't want to wait to start my eternity with you.
I can't.
I'm gonna need some time to think about this.
Fucking eternity?
Couldn't you just ask me to go to the movies with you next week?
It's like all men are incapable of just wanting to date me.
If I had to die the true death right this second,
I'd die one very happy vampire.
Not me.
Excuse me?
I just mean I've been here going on six weeks now,
and being with you's the first time that I've felt alive--
like there's anything worth being alive for.
So, you like me, then?
yeah, I like you.
- Hey. - Uh-huh.
- Can I ask you a question? - Sure.
How did you get that guard to bring me to you?
It's kind of a long story.
Now's not really the time to tell it.
Can't we just be here together
until someone comes and tells us we can't be?
- If that's all right. - Of course it is.
Besides, I don't know how much of a future we got,
but I shouldn't ask you to spend one second looking backwards.
I forgive you.
Take the hippie vamp back to male gen pop 2 for me, will ya?
How come you always make me take the dudes?
Shut the fuck up, MacGilvray.
Come on.
Don't drink the blood.
Wickline, would you show Miss De Beaufort
back to female gen pop 1 for me?
Of course, Dr. Finn.
Did you just have sex with him?
- I did. - How was it?
Oozy but productive.
I thought you said it was your pack
that was gonna come for me if I ever came back.
Forget I said that.
My pack days are behind me.
The girl and her mother are in your trailer.
You got Nicole?
Rikki kidnapped them right after they left you.
- I'm returning them. - Jesus Christ.
Hey, Alcide...
thanks for doing this.
There's beer.
It's cold.
If you want.
Good news, ladies.
Tru Blood is back,
so no more itty-bitty living donor portions.
Run up, now.
Your very own bottles of Tru Blood.
Tru Blood. Get your Tru Blood here.
Oh, man, I am so fucking hungry.
Give me your blood, Reverend.
I'm not a reverend. I'm a vampire, just like you.
Hey, number two.
Everyone gets their own bottle, understand?
- Next. - Thank you, Dr. Overlark.
You mind if I sit here?
I don't see why not.
It's a free country.
- I'm Steve-- - I know who you are.
I haven't felt this unpopular since the eighth grade.
Eighth grade was hard on all of us.
I brought second and third pairs of underpants
in case of wedgies.
Most days, I needed a fourth.
- What? - Shh.
Don't drink the blood.
Here you go.
Mm, thanks.
Thank you.
To your safety.
With all due respect, Mr. Merlotte,
I won't feel safe until my daughter and I
are back home with her father.
No, it's okay.
Mrs. Wright, I apologize
for what you and Nicole have been through,
and I get why you wouldn't trust me when I say this,
but you are safe now.
Maybe I just need some rest.
Use my bed.
Nicole, you can take the couch here.
Then where are you gonna sleep?
The bar.
Got a chair in the office that fits like a glove.
I guess I will turn in, then.
I really am sorry, Mrs. Wright.
Thank you.
- 'Night, baby. - 'Night, Mama.
- Love you. - I love you, too.
- Thanks for the drink. - Uh-huh.
So, tell me,
how you really holding up?
My nerves are fried, but I'll be okay.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Well, you get some rest, okay?
- Okay, 'night. - 'Night.
I'm coming for you.
You are mine!
Hey, Sook, listen, uh...
I messed up real bad with Jessica
and I gotta go fix it.
I just got so bent outta shape the last couple of days,
hating on vampires,
but that ain't who I am, it ain't who I wanna be,
so I'm gonna make it right.
Anyway, you're in safe hands with Niall.
I love you and I'll see you soon.
Skipping the beer and on to the rye, huh?
I'm sorry about your friend.
Thanks, but, uh...
Nicole told me.
I'm gonna miss him.
He worked here?
He did.
I don't know why death still surprises me.
'Cause we know it's coming,
but we still don't know when it's coming.
Yeah, maybe.
Good a guess as anything I got.
Hey, listen--
listen, about everything that happened...
I caught her scent.
It yours?
I'm pretty sure it is.
Smelled like me to me.
How you gonna play it?
I'm gonna think on it and drink on it.
How many ahead are you?
Hard to say.
I'm gonna do another one without you.
Like hell you are.
- Violet? - Yep.
Do you think she'd be willing to share him?
Yes, Willa. From everything I know about her,
she seems like the sharing type.
I know, I'm just so fucking hungry.
Well, either way, we have to protect Jason from her.
Uh, Pam, would you consider--
- No. - Pam.
Fine, I'll try.
Could we talk for a minute level one to level--
- Fuck off, I'm eating. - Okey-dokey.
What? I tried.
You're fucking delicious, Jason Stackhouse.
Thank you.
Look, um...
Could I ask you just one favor?
Depends on what it is.
Don't rape me.
There are vampires
who don't know how to separate feeding from sex.
I am not one of them.
Okay. Forget I said anything.
Go back to feeding.
When we fuck--
and we will fuck, Jason,
it is going to be mutually consensual.
And not only that.
You're going to want to fuck me
very badly,
but I won't let you.
I'm gonna make you woo me.
And then I'm gonna make you beg me.
And when you've wooed and begged me
to my satisfaction...
I'm still gonna make you work for it,
as I am not that kind of a girl.
And I know
how I deserve to be treated.
I can't believe I got drunk like that
in front of the kids.
You're gonna have to give yourself a pass, honey.
'Sides, I don't even think Coby and Lisa even noticed.
Here you's go, sunshine.
You gotta eat your grease to beat the booze.
Just got off the phone with Portia.
She said she and the kids are doing fine,
except for Coby woke her up at the crack of dawn.
What'd I come in here for?
Coffee. I need coffee.
Can you get me some, too, Daddy?
Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika,
you ain't even two weeks old yet,
so, no, I'm not gonna get you some coffee.
Hey, are you gonna go with me today to the mortuary?
If you want me there, I'm there.
- I do. - Okay.
You ain't eatin' that bacon?
Off that.
And you on it.
Why are you being so nice to me?
I was such a bitch to you yesterday.
You better don't think twice about that, you hear me?
You and me is cool.
Thank you, Lafayette.
Thank me by eating something.
How's that?
- Any better? - Yeah.
Listen up, y'all, um...
I gotta go and open up Merlotte's,
but before I do...
Sook and me went to the bank yesterday
to check out that safety-deposit box.
What was in it?
- A life insurance policy. - Life insurance?
Terry didn't have any life insurance.
Yeah, he did.
And a lot of it.
How much?
$2 million's worth.
Oh, my God.
And when did he take it out, this policy?
Four days ago.
- Oh. - I see.
Jesus Christ.
God damn it, Terry.
All my fault.
You knew it was coming and I had it glamored out of you.
I can't believe this.
Of course, Adilyn and her sisters sure as fuck didn't help,
listening in on you and picking at you.
But suicide, Terry? God damn you.
Aunt Arlene.
Well, I'm sorry, Adilyn,
but you gotta learn to stay out of people's minds
'cause you might not like what you hear.
What was that all about?
I take it you spoke to Warlow.
I did.
The two of you come to some kind of decision?
That's kind of a longer conversation.
Well, let's have it, then, shall we?
Before I tell you what we talked about,
I need to know how this would work.
Warlow would accompany me
to Governor Burrell's research facility,
whereupon he would feed all the vampires
in that white room some of his blood.
That way, when the ceiling opens,
they'd all be impervious to the sun,
as I already am.
And after that?
You're asking if I'm gonna kill him?
Dr. Takahashi has yet to synthesize Warlow's blood,
so you have my word that no harm will come to him
because I need him alive.
Remember when we first met
and you hated being a vampire?
- I was misguided. - Maybe you were, maybe you weren't.
The reason I bring it up is Warlow still hates it,
what he is.
Time is of the essence, Sookie,
and you are seriously testing my patience
by bringing up things that I already know.
So sorry, but this is kind of a big decision I have to make.
Really? 'Cause it seems pretty simple to me.
You either wanna save your friends or you don't.
Warlow wants to turn me, Bill.
Says he's been waiting on me going on 6,000 years.
So, now, guess what.
His patience is starting to wear pretty thin, too,
and he's given me an ultimatum.
The only way he'll agree to help you
is if I agree to become his faerie vampire bride.
So, there.
Doesn't that sound like a conversation deserving of,
oh, I don't know, five minutes of your precious fucking time?
Not really, no.
It seems really quite fair.
He'd be doing us an awfully large favor.
Oh, my God.
So, shall I give you a couple of moments
to gather your thoughts?
I'm gonna need a little more time than that.
- Sookie... - Fuck you.
We need to make a time for me to come and pick you up.
How about I'll let you know if I decide to do this?
How about that, you motherfucking monster?
Oh, Sarah.
Do you have any idea where the governor is?
Do I look like his assistant?
Because I am not. I am his partner,
and I am the brains behind this operation,
so if you have anything to say to the governor,
you can tell it to me.
- Well, we have a problem. - What is it, Morris?
Well, there's a small handful of vampires
that are refusing to drink the Tru Blood.
Are they saying why?
No, they're not.
Is my ex-husband among them?
- Run! - I'm running as fast as I can.
It is scientifically impossible
for you to be this fucking slow!
What do you want from me?
I already told you.
Why aren't you drinking the Tru Blood, Steve?
I can't say.
Oh, God. Light, please!
Okay, okay.
We know that y'all are putting hep V in the Tru Blood.
What is hep V, Sarah?
I'm really scared.
How do you know about this?
He's my friend. Please don't make me tell you.
- Light, please! - James, James!
His name is James.
Thank you.
You can stop now.
Oh, and by the way,
we don't even have a UV light rigged in this room.
Hey, come on. Open up.
- What are you-- - My mom called,
said you were having a pretty shitty day.
Yeah, I am. Really shitty.
We figured since everyone's gonna be out,
we'd stop by, take you out, cheer you up.
Maybe you wanna blow off some steam?
What do you say?
- fuck it. - Come on.
Any idea what I'm doing here?
I am so sorry.
Instruct the scientists to watch the wards.
Anyone else doesn't wanna drink,
they can join this little party.
Yes, that's correct.
And what was the flight number?
Delta 956.
Thank you.
Okay, so, we're on that 7:00 flight home.
- Listen... don't go. - What?
Don't get on that flight, Nicole. I want you to stay.
I'm sorry, where is this even coming from?
I love your daughter, Mrs. Wright.
I love you, too.
Listen to me, sweetie. You have been to hell and back this week.
You're in no state of mind to make any kind of decision,
let alone something this big.
I'm staying.
You're only 23 years old, Nicole.
And may I ask how old you are, silver fox?
Okay, Mom, did you really just say that?
- Come on, you're not this closed-minded. - Hey, Sam?
Did I come at a bad time?
Kinda, yeah.
Should I go?
It's okay. I need to talk with my mom anyways.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Excuse us.
Take your time, silver fox.
I haven't talked to you since...
Um, they seem nice.
Well, just now they weren't, but they are.
They're good people.
I didn't know you were seeing someone else.
Yeah. It's pretty new.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
What'd I drink last night?
I had a few last night myself.
You don't drink.
I do now.
What are you drinking about?
What's your drama?
Oh, you know-- vampires, faeries, shit like that.
You wouldn't be Sookie without it.
What if I could be?
What are you talking about?
I wanna show you something.
What the hell is that?
Everything that makes me a vampire magnet
all rolled up in one convenient little ball.
What's it do?
It kills vampires,
but it also--
If I were to throw this right now
and not absorb it back into my body,
my life with vampires would be behind me.
We talked about this before, Sook.
I know, and we both agreed
that life would be a whole lot easier
if we didn't have to be special.
I don't.
Well, what do you want from me?
Why are you here, Sookie?
Part of me always thought that you and I would,
I don't know, wind up together or something.
Put your ball away.
- Sam... - Put-- put it away.
You have always known how I felt about you,
but you never cared.
You kept me waiting in the wings
'cause there was always a more dangerous guy in the picture
and now you walk in here and fuck--
Jesus fucking Christ, Sookie.
Your timing could not be worse.
- I am sorry. - Nicole's pregnant.
- Oh. - Yeah.
Um... I guess congratulations are in order?
Well, thanks, but...
whatever you do, don't say anything to her
'cause she don't know about it yet.
- How is that even possible? - I can smell it on her.
Well, don't you think she deserves--
Did I ask for your advice, Sookie?
Bye, Sam.
Bye, Sookie.
The flowers are being sent first thing tomorrow morning.
I've confirmed with your florist.
They are sending their freshest and most beautiful calla lilies.
Thank you, Mr. Jenkins.
You've been so wonderful throughout this entire process.
You'll have time to check their placement
before the chaplain arrives,
about an hour before the service.
If you'd like, he can sit with you and the family
and review any remarks that you might wanna add.
- That's very kind of him. - And what about the Marines?
I've confirmed with them as well.
Your grandson will be buried with full military honors.
I want 21 guns.
Not nine, not 15, 21.
Of course, Mrs. Bellefleur.
I have made them aware.
Honey, is there something you wanna say?
She's distraught, the poor thing.
Are y'all out of your fucking minds?
- Arlene! - Guns?
Terry was shot dead by a gun
and y'all are planning on having 21 of 'em
at his funeral?
Well, thank you for that unwarranted outburst.
I would seriously love for this to stop.
This is a Bellefleur family funeral, Arlene,
and this is how Bellefleur men are buried,
as they have served this country with dignity
in each generation since we arrived
from La Chante Sur Loire.
Oh, well, that may be all lah-dee-dah,
but the fact of the matter is,
Terry didn't give a shit about any of it.
- Arlene. - He didn't!
The only reason he enlisted in the first place
was because his hoity-toity family
wouldn't pay for his college!
Uh, okay.
Honey, do you maybe wanna go outside?
I do.
I just wanna say one more thing
before I go.
The Terry Bellefleur that y'all are burying tomorrow
ain't the Terry Bellefleur that I knew.
Y'all are burying a lie.
Come on.
I'm trying to decide if it's gonna be
more uncomfortable for me in here or out there.
I'm gonna go out there.
Chaplain this, flowers that.
Guns? Oh, yeah, sure, why not? Sounds good.
What's going on?
Your grandmother and your sister are steamrolling her.
- That's what's going on. - What do you want?
You want a different chaplain, different flowers?
And I'll tell you something else.
- I ain't taking that money. - What?
If I took it, then I'd be part of the same lie
that they're part of and I won't do it.
He had himself killed, Andy.
- I think I know who did it, too. - Shh, Arlene.
- Seriously, you need to stop. - Quiet!
His name's Justin... something.
Uh, uh, Mc-- uh...
McGillich! Justin McGillich.
You need to get him and you need to bring him to justice.
And if I do, then what? Who wins?
The insurance company, that's who wins.
Now, yes, I'm the sheriff of the parish
where this crime was committed.
And if you decide you want me to chase this guy down, then I will,
but don't make me.
Look, it's been-- it's tragic.
Okay? It is.
But, honey, he wanted you to have that money, okay?
He couldn't have been any more desperate than he was,
but he still had it in him to think about you,
to provide for you and your kids.
But he left us.
- He left us on purpose. - I know.
I know, I know, I know. I'm pissed off, too.
How can we help?
- Oh, come here. - Oh.
I want carnations.
They're happy and I want 'em.
You got it.
And I want Reverend Daniels from the black church.
Terry really liked him.
He would've wanted Reverend Daniels.
That's gonna be hard.
But you'll do it.
Damn right I will.
Well, this is rich.
I used to come to this place for solace.
I used to come here looking for,
I don't know...
My memories of you were kissing me good night
and baking cakes and lullabies.
There was some bad stuff, too, but it was mostly good.
And now those memories are gone.
They've been replaced with pain
and murder...
and fucking darkness.
So, here we're all gonna lie,
all of us Stackhouses.
Dead but not gone...
'cause death ain't the end anymore.
We all know that now.
Death is just a fucking pit stop...
on a road that keeps on going...
with no end in sight.
So, fuck you, Mom and Dad.
Screw your kisses
and your hugs
and your attagirls.
I'm gonna become the very thing
that you hated so much...
you were willing to kill me over it.
'Cause I'll be damned if I'm gonna spend eternity
lying by your fucking sides.
I'd rather walk the earth as a corpse...
than spend another minute thinking about you.
- Where's Burrell? Is he here? - No, ma'am.
You better not be fucking lying to me.
Someone find me Governor Burrell!
that spokesbitch from Yokonomo Corporation
just arrived very upset.
What does she want?
She's demanding to speak to the governor.
He promised us his face would not fucking be on this,
and now guess what.
His fucking face is all over it.
Miss Suzuki, may I advise caution--
Fuck caution! I'm pissed.
Where's that going?
I, uh...
Damn it.
Beautiful day, isn't it?
Governor Burrell!
The governor's not here.
Anything I can help you with?
- Sarah Newlin? - Don't tell me you're a fan.
Where's the governor?
Like the press release said,
in the wake of an unprecedented attack on the governor's mansion,
he has been moved to an undisclosed location.
And is this the undisclosed location?
- No, it's not. - Then what the hell is this place?
This is for government employees only.
And you're a government employee, Miss Newlin?
What I am is a businesswoman.
As are you, okay?
The both of us are strong women
trying to forge our way ahead
in a male-dominated industry,
and that means we have to support each other
and not bicker like sorority girls.
- Oh, please. - Oh, fu--
- What is this? - You shouldn't have done that!
Are you adulterating my product?
I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.
You're fucking crazy.
I'm getting there.
What are you doing?
We answer to the FDA. I have to inform Osaka.
What the fuck?!
Help! Somebody help me! Help!
Don't you dare run away from me!
Oh, shit.
Die! Die!
Thank you, Jesus.
You've reached Officer Jason Stackhouse.
Leave a message.
Hey, Jason, it's me. I got your message.
Look, just...
please be careful, all right?
And come back in one piece.
So, I was wondering if you'd heard about Terry.
If you haven't,
I hate to break it to you like this,
but he's dead, Jason.
The funeral's tomorrow morning.
And do you have any idea where Niall is?
I haven't seen him or heard from him in a while.
Oh, my God, I can't believe
I'm leaving you all this in a voice mail.
I just feel like
there's so much I wanna talk to you about.
Hopefully I'll see you at the funeral in the morning.
I'll save you a seat, 'kay?
I love you.
Pick me up in an hour.
- What if he wakes up? - He won't.
She looks tasty.
- A vampire! - What?
I need to borrow your girlfriend.
Please don't hurt her, mister.
Nobody has to get hurt here.
Who's that?
That's my-- my brother.
Well, would you kindly ask your brother
to come stand beside you?
Come on, Rocky.
Come on.
You boys never saw me, understand?
Yes, sir.
And the girl...
what is her name?
Well, you never saw Adilyn either, understand?
And you, young man,
most certainly didn't get her shirt off.
Sorry to take that one away from you...
but I have to.
All right, go home.
Mm, good.
Miss Mazurski, why aren't you in line?
My new friend is keeping me very well-fed.
All vampires must drink their rations, Miss Mazurski.
We let her drink it
and our Jason problem's over.
What'd you say?
I said nothing.
I heard the name Jason. I thought I made myself clear.
Jason is mine.
She didn't mean anything by it, all right?
You're that bitch that tried talking to me while I ate.
Hey, I got a one on my left tit
just like you do.
All ones weren't created equal.
My friend was hungry. I was trying to help.
That's all.
And why couldn't she just drink the Tru Blood?
I am so sorry I told you.
- I am so sorry. - It's okay.
It's not okay.
What do you know?
We're all gonna meet the sun in here.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, Daddy.
You're not gonna yell at me?
No, no, no, no, no.
It's okay. I got ya.
Daddy's got ya.
Take my hands.
If you don't mind me asking,
what made you change your mind?
I don't know, I just--
destiny's too much of a bitch to keep fighting.
Oh, my God. Shit.
Who did this to you?