True Blood (2008–2014): Season 6, Episode 6 - Don't You Feel Me - full transcript

Bill decides to seek out Lillith for advice on handling the escalating human-vampire crisis. Eric, Pam, Nora, Jason and Jessica get up-close-and-personal looks at the perverse perils of Vamp Camp. Sam comes to a decision he hopes will be in Emma's best interest. Andy gives his faerie daughter a name, or two or three or four. Arlene has a solution to Terry's malaise, and Eric makes a startling discovery.



What about Sookie?

I love you, sweetheart. I do.

I'm so, so sorry.

You'll be safe from that monster forever!



You're okay, Sookie. I got you.

You're okay. I got you.

I got you.

It's all right. Oh, Sookie.


Oh, my sweet, precious Sookie.

She'll never be yours!


Don't! I said, don't!

It's not him talking.
It's the spirit of my father inside him.

- Your father?
- Blast him with your light.

Maybe it'll make
that son of a bitch leave.




- Sook?
- Is he still here?


Tell him to get the fuck out of my life.


You heard her.


Nothing's happening.

- You assured me this would be violent.
- Patience, Sarah. Patience.

You made another vampire?

I did.

Here we go.


Well, shit.


- Fascinating.
- I think we should go.

You were always a pussy.

- Aah!
- Goddamn!



I see you, Steve Newlin.

I had nothing to do with this.

They made me!


Drop it!

So let me get this hetero straight.

So you's a vampire that can come out
in the daytime.

Yeah, in a nutshell.

Oh, there goes the damn neighborhood.


Well, sorry, Sook. I don't mean
to make light of the situation.

WARLOW: Argh! Unh!
SOOKIE: What is it?

- Lilith.
- You mean Bill?

She let me save you.
Now she's calling me back.

Listen to me, Warlow. He's gonna kill you.

- I know a place where we can be safe from him...

but I'm gonna need your help to get there.
I need you to take my hands.

You saved my life twice.
Now it's time for you to let me save yours.

Now, take both my hands.


Can you still feel him?

No. No, he's gone.



When you felt my pull,
how close to killing you did I come?



It's happening-




Jason Stackhouse?

The one and only.

- Thank you for waiting.
- Not a problem.

But I want you to know...

every minute you waste
not fast-tracking me...

onto this fuckfanger police force...

is a minute wasted
where I'm not out there...

fucking some fangers up.

Sir, the LAVTF does not exist
to fuck anyone up.


It exists to keep those fangers down
where they belong.

How about I just go through
the questionnaire?

- Let's do this.
- All right.

Re: Vampires,
what basic general knowledge do you have...

of their various characteristics,
abilities, weaknesses, et cetera?

All of them. Next question.

Mr. Stackhouse,
that wasn't really an answer.

Yes, it was. All of them.

One, characteristics:
Pale, cold, no breath...

come in all shapes and sizes.

Two, abilities: Strong,
sonic hearing, fast...

some of them can even fly.

Three, weaknesses: Silver, UV light...

fire, wood to the heart...

stake or bullet, it don't matter.

Oh, and beheading-ism.

Just cutting their head
right off by the throat.

- Well, I'll be.
- Yeah.

Just slicing that motherfucker
across his or her neck...

is a pretty strong weakness, I think.

- Have you killed many vampires?
- Of course.

And how many would you say
you've killed?

This week?

You know, I think I'm just gonna go get
my supervisor right now.

Right on.

Racist fucks.

- I need you to put me into a coma.
- What?

The last time I communed with Lilith,
I was unconscious, comatose.

I need you to induce that state.

You people, you're all crazy.

I would not even know where to begin.

You will drain me of all my blood until I am within
one inch of the true death. Do you understand?



You will leave me that way until tomorrow, at
which point you will transfuse all my blood...

in its entirety, back into my body.

Are we clear?

I understand.

Let's do it.

I got the clerk to print out directions.

- Sam.
- Where's Emma?

In the bathroom, crying.

- Emma?
- Don't bother her. She wants to be alone.

- Well, is she all right?
- No, she's not all right.

- She's scared to fucking death.
- I'll talk to her.

And say what?
What can you possibly say to her?

She's crying to me,
asking about her grandmother...

wondering if she's gonna
see this woman again.

It's not that simple, Nicole.

Oh, fuck. Don't give me that, Sam. Come on.

Is how fucked up this situation is
ever gonna sink in with you?

- Is your solution really running?
- No, not running. Luna wanted me to take her.

- It was her dying wish.
- Okay, fine, fine.

But where are you taking her?
Where are we taking her?

I hear you, Nicole. Jesus Christ.

You cannot keep running. You just can't.

Because it's not just you running, it's a
little girl who lost her mom and her dad.

Shit, she's got nobody.

She's got me.

You sure that's enough?


Sookie. I know you said
you wanted to be left alone...

but I'm gonna need you to tie me up.

Excuse me?

Night is coming.

The sun's right over our heads.

Here, because the sun will never set on this plane.
But it's coming. I can sense it.

And I don't want to hurt you.

Well, if you don't wanna hurt me...

why don't you just not?

It's not that easy.

In my heart, I am still
a creature of light.

But when darkness falls...

I don't understand.
I've been with you at nighttime before.

Yeah, I know.

And on all those other occasions,
I had already fed.

It's not something I'm
proud of, believe me.

I can't be trusted, Sookie.

Grab some vines off this tree.

You're a pretty old vampire.
You sure that stone's gonna hold you?

I've bound it to the earth with my light.
It's not going anywhere.

Get behind me, tie my hands together.



- Seal that knot with your light.

That's good.

Okay, now what?

- Now we wait.
- Okay.

And we can talk, if you'd like.

- About what?
- Anything, I...

You know, I, uh...

I really wish there had been some way...

for you to not find out
about your parents.

Don't worry about it. It's my fault.

I shouldn't have convened a séance.

No, listen to me.

You are the only person in this
who bears none of the blame.

You've done nothing wrong, Sookie.
You've done nothing.

All this time,
I thought they loved me, but...




JACKSON: Yeah, I'll be right there, son.


You remember Jenny, don't you?

- How you doing, Jenny?
- I've had worse days.

- Come on in.
- I'm good here.

Don't you think she should
put some clothes on?

Oh, come on, we're werewolves.
Butch the fuck up.


You wanna talk, talk.

We got ourselves a happy
little coincidence.

Your shifter's here.

What room are they in?

I don't think you ought to do anything.
I thought I'd give you the information...

so you wouldn't hold it against me
if you found out.

What room are they in?

One seventeen.

Be right back, Jenny.

Okey-dokey, big daddy.

- Save me some chicken.
- I will.



- Where the fuck are they?
- I don't know.

- When's the last time you spotted them?
- A few hours.

- You couldn't have called me sooner?
- Well, I had Jenny and the meter was running.

That's my fucking money in the meter.


Let me get dressed. If you're going
after him, I'm going with you.


- Son.
- You're staying right fucking here.

Sometimes what's good for the pack...

ain't what's good for the wolf.

I ain't interested.



I thought you'd never come.


- Hey.
- Christ Fandango!

- Holly.

Sorry. Sorry, Number Four.
Go back to sleep.

Actually, can we talk for a minute'?

Yes, darling?

Do you think, before you go to work...

that you could
maybe give me a real name?

Seems only fair.

Of course. Of course it does.


- Where do I start?
- Go with the A's.

Okay, um...

Back in the first grade,
I knew a girl named, uh, Adilyn.

Super pretty, super nice.

She moved away.

Never met another Adilyn since.

- Until now.
- Until now.

Thing is, how...?

How am I gonna remember my sisters?

Oh, honey, you ain't ever gonna forget
your sisters.

No, I wanna remember them
every time someone says my name.

I want them to be a part of me.

- Can I give her four names, like a hyphenate?
- I don't see why not.

Okay, Adilyn.

Number One...

she seemed like a...


And Number Two was...

a Charlaine.

- And Number Three...
- How about Danika?

I was just thinking that.

I know, Daddy.
How do you think I picked it?

Not sure I'm ever gonna get used to that.

So my name is...

Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika?


- I have a name.
HOLLY: Heh, heh.

You sure do, sweetie.

A real nice one.


Bitch, you gonna be fresh to death.





Mr. Bellefleur.

- I ain't disturbing you or nothing, am I?
- No, just me, this blunt, and my glue gun.

I don't get very many quiet
nights to myself these days.

So, what brings you here, good sir?

Uh... I just came here...



Now, Terry, you acting real strange,
even for Terry.

- I need to give you something.
- Ooh.

I do love presents.

- It's a safety-deposit box key.
- I don't follow.

A key to my safety-deposit box.

I want you to have it.

What if I ain't so sure I wants your key?

Just take the fucking key!

- Terry, now what the fuck?
- No... Nothing.

There's no "the fuck."

I just think we have the
kind of friendship...

where we can give
each other keys, is all.

Oh, well, I don't have a key for you.

I'm cool with that.

I just, um...

My key...

I want you to have it.

Will you accept it?

Uh, you got it.

Thank you.



Okay, bye-bye. Thanks
for calling, Lafayette.

Oh, shit.

Arlene, you all right?


What's wrong, honey?

I think Terry's gonna kill himself.

- What?
- He's been acting super off lately.

Lafayette just called
and said Terry showed up at his door...

with keys to a safety-deposit box
that I know nothing about.

Let's just slow down.

It's that war, that fucking war.

No matter how much time passes by...

the demons he's carrying,
they just won't go away.

But suicide?

I mean, are you sure you're not
just jumping to conclusions here?

No, I feel it in my gut.

And you know
a woman's gut's never wrong.

God, what am I gonna do, Holly?

My life just don't work without that man.

Oh, come here.


What if we were...?

- And I know how you feel about vampires.
- Oh, no, I don't... I'll try anything.

Just give me something I can hold onto.

What if we were to get a vampire
to make him forget?

Holy shit.

Oh, God.

Of course. I wasn't even thinking straight.

Of course that's the answer.
Who should we call? Jessica?

No. No, no, no. Not Jessica.

Oh, but my son's friend's dad's husband,
Matt, he's a vampire.

- He owes me one.
- Okay.

- Let me see.
- Your son's friend's dad's husband.

Husband, yeah. They're gay.

SOOKIE: So you were born...
- 3532 B.C.

- And you were made?
- 3500.

Okay, I can't do the math,
but that sounds like...

- awful long time to wait for someone.
- You're special.

I ain't that special.

I want you to know something, Sookie.

I've done a lot of things in this unending
lifetime of mine that I regret...

but waiting for you is not one of them.


So how did you think it was gonna go?

- What?
- You were gonna show up with a contract...

signed in blood, I might add...

that gave you the right
to turn me into your fairy vampire bride?

I mean, that is seriously fucked up.

The contract was written
in the 1700s, Sookie.

Arranged marriages, they were done
as a matter of course back then.

If it makes you happy,
when the sun rises on Bon Temps tomorrow...

we'll go to your house
and I'll tear up that contract.

Tearing it up doesn't change the fact
that you wrote it out.

You know, I... I killed Lilith...

because I despise
what she's turned me into.

I despise the pain,
the aching hunger inside me.

I despise what this hunger has made me do.

But if you agreed to be mine,
it would all be over.

We'd be a closed circle, you and me.

We could live wherever we want,
go wherever we want, day, night.

We would be everything to each other...

because we would need
only one another's blood to survive.

I would never have to hurt
anybody else.

There would never be anybody else.

Just you and me.

But I'd be a vampire.


Mr. Northman.

Look who's caught him
a tall, blond whooping crane. Ha, ha, ha.

I detect a tone.

Oh, you are dead, Northman.

- For a millennium now.
- Oh, no!

I'm talking about the true death,
you smart-ass...

but I'm not gonna
give you the courtesy...

of a quick true death. Ha, ha, ha.


Are you mad that I turned
your daughter into my daughter?


You're the "never give up till you're conquered"
type of guy, aren't you, Mr. Northman?

Won't admit defeat.

I suppose we're just gonna have
to show it to you.



That vamp queen Newlin
has come in handy.

He knows everything. Ha, ha.

- What do you want, Burrell?
- I want my daughter back.

So this is about Willa?


I want you to feel
the same immeasurable loss.

I want you to understand what it's like
to lose part of who you are.

It was gonna
be the other tall, blond, pretty one...

but the resident shrink has a thing for
her, so your sister's gonna have to do.


Whoa! Sorry, sis, but them's the breaks.

Ha, ha, ha. Proceed.

A fatal new strain
of one of your infamous foes.

We're calling it hepatitis V.

My team is cautiously optimistic...

that our virus can be spread
any number of ways...

by ingestion, through copulation...

both vaginal and anal...

and, of course, the old standby...

- ...injection.
- No, no!

- No! No! No!
NORA: Aah! Aah!

- Oh, yeah.
ERIC: No, no!


- No, Eric! No!
- No! No.

You're our first host.

Congrats on being part of history.



Here we go.

Enjoy the show.



I love you brother.

I love you sister.


Thank you, ladies.

- Your progeny is gone.
- I know.

- As is Warlow.
- Who is doing all of this, Lilith?

The tyrant took your progeny,
the blond took our salvation.

The tyrant?

I come seeking answers
and you just give me riddles.

Where is the white room?

Life is a riddle. Death has no answers.

That is perfect. That is fucking perfect.

Do not take a tone with me.

I didn't ask for any of this.

You most certainly did.

You fought Salome tooth and nail...

for the right to drink my blood, and now you are
going to act as though I forced it upon you?

You disappoint me, William Compton.

I disappoint you? You are the fuckup here.

You dare defy me?

You think about it, Lilith.

You chose the wrong fairy...

and you died the true death
because of your mistake.

- Everything going on here is all on you.
- No, William Compton.

It is all on you.


The time to act is now.

Do not come to me...

seeking answers again.



Words can't express my gratitude.

I meant what I said on the phone.

I don't want to hear
about you taking her to your pack.

You have my word.

Besides, that ain't my pack no more.

It's me and Emma now,
and she will always come first.


Listen, I know you and Luna had your shit.

At the end of the clay, all she
wanted was to do right by that girl.

And that's what I think
I'm doing by giving her back to you.

- You're family, I'm not.
EMMA: Grandma!

Oh. Oh, Emma!

My dear, sweet Emma.

I missed you.

Is it okay if I got Funyuns?

- Of course it's okay...
- No, no Funyuns.

See that? You're proving me right already.

Thank you, Sam. Truly.

Hey, Emma, come here.

Listen, I want you and your grandma
to take care of each other, okay?

- I will.
SAM: Okay?

- You promise?
- Uh-huh.



Bye, bunny.

- Will I ever see you again?
SAM: Shh.

You two ought to get going, okay?



Bye, Nicole.

I was serious about the Funyuns.


MAN [ON TV]: Yeah!
HOLLY: We got it, Terry!

Hey, Matt. Come on in.

MATT: Oh, nice to see you.
HOLLY: Nice to see you too. Hey.

- Miss Bellefleur, I presume.
- I am.

- Where is he?
- Watching TV in there.

Be still, silent.

Listen to me.

The pain of your past which haunts you...

forget it forever.

The terrible choices you've made,
all your regrets, gone.


Mrs. Bellefleur, come beside me.

Tell me what you want him to forget.


Tell him there was no Marines.

There was no Marines.

- There was no war.
MATT: There was no war.

All he needs to know
is he's a father.

MATT: All you need to know
is that you're a father.

ARLENE: A stepfather.
MATT: A stepfather.

- A husband.
MATT: A husband.

And a cook.

And a cook.

Yes, sir.

In 10 seconds, you'll wake up...

and have no memory of my being here.

Thanks again for picking
the boys up from soccer.

HOLLY: Oh, it was nothing. But you be
careful out there with curfew and all.

MATT: Oh, don't you worry.
Nobody ever pulls over a Camry.

HOLLY: I'm being serious.
MATT: Heh, heh. I'm serious.




- Oh, hey, hon.
- Hey. Heh. What you watching?

Pfft. Lord knows.

You know how it is. You lose the clicker...

- ...and you end up watching whatever's on.
- Heh, heh.

Here, sit in my lap?

Of course I will. Heh, heh.



So I'm going down the elevator,
fully armed, locked, and loaded.

MAN: Hold still, please.
- Oh, yeah. Thanks, doc.

And I'm just waiting to bust a can
of "I hate vampire" whup-ass...

on those motherfuckers.

Oh, I'm sorry about the F-bomb, Morris.

By all means, bomb away.

So we're a couple hundred feet

Elevator doors open up to their secret,
Caesar's Palace-style lair.

The Authority, yes.

You know it.

And the first vamp I seen
is this pretty little receptionist...

sitting behind the
front desk in the lobby.

But it don't matter how cute she was...

I shot that spawn of the devil, boom,
right in the goddamn heart.

- Blew her the fuck up. Booyah!
ALL: Ha, ha, ha.

- Morris, I'm gonna need you to...
MORRIS: Ah, Sarah. I'm glad you're here.

There's somebody I want you to meet.
Jason Stackhouse.

- Jason, this is Miss Newlin.

I know who she is.

From the TV.

Yeah, everyone knows Miss Newlin.

It's nice to meet you, Miss Newlin.

It's nice to meet you too, young man.

Call me Jason.

Morris, may I have the room, please?

There's a couple questions
I would like to ask our new recruit...

- ...before I sign off on him.
- Yeah.

Nice to meet you.

- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you, sir.

I'll catch up with y'all in a minute.

What the hell do you think you're doing?

Grabbing you by your
pretty little Texas balls.

I'm getting Jessica out of here.

And if you even think about
telling them who I am...

then I'll tell them
all about you and me...

and what a whore for Christ you are.

And then the governor will throw your ass
out on the streets real quick...

and you can say bye-bye to all this,
and all this is pretty fucking sick...

so I figure it must've been your idea.

Are we clear?

Oh, we're clear.




It's okay, sir. She's already been fed.

They said you wanted to see me.

I want you to put me in
with the general population.

Oh, that's too dangerous.

I didn't realize you cared.


Of course I care.

I am your daughter, and you put me in here.

Does it honestly make you feel better
keeping me in solitary?

- The accommodations are better.
- Heh, heh.

And, honey, it's just...
it's safer for you in here.

I'm dead and you're still overprotective.

Isn't that just perfect?

Willa, it is not like you
to be disrespectful...

Well, it's not like you to be
a pussy-whipped motherfucker...

- ...but you're sure as shit acting like one!
- Willa.

- What, Daddy?
- Willa, let's just pray we can fix you.

Fix me?

Oh, now you're playing God.

No, it's not God.

It is science.

Maybe one day, Overlark and his team
can use what we're learning for good.

The research we're doing
might be able to cure you.

Are you gonna cure them all, Daddy?

Or just me?

No more preferential treatment.

I want you to treat me just like
you're treating the rest of my kind.

They are not your kind.

Yes, they are.

And you are just as responsible for it
as my maker is.

I have a friend out there,
and her name is Tara.

She might be able to help me figure out
some of the stuff about myself...

that I cannot begin to understand
on my own.

So if you care about me
like you say you do...

then I want the fuck out of solitary.


Oh, fuck.

- Merlotte.
- Alcide.

- Where's Emma?
- She's gone.

- Where?
SAM: Gave her to Martha.

- Isn't that what you wanted all along?
- You had no right.

- They're pack.
- Pack?

For fuck's sake, Alcide,
listen to yourself.

You and me, we were friends not too long ago.
At least, I thought we were.

How the fuck did we get here?

You know damn well
how the fuck we got here.

You led her and her friends
to where we lived.

- They wanted to expose us. You let that happen.
- I did nothing of the sort.

That's beside the point.

Nicole, you ain't looking
to expose them anymore now, are you?

No, no fucking way.

Her friends who know,
they're already dead...

and she's giving you her word
she ain't gonna say anything.

Her word doesn't mean shit to me.

What's it gonna be, Alcide?
You gonna kill us or not, huh?

It's your call, because either way, this shit
ends tonight, because I'm fucking tired of it.


Leave now.

Both of you.

For good.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

- Sam?
- Yeah?

You're dead.

You understand?

You so much as show your face
in Shreveport, Bon Temps...

anywhere my pack can sniff you out...

I ain't gonna be there
to protect you from them when they do.




I told you not to come.

You were either gonna make the worst
or the best decision of your life.

Either way, I wasn't gonna miss it.

I'm proud of you, son.


Time to wake up, Mr. Compton.

Mr. Compton.

Mr. Compton?

In an unexpected twist...

Louisiana has announced a partnership...

with the parent company
that produces Tru Blood.

Governor Burrell, considered by most
to be vampire enemy number one...

put out this official statement
earlier today.

"While I continue to enforce the statewide
curfew, I do so with a heavy heart.

Life as we know it will get back
to normal as soon as Tru Blood...

returns to the shelves
at a discounted price."

The tyrant has my progeny.

We're out of time.

Give me the blood you have.

We'll have nothing left to test.

It can't wait any longer, Takahashi.
Get me Warlow's blood.

- Into the cell.
- What...?

- You're gonna lock me up like an...
- Like a human? Yes, I am.


What does it feel like?

I'm going out for a walk.

Mr. Compton! Mr. Compton!

It's going great.

Glad you boys could make it.

Hello, Jason.

Miss Newlin.

I sent for you because... Well, I know
how tough first days on the job can be.

I mean, if I was you, I would probably
be thinking all kinds of thoughts...

like, "What have I gotten myself into?"
and "I don't belong here"...

and "What if this was
all a big mistake?"

And that's why I've decided
to do a little something...

to make you feel like a
part of the team. Heh, heh.

Welcome to the copulation study.

Could you define "copulation"?

It's fucking, Jason.
You know what that is, don't you?

What we are studying is the science
of one vampire's relations with another.

What drives their libido.

Psychological and physiological
stimulation, desire...

the sexual transmission
of disease and/or virus, et cetera.

Part of our job is watching vampires do it.

Yeah, don't get me wrong.

- I enjoy watching other folks do it...
SARAH: Mm-hm.

But don't it take two to tango?

- Heh, heh. That won't be a problem.
MORRIS: Ha, ha, ha.

The girl.

My, my. She is a looker.

Isn't she?

Who are you?

My name's James.

Do you know what we're doing here,

They want us to fuck.

Who wants us to fuck?

But I... I don't know you.

They don't care.

I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

Don't worry, okay?

I'm not doing anything.

- Spotlight.
WOMAN: Yes, sir.



I'm a vampire, not a rapist.

Jesus Christ, thank you.

- Zap him again.
WOMAN: Yes, ma'am.


Oh, God.



Let's just do it.

We'll do it, all right?

- Put on a show for y'all.
- Don't.

We'll just get it over with so, you know...

It's going to feel like I'm
a virgin, but I'm not.

No fucking way, okay?

You're a beautiful person,
and you don't deserve this.

I'm not a person.

Yeah, I do.

Fuck you and your lights!

Hit him again.


And again.

- Aah!
SARAH: And again.



Take her away.

Back away!

My name is Jessica.


Oh, thank you for swapping that.

No problem, babe.

Table 4 is so freaking rude.

No, I see it. I got it.

- I'll take it out.
- Thank you, baby.

That's what marriage is about,
anticipating needs.

I finally got you trained.


How he doing? You two good?

I'll explain later, but, yeah, we're great.

And thank you, Lafayette.

You saved more than
just one life last night by calling.

You really did.

- You're welcome, beyotch.
- Heh, heh, heh.



Hey, Big John. I'll get this. Unh.

You're a good man, Terry Bellefleur.

It takes one to know one.



What the hell was that?

What the fuck was that?


- Oh, Terry. Oh, no.
TERRY: Unh. Unh.

ARLENE: What happened?
- Arlene, you don't wanna go out there.

- Is it Terry?
- Arlene...

No, I wanna see him.

- Arlene, Arlene. No.
- I gotta see him.

- Arlene.
- Let go, Lafayette!

WOMAN: I know gunfire.
MAN: What happened?

Step the fuck back.

- I say, step the fuck back!
- Oh.

Terry, no.

Let me be alone with him, Big John.

- Let me be alone.
BIG JOHN: Yes, ma'am.

Come here, baby.



Hush, hush, darling.

Shh. No. Just let me hold you.

It's gonna be okay.

Look at me.

Think about all the joy in your life.

Your family, us, our children.

That beautiful baby boy
we brought into this world.



Remember when Mikey
was still growing inside my tummy?

What you'd sing to him every night?

Hush, little baby, don't say a word.

Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird.

And if that mockingbird don't sing.

Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

If that diamond ring turns brass.

Oh, God.


Okay. Shh.

Oh, God.


BURRELL: "Yes, you shall lie down,
and your sleep shall be sweet.

Be not afraid of sudden fear...

neither of the desolation
of the wicked when it cometh."


"The Lord will be your confidence
and will keep your foot from the snare."

We got a visitor.

At the ready.

Can I help you, sir?

- I have questions for the governor.
- You have an appointment?

- No, I do not.
GUARD 1: All right, that's close enough.

- Vampire!

Behind me!


Cease fire!



And fire.


- Governor.
- Have mercy.

- How are you doing this in the daytime?
- Tell me about a white circular room...

where vampires meet the sun.

White circular room, white circular room.

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yes, you do. You have my daughter there.


Fuck you.

Fuck me?

My daughter's gone too.

One of y'all took her from me.

Willa, she's my reason to live, so fuck it.

I figure I'll be a martyr for the cause.

- And what cause would that be, exactly?
- The extinction of your race.

Now, that ain't ever gonna happen.

Unh! Cut off the head,
another one will grow in its place.

And I'll rip that fucking head off too!



- Nora, you gotta be strong.
- [IN ENGLISH] Okay.

Be strong, Nora.

I'm not afraid.

I will be with Godric again.

Able to look into his beautiful blue eyes.


I'm getting you out of here.


She get on my damn nerves.

Unh. Oh, my God. I...

- You all right?
- Yeah.

I... I don't know. I feel sick.

It's Eric. He's summoning you.


Remember at the carousel
when Pam was calling me?

You gotta go, baby girl.

Listen up, this is glamouring 101.

- But his contacts...
- You rip those motherfuckers right out...

and keep it moving.

Excuse me, guard?

May I have a word with you?






Well done, baby vampire.


I'm gonna need you to keep
that coat clean for me...

so please take it off her,
then rip her arm off.


Why, thank you.

I'm not sure how much longer
I can keep going.

Well, I'm not gonna let you stop.

- Brother...
- We're getting out of here together...

as soon as we find Pam.


MAN: Good evening.
- Evening.

And Tara and her friend Jessica.

Yeah, I guess.








Wait here.

The gen pop batch isn't quite ready yet.


But it's all contaminated, right?

You bet! It'll be just a few minutes.

All right! Fantastico.

I'll be standing by.

Fuck me.

You know what the worst part
about being a fairy is?

Knowing what people think about you.

Why do you think I spent
the last 5000 years alone?

There's a town consensus
about what kind of girl I am.

You wanna take a guess at what it is'?


They call me a danger whore.

- They're wrong.
- Really?

See, I'm thinking maybe they're right.

I have these feelings for you
that I don't wanna have...

but I can't stop myself feeling them.

And if this were the first time,
I'd probably just ignore it...

but, see, there's a pattern
that's starting to emerge now...

so maybe it's time
I just started accepting this about myself.

What...? What are you doing?

I'm hitting your vines
with a little more light.


Sookie, what are you doing?

I might be a whore, but I ain't stupid.

And you need to feed.