True Blood (2008–2014): Season 6, Episode 2 - The Sun - full transcript

A long-lost relative reveals himself to Jason and Sookie. After Tara is victimized by a new government weapon, Eric takes matters into his own hands in an effort to thwart Burrell's anti-vampire initiatives. On the road to work, Sookie is drawn to a handsome stranger who shares her faerie abilities. Sam is unnerved by supernatural-rights zealot Nicole, and is confronted by Alcide and Martha about Emma's future. Bill contemplates the scope of his heightened powers.

( Theme music playing )
* When you came in the air went out *
* And every shadow filled up with doubt *
* I don't know who you think you are *
* But before the night is through *
* I want to do bad things with you *
* I'm the kind to sit up in his room *
* Heart sick and eyes filled up with blue *
* I don't know what you've done to me *
* But I know this much is true *
* I want to do bad things with you *
* Ow, ooh *
* I want to do real bad things with you. *
- ( tires screeching ) - Jason: Oh, fuck. Shit.
Oh, yeah? ( gasping )
( grunts )
Prepare to meet your fucking maker, Warlow.
I'm not Warlow,
I'm your fucking faerie grandfather.
How do I know you're not someone
pretending to be my faerie grandfather?
I've been watching over you your whole life.
Prove it.
You broke your middle finger in fourth grade,
and you were mad because you couldn't
flip off your friend Hoyt.
You scored the winning touchdown
against the Shreveport Bulldogs.
I was there.
Goddamn, that was a good game.
And you had some juicy porn under your bed.
Yeah, all right.
Listen, if you're my kin,
why didn't you just say so a hundred miles ago?
I was testing you and you failed...
Well, if you know me so well, you know I hate tests.
I come all this way looking for a Stackhouse.
I find you wandering the roads at night,
half out of your mind, seeing your dead parents,
blabbing your business to a stranger.
What if I had been Warlow?
Listen, Grandpa...
when Warlow gets here,
I'll be ready for him.
Warlow is thousands of years old.
He's probably the oldest vampire still walking.
And he's fast and he's clever.
Mm. ( groans )
Can I have it back?
If you want in on this fight,
you better straighten up.
I have serious doubts about you being ready
for what's gonna come next.
I can do this.
We'll see.
( yelling )
Oh, God! Oh, my God!
Jesus, it's burning.
You're gonna be okay. I got you, baby.
What the hell happened here?
They shot Tara. She's not healing.
- ( yelling continues ) - That fucking governor.
Nora: Bloody hell.
What did this to her?
The police have these new fucking guns.
The bullet, it's still inside her.
- ( sizzling ) - Pam: What are you doing?
- ( Tara screams ) - I'm getting it out, Pam.
( sizzles )
- Ah! - Oh.
Hold her still.
- ( screaming ) - ( sizzling )
( Tara groans )
What the fuck was it?
It's a silver bullet that emits UV light.
Give me that glass.
Where did they get this?
What do you mean, "Where did they get this?"
General Cavanaugh said the government
were developing new weapons.
What general?
The general I killed.
Tara: Dead general. Got it.
They fucking did it.
The humans are fighting back.
What did you expect,
they'd just lie there and take it?
Well, they've never fought back before, have they?
We had fuckin' Tru Blood to keep the peace.
Now that Tru Blood's gone, vampires are screwed.
I'm not scared of humans.
I have never been either,
but that was before I saw Tara
baking like a goddamn rotisserie.
Maybe we should be scared.
There's more of them than us and they're pissed.
And now they have fucking weapons?
And they stole all my shit?
And you and your fucking Authority cronies fucked us!
I am so, so sorry
that your little bar was robbed and that you're scared,
but Eric and I have to deal
with the small matter of killing a vampire god.
- Yeah, and how's that-- - ( gasps )
If the humans want war,
we'll give them war.
Scour the vampire Bible.
Figure out what kind of monster Bill is.
We've already been through it backwards and forwards.
Try again!
What are you gonna do?
Fucking asshole.
- Bill: Ah! - ( screams )
( panting )
Bill: Ah!
- Bill? - ( panting )
I can feel them.
I can feel all of them, all of their pain.
- All of the vampires. - I need you to focus.
I need you to help me 'cause I don't know how to help you.
They're whipping her with chains and she can't get away.
Bill, I don't understand.
And there's another one.
- And they've trapped him. - ( growls )
Trapped who?
He's gonna burn.
( screaming )
( screaming )
They're dragging him behind a truck.
- ( men laughing ) - ( screaming )
- Fucking hell! - They're laughing.
( laughing, whooping )
- Where? - On a road.
And I can't help them!
No. Oh, no, no, no, no!
Bill, what the fuck? Bill?
Bill, I need you to come back to me.
Bill, wake up!
( Jessica, distant ) Bill?
Lilith: Bill.
Thank you, ladies. That'll be all.
Where am I?
We are in no place.
What is happening to me?
You think you still get to be Bill Compton?
I don't know what I'm supposed to be.
Then you must listen carefully,
as we do not have much time.
- It is beginning. - I don't understand.
Events have been set in motion.
( phone ringing )
( beeps )
Sookie Stackhouse, I don't know who you think you are,
but last time I checked, you were still a waitress
at a little diner called Merlotte's.
And it says here that you have a shift.
And, in case you've forgotten, that means
you serve people food and they give you money.
Sookie: I'm sorry, Arlene.
I had a rough night.
Well, guess what, Missy Hangover?
That ain't my G-D problem.
You're right. I'll be right in.
( beeps )
( scoffs )
Blueberry pancakes and a Sam's Power Scramble.
She's still at home. Can you believe it?
( laughs ) God.
I'm bringing in Holly.
( gasps )
- Terry: Oh, shit. - What?
That's Patrick's wife.
( gasps )
What is she doing here?
Well, you have to go talk to her.
- I can't. - Yes, you can.
Yes, you can. For the good of your family, okay?
For the good of me and the kids.
I know what happened, Terry Bellefleur.
Patrick ran off with some girl.
Last I know, Patrick says that he's coming to see you,
and then he just up and disappears.
He ain't here, is he?
He ain't.
Then just tell me...
that bastard run out on me?
The thing is, Maggie...
he was--
Yes, honey, he did.
- ( whimpers ) - I'm Terry's wife, Arlene.
Men, they stick together
and they hold each other's secrets,
but you deserve to know the truth.
He's gone, sweetheart. I'm so sorry.
I've been with cheatin' men,
so I know what it's like to give your heart
to somebody you thought you knew
only to find that you didn't know him at all.
But what you need to do now is stay strong.
For you and for that little life inside you.
Can you do that?
I can't believe this is happening.
Oh, sweetie, I know.
Life is really a shit sandwich sometimes.
( crying )
( man groaning )
( leaves rustle )
No, not today.
- ( groaning continues ) - I have a job.
( man yells )
Oh, gosh dang it.
( breathing heavily )
You okay?
You need me to call you an ambulance?
Do you know what happened to you?
( groans )
( man thinking ) Smelled my blood, my damned blood.
A vampire attacked me.
( groaning )
( thinking ) Are you a faerie?
( thinking ) I'm a halfling.
Me, too.
- ( groans ) - Okay, you need a hospital.
No, hospitals don't know what to do with faeries.
( continues grunting )
You know, you didn't have to do this.
( groans )
I know.
Thank you.
( groans )
Did you get a look at the vampire who attacked you?
No, it all happened so fast.
How did you get away?
I, uh-- I blasted him.
( groans )
Well, just lie here
and I'll go get some warm water and bandages.
( chuckles )
- What? - Nothin'.
It's just...
you remind me of someone.
My first love in high school.
You seem nicer, though.
You probably banged your head
along with your other injuries.
Yeah, she couldn't take a compliment, either.
Hey, wait a second. You're not gonna fall asleep on me, are you?
I'm already late for work.
Oh, fudge!
( music playing )
Hi. Hello.
Well, hey there.
- Where y'all from? - LA.
- Brooklyn. - Vermont.
An international crowd. This way.
Here you go.
Is your produce organic?
Sugar, this is Bon Temps.
Down here, "organic" means you play the fancy piano at church.
- I'll be right back to take your order. - ( laughs )
Hey, Lafayette. How's she doing?
Oh, we just having us a good old time.
- Ain't that right, shorty pie? - Yeah.
Thanks so much for taking care of her.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Lafayette: Oh, it's cool. Hey, bring us some food.
Your cupboard is bare.
- You got it. - ( beeps )
Excuse me, are you Sam Merlotte?
I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment.
Maybe another day, sweetheart.
I'm in kind of a hurry.
I know what you are.
- Excuse me? - You're a shifter, right?
You're a shifter.
Lady, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Look, I get that you and your people are closeted,
but we really think it's important to begin a dialogue
between humans and vampires and other supernatural creatures.
Hey, hey, hey, I don't know who you are
or what you think you know--
Well, I know that you were targeted by that hate group,
Human Patriots of America.
They shot you and Luna Garza,
then Luna shifts into Steve Newlin last night on TV.
So she's a shifter, too, right?
Now the police are looking for her and her daughter Emma--
- I need you to be quiet. - You don't understand. I'm here to help you.
Follow me.
Come here.
What is it you want?
I want you to come out as a shifter.
I want you to tell your story to the world.
Okay, um...
sometimes I get a little excited,
a little ahead of myself.
My name is Nicole Wright. I'm the cofounder of VUS,
Vampire Unity Society. We are a nonviolent--
Okay, yeah, I got it, Nicole.
I'm not interested.
Wait a second.
You know the Governor of Louisiana
declared war on vampires last night?
- Yeah, not my problem. - Well, it should be.
They're coming for you next.
- Says who? - Says history.
You really think the government's gonna stop at vampires?
No, I don't. That's why I stay hidden.
Exactly. You stay hidden.
What if you didn't, huh?
What if you and all the other shifters
or whatever other supernatural creatures there are--
what if you all came out?
What would the government do then?
Well, then they'd kill us, too.
No, not if you all came out publicly.
A movement has to start somewhere
so you need to have the guts to stand up and be counted
because then you'll inspire the other supernaturals to do the same.
Nicole, you seem like a nice person,
but you don't know fuck-all about my life.
This is Louisiana. You know what that means?
Well, I know that my white grandmother
and my black grandfather were Freedom Riders.
And in 1961,
they defied members of the Civil Rights Movement,
even Dr. King, they boarded a bus
and drove down to the Deep South to end segregation.
And they were attacked.
And, yeah, they were a little naive,
but their actions started the Civil Rights Movement.
So, yeah, I know what the fuck that means.
Listen, I'm sorry,
but I can't help you.
( sighs )
You know, man, I know you're scared,
and I don't mean to upend your life,
but people are dying out there.
You can't just sit this one out.
( door opens, closes )
What events?
A tyrant is rising.
It is the beginning of the end.
You must complete my work.
Why me?
You proved yourself worthy
when you won the battle for my blood.
- Am I a god? - No.
God made me as vampire and Adam and Eve as human.
I am worshiped as a god
as some may come to worship you as a god.
But there is no god but God.
What am I supposed to do?
- Jessica: Bill? - ( slaps )
Bill, snap out of it.
I got you some food.
Maybe you're hungry. That's maybe why you're like this.
- I have no frickin' idea. - ( doorbell rings )
It's open!
Can you close the door, please?
- ( door closes ) - I will be right back.
You're from the service, right?
Human Edibles. "We're tasty."
Yep, my name's Veronica.
We don't get too many daytime calls.
- Nice digs. - Oh, thank you.
( laughs ) You look nervous. Don't be.
A girl's gotta eat, right?
- Oh. - $50 for a bite to the wrist,
$75 for a bite to the neck,
$150 for bites in other places.
No, sorry, um...
you're not for me.
You're for him.
What's wrong with him?
I don't know.
That's why I called you. I thought maybe he was hungry.
Hey, mister, you all right?
Uh, he had some kind of--
I don't know, an episode, and then he just, uh...
Hey, Bill?
This nice lady's here to feed you.
You hungry?
Hey there, handsome.
You're not feeling that well?
I bet I can make you feel better.
( gasps ) I'm sorry, but, uh,
looks like your friend here's out of commission.
You know, there's a $50 minimum
for me dragging my ass all the way down here.
- ( bones cracking ) - Ah!
Jessica: Oh, God.
Oh, God, Bill.
- ( bones cracking ) - ( gasps )
Oh, God!
( gasps )
( gagging )
Bill, what are you doing?
( sobbing ) Oh, God.
What's that about?
I have no idea.
( chuckles )
Wasn't long ago I...
wanted to get rid of my light.
Why would you do that?
I'm sick of being different.
Sick of all the pain.
You know, uh...
sometimes it don't matter how hard you try to do the right thing,
it just turns out wrong.
I know we only just met, but, uh...
I can tell you're a good person.
Doesn't seem to matter much.
More of a liability these days.
Well, I did not mean to impose on you like this.
- ( groans ) - Are you sure you're okay to move?
You have been very kind.
I don't know your name.
Ben. You?
You know where you're headed?
Wherever the road takes me.
The road didn't really cooperate last time.
( chuckles ) Yeah, I'll be all right.
You know...
it's been a long time since anybody's shown me
even an ounce of human kindness.
Makes the big, bad world seem a little less lonely.
Good-bye, Sookie.
There is a place.
A safe place...
for faeries.
Andy: Hello!
- Maurella! - ( children chattering )
You come out here right now, Maurella!
This ain't funny.
They keep growing!
What the hell is that about?
- ( laughing ) - They're faeries!
I don't know shit about baby faeries!
You need to take 'em back!
I can't do this on my own.
( sighs )
( children giggling )
I wanna be a good daddy to these kids.
I don't know how.
( laughs nervously )
( keys jangling )
Where's the portal?
The what?
Where did Warlow try to break through?
Oh, it's in the upstairs bathroom.
Sook, are you here?
Oh, she's not here.
Sookie said he just--
he just came through the air
like his face was in a ziplock bag.
What the hell?
- It's the entrance. - Where does it go?
To a terrible place.
When Warlow appeared to your sister,
he was trying to break through.
Okay, so what are you doing?
Let's see if he succeeded.
( yells )
Oh, my God.
( yells )
( groans )
( yells )
( both groan )
You okay?
It's worse than I thought.
So what brings you to Bon Temps?
I was just looking to settle down,
put down some roots.
I've had a lot of bad in my life.
I was hoping for a little slice of something good.
I was--
I was hoping that maybe I could see you again.
Just take you out, repay the kindness.
That's real nice of you,
but I'm not in what you'd call
the best place to start something romantic,
like, right now.
I mean, if that's what you were asking.
( thinking ) Too soon. I just lost Bill.
Who's Bill?
Excuse me?
I'm sorry, I-- reading minds is a habit of mine.
- I just heard the name Bill-- - Bill is--
he's, uh--
I'm sorry, I should be gettin' back.
- Wait, I didn't mean to upset you. - You didn't. It's not you.
I just-- I shouldn't be taking walks
with handsome strangers.
It never ends well.
Thibodeaux Field's a few miles up the road that way.
The faerie club's there.
You'll see the signs.
"And so it was that the people
led Lilith to the sun.
And so it shall be again.
As the blood ascends, two will become one.
When light and dark collide,
- our salvation is at hand." - ( door opens, closes )
"The peop--"
Your human dropped off some blood.
There's half a carton left.
- Where's Eric? - He went out.
- Where'd he go? - I have no idea.
Hmm, thought he told you everything.
Apparently not.
Been up all day?
"The people led Lilith to the sun."
Pam: What?
A passage from the vampire Bible.
It's been mistranslated.
( sighs )
Tell Eric I went out, but I'll be back soon.
Tell him yourself.
He told me to fuck off, so that's what I'm going to do.
Eric loves you, you know.
The only reason that he never told you
he had a sister inside the Authority
is because that knowledge could've gotten you killed.
But I knew of you.
He spoke of you often and fondly.
You're what he's most proud of.
He's got a funny way of showing it.
( chuckles )
I'll be back.
( chatter )
- Oh, right there. - Oh, right.
I'm sorry, ma'am. I apologize.
- Thank you. - Please go inside the building.
Man: Sweetheart, listen to me.
I'll pick it up on the way home.
I'm late.
No, I'm late for a 5:30 with the governor.
I finally got a meeting.
- ( thuds ) - ( man groans )
- ( telephone ringing ) - ( chatter )
Well, I know she's not the friendliest in the world,
but she gets the job done.
Don't mess with Texas, am I right?
Some of the kids from the campaign are going out for drinks.
Seriously, sir. She's a fighter.
I will take the Gestapo with me.
Willa, it's too dangerous, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
No, no. My daughter just walked in.
Your 5:30 is here.
Well, send him in.
No, no.
She just graduated Tulane.
English degree.
I don't know what that's gonna buy in this economy,
but it cost about $60 grand.
The governor will see you now.
- This way. - Thank you.
Burrell: All right, I think I can do that.
Just tell me what you want.
All righty, then.
Right, okay.
- Bye-bye. - ( hangs up )
Hoo, boy, that boy can talk.
- I'm sorry about that. - ( laughs ) Oh, no problemo.
Sit, sit.
Thank you so much. I know you're a busy man.
So you are from the, uh...
Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
Right. About, uh...
The whooping crane.
Right, yeah.
Oh, you'll forgive me for not having read your proposal,
but I have been consumed with this vampire business.
Mm, and I-- I just have to say that I really applaud you on that front.
Well, thank you.
Hasn't been easy.
No, but it takes a man of real vision to take a stand.
Well, I do not relish this fight,
but I, for one, cannot stand by
while our communities are overrun with these bloodsuckers.
You know, they attacked a Chuck E. Cheese yesterday.
- You hear about this? - No.
- A vampire stole two little kids... - Mm-hmm.
...turned 'em into two tiny, little vampires.
And those little fangers...
well, they murdered their mama and daddy.
Sucked 'em dry right in their own living room.
- Hmm. - Oh, can you imagine?
I suppose they were just trying to survive.
Those little baby vampires.
Just like the whooping crane.
( laughs )
Ah, yeah, indeed.
But I think you'd have to agree,
if whooping cranes posed a threat to the populace, we'd have to wipe 'em out.
- Mm, you could try. - Try?
Oh, whooping cranes have been known
to defend their territory.
- Well, even so-- - They charge their attackers.
Well, they're no match for a hunter.
( laughs ) Well, I--
I don't know.
Perhaps you shouldn't underestimate them.
What's your point, fella?
Mm, I'm just saying it's a tough fucking bird.
( clears throat )
You know, fella, it's the end of the day,
so I don't have a whole lot of time
to shoot the shit about cranes and such,
so why don't you just tell me
what I can do for you.
Oh, I'll tell you what you can do,
you sanctimonious sack of shit.
You will stop your persecution of vampires.
You will rescind your order
to shut down vampire-run businesses.
And you will prosecute all human-on-vampire crime
to the fullest extent of the law.
As a matter of fact, you now love all vampires.
- Guards. - Guard: Move in.
( Burrell laughing )
Hoo! ( laughing )
Sorry, son, but that shit's not gonna work anymore.
Yeah, we figured out your hypnosis trick.
What did you all call it?
Well, we made special contact lenses to protect us.
Matter of fact, we figured out a lot about your kind.
Helped us develop these fancy new weapons.
They will fry a vampire from the inside,
and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
I have spent years waiting for the political winds to swing my way
and then you fuckers went out
and bombed your own damn Tru Blood factories.
All of a sudden, no more obstacles.
I'm a genius.
So, thank you for that.
It's time for humans to bite back.
( hisses )
You take this sneaky son of a bitch to camp.
Guard: All right, we got one in custody for secure transit.
- Jason! - Come here.
- Sook-- - Where have you been?
( sighs )
You ain't never gonna believe what happened to me.
( stairs creaking )
Sookie Stackhouse, I'd like you to meet
our faerie grandfather, Niall.
He's gonna help us kill Warlow.
Are you guys hungry?
I'm starving.
So then Grandpa Niall just up and--
( whistles ) disappears into thin air.
You slipped into another dimension thing, right?
Sook, Grandpa can go back and forth.
It's-- it's the nuttiest thing I ever seen,
and I seen some crazy shit in this town.
He's-- he's been tracking Warlow
like he's-- like he's "Bubba" Fett,
like an intergalactic bounty hunter.
You're not from outer space or something?
Okay, so not actual intergalactic travel,
but space and time shit that kinda hurts my head.
He said that when Warlow gets here--
He's here.
- What? - Warlow.
Sometime in the last 24 hours.
Well, how the hell did he get here?
When you channeled nature's memory
on the bridge with Claude,
it drew him out.
What the fuck are we eating spaghetti for?
Let's go stake the bastard.
There are some things you need to know, Sookie.
Things I must tell you.
Warlow is a vampire
who has been obsessed with our family
for thousands of years.
We are the original fae.
Our bloodline is royal.
I'm king of our tribe.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're a king?
That makes you a faerie princess.
And that makes me a faerie prince.
The gene skipped you.
He's been after us for thousands of years?
He massacred my village.
I was young, three or four only.
My mother told me to hide,
so I never saw him,
but I heard his name.
He murdered the others
and then he murdered my parents.
And I was the only one left.
He killed your parents, too.
Niall: I tracked him over the centuries.
He showed himself to one of my sons, John Stackhouse.
And he signed the pact that promised me to Warlow.
And then again, hundreds of years later,
on the night that your parents were killed--
on that night, Claudine managed to blast him
into a dark realm where he's been ever since.
How do we stop him?
There is a power within the fae of our bloodline...
a secret that has been passed down through generations.
We can channel our light into a single ball of energy
that, when released, will go supernova,
killing any vampire it touches.
No shit.
For you, this will be a last resort.
Because you are only part fae,
you can only use it once.
And after that, you'll be fae no longer.
I'd like you to try it.
My light's been on the fritz lately.
I don't have much left.
You can practice this without losing any more light.
Manifest your light,
then let it reabsorb into you.
( crackling )
Now, pour in all your love,
all your pain,
all your secrets, hopes, dreams.
And feel how the light holds you.
It's like the sun.
Sookie, it's more powerful than the sun.
So, you're not gonna read me my rights?
You don't have any rights, vamper.
Well, that's not very nice.
Guard: Get in the van.
- ( all gasp ) - What--
They can fly?
Chefs, this is "The Chopping Block."
( Lafayette yawns )
Man on TV: Ice cream cones, blood crab meat,
baby turnips, and pickled ginger.
Those were the ingredients you had to combine
for the appetizer course.
- Chef Phil? - Chef Phil: I made...
This fool about to get chopped.
And this one fell asleep about an hour ago.
Thanks, man. I owe you one.
Oh, you owe me more than that,
but that's all right.
I'm gonna just put it on your tab.
She a good kid.
She got a special kind of spirit about herself.
Sam, what kind of trouble are you in?
The less you know, the better for you.
( car approaching )
( whispers ) Just stay.
Where's Emma? She all right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. She's okay. She's inside.
What about Luna?
We saw her on the television.
She shifted.
Luna didn't make it.
I'm so sorry, Sam.
I'm sorry, man.
- Can I see Emma? - No, she's sleeping.
It'd be best if y'all came back tomorrow, okay?
She's been through a lot.
Listen, Sam,
Luna shifted on national television.
It's put us all, shifters and weres,
in danger of being exposed.
Now the feds are gonna be investigating Luna.
They're probably gonna come looking for Emma, too.
It's just a matter of time before they find you.
Listen, Emma can shift, we can hide, and we'll be okay.
You sure about that?
Look, I'm your friend,
and as your friend, I am telling you,
I think it's best if Emma comes home with us.
Well, I'm sorry. I can't do it.
She's a werewolf, Sam.
Martha here is her grandmother.
She needs to be with her family now, her pack. ( door opens )
Listen, the last time we trusted your pack with Emma,
Russell Edgington got his hands on her.
I found her in a cage!
Luna gave her life to save her,
so, no, you can't take her home with you.
I am sorry that my mistake cost Luna her life,
but Emma belongs with us.
Do you honestly think that you will be
a better parent to her than we can be?
A single man living by himself,
forcing Emma to hide as a wolf from the police?
Luna hated werewolves.
You gonna teach Emma to hate her own kind?
- Hate what she is? - Sam: That's not the point.
Y'all need to fuckin' mind y'all mangy-ass business.
Emma says she want to stay with Sam.
You best watch your mouth if you know what's good for you.
Hey, hold up.
We all want what's best for Emma.
Listen, I gave Luna my word and I'm gonna keep it.
- Emma. - Come here, sweet pea.
- I wanna stay with Sam! - Put her down!
Lafayette: Bring her back!
( growls )
- Emma: Sam, I wanna stay with you! - ( growls )
- Frickin' crazy. - ( camera clicks )
( groaning )
Emma: Sam!
- You belong with us, sweetie. - Sam!
- Emma: No, put me down! - ( grunts )
Alcide: Let's go.
( rustling )
( gasps ) Oh, shit.
Eric: 'Evening, Miss Burrell.
Why don't you invite me in?
Of course.
Come on in.
I don't know if you can hear me.
My Great-aunt Matilda was in a coma once
when I was a kid.
The doctor said she could hear us talkin' to her, so...
You said you could feel the pain of all vampires?
I was wonderin' if you could feel mine.
'Cause I'm scared.
It feels like the world is spinning out of control,
and I have this terrible feeling
out there it's just chaos and in here...
I was raised on the human Bible,
and then you gave me the vampire Bible and I--
I don't know if I believe any of it, but...
are you Lilith?
Are you-- are you God?
Heavenly Father,
I don't know the last time I prayed to You.
I have been greedy...
and lustful...
and wrathful.
I've killed people.
I've lied.
I've taken Your name in vain.
I beg You for Your forgiveness.
Please watch over my friends,
if that's what they are.
Please bless Jason.
He's such a good man and...
he's hurtin' so bad.
Please bless Sookie.
I know she tried to kill You,
but she's been good to me
and she loves You.
I know she does.
And bless Eric,
even in his anger and wrongheadedness.
Bless Pam.
Give her the courage to let happiness in.
And bless Tara,
that she may find whatever it is she's looking for.
And bless Sam and Lafayette and Arlene,
all the good people of Bon Temps.
- They know not what they do. - ( Emma yelling )
And bless Hoyt,
wherever he is.
Watch out for him for me.
And bless Bill.
If You are him or he is You, bless him.
Please bring him back to me.
I-- I need him.
We all need him.
( sobbing )
You must save us, save us all.
You will know what to do.
Trust what you see.
( gasps )
Announcer: WATB News 4.
Vampire crisis.
Reporter: The herd is headed up Kinney Road.
A group of men and women have apparently captured a vampire...
Oh, Jesus.
...and they have been dragging him for miles.
Thank God you're all right. I was worried sick.
Reporter: WATB has contacted the local Collin Parish's
Sheriff's Department, who issued the following response:
"Governor Burrell has mandated
that vampires have no rights in the state of Louisiana,
so there is technically no crime being committed.
The vampire you told me about earlier.
Reporter: Viewers will remember that Governor Burrell
issued sweeping changes...
The vampire being dragged behind a truck.
Reporter: ...throughout the state
is creating an outcry...
It's happening now, what you saw before.
You can see the future?
I can see the future.
( gasps )
( motor whirring )
Male vampire: No!
- ( sizzling ) - ( all screaming )
They're all gonna burn.
* Here it comes *
* The unavoidable sun weighs my head *
* And what the hell have I done? *
* And you know *
* I don't remember a thing *
* I don't remember a thing *
* So I'm done *
* Am I placating the notes? *
* Should I fault? *
* Cut off my tongue *
* So you say *
* Apparently, I'm digging it in *
* I can't feel a thing *
* A thing, a thing, a thing *
* And you've won *
* So I go bury my head in the ground *
* Yeah, I won't lose what I said *
* In the sound of the words *
* And the note that it brings *
* No, I can't feel a thing *
* Here it comes *
* The unavoidable sun. *
[ * The Sun * by The Naked and Famous ]