True Blood (2008–2014): Season 6, Episode 1 - Who Are You, Really? - full transcript

In the wake of Bill's blood-soaked reincarnation, Sookie , Eric, Jason, Jessica, Tara, Pam and Nora flee the Authority compound as Sam, Luna and Emma dodge swarming guards. Now packmaster, Alcide discovers that the job comes with unsavory side dishes, but other major perks. In Bon Temps, Andy deals with parenting four newborn human-faerie hybrids. Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell vows open season on vampires. Jessica returns to Compton Place as Jason hitches a ride with an eerie stranger.

Come on!
Go, go!
You okay?
The power's shut down.
Can we get to the elevator shaft?
It's sealed shut.
- Come on! - Get back!
There's more coming. Fall back!
Had lots of practice killin' your kind.
I'd wager not as much as I've had killing yours.
Get upstairs. Now.
Excuse me, bitch sergeant.
Who the fuck are you and why are you telling me what to do?
I promised your maker I would escort
this rag tag band of fuckups to safety.
As for who I am, Pamela, that's something you should ask Eric.
If he makes it.
What the hell was that?
Everybody out now. Come on.
Come on, let's go!
Come on, Luna.
- Mommy! - You can do this.
- I can't, I can't I-- - Mommy!
I'm slowing you down.
You can.
- You take Emma and you run. - No, baby, come on.
No, Sam, please.
- Take her. - Mommy, no.
Protect her.
- She belongs with you. - Mommy.
- Please, Mommy, no. - Promise me.
No, Mommy!
Mommy, no!
It's dead.
Quick, come on.
- Come on. - Let's go. Move.
It's too late! It's too late.
We ain't leaving my sis-- ah!
Or Eric. We have to go back for them.
You will be no good to anyone blown to bits.
And so when I tell you to move, you will bloody move,
- and that means all of you. - Yeah, ah.
Now move! Move!
I think it's time to ditch this party.
Come on.
Eric, stop.
Hey, what the...?
Is that Bill?
Not anymore.
- Get the fuck outta here! - Fucking go!
The uptick in various crimes...
I don't think he's following us.
Unless he's flying over our heads
like a naked, evil Superman.
I think that if Bill or whatever that was
wanted to kill us, we'd be dead already.
Yeah, she's right. He let us get away.
For now, maybe.
- But if Bill's been reborn in Lilith's image-- - We don't know that.
- We interrupt this broadcast... - We don't know what he is.
...Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell
has called an urgent press conference,
and we take you live to the governor's mansion in Baton Rouge.
I swore an oath...
to serve and protect the people of this state.
People, not vampires.
No, no, hold on. Hold on, hold on.
I have nothing against vampires as a species.
When they made themselves known to us,
this office, my family,
the good people of Louisiana,
we welcomed them
with all the generosity, acceptance,
and Southern hospitality
this great state's always been known for.
That's why our vampire population
is the largest in the country.
And that is also why this Tru Blood shortage
has hit us so very hard.
Since the terrorist attacks
on Tru Blood factories last week,
246 human Louisianans
have lost their lives.
When human, taxpaying citizens
can no longer walk on their streets at night
without fearing for their lives,
then we have to take our streets back.
As of this moment,
I am instituting a statewide vampire curfew.
All vampires are to remain indoors
or underground after sundown.
I am enforcing Executive Order 846
of the Louisiana State Constitution.
We are closing down all vampire-run businesses.
That is why I say to any of you
who have the financial and legal--
legal means to do it,
buy a gun.
Buy as many as you can.
Stock up on wooden bullets.
This is still America.
You have the right to defend yourselves
and the people you love!
Stop the bloodshed, Governor!
- Humans for vamps! Hey, let me go! - Stand-- stand down.
Humans for vamps! Humans for vamps!
Calm down. It's all right, y'all.
VUS! Humans for vamps!
Humans for vamps! Humans for vamps!
I'm fine.
Can't say the same for my suit.
- We love you, Governor! - But...
as Andrew Jackson once said,
"Peace above all things must be desired.
But blood must sometimes be shed
to obtain it on equable and lasting terms."
May God bless and keep y'all--
About damn time somebody did something about y'all.
- Shut up, Jason! - We did this.
We bombed the Tru Blood factories,
we destroyed the Authority, we turned the world against us.
There's no one left to protect us now.
If that slimy suit comes near me or any of my shit--
Will you shut up about your shit when the world's about to end?
Honey, I don't know about the world,
but I'm about to end your face.
Nora and I need to talk privately.
Who the fuck is Mary Poppins and can I please kill her?
She's my sister.
In over a hundred years, you never thought to mention,
"Hey, by the way, I have this super irritating sister.
Wait till you meet her. You're really gonna hate her guts."
I had no reason to.
Other than the fact that I've shared my entire life with you
and all you do is lie to me over--
Bill is out there and he could be coming for us.
The State of Louisiana basically just declared war against us.
This is not the time.
Why? Don't you trust me?
Get over it and have my back or get out of my face.
Is there anything in the Book of Lilith
that could explain what we just saw?
I don't know, I don't know.
All those years in the Authority,
on your knees praying to that bitch and you don't know?
No, I don't know.
I read the book a thousand times.
I've devoted my life to that God-fucking religion!
If there was any mention of a resurrection in the book,
don't you think I'd know about it?
One drop of blood is all it took for me
to turn my back on my family and against the world.
He drank the whole fucking thing.
If Lilith is walking the Earth in any form,
we have to destroy her.
Destroy her?
You mean you wanna kill Bill.
She needs you.
Sook, I can't.
I hate the beach.
Fish piss and sand in your cooch.
You know, love doesn't have to be a competition
between you and everybody else.
Fuck off.
I mean it, Tara.
You just don't want me to see you cry.
I'm not crying.
All right, I'm crying, but it's 'cause I'm fucking pissed.
Do you still love Bill?
Bill was my first...
Loving him's just in my blood now.
Mine, too.
I'm afraid of him.
I am, too.
I saw him die, Jess.
And then I watched him turn into...
something else.
Whatever that thing is, it's not Bill.
What are we gonna do?
I think we--
I think we have to let him go.
But if Bill's gone,
then I'm completely alone.
You're not.
I need to talk to the brother.
I think he might know something he's not telling us.
- Jason? - Uh-huh.
He's never read a book in his life.
I sincerely doubt he knows more about
the Book of Lilith than you do.
So how does he know about Warlow, then?
Who's Warlow?
So the brother, who's never read a book,
does know more than you?
Who the fuck is Warlow?
Tell me what you know about Warlow.
Why don't you tell me what you fucking know
and we'll go from there?
Tell me.
He's a vampire.
He murdered my parents, he ruined my life.
He murdered your parents?
Warlow did. Are you sure?
The faeries channeled nature's memories
and then he was floating in the air in Sookie's bathroom.
I am sick as fuck of you bloodsuckers
brain-raping me against my will.
So you're gonna tell me where Warlow is
or I'll put a wooden bullet
through your dead, stinkin' heart.
So help me Jesus.
Yeah? Try it.
Boy, you think I'm afraid of dying?
I've been dead inside ever since I found out
that vamper killed my parents.
So you gonna tell me where Warlow is
or we both die.
Either way works for me.
I can't tell you where Warlow is
because I've never laid eyes on him.
He's in the Book of Lilith,
the Vampire Bible.
He was Lilith's progeny, one of the first of our kind.
- Jason! - Oh, my gosh.
- What are you doing? - Stay!
Apparently our siblings don't get along.
The only reason yours is still alive is out of courtesy to you.
Put the gun down right now.
Listen to your sister.
This ain't none of your business, fanger.
What'd you just call me, Jason Stackhouse?
He's been out of his mind all night.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
Like hell I don't!
- What the fuck? - If you shoot Eric's sister,
the bullet's going through me first.
You keep taking their sides over and over.
Even after what they did to Mama and Daddy.
They didn't do anything to our parents, Warlow did.
And I wanna find him every bit as much as you do,
but you are acting crazy.
You're crazy.
You love these vamps more than you do your own blood.
As far as I'm concerned, you're as dead to me as they are.
Let him get it out of his system.
He'll come to his senses.
- Oh, God. - Jess, what is it?
Oh, God.
Bill-- he's summoning me.
- Where is he? - I don't know, but my body sure does.
Maybe if he's pulling me, maybe it means he's still Bill.
Will somebody please stop her?
Oh, God.
- Lovely. - I'm sorry.
What's happening to her? Is this normal?
- I've never seen anything like it. - Help. Stop it.
Well, honey, it's been swell knowin' ya.
Good luck.
I assume you agree this is none of our fucking business?
Of course this is our business.
It's all of our business.
Lilith incarnate will bring death and destruction
to humans and vampires alike.
Bill, stop!
Feels like his fist is squeezing my heart.
Holy fuck, help me!
We have to take her to him now.
Whatever Billith is, he's not worth dying for.
Sookie, please. I can't take much more--
I'm taking her to Bill with or without you.
Be careful.
If no one else is going with them, I am.
Take your progeny back to Fangtasia and wait for us there.
- Let's go. - Please don't do this.
- We can't-- - Get out of my way, Pam.
How many ways do I have to say it?
The only way to be packmaster
is to inherit the flesh.
It's not too late to back out.
Come on, do it.
He's just looking at it.
Come on, man. Come on.
Inherit the flesh! Do it, Herveaux!
- Herveaux, yeah! - Herveaux, Herveaux!
Yeah! Fuck yeah!
The vampire blood he drank will wear off.
Power is a more dangerous drug.
Eats away at a man's decency.
I'm glad to serve you any way I can.
Thank you, sister.
God help him.
Seems like he's got all the help he needs.
Yeah, let's do it.
- Let's run! - Let's shift!
Andy Bellefleur, if you think you can sit out here
all la-dee-dah while Terry and I
raise your litter of alien babies,
you got another thing coming.
I'm sorry, Arlene, but I never asked for this.
It ain't fair to expect me to give up my whole darn life
and just become a father one minute to the next.
Well, I got news for you, Andy.
Life ain't fair.
And there ain't no Santa Claus neither.
And when you stick Mr. Happy inside
somebody's hoo-ha without a raincoat on,
babies come out!
Now get your butt inside
and face your responsibilities.
Well, hog tits, Arlene.
I haven't had a chance to read a book
or take a goddamn poop class.
If that even exists.
I don't know how to take care of my own babies.
That's the sad truth.
What if I drop 'em?
What if I feed 'em wrong? What if I--
how 'bout they grow up and they hate me?
What if I just ain't cut out for it?
I mean...
look at me, Arlene.
Do I look like somebody's parent to you?
You look scared out of your wits,
which is how
any halfway decent parent oughta feel.
I'm not gonna tell ya it ain't gonna be hard.
And that there won't be some days you'll wish
you could just stuff 'em right back where they came from.
But most days...
you thank your stars
for every minute you got with 'em.
Now, as far as I know,
there ain't nothin' more beautiful
or rewarding in this life.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You want it tight, but not too tight.
'Cause if it pinches her, she's gonna be up hollering all night long.
Yeah, and make sure them little tabs ain't stickin' to her skin.
And if she gets a rash, you gotta use zinc oxide,
but not the mentholated kind.
Mikey likes the sensitive wipes,
the kind with the bunny rabbit on the label.
And most importantly, Purell, Purell, Purell,
before and after.
Okay, okay. I think I got it. Thanks, you two.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Shh, shh.
Uh, I'm Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.
And I'm gonna be your daddy.
- Freeze that ass, motherfucker. - Lafayette!
What are you doing in my bar in the middle of the night?
God damn it, I'm holding down the fort,
protecting your investment.
Reeking of my good tequila.
Sobering up on your office floor.
Hell, drunk driving kills.
Sammy, is that your blood or somebody else's?
Any chance you're drunk enough
to forget you saw me tonight?
Only one way to be sure.
Is this about your girlfriend turning into Steve Newlin?
'Cause that was the sickest shit I seen on TV.
And I watch "Dance Moms."
You saw Luna on TV?
Oh, Hunty, she is all...
that's on TV.
Packs of starving vampires
are still out there hunting our streets
and now we find out that they may not even be vampires.
Is this some kind of new supernatural creature or just an elaborate hoax?
- Sam? - Steve Newlin can't be reached for comment.
- Hey, turn it off. - As for the woman, she has yet to be identified.
This is an outrage.
I can't--
Oh, hey there, shorty pop.
What's cookin'?
My mommy's dead and I'm hungry.
You want something deep-fried, dipped in sugar, and fried all over again?
Come on.
And we'll do something with your hair, too.
Hey, Lafayette...
I'm serious.
You never saw us tonight.
Her life depends on it. Can I trust you?
Wrong place at the wrong fuckin' time
oughta be my middle fuckin' name.
Come on.
Come on with La La.
You need help?
I sure do. Yes, sir.
Get in.
- You had a rough night? - I was attacked by a vampire.
It's a long story.
Hey, thanks for picking me up, man.
I figured nobody'd pick me up looking like this.
A little blood doesn't scare me.
Where you headed?
Uh, it's a little town by Shreveport.
Bon Temps.
The old steakhouse owned by the Bellefleur family--
is that still there?
- No, they sold it years ago. - Oh.
It's a bar now called Merlotte's.
You been to Bon Temps?
Whew, a long, long time ago.
I had family there.
Well, what are their names? Maybe I know 'em.
Most of them are gone now.
Yeah, most of my family's gone, too.
Tell me about it.
Well, I'm tired. It's a long drive.
I'm trying to find a way to pass away the time.
Well, my-- my daddy was a...
a mechanic. He fixed cars.
And my mama was a waitress till my sister was born.
Then she stayed home to take care of us.
And my sister...
she has some mental problems.
Okay, just wait a second, Jess.
Just wait.
He's here.
I'll go in first. And then, after that...
Is he dead?
- Oh, God. - What is it? Jess, what--?
Sookie, he's...
Stay where you are.
I just wanna talk.
No, no! Sookie, no!
Now can we talk?
I brought you here tonight
so you could see for yourselves.
I am no monster.
I do not wish any of you harm,
but if you force me to defend myself again,
you will be sorry.
- What are you? - Are you Lilith?
I am Bill Compton.
Though, clearly...
I am something more.
I see that now.
I see everything so differently now.
The fear in your eyes.
I know I put that there.
But I promise you,
the man who did that to you has gone.
That's right.
Bill Compton is gone.
He died.
I felt it.
So whatever the hell you are,
if you really mean us no harm,
then prove it.
Stay away from Jessica, from all of us.
Leave Bon Temps tonight
and never come back.
Bill is staying and so am I.
You're the ones who should leave.
Jess, I'm not leaving you--
He's my maker! You will never understand.
This is not Bill.
You don't know that. You can't know that.
None of you know anything.
All you wanna do is kill and ask questions later.
You told me that you loved him and then you tried to stake him.
How could you?
I want you to get out now.
- Please don't do th-- - I said get out!
All of you.
You heard her. Get out.
Miss Suzuki.
I apologize for bringing you out here
at this ungodly hour.
Thank you, Jimmy.
What is it? 4:00 A.M.
And I can assure you that nobody
at Yakonomo Corporation is sleeping.
But the work's not happening fast enough.
And curfew alone won't hold murder at bay,
which is why I've asked you to meet me here tonight.
A bottling plant?
I want to make you a proposition.
See, I wanna talk about--
well, I guess the only way to describe it
is to call it what it is--
a government bailout.
You want to be our partner?
Yes, ma'am.
With all due respect, Governor,
our consumers are vampires.
And considering your political leanings,
the PR nightmare of partnering with
the vampires' enemy number one just isn't worth the risk.
You haven't heard my proposal yet.
during my time in office here in this great state,
I have seized my fair share of property,
one of which is this old oil refinery.
The company that used to operate it left it for a newer facility.
Then along comes this nature outfit
who want to repurpose the plant as a bottling plant
for some fancy organic iced tea.
The problem they run into was that Louisianans only drink Lipton.
18 months later, nature boys go belly-up,
can't pay their taxes.
We take the plant.
You can use it.
Free of charge.
That is, of course, until you get
your own facilities back up and running.
You are free to operate this facility
the same way you have always run your own.
The point I'm making is
the partnership can be a silent one
if my participation is in any way
abhorrent to you.
I'm not looking for credit here.
My face doesn't have to be anywhere near this thing.
And what's in it for you?
Miss Suzuki, now I am not
the new Big Bad everybody needs to fear.
Once these vampers have sustenance
other than human beings,
it is my fervent hope that they will return
to being peaceful, law-abiding,
tax-paying members of our society.
Louisiana needs revenue.
I need revenue
if I want to be reelected, okay?
That's what's in it for me.
I think you got yourself a deal.
Now, we can all get some rest.
- Look, I'm sorry. - It's my fault.
I'm the one who started it.
Where do you think you're going?
I'm your number one bitch.
Don't ever forget it.
Eric released you.
I don't get why you keep taking orders from him.
That's right. You don't get it.
Hey, I know what it's like
to be betrayed by the people you trust the most.
But sometimes, much as it sucks,
it takes losing some shit to make room for something new.
It's just you and me now, right?
So, fuck Eric.
You ever say, "Fuck Eric" again,
I'll slap the fangs outta your face.
- Don't try me. - Fuck Eric.
You wanna be Eric Northman's punching bag
for the rest of eternity, that's up to you.
But I didn't sign up for that shit!
Don't you dare judge me!
You have no idea what it means
to be someone's partner for a hundred years.
What's your longest relationship, Tara?
Two weeks?
We fuck once, now it's you and me, girlfriends forever?
That's what you think?
I think you're too busy crying over some unavailable asshole
to give what's happening between us a chance.
Oh, honey.
This isn't going to be
some epic fucking love story.
You can't replace him
and you never will.
I'm starving.
Where'd Ginger stash the rest of the Tru Blood?
We're closed!
I said we're fucking closed!
Go in! Go, go!
Are either of you Pamela Swynford De Beaufort?
And you boys are?
Wait, let me guess. Male strippers?
We're here by order of the Governor of Louisiana
to enforce Executive Order 846--
to close down all vampire-run businesses.
Gentlemen, I'm sure there's a way we can work this out.
Back off! Back the fuck off.
On your knees, vamper. Now!
Take that thing outta her face before I rip yours off.
- Did you just threaten me, fanger? - Tara, don't.
I got money.
Enough for you to go wherever you want.
- Start a new life. - There's no point.
I've had Bill's blood.
Lots of it.
If he wants me, he'll find me.
You staked him
to save me.
I never expected that from you.
I never expected it from myself.
Bill's not the only one who's changed.
My life-- it's so different
from how I thought it would turn out.
I'm not who I thought I'd turn out to be.
Well, to me you'll always be
that girl in the white dress,
the one who walked into my bar.
I got it.
Thanks for walking me home.
I'd offer you something to drink,
but I'm all out of Tru Blood.
I'll take a pen and paper, if you have one.
Thank you.
Eric, what in God's name are you doing?
Giving you back your home.
I'll put the official deed to the house in the mail.
It's not much.
But it's the least I can do.
Thank you.
Stay away from Bill.
I will.
I wanna be that girl again,
the one in the white dress.
I want my life back.
Which is why I'm rescinding your invitation to my house.
Good night, Miss Stackhouse.
Good night, Eric.
What was that about?
None of your business.
You disposed of the vehicle?
Yeah, it's in the swamp.
What's the plan with Bill?
We'll find his weakness.
Can we use the faery?
Sookie stays out of this.
And we stay away from her from now on.
Are we clear?
Eric Northman, you are in love with her.
In another life.
I don't know about Bill's weakness.
I think I may have just found yours.
Nora, my darling sister...
don't stir this pot.
- Ah! - Hi, Daddy.
- Hi, Dada! - Ah!
May I come in?
I found a Tru Blood in the pantry.
I thought you might be hungry.
Did you warm it?
Feel better?
It tastes a lot less like ass
when you think about what short supply it's in.
Like so many other things in life.
Did you know you could do that?
No, I did not.
When you summoned me, Bill,
you almost tore me apart.
- I promise you, I won't-- - Please don't.
I want you to hear me.
Because when we left you at the Authority,
that was not Bill Compton that we were leaving.
You were a fuckin' monster.
And when your pull led me here,
I had no idea what I was gonna find.
I had no idea what I was walking into and I still don't.
Now may I talk?
- If you have answers. - I don't, Jess.
I don't know what I am.
I don't know why I am.
Which is why I need you.
Now more than ever.
What could I do?
In my human life I told you I was a soldier, right?
Yeah. During the Civil War.
And during the war,
there was this major general who fought for the North.
Went by the name of William Sherman.
Yeah. I learned a little about him.
he burned down the Carolinas.
- And people said he was crazy. - Yeah.
By all reports he started out a good man.
He hated war,
advised against it as loudly and as often as he could.
But as the years passed
and he grew more and more powerful,
he came to fight harder and dirtier
and uglier than any of his contemporaries.
I believe it was that power that turned him mad.
Now you have all these new powers.
Powers that I don't even understand.
I need you to keep me honest,
to tell it to me as it is.
'Cause surviving a staking is some heady fuckin' shit.
You're the only one I can trust.
I can do that for you.
You're not gonna like it when I do.
But I'll know it's for my own good.
I am really fuckin' tired.
I understand.
Come on.
'Night, Jess.
You sleep tight.
Don't let the bedbugs bite...
...your head off.
'Night, Bill.
So my sister's ex-boyfriend might've just turned into
some kind of evil vampire god monster thing.
Yeah, maybe I was too hard on her.
Maybe she was right. Maybe I am going crazy.
I feel like that little gay boy
from that movie, "I see dead people."
Did you-- remember that one?
- No. - Well, that's okay.
It's not-- it's not much like that movie anyway.
I don't see all dead people.
Just my parents telling me to do stuff.
And they've gotten kinda racist and scary
since they went to heaven.
Anyway, my sister,
she'd have me hauled off to the bunny ranch
and put in one of them straitjackets.
Then who'd be there to stop Warlow from coming after her?
You cannot keep Warlow away from Sookie.
How do you know my sister's name?
Who the hell do you think I am, Jason?
Oh, fuck! Shit. Fuck!
William Compton.
William Compton.
William Compton.
Who are you?
- Shh. - Shh.