True Blood (2008–2014): Season 5, Episode 9 - Everybody Wants to Rule the World - full transcript

The Authority begins to carry out its plan to destroy the seven True Blood factories in the world, as per Bill's suggestion. Eric can't quite believe Bill's take on the situation and plans ...

MAN: We're looking at a Tru Blood factory
outside Houston, Texas...
...where an explosion occurred
about an hour ago.
The cause is undetermined...
...but early reports indicate that there
have been at least six human casualties.
The Houston plant is the largest
Tru Blood factory in the world...
...producing a quarter
of the world's supply...
...of the synthetic blood beverage
that vampires need to survive.
-lt's begun.
-Praise Lilith.
ln celebration of her holy war,
let us feast in Lilith's name.
Should we say grace?
Well, prayer's
a fairly new concept to me.
Perhaps someone with
a little more experience should do it.
lt would be my honor.
Here's a tried and true one
from my human days.
There once was a cock and a hen
who gave lunch to a goose in a pen.
"Good Lord" said the goose,
"Bless this food for our use...
...and us to thy service, amen."
Access denied.
Chancellor Agrippa forgot to clear me.
-ls there any way you can--?
-Level 1 protocol. Sorry, hon.
No, please.
l'm a thousand years older than you.
Put the baby fangs away
before you piss me off.
ls there somewhere safe we can talk?
We'll be safe in here if you let me go.
We've got 30 seconds before we're live.
Please tell me you have a plan
to get us out of here.
-You were it.
-Well, that's great.
Level 1 protocols,
l only have Level 3 clearance, genius.
The lockdown system is DNA specific.
l don't speak techie.
We're totally fucking fucked.
Unless what?
lt's a really stupid idea,
and it'll get you killed.
Sounds perfect.
You see anything?
One fine ass motherfucker
with pretty new eyelashes.
Lafayette, seriously. There was a
creepy spirit in this bathroom.
Gonna help me
find out what it was...
-...or are you just gonna stare at yourself?
-Okay, okay.
Creepy spirit thangy...
...why you in Sookie bathroom?
l'm sorry, Sook. l ain't got no
goddamn clue how this shit work.
l ain't Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost.
Although l am way prettier.
Well, thanks for trying.
l'm still gonna charge
your ass a hundred bucks.
Put it on my tab.
So other than getting possessed
by a Mexican demon, how you been?
You heard from Tara?
l texted her about 50 times,
and this is all she wrote.
"Bitch, stop texting me or l will eat you."
Sounds like she's doing better?
She ain't been pissed at me this long
since l stole her boyfriend in eighth grade.
Oh, she'll get over it someday.
Or she won't.
At least she's alive.
Sort of.
-l said, at least she's alive.
Not you. Shh.
Y'all need to simmer the fuck down,
l can only listen to
one of y'all at a goddamn time.
Fuck. Oh, um....
Excuse my language, Mrs. Stackhouse.
Gran? Gran's here?
That's-- Yes, ma'am, l will tell her.
The rest of y'all,
l ain't Gmail for dead bitches.
Send your own goddamn messages.
Your gran says she is glad those
striptease fairies is looking after you.
Did she say anything else?
Like who Warlow is or what
that thing was in my bathroom?
Shh, shh, shh.
Sleep on it. You sleep on it?
You're sleeping on top of it?
You're sleeping on top of it.
For like the hundredth time,
Hoyt is not an Obama.
The only reason this happened
is because he loves me.
He joined a hate group.
He tried to kidnap you,
pointed a gun at you.
Oh, yeah, that's real romantic.
Yeah, well, at least
he didn't shoot me in the head.
Thanks for showing up, Stackhouse.
l came as soon as l heard.
Hoyt's an Obama?
-No, he's a regular Prince Charming.
Ran off to save his own ass.
lt was daylight, all right?
He went to go get help.
Jason, they must have
done something to him.
Hoyt's had your blood, right?
So if he's in danger, you'd feel it.
l did, all right? But then he just
went blank, and l can't--
l can't feel him at all anymore.
l did this to him, okay?
And if anything happens to him...'s because of me.
l don't think it's gonna happen again.
You sure?
But l stopped getting
pins and needles all over... that's a good thing, right?
-l'm taking you back to the hospital.
My brother died from skinwalking.
-Your brother was beaten to death.
-And they just dug a bullet out of you.
Stop making me waste
my energy by arguing.
l'm not going back to the hospital.
Okay. Heh. Okay, then...'re staying here, and l'm getting
somebody to take care of you.
While you're out chasing the Obamas?
ln case you hadn't noticed, the
Sheriff's Department aren't exactly CSI.
-They need me.
And in case you haven't noticed,
l'm not exactly fragile.
Those cocksuckers shot us,
and they tried to shoot my daughter.
So if you think l'm just gonna
lie here in bed like...
...The Princess and the Pea,
you're wrong! l'm coming.
-You can't stop me.
-You're fucking annoying, you know that?
And you're old-fashioned
and surprisingly sexist.
Trying to protect somebody l love,
that's sexist?
l love you too.
-Still coming with you.
Goddamn it.
The last ghost lady Lafayette channeled
tried to steal our baby.
Why should we trust this one?
Because l shot her in the head.
Well, so what?
That was a long time ago,
and it wasn't your fault.
And you're very sorry.
He is very sorry! Please, please,
don't make him do this.
Honey, you're gonna wake up the kids.
Well, what are you doing?
Me and Patrick...
...we saved each other's lives.
He's a good man.
Oh, is that why he ran
out of here like a scalded dog?
Looked to me like all he was
thinking about was saving his own hide.
Well, survival brings out
the ugly in all of us.
l'm gonna offer him a fair fight.
lt's the least he deserves.
Oh, what about us?
What about Mikey? Okay?
What about what we deserve?
Baby, if it wasn't for you....
You're the only reason
l'm fighting at all.
The fire is still raging... the Tru Blood factory
outside Houston, Texas.
Meanwhile, panicked vampires across the
country rush to stockpile the beverage...
...and many human citizens
are already asking the question:
What will happen to them
when the artificial blood runs out?
What are you doing?
We should have enough Tru Blood
to last us weeks if we stop serving.
-We're not going to stop serving it.
-You've seen the news, right?
Factories burning, vampires panicking.
Which is exactly why we need
to keep serving the blood.
So our vampire customers
don't eat our human customers...
...and put us out of business.
-What happens when we run out?
-We do what every sane vampire... this country's gonna do.
Pretend to still be drinking the shit
like good little mainstreamers...
...and in private, we discreetly
feed on humans.
lt's gonna be a bloodbath out there.
Whoever blew up that factory,
that's what they want, isn't it?
There are two things
l try to stay away from:
Humans who eat a lot of fish
and politics.
So whatever comes next,
we keep our heads down...
...our tits up and the Tru Blood flowing.
Hey. l may be like a week old,
but l'm not an idiot.
You're worried about Eric.
lf you need someone to talk to--
Just because we drank a bitch together
does not make us Oprah and Gayle.
Get the fuck back to work.
Suck me, vampire Barbie.
Hey, l have a great idea.
Why don't we blow up all the Tru Blood
factories and start a civil war?
Wouldn't that be fun?
Praise Lilith.
-l don't know what kind of game--
-Not a game.
Shut up.
There aren't any cameras in here.
You're laying it on thick, you think?
Salome and Russell
are thousands of years old...
...and Nora may be young,
but she's a political genius.
That's why Godric chose her.
lf you think they're gonna buy this act
much longer, you're as crazy as they are.
What if they're not crazy?
What if God is a vampire?
-l saw Lilith. We both did.
-And we were high.
l don't know what's in that blood,
but we need to stay away from it.
l'm lost.
l don't know who to trust.
Everything l believed in
has been turned upside down.
What about Sookie?
She just food to you now?
l didn't think so.
You're more of a mainstreamer
than l'll ever be.
And whatever religious crisis
you're having... can have it somewhere else.
We're getting the hell out of here.
Now, the compound's on lockdown.
There's only one way out.
A chancellor's blood.
You want me to steal Salome's blood.
What about your sister?
l'll handle Nora.
lt's our only shot.
Before dawn.
We better get back to slaughtering people
in the name of God.
Gran's photo albums, my parents'
baby pictures, their obituaries.
l don't understand.
l've been through this stuff a zillion times.
What am l supposed to be looking for?
Shit knows, Nancy Drew.
-What is this?
-Jason's report card.
lt's the only B he ever got.
Gran knitted a frame for it.
What are you trying to show me, Gran?
What am l not seeing?
Lynn Dearborne
was Jason's sixth grade teacher?
-Sheriff Dearborne's wife?
Jason was her favorite.
Didn't matter how many tests
he flunked or cheated through...
...he was every female teacher's pet.
Boy could charm the skirt off a post.
Used to drive me nuts.
"The bodies of
Michelle and Corbett Stackhouse...
...discovered by Deputy Bud Dearborne of
the Renard Parish Sheriff's Department."
Bud Dearborne
found my parents' bodies?
How come l didn't know that?
He was there.
Maybe this is what Gran's trying to tell me.
That Bud Dearborne knows something.
She could have just said so.
Dead folk, why y'all gotta be so cryptic?
lt ain't cute.
Hey. Don't let her out.
l don't care if she's taking a dump.
Oh, Jason, l don't take dumps.
l'm gonna be fine. Don't worry about me.
Worry about Hoyt.
l still can't feel him.
lt's like there's nothing, just emptiness,
it's like he's asleep or--
Don't even say it.
l wish l could stay and help.
Well, being a vampire's got its perks.
The no dumping and all.
But getting deep fried when the sun
comes up sure evens the playing field.
-Look, l got this covered.
lt's what l'm trained for.
Hoyt's gonna be fine.
Promise me.
-l promise.
ANDY: Okay, six masks here.
ANDY: Stakes.
KEVlN: Lot of porn on Joe Bob's laptop.
Go ahead and bag that.
Wooden bullets, silver core.
Four of those.
Joe Bob visited this same website
over 500 times.
"The Human Patriot Manifesto.
Part One: Vampires and other
covert mutants are stealing our jobs...
...buying our politicians, controlling
the media and seducing our children.
lf we have any chance
of keeping America human...
...brave citizens like us
have gotta stand up and fight back."
Yeah, if they're so brave,
then why the Obama masks?
Because it's like patriotic
or ironic or something.
Maybe it's because
they don't want to get recognized.
God help us.
Check this out.
Fuck me.
MAN 1 :
Making soup out of supes. Whoo!
Obamas aren't just shooting shifters.
They're strapping vampires in the sun.
Melting them like marshmallows.
MAN 2:
Death to supes! Long live the Dragon!
Long live the Dragon!
Oh, shit me.
There are dragons now too.
-Not those kind of dragons.
-That's what they--
Back in the day,
old Cleetus Bodehouse...
...used to be a Grand Dragon
for the Ku Klux Klan.
The masks, the cross.
Sick sons of bitches are
modeling themselves after the Klan.
Didn't Cleetus Bodehouse drown
in his own bathtub like 20 years ago?
So who's the Dragon?
When we find the Dragon, we find Hoyt.
Who the fuck's the Dragon?
And what's he done with Hoyt?
Fuck you. l ain't telling you shit.
-Whoa! Hey! Easy, Stackhouse!
JASON: Fuck you, man!
Get off him! Come on, man. Easy.
JASON: Get up!
ANDY: Easy.
Dude, we all wanted
to be you in high school.
QB One, drowning in cooch.
You were the man.
Now look at you. Bellefleur's bitch boy.
Screwing over your best friend
for some cold, dead pussy.
You're such a fucking loser.
Shut up, you dumb fuck.
Yeah. Come on, you son of a bitch.
You pussy.
Vampers may be stronger and faster...
...shifters may be smarter,
more adaptable...
...but wolves have something
none of them do.
Know what that is, Alcide?
A pack, sir.
A pack.
That's how wolves have survived
for thousands of years.
By putting the needs, traditions
and survival of our pack before our own.
We aren't just wolves, are we?
We're men too.
And women, Debbie.
lnside each of us
is both man and beast...
...and the man is selfish.
He wants the best piece of meat,
the biggest house...
...the prettiest girl, all to himself.
That's how humans are built.
But the wolf, the beast,
he's connected to something greater.
He feels his brothers and sisters
in his blood.
He carries them with him
wherever he goes.
He knows our strengths...
...and our unity.
Today you're given the choice.
The choice all Weres make
when they come of age.
Who will be your guide?
Man or beast? Human or wolf?
Will you carry the hopes, dreams...
...and survival of our pack
on your shoulders...
...or will you walk alone?
Choice... yours.
Alcide Herveaux... son...
...your choice?
l choose pack.
Debbie Pelt, your choice?
l choose pack.
Ginger ale for you, Sookie.
-Thanks, sheriff. Uh, Mr. Dearborne.
How's retirement treating you?
Fantastic. Colon cancer's in remission.
Had the last of the tumors cut out
a month ago.
Glad to hear that.
Anyway, about my parents,
l know you were the one who found them.
Was there anything suspicious to you?
Were there any marks on them? Bites?
You're asking
if it could have been a vamper.
l hate to say it, but the answer's yes.
Of course,
we didn't know about them at the time... we assumed that gators
must have gotten to the bodies.
l'm sorry. l know you had a real
special relationship with vamps.
Gotta be hard knowing
they killed your grandmother...
...and now maybe even your parents too.
Rene Lenier or Drew Marshall or whatever
his name was killed my gran...
...not a vampire.
Well, depends how you look at it, right?
l mean, she was killed
because you associated with vampires... in a way, they might as well
have been the ones who killed her.
-You see what l mean?
-No. l don't think l do.
BUD: She's probably reading your mind
right now. She's on to you.
Knows what you're hiding.
Gonna ruin it.
just drink the damn ginger ale.
-Oh, shoot. l am so sorry.
Here, let me help you with that.
What are you doing?
Does the name Warlow
mean anything to you?
Do you know who killed my parents?
l got no idea what you're talking about.
Let go, young lady.
Who the hell's Warlow?
I told her vampers
killed her parents.
What's she want from me?
l'm sorry. l made a mistake.
Yeah, you sure did.
Don't just stand there gawking, Bud.
Grab her damn feet.
Yes, Sweetie.
Sheriff Bellefleur, is it true that
Barack Obama is actually behind...
...the recent unsolved shootings
and the kidnapping of a local vampire?
No. The President of the United States
is not actually in Renard Parish...
...shooting and kidnapping people.
We believe there is a hate group...
...who are disguising themselves
wearing Obama masks.
REPORTER: This group, they kidnapped
a vampire, but they've also been linked... a double homicide in Monroe
and a shooting outside Shreveport.
Those victims were human,
so, what's the connection?
Uh, uh....
Sorry, l can't comment on that at this time.
Excuse me.
Sheriff. Sheriff.
Andy. We went back to that basement.
Picked up the scent of at least five
or six people and something else too.
Specifically, pig shit. Tracked all over
the place. Must have been on their shoes.
Okay, well, thanks for the tip.
Now l suggest y'all lie low
till we bring them in.
Hey, listen. l saved your life.
l'm in this.
That was before you turned into you.
Case you haven't noticed...
...this place is crawling with reporters,
so unless you want me to go on camera...
...tell them you turn into a dog and she
turns into you, y'all better get out of here.
Andy. Don't be an asshole.
Go home, Merlotte.
He doesn't want to help us, fuck him.
Come here.
-Okay, what are we doing?
-Ever been a fly on the wall?
You scream again, l will shoot,
you understand?
Go on.
-Terry said he was gonna settle things.
-l said give me your keys now.
Go on. Go on.
Please, please. My kids.
Look, do exactly what l say,
l'll let you get home to them. l promise.
Now, who else is working?
Uh, uh....
Sam's taking the day off.
Holly's babysitting.
Lafayette's supposed to be cooking,
but he's always late.
All right. Call him, tell him not to come in.
Merlotte's is closed for the day.
-Come on.
-Yeah, l'm sorry.
Lafayette, it's Arlene.
Yup, you're late again. But guess what.
Uh, Sam's shut down for the day.
No, nothing's wrong.
l think he's just taking care of that
leak in the men's room finally.
Heh, heh. Well, you know what they say.
Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, right?
Uh, but you have a good day.
Yeah. Okay, l will.
Hoyt. Wake up.
I feel so good and happy.
I never thought heaven would smell
like this, but sure is pretty.
Oh, Hoyt. You're high as a kite.
What did they give you?
Here, piggy, piggy, piggy.
Hungry, pigs?
Well, look who's awake.
ANDY: We got two Obamas so far.
Junior and Joe Bob.
These guys are Bon Temps born
and bred. What else they got in common?
Both got dumbass white-trash names
starting with J.
Played football for BT High.
Sheriff Dearborne arrested
both of them.
Joe Bob because folks said
he's one of them boys...
-...torched that vampire house in Monroe.
-We could never prove anything.
But the American Vampire League
was crawling up our ass... Bud dragged him in,
held him overnight, let him go.
What about Junior?
Public drunkenness. All it says.
Town like this, everybody spends
a night in the slammer.
l don't see a connection there.
Whoever this Dragon is,
it's somebody they're scared of.
-We kicked the bejesus out of Joe Bob--
l mean, uh...
...Joe Bob fell off his bunk real hard,
and he still wouldn't turn on the Dragon.
lf this Dragon has done anything
to Hoyt...
...l ain't ever gonna forgive myself
for a long, long time.
That boy wouldn't be wearing makeup
in Fangtasia...
...or joining hate groups or any of this shit
if l hadn't have slept with Jess.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
We all fall short somewhere.
You use your dick for a compass. Me...
-...l'm just a bad cop.
l'm the worst sheriff this town's ever had.
Everybody knows it.
We assaulted a prisoner today.
Now, that Joe Bob's a son of a bitch...
...but it is my job to protect
son of a bitches too.
And vampers and shifters, Were-chickens
and whatever the fuck else is out there.
World's going to hell in a hand bucket.
Maybe l ought to do like Bud.
Walk out of here, retire.
Cheat on my wife, square dance.
His boots. Look at his boots.
Since you hung up your hat for good...'s time you put on
your new dancing shoes.
Thank you. They're beautiful.
Bud's the Dragon.
Bud's the goddamn Dragon.
Sorry about this.
With your mindreading and all...
...we couldn't risk
you telling somebody on us.
l don't know what you're talking about.
The supes are trying
to take over the whole world.
Crafty suckers have been at it
a long, long time.
l got a stack of unsolved cases
dating back over 40 years.
lnnocent people, like your folks...
...murdered by vamps
and who knows what else.
Somebody's gotta put an end to it.
How? Shooting good people
like Sam Merlotte...
...who've never done anything
but help this town?
Merlotte ain't helping this town.
He's buying it.
Bars, apartment buildings.
Just a matter of time before he starts in
on churches and schools.
Then he can convert all the innocent
children to his perverted shifter ways.
World War lV ain't gonna be fought
over land or oil in no foreign country.
lt's gonna be fought right here
for our humanity.
Excuse me, who are you?
Sweetie Des Arts.
Nice to meet you, freak.
You don't look like a Sweetie.
Bud, maybe Sookie would like
some of that ginger ale now.
l don't think she's part of the conspiracy.
l've known her her whole life.
Well, then you know better than l do.
She sure as shit ain't human.
She's a mind reader with electric fingers
and a fetish for fangers.
lf that ain't a supe,
l don't know what the hell is.
You can't let your emotions
cloud your vision, baby.
They may look like us and talk like us,
but they are not like us.
What about Hoyt?
He's as human as they come.
We gave him a chance to be a hero
for humanity, and he pussied out.
He loves mutants so much,
he might as well die with them.
Bud, you were the sheriff of this town.
You're supposed to protect people.
And that's exactly what l'm doing,
protecting people.
-The law don't protect people.
-You tell her, Bud.
The law gives monsters equal rights...
...and sends patriots
like my cousin, Joe Bob, to jail...
...for sticking up for his own kind.
All the law ever gave me
was cancer in my ass...
...and a sexless marriage.
That's right, baby. When the supernatural
war is over and the smoke clears...
...we're gonna write us a new law,
one that makes sense for humans.
Supes will be aborted or shot on sight.
All of humanity will know the sacrifices
that we made in the name of America.
There are gonna be flags
with our faces on them.
RAY: That's right.
-What happened to you?
Something awful must have happened
to you to fill you with so much crazy hate.
My husband left me for that shifter bitch.
Liked to turn herself
into a damned raccoon.
What's that supposed to do
for my self-esteem?
You get out of my head, you freak show.
Give her the fucking ginger ale already,
or l'll do it my damn self.
Come on. lt's just got some OxyContin
left over from my colon surgery in it.
Bud, you don't wanna do this.
That woman is out of her mind.
Watch your mouth. This woman is
the Dragon of Renard Parish...
...the square-dancing champion
of Louisiana...
...and the love of my life.
Open up.
There, drink it down.
Bust it.
KEVlN: Clear.
Where the hell are you, Bud?
Where are you?
lt's Bud's wife, Lynn.
She was my sixth grade teacher.
Used to bake me cookies,
let me take naps in her lap.
ls there a point to this, Stackhouse?
Her family owned a pig farm
out on the way to Kickapoo.
Pig shit.
Where the fuck are you?
PATRlCK: l'm watching you. Put your weapon
down and come in with your hands in the air.
Don't do it, Terry--
ARLENE: He's gonna kill you. Run.
-Kids need their mother.
Don't you make me shoot her.
l trusted you.
l kept our secret even when
it was eating a hole through me.
After everything we've been through,
how can you do this? She's my wife.
Stop. Stop right there.
Now, l have a family too.
Maggie's pregnant.
l promised her l'd come home.
l don't wanna do this.
Shit, you know l don't.
-There's no other way to end it.
-A fair fight. Let the best man win.
You're stronger than l am.
You're a better soldier, a better man.
But it's you or me.
That's what it's come down to,
and it ain't gonna me.
-Now, get on your knees.
Goddamn it, Bellefleur.
Get on your knees.
Oh, God.
-Get out of here.
l'm sorry.
Goddamn it!
Don't move, motherfucker,
or l will blow your fucking brains out.
lt must be peaceful
to be so sure of something... room for doubt or remorse.
Faith isn't magic. Anyone can do it.
But it requires surrendering.
l've never been a big fan of that.
Still such a fucking Viking.
Even after all these years.
But you, you've changed.
You're not the power-hungry bitch
l used to love.
All l cared about was rising up the ranks
of the Authority and making my mark.
Sitting in Roman's chair someday.
l had no idea what true power was.
How did you find God?
She snuck me in here during the day
whilst Roman was in ground.
She let me taste the blood.
And it blew my fucking mind, Eric.
All my ambitions seemed trivial...
...and everything l'd once cared about
seemed insignificant... the face of such divinity.
And then l felt this overwhelming sense
of purpose and belonging.
l wish it were that simple for me.
lt can be.
-lt can be.
Believing in something other than yourself
doesn't make you weak, Eric.
Even the tallest tree knows its existence
depends on the soil beneath its roots...
...and the sun
and the rain upon its branches.
That's what Lilith is to us.
l don't want to fight you.
l want to believe.
-Can you help me?
Thousands of years,
Salome has meant nothing...
...but a naked girl
with a man's head in her lap.
Now l will be linked to Lilith forever.
That will be my true legacy.
So few have the chance to shape history...
...not once, but twice.
lt's not an accident l've been chosen.
And so have you.
Lilith has chosen you as my Adam.
We will birth a new world together.
What if l don't want to be chosen?
Her blood is inside you.
Let it be your guide.
Why don't we just shoot them?
Because we're making a political
statement, ass-for-brains.
The world's gone to the pigs
because of the supes... we're feeding the supes to the pigs.
Get it?
lt's going on the website, baby,
so put on your mask.
-God bless America!
SWEETlE: Bring in the pigs!
Here, piggy, piggy, piggy.
SWEETlE: Toss her in there.
Give those porkies something to chew on.
SWEETlE: Aah! Oh, Jesus help me!
SAM: l got you.
SWEETlE: Keep it away from me!
BUD: Stay out of my pig, dirty shifter.
Stay close. Keep your eye on the perimeter.
RAY: Get him!
-Sheriff's Department! Freeze!
-Get down on your fucking knees!
ANDY: Shit.
Drop the weapon, Bud. lt's over.
Humans rule!
Oh, my God. Hey.
What the hell you doing here?
Hoyt. Buddy!
That's for shooting me!
-That's for my boyfriend!
And this is for my daughter,
you human trash!
You okay?
Were you a pig...
...or did l dream that?
Come on, Hoyt.
Come on, buddy. lt's J.
l'm right here, man.
Stay with me, man.
Stay with me, Bubba.
Stay with me, man.
l think she hit an artery.
lf you're not gonna shoot me,
l need to get to a hospital.
Do it, Terry.
-Shoot him.
-She's a fighter. That's good.
You care about something, you fight for it.
l'm not just fighting for my life.
Don't listen to him. He is messing
with your head. He would have shot you.
PATRlCK: Maggie's due in December.
lt's a Christmas baby.
-A little boy. Like Mikey.
-Shut up.
Do it. You shoot him in the head right now
for your family!
That's how this whole thing got started,
remember? You taking orders.
Dead check her. Do it.
Shoot him! Shoot him, Terry!
You gotta do what your conscience
tells you this time.
Do what's right.
Do what is right.
Blood has been paid with blood.
Take what is yours, lfrit.
Can l get some Tru Blood, please?
WOMAN 2: Where the fuck's my Tru Blood?
WOMAN 3: Some more Tru Blood over here.
Excuse me.
Good, now l've got your attention.
Number one, there is no feeding
on humans in Fangtasia.
Number fucking two...
...get out of my maker's throne
before l stake you all over it.
Monarchs have lifted the ban
on public feeding.
And Northman is history.
The Authority has named me
the new Sheriff of Area 5.
Everybody, grab a human.
Drinks are on me!
MAN 1 : What?
MAN 2: What?
ls Hoyt gonna be okay?
He had a pulse, but it was real weak.
Jason will call us from the hospital...
...if there's news. What about you?
-Sure you don't wanna get checked out?
-l'll be fine as soon as l wash the pig out.
Yeah, l'll drive you home.
Hey, Andy.
-Listen, l just wanted to say--
-lt's all good.
You saved my life, l saved yours back.
Well, l was gonna say you're not
the worst sheriff this town ever had.
Bud Dearborne had you beat by a mile.
Thanks, Sam.
Let's go get Emma.
RUSSELL: When l first started
collecting werewolves in Scandinavia...
...almost 2000 years ago... first was a lovely werebitch
named Gisla.
Whitest pelt, greenest eyes.
Loyal like you wouldn't believe.
Even before l gave her my blood.
But after...
...she'd rip apart anything
that looked at me sideways.
You think dogs are good pets.
Wait till you try a werewolf on V.
l've never had a pet.
My father was allergic to everything
except God.
You forget that bloodbag.
You stick with me, darling.
l'll give you the world.
l hear a celebration is in order.
We have a new packmaster!
To JD, Packmaster of Shreveport.
Oh. Okay. All right. All right.
What's your name, werebitch?
-Who is that adorable little puppy?
-Oh, so cute.
Name's Martha.
This is my granddaughter.
Come, Martha.
Join your pack.
l chose my pack,
and l swore l'd die for it...
...but l will never drink from you, fanger.
The smarter the creature,
the more discipline it needs.
You let go of her.
-For you, my darling.
-Let her go!
-Your first pet.
JD, please.
Not my grandbaby.
Stop him, please.
Mr. Edgington.
See, Emma, she's a member of this pack,
so l can't let you do that.
Did you think my blood was free?
You silly, silly dog.
Shall we?
Oh, Russell, she's adorable.
MAN [ON TV]: --breaks free from the pack
right away and heads right to the front.
Speed Ball is in second on the inside
with My Tommy third on the outside.
-Small Victory leads the rest of the pack.
Beer in the fridge.
Grab me one while you're in there.
--in the lead with Speed Ball closing fast.
That means Bucky has a lot of ground
to make up in the back stretch.
How much you got on this?
Few hundred.
Four, five.
So your whole disability check. Nice.
lt's a long drive to come out here
and give me another lecture.
That's not why l came.
l lost packmaster.
l've been abjured.
You're a lone wolf now.
Just like your old man.
l'm nothing like you.
Sure, you're not.
MAN [ON TV]: --two more explosions
at Tru Blood factories in Japan and Kuwait.
Steve Newlin of the American Vampire
League has called the attacks...
...a "vicious act of terrorism against all
God-fearing, peace-loving vampires."
Oh, bollocks.
Claude? Claudette?
-l'm sorry. l don't know you.
-Oh, Claudija.
Nice to meet you, what are you all doing in
my living room in the middle of the night?
We brought you some soup, Sookie.
Move over.
Yeah, don't believe a word of it.
Vampires are behind it all.
-They're taking over the world.
Us together again on the same side.
That's what Godric would have wanted.
You're right.
Where are you taking me?
Eric, no.
You doubled it.
We gotta move fast.
She won't be out long.
-Where's Bill?
-We can't wait for him.
You had me worried there for a minute.
Ready to get the hell out of here?
Access granted.
You fucking traitor.
l'm doing this for you.
You've been chosen by Lilith.
This is what God wants.