True Blood (2008–2014): Season 5, Episode 8 - Somebody That I Used to Know - full transcript

After their blood-filled feast Bill, Eric and the others return to the Authority headquarters. It's clear that Russell Edgington plans on taking the group in a different direction. While ...

Enjoy prison, asshole.
You think this is all gonna stop?
There's a hundred of me out there, shifter.
A thousand.
- So sleep tight.
- Shut up, butt plug.
Evening, Mr. Merlotte.
They're everywhere.
At my house, in the hospital.
- Goddamn maniacs.
- Shh.
Deep breath.
All right? One's off to jail.
Andy will track down the rest.
- We are being hunted.
- Take it easy.
- I'm not gonna take--
- There's a deputy outside your door.
We should start picking off these
rednecks one by one.
- See how they fucking like it.
- Okay. That's not gonna solve anything.
- Get rid of them before they get rid of us.
- You need to rest.
- Luna, hey. All right, I promise you--
- Ugh. Okay.
- Come on. Shh. I promise...
- Okay.
- I promise you'll feel better.
- Oh, God. Okay.
Hey, listen. I'm on this.
I'm headed to the station right now.
- Night, Mr. Merlotte.
- Night, Kevin.
Keep an eye on her.
This is fucking ridiculous. Do nothing.
Stay in your room. Be helpless.
Fuck me.
Your beads. Ha, ha, ha.
That's right.
Riding the pony. Ride the pony.
- What the hell just happened?
- We saw her.
She appeared to us. We saw Lilith.
Yeah, I saw something.
We were in the presence of God.
We were high as fucking kites.
Get out of me. Get out.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
You got me in the head.
What the hell is happening?
-It's like a thunderstorm out here.
- I'm dumping all my fairy light.
- Why would you wanna do that?
- I'm tired.
Tired of hearing voices,
tired of being chased by vampires...
...and I'm tired of being a freak.
You are not a freak.
That's easy for you to say.
You don't know what it's like
to be at the bank...
...and hear the guy behind you thinking
about how he wants to suck your toes.
- No.
- You don't know what it's like... have your parents' death
on your hands just because of what you are.
- I wanna be normal.
- The hell you do.
If you were normal... never would have met Bill.
- Yeah, big loss there.
I know you two had your ups and downs,
but you loved him.
Real love.
And that's something not everyone gets.
And talking to Gran on the other side.
Hearing her voice one last time.
That don't happen to normal folk.
You're right.
And I'll tell you something else.
You are who you are because
you got Mama and Daddy inside of you.
And you wanna get rid of that?
To feel normal?
And even if you did un-fairy yourself,
it ain't ever gonna feel right...
...until we find out who killed our parents.
And that thing that you have in you,
your special power...
...that could be the one thing
that can help us.
So please don't be spraying it
all over the yard.
Hey, did that thing at the bank
really happen?
It was Mike Spencer.
Mr. Merlotte? How--?
Mind your own goddamn business.
I seen you.
You know, they say my blood,
it's like a goddamn milkshake.
You don't even need no straw.
- We witnessed a miracle tonight.
- We saw God.
- And she smiled on us.
RUSSELL: Unbelievable.
I mean, I have never... I'm speechless.
The most beautiful thing I have ever seen
in 500 years.
I never truly believed until now.
And first, may I say...
...God has the most beautiful tits
I've ever seen.
Now, I have never been called devout...
...but watching Lilith
shoot out of a blood pool...
...while I sucked down a bride... the dulcet strains of
"You Light Up My Life"...
...well, praise Lilith.
Praise Jesus. Praise Moses' cock.
I am born again.
- Hard.
- Amen.
Me too.
For the first time in a decade,
I ate a child.
I took his life inside of me
and it was right.
- This was a sign.
Roman's death
has been sanctioned by God...
-...and we are on the correct path.
- Yes.
And now we can move forward
with a clear conscience.
But we have a lot of work to do,
and we need food.
So Steve, please have the guards
procure a few dozen humans...
...before daybreak.
Just put them in the holding cells.
I need a baby.
Lilith wants me to eat a baby.
And a baby for Nigel.
Coming right up.
I think I've had enough fun for one night.
You coming?
You know this doesn't mean
I'm your girlfriend.
I don't remember asking that.
You wanna be my girlfriend?
You rang?
I thought you might wanna join me
for a late-night snack.
Please don't do this.
I have a 4-month-old daughter.
Thank you, but, urn, I'm not hungry.
Who are you to refute God's plan?
Feed on this woman,
as Lilith has commanded.
No. Please, no.
- You can't do this.
- Did you think the club was an anomaly?
- That we would stop after one night?
- No.
That we would starve ourselves
on Tru Blood?
- Is that what you--?
- I will not be bullied.
Understand this.
I have fathered children.
- I cannot take this woman away from her--
- If you really loved your human children...
...why didn't you make them vampire?
Keep them with you forever?
Please. God, no.
Miss Sarah, someone's here to see you.
- Father?
- My angel.
Am I in heaven?
...your face. You're so...
I appear as you knew me...
...when you were a child.
So young.
It's not possible.
I've missed you.
Every hour of every day.
But how?
I have been shown how to live longer
than was ever thought possible.
Make me like you then.
- My angel, I cannot.
- I don't wanna die.
- Sarah--
- Please.
- I want to live.
- No.
Immortality is a curse.
I can feel myself rotting.
- No.
- Please.
Please. Please!
God chose us
to make in his true likeness.
To transcend childish human notions
of morality.
You're sick. You're all so sick.
I have a daughter. I have a family.
- Please, I just wanna go home.
- Just shut up.
To refuse God's gift to us
is blasphemy.
We thank thee, Lord and Lilith,
for this and all thy many blessings.
Got here, Ray.
Where the hell are we?
- Took us forever to get out here.
- We're home, brother. All right?
We got a surprise for you, Hoyt.
Happy times, fellas.
Hoyt, it's a big night for you.
Something to officially welcome you
to the group.
Don't look her in the fucking eyes, y'all.
Shit, dipshit. This ain't our first vamper.
Picked her up just for you.
- Hoyt?
REGGIE: You was telling us... she broke your heart.
Partly your fault
for dating fucking death incarnate.
Yeah, well, we got to talking.
We decided instead of
staking the bitch ourselves...
...we was gonna let you do it.
That'll give her some real payback
for the pain she done caused.
You hear that, Ruby Red?
Your ex-boyfriend's gonna stick it in you,
one last time.
- And I mean the stake, not your johnson.
- I understand.
Oh, no stake tonight.
You got six shots.
All wooden with a silver core.
Looking at her, though, looks like
you're only gonna probably need one.
Don't get cold feet.
It ain't murder.
She's already fucking dead.
- I know.
- Hoyt.
RAY: Shut up.
She done caused you a world of hurt...
...not to mention
she's a fucking freak of nature.
- You.
- Yeah, I know.
You fucking hate her dead guts, right?
You said so.
Yeah, it's just-- It's just...
All right, all right, all right. Listen here.
Listen here.
Now, you need to do this, brother.
It's gonna feel good.
It's gonna help you heal.
...I'm gonna lock this door,
and it ain't opening until you finish her.
Are you absolutely sure
you want to go down this path?
I didn't even know this path existed
until you told me.
[IMITATING CLAUDE] "You have powers
you've never even dreamed of."
Or was that all just bull hockey?
Look, we just wanna find the son of a bitch
that killed our parents.
So if my sister has secret powers
that can help us...
...y'all had better speak up.
Do you have any idea
what it feels like... find out that your parents were
murdered by a freaking vampire?
You cannot come in here,
start screaming about vampires...
...and just expect me to help you.
When our kind came,
we swore not to involve ourselves... such matters.
- I know how we can help.
- Claudette.
- Well, I do.
Shh. Listen, I care
about the two of you, okay?
Our families have a bond.
We have a bond.
I don't know who killed your parents,
but there may be a way we can find out.
Meet me at the bridge where
your parents were murdered at noon.
- Thanks.
- For what?
Are you fucking real?
Does it matter?
I know you got friends.
- Dipshits like you grow in bunches.
- Oh, it's just me, officer.
- One man doing his best to save America.
- Save America?
- From what?
- Freaks.
Now, listen here, fuck-stick.
I've been hauling you in here
since high school...
...but this time, you're gonna go to prison
unless you start talking.
I want names, I want addresses,
and if I don't get them... Taser's gonna ask your nuts
to the big dance.
Fuck you, shifter lover.
- Asshole.
- Hey, Andy.
Shut up. I said you could observe.
Andy. Hey.
Can I have a minute alone
with our friend?
I have certain techniques.
Might help get us answers.
It's against the law.
I'm gonna go get a cup of coffee.
Might be a while before I get back.
It's just a matter of time, freak.
- Bang. Heh, heh, heh.
-That's funny.
Because I was thinking the same thing.
Whoa, whoa.
What the hell? I ain't no fucking homo.
Neither am I.
Sheriff? Fuck.
Oh, shit.
Ahem. What the monkey spunk?
Where's that son of a bitch
who tried to kill me?
- What?
-ls Sam here?
Have you seen me?
Are you shitting me, Merlotte?
- They hurt?
- I don't know.
Andy. They got Jessica Hamby...
...I got the address-- Holy sweet Jesus.
JOE BOB: Shit.
- What the hell happened?
- The fuck should I know?
I was in my room,
and the next thing I know, I'm you.
- Jesus Christ.
- All right, all right. Easy.
-It's okay.
- Okay?
- I am fucked. When I shift back--
- Can you shift back?
Don't you think I fucking tried already?
I'm gonna die, Sam.
- No, you're not gonna die. You'll be okay.
- No, I won't.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
I hate this goddamn town.
So, Sookie...
...there is absolutely no guarantee...
-...that what we're about to try will work.
- What are we about to try?
Everything is made of energy.
- Albert Einstein--
- Who was a Halfling, like you.
CLAUDE: --explained this to your kind
with E equals MC squared.
Matter is simply frozen energy,
and this energy permeates everything.
So when something happens--
For instance, a woman gives birth.
--It sends ripples through the energy
that never completely die.
They can be accessed by someone
who has a connection.
So there's a way to access the ripples
to see into the past?
Fairies have this ability, yes.
Glad you didn't get rid of your light?
Since your strongest connection
is with your mother...'ll try and inhabit her memory.
- Become her.
Experience what she experienced
through her eyes.
Here, where it occurred.
Perhaps you'll learn the identity
of the vampire that you seek.
My sisters and I will help amplify
the signal. Join hands.
I want you to concentrate, Sookie,
as though you're reading thoughts.
Just let it come.
Oh, my God.
I can smell Mama's perfume.
- Jason, I can feel her.
- You kidding?
It's incredible.
MICHELLE: Corbett, no.
- What do you want'?
Wait. Wait.
No. No, we have children. Please. Aah! No!
It smells so good in here.
Smells so good.
Stop! Warlow, leave the girl alone!
JASON: Sook!
- Sookie?
Just take the silver off.
Ray's right.
You're already dead.
Shooting you wouldn't be murder.
You fucked my best friend.
And you sucked his dick.
And you broke my goddamn heart.
And I fucking loved you.
I know you did.
So why don't you love me anymore?
I wanted to love you.
I even prayed for it to come back.
It just didn't.
It ain't ever gonna?
I'm sorry.
- You did it?
- Where are the other boys?
They ain't here.
Here's your fucking milkshake.
Let's go.
Wait, I can't. It's daytime.
Oh, shit.
I got no phone.
We're a hundred miles
in the middle of nowhere.
- I'll send help.
- Okay.
Hey, Hoyt.
Thank you.
Fuck you, Jess.
Lafayette, thank God.
Unless y'all here to tell me I've goddamn
won the lottery, get out my face.
- We need your help.
- I ain't in the helping business no more.
I'm in the "fuck off while I smoke a blunt"
...and business about to pick
way the fuck up.
Lafayette, it's Terry.
I don't know if he's off his meds
or he's just gone crazy...
...but he thinks a woman he killed
in Iraq has cursed him.
Tell him about the fire monster.
Oh. Also, he thinks a demon made of fire
is hunting him.
He off his meds. Ciao, bitches.
Lafayette, please.
You and I both know that there are things
in this world that are beyond explanation.
And even if it isn't real
and Terry is off his meds...
...he still believes it's true.
So, what the fuck do y'all
want me to do?
Convince him it's not true.
You're a medium. Terry knows that.
So we all sit down, you try
to make contact with this woman's spirit...
...and then you tell him
she's agreed to lift the curse.
If we can convince Terry
that her spirit has called off the demon...
...then it won't matter one lick
if it's all mumbo jumbo.
He'll be at peace.
And I can have my family back.
Look here.
I'm sick and tired
of doing this shit for free.
So if you want my help,
you gotta pay for it.
Are you serious?
Okay, 50 bucks.
Three hundred.
I'm about to slip my ass in this tub
and get high as a motherfucker.
Enjoys your day.
- Oh, my God, Jessica.
- Sam.
- Sam?
- That's his girlfriend.
She turned into him. Now she's stuck.
She turned into what?
- Never mind. Who the hell's this?
- Oh, urn, Reggie.
- He's dead.
- Where's Hoyt?
- He's not with you?
- No. Are you okay?
Wait, wait. Hoyt left.
He said he was going to get help.
- Do you smell that?
- Yeah.
ANDY: What?
- Was there a woman here?
- A human woman.
- No, just guys.
- Wait, which one of you is Sam?
- I am.
Well, there was a woman here...
...and she's a big one.
Lousy diet. A lot of Cheetos, Mello Yello.
Smoker too. Menthols.
- Oh, my God.
- What?
- What's wrong?
SAM: Luna?
Help me!
First I was Mama.
I saw what she was seeing.
Then I was the vampire.
I saw what he saw.
That is impossible. Fairies cannot make
contact with vampires.
I know. I can't even read their thoughts.
This is-- This is fucked.
You psychically bonded to a vampire.
- Why did we even try this?
- Because you said it was okay.
"Special powers,"
"nature's got a frozen memory."
- Remember?
- Yes, I know...
...but I didn't think that we'd make some
sort of connection to a fucking vampire.
The elder's gonna be furious about this.
I don't give a twirly fuck
about your elders.
What I care about is this vampire.
So we gotta find him
and make him pay for what he did.
And we will.
We just must be cautious.
- You saw Claudine?
- Yes.
She said:
"Leave the girl alone."
And then she zapped me.
Well, this was a goddamn bust, fairy boy.
Sookie had a horrible experience.
And what did we learn about this vampire?
Diddly fucking squat.
Warlow, leave the girl alone!
Warlow! Warlow! Warlow!
Claudine called me by my name.
Not my name, the vampire's name.
She called him Warlow.
Does Warlow mean anything to you?
But clearly Claudine knew who he was.
Strawberry daiquiri.
Tara! Oh, my God.
- Tara Thornton.
- Tracy.
When was the last time I saw you?
High school?
Yeah, I guess.
Well, how are you?
- That's how.
- Oh, my God.
You're a vampire. That's crazy.
Well, now you're a member
of two minorities. Heh, heh.
Well, I see you haven't changed at all.
Still sticking your fat foot in your mouth.
-Beg your pardon?
- Hm?
Shoot, I'm just so relieved to see you
holding down a steady job.
I know your mama used to drink, so...
It's nice seeing you.
Here's your drink.
Nice seeing you too.
I didn't order this.
- I said vodka tonic.
- You said strawberry daiquiri.
Well, it's fine. I don't mind.
You're too lazy to fix your own mistake.
What did you just say?
Jeez, you're the same as you were
in high school.
- All uppity-
Listen, you white-trash fuck-twat,
we're not in high school anymore.
If you let any more of that racist bullshit
fall out of your mouth...
...I'm gonna rip open your heart...
...and fry it up with some grits
and collard greens.
Ma'am, I apologize.
Tara is new. And stupid.
- Your drink's on the house.
- Thank you.
I've known Tara since high school.
Even back then,
she had trouble connecting with folks.
I connected with your boyfriend
well enough to fuck him.
Well, I don't live in the past, Tara.
I live in the present.
In a four-bedroom house
with a BMW in the garage.
So enjoy your little job, barkeep.
Fuck you.
Tara, that's enough.
Don't you get uppity with me, you hear?
Shreveport pack, let's make some noise!
Yeah! All right.
Now, you all know our leader,
Marcus Bozeman, has fallen.
- It is time for a new packmaster to rise!
MAN 1: Yeah!
Come on!
Now, our first challenger is a lifelong
member of the Shreveport pack.
He has been a mentor to many of us.
He has raised nine wolves...
...and was the godfather
to Marcus Bozeman himself.
MAN 2: Go on.
- Let's hear it for JD Carson!
Our next challenger is a relative
newcomer to our pack.
But his strength is already legendary.
He is a son of a former
Jackson, Mississippi packmaster.
Let's hear it for Alcide Herveaux!
Y'all know the drill.
either in wolf or human form...
...will track, capture and kill
the quarry animal.
What are we hunting?
A deer? Wild boar?
No, no, no. Thank you.
Tonight we're gonna hearken back
to our forbearers.
Time to bring tradition and integrity
back to this pack.
Now, I know some of you
may think this is unfair.
And lest you think that this ain't
much of a challenge...
...this young man is a track star
at the university.
And we're gonna hunt as men,
not wolves.
But we will give him a very sportsmanlike
two-minute head start.
Please. My dad's a councilman.
He'll give you anything.
Kill a kid just to prove you can run faster
than some track star while you're on V?
MAN 3: Right, bro.
MAN 4: Shut up, boy!
I ain't gonna stand around
and watch this happen.
Wait. You can't drop out.
If it saves that kid's life,
that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Well, alrighty, then.
I think we got us a forfeit.
All right, all right, all right.
Tell you what, though.
Just to make it official...
...I'm still gonna hunt this boy down.
MAN 5:
Run, boy!
You're a drug addict
and you're a disgrace to all wolves.
Now you're fixing to add murder
to the list?
You ain't fit to lead this pack,
you jacked-up piece of shit.
And you ain't fit to wipe my ass.
MAN 6:
Go get him!
This isn't you, Nora.
-It's insane.
I have loved you for nearly 600 years.
And I've loved you.
But this place, all of--
All of this...
...and this...'s clouded your mind.
Eric, Lilith blesses this place.
Lilith doesn't exist.
Salome chose this path for you.
Eric, Lilith does exist.
- You saw her. You were there.
- Yes, I was.
And so was Godric.
And it sickened him.
- Godric?
- The night he turned you...
...the night he made us a family...
...I swore to him that
I would always protect you.
And tonight he reminded me
of that promise.
Eric, we both loved Godric.
He gave us the most magnificent gift.
And when he made us, he was as pure
a vampire as I've ever known.
Salome's strength and vision
would have delighted him.
It doesn't. It sickens him.
It's not Salome who's sick.
You remember Godric at the end
when he'd lost his way.
The Godric you say you saw last night
was a perversion.
- How can you say that?
- Because it's true.
In his final days,
Godric was a blasphemer...
...a weak, disgusting apologist...
...whom Lilith herself
would have been overjoyed to stake.
What's happening to you?
Fuck Godric.
Lilith will show you the way.
I got you..
- I'm not gonna make it.
- You are.
I feel like I'm dying.
Hey, you're not gonna die.
You got too much to live for.
Emma needs you. I need you.
You hate me.
Hate you?
You called me psycho.
Oh, yeah, I did.
But you deserved it.
Maybe I did.
- I can be a hothead.
- Me too.
We're a lot alike, Sam Merlotte.
I'd say that's an understatement.
I'm sorry about everything.
Me too.
You mean more to me than anything.
And you're incredibly handsome.
You too.
Luna? Baby?
Hey, you okay?
We need to talk about your attitude.
I gotta make this dude a margarita first.
You don't want a margarita.
You want a flat, half-empty beer.
This is yours.
After the shit she was slinging,
she owes you.
Thought you were mad.
You don't know me that well. My mad face
and my happy face are the same.
You are worthless.
Your only purpose
is to serve Tara Thornton.
You will worship Tara.
Everything about her is a revelation.
You exist only for Tara's nourishment.
You will consider it a privilege... let your racist peckerwood blood
shoot into her gorgeous cocoa mouth.
You are an unpaid food whore.
A slave. And Tara is your master.
Have fun.
Feed on me, please.
You're so beautiful.
I don't even deserve to be near you.
I want your blood.
Drink it all.
It belongs to you.
Fucking A.
Nice try, college boy.
Think you're hot shit, don't you?
I am done with you,
you self-righteous fuck.
- JD, don't!
- Oh, my God!
You have won.
For the good of this pack, please, don't.
This son of a bitch killed your son.
This is no way to begin your tenure,
by murdering your challenger.
Killing him only tarnishes the whole pack.
How can you stand up for him?
I am standing up for all of us.
Including you.
You are better than this.
At least you used to be.
Please, JD.
Find yourself a new pack.
Let's celebrate.
MAN 1: Yeah, come on, now.
MAN 2: Let's go, JD.
TERRY: Arlene, where's the fire?
- Okay.
- Where's the fire'?
- There's no fire.
- What's this?
- Sit down, both of you.
You lied to me? I can't be here.
- Wait!
- What's going on?
Patrick and I are a danger to everybody!
We're cursed!
What if we could help you
break that curse?
Just blow out them
goddamn candles first.
- All right. Okay. All right.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- All right?
Come on.
-It's okay.
- All right.
Now, look, I've never been in combat.
I can't imagine what y'all
had to face in Iraq.
Now, we all know how this started, okay?
And we're gonna help end it.
Now, I'm here to make contact
with the woman y'all done killed... see if she'll call off the, um...
The ifrit.
Yeah. Let's join hands.
- Oh, this is bullshit.
- No, it's not. He's for real. I've seen it.
Mm. I hear a noise.
Now, lady they done killed, Terry and...?
- Patrick.
- Patrick are some good mens.
Now go ahead
and leave them alone now. Mm.
So say I.
They real, real sorry
about what they done done.
Yeah, they is.
Oh, shit.
- What?
- She here.
For fucking real.
Um, her name is Zaafira.
She pissed.
She don't want to forgive
either one of y'all.
I ain't playing. She is talking to me
and she is fucking mad.
Like I said, bullshit.
- Oh, fuck.
HOLLY: Whoa.
You smell that?
Ozone. You get that when spirits
breach the corporeal plane.
- She crying.
- Someone blow out them candles.
I feel an electrical charge.
This is definitely spirit activity.
Hold on, hold on.
Spirit's saying that she'll lift the curse.
- She will?
- Oh, thank God.
She'll lift the curse if...
Oh, fuck me.
Terry, baby, you got to kill Patrick.
Well, either he got to kill you...
One of us has got to die.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Thank God.
A friendly face.
I've been so freaking lost.
I'm coming for you.
You are mine.
Join us.
It's time to start flexing our muscles
around the globe.
To start crushing the mainstreamers.
Mainstream is a global problem,
of course...
...but we have to start dismantling it
Several high-ranking members
of the British parliament...
...are willing to help us in the UK.
ROSALYN: And Russia.
We have friends in the Duma.
They'd be more than happy
to round up the mainstreamers...
...stick them on a raft in the Black Sea
at high noon. Heh, heh.
- Have you ever been to Hong Kong?
- No, but I loved kung pao chicken.
It's the most wonderful place on earth.
Asian men with British accents
giving you a shiatsu rub-down...
...and you feel like James Bond.
- Russell.
- Yes, my pet.
We are working here.
Well, we're all ears, sugar lumps.
What about bankrolling gangs of vigilantes
willing to stake mainstreamers on sight?
We have ample resources
in our treasury.
Well, let's talk about the U.S.
Tru Blood.
Excuse me?
- Tru Blood.
- Tru Blood?
Fuck politics.
- Concentrate on the Tru Blood.
- What about it?
You bomb the factories.
There are only five of them.
Destroy them publicly.
You force mainstreamers
to feed on humans.
As they were meant to.
- Well done.
-It's genius.
- Yes.
- I love it. Heh, heh, heh.
What are you doing?