True Blood (2008–2014): Season 5, Episode 7 - In the Beginning - full transcript

In the aftermath of Roman's death, Russell and the other followers of Lilith celebrate their victory. Bill and Eric don't quite know what it all means for them but a taste of Lilith's blood...

- Level 1 protocols! - Initiating Level 1 protocols... four, three, two, one. - You and me, together at last.
- I don't understand. Why didn't it work? - Eric!
- Eric! - Kill him!
- No! Keep him alive! - He will be tried for what he has done.
Northman! Are you alive?
- Chancellors! Remain shielded! - Eric!
Praise you, oh, Lilith. Guide us through darkness.
Praise you, oh, Lilith. It is your blood that gives us life.
It's okay, Nigel. Soon we'll be free.
We'll be free!
Ha! Uh-oh. Ha-ha-ha!
Prisoner secure.
- Chancellors, to your quarters. - Eric.
Chancellors to your quarters.
- Eric? -The view from up here is spectacular.
You're supposed be helping her, not zapping her again.
We are helping her. We're testing her luminescence.
Now, listen. I ain't been to med school or fairy school or nothing.
So if you could put it in terms a laid man can understand, I'd appreciate it.
I'm going to send my light through her and if the fae in her is strong... light will pass through her body unhindered.
Well, send it on through.
Was that bad? Her head, it lit up real good, I thought.
Wake her up.
- Where am I? - You're safe.
Like hell, I am. You're one of the bitches that zapped me.
- And you ain't much better. - It's okay, Sook.
They've just been testing your luminescence.
My luminescence? What the hell's that?
- You're depleting, Sookie. - Fuck you, I'm depleting.
- I wanna go home. - Let's plug her in and charge her back up.
Whether you believe it or not, my family's been watching over your family for centuries.
Just hear us out, okay? It's for your own good.
I'm going to ask you something. Please answer honestly.
Have you been experiencing disturbances in your abilities?
- Disturbances like? - Like hearing thoughts.
Sometimes it might be a strain to listen. Sometimes you can't hear much at all.
Come to think of it, I have been a little off my game lately.
What we are and what you are, Sookie, is magical.
But as you are only half-fae, your magic is finite.
You will run out if you aren't careful how and how much you use it.
What happens if I do run out? Would I die?
- You wouldn't, but-- - Would I be normal?
Would I be human?
You would be fae no longer, yes.
Thanks for an interesting night. Come on, Jason.
- Let's go. - Sookie, we fae are capable of things... haven't even begun to explore.
Are you saying there's more shit she can do?
I hope we've convinced you of our trustworthiness.
If you're ever curious, find yourself questioning any of this... know where to find us now. - I do.
And I will, if I'm ever curious.
We should say goodbye to Hadley before we go.
When did you realize the shopkeeper was reaching for his gun?
Not till after Merlotte took him out.
Hey. Sorry it took me so long.
I was at a lady friend's house tonight. Heh.
And I did not know how I was gonna get out of there.
I was even thinking about chewing my own arm off.
But then the body call came in.
Couldn't have worked out better. Heh, heh.
- What? - TMI, Coroner Spencer.
Damn, got him in a body bag already.
Crossbow to the chest. Would've liked to have seen that.
Okay. 80...
I forgot where we were.
Where I was looking when he reached for his gun.
That's right. Where were you looking when he reached for his gun?
I was looking in the other direction!
You do realize that is not part of our training.
Of course I realize that.
Jesus tits on Christ, this has gotta be the worst night of my life.
Just what in the hell are you looking for, Mr. Merlotte?
Deputy, you got gloves on. Check this box.
And you are hoping to find what?
Rubber masks. The folks who were going around shooting at people like animals...
...were doing it wearing Obama masks as a disguise.
- Who knew bigots bought in bulk? - How'd you do that?
Picking up five men, maybe six.
I smell bad diets. And hate. And envy.
There something I need to know about you, Mr. Merlotte?
I wish y'all hadn't seen me like that... a dark alley with a vampire sucking on my neck.
I feel like I lost every ounce of pride I ever had.
- I don't know when that happened. - It happened when vampires started...
...coming out of the woodwork...
...and the lamestream media wrapped its arms around them.
Mm-hm. That's right. And now they're trying to convince us...
...we ought to feel like shit because we aren't special... they are. - The whole world's upside down.
It's like it's some sort of crime now being a regular old human.
- Mm-hm. Talk about it. - Point is, Fortenberry... don't matter how you wound up here tonight. It matters that you are here.
Yeah, Joe Bob, I've known you since middle school.
And you guys, Ray, Tyrese, I just met y'all tonight...
...but right here, right now, I feel more love...
...I feel more acceptance in this hate group than I ever felt... church or basketball or anywhere, for that matter.
That's what people don't get. Hate groups is about more than hate.
If they started to call them love groups, nobody'd want to be in one.
Yeah, yeah, that shit's for real.
It's the Dragon.
Yes, Dragon?
Who's the Dragon?
What was her name?
- Who? - That vamper you was telling us about.
Jessica. It's Jessica Hamby.
Look, I don't know how I'm ever gonna forgive myself...
-...for letting her into my heart. - You have to, Fortenberry.
Ain't your fault. In fact, I'd bet good money that toothy-assed bitch...
-...hypnotized you into fucking her. - Yeah. It wasn't sex, it was date rape.
I don't know what it was, but I was sure as shit under her spell.
You know what? Don't matter.
- Only thing that matters is what's in your heart. - Yeah.
Right now, do you hate Jessica Hamby?
I do.
- Then we're here to hate her with you. - Then we're here to hate her with you.
- They killed Junior. - What the--?
- What? - Who's Junior?
- They shot him with a fucking crossbow, man! - No, I don't even--
- Junior? Junior's dead? - Fuck!
- No. - Those sons of bitches!
Whoever it was, used us, Eric.
They used us to deliver Roman's killer right to him.
Nora. She must have broken Russell out.
- It had to have been her. - You swore you never told her.
I didn't. But I was with her while you were attending Russell's execution.
She knew what was coming.
I don't care how fucking old Russell Edgington is.
Pure silver coursing through a vampire's veins... still pure silver coursing through his veins.
We both saw how fast he was on top of Roman.
And on me. There wasn't any silver.
And Nora was locked up the whole time.
She must have had an accomplice.
At least one. Molly?
- Molly. - What's your problem?
- Are you a Sanguinista? - No.
- Then why didn't the iStake work? - Uh, duh. That's what I'm trying to figure out.
Are you loyal to Roman? You believe mainstreaming is the only path?
Of course.
You guys are whacked.
King Compton. Sheriff Northman.
Chancellor Agrippa would like a word with you in her chambers.
- Gentlemen. - Chancellor.
- Come in. - Brother, I want you to--
Go fuck yourself, Nora.
I'll ask again. Please, come in.
Fangs. You're such boys. I'm not gonna hurt you.
- I just wanna make an entrance is all. - Russell, enough.
- Put your fangs away. We're all friends here. - Like fuck we are.
I think we can be. I changed my tune.
You killed my Talbot, but I forgive you. Now you go.
- You slaughtered my entire family. - Bygones. It's olive branch time.
I'm making an effort here. It would behoove you to respond in kind.
Why should we believe you when an hour ago--?
Northman, when you were hanging up there...
...on one of those proud, unhoned Turkish marble columns...
...did you ever stop to wonder why I didn't kill you when I could have so easily?
I'm still wondering, actually.
It's because I have been born again...
...made again, in my new maker's image.
Your new maker? Of course.
- Oh, now, brother, I would never-- - Stop calling me that!
You rescuing us from the Authority and our getting caught...
-...everything was a fucking lie! - Yes, I knew about Russell...
...but that's why I tried to save you.
Because I didn't trust he wouldn't come after you.
Ohh. Ye of little faith. Not nice.
Very disrespectful.
I dug Russell up.
And how did you know where he was?
The night you were ordered to show him the true death, I followed you.
- Why? - Edgington's the only vampire...
...I knew of powerful enough to take Roman Zimojic out.
Power aside, you had unparalleled access to the Guardian.
If you wanted him gone, wouldn't it have been easier to do it yourself?
The book is very clear on this subject.
The guardian's blood is sacrosanct.
He alone shall determine when his essence shall flow.
What happened tonight was inevitable.
But I say this with the deepest regret.
Bullshit. You can't play the grieving widow...
...and the leader of a coup at the same time.
I see you. All you want is power.
No. I want to share it. With Nora, with Russell, with the two of you.
With everyone. Too much vampire blood has been spilled... the singular pursuit of power.
But why, when Lilith gives us more than enough to go around?
Join us.
Never, you Bible-banging cunts.
What about you, Mr. Compton?
I still believe that without peaceful coexistence...
...between our species, neither species will survive.
Mainstreaming is the only way.
Tomorrow night, we're having a ceremony, an initiation of sorts.
I still would like to give you the option to participate.
Thank you, Salome. You've shown tremendous mercy.
- No, Lilith has shown her mercy. - Hell, yes. She has.
Tomorrow night, then.
- Yes. - Till tomorrow.
- Alcide, what are you doing? -It's half time.
Heh, heh. Why do I get the sense you're not taking your training seriously?
I don't know. Maybe because my trainer's too damn distracting.
Oh, shit!
Hey! Told you me and JD had it out last night.
He damn near kicked my ass.
Being on V gives him too much advantage.
So what, then? You saying you don't wanna fight him?
Yeah. And I'm gonna fight him because it's the right thing to do.
And I'm prepared to lose. And you need to be too.
- What if we got vampire blood? - No way.
It'd just be once. To level the playing field. Then we could clean this pack up.
I said no fucking way.
I don't know what kind of experience you've had with V...
...if you've ever known anyone on it.
But it's not just a drug. It's like swallowing death.
You take it, and you're dead inside.
So is it even worth training?
Probably not.
- Training hard, I see. - It's a closed session.
I asked JD about what you accused him of last night.
You mean about him being a V fiend? And what did he say to that?
He looked me in the eye and swore on my son's grave it wasn't true.
Martha, your son doesn't have a grave. Y'all ate him.
Don't get literal on me, Rambo.
I'm gonna tell you a story.
My husband was packmaster.
When he died, JD was next in line.
Not a wolf in this pack would've challenged him.
But out of respect for me and my husband, JD desisted.
Instead, he devoted himself 100 percent to my Marcus... teaching him what only a he-wolf can teach.
You gonna deny any of this?
I can't. It's all true, but, Martha--
It's JD's turn now.
He has more than earned it.
Emma, sweetie, come here.
He's on V, Martha.
It's a lie. You can still bow out.
Let's go get you something to eat.
TERRY". I, Terry Bellefleur, take thee, Arlene Fowler--
To be my lawfully wedded wife.
To be my lawfully wedded wife.
- To have and to hold-- - Arlene.
I just want you to know that you make everything right and worth it.
Everything. And I'm gonna do my damnedest to be strong for you.
As long as I live. I promise.
ANDY". Ha, ha. You beat me to the altar, you bastard.
But seriously, coz, congrats. Way to go.
Way to go.-
Hey, Arlene. Heh, heh.
Sorry just to talk to Arlene, but, Terry, you're a guy... I doubt you'll ever even see this.
Here you are, hon. You gonna help with set-up or--?
Wait. Am I on TV?
I just wanna say I'm so proud of you.
You inspire me, and you remind me that everything happens for a reason.
- Sweet. - Yes, you were.
- You have to see this. - Oh, I gotta see this.
JASON". Congratulations, guys.
If I don't seem all that happy...'s only because I wish Sook was here too, you know?
Man, she'd be so happy for you.
I could see her little-- Little--
Well, hello, out-of-towner.
Excuse me, Hoyt.
Terry and Arlene, we're very happy for you.
Yeah, we really, really are. You know, maybe one day if, you know...
...we're lucky, you'll get to help us celebrate.
I had a vampire at my wedding.
You have grown.
What's up, Mikey, Mikey?
Now, later on, when you do the math about when you was born...
...and when mommy and daddy made you, don't sweat it.
Because you was made out of love, baby boy.
What's the matter with you?
Why do you always need to say something inappropriate?
He always has the need to say something inappropriate.
Because I is who I is. Ka, bitch, ka.
- And I love who you is. -And I love you for it.
- And last but not least... - Ahh! Look at your dress.
- God, I was fat. - Pretty little dress.
You were not.
I wanted a drink that night so bad.
Who are we missing?
- Sam! Sam. -Oh, fuck, of course, Sam.
- Sam Merlotte, where are you? SAM". Right here! I'm here! Congrats.
- Congrats to you! -Thank you, Sam Merlotte...
-...for giving us this bar! SAM". But just to be clear!
The bar's still mine. All right? Giving it to you for one night only.
Who knows? Give her an inch, she'll take a mile.
All right, all right. Hear, hear!
ALL". Cheers!
Aww. Honey, honey, come here.
I was so happy that day.
But not as happy as I should have been.
I had it all. I didn't even know it.
- You can still get it back. - He's crazy, Holly.
As in off the deep end.
No, Arlene, what he is is PTSD.
There's a big difference between that and crazy.
No, you didn't see him last night. He looked like shit.
And then he was telling me that there's this spirit made of smoke...
...that's chasing him around the country, hunting him down.
That doesn't sound crazy to you?
- Not necessarily. - Not necessarily?
Look, after everything we've been through...
...we both know there's all kinds of things out there.
Things we don't understand.
Now, I'm not saying it is for real. I'm just asking.
Are you gonna be able to live with yourself if you give up on that man...
...and it turns out that was?
- Well, fuck you and your tough love. - Ha, ha, ha.
Sorry, babe.
Knock, knock.
What time is it?
It's just before noon.
- Shouldn't you be at work? - Yeah, probably.
Listen, I don't know how to make lunch, so I made you breakfast instead.
Listen, about last night.
-It's not your fault, Sook. - What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the shit we learned last night.
About your blood being in the back seat and all.
It has to be on your mind. Don't tell me it ain't.
I was supposed to be the one who could hear people's thoughts.
You know, I always thought it was my fault.
I mean, we both did.
- Jason, I never said anything to-- - I know you didn't, Sook.
That's my point.
I mean, not once in all these years...
...have you ever treated me like their dying was on me.
You know, we were so young, and it was so unfair.
And still, you--
You never even slipped.
Today, we know the truth...
...but I will be damned if I let you take that on.
Because you never let me, and I love you for it.
I love you too.
- And, yes, you can eat my bacon. - Yeah.
- Andy? - Hey, Sheriff Dearborne.
- I was wondering if we could talk. - I ain't the sheriff anymore, Andy. You are.
And now ain't exactly a good time.
I'm having a crisis of confidence, and I could use some advice.
We got some killers out there, a whole group of them...
...and they're going after shit I don't even understand.
And I keep feeling like--
Do I suck at this, Bud?
When I retired, did I say anything to you...
...about dropping by any time you damn well felt like it?
Because I don't remember having that conversation.
Buddy? Come on.
Water's 103, just like you like it.
I'll be right there, sweetie.
Like I said, not a good time.
Where's--? Where's Lynn?
Riverboat gambling.
Look, Andy, I get that the job's stressful.
I did it for 43 years. But I'm retired now.
The wife's out of town, the hot tub's just right, and I've got... experimental male enhancement ointment I'm anxious to try out.
So go on.
Get out of here and let a man relax.
I've been expecting you.
Hola ?
Hello? Hola?
Oh, lordy, have mercy on my soul.
Have mercy on the whole messed-up human race.
My Jesusito, he had a gift.
Your Jesusito had a shitload of gifts, but you wouldn't know that, would you?
He spit on this family when he gave our gift to you.
Tonight, I spit back.
Tonight, I will take back what belongs to me.
I spit first, you sick fucking fuck.
I feel fine, Sam. I should be out there helping you.
I'm on their trail. When I come across any of these fuckers...
...ain't a chance they're gonna get away.
- But-- - Like it or not, Luna, you're safer here.
It also happens to be where you belong.
You can get back on your feet and move Emma home where she belongs.
Hey. Bad timing?
Actually, your timing's perfect.
Sam's had about all he can take of me.
- Not much of a patient, are we? - I'm a raving lunatic bitch.
- Ooh, you said it. - Well, I got junk magazines, junk food...
...because I know how awful hospital food can be.
And then, the flowers to class this up a bit, so I don't seem so WT.
Thank you, Sookie. I love all of it, but right now, it's all about the Sonic.
- How you holding up? Get any sleep? - Ha, ha.
- What the hell is sleep? - How about I buy you a cup of coffee?
Word around town is you're some kind of bulletproof superhero or something.
My friends got shot and killed for no other reason...
...than they were different from the people doing the shooting.
And they shot at me and Luna for the exact same reason...
...and, fuck, Sookie, they even went after her daughter.
You know, girl's only 8.
Is this the kind of world she's gonna grow up in? People are scum.
Gotta be honest, Sam. That doesn't sound like much of a superhero speech.
I didn't ask to be called a hero. Super, bulletproof or otherwise.
Thank you for this.
Can I ask you something?
If you dare.
Say you could trade in what you are...
...and give away everything that's special about you for a plain, old, regular life.
Would you?
Well, the me I wish I was...
...would say no way.
He'd say you gotta keep on fighting stupidity.
Every mind you change is one less dumb fuck on the bad guys' side.
But the me I'm afraid I'm becoming...
I'm feeling a lot less optimistic I can affect the kind of change...
...that'd make a squirt's piss of difference in this world. And I'm so fucking tired of fighting.
I'm with you there.
But I wonder. I mean, would it go away?
Would what go away?
Wouldn't all the hate still bother us'?
We'd still be able to see it. Right?
I don't know.
But I do know one thing.
The world would be a much safer place for the people I love.
If I was normal...
...a lot more of them would still be alive today.
But we could "what if" all we like.
In the end, we are what we are.
I guess.
You know, that looks good. I think I'll have a cup too.
Tastes like sex, right?
I know. I'd fuck her.
Tara, it's me, baby. Your mother.
- I know who you are. - Oh.
I wasn't sure if you would.
- How could you, Tara? - What?
- How could you do this to me? - I didn't do shit to you.
This is a terrible situation you put me in.
I'm a minister's wife now.
I can't have any daughter of mine being a vampire.
Why are you here, Mama?
I came here to tell you that from this day forward... are dead to me, baby girl.
- I came to say goodbye. - Oh, no.
You'll be seeing me again.
I ain't afraid of you, child.
- I got Jesus at my back. - Well, la-di-da.
- I'm going. - Then go.
The book tells us that to stake a guardian is to turn your back on Lilith herself.
But what to do...
...when that guardian has already turned his back on her?
I believe Lilith forgives Russell Edgington for what he's done.
And so I do too.
Thank you, Salome.
I want everyone here to know just how awful I feel.
Not so much about Roman. That was for the greater good.
But for what I said about Lilith.
I universally disavow...
...myself of my statements.
I love Lilith. Praise her.
- Praise her. - Praise her.
- Praise her. - Praise Lilith.
How many times over the past decades have you heard Guardian Zimojic imply...
...that we owed our very existence to humans, that we evolved from them?
We didn't evolve from them.
Shamefully, Roman believed we did.
Roman believed that this blood, her blood...
...the blood this very Authority was created to protect--
He called it symbolic.
It is not symbolic.
The book tells us Lilith met the sun by the hand of man...
...that on the ensuing night, her progeny collected her remains in an earthen jar.
The blood has since been transferred...
...but this blood which Salome holds in her hands right now... is the blood of Lilith.
Nothing could be less symbolic.
Whatever doubts any of us have will be erased.
...everyone in this room...
...will drink from her.
This... blasphemy.
All of it.
I've served on this council longer than any vampire, save for Roman.
Who are you to offer the blood of Lilith?
May Lilith forgive me.
She does. Anyone else?
Give it to me. I'll drink it.
The blood of Lilith? Why not?
I'm like a tree in the wind. I am just so happy to be included.
We are of Lilith. Lilith is of God.
May she reveal herself to us tonight.
We are of Lilith.
Are we really gonna do this?
- It's vampire blood. - May she reveal herself.
We're vampires.
It's not gonna do anything.
I have to say, I'm jealous of your disguise.
Sorry, kiddo. You're gonna have to earn your stripes.
You kill your first newscaster on live TV...
- can pick out anything you want. - Ha, ha, ha.
Where is she taking us?
Lilith is taking us. Only she knows.
Well, I hope she figures it out soon because I'm hungry!
We will walk where and when we want. These streets are yours no longer!
We should eat you for the disrespect you've shown us.
But your heartbeat sounds like shit, and your blood smells even worse.
So keep your hands off the horn!
I'll move.
No, it's okay. Sit. Sit.
You look good up there. You were right.
You're a better dancer than you are a bartender.
So your mom's a real bitch.
Yeah. I know she is. But what are you gonna do?
- She's still my mom. - No, she's not.
Not anymore.
Can you believe this shit?
I fucking hate her.
But I'm crying for her anyways.
A hundred years from now, you won't even remember her.
This I promise you.
Okay, break's over.
Time to get back up on that pole.
I loved my Jesusito.
He was special, but he was soft.
That's what drew you to him.
You saw in him something you wanted, and you knew you could take it.
You wanted to be a brujo.
You stole my family's magic from my Jesusito.
You keep it locked away in your brain.
...I take it back.
Blessed are the young.
You'll soon have everything you need, my son.
It's a boy.
Full of spirit and energy.
He will do wonders with what I'm taking back from you.
My wife will drink the blood I collect from your brain.
You must think you're joining my Jesusito.
But no.
You don't get to be together.
Now, I won't say who he is...
...but this vamper friend of mine, he says the end of days is coming.
Now, I can't tell y'all what to believe...
...but I will say this:
I believe him.
But what does he mean, end of days?
A war.
Between vampires and humans.
And God be damned if you get caught in the middle.
So, what the fuck do we do now?
We join him.
He's offering us an in.
We drink his blood...
...and he knows he can trust us.
Fuck it. I'm in.
What about you, little girl?
I'm scared.
Oh, now, don't be.
You take this, you grow up to be big and strong.
Like me.
Emma? That is my granddaughter.
Listen to me, Martha. It's the only way. You gotta believe me.
I don't know you no more.
Emma, honey... come with me.
What's up, y'all? Where's Joe Bob?
Dragon had something else for him. Let's roll.
Come on, Fortenberry. Hop in.
Got a surprise for you.
- How do I look? - Like a badass motherfucker.
- Let's roll. - Let's roll.
- Let's roll! - Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Come on!
Sir, visiting hours are over.
Sir, I'm gonna have to insist. They've been over for two hours.
Okay, fine, fine. I hear you.
Sir, you have got to go home. Sir?
- Killed my friends, you son of a bitch! - You killed my friend!
He fucking deserved it and so do you!
Inside me
Alone in the dark
You've come along
You light up my life
To the bride and groom.
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my day
And fill my nights
With song
- Rolling at sea -Rolling at sea
- Adrift on the water -Adrift on the water
Could it be finally--
What's wrong?
It's that vampire, Russell...
-...what's-his-face! - Edgington.
Russell Edgington.
Oh, my God.
- Mommy! - Ohh. Ohh.
- You should worry about you. - Aah!
I'm freezing, Patrick.
That'd be pretty ironic. Two men waiting to die by fire...
...they wind up freezing to death instead. Heh, heh.
I'm leaving a family behind, a good one. I'm in no mood for irony, asshole.
Seriously, why don't we just build a fire and get it over with? At least we'd be warm.
- What the fuck? - What's your problem?
Oh, fuck.
No, fuck you! Come on back, you ifrit pussy!
- Private. - Did you see that shit?
It was laughing at us.
Seriously! Come on back, you piece of shit!
- Private! - Stop privating me.
This ain't what we signed up for. It was supposed to kill us.
I did not agree to be fucked with!
Damn it, Bellefleur.
Terry, no! Don't!
Why not?
- I've already made my peace with it. - Really?
Because you don't look like a man at peace.
Fuck you. I'm gonna fucking do it.
No, you're not.
You know why? Because suicide is for Muslims. And you're better than that.
You're a goddamn U.S. Marine!
It's taken everything from me, and now it wants me to stew in it?
Well, fuck him! Her! It!
- Give me my gun. - Not another step, Patrick.
They would wanna know you died fighting, not like this. Now, come on.
All right.
I am so sorry, Bellefleur.
You have no idea how much I wish I'd never given you that order.
But you did.
Yeah, I sure did.
- Yeah? - Sorry to interrupt.
Officer Stackhouse is here to see you.
Jason. Hey.
You been drinking?
Well, ta--
Hey, talk to me. What--?
What's going on?
My parents, they weren't--
They weren't killed in a car accident.
They were killed by a vampire.
- Oh, my God. - Yeah.
Do you know who?
But I'm gonna find out.
Because there is something to be scared of inside my little girl.
Oh, my God. She knows everything I'm thinking.
- What are you? - What are you?
- You're definitely not human. - I don't know what I am.
Maybe I'm an alien.
The fae were known for breeding with humans.
Sometimes against the human's will.
My people are rapists?
- You're depleting, Sookie. - Your magic is finite.
You will run out if you aren't careful how and how much you use it.
Would I be normal?
- Would I be human? - You would be fae no longer, yes.
That's just so fucked up.
Now, here I am, and we are...
...whatever we are...
-...and now I found out that-- - No.
No, Jason. We are not all the same.
-L-- I guess, but it-- - No.
You taste funny.
Is that blood on your mouth?
Oh, shit.
- Were you feeding on somebody? - I didn't know that you were coming.
- I am so sorry. I would not have done that-- - You're sorry?
Jesus fucking Christ, Jess.
- Is he here? - Jason, do not make a scene.
Why not? I think I deserve to know whose blood I just tasted.
- What's his name? - I don't know.
Of course you don't. Yo, dude! Sheriff's Department!
- Jason. - Come on down!
What's your name? She sure as shit don't know.
- Go back to my room. - Don't.
- Go! - Don't!
You know, you say you're not all the same, but really, what's the difference?
You just drank from some dude you don't even know.
And I suppose you know every cow you've eaten.
What the fuck kind of question is that?
- I ain't never fucked a cow! - No! It's a metaphor, idiot!
Fuck you, fanger!
Move in.
Miss Hamby, awaiting your order.
You shot me in the head.
So what? You'll fucking heal.
So Will I.
Get the fuck out of my mansion.
What the hell?
This is wrong.
You know this...
...but your sister does not.
Save her, my son.