True Blood (2008–2014): Season 5, Episode 6 - Hopeless - full transcript

Having found Russell Edgington, the former King of Mississippi is taken prisoner and is put in a cell at the Authority. Not quite knowing what might be in store for them on their return, ...

- Alcide.
BILL: Sookie.
You're just what the doctor ordered... twee fairy vixen.
Yeah, there is that aspect of you
which I loathe.
Look at me.
I want to be the last thing you ever see.
He dies, we die. Most certainly.
But if we take him back alive,
maybe we don't have to die.
- Unlikely.
- But not impossible.
Maybe you're ready to die.
Maybe you're just bored
after a thousand years.
But you do not make that decision for me.
We will take over from here.
Okay, show's over.
Tara, that's enough.
I guess that whole
friendship thing's on hold.
What do you expect when you
come into my house and fuck with me?
Come with me.
This is not your house, it is mine.
You work here. Got it?
Yes, Missy Pam.
You did good out there fighting.
Made me proud.
Proud the way a human is proud
of a well-trained dog.
Nothing more.
He's dead.
Oh, no, that's smoke and--
Eller was right, you fucking prick.
You just got us killed.
- That's enough, private.
- Go fuck yourself, sergeant.
You better hope you are not around
when I am fully restored.
And, oh, I will be. Authority.
What fucking authority do you have?
Given to you by what, Lilith?
You idiots. You're no better than humans
with your absurd magical thinking.
There is no Lilith.
That is blasphemy.
You're fucking worse than human.
You might as well be praying
to leprechauns or unicorns...
...or the motherfucking Kardashians.
That makes just as much sense.
Nate, you fucking dumb-ass.
JD put up a hell of a fight
till he heard those two wolves dying.
- He ran like a fucking squirrel.
- Wolf and human are here.
- Why?
- Doug led us here.
We found them parked in a van
outside of Shreveport.
Humping each other like livestock.
And we took the van to get here
with them in it.
You could cover that much distance
by yourselves much faster than by driving.
We had another human with us
that we needed...
...because he'd remembered
coming here before. Doug.
They know too much.
Nothing that a little glamouring
won't take care of.
Do it.
- Barker, make sure it happens.
BARKER: Yes, sir, chancellor.
Sookie, look me in the eyes.
Bill, are you--?
Let's just get this over with.
We owe you, wolf.
You will remember nothing of this night.
Nothing of me or Eric.
It'll be as though we never met.
- Who is Doug?
- Oh, God.
That's me.
I understand you've been
brought here before.
Yes, by a vampire, a woman.
But I don't want to remember.
I want to forget.
I can identify her.
I'll never forget that face.
Yeah. Or the look in her eyes
when she said...
...we were all gonna die
for the glory of God.
See, they remember her.
So why don't you let me go?
As soon as your interrogation
has been completed.
And then will you please do that thing
so that I won't remember any of this?
You have my word.
You will remember nothing of us
showing up tonight...
...or anything that happened afterward.
And you will always protect Sookie...
...with your life.
But you'll keep your hands off her.
Romantically speaking.
She kind of disgusts you.
And you will live your life
as you were meant to live it.
In the sun.
With others like you.
- Let me just-- Luna.
- Emma.
Let go. Get your fucking hands off me.
- You've lost a lot of blood. Remain still.
- Luna.
Oh, hey there.
Oh, baby girl.
It's okay. It's okay.
Grandma's got you now.
Come on in, Emma.
What are you doing?
Exercising my constitutional right
to be a dirty fangbanger.
- Well, you look ridiculous.
- Well, that's one opinion.
You can't get me down, Jess.
Not tonight.
-I'm just so happy
- Really?
I learned something tonight.
You want to know what?
I don't think it matters if I do or don't.
You're gonna tell me anyways.
You still care about me.
Oh, Hoyt.
No, you would have let Tara drain me,
but you didn't.
Oh, you don't want to be in love with me,
but you are.
JESSICA: This is so pathetic.
HOYT: It's okay.
And I know you want to be
more of a vampire. That's okay.
You want to feed on me 24/7,
I'll love that.
- You can be as rough as you want to be.
- Hoyt.
We're over.
Now you hear me.
It is never gonna happen.
Like, yeah, that's what you say.
But what's in your heart is something--
Hey, you want to glamour me?
You want to hypnotize me into doing
anything that you've wanted...
...with a human being, no matter
how depraved, I don't give a fuck.
But will you please just do it with me?
Hoyt, this is not you.
This is me, goddamn it.
Dude, chill.
Why you crying?
Where the fuck are we?
How did we get here?
No one thought you two would actually
be able to deliver Russell Edgington.
Guardian will be extremely pleased.
Pleased enough to not execute us?
- Only Lilith knows that.
- As only she knows all.
Enough with this religious bullshit already.
Lilith can fucking blow me.
- And why are you suddenly so into it?
- I'm just covering my ass.
Yes, sir.
DOUG: I saw Russell Edgington.
- Ladies and gentlemen...
...please accept my apologies
for the inexcusable acts...
...of the vampires that have terrorized you.
Will we receive
any kind of financial restitution?
- I just want to get out of here.
- Of course.
Please fasten your seatbelts.
I had a dream
you and Mom were still alive and--
Daddy, you called me champ.
Like you used to.
Only I had forgotten you ever did that.
How could I forget that?
It always made me feel
like I was something you were proud of.
Yeah. Made me feel good.
Not in a "making me forget all the bad
stuff I'm feeling"...
...kind of way I'm used to now.
But in a:
"I'm just feeling good about myself
and that's all" kind of way.
Forgotten what that even feels like.
I swear to God and to you both
I will find that vampire that killed you...
...and I will make them pay
for what they did to our family.
The only thing you have to fear is--
Coffee and Advil's over there.
You want something to eat,
you're gonna need to make it yourself.
- You okay?
- No.
Honestly, I can't even remember
the last time I was okay.
Totally okay.
Anything you need?
A fucking normal life.
Wow, we, um--
Drank a lot last night, huh?
Not enough.
- Did we--?
- No.
Some other stuff happened.
What kind of other stuff?
Did you just recoil from me?
Fucking Eric. Close your eyes.
- Oh, fucking JD.
- Thank you.
Fucking wolves on V again.
Russell fucking Edgington? Fuck.
What the fuck is wrong with Eric and Bill?
They purposefully kept him alive.
Explain to me how that makes sense
in any universe.
There's no way I could ever explain
either one of them.
There's no way I could sit around
and watch it happen again.
It's fucking Jackson all over.
I'm just gonna stay here
and quietly slip into a coma.
- Sir.
- How you feeling?
- Emma.
- I saw her. She got away. I saw her.
- Go back to your room.
- I'll need a chair.
- Did she go or--?
- You need to reconnect your IV.
Whatever is in my IV is important,
you can bring it from my room to me here.
You're not gonna be able to keep me
away from her, so don't even try.
I'll find Emma. I promise you.
Why would--?
Who would want to kill shifters?
Who even knows about shifters?
Only other supes. Wolves.
No. Luna, they were human.
I think there were about four of them.
Now, I didn't see much.
They were wearing masks.
But I smelled whiskey, chewing tobacco,
bad breath, bad diets.
EMMA: Mommy.
- Baby. Oh, my God.
EMMA: Mommy, are you okay? I was so scared.
- Only family members allowed.
You need to get away from me
before I hurt you.
She ran to my house several miles
through some bad parts of town.
- She came to me as wolf.
EMMA: I'm sorry, Mommy.
My Barbie who is a wolf told me to.
Just because she is a wolf
does not mean that you can have her.
I only want to be a part of her life.
EMMA: Mommy.
- Sweet pea.
Mammaw promised that you would
get better if I'm not too loud.
What do you think I should do?
Oh, I... I think this is
between you and Martha and Emma.
Well, I guess I don't have
much of a choice, do I?
Honey, I'm her grandmama.
There's a piece of my boy in her.
But you're the one who gave birth to her.
That ain't ever gonna change.
I don't want to compete with you,
even if I could, I--
I just don't want to lose her and Marcus.
There is someone after shifters.
Can you keep her safe
until we figure out who that is?
Of course.
TERRY: It fucking saw us, knows who we are.
It's gonna come after us now.
PATRICK: Jesus, Bellefleur,
would you just shut the fuck up?
- You're spiraling.
- Stop the truck.
- Why?
- Stop, quick. I gotta get out.
- What, are you sick?
- Stop the goddamn truck.
Bellefleur. Bellefleur.
Goddamn it,
alone you are a dead man.
A dead man.
- I never should've done it.
- We need to--
We need to have each other's backs
at all times. Do you understand?
I never should have done it.
I never should have done it.
Dead-check her.
Do it.
God-fucking-damn, sergeant.
She put a curse on us.
We are cursed
and there's no escape from it.
- Private.
- Fuck you.
I'm not your goddamn private no more.
You ordered me
to do something evil and wrong.
And it's gonna end up
getting me killed.
And you too,
you stupid son of a bitch.
You're a fucking dead man.
Oh, man.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Arlene, the kids.
I just ain't the kind of guy
that gets to have something like that.
Not for long, at least.
I'll see you back at the truck.
Excuse me. Ruby Jean Reynolds.
I'm her son.
Y'all called and said
there was an emergency. Is she okay?
Is she okay?
Oh, Mama.
They told me you had a seizure.
- I did.
- Well, is you okay?
I tell you who not okay. Jesus.
I know. He dead.
Well, that explains why he not
working around here no more.
But he in trouble, La La.
He come here last night.
I seen't him too.
Somebody stitched up his lips.
But he wants to talk to you.
Well, where he at? I--
He with a evil man
who made him drink goat blood.
That's what started all this mess
to begin with.
- Don Bartolo.
- That's a bad man.
That's a bad man.
- Mama, how do you know all this?
- I ain't got no fucking clue, baby.
The electricity just runs through me.
It always have.
I be seeing shit
I ain't got no right to be seeing.
Shit that I ain't even know
what it even is.
You gots to go.
Jesus is in trouble. Save Jesus.
- I will.
- Jesus. Jesus loves you.
Even if you're a abomination.
Come here.
You been smoking that bone lately?
La La.
- Tell Ruby J.
- I gotta go, Ruby J.
Jesus loves you, La La, through and
through. Don't you ever forget that.
Jesus love the little faggots.
- Bye, Mama.
- Bye.
Yup, just up and left.
Refused to tell me where he was going,
or what for.
But I know it has something to do
with what happened in Iraq.
- And he has never told you?
- No.
That door is shut tighter
that bark on a tree.
Girl, come to think of it,
every man I've ever dated or married...
...has had some sort of secret
big ball of pain...
-...that they keep all to themselves.
- Honey, that is every man, period.
You know how they are.
Well, hey, Sookie.
Not only do I have the worst hangover
I've ever had...
...and feel like I could fall over,
I just took an order...
...from a man who could not
keep his eyes off my tits the entire time.
And his wife and two daughters
were at the table.
- Men are just dogs.
- Dogs you cannot depend on for nothing.
No matter how good they've been to you
or how different you thought this one was.
- Except for Andy.
- Except for Andy. For now.
Shut up.
Can depend on them for one thing.
Trouble. Insane, dangerous,
never-ending trouble.
Way more trouble than they're worth.
- Speaking of trouble.
- Sook.
Hey, we need to talk.
Are you out of your mind?
Mama and Daddy died in a flood.
Didn't you tell me Bill
made it look like...
...Mack and Denise Rattray's trailer
got hit by a tornado?
Vampires are pretty good
at covering their tracks.
- What made you--?
- Hadley told me.
You saw Hadley? Where?
How is she? How's Hunter?
Yeah, they're fine. Hadley's working
at this...
-...fairy night club that I went to.
- Fairy night club? Are you back on V?
No. And I knew they was fairies...
...because they blew me and Andy out
with light bombs from their hands.
- Hadley told me they were.
- Hunter's there?
- That's what she said.
- We gotta get them out.
Can you take me there?
Well, I think it's in this big field
out by old Thibodeaux farm...
...but it ain't really there.
Whatever. Fairies are bad news.
They can mess you up bigtime.
They can, like, kidnap your life,
let alone how butt ugly they are.
A hate crime? Are you serious?
The only four shifters I know of
in the entire Shreveport area...
...have all been shot
in the last 24 hours.
Somebody yells out, "Humans rule."
- They're firing wooden bullets.
- Which are meant for vampires.
Maybe they think they're good
for all supes.
Thing is,
I can help you track them down.
Sam, you ain't had the proper
investigative training.
I can smell where somebody's been,
if they fired a gun. I can smell fear.
I can shift into anything I need to...
...and give you the most heightened
senses on the planet.
I can get into places a human can't.
Plus, I got a personal stake in this.
I can't condone vigilante justice.
Fuck you, Andy.
You're human.
You got no idea what it's like...
...having people wanna kill you
just because of what you are.
Let me help you find these motherfuckers,
or I'll do it on my own. Your call.
RIKKI: God, he is such a fucking parody
of himself.
I hate him.
MAN 1: Check this shit out.
MAN 2: You're kidding me.
MAN 1: Fucker killed Marcus.
MAN 2: He's got no right.
What the fuck you doing here?
You ain't a member of this pack.
Well, I don't remember resigning.
Well, you gonna remember
me kicking your sorry ass out.
MAN 1: Goddamn right.
MAN 2: You know it.
Nice. Martha know about her?
Don't you worry about me and Martha.
We got an arrangement.
That include you sucking down
vampire blood like it's mother's milk?
You out of your fucking mind?
You gonna get yourself killed.
Not that I give a shit...
...but you're gonna take down
these wolves with you.
- Like you did Nate and Woody already.
- Listen...
...if you wanna continue what we started
last night, I'll be happy to oblige.
I accept the role of master of this pack.
Now, you hold on.
You passed up that opportunity
when you had the shot.
WOMAN: That's right.
MAN 3: Yeah.
- We got a new packmaster now.
MAN 2: Yeah.
Let me guess. You.
And just how did that happen?
Well, ain't nobody challenge me.
Then let me be the first.
And I know you're juicing.
I'll be damned before I let you take down
my pack without a fight.
MAN 1:
Gonna let him talk to you like that?
- Yeah? Where's your second?
MAN 2: Right.
Gotta have a second
before you can challenge the master.
- That's the fucking law.
MAN 2: There you go.
Unless you think you're above our laws.
Is that it?
WOMAN: Of course it is.
MAN 2: Yeah, he does.
Is this really the kind of guy
you want to be your packmaster?
MAN 2: Hell, no.
RIKKI: Fuck, yeah.
Well, which one of you's willing
to be his second?
Put your fucking meat
where your bark is.
I Will.
Well, I guess I should have
seen this coming.
Because you're way too pretty
to not be stupid.
What's your excuse?
WOMAN: Mouthy.
MAN 2: Yeah.
You wanna punish me, Herveaux?
Well, I'll be happy to give it to you.
Just say when.
MAN 1:
Get the fuck out of here.
Back him up.
No welcoming party?
- Can't be good.
- At least there's not a firing squad.
DIETER: Congratulations, boys.
ROSALYN: There are the boys.
Congratulations. Heh, heh.
Hail the conquering heroes.
Roman is very impressed.
And you don't need these anymore.
Our heartfelt congratulations
and gratitude to you both.
Okay, stand still.
Don't wanna accidentally
activate this thing.
Wouldn't that be ironic?
- But funny.
ROSALYN: Ha-ha-ha.
I still can't believe you snagged
that little psychopath alive.
You boys have certainly won me over.
Have we learned who released Russell
from the ground to begin with?
Salome has been interrogating Russell,
Well, he's been a little tight-lipped.
We should know soon.
But for a moment at least,
let's celebrate.
Would it be possible for me to speak
to Chancellor Gainsborough?
Chancellor Gainsborough
has revealed...
...her true Sanguinist leanings
while you were gone.
Anyway, I should go back
to interrogating Mr. Edgington...
...who I'm hoping will provide us
with a wealth of useful intelligence.
Be careful.
He's the strongest vampire
I've ever met.
Well, he's been silvered intravenously.
He's quite impaired. Trust me.
Congratulations again,
and thank you both for all you've clone.
We will not forget.
It was our duty.
- Boy Scout.
- Delinquent.
My boys. My boys.
There are my boys.
From here on out, officially known as...
...the guys who took down
Russell Edgington.
How's that sound?
Well done. Well done.
Roman, that looks like a very special
bottle of blood.
Why, yes it is, Rosalyn.
Eighteenth century Austrian hemophiliac.
Not that I know too much
about these fancy antique bloods.
All I know is it cost
a fucking fuck-load of money.
Sit, sit.
You two have delivered...
...a psychopath terrorist.
Probably the greatest individual threat
to vampire-human relations.
And because of that,
you have saved many, many lives...
...human as well as vampire,
so on behalf of them both...
...I thank you.
KIBWE: Cheers.
ROSALYN: Hear, hear.
Well, in all fairness, Guardian,
we didn't really do anything...
...except lead you to Russell.
Oh, no, no, no.
You did exactly what I wanted.
Now I know you're with me.
You do believe in coexistence
with humans?
There are certain humans
I've felt protective towards... the past.
Yeah, but you do believe that
the Sanguinista vision of morality...
...endorses slavery, torture...
...the rape of those who delivered us
into the life before death.
Well, I was never very religious...
...but as long as the affairs of humans
do not personally impact me...
...I do remain a pacifist.
You are just too cool for school
to admit... believe in something
other than yourself.
Excuse me.
I should continue interrogating
our prisoner.
Don't bother.
We're going to execute him.
- But--
- We're at war.
Just because we have caught
one very visible enemy...
...does not mean that the war is over.
I must admit I do find it ironic
that we proponents of coexistence...
...find it so very difficult
to coexist with our enemies.
But the reason for that is simple.
They are evil...
...cloaking themselves in Lilith to justify
their sadism, their greed, their lust.
Lilith herself was not evil.
Exigis 4:19:
And blessed be the children of men...
...for they are banished from the night
without end.
They flame as sparks from a fire...
...and last as long.
But, Guardian, he knows so much.
And I agree, execution is warranted--
Why would we believe anything
that he has to tell us?
- And, oh, by the way, he is batshit crazy.
ROSALYN: Ha, ha.
- Yes, Guardian.
- In fact, I want to execute him tonight.
Soon as possible.
I wanna hit the links before sunrise.
Has he been silvered?
- Less than an hour ago.
- Mm-hm.
Shall I give him another dose
and bring him to you?
And slap an iStake on him.
I don't wanna get dirty.
Guardian, I request permission to visit
Chancellor Gainsborough in her cell.
She's my sister.
Oh, my.
You will be at the execution?
Oh, I wouldn't miss it.
And you?
Oh, I love a good execution.
Holly said you were out here.
Can't even come back to the service alley
to talk to me?
I got some bad news, darling.
Did you...
...find whatever it was
y'all were looking for?
Well, did you do whatever it was
you needed to do with it?
Terry, I ain't Sookie.
I can't read your mind.
Oh, baby. Whatever it is,
I wanna help you with it.
I'm cursed.
That ain't true.
I got a curse put on me in Iraq.
By a woman whose kids
somebody in my platoon shot one night...
...when we was partying.
Just trying to relax a little
in that fucking hellhole.
Was the Fourth of July.
Honey, there's no such thing as a curse.
And even if there was,
why would she curse you?
You didn't shoot her kid.
Because I was aiming my gun
at her head.
And then I put three bullets in her.
Oh, my God.
Patrick told me to do it.
- I knew it was wrong, and I did it anyway.
- Oh, my God.
And now...
...I'm being hunted
by an evil smoke monster...
...that wants to kill me
and everyone I love.
That's what set our house on fire,
not that ghost Mavis, like we all thought.
I gotta go, Dab)'-
I gotta say goodbye to you
and Coby and Lisa.
And Mikey.
- Oh, Terry.
- I can't put y'all in danger.
- You gotta cut me out of your life.
- You've gone off your meds.
This ain't about my meds.
This is the worst thing I've ever done...
-...and now it is time for me to pay for it.
- Now, you listen to me.
I will help you through anything
life can dish out...
...but I need you
to pull your end of things.
I can't do anything
if you aren't staying on your meds.
There's three little people
who depend on me to survive...
...three little people
that I brought into this world.
So I owe them,
and I need an adult to help me with that.
Now, you wanna go back to Meadowglade
for a couple weeks...
...get yourself straightened out,
get back on your medication, we can talk.
- But--
- Arlene.
If I stay with you, you will die.
And so will the kids.
Then you need to go.
Thank you.
Thank you for taking a chance on me.
I wish it would have turned out better.
Where is it?
Uh... Okay.
Somewhere in this field.
That's helpful.
Over here.
It's so freaking bizarre.
It sounds like I'm right smack dab in
the middle of some sort of crazy nightclub.
- But you're not.
- Fairies have cloaked it somehow...
...or it's some other dimension
just next to us.
I know it doesn't make a lick of sense,
That's my sister, you fairy fuckers.
Bring her back here.
Come on, Jason.
That's my fucking tie.
Hey, dude.
That's mine, man.
I'll give you anything you want.
Let's go, come on.
- You don't know what you're missing.
-It's okay. You can keep it.
Oh, my God. I thought you were dead.
- I was sure the vampires got you.
-ls Hunter here?
HADLEY: Of course.
SOOKIE: You gotta get him out of here.
- These fairies are gonna try and take him.
- What? No. He's safe here.
- They're keeping us both safe.
- They're not what they seem.
Yes, but who is?
So good to see you again, Sookie.
Uh, I don't think we've met.
Yes, we have.
I helped you escape from Queen Mab.
- Who?
- Claudine was my sister.
Really? No way.
That guy had meth teeth and bat ears.
Fairies naturally adjust
to the standard of beauty... whatever frequency we channel.
- That's the standard of beauty for fairy?
What, like your overgrown baby heads
are so much better?
Look, you take the dirt road
out to the fork.
No, you turn left.
No, you go out there,
you're just gonna end up in the field.
Listen, I gotta go. I gotta go.
Y'all have fun tonight.
What can I do for you, sheriff?
Looking for something to help deal
with the non-human criminal element?
We got it all.
I just got a few questions.
People come in here, wanna kill vampires
and other supes?
People wanna protect themselves
from monsters...
...who some say
have an unfair advantage.
We're just leveling the playing field.
And what do you mean by
"other supes"?
- Nothing.
- There's a lot of people wondering...
...why the government
does not acknowledge the existence...
...of "other supes," as you put it.
I think people have a right to know.
- What's your name?
- Junior.
- You sell wooden bullets, Junior?
- We sure do.
- With a silver core?
- With or without.
ANDY: You keep a record
of who you sell those to?
Not unless they pay by credit card.
Most of our customers pay by cash.
How many wooden bullets would you say
you sell on average?
Wooden bullets are one
of our most popular items.
That ain't the question I asked.
Go through about three cases a month.
How many bullets per case?
- Five hundred.
- Fifteen hundred bullets?
That's enough bullets for half the people
who live in this whole parish.
Yep. I got some right here,
you wanna see them.
Jesus tits.
I smelled him go into survival mode.
You just saved my life.
Yeah, you're welcome.
That's for Emory and Suzanne,
you human piece of shit.
Dude, your heart's slowing way down.
Maybe we ought to call it quits.
It's your funeral.
Die, fanger.
Yes, we can.
Jesus Christ, Hoyt Fortenberry?
I heard you was messed up
with fangers.
Well, it's your lucky night,
because we just saved your life.
Sorry about Claudine.
She chose her fate. We all do.
Some of my other sisters are here,
though. There's Claudette...
...Claude-Ellen, Claudwina
and there's Claudia.
Have you or Hunter eaten any light fruit?
Relax. We do not believe
in the harvest of humans.
That's why we escaped to your world
before the last portal closed.
That and that cunt, Mab's, insistence that
we dress like fucking Disney characters.
Hadley is free to leave
whenever she wants.
I don't wanna leave.
Hunter's as safe as he can be here.
Look, did vampires kill
our mama and daddy?
I wasn't supposed to tell you.
Did they? Is it true?
HADLEY". What? Been wanting to tell her.
I'll tell her. You told me.
CLAUDE". You're gonna have to tell her.
She knew this.
This way, we're in trouble with--
You know which vampire it was?
All I know is what Claudine told me.
A vampire ambushed your parents.
He was drawn to them by something
he smelled in the backseat of their car.
Your blood.
No. I don't believe you.
I don't believe any of you.
NORA: I swear fealty to the Blood
and to the progenitor.
The first, the last, the eternal.
Lord and Lilith...
...Father and Mother,
protect me as I protect you...
...from this day until the hour
of the true death.
This is a crime against vampires.
You have no right.
You have no right.
And I'm gonna make sure
you all pay for your part.
Roman has decreed
Russell's execution tonight.
They're executing him tonight?
Oh, so now you're acknowledging
my presence.
It's happening-
It's finally happening after all this time.
What is happening?
God's plan, made manifest by her.
Oh, thank you, Lilith.
Thank you, she who transcends death.
Nora, did you know where Russell was?
Did you release him?
No. It's a miracle.
It's all part of her plan.
She was right.
She's been right all along.
In the name of the Father
and of the Mother...
In the name of my ass.
...God and Lilith--
You think you're any better
than the Sanguinistas?
You use Lilith to justify
your bloodlust for power...
...just like they do
to justify their bloodlust for humans.
You're both fucking hypocrites.
I am the only honest one here.
I wanna gorge on human blood...
...not because some fucking Bible
tells me to, but because I like it.
It's fun. It makes my dick hard.
Are you done?
RUSSELL: You were a pompous, self-righteous
prick in the fucking Renaissance...
...and you still are one today.
This is all about your ego.
This is about order instead of chaos.
This is about mercy instead of sadism.
This is about balance.
This is about peace.
Peace is for pussies.
Praise her.