True Blood (2008–2014): Season 5, Episode 4 - We'll Meet Again - full transcript

Pam decides to do what she's supposed to and steps in to teach Tara a few things about being a vampire. Bill and Eric are released by the Authority and set out to locate Russell Edgington. ...

- Shut the fucking lid. - Shut up.
- I can't live like this. - I said shut up.
Leave me alone. I'm done with you.
Oh, my God.
Don't ever try that again.
Fuck you. You have no right.
As your maker, I command you.
Do not try it again. Ever.
God damn it.
Alcide, I'm sorry!
Don't fucking tell me you--
He knew. He already knew.
- Bullshit. - I can't keep lying.
- We're gonna dig ourselves deeper. - You think I enjoy it?
I coulda sold your peach-pie ass out so many
times I done lost count,
and the one motherfucking thing I needed from you, Sook,
is to zip it. And this is how you do me?
I didn't mention you.
No, you can save that for another day.
Lafayette, please. We did so many terrible things.
The only way to crawl out of this hole
is to start doing right.
You always do.
But, goddamn, do you leave a trail of bodies behind.
You know what? You the fucking angel of death.
Don't fuck it up, gentlemen.
Well, apart from these, your escape ploy worked brilliantly.
I'm a bit surprised myself.
We don't have many suspects for who might've broken Russell out.
Only four of us knew where he was.
I'll drive.
There is no one else!
I swear I'm the only one!
She's holding out, I know it.
She must have allies.
Let's continue to torture her.
Everyone breaks eventually.
This cancer in our midst.
How long can we watch and wait before it kills us?
I need you to talk to her.
She loves you like a sister.
You and only you can get her to open up,
give us the names.
And if she doesn't?
Then fuck it. We execute her publicly.
Let the Sanguinistas know that we are willing to kill
just as much as they are.
You know I can be persuasive, hmm?
Holy Moses.
- What? - What took you so long?
I had the TV on. Whoa, whoa.
It's late, Sook. Can't this wait?
Just-- just be quiet for a second.
- I'm turning myself in. - In to what?
Into the police. I need you to arrest me.
I killed Debbie Pelt.
Are you listening to yourself?
She came into my house with a shotgun.
I turned it around on her, blew her head clean off.
I can take you to the body, Jason. I'm not making this up.
Shut up. Shut your mouth.
- I don't want to hear another word. - I'm sick of it.
I'm sick of lying and covering
and ruining people's lives.
You gotta get the hell out of here. This conversation never happened.
I already confessed to Alcide.
He's gonna be at the station first thing in the morning.
So just put me away. Just get it over with.
Ain't no way I'm gonna put you in jail.
Just, uh, act normal tomorrow, okay?
Don't do anything crazy.
I'll try and find out how much Andy knows
and we'll think of something.
- Is Alcide the only one who knows? - No.
Lafayette was there, and Tara.
She took a bullet for me and was more or less dead,
so we had Pam turn her to vampire.
- You what? - She was dying.
I didn't have time to think.
Jesus Christ!
I told you. I ruin people's lives.
Tara's a vampire?
You got to be fucking kidding me.
Oh, good lord.
I'm gonna fucking kill her.
Ginger, we're open till 4:00, bleach-bucket!
- Where is everyone? - I sent them all home.
Oh, my God. Sookie, you fucking did it.
Well, no need for apologies, right?
I'm certainly not waiting for one.
Barely remember what we got all het up over.
Let bygones be bygones,
bi-girls be bi-girls, and-- oh.
- Why is she here? - Uh...
she's mine.
I made her vampire while you were gone.
Congratulations, you're a grandfather.
Would you mind?
Join me, will you?
What's wrong? What's happened?
I remember the impulse.
I had it myself for years.
It'll pass. I promise.
Well, I can't ever do it again, even if I wanted.
Pam went all, "As your maker, I command you" on me.
Which is a card I'm surprised y'all don't play more often.
- Does Sookie know? - What do you think?
How many of us have nearly died
just to save her sorry ass?
Well, I did them all one better.
- Is Sookie safe? - Don't.
You can't keep asking yourself that question.
You can't worry about her above everything else.
Look where it got me.
I gotta move on.
- Is she safe? - Yeah.
She's always safe.
'Cause there will always be some fool there to
take a bullet for her.
Stop fucking lying!
I'm not lying.
I swear. I don't know where Russell is.
What's happened to you?
A century together and never once
have I ever done anything to hurt you, to hurt us.
How could you think I would go and dig up
Russell Edgington?
You're my maker, Eric.
And I would die for you, gladly, a thousand times
before I would ever betray you.
You know I would.
Well, you'd be a fool.
I trust no one.
You shouldn't either.
If I mean so little to you,
then why keep me around?
If you can't trust me more than Bill Compton,
or-- or a werewolf, for Christ's sake,
then release me and get it over with.
Just say the words,
"As your maker,
I release you."
Say it and we're done.
Say it!
- Not Pam. - You're certain?
She knows nothing.
What did Tara say?
Nothing to suggest that she or Pam knew anything about Russell.
You certain there's no one else you've told?
Not even your sister?
You mean the one who was in the Authority?
I'd hope you think more of me.
Russell's the great martyr to the opposition.
If she were planning a coup, he could be very useful.
If Nora were planning a coup, I would've known about it.
And I still wouldn't have given her Russell.
I'm not suicidal.
And you're sure you didn't tell anyone?
If I had, we would've gone to her first.
We need to go to ground.
And tomorrow, we'll have to cast the net wider.
There's a leak somewhere.
Standing around in Northman's bar.
This is finding Russell Edgington?
Has it occurred to anyone
that they may have killed Russell a year ago,
and this hunt is a charade
to buy more time?
Or perhaps a hoax
to rally the Sanguinistas?
Believers do need something to believe in.
We've got uprisings on four of the seven continents.
Even a rumor of Russell's escape
would be enough to defeat
Vampire Rights bills in most countries.
I got bills passed all across Scandinavia months ago.
- Just saying. - Oh, please.
The most liberal humans in the world.
Hardly any radical believers to rock the boat.
Even a child could do it.
Speaking of "radical believers,"
turn to two.
I swear fealty to the Blood and to the progenitor.
The First, The Last, The Eternal.
Father and Mother, Lord and Lilith,
protect me as I protect you from now until the hour
of the true death.
What a lunatic. It's like she means it.
Wake up, sister. It's just a book.
I know the guy who wrote it and he was high the whole time.
You be careful where you say that.
Guardian doesn't like us disparaging the book.
I don't see him here.
He's busy with his own woman on her knees.
Well, you play your cards right,
maybe you won't have to look at Facebook for that.
Know what I mean?
Oh, hey, Holly, I gotta go. See you later, bye.
Hey hey, there's the moon man hisself.
I saw your picture on the Internet.
Your Honor, we found the perpetrators--
Ah, don't even dignify, Sheriff.
I just came by to say thank you for clearing my son's ticket.
I wish I could bring him to you for all his problems,
but, uh, you ain't a gynecologist.
What say we celebrate?
I found me a place
that is gonna blow your top.
Trust me on this one.
You, too, Stackhouse. You can party, can't you?
Uh, sure.
- If it's no bother. - The merrier, the more.
Come on with.
I can party some.
So I'll meet you two back here at 7:00.
Look sharp. Oh, and, Andy,
don't you ever let them put a picture
of your johnson on the Internet.
You want to know why?
'Cause it'll never stand up in court!
Hey, Sam.
Barack and Hillary over there are asking for you.
What the hell are you doing here?
Oh, relax.
Can't a couple of shifters have a nice lunch?
What happened to staying out of each other's daily lives?
That was before you stopped returning our calls.
Well, I've been under a lot of stress.
And friends would talk to each other about it.
Wait-- wait a minute. Is this an intervention?
- It's an invitation. - Come back. Run with us.
We're not gonna let you go so easily.
Well, I appreciate the offer, but with Luna and me,
I'm not sure now's a good time.
Oh, we know. She said the same thing.
- So we chose you. - Come on, man.
Don't you need to run? Just us.
All right, fine.
But y'all are still paying for lunch.
We're good for it.
So, what do you recommend here?
Honestly? Nothing.
Oh, hey, Sookie.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were--
go ahead. Take your time.
Shoot. How am I gonna get through a whole shift
with that girl after she let that happen to Tara?
No way she wanted to be a vampire.
Doubt she even had a choice.
The nerve. Showing her face like nothing happened.
No human decency.
- What in the hell? - Shame.
- She's got nice titties. - Tara Thornton.
- I'd still hit that. - Vamper.
- What a waste. - I hear you're a fang banger.
- Human life. - You can go to hell.
- Blood. - Why won't she bring my fucking beer?
- What a freak. - Lord's gonna take care of her.
He knew. He already knew.
The one motherfucking thing I needed from you,
Sook, was to zip it.
- I can't keep lying. - You the fucking angel of death.
Santa Muerte,
ven a mi!
Ven a mi!
Gordon. Barbara.
I want to talk to you about your daughter.
I think you deserve the truth.
I wasn't honest with you yesterday.
I do know what happened to Debbie.
I realized if I didn't tell you, you might never know.
And I can't live with that.
Go on.
Mr. Pelt, Mrs. Pelt...
I'm sorry to tell you Debbie's gone.
She, um--
she was killed.
- Did you kill her? - No, sir, I did not.
That I swear to you.
There's no reason to reach for your gun.
But you do know who did it?
I do.
His name was Marcus Bozeman.
He was our Packmaster in Shreveport.
He was a psychopath.
After I abjured Debbie,
Marcus tried to move in on her.
She resisted.
He got physical.
- She wound up getting killed. - Oh, my God.
How did she--
- how did it happen? - I'm not sure. I wasn't there.
But a few nights later, he got drunk and he bragged
about it to me.
Thought I wouldn't care.
Maybe I'd give him some respect as Alpha.
He was wrong about that.
I jumped him.
And I broke his neck with my own hands.
That you can ask any wolf in Shreveport.
You sat at our dinner table
when you were 16 years old.
You used to tell us how you would die for her.
What happened, Alcide?
Ma'am, I loved Debbie.
Even when I abjured her, I still loved her.
We were just no good together anymore.
But I never stopped caring about your daughter.
That is the God's honest truth.
No! Gordon, stop.
You wanna turn me in to the police, I can't stop you.
Or, for that matter, if you want to kill me
right here and now.
Oh, God.
Get out. Just leave us.
I can't wait to see these 40 acres of heaven Eller
was always bragging about.
Hey, you're wrong, you're driving the whole way home.
- We'll find him. - Uh-huh.
We ain't leaving until we do.
Stop. Stop, Eller!
Jesus, Eller, who taught you to drive?
Your mom.
What, the prayer tower? We can't go up there.
Mosque's way the hell over there. Tower's fair game.
Especially when it's 120 degrees on the ground
and I am thirsty.
- What'd you get this time? - Nice.
Jeffries scored some candy, too.
Eller, you're pulling sentry duty. Fun-sized.
Oh, I know.
Fourth of July, boys. Let's see some fireworks!
- Yeah! - Yes, sir.
- Try to have some fun, Eller. - Yeah.
Not too much fun.
I'd just caught my dog masturbating.
Do it, do it, do it, do it!
Hey, y'all need to put your dicks away and come look at this.
God bless America.
God Bless Willie Pete.
Yo, Eller, just get rid of him!
Hey, go. Get the fuck out of here.
I said go home, you little shit.
Or I'm gonna kick your fucking ass.
Fuck you, Bush!
- Fuck! - Fuck!
How do you like Bush now, punk? Huh?
- Fuck you. - What the fuck?
- What? You said to waste him! - I told you to get rid of him!
Get back! Get back!
Get back! Get the fuck out of here!
- Get the fuck back! - Get back!
- Get out of here. - Keep your weapons down.
- Back off! - Go home!
This is your last fucking warning, man!
Eller's down!
- Where the hostiles at? - I don't know, man.
I don't fucking know.
Sergeant. 2:00 high. 2:00 high.
Eller, you okay?
Yeah, he got me in the vest.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
- Bellefleur? - No, no, no!
Hey, Bellefleur. You wanna pull in this rest stop?
My ass.
What's up?
Debbie Pelt's parents checked out of their motel,
went back to Mississippi.
Said they got what they came for.
Well, hey, that's a good thing, ain't it?
Means we can drop the search.
Are you kidding me?
They wouldn't be telling me to call off the dogs
unless them dogs smelled a rat.
What if there is no rat?
What if the dogs are just tired of looking?
I'm the dog in this analogy,
and I ain't tired of looking for a rat 'cause I know something's fishy.
Judge still owes me. I'm gonna get me a search warrant.
Search every property within 500 yards of that car.
I know that includes your sister's lot.
Me and Kevin will search there.
- Jess, what's up? - Um...
I came to talk to the sheriff about the Debbie Pelt case.
- You've been talking to her about it? - No.
Honestly! Jess, what are you--
Listen, Sheriff.
You need to hear this.
Are you listening?
- Yeah. - Good.
The Pelt case.
As far as you're concerned,
it's closed.
For some reason, it just don't interest you anymore, okay?
And give me that file.
Thank you.
In fact, it is so far in your rearview,
you don't even remember the name Debbie Pelt.
Not the abandoned car or the grieving parents.
It's all gone.
Must be a load off your shoulders.
Yeah, I feel a lot better.
Well, thank you.
You've made me a very happy citizen of Renard Parish.
Happy to oblige.
You are a good friend to have.
I know.
- Where's Bill? - He had an errand.
We shouldn't fool ourselves.
Searching for Russell Edgington is a suicide mission.
Even if Bill and I do get him,
we'd still be facing a treason charge.
I thought you had friends in the Authority.
A friend, and she can't help me anymore.
Either Russell will have our heads
or the Authority will.
There is no other option.
I'll go with you. We've defeated Russell before.
We can put up a fight against the Authority.
The end may come soon,
and I can't have you there.
Eric, I want to.
What you said in anger...
you were right.
I have to release you.
And it's not because I don't trust you
or because I don't care.
It's because you are my only progeny.
My one legacy.
I need you to live when I'm gone.
If that is your wish...
I understand.
I accept.
Do it.
I renounce the ties of our blood
and my dominion over you as my progeny.
As your maker...
I release you.
You are my child.
As I was a child of Godric.
You were born into greatness.
And you're a maker now.
Our blood will thrive.
You understand?
- All right, hop on in. - Whoa.
Hey, ladies.
All right. All aboard.
Safety first.
- Is this really necessary? - Hey! Hey!
Just go with it, boys.
Do like the Buddhists. Be the vessel.
That's right. You tell 'em, Judge.
How long we gotta keep these things on?
Just till we get to the club.
Well, what're we waiting for? Let's hit it!
Okay, you heard the man! Drive!
Maybe if you gave me a hint, I'd know what I was looking for.
A bug, a recording device, a transmitter.
Anything of the sort.
Ooh, who's bugging you?
No one, I hope. But I need to be certain.
Bill, you're still king, aren't you?
Why do you even ask?
I don't know. It's just-- obviously something's happened.
As prescribed by the one true Vampire Authority,
I am still the sole sovereign of the Kingdom of Louisiana
until such time as I meet the true death.
Or until they change their mind.
So, I had a few friends over, okay?
No one got eaten. No one got drained.
There's no need. It's your home, too.
You can take care of yourself.
But this is low-quality shit.
Get the staff to clear it up.
Hey, are you gonna go see Sookie?
She's just had a rough couple of days.
You know, with Tara and Debbie.
You've taken care of it with the sheriff.
I wouldn't make a habit of doing that, though.
She has a tendency to bring it out in people.
Bill, I saw her, and she's falling apart.
This is different.
And I don't care about what happened.
Sookie and you is different than Sookie and anyone else.
Take care of yourself first.
I think I've done well.
The righteous do suffer.
I am not Job.
I accept my fate.
And you accept the true death
that will come of your treason?
- So be it. - Nora, my dear.
I won't accept it.
I've loved you as my own blood for centuries.
And I won't see you martyred for the sins of others.
Who has swayed you?
Who is gathering the extremists to bring us down?
We know you are a Sanguinist. You already confessed that.
I just don't see you as a leader.
Fuck off.
You have seared and sliced
every inch of my body.
There's nothing left to say.
Well, if you care nothing for your own life,
what about the lives of Compton and Northman?
Kill them. What do I care?
They'll probably die anyway.
Shall we do it now?
I love this thing. Especially this app.
You say the word, I'll trigger the stakes.
Say the word. Say the word.
If I tell you--
if I tell you,
how can I be assured of their safety?
I swear upon the blood of Lilith.
Give us the name of the true infidel,
and Northman and Compton will be spared.
This is my most solemn vow
as a believer.
Tell me.
- Okay, here we are, boys. - Watch your step.
The Clements party.
- Whoo-hoo! - This way.
Come on. Come on.
Okay, ready?
One, two, three!
- Holy shit! - Oh, fuck!
What'd I tell you boys?
You can look and you definitely can touch.
We're a little overdressed.
You guys know what to do, right?
How come I never heard of this place?
Private invitation only.
I come here every weekend.
Hell, I got VIP status.
Your Honor, there you are!
- Gotta go! - Whoo!
Y'all enjoy yourself!
Hey. Hey.
Where you going?
- Andy. - Who--
Oh, Jesus, you're--
- Maurella. - No, I know.
I remember.
I remember everything. How could I forget?
I'm so happy to see you.
- I thought that was a dream. - It wasn't a dream.
Is this a dream?
What do you think?
I don't care.
Oh, fuck.
- Yeah? - Oh, thank the Lord, Sook.
- Are you okay? - Now you ask?
I'm the best I've been in a long time. Why?
'Cause your car is wrapped around a pole
like a giant banana split and you ain't got no airbags.
What-- what the hell happened?
I don't know. I lost control.
It was like the car had a mind of its own.
- Oh, shit. Oh, shit. - It's okay.
I bailed just in time.
It was kinda awesome.
Um, Sook, we gotta talk. Stay there, I'm coming by.
No, no, I'm okay. I promise.
You got here fast.
Oh, you're kidding.
It's unlocked! Lafayette, I gotta go.
If you wanna do me a favor, call Jeb Lecroy and have
him tow my car in.
And don't worry about me, I'm fine.
Sook, I gotta tell you s--
Oh, shit.
You smell like mint and peaches.
And you smell like Aqua Velva.
Listen, I went to the Pelts.
I told them about Debbie.
I hope you like me in an orange jumpsuit.
No, no, wait. Just hold on.
I told 'em Debbie was dead.
I think they deserve to know that.
But everything else that came out of my mouth was a lie.
All to clean up your goddamn mess.
- I think they believed me. - Why would you do that?
If the truth came out, you'd go to jail.
If the truth didn't come out,
the Pelts would never know what happened to their baby.
So it seemed like the best way.
Oh, my God.
I am so, so sorry
I put you in the middle of all this.
I know you're probably still furious with me,
but please,
please know how grateful I am.
I know you are.
Can I at least offer you something to drink?
Bar's open.
And it's, uh, fruity.
I'm gonna need more than one.
What do you think?
It's the last structure left on the property.
I think Eller took off.
- Give me a hand. - Yep.
Jesus Christ.
Bellefleur, you need to see this.
Holy God Almighty.
I knew it.
I knew that motherfucker was sick.
And armed.
Sorry I'm late.
Suzanne? Emory?
What's-- oh!
No. Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Come on.
It's way past sundown.
No vampire of mine sleeps all night.
What the hell happened to you?
And who's she?
Nothing. And Melanie.
She's here because someone needs to feed.
Seriously, three days old and she has an eating disorder.
Why me?
Get the fuck away.
Don't you understand I was human three days ago?
I can't look at another person like she's dinner.
Listen. You seem--
I was gonna say nice, but okay.
I-- it's not you.
- I just don't-- - Oh, no. It's fine.
I don't mind.
- I can't do it. - You have to.
- No. - Do it.
- No. - I'll say it.
- Please don't. - Do it or I'll fucking say it.
No! Please, no.
As your maker, I command you. Bite her.
Slow down, you'll kill her.
Take her to the precipice of death and hold her there.
Blood drained of oxygen
is pure and thick.
There now.
Aw, you don't even have to try.
Let it flow to you.
Her heart's pulsing.
Her life, it's yours.
This is who you are now.
The top of the chain.
No human can hurt you any longer.
They're yours to savor.
Cercis siliquastrum.
At least that's what the scientists call it.
A bit clumsy for my taste.
I prefer the colloquial.
- The Judas tree. - Ah, there.
Now, that tells us everything, doesn't it?
And thus it was from this bough
that Judas Iscariot hanged himself.
The tip melted down from his 30 pieces of silver.
The price paid for his betrayal.
That is, if you believe in that sort of thing.
It's what the book tells us.
Yes, but really, who's to say?
Any shard of wood will do the job.
But if you take the book literally,
then, yes, here it is.
The holy of the holies.
We all have matters to attend to.
May I motion to adjourn?
Oh, no, I can't do that.
I'm having your quarters searched.
Guardian, it is not possible. We are all loyal.
And we all know that there are extremists
who still refuse to recognize the wisdom of mainstreaming.
If one chancellor can be swayed from the path,
then why not two?
Is it true?
It is as Nora said. There is another traitor.
Sedition under this roof.
Chancellor Drew, can you explain why this
is in your possession?
Die, human.
You are food to us.
Guardian, I apologize.
It's a stupid memento.
Who here hasn't fed on a human, at some point?
There are those of us who do.
We certainly don't tape it, let alone send it out
to Misrata, Damascus,
St. Petersburg.
Sent to known enemies of the Authority
with the encrypted message,
"In sympathy
and solidarity."
I can explain. I was infiltrating them.
Gaining their trust.
Alert your constituents.
There will be no more rebellions.
No further opposition to our just cause.
You will...
fall in line.
Am I understood?
Bless the blood.
This was a Tara special.
She made it as a joke, but people kept ordering it.
Triple sec, amaretto, Bailey's.
She called it "Orange Marzipan."
No. I am nowhere near drunk enough.
That's why you have to have one.
The drunker you are, the less you care.
That is unbelievably fucking nasty.
- How often do you do this? - Not enough.
I feel good for the first time in who knows?
I think the whole world hates me.
But they can just go bite me. Those who haven't already.
I killed your ex-girlfriend and you're still speaking to me.
Well, I'm mainly here for the drinks.
Then finish your Orange Marzipan.
- I don't want any. It's disgusting. - But I made it for you.
- I don't give a fuck. - Come on. You'll do anything for me.
- Yeah, well, not that. - Yes, you will. You're in love with me.
Screw you. That's what you think, huh?
Awkward time for a drop-in, Bill.
Jessica mentioned Sookie had been having a rough go of it.
Hmm. She seems to be recovering nicely.
Can we go back to looking for Russell now?
We are looking for Russell.
Clearly without any success.
Sookie could be useful.
I don't think she wants anything to do with us again.
I don't think we give her the choice.
Yeah. Yeah.
You're thinking of someone else.
A vampire?
Wait. Did you just read--
What is this place?
Oh, my God.
Thank goodness!
Leda, this is my cousin I was telling you about.
- Well, one of 'em. - Wait, wait, wait.
When did you get back? Does Sookie know you're here?
- Sookie? - Yeah.
She's alive?
Yeah, of course she's alive.
Oh, my God. I thought after she disappeared--
Jason, we gotta go get her.
Wait. Hadley, do you work here?
Don't worry, I don't touch anybody.
I could probably get you a job, though.
- Do you dance? - Yeah.
But I don't need a job.
- Aren't you a refugee? - A refugee?
- From what? - The vampires?
That's why I brought my son.
What, is this some kinda faerie safe house?
The vampires will drain anyone with even a drop of faerie blood
if they don't stay together. We gotta get Sookie.
Yeah, I don't know. The last time Sookie got mixed up
with the faeries, things didn't turn out too good.
She might be better off with the vampires.
No, no, no she can't be around vampires.
One day they're gonna turn on her, I know it.
They will kill her.
Just like they did your parents.
- What? - Hadley.
No, my parents were killed in a flood.
Weren't they?
Hadley, go now.
- Weren't they? - I've said too much. Calm down.
You gotta get Sookie, I'm begging you.
Hadley, what are you talking about?
Excuse me. Hadley!
Hadley, where are you going?
- Calm down, sir. - Take it easy. That's my cousin.
- Get your fucking hands off me. - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- What's the matter? - Hadley?
Get your hands off him.
- I'm gonna kill you. - Back off.
- I'm a sheriff! You don't wanna do this! - Hadley!