True Blood (2008–2014): Season 5, Episode 12 - Save Yourself - full transcript

Russell Edgington may have found his ideal place when he discovers the faerie nightclub but the faeries, Sookie included, have no intention of letting him have his way. They get a bit of ...

Blast him!
Whoa! Ha-ha! Ahh! Ha-ha-ha!
Seriously... that the best you can do?
I can't even feel it!
Except for a very slight
tickling sensation...
...which unfortunately
for you gorgeous little pixies...
...only whets my appetite!
Oh, fuck.
Well, that felt even better
than I thought it would.
Jason! No!
- Sookie!
LEDA: There's still vampires out there.
What is that amazing smell?
- You will not feed on Sookie.
- What is she?
She's a waitress. A waitress
who's saved my life more than once.
And whose fear vibe very
graciously brought me here tonight...
...allowing me to settle an ancient debt.
- Thank you for that, by the way.
- But I want her.
Are you really this undisciplined?
Now, Jason...
-...are you okay? Jason, wake up.
- Our father would be very disappointed.
SOOKIE: Jason.
- All right, I won't eat her.
- Swear on Godric.
SOOKIE: Please.
- Jason, come on. Hey.
- Swear on Godric.
I swear on Godric.
Wake up. Jason.
Jason, are you okay?
Jason, it's me, Sookie.
Drink of me. Drink all of me.
Chancellor Compton.
Oh, good. Breakfast.
This is a shifter.
Can you not smell the difference?
You guys really don't spend much time
in the outside world, do you?
Ungag him.
- Bill, just hear me out.
- You should never have come here.
My girlfriend's daughter was kidnapped by
Steve Newlin. I want to get her back.
- Now you know too much.
- I give my word, I'll never--
I can't trust that.
Goddamn it.
He flew into the ventilation duct.
Oh, and by the way,
we've been breached.
How could I have lived for so long
and never encountered a fairy?
Because the only thing you cared about
was rising up the ranks of the Authority.
Well, somebody had to do something
to make Father proud.
It must kill you that he loved me more.
It kills me that you think he did.
They got Pam.
You're insane to go back in there.
She's my progeny, Nora. She's family.
She's a former prostitute.
We're going. Just as soon
as we stash this somewhere safe.
You sure this thing is light-tight?
Looks like Tupperware.
It's 100 percent light-tight
and virtually indestructible.
Are you kidding? Even I can destroy it.
Oh, by the way, she's family too,
so be nice to her.
Maybe I should take you to the emergency
room. You're acting pretty weird.
It's a wonder one of those things
ain't killed your baby sister.
Lord knows they tried.
Jason, are you even hearing me?
What the--?
Oh, my God. Tara.
- Are you okay?
- Oh, fuck. Tara.
I forgot that you were one of them.
This reminds me. You haven't
gotten around to transferring...
...ownership of my house back to me.
A fucking fanger
owns my mama's house?
ERIC: We'll do it the first thing tomorrow.
- Ain't right.
If we survive tonight.
What the fuck are you talking about?
I need you to come with us
into the Vampire Authority.
They've got Bill and Jessica.
- And Pam.
- And you owe Pam.
Heh. There ain't no fucking way I'm gonna
let her go anywhere with you.
Jason, I got this.
What about Mama and Daddy?
Sook, you ought to tell
all these fucking fangers... go back to hell
where they came from.
Something funny, fanger?
- Yes, blood bag.
- Leech.
- Breather.
- Dead fuck.
- Meat sack.
- Stop acting like children.
You smell like something
I once dreamed of.
Eric, please ask your sister
not to look at me.
Look, I already know vampires are behind
the Tru Blood factory bombings.
Bill was behind those bombings.
And they did it to force mainstreaming
vampires to feed on humans.
And we gotta get them out of there
before he loses himself completely.
Now, if anybody
can get through to him...'s you.
And you owe Pam.
- Okay.
JASON: Sook.
Please don't do this.
Don't you want to save Jessica?
Just think how many vampers
you could kill in there, champ.
But I'm coming with you.
Oh, sweetie, don't be a fool.
If I want to be a fool,
then I will be a fool.
That is my God-given right
as an American.
What does that mean, exactly?
It means that whether you patrol
our halls or our borders... watch a surveillance screen or you
tend to our human livestock... fucked up.
Do you have any idea how many people,
human and vampire...
...want to see us all dead?
Well, thanks for making it
easier for them.
But ultimately what matters most... what lies just on the
other side of that door.
The actual essence
of the very first of our kind...
...God's blueprint for us.
Scour every inch of this place.
Look for rats, mice, flies...
"cockroaches, termites, fleas!
Have fun.
Whatever you find, kill it.
And if doesn't shift back into human form
after it's dead, then keep on looking.
Have you seen Chancellor Akinjide?
I found him earlier in the blood shrine.
He was about to drink
all of the sacred blood.
He said Lilith had appeared to him...
...and chosen him to lead us.
So I killed him.
Because Lilith appeared to me.
She said you were chosen.
She told me to serve and protect you.
She said you were the prophet...
...for the new age.
Just breathe, baby.
We're gonna get out of here soon, okay?
I tried reasoning. Apparently,
he's lost his motherfucking mind.
I'm gonna case this place...
...which is huge, by the way, and there
are surveillance cameras everywhere.
- So if they come for you, shift.
- I'm not leaving her.
Emma's safe. She's a pet.
They don't feed on wolves.
I'm not leaving her.
You're not gonna be much use
to her dead, now are you?
Listen, I'll be back as soon as I can.
If they come for you, shift and escape.
There's ventilation ducts in the ceiling.
I will find you.
We'll come back for Emma.
Good luck.
Don't be scared.
They're religious fanatics, both of them.
Well, I can totally believe it about Bill.
He's always looking for something
to feel guilty about. But Eric? No way.
They're worse than my uncle
who started his own church.
He told my cousins
there was no Santa Claus...
...just so that Jesus
wouldn't have any competition.
Eric has always made
such fun of religion.
Not in here. It's like they're in a cult.
You know, their eyes get crazy,
and you know how crazy feeds crazy?
They want to conquer the world,
and they're crazy enough to do it...
...and it doesn't matter
how many people get hurt or killed.
One of the worst things
about being immortal... having to watch this same stupid
scenario happen over and over.
It's usually the humans, though.
Guess this proves we're just as
fucking retarded as they are.
Can't believe Eric and Bill
weren't even gonna warn Sookie...
-...Russell Edgington was coming after her.
- Must all roads lead to fucking Sookie?
They were just gonna let him drain her, all
because according to their Vampire Bible...
...she's an abomination.
Maybe there's something
to this religion after all.
You know, it took both of us
to take that buck down this morning.
Sure would be a shame
if you overcooked it.
Take down one vamp, and all of a sudden
you're the world's expert on everything?
Any advice you want to give me
on how I'm dressed?
Well, now that you mention it,
I do have a few ideas...
...of how you can play
to your strengths a little better.
Maybe we can go get a mani-pedi.
Worst part of being a parent... matter how hard you try... can't keep your kids from eventually
learning what a shithole this world is.
How corrupt, mean, arbitrary.
You just want to shield them from it...
...let them believe life is safe and fair.
Bad gets punished...
...good gets rewarded.
Because if they can believe that,
you almost can too.
But when you yourself
end up being the one... teach them
how fucked up things are...
...well, that's a hell of a thing
to ever come back from.
...I heard this
exact same speech before.
More than once.
Words are great...
...deeds are better.
Yep, it's the deeds
I always had a hard time with, huh?
Not always.
Thank God you're here, Alcide.
I don't know where else I would have
turned. Help me get Rikki out.
Hey. Hey-
Alcide. Alcide. They made me drink it.
I wanted to fucking puke it up.
And then I wanted more.
I wanted to kill everything that ever lived,
rip out its heart and eat it raw.
Don't fucking touch me, dyke.
- Hey! Come here.
- Oh, yeah. You like it rough?
Oh, take your pants off, cowboy.
- Show you what a real werebitch can do.
- What happened?
J.D.'s been force-feeding
vampire blood to everyone in the pack.
Says they'll need it
to fight the holy wars.
I'm afraid she might have OD'd.
I'm afraid she might die, Alcide!
Shouldn't you try to be a little less
conspicuous? I mean, given our cargo?
These days, if anyone knew
what was inside those?
Honestly, Sook, somebody wants to
pop them open and fry these bitches up...
...they can be my guest.
Jason. Jason, these are our friends.
They ain't my friends.
We're gonna need their help
getting into the Authority.
And once we're in,
anything with fangs is fair game.
This isn't funny.
I'm on it, Daddy. Tonight.
Jason, killing a bunch of vampires
won't bring Mama and Daddy back.
- Nope. But it'll make me feel better.
- Jason.
Don't stand there bellyaching.
Fill the bag.
No, not until you look at me.
Eric, Tara and Nora,
they're on our side.
- They want to get Bill out before--
- Before things what?
Spin out of control?
That train has already sailed.
I'm so proud of you,
taking such good care of your sister.
- There's a fucking war coming.
- Because she is living in a dream world.
It's us against them,
and that is the sad reality.
Damn straight. Us or them.
So if I have to kill Bill tonight
or any of the rest of them...
...I am gonna do it.
And you better be prepared
to do the same.
The time for tolerance is over.
REPORTER [ON TV]: Infamous vampire terrorist
Russell Edgington...
...recorded by a security camera
at a Louisiana fraternity house...
...the site of a brutal vampire attack
that claimed 22 lives.
Colloidal silver?
Makes the V want to leave your body,
usually through sweat.
Not a pleasant feeling,
but once it's past, she'll feel better.
- That's good to know.
- If I could have got some of this into J.D...
...we could have had a real packmaster
competition, fair and square.
- He was a good wolf once.
- Weren't we all?
It's working its way out of you, honey.
J.D. do anything else to you?
Um, maybe I'll tell you if you tell me...
...why you couldn't pick up a phone
and let me know where you were.
You just left without a word.
Don't pretend like that night
didn't mean anything to you.
I'm not. It did.
Tell me what happened.
J.D. called a pack meeting.
Said it was an emergency.
When we got there, they held us down.
He poured it into our mouths.
Is that all?
It was for me.
But not for some of the younger girls.
He might have been a good wolf once,
but he isn't anymore.
He wasn't all jacked up on V,
I'd kill him right now.
But as it is, he practically killed me.
The only way to beat him
is to play by his rules.
If he's on the same blood that Rikki's on,
it's some seriously inferior shit.
I got some of the best shit available, keep
for special occasions, just like this one.
Lots of folks wanted to kill me
over the years.
I do what I have to, to stay alive.
I have an idea.
Will it Work?
I hope so.
Hey, bitches.
I made some Cajun margaritas.
Ohh! I do not want to even know
what is in that.
But you want to taste it.
Ha, ha. I do.
Oh, my goddess.
- That is amazing.
- Mm.
You look like you could use a cup.
Oh, I don't know.
It's pretty close to sundown.
Oh, come on, peaches.
Just a little sippy-sip.
Arlene, after the last few days,
you deserve a little R and R.
I heard that, girl.
Mm! It's like candy.
Lafayette, what is this music?
I don't wanna think about
how many hours of my life...
...I've spent listening to Sam
Merlotte's redneck ass taste in music.
I'm gonna take advantage of his absence,
listen to something decent for a change.
All right. Something nasty.
Ohh! Look at him work that thing.
Oh, yeah. Uh-oh.
- Roll it out.
- Uh-oh.
Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
Ha, ha. Okay.
You mind just sitting tight here for a while
so I can talk to my friend privately...
...because what I got to say to her
is not gonna be easy.
Take your time.
Will you get me some salt first?
So you got a big date tonight?
Hey, sheriff.
Oh. Hey, Ms. Bodehouse.
Andy, Jane, please.
Haven't we slept together by now?
I don't think so.
Oh, I think we slept together
at some point.
In the woods?
No, wasn't me.
Andy, you slept with Jane Bodehouse?
- No. She's drunk.
- I am.
Well, I'm glad you didn't.
I didn't like the way that made me feel.
Ha, ha. Really?
How'd it make you feel?
Like something special that only we share
was suddenly not so special anymore.
And that made me sad.
Could we talk?
When did Andy Bellefleur
get to be so fucking hot? Heh, heh.
Holly, I really care about you.
I haven't felt something like this
since, well, my whole life.
Who was it and how many times?
Her name's Maurella.
And twice.
Once a couple weeks ago,
before you and I had ever--
And the other time
was almost a week ago.
Clearly after we had--
I'm so sorry.
And now she's pregnant,
and she refuses to go to Saint Francis.
Says her kind don't whelp in hospitals.
My-- My light broke.
My beautiful prophet.
Bill's not evil.
I know him.
And starting a civil war between vampires
and humans, it's not who he really is.
Poor thing. Blinded by love.
Too scared to let herself see the truth.
You ever think anyone
can really know anybody else?
I mean, don't we just
see what makes us feel good?
I think you can know somebody else.
It's not easy, and it's not always nice.
But going through some life-changing
experiences with that person can help you.
Well, it seems to me that philosophy
ain't exactly working for you.
You keep falling for boys
who are dead.
Ain't that like the ultimate
in being unavailable?
- I really don't think that's why I--
- No. Hey, me, too.
Dawn, Amy, Crystal, Jess.
Every last one of them, unavailable.
In some basic, unavailable way.
You know, the problem is us.
We think we don't deserve
better than that.
Maybe we don't.
It is not a question of deserving.
It's a question of thinking
life owes you something.
It doesn't.
Jason, I know you've got a lot to deal with
right now...
...but you can't let it tear you down
like this.
Why the hell not?
Maybe we'd be better off
going through life...
...without thinking there's something
good waiting for us down the road.
Maybe we wouldn't keep getting hurt
if we just expected the worst.
That's right, champ. Vampers
made you orphans. Learn from it.
Yeah, because that's all
we've been getting.
I refuse to think that way.
Well, that's your choice.
But you gotta let me think that way
if I want to.
How's your head?
Jason, that's as big as a walnut.
- Pull over.
- Fuck, man.
I cannot believe I'm midwifing
for your pregnant girlfriend...
...that I just found out about.
Believe me, I'd prefer this was
not happening just as much as you.
Okay, we're almost there, honey.
Okay? Just keep breathing.
Oh, yes.
Yes! Yes!
This doesn't seem too hard for you.
I'm guessing this isn't your first pregnancy.
Seventy-three times
since I first discovered how.
Okay, that's extreme.
Who knew watching an alien give birth
could be so comforting?
Are you kidding me?
It's always the weird stuff that's the best.
It's a girl.
- With no umbilical cord.
- Oh, my God.
You better be good to her,
Andy Bellefleur.
She's gonna have a hard enough time
as it is being a woman in this world.
I will. I swear.
I have no idea what's happening.
Who does, baby Jane? Who does?
Uh... We're not done.
I got it.
Hey, baby.
I've got you, baby, and
I am never letting you go.
Do not shift.
Thank you.
She's been cooped up for hours.
Could use a little playtime.
Reverend Newlin.
I aced my statistics exam.
You did? That's fantastic.
Go, Chelsea. Go, Chelsea.
Yes, Chelsea, go.
I thought I'd take Emma
for a little walk.
Do you want me to have
someone do that for you?
No. Thank you, I like doing it.
It gives us a little bonding time.
Where's your Southern accent?
Sometimes I like
to not have a Southern accent.
Really? But it's such a part
of who you are, of your brand.
Yes, but sometimes
I like to keep the brand evolving... consumers are more inclined
to stay on their toes.
But doesn't that make it more complicated
for consumers...
...and isn't that, like, a huge no-no?
That is a very good question, which
I will have to get back to you on, Chelsea.
CHELSEA: Reverend Newlin, you do know
that we're on lockdown, don't you?
Fucking little dipshit.
Just because you couldn't keep your fangs
in your pants, could you?
Now, I'm gonna need you
on damage control ASAP.
Not that you actually can control
22 dead frat boys.
Access granted.
Are you fucking deaf?
Get in here!
What the fuck
were you and Edgington thinking?
And where is he? Or Kibwe?
Clearly, Gainesborough and Northman
weren't successful.
Government probably killed them
and is coming out for us now!
You stupid little bitch!
Yeah, well, for a normal,
red-blooded American human... birth ain't nothing like that.
- You know, she make me want to do it.
Another girl.
Take good care of them.
Wait a minute. What?
You ain't thinking about leaving them
with me?
You sired them.
Now it is your sacred duty to see that at
least half of them survive into adulthood.
- No! That ain't--
- Shh!
The Light Pact has been made flesh now.
I honor what was, what is
and what will never be.
Farewell, Andy Bellefleur.
That was awesome.
You're a dick.
MAN 1:
Come on, J.D.!
MAN 2:
Slake and burn, fucker!
Drinks on me, everybody!
- Who's up first?
- Ahh!
Shut the fuck up, dead man!
MAN 3:
MAN 4:
Ain't we had enough?
Ain't no such thing as too much V.
That's enough, J.D.
The fuck?
- I abjured you.
- Abjure this.
He's gonna kill him!
MAN 3:
He's killing him!
Stay out of it.
This is between J.D. and Alcide.
Think you've won this one, son.
Oh, my God.
MAN 4:
Did he hill him?
MAN 5:
He's dead.
Guess we got a new packmaster.
This stops tonight.
We're wolves.
We respect ourselves.
We respect our pack.
We respect nature.
Without exception.
We do not surrender to nihilism.
We do not take advantage of those
who are younger or weaker than we are.
This is how it's going to be in this pack
from now on.
If you don't like it, then you have
24 hours to get the hell out...
...or you face me right now.
...we choose pack.
We weren't expecting you
until tomorrow evening.
Our flight was aborted halfway to D.C.
No one's told us why...
...or met us
when we got back to New Orleans.
Has there been trouble?
There's been a breach. Shape shifter.
We're still on lockdown.
I'll need to call this in.
Chelsea, I have Chancellors Northman
and Gainesborough at the gate...
...requesting access.
- What's your cargo?
- The vampire's a mainstreaming spy.
Humans are lunch.
The blonde smells amazing.
Heh, heh. Yeah, she is pretty amazing.
And mine.
They're just trying to track down
a chancellor.
Of course. Send Chancellor Northman
and his party on down.
- You've been cleared.
- Thank you.
Fucking idiots.
As usual, everything falls to me.
I can't ever find anybody.
Compton and Salome are off buttering
each other's biscuits half the time.
You know, I hate to say this, but ever since
Roman cashed in his chips...
...the work ethic around here
has just gone straight to hell.
Okay, you look a little nervous. Now,
you are not gonna veer off this script.
Wait a minute. We're going live in five?
Is that five minutes'?
Five seconds. And you better sell the shit
out of this, preacher man...
...because it looks like you and Russell
may have just started a war.
The surveillance video,
which has become an internet sensation...
...shows Reverend Newlin and someone
who appears to be Russell Edgington...
...entering the fraternity house
where those 22 young men...
...were later found drained of their blood.
Joining me now live via satellite...
. “American Vampire League
spokesperson Steve Newlin himself.
Reverend Newlin, thanks for joining us.
Uh, it's my pleasure, Suzanne,
to be able to refuse--
Refute these heinous charges...
...which have obviously been fabricated
by a sick and hateful mind.
Can we please start with the cheap...
...and obviously manufactured vid--?
Reverend Newlin?
Reverend? Reverend, are you all right?
- Christ.
NEWLIN: Oh, God.
I did not see that shit coming.
Vampires are keeping humans prisoner
in an underground bunker...
...somewhere in New Orleans.
They're feeding on them and killing them.
Come here, baby. Here we go.
Okay, all right. You're fine.
Thank you, Lilith...
...O Mother,
for the gift you have bestowed upon me.
And I swear upon my life...
...thy will shall be done.
Vampires shall rightfully rule this earth.
Guide me, O Mother... I surrender to you completely.
Initiating Level Two protocols.
- Go!
-Initiating Level Two protocols.
Initiating Level Two protocols.
Stay back!
Initiating Level Two protocols.
- In five, four...
- Clear.
...three, two, one.
Level Two protocols.
Watch out. It's slippery.
Okay, weapons tight. Go.
See what you've been missing...
...working for the fucking Authority?
Control room.
Great. Now what?
Sookie? Hi.
SOOKIE: Jessica.
- What the fuck are you doing?
I'm getting you the fuck out of jail, bitch.
Y'all need to hold tight.
We need to wait here.
Wait for what?
Eric and Nora to disarm
and unlock everything.
Nice plan.
Sure beats yours.
Nora, you gotta do that thing first.
- I know.
- Reroute the sensor system--
- That's the first thing I did.
- You didn't.
- Let me just--
- You think you understand the system...
-...I helped design better than I do?
- Maybe, maybe not.
Come on. I know you're out there.
Suck on that, you dead piece of shit.
Oh, Sookie, can you get these doors?
Right, because they're made of silver
and y'all are vampires. Duh.
Oh, okay.
I knew it.
Quite the ritualistic tone you're setting.
Do you not think the occasion befitting?
Tonight, Lilith's darkest dream
will be made real.
I'm sorry.
I know you want this for yourself...
...but I was chosen.
Lilith, in her wisdom...
...wanted the strongest.
I'm glad you're here to witness.
You will tell this story many times.
Salome, think about this.
You don't know
what drinking all of it will do.
Lilith knows. That's good enough for me.
If it were to affect you...
...adversely... would be a tremendous loss
to the movement.
This is not a movement, Bill.
This is the fucking rapture.
All you've seen, and you still doubt?
That" why I am stronger.
Come on now.
Jason, it's us.
Oh, come here. Come on.
Oh, my God. It's so good to see you.
I've missed you so much.
I've been an idiot, and I love you and--
I can't ever love a vampire.
Sorry, I can't do it.
They'll be waiting for you up top.
So I suggest you all reload on the ride up.
Wait. Aren't you coming with us'?
We're gonna get Bill.
Eric, you can't be serious.
- Sookie.
-Make sure it's safe up there for us.
We'll be up momentarily.
Of course it was a competition.
But a weak spot for you, Salome--
And it always has been.
--Is that you're not very good... predicting an adversary's behavior.
Possibly because of
your monumental narcissism.
You were so impatient for the rapture...
...that you didn't even smell
the silver in the blood.
And I put in a lot.
But I knew that you would never smell it...
...because you are too impatient... your lust for greatness.
You defiled the Mother's Blood...
-...with silver?
- Ha, ha, ha.
I would never desecrate...
...the Holy Grail.
...chose wisely.
...Lilith appeared to you as well?
Only to savagely obliterate my maker.
She's a mad god, Bill.
She's nothing but destruction.
Don't do it.
- So you can?
- Pour it in the fucking fire.
- You'll never stop me.
- So Why'd you authorize our entry then?
- You knew we would try.
- I wasn't yet sure I'd be able... get rid of Salome on my own.
- Bill, this isn't you.
- What the fuck do you know about me?
For all you know, everything I did
while with you was an act...
-...calculated to elicit a particular response.
- I know that's not true.
Why, because of the light you bear?
Did you ever consider the possibility...
...that it's a handicap? One that blinds you
to the most obvious of truths?
That you are an abomination,
just like the Vampire Bible states.
Bill, you are stronger than this.
You are capable of sympathy
and kindness and generosity.
You are unique among all the vampires
I've met.
Don't throw that away.
I have spent my entire life
as a vampire apologizing...
...believing I was
inherently wrong somehow.
Living in fear.
Fear that God had forsaken me,
that I was damned.
But Lilith grants us freedom from fear.
Vicissitudes, 9:24.
Fear not,
for my blood is beyond fear...
...fear of sin, fear of mankind...
...fear of retribution.
For thou art begat by God...
...and this world is but a spring
to slake thy sacred thirst!
If I ever...
...meant anything to you at all--
I told you the first night we met.
Vampires often turn on those
they love the most.
Oh, God.
Oh, God!