True Blood (2008–2014): Season 5, Episode 11 - Sunset - full transcript

Jessica wants to get away from the Authority's headquarters and proposes to Bill that she will turn Jason into a vampire. Bill thinks that's a splendid idea - but sends along two Authority ...

Only one can lead us.
I choose you.
Drink the blood.
Drink it all.
Lilith is a godless god. She will lead you
and all around you to destruction.
If you kill and kill, there will be
nothing left. Not even you.
- Aah!
General Cavanaugh's coming. Nora?
- Yeah?
- We received word that General Cavanaugh...
...will be paying us a visit.
- Sorry.
- Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
Something's different. You've changed.
- Are you having doubts?
- No. No, of course not.
I'm worried about Russell.
His recklessness could destroy
everything we've worked for.
Russell's inconsequential.
He's nothing.
- This is all part of Lilith's plan.
- Yes, of course.
We started this together, you and I.
And now everything we've dreamed of
is coming to pass.
- The world will run with blood.
- Yes.
And we'll be there to drink it down.
And in the darkness, we shall rejoice.
- Let the others know?
- Yeah. Go.
- Jessica.
- Hey, Bill.
I was wondering if I could use your phone.
Mine doesn't work.
For what purpose?
I gotta warn Jason.
When you were gone, I had to stop
Steve Newlin from attacking him twice.
And now that Russell and him
are on the loose...
...I'm afraid he's gonna do it again.
So can I use it?
I'm sorry, but no.
No? Jason is out there.
He's a sitting duck.
- Sookie too.
- Jessica... has taken me a long while
to come to terms with the fact...
...that part of accepting
the word of Lilith into my heart...
...has been distancing myself
from the trivial matters of humans.
It used to drive me crazy...
...worrying about their feelings
and their mortality and their weakness.
Until I found a better way...
...Lilith's way.
And Jason and Sookie and the inhabitants
of Bon Temps are no longer our concern.
They are food and nothing more.
You can't mean that.
You will see, in time.
Now, I'm sorry, but I have other matters
that I have to attend to.
What if I made him a vampire?
You wanna be a maker?
I was-- Well, I was reading
the Book of Lilith and it says...
...that the greatest gift you can give
a human is to make them a vampire.
That is true.
That makes sense because I love Jason,
but it never seems to work out with him...
...and I was thinking that's probably
because he's a human and I'm a vampire.
But if I made him a vampire,
then we can be together.
You know, blessed by Lilith.
Do you think I'm an idiot?
- What?
- Are you really gonna stand there...
...and try and manipulate me
with your foolish lies?
- I'm not--
- Yes.
Please, can you send in
Gondry and Lambert?
- What are you doing?
- I'm taking you up on your generous offer.
If you wanna make Jason Stackhouse into
a vampire, then by all means, please do so.
- No, Bill, I wasn't trying to manipulate you.
- No. No, no, no. You're right.
In the time to come,
it may be important for me... bolster the Compton bloodline.
So why not start right now?
As you rightly said, as chancellor,
it would be hypocritical of me to demand...
...that vampires become makers
without requiring the same thing of you.
- Wait, Bill--
- Gondry.
This is my progeny, Jessica.
I want you to take her to Bon Temps...
...where she is gonna sire a young man
named Jason Stackhouse.
Take the helicopter.
I want this thing done properly.
- No, I don't need to, Bill. I--
- Don't let her out of your sight.
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me.
What are we gonna do?
I'll get us out of here.
You gonna be okay?
Kind of strange to find out you were
sold to a vampire 300 years ago.
Hey, that scroll thing is bullshit.
I don't care what it says,
ain't nobody selling you.
Not on my watch.
I think he came for me.
- What are you talking about?
- Except he wasn't a vampire.
There was this weird air shape.
He said, "You are mine."
Well, that is really fucking creepy.
Maurella, she said
talking to this Elder person...
-...that could give us some answers.
- She said it's worth a shot.
Sook, come here.
I gotta go. Andy's got us doing triple shifts
with all these vamp attacks.
I'll come back tomorrow
and check up on you.
- You stay here where it's nice and safe.
- Okay.
Just need your help
to get me out of here.
Jason, promise me you'll be careful.
Never gonna get used to that.
We'll be standing by right here, sir.
General Cavanaugh, what a surprise.
So nice to see you again.
CAVANAUGH: Cut the crap, chancellor.
Where's Roman?
Unfortunately, the Guardian
is unavailable at this time.
Who the fuck are you?
General, this is Chancellor Compton.
He's new.
Well, there's a shitstorm out there.
Roman's been ducking my calls.
Now, I demand to know what's going on.
You're not in a position
to be making demands.
Oh, I see. And who the fuck are you?
General, we deeply regret that Roman's not
here, but can we do anything to help you?
We know you bombed
the Tru Blood factories.
That is absurd. Those factories
were bombed by terrorists.
Don't bullshit a bullshitter, Rosalyn.
U.S. government and this Authority
have an arrangement called mainstreaming.
It means you don't fuck with us
and we don't fuck with you.
I've been working with Roman
to protect this Authority for 20 years...
...but this time you've gone too far.
There are high-level talks at the Pentagon
about how to eradicate vampires...
...from the face of the planet.
So I need to speak with Roman.
Roman is no longer with us.
- How?
- He couldn't get with the program... he had to go.
This is a sanguinist regime now.
Lilith has guided us to our rightful place,
and there we shall lead all vampire-kind.
I would advise you to be, urn, careful...
...about what words you choose next.
You psychotic bloodsuckers.
Roman was the only one
keeping a lid on this.
The only one stopping the world
from sliding into the Dark Ages.
Roman was an infidel
who defied the word of Lilith.
And now he's gone.
BILL: You strike me as a man of integrity,
General Cavanaugh.
Also a pragmatist.
Now, this is the situation
that we find ourselves in.
You can join us or not.
I sincerely hope that
you choose the path forward.
We have video...
...of Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin
eviscerating 22 fraternity brothers... the local Gamma Kappa Tau house
last night.
There are copies of this.
If anything happens to me now or in
the future, this'll be released to the public.
You assured the world,
you assured the president...
...that Russell Edgington was dead,
and you lied.
If that video goes viral, human population's
gonna rise up against vampires...
-...faster than you can say Molotov cocktail.
- Your threats are empty, general.
Are you really that stupid?
We're prepared. You don't think we've
been planning for this? We have weapons.
Weapons you have never heard of.
We own the day.
Vampires don't stand a fucking chance.
There's only one person standing between
you and war with the humans.
You're looking at him.
So I suggest you think very carefully
about what you say next.
That's what I thought.
- Oh, God.
- God is a vampire.
Oh, my.
JESSICA: Hi, Jason.
- Jess.
What's going on? Who are these guys?
Hey, guys, you're kind of cramping
my style. Do you mind?
Your maker told me to supervise
so that's what I'm going to do.
Okay. Um...
Jason, you know,
we've been through a lot together.
And I think through all of that,
we've learned we can trust each other.
I don't know about that.
That's kind of been one of our issues.
- Just saying.
- Yeah, I know.
But I think you know
that you can trust me.
And I know that I can trust you... do the right thing.
Well, that's another thing.
We never do the right thing.
The right thing would be not sleeping
with each other behind Hoyt's back.
You, me, we try to be good people,
but that don't mean that we are.
- Jason--
GONDRY: This is getting tiresome.
We need to get you two in the ground.
- Let me do this.
- If you don't do it, I will.
What the hell is he talking about?
Fuck it.
Trust me.
Oh! No! Oh! Fuck.
You fucking idiot.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- You have any idea what you have done?
- He was a dick.
- I'm glad he killed the windbag.
- They have weapons. We're vulnerable.
- He was bluffing.
- You're missing the point.
- I'm saying, I have known this rattlesnake--
- Shut up, Rosalyn!
BILL: We need to clear this up.
SALOME: Shut up!
I admit, I might have been
a bit impulsive here, but I can fix this.
I'll go on a glamouring campaign,
eliminate all memory that the video exists.
- It'll be like none of this happened.
- I know the general's chief of staff.
If we act quickly,
we can contain the situation.
Okay, go. Take the AVL jet,
and report back when it is done.
Take a security detail.
You might need the backup.
Of course.
I'll handle the general's entourage.
Baby, I am so sorry.
It's gonna be okay...
...because you're gonna wake up
a vampire.
You shouldn't cry, little girl.
This is a happy clay.
When you and Prince Charming wake
tomorrow night, he can bite you right back.
Should we pick up takeout
on the way back?
Do it.
- Fuck.
- I'm sorry.
JASON: Fuck!
- I'm sorry!
I tried not to drink too much.
- Why?
- Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin.
They're coming for Sookie. Bill and Eric
have gone crazy on vampire religion.
Nobody is gonna save her this time.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Jason!
- What?
- I know this wasn't real.
But if I was gonna have to spend
eternity with somebody. I mean--
I wasn't faking that part.
I gotta go warn Sookie.
TARA: We cleaned it all up.
There's not a drop of Elijah anywhere.
I went over this place with a toothbrush.
Killing a sheriff,
this is going to go up the chain.
- What chain?
- The fucking Authority.
What's the damn Authority?
It's our government and church combined.
The church runs the government.
- Like the Vatican?
- Kind of.
They hand down the laws,
and we follow them.
- That's how it works.
- Pope can fuck me. So can the Authority.
- They can keep their laws off of my body.
- The Authority...
...can do whatever they want...
...with you and your body.
We're not going to talk about this
ever again.
- But do you think--?
- For fuck's sake, Tara... your maker, I command you
to never speak of Sheriff Stormer...
...and his untimely true death.
- What the hell happened to you?
I need you to hide me.
- No.
- Why not?
Since when did I become a halfway house
for wayward baby vamps?
Whatever trouble you're in, leave me
out of it. I got enough of my own.
I know where Eric is.
- Where?
- I'll tell you if you hide me.
Don't play games with me,
you little ginger bitch.
Hide me.
Get her a coffin out of storage.
Answers. Now.
And despite what AVL spokesperson...
...Steve Newlin said in his debate tonight...
...local business
has dropped off 75 percent...
...leading to worries that
dwindling supplies of Tru Blood...
...coupled with the struggling economy...
You guys mind if I change the station?
On Wall Street,
the Dow was down 200 points...
They'll be coming for us.
WOMAN [ON PA]: Dawn in two minutes.
Please retire to quarters.
Security protocol initiated.
Where the hell are we?
I think we're underground.
What is this place?
The fucking vampire secret headquarters?
Emma's here, somewhere.
Remember, it is truly a great honor
to meet the Elder.
Who is she, exactly?
CLAUDE: The oldest fairy to escape
through the portal.
CLAUDETTE: There's only one problem.
-It's not a problem.
The Elder has been through so many
realms, she's assumed so many shapes...
...and spoken so many languages that she
sometimes has a difficult time focusing.
- Focusing?
- She operates on many frequencies at once.
- Time has no meaning for her.
- But you think she can help me?
We shall see.
Your Grace, this is Sookie Stackhouse.
The half ling you were told about.
Ke$ha. For or against?
- Excuse me?
- Do you like her music?
I'm sorry, I'm not that familiar
with her music.
She doesn't really sing, does she?
She talks. I suppose that makes her
some sort of a poet.
That's alarming
because her spelling is atrocious.
Ha! Leave us.
Begging your pardon, Miss Elder.
Maurella said you might know
my great, great, great... times 15 grandfather,
John Stackhouse?
Johnny Stackhouse?
Yes, I did know him.
He was a land owner. Very handsome.
Bit of a creep. No offense.
None taken.
Do you know why he might have
promised me to a vampire named Warlow?
- It is forbidden to speak of these things.
- What things?
- John Cougar Mellencamp, for or against?
- Against. What things?
There is a reason
that you find vampires irresistible.
A reason that you slut your heart out
to every cute guy out there with fangs.
- I beg your pardon.
- You, me, Warlow...
...our destinies are entwined.
Yes, okay, but what is that
supposed to mean?
A dark time is coming.
You will be tested.
Hold on to your light.
As long as we fairies control our light...
...we will be free.
- Boyz ll Men, for or against?
- For.
I know you have trouble
with frequencies...
...but there's a creepy vampire ghost
air monster who killed my parents...
...and now he's coming to get me, and
I need you to give me something concrete.
Something useful.
MY apologies.
There's so much information in my head,
aeons of data.
- Warlow is v--
JASON: Sookie!
- Sook! I gotta talk to you! Let me in!
- Jason.
- Where is she?
- He's been bitten.
We gotta hide you. Right now.
What happened? Are you okay?
Forget this. Russell and Steve Newlin,
they're coming for you.
Bill, Eric, they've both gone crazy,
found vampire religion.
- So nobody's coming to save you.
- Russell Edgington is alive?
- Yeah.
- Please, Miss Elder, you said Warlow is--
Russell Edgington is alive?
Hey there, sunshine.
Good morning, Sheriff Bellefleur.
Egg sandwich, crispy bacon, large coffee,
extra milk, extra sugar.
You're so sweet,
you make the food here taste good.
I got a little something else for you.
My boys here have something
they wanna say to you.
Hey, Sheriff Bellefleur.
I just wanted to say that I'm sorry
for putting your butt up on Facebook.
It was wrong. And it seems like
you're making my mom real happy.
You know, way happier
than my pops ever did.
So sorry.
Yeah, I'm sorry too.
Sorry that I cannot scrape the image
of your ass from my mind.
- Rocky.
- Sorry I'm gonna have to waste...
...all of my mama's tips
to pay for therapy...
-...and end up incarcerated anyway.
- Rocky, you quit your sass now.
You can't make me say stuff I don't feel.
It's all right, Holly.
He's got no reason to trust me.
But I'm gonna make you boys a promise.
I am gonna do right by your mama...
...for as long as she'll have me.
You can take that to the bank.
Banks suck. They took our house.
It's a figure of speech, son.
What do you say?
Come on.
All right.
- No, that's okay. Okay.
ANDY: Alrighty then.
- I'll see you at lunch.
HOLLY: Heh, heh, heh.
Alcide, look at you.
Ain't seen you since you was a pup.
Mr. Rollins.
JACKSON: What do you want?
- Just out warning folks.
There's been a bunch of baby vamp attacks
in Madison and Rankin counties.
The kills are messy, savage.
We think the vamps
are upping their numbers.
Turning folks, letting them run wild.
Baby vamps are forming
into packs, hunting.
Coming our way.
Silver-plated box fence.
Won't stop the grown vamps,
but it'll keep the baby ones out.
Get off my land.
Good to see you're still
a son of a bitch, Herveaux.
I come out here out of respect
for the man I once knew.
No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.
You were a packmaster
but you threw it all away.
I was forced out by you turncoats.
Don't let your old man
drag you down, Alcide.
He's quicksand.
Rollins is a lying shit.
He's out here acting all high and mighty.
He can go to hell.
You can't trust him. That's the truth.
You did it. So why don't we just
stop pretending like you didn't?
You stole that money from the pack.
That's why they kicked you out.
There ain't a thing
you can do to change that.
I don't need Rollins coming out here
digging up ancient history.
And I sure as hell don't need
my kid passing judgment.
You get it?
What ever happened to pack first?
Pack left me out here to rot.
The pack can go fuck themselves.
Are you crazy? Did you see how--?
Listen to me.
Russell Edgington
is gonna keep coming for me.
He's not gonna stop.
And after he's got me,
he's gonna come for you.
Now, I don't know about you guys,
but I am tired of running.
We have to fight him. All of us.
- I'm sorry. It's suicide.
MAN 1: That's right, it is.
And yet we must.
We, the fairy tribe of Bon Temps,
in this plane, in this time...
...will fight with you, Sookie Stackhouse.
MAN 2: That's right.
SOOKIE: You clear on the plan?
Just be honest. Tell the truth.
No, I won't have to tell the truth
because I'm gonna kill him.
You don't have to do that. You know,
you could just stay here with me.
No, I wanna do it.
Sook, if there's one thing I learned
from my time as QB1's that the best defense
is a good offense.
So no more pussyfooting
around Russell.
It's game time.
I love you.
I love you too, Sook.
- You give him hell.
- I always do.
Hey, y'all. Here you go,
- Come here.
- Oh!
Terry Bellefleur,
you're gonna get me in trouble.
- Sam's not even around.
- Yeah, but Lafayette is a snitch.
I'm a bitch, not a snitch. Love it.
I'm so glad to see y'all back and happy
and, you know, in love and all.
Thank you, coz. I appreciate that.
She saves my life every day.
How you make it last? For the long haul?
...I think it starts with trust.
Trust most of all.
TERRY: Yeah.
- And honesty. Gotta have honesty.
TERRY: Yeah, that too.
- And loyalty.
You gotta know that person's
gonna be there for you...
...because you never know
when some Iraqi ghost lady... gonna curse your entire family.
There you are.
Maurella, what are you doing here?
There's danger afoot, Andrew.
You swore on the light to protect me...
...and the fruit of our union.
Andy Bellefleur!
Did you put that bun in her oven?
But I just saw you about a week ago
and you weren't pregnant.
That was the night we conceived.
- One week ago, and now you're--
- Yes. Right on schedule.
Look, Maurella,
you seem like a lovely person.
I am.
And I know that we have--
But I'm not stupid.
A lot of people might think I'm stupid,
but those people are wrong.
No. I don't think you're stupid.
Well, apparently, you do, if you think
you can pull this over on me.
Did you or did you not
swear upon the light?
All I know is your finger lit up
and I touched it.
You accepted my light into you.
Otherwise, I never would have
shared flesh with you. Twice.
But I can't...
I got a good thing starting with Holly...
...and I just feel more comfortable
with somebody who's the same species.
To ignore the light pact
will bring great dishonor...
...upon me and all my clan.
It is an act of war.
JESSICA: Bill. I've never seen him like that.
He was cold.
Cruel even.
That's nest behavior.
When vampires live together
for a long time...
...and feed off of each other's blood,
they form a nest...
...and become sadistic and crazy.
From what you're telling me,
drinking that Lilith's blood... making them into a nest on steroids.
- Have you ever been in a nest?
- Eric and I steered clear.
I find most vampires
as irritating as most humans.
Are you worried about Eric?
He's a big boy.
He can take care of himself.
Well, thank you again
for letting me stay here.
Totally. Maybe later we can braid
each other's hair and talk about boys.
Fucking baby vamps.
She's all bark, isn't she?
No, she's a lot of bark...
...and a lot of bite.
Do you like her?
- What?
- You know, like...
Like, like her.
No. Why would you even
say something like that?
I'm just asking.
I don't know that many people
of a gay persuasion.
It looked like you were getting along.
- You have no idea what you're talking about.
- I didn't say that I did.
- Pam and me? Never gonna happen.
- Okay, fine.
I'm sorry I asked.
Don't know why you feel the need
to get all up in my business.
Because I don't have any friends.
I don't have anyone to talk to.
And even if you freak out
and go crazy now and again...
...and beat me up,
I'm a vampire now, so I heal.
And I like talking to you.
I'll try and bring you a fangbanger later.
We're all out of Tru Blood.
What else you sewing?
You're welcome to try your luck
with this fine cross section of humanity.
Ha, ha, ha. I'm looking for someone.
My progeny. He's sheriff of these parts.
Came by here last night.
We paid our taxes and he moved on.
- Oh, is that right?
- Yeah.
I can smell Elijah's blood on you.
A maker always knows...
...when her progeny dies.
He was only one of 204...
...but it's still like
a cold spike in your heart.
Who killed him? Was it you?
It was me.
What possessed you
to murder my progeny?
He was getting on my nerves.
In the name of the one true
vampire Authority... whose wisdom and justice
all is made manifest by Lilith...
...I arrest you for the murder
of Sheriff Elijah Stormer.
Your daddy's looking for you.
Only one can lead us.
I choose you.
I'm not worthy.
Drink of me.
Drink all of me.
MAN [ON TV]: No one with him now.
Yo-yoing up and down.
- Defense blasting on him...
JACKSON: They're all over the guys.
Hanging all over the fucking guy,
you blind prick.
MAN 1: Hoo-hoo! Ha, ha, ha.
MAN 2:
Fucking A.
Fucking A. I'm healing.
Don't go out there.
- They're heading over to the Reeves place.
- You always gotta be the fucking hero.
You raised me to be a man and a wolf,
not a thief and a coward.
- Jesus.
- Heh,heh,heh.
I actually met him.
He was a boring hippie
who stank of patchouli.
Hi, Jason. Ah.
Oh, look. We got ourselves
a hunk sandwich.
- Fucking hands off me! Get off me!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Where's your sister?
Yeah, you ain't never gonna find her.
- Because she's some place you can't get in.
- And where might that be?
She's with the fairies.
- What fairies?
- There's a bunch of them.
They got a club
out by the Thibodeaux farm.
How about you lead us
to this spritely smorgasbord?
- Stay just like that until we find her. Ha, ha, ha.
-Oh, you bet.
- Who knows how to show you a good time?
- You do.
MAN 1: Get out here!
WOMAN 1: Aah!
MAN 1:
We're not gonna hurt you.
MAN 2: We're just gonna eat you!
- Let's flip this fucker.
Leave her be!
When we die, we're goo?
You're already dead.
MAN 1:
Twist his head off.
Oh, fuck.
No! Ah!
What the fuck kind of monsters are you?
Hey there, baby. You're fine.
Just don't shift.
- Okay?
- We have to hurry.
What the fuck are you doing out?
- Shift.
- I'm not gonna leave her.
We won't.
WOMAN: Chancellor Compton
is requesting his breakfast.
Wait, wait!
I'll go.
That's a first. You in a hurry to die?
Just as soon get it over with.
Do whatever you have to.
Lilith came to me.
She chose me.
She chose me.
Take her to the cell.
Chelsea, will you please page
Chancellor Compton?
PAM: What the fuck are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
- Hey. Help Luna!
- Who the fuck is Luna?
Fuck you.
CHELSEA [ON PA]: Chancellor Compton,
your progeny will meet you in the main chamber.
What do you have to say for yourself?
I'm sorry.
I just...
When I got there, Jason wasn't into it.
I didn't think it was right.
So you decided it would be better
to kill two vampires instead?
That security guy,
he was gonna make me turn him.
He was doing his job.
Following my orders.
You chose a human over two vampires.
He's not a human, he's Jason.
You staked Longshadow for Sookie.
Lilith commands that vampire
hath dominion over human.
Who cares about Lilith?
Pam says that you are in a nest
and it is making you crazy. Aah!
Who are you to defy me?
I am the chosen one.
Lilith chose me!
Only one can lead us. I choose you.
Drink of me. Drink all of me.
Baby, let me out. Baby. Open the door.
What is that smell?
- Where are they?
- Right there.
- Where?
- That smell.
- Where are they?
I can feel them. They're all around me.
What fucking fairy magic is this?
Where are they?
Oh, mercy.
- What are you waiting for?
CLAUDE: We're ready to fight.
Jason brought them here.
That was the plan.
The plan has changed.
Where are you, fairy?
Sookie, I will tear your brother limb
from limb unless you show yourself.
We have to fight them.
I'm not letting you out
to get yourselves killed.
- You said we were--
- Don't worry. I got this.
Sookie Stackhouse!
As I live and breathe.
A fairy.
Impressive. You are turbo-charged.
Vampire, I hereby banish you... the realms and beyond. Be gone!
SOOKIE: Jason!
I said, be gone.
RUSSELL: Mm-mm-mm.
- Unh!
Sweet merciful fuck!
That was delicious.
...thy name is fairy.
Oh, God. He can see us.
Why, thank you so much.
I'd love to come to dinner.