True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 2 - You Smell Like Dinner - full transcript

Sookie stays in her house even though Jason sold it while she was away. After learning who has bought it however, she feels decidedly unsafe and asks Bill for his help. He is now the vampire king of Louisiana and in flashbacks, some of Bill's past is revealed, including how he became king. Jason wakes up tied to a bed; Crystal and her husband have a surprise for him. Sam Merlotte is attracted to Luna, who reveals she is part Navajo and once shifted into her own mother who died giving birth to her. Arlene is convinced that her new baby is rotten to the core and is terrified of him. Hoyt recovers from his encounter with the anti-vampire protesters but he and Jessica are still arguing. Angry, she heads for Shreveport. Tara re-appears in Bon Temps and goes to the coven with Lafayette. Eric, under orders from Bill to get the coven to stop before they reanimate a dead human, is in for a surprise.

We ain't supposed to talk to you.
What the hell's goin' on?
Is, is someone lickin' my head?
It's just me, Mister Jason.
Got a nasty gash, so...
Timbo, uh,
Timbo! Fuck me?
It's, it's not that I don't appreciate all the lickin',
'cause I do, but I'm, I'm more of a Band-Aid kind of guy.
Well, we ain't got no Band-Aids.
Who put you up to this? Huh?
'Cause I know this ain't comin' from you.
We can't, Mister Jason.
I been good to you, haven't I?
Uh, sure, at first, I was doin' it on account of Crystal and not,
not 'cause I wanted to.
But I have come to love each and every one of you,
and I know you love me, too.
Hey, you, you wouldn't be lickin' my head if you didn't.
Am I right?
So come over here and loosen just one knot. One knot. And I'll take care of the rest.
Come on.
Why the fuck am I doin' this?
Because you're a good boy, and it's the right thing to do.
Why didn't you tell me it was up?
Get out!
Where the hell's Crystal?
How sweet of you to be worryin' about my woman.
If I was you, though, I'd be worryin' about myself.
Fuck you.
Really? Fuck me?
Fuck me! 'Cause I'll bet you my shotgun to your no arms and legs,
you're the one's about to get fucked here!
Stay away from me.
This is no way to treat your new landlord.
I am not yours, and I want you out of my house now!
Funny about ownership, isn't it?
A little piece of paper, and the only power you had over me is gone.
What do you want from me? Everything.
You can't have it. I bought it.
You bought my house. The house does not come with me inside it.
Well, then, I seriously overpaid.
That's your problem.
Your blood tastes like freedom, Sookie.
Like sunshine in a pretty blonde bottle.
And while they may not know it yet, that is what vampires smell when they smell you.
Is that a threat?
Absolutely not. But others will find out, and when they do, you'll need protection.
I can provide that for you.
I'm willing to take my chances.
I bought this house because I care about you.
If all I wanted was to taste your blood again, I could do it right now,
and there wouldn't be a thing you could do to stop me.
But instead, I am asking you
to be mine.
I could never be with you the way I was with Bill.
The first time Bill declared you his, how did it make you feel?
But safe?
You'll come around.
You're not listening to a word I'm saying.
I know you.
There are two Sookie Stackhouses.
One who still clings to the idea that she's merely human,
and the other who's coming to grips with the fact that you are better than that.
And what do you think's gonna happen when I do come to grips with it?
Do you think my legs are just gonna magically open for you?
Well, that was saucy.
Must have been Faerie Sookie talking.
I like when she comes out.
And I'm already sorry I said it.
Don't be.
The more you let her speak for you, the more likely you are to go on living.
And you want to live, don't you?
Well then, I hope to hear from you girls soon.
I'll see to it that gets repaired.
So they cast a spell on the dead bird and it flew?
For a couple seconds at most, but it was spectacular.
Your work for me in that circle is done. It's no longer safe for you there.
What are you gonna do to them?
What I've already told you will have to suffice.
Any more and I'll just have to glamour it out of you.
Well, we wouldn't want that, would we?
No, we wouldn't.
Shall I send out the procurer for you?
I'm giving him the night off.
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
- What the hell? - Get outta here!
Welcome to vampire night life, post-Russell Edgington.
Hey, fang-banger!
You better not be talkin' to me.
So what if I was, fang-banger?
You're goin' to hell!
Now you will pay!
See that woman right there? Not that devil, that woman!
Yeah, she's got fangs, and, yeah, you can bet your ass we're doin' it all the time...
Stop, Hoyt. Hoyt, stop!
...Because we're in love!
And there ain't a damn thing wrong with bein' in love!
Now, how can you do this and still call yourself a Christian?
I am a Christian, goddamn it.
And I am clearly more of a Christian than you,
because I got love in my heart, and you got nothin' but hate.
You see my buddy over there pointin' his phone at us?
I'm rollin' video, 720P. So I ain't gonna miss a thing you and your damn whore do to...
You want to call me that again?
You two lovebirds go on home, okay?
And let these good people practice their constitutional right to be fuckin' idiots.
I might be a fuckin' idiot, but at least I ain't dead!
Hey, now. What the fuck?
Hoyt! Stop!
I know, I know. It's hard for me, too.
Technology's taken all the fun out bein' a vampire.
I was watchin' you, you know.
Uh, yeah, from behind.
That's how it is, huh?
Didn't realize this was a competition.
Next time you'll know.
Truth is, I don't mind so much bringin' up the back.
It's a magical thing, watching you run.
Are you coming on to me?
Maybe I am.
Maybe I'm not.
I do know one thing, though.
I want to know more about you.
There isn't much to know.
Somehow I doubt that.
People don't get to be as beautiful as you are
without havin' one hell of a story to tell.
Okay, that was a good line.
You like it? Yeah.
Well, I only used it on two other women before you.
Really? And how'd it go with them?
I was one for two.
But seriously, you can talk to me.
Yeah, me and Emory and Suzanne, we all share our deepest and darkest,
and, you know, nothin' bad's come of it.
Well, that's one way to end a conversation.
Freeze! You're surrounded.
What is it?
Name and purpose for your visit.
Um, to see Bill?
Nobody sees the King unless they're on the manifest.
The King? King Bill? Is Sookie Stackhouse on the premises?
Are you Sookie Stackhouse?
Let her in.
King says to let her pass.
Stand down!
Yeah, y'all. Stand down.
Your snipers didn't mention you had company.
Sookie, this is Katerina.
Katerina's part of my security.
Nice to meet you.
You know, I've lived my entire life knowing that magic was all around me,
but when I saw that little bird start to flap her wings,
so fucking cool.
You don't think that maybe...
Steppin' in on someplace we don't belong?
Black magic?
I don't believe in that.
Don't tell me you don't think evil witches exist.
Of course I do.
But don't blame the magic for how it's used.
I mean, light or dark, it's all the practitioner.
If your soul is dark, you practice black magic.
But if your soul is light,
like I know yours is,
you got nothin' to worry about.
I've never been accused of bein' overly light before.
Well, how many other people
have you let see behind your mask before?
Just you,
Just you.
I did not want to come here tonight, but I'm scared, and I don't want to be his.
I cannot force him to give up his property.
Why not? You're his king now. Doesn't that make you his boss?
Eric has friends in high places.
Higher than you? Who?
That's all I can tell you.
Look, I don't want to make any promises,
but maybe I can come up with some kind of workaround.
Anything you can do, I'd appreciate.
But if I can,
it's gonna take time.
So I urge you,
seek shelter in another human's home.
What good would that do when he can just buy that, too?
Good night, Sookie.
Good night,
Your Excellency.
How did you become King anyway?
Never mind.
If there's one thing I learned from us being together,
every time I found out something new about you,
I wound up wishing I didn't know it.
Another pint, mate?
Yeah, I'd love one, actually.
Ain't seen you around these parts, have I?
No. The truth is I've got ten years sober. Well, I, I did have.
Thank you, Mrs. Thatcher.
Fuckin' Thatcher. That cunt could drive the Pope to drink.
You got a name?
You have one with me, Callum?
Don't see why not.
Shh, shh, shh. Easy, now.
Easy, easy.
Just look me in the eye and this'll all be over soon.
Come on, just look me in the eye!
I can make all this go away for you.
There you go.
Now, none of this happened tonight, you understand?
You're gonna feel weak four or five days.
So I recommend an iron supplement,
and vitamin B, twice daily.
You understand?
Excellent. Now,
off you go.
Right, then. Fight on!
Fight on, mate!
You don't kill them?
My name is Nan Flanagan.
Bill Compton.
I know who you are.
I've been watching you for weeks.
Why is it you don't kill your prey?
They might be dinner, but they don't deserve to die.
Most vampires disagree with you.
I can't speak for them.
What if you could?
What if I could introduce you
to a powerful group of vampires who feel exactly like you do?
Who want to emerge from the shadows of society, maybe even fit into it one day?
Mainstreaming? It's a dream.
Not necessarily.
Right now, on three different continents,
the most brilliant scientific minds in our community,
including Louis Pasteur, by the way, are working on synthesizing...
Pasteur's a vampire?
You didn't hear it from me,
but yes.
And he is close, Mister Compton, to synthesizing human blood.
Real human blood, made in a lab, that we would survive on.
Consider what this will mean.
Still, the Monarchs will crush you before you have a chance...
Which is why we need you.
And others like you, to infiltrate the monarchies,
and plant the seeds of discord from within.
Looking for a few good vampire spies, are you?
That's exactly what we're lookin' for.
So are you in, or are you out?
Can I talk to you for a second?
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I realize I made a lot of people worried being gone so long,
and if I were you, I'd be mad as hell at me, too.
one day when it's safe for me, I'll tell you what I was really doin',
and then you'll see I didn't have a choice.
Well, I look forward to that.
I really, really do.
Oh, sorry we're late!
Uh, couldn't find a sitter.
Oh, my God.
Is that him? Mikey, you're so big already!
Say hello to your Aunt Sookie.
Oh, you guys!
He's beautiful.
You think?
Um, duh!
Let me take a look at you. Who do you look like?
His mama! Dead ringer.
Uh, I don't know, Terry. I think he's got your bone structure.
I'll tell you what he is.
What is he? Can you hear him?
He's a baby. They don't think in words.
But I can tell you one thing.
He is an old soul.
Wait, don't say that!
Well, he's not an old soul!
He's new, all right? He's brand fuckin' new!
Hey. I'm sorry. What did I say?
And don't, don't try to listen in on me, either, 'cause my thoughts are pure.
I love that baby.
I love that baby boy with all my heart.
Sleep's been hard to come by, so...
- Hey, Timbo. If he sees me, they're gonna put me away. - Anybody here?
- If he sees the pretty boy, he's gonna put us all away. - Damn it, hello!
Well, what am I supposed to do about it?
Get rid of him. I don't care how.
Can I help you, Officer?
It's Sheriff.
Ain't there any grown-ups around here I can talk to?
Hey, you all right?
Felton's got me all hopped up on V.
What are you...
Hey, I ain't really in the mood right now, so you can...
Oh, baby, I missed you so much.
And I got a way for you and me to be together forever.
But if the cops hear you, you're gonna ruin everything.
I have reason to believe y'all are dealin' V again.
Why would you think that we have V?
Because last year, me and my boys over at the DEA
were about to seize a fuckload of it from y'all, till one of you took off with it.
And I have it on good authority...
Whose good authority?
It don't fuckin' matter, boy! Read the fuckin' warrant!
Damn it, can't you read, Jethro?
You shut the fuck up for me!
What was that?
Oh, it's just a couple little hound dogs fightin' over a bone.
Luther, come here.
I said come here!
Go give this to that cop.
Should I say it's from you?
No, you fucking dumbass! Just give it to him and walk away.
What's this, now?
The fuck, Uncle Luther! It's okay.
Luther, thank you,
for comin' forward with this uh, evidence, which I am now gonna take with me.
Again, as evidence.
Good. You did real good, baby. Mmm.
Ain't you supposed to be in school?
I'm between classes.
Listen, if I'd had a teacher like you, I might have made it past the ninth grade.
And had I known this chair was so difficult to seduce you from,
I would have waited for you standing.
Oh, don't you worry. You're doin' just fine.
So you're here to seduce me then, huh?
I felt bad about last night.
I am just no good at opening up.
No, look. I...
I shouldn't have pried.
There are some things I'm not really proud of.
Some things I've never told anyone.
Yeah. Well, I got a few of those myself.
I really want to let you in.
I really do.
And I'm gonna try.
I promise.
Well, that makes me happy.
But you could have just called, and...
Yeah, I know, but um,
then I wouldn't have been able to do this.
So are you coming out tonight?
That ain't even a question.
Then my work here is done.
Uh, well, uh, just out of curiosity,
if I'd said I wasn't sure, where was this gonna go?
So uh, are you gonna change before headin' back to the classroom or...
Are you kidding me? I teach in turtlenecks, even in the summer.
Boys these days are disgusting.
Well, I'm not so sure it's just these days,
but I'm glad you're taking the necessary precautions.
Will I see you tonight?
Who's your friend?
Sure smells pretty.
She looks pretty, too.
Who my friend is, is none of your business, Tommy.
You want a friend to smell, smell your own.
So I was thinkin' after we get off work,
maybe we can rent a video and kill off that bottle of Frangelico we've been nursin'.
I don't know, they call 'em videos, but what do they call 'em now?
Blu-rays, I think is what they call 'em. Or we could take a ride...
Mother fuckface!
Oh my God, your eye!
Terry, it was him.
He did this to me.
Well, look at him, looking at me, laughin'!
He ain't right, that boy!
You hear me? You ain't right!
You're rotten to the core, just like your daddy was!
I'm your daddy, and I ain't rotten and neither are you.
You hear me?
Your mama just gets a little crazy sometimes,
which means we just gotta love her that much harder.
Oh my God, are y okay?
Hi, Sook! I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's not your fault. I guess I'm still not so good at gettin' snuck up on.
How did you...
He texted me, said you was home.
I parked out back 'cause I wanted to surprise ya.
You did.
I guess I did, huh?
I thought you were dead.
Everybody did. Where have you been?
New Orleans.
Where have you been?
Um, business for, for Bill.
We're not back together or anything.
I ain't judgin'.
You look amazin'! New Orleans has been good for you, huh?
It has.
Come on inside and tell me all about it?
What the hell?
Let me see that.
No, I don't like, actually.
That thing you said before about you and Bill not bein' together,
you sure he knows that?
It's from Eric.
Sookie, you ain't with him now?
No, never. The son of a bitch bought my house, but that's all.
He bought your house?
Psychopathic frat boy.
I feel terrible. This can't be the homecoming you were expecting.
It's Bon Temps, Sook. Ain't like I expected a red fuckin' carpet.
And besides, there's ice cream.
And by now, it should be good and melty, too.
I'll go get blankets and meet you in the living room.
This I'll keep.
What? What is it?
He built himself a cubby.
He built himself a cubby in my house.
Do you need to go?
Hey, hon.
You all right?
Just stupid, that's all.
Well, let me see your eye.
No, it's fine.
My God.
Can I get you anythin'?
Well, I've melted all the fruits and vegetables we have in the place,
so at this point, I pretty No, you don't.ugh it out.
Jessica, no, no.
Why not?
When you live with a vampire, there might as well be somethin' in it for you.
No. There's plenty in it for me.
Besides, I don't need that shit.
"That shit"?
"That shit" is my blood!
That's not what I...uh...
You know what I'm sayin'.
No, I have no idea what you're sayin'.
Just that I don't want to drink your blood every time I stub my toe.
I've seen people get all kind of messed up off of too much vampire blood.
Where's your keys?
Jessica, don't just go runnin' off like that's some...
I'm goin' to the drugstore. If you won't take my blood,
you need to at least take some Advil.
I don't want any Advil.
I'm goin'.
There you go.
Is that... That's my motherfuckin' cousin.
Look who brought me my car back.
I got your text, so I came by to see Sook, but she had to bail.
He Jesus!
Tara. How you been?
I've been good!
You look good.
That's the calming influence of that Asian pussy at work.
Fuck you!
Now, hooker, you know I'm right.
Come on, we're late. We gotta go.
I just got here! Where the hell you goin'?
We got a thing.
A gay thing?
A Wiccan thing.
You're a Wiccan now?
Hooker, you gonna come or what?
I guess so.
Thank you for coming.
Of course.
I understand you bought Sookie's house.
Any chance I can convince you to sell it back to her?
To me, then?
All right?
So we're good.
There's a new coven in town.
Oh, no. Witches.
Based out of a Wicca shop not far from here,
called Moongoddess Emporium.
I'll put Pam on it.
You will do it yourself.
They're necromancers, Eric.
They brought a bird back from the dead.
Are you certain of this?
I had someone on the inside.
I hope I don't have to impress upon you the implications of this.
You do not.
If they can control the dead, then they can control us.
I remember the Inquisition. I was around back then.
Now will you deal with this yourself, or is it still beneath you?
Has the AVL signed off on this?
I am the King of Louisiana!
I don't have to ask anyone for permission.
I will go tonight,
my King.
Thank you, Sheriff.
You dare challenge me?
I'm over twice your age.
But I have nothin' left to lose.
I brought backup.
You brought humans into our affairs?
No, you did. When you sent me after Sookie.
On my command.
Their bullets are wooden?
With a silver core.
Nothing but the best for my Queen.
You fucking traitor!
Thank you, team.
And thank you.
I did nothing any other member of the American Vampire League wouldn't do.
Except you did.
For you, this was personal, wasn't it?
You mean Sookie?
What is so special about that girl?
Nothin', as it turned out.
I was dispatched by Sophie-Anne because she was obsessed with her,
but there was nothin' there.
I swear it on the office I am to ascend to.
You better not be lying to me.
She did. Look what happened to her.
I understand.
Then by the power vested in me by the one true Vampire Authority,
whose wisdom and justice we hold sacred,
I hereby pronounce you King William Compton of Louisiana.
I pledge my fealty to the Authority for as long as I walk this earth,
d I swear it upon The Blood.
Hear, hear.
Now go clean yourself up.
You're covered in Queen.
Every memory of everyone I have ever loved is in that house.
If there is anything you can do to convince him to leave me alone...
Did I miss somethin'?
Are we "girls" now?
Do we join a book club and read some queer chick-lit memoir,
so now we're bonded together by estrogen, or sisterhood, or some other feminist drivel?
I don't do book clubs.
Neither do I.
Eric is my maker, Sookie. Did you really think I'd side with you on this?
Are you expecting him back tonight?
He usually checks in to count receipts before he goes to ground.
I'll wait for him here.
If that's all right with you.
Of course.
While you're waitin', though, you really should reconsider his offer.
Why? So he can keep me? Use me? Drink from me?
Or maybe lose control and drain me altogether?
It beats someone else doin' it.
With what you are, Faerie Princess, you need to be somebody's,
or you won't be at all.
Eric is handsome, he's rich, and in his own way, he cares about you. He really does.
Thanks for the advice.
But I will never be Eric Northman's puppet.
Mmm. Shame for you, then.
He pulls good string.
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right...
What we accomplished last night was remarkable.
And Marnie appreciates each and every one of us for bein' a part of it.
If Marnie's so appreciative, how come Marnie don't talk?
Quiet, bitch. You a guest.
All right. Well, enough of the backslappin'.
What we gonna bring back next?
A person.
Excuse me?
A person.
I'm sorry. What the fuck?
We're gonna raise a human body.
This is where you lose me.
Holy shit, Marnie!
Well, why not a pigeon or...
Well, I don't see what the big deal is. I'm game. Are you serious?
Yeah, I'll be waitin' out front.
I hear you, bitch.
What's the most fucked up thing I ever shifted into?
Yeah, come on. Out with it.
All right. I'm gonna have to go with, I was a hen at an egg farm.
What'd you do that for? Some kind of animal rights thing?
Yes! To expose their inhumane practices!
Whole world ain't rich, you know.
Not everybody can afford those organic free-range eggs you eat.
Oh, well, congratulations, Emory.
You're so disenfranchised.
"I eat the eggs of the poor people."
I shifted into my mother.
You did what?
Now, that's fucked up.
My mother died giving birth to me.
So I was raised by my father and my grandparents on Navajo Nation.
You're an Indian?
I thought you were a Mexican.
I am, on my mother's side. But my father's side is Navajo.
Like, old school Navajo.
My bedtime stories were not written by Doctor Seuss.
I had to fall asleep listening to "The Legend of the Skinwalkers."
According to the Navajo, skinwalkers were horrible, evil witches,
whose powers allowed them to transform into any animal on earth.
Well, how's that different from bein' a plain old shifter?
Any animal on earth, including other people.
But they were said to be able to gain their powers in one way only.
They had to kill another shifter.
Another member of their own family.
Jesus. That's a little rough.
Yeah, especially when your mother died giving birth to you.
What was it like?
Bein' somebody else?
It was crazy.
And scary, at first.
But then I was like,
"I get to be my mom."
I mean, I never got to meet her, and then, yeah, I was her. It was...
Where you goin'?
- Need any help? - No. I got it.
Hey, baby. How's it goin'?
Everyone here is completely insane.
Well, you already knew that.
Just say goodbye to your grandmother and come on home, okay?
I miss you.
I miss you, too, baby.
Where the fuck y'all gonna get a dead body?
Excuse me.
Y'all are lookin' for a dead body?
Oh, shit.
Oh, Lafayette!
I didn't know you were a witch.
You are so fuckin' beautiful.
What's your name again?
Does it matter? Mmm.
Oh, yeah, oh.
Can I talk to you for a second?
What are you doin' here?
What are you doin' here?
Waitin' to talk to Eric. I had to pee, but...
I'm bleedin' in here.
Does Hoyt know you're doin' this?
Just don't!
Sweetie, I'm just trying to help.
Well, I don't want your help.
Besides, you ain't got no leg to stand on preachin' at me how to be a good girlfriend.
Not after the way you treated Bill.
Okay, you don't know everything there is to know about...
You have any idea how brokenhearted he was?
And still is?
Stop acting like my stepmom. I hated it before, and I like it even less now.
I'm not. Just go away!
This ain't got nothin' to do with you.
I can eat who I want.
Hold the fuck still.
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Steve Newlin was right! You're devils of the night!
Oh, shut up and make up a new chant already!
Fang-bangers go to hell!
What happened to your limp?
Must be the adrenaline of the moment and shit.
You've been lyin' to me. Your leg's fine!
Yeah, well, fuck you!
'Cause you've been lyin' to me, too!
How have I been lyin' to you?
Your new girlfriend and all them people you been hangin' out with!
They're all shifters! It ain't no anger management!
Well, that's what it is for me, anyhow!
A chance to get shit off my chest before I do crazy things like shoot people!
Do you have any idea how much I wish I'd never done that?
Probably not as much as me.
Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me.
Well, this worked out great for you! You're the one that got shot!
Yeah, I'm the one that got shot!
All your sins are washed away!
Livin' high on the hog at Maxine's house!
And I'm just the stupid son of a bitch that shot his own brother!
Yeah, well, it still don't change the fact that you lied to me.
You lied to me. Big surprise.
Mickens brothers are a bunch of liars.
Big surprise.
What'd you follow me out here for, Tommy?
I don't know. I guess I just...
want us to be brothers.
I'm serious, Sam. Don't laugh at me.
Well, that's gonna be a problem.
'Cause, you don't trust me. I sure as hell don't trust you.
So then,
where do we start?
Chip away at it.
Try to not trust each other a little less every day.
Sounds good.
Sam, are you all right?
Hey, you need some help, Sam?
Are you okay, Sam?
Guess I should take off before they find me.
Appreciate it.
I'm told your leader's name is Marnie.
Who told you that?
Well, let's just say, um,
a little bird did.
which one of you uh,
lovely ladies is Marnie?
I am.
Uh, I, I am Marnie.
Excellent. Thank you for coming forward.
Now, here's the deal, Marnie.
This is the last time your coven convenes.
And before you even think about agreeing
and then meeting behind my back, know this.
There is no behind my back. I am everywhere.
What's in it for me?
I said it was a deal, not a negotiation.
Lafayette, do I negotiate?
I'd listen to him, Marnie. He tends to get his way.
What the fuck now?
Join hands.
Why couldn't you just take the deal?
Goddamn, I hate this place.
Elements of the night, elements of the dead, come this way.
We call upon ye, we summon ye.
Elements of the night, elements of the dead, come this way.
We call upon ye, we summon ye.
Elements of the night, elements of the dead, come this way.
Well, what have we here?
Oh, shit.
Elements of the night, elements of the dead, come this way.
We call upon ye, we summon thee.
Elements of the night, elements of the dead, come this way.
Holy shit.
Well, what happened?
Is he gone?
Well, it's your lucky night. You get us both.
Take that shit out his mouth. I can't make out a word he's sayin'.
I said if you're gonna kill me, kill me now, fuckwad!
Oh, no. We ain't gonna kill you.
We gonna make a baby.
You and me?
No, silly. You and me.
Uh, two questions. Why is he all right with this?
And also, if he ain't part of the baby-makin', what's he gettin' naked for?
We been tryin' on our own for a while now, but...
Felton's shootin' blanks.
Shut the fuck up!
We don't know that for sure. All we know is it ain't workin'!
Jesus Christ.
I got a duty, you know, to my kinfolk.
To propagate the bloodline.
But I also want to be with you.
Well, maybe it's just the stress of the situation,
but, well, I don't follow.
If we want to be sure we're gonna make us a panther,
we gotta make you one of us first.
But what if I don't want to be one of you?
Well, that's just too fuckin' bad!
Oh, fuck. Crystal!
Don't, please! I'm beggin' you.
Don't you want to be together?
I mean, this is the only way.
I love you.
Oh, suck it, Felton.
Sweetheart, please.
Just try and relax, all right? It'll only hurt in the beginnin'.
Who are you?
It's me, Sookie.
You know me.
No, no, I don't.
Why do you smell so good?