True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 12 - And When I Die - full transcript

Now free, Sookie must decide between Eric and Bill. It's not an easy decision and she soon realizes that her turmoils are not yet over when someone comes gunning for her. Having taken over Lafayette's body, Marnie is intent on seeking revenge. She also wants additional powers however and knows exactly where to get them. Sookie has to save Bill and Eric from her but gets help from an unexpected source. Jason meanwhile decides it's time to tell Hoyt about sleeping with Jessica. Hoyt doesn't take it too well. Jason and Jessica however come to an understanding about their relationship. Andy Bellefleur tries to make amends about his recent strange behavior and Arlene gets a visit from the last person she wanted to see.

JESUS: Lafayette, did you hear anything I just said?
Sorry for pushing you into the magic before you were ready.
Thought I was helping you...
...but I was acting just like my fucking abuelo.
You were right, baby.
This kind of power, it's not meant for us.
It's too strong.
Or we're too weak.
But I swear to whatever the fuck is out there...
...if you wanna lead a magic-free life from here on out, I'm all for it.
Are you okay in there?
Eat your breakfast.
I know it's not fried in pig fat or whatever secret deliciousness you use...
...but I worked hard on it.
I'll see you after work.
TARA: Hey there.
Morning, Sook.
You get any sleep?
My nerves are shot.
After everything we've been through...'s a miracle we're not screaming in a padded room somewhere.
Tara... you think Gran's in heaven?
Well, I've always considered myself to be an atheist.
But if heaven does exist...
...I'm pretty sure Adele Stackhouse would be, like, the president of it.
Why you thinking about that, anyway?
Marnie channeled Gran.
Least I think it was her. She warned me about Antonia.
Told me not to give my heart to Eric.
Well, she did have all the sense in the family.
This morning...
...I keep feeling like she's here.
You mean watching over you?
No. I mean, like...
..."here" here.
I know it's probably just some residual weirdness...
...from everything that's been going on...
...but I just can't shake this feeling.
If she was here, what do you think she'd say?
To be good to each other.
And wear more sunscreen.
And to stop getting into so much dang trouble.
What are we, like, magnets for fucking craziness or something?
Lord, I hope not.
Someday, I see myself growing old...
...and sitting on the porch with my grandbabies on my lap...
...just watching the sunset.
I hope I get to sit on that porch with you someday.
Me too.
He was a devious little son of a bitch...
...but somewhere in there he had a good heart.
Not a lot of people got to see that. I was lucky enough to be one of them.
Well, thank you for coming.
It would have meant a lot to my brother.
He said, "Sam shooting me was the best thing that ever happened to me...
...Ms. Fortenberry, because it brought me to you and the Lord."
Sweet boy.
Course, then he stole a bunch of my clothes and jewelry.
Even a pair of my underpants.
And my favorite church shoes.
Well, I'm sorry.
Nobody taught Tommy how to love somebody without hurting them.
I let him down that way too.
My guess is nobody taught you neither.
We all do the best we can with what we got.
I'm gonna bring by one of my famous pork rind casseroles later.
No. No, don't trouble yourself, Ms. Fortenberry.
Oh, nonsense.
Tommy may not have been my flesh and blood...
...but he was a son to me.
You call me Mama from now on.
We're all the family we got left.
Jason Stackhouse, you are a good person.
Yes, you are.
Shut up.
- Hey, Jason. - Hey, buddy. Heh.
What you doing?
Oh, just working. You know?
- What you doing? - Just chilling.
You know, it's a nice day.
It's moist.
- Somebody die? - No.
Listen, we gotta talk, man.
You mind--?
You mind putting that thing down first?
...we've been friends a long time.
You remember...
BOTH [IN UNISON]: Boom, boom.
I had sex with Jessica.
I ain't joking.
I wish I was, but I ain't.
Kind of a weird question to ask, man.
But if you really wanna know...
...missionary, then doggie, then her on top.
I mean, it was nothing too kinky.
No, how could you do that to me? Not "how did you fuck my girl?"
Listen, I'm sorry, man.
But technically-- Hey, technically, she wasn't your girl no more.
You said you never wanted to see her again.
Yeah, fuck you!
We had a code, and you broke it.
You could've had anyone. Anyone you wanted.
I'm not you, man.
She was the only one.
I drank her blood.
I couldn't think about anything else.
I tried to fight it, but it just happened.
No, it doesn't just happen. You make choices.
You make fucked-up, selfish, piece-of-shit choices.
All right. You made your point, Hoyt.
You made your point.
Ain't nothing more important to you than your dick. Not even your best friend.
What Jess and I had, it was real...
...and you ain't never gonna have that, not with her, not with anybody...
...because there's something inside you that's-- It's just missing.
JESUS: Lafayette.
Lafayette, listen to me. I know you're in there.
Whatever Marnie's making you do, you have to fight her.
You think your little fry cook can overpower me?
True, his body is younger and stronger than mine was...
...and the magic in him is potent. Clumsy, but potent.
He is no Antonia.
Marnie, before Antonia came along, you were afraid of your own voice.
You talked to the dead because they were your only friends.
That's why you wanted possession so badly...
...because you felt lonely...
I thought you were my friend.
I trusted you.
- And you took her away from me. - She wanted to leave, Marnie.
Antonia knew you weren't fighting a righteous war.
She knew that all you really cared about was power.
You don't deserve to speak her name. Traitor.
Antonia was a hero. A martyr.
Unlike this Lafayette coward, whom I've had to take by force.
Jesus, this bitch is strong and seriously homicidal.
Call me bitch again, boy, and I'll cutout your eyeball and feed it to you.
I can't feel pain, but you will.
Marnie, please don't hurt him.
I'll do whatever you want.
Just tell me. Tell me what you want us to do.
I want what your grandfather passed down to you in the blood...
...what you've been running from your whole life.
I want your magic, brujo.
All of it.
Hey, Arlene. Oh!
Happy Halloween.
Oh, is Halloween today?
ARLENE: Yep. - Can I interest you in a hand sandwich?
We're zombies.
Zombies are the new vampires. Didn't you know that?
No, I did not know that, but your severed-toe necklace is super cute.
- Thank you. -ls Sam around?
ARLENE: Oh, Lord, nobody's told her yet.
SAM: Come in.
- Hey. - Hi.
I'm sorry about Tommy. I just heard.
- The funeral? - Yeah, well, nobody knew about it.
My brother didn't have a whole lot of friends around here.
You do.
I hadn't seen you in a while. Figured you had a lot going on.
I was pretty sore after you fired me and all...
-...but I would've been there for you. - I never fired you.
You're the one who didn't show up for shifts.
Not to be a stickler for details...
...but you told me I was nothing but trouble and to get my stuff and get out of here.
You know what? I wasn't myself that day.
I'll tell you what. How about we let bygones be bygones, huh?
Does that mean I can have my job back?
As long as you can start right now.
Lafayette's MIA and with it being Halloween...
...we sure could use an extra pair of hands.
Can I have a new uniform? I kind of threw mine in the trash.
No uniforms today.
- Oh, no. - Oh, yeah.
You want your job back or not?
I'm gonna get you for this, Sam.
SAM: Nobody likes an angry bunny.
Samhain was Wicca's greatest holy celebration...
...a night we honored and communed with our dead.
Now people only know it as Halloween.
Children feed their fat faces with candy...
...and run in fear from evil green hags they call witches.
The vampires have done a thorough job of demonizing our most sacred sabbat...
-...turning our religion into a joke. - I agree with you.
Vampires suck.
That's why you need to let go of Lafayette before they find out.
They'll kill him, Marnie.
Just like they killed you.
If you hadn't betrayed me, I would still be alive.
Besides, it's the only host I have.
He's not a host, he's a person.
With a whole life and people who love him.
We must all make sacrifices in time of war.
I made mine, and now you will make yours.
You can't trade magic like fucking Pokémon cards.
I would gladly give you this shit inside of me if I knew how, but I just don't.
- You're afraid. - Yes.
And you should be too.
Because what's inside of me is seriously dark.
I'll fight darkness with darkness.
Who are you fighting for, huh?
Antonia's gone, the circle's broken.
They fear you more than they fear the vampires.
- You've turned into everything you hate. - Shut up.
Give me what I want, or I will wring the life out of this body...
...till there is nothing left but an empty sack.
Okay, enough. Stop it.
I'll do it.
Give it to me.
Give it all to me.
...I'm sorry.
ARLENE: Take off your mask before you eat, now.
Hey, you already had yours.
- I'm eating for two. ARLENE: Hey.
You start behaving yourselves or you're gonna be trick-or-treating at the trailer park.
Now, do you want a bag of empty Coors cans and food stamps...
...or do you want candy? It is your choice.
Coby, Lisa, I want you to meet my friend Emma.
- Hi, Emma. - Hey.
- Hey. - That's quite a costume you got there, Lisa.
- What are you supposed to be? - Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.
Don't even get me started.
And what are you, cutie patootie?
I'm either gonna be a shapeshifter like my mommy...
...or a werewolf like my daddy.
He's dead.
Alrighty, then. I'm gonna get back to work.
PATRICK: Private Bellefleur.
I heard you were dead.
I heard you were crazy.
Well, yeah. That's still true. What the hell you doing in Bon Temps?
Just passing through. Thought I'd look you up. You look like shit. Ha, ha.
- Yeah, I'm a zombie. - Uh-huh.
Yeah, but wait till you meet my wife. Arlene.
Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur, this is Sergeant Patrick Devins, United States Marine Corps.
The first of the first.
Mrs. Bellefleur, it's an honor.
Well, it's nice to meet you too. Terry's told me absolutely nothing about you.
Perfect. Then I won't have to lie.
You got time for a drink with a man whose life you saved?
So does this mean you aren't mad at me anymore?
It's hard staying mad at you. Especially in those ears.
Sam's idea of payback.
Listen, about the other night, I should have thanked you.
- I shouldn't have lost it like that. - I understand why you did.
Where's Debbie?
Oh, Alcide.
What happened?
- You were right about her. - But she changed.
People don't change. They just find new ways to lie.
I know you don't want to believe that right now...
...and I didn't come here to lecture you.
Something tells me you're about to anyway.
You remember when you said that if you were smart... would have fallen in love with someone like me?
Alcide, don't.
People always say follow your heart.
What if your heart keeps telling you to do the same stupid shit over and over again?
What if our hearts can't be trusted?
If it's our brains we should be listening to?
You're hurt and angry right now.
- I get it. I've been there. - No.
I'm seeing clearly.
Debbie's out of my life.
For good this time.
I'm done with the drama.
I want you to be done with it too.
I can't change who I love.
Lord knows I've tried.
Then try harder.
You sure?
I'll be there as soon as I can.
- I gotta go. - Anything I can do?
Just think about what I said.
- And try not to get yourself killed. - I'll work on that.
TARA: Lafayette ?
Anybody here?
Hey, Sookie. Can I borrow that lighter?
Holly, you scared the bejesus out of me.
I'm just a fairy, honey.
Ain't nothing scary about fairies.
Yeah, right.
You don't mind, do you?
Halloween makes me kind of jumpy too. Always has.
Wiccans, we call it Samhain...
...or the Witches' New Year.
It's the day that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.
Can just feel it in the air, you know?
- Want a puff? - No, thanks.
When I'm high, I can't shut out the thoughts at all.
It's like the whole world's screaming at me.
Oh, see, it calms my nerves.
Mother Earth's Valium.
So all day, I just had this terrible feeling in my gut, you know, this dread?
I'm sure it's just a hangover from everything that happened with Marnie.
I've had the same feeling.
- Tara, what is it? What happened? - She's back.
- Who's back, honey? - Marnie.
How's that possible? She died in front of us.
She killed Jesus.
I think she's inside Lafayette.
SOOKIE: Okay, thanks, Ginger.
Ginger says Eric's been missing since nightfall.
- Bill? - Not answering his phone.
I knew it was in here somewhere.
You carry salt in your purse?
Yeah, and sage and a lock of my Aunt Josie's hair.
It's like a Wiccan first aid kit.
Hey, any of you two got a mirror?
- Thanks. - You ever done anything like this before?
Goddess, no.
Usually, I just light a candle and ask the spirits... make sure my boys don't end up in jail or knock somebody up...
-...but so far, that's worked out okay. - Sook, you can't let them hurt him.
If Bill and Eric find out Marnie's inside Lafayette...
I have a feeling they already know.
Any idea how to get us out of this one, Your Majesty?
- You could summon Pam. - You could summon Jessica.
Oh, so you'd sacrifice my progeny, but not your own?
How very un-kingly of you.
I liked you better when you were brain-damaged.
- Sookie. - Sookie.
As your friend Lafayette would say, what goes around comes around, bitches.
And Marnie. Please don't do this.
After all they've done to you, you protect them.
Killing Bill and Eric isn't gonna make any of that go away.
Revenge will never bring you peace.
There can't be peace until there is justice for me...
...for Antonia, for all the women you tortured and burned for centuries.
All to repress a magic that's older and more powerful than your very existence.
[WHISPERING] Sink all evil Sink it to the ground thrice
Marnie, what will this serve?
There are millions of us, more being made every night.
You cannot win.
I'm already dead, vampire. Thanks to you, I have nothing left to lose.
Incendia of sanctimonia
- Sookie! It's still Lafayette. - I can't just stand here and let them die.
Give me your hands. Now.
I'm sorry, Lafayette.
Spirits who watch over us, friends Family, ancestors, guardians of the gate
ALL [IN UNISON]: Spirits who watch over us
Friends, family, ancestors Guardians of the gate
ALL [IN UNISON]: With this rite we evoke thee
Through the veil of Samhain We call thee forth
Spirits who watch over us, friends Family, ancestors, guardians of the gate
Eric, Bill, don't you die on me.
WOMAN: Marnie. MAN: Marnie.
My sister.
You came back to me.
I knew you would.
Antonia, no!
All creatures have their purpose, even vampires.
How can you say that? They murdered us.
Their cruelty served its purpose: to bring you and I together.
And now I am here to take you home.
- I'm not finished yet. - Oh, yes, you are.
- Gran? - Holy Goddess.
Holy shit.
TARA: Lafayette!
I don't want to go. I am not ready.
I was trapped between worlds for 400 years...
...lost and driven mad by my rage.
I do not want that for you.
And what about what I want?
Nobody cares what I want.
All my life, I've been afraid.
And who wouldn't be?
With dead people murmuring in my ears...
...who are making me deliver your messages...
...making me into a freak.
A creepy, pathetic, terrified mess, muttering to herself in the corner.
- But that is not who you are anymore. MARNIE: No.
That's right.
I'm not afraid anymore.
I've got real power now.
And you want to take that away from me?
You want them to win?
Oh, Marnie.
Marnie, can't you see?
Life is pain.
But soon all you have suffered and feared will be meaningless.
You will be at peace.
But them...
They'll be stuck here.
And there is no victory in that.
That's right, honey.
Let it all out, because there's no room for that where we're going.
Oh, this fucking sucks.
Change is hard.
Please don't go.
GRAN: I have to, dear.
I'm so lost without you.
I don't know what to do.
Yes, you do.
Answer's where it always is, in your heart.
Being alone, it ain't nothing to be afraid of, my Sookie.
We're all alone at the end.
TARA: Lafayette.
Lafayette, can you hear me?
Bitch, talk to me.
TARA: You're okay.
- You're gonna be okay. ERIC: Excuse me.
We're feeling a little crispy up here.
Okay, now I'll bus the tables, pour the drinks...
...serve the food and take out the damn garbage.
You know, no problem.
Because, you know, clearly, I'm the only one who works here anymore.
Flaky skanks.
RENE: Oh, Lord, ain't you a sight for sore eyes.
Oh, God.
This is a dream. This ain't real.
Okay, wake up, Arlene. Okay.
Wake up.
I ain't gonna hurt you, cher.
I loved you, me.
- You and our baby. - Oh, God.
Praise Jesus.
- Ah! - I'm here to warn you, girl.
That man, he's bringing trouble of the worst kind.
- Terry? - Mm-hm.
He's good to me and my babies.
I've met the ghosts of his past.
- They ain't gonna rest forever. TERRY: Arlene.
- Run. TERRY: What's going on?
- You hear me? Run! - Ah!
- You all right? - Oh, God.
Jesus. Something scare you?
Terry's here now.
Ain't nothing gonna get you.
I ain't got no candy.
You little shits egg my house again, I will arrest you.
What happened to your face?
Is this another dream?
Because if Hoyt pops out from under that hood, I'm gonna knock him the fuck out.
You told him?
Yeah, I told him.
He took it pretty well.
Did you hurt him?
I didn't touch him.
Invite me in.
I don't wanna be your girlfriend.
I just got out of a serious relationship.
My first and only relationship. I just--
I'm not ready to commit to you.
Kind of wish you would have told me that before I took an ass kicking.
I didn't ask you to do that.
But it was the right thing to do.
And since when is Jason Stackhouse concerned with doing the right thing?
You don't know me very well.
Fair enough.
I'm just barely getting to know myself.
But I don't want to hurt you the way I hurt Hoyt.
So I'm asking you...
...can this be enough for now?
Because I don't want it to stop.
You know what you are?
You're dangerous.
I am.
- Where the fuck is he? - I don't know.
- But Sookie called looking for him. - Sookie.
I am so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina...
...and her unbelievably stupid name.
Fuck Sookie.
I've been with Eric over a hundred years.
I've watched him seduce supermodels and princesses...
...and spit out their bones when he was finished.
How can someone named Sookie take him away from me?
Don't fucking touch me.
Try and get some rest.
I killed him.
No, you didn't.
It wasn't you.
You hear me, Lafayette? None of this was your fault.
I fucking love you.
We're gonna get through this shit together, just like we got through everything else.
I'll be right out there if you need me.
Does it hurt?
If you want us to stop...
Okay, I think that's enough.
You saved my life.
Both our lives.
It was my turn.
Thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
I can't imagine a world without you in it.
Both of you.
I can't stand this anymore.
It's like being ripped in half.
No matter what I do, somebody I love gets hurt.
Sookie, I just want for you to be happy.
And if being with Eric is what makes you happy...
...then you have my blessing.
ERIC: See?
It's okay, Sookie. Bill's fine with it.
Bill had his chance.
He blew it.
- He lied to you. - To protect me.
And I lied to him to protect you, and you lied to both of us so many times...
...we can't count.
What a mess.
I forgive you.
I know you've loved me every bit as much as I've loved you...
...and we've both hurt each other just as deeply.
I hope you can forgive me.
Like I have a choice.
You're the love of my life.
I know.
And that just makes this harder.
If I'm really honest, it wasn'tjust goofy, innocent Eric I fell for.
As vicious and untrustworthy as you can be...
...there's a goodness in you that breaks my heart...
...because a part of me has always wanted you.
You won't be sorry.
I already am.
The time we had together was unforgettable, but it's over.
No, it doesn't have to be.
There is only one way I see this ending...
...and it's me walking away with neither of you.
- Don't do this. - Sookie.
This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make...
...but I know it's the right one for all of us.
And so please, don't try to stop me...
...either of you.
Is that you?
Oh, fuck, baby.
Look at you. Look what I did. I'm--
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
What you mean, don't worry about it? I killed you.
Everything's temporary.
Anyway, I probably would've gotten cancer...
...died in a bed somewhere with a nurse who doesn't know the shit I know...
...screwing up my IVs and giving me bedsores.
I'm cool with how things went.
Well, I sure the fuck ain't.
I murdered the man I love.
How am I supposed to live with that?
Just keep breathing, baby.
It's that simple.
Jesus, wait.
Don't leave me.
Dude, I'm dead.
You're a medium.
I'll always be with you.
Ms. Cleary.
Happy Halloween, Sheriff Bellefleur.
Sorry about the last time when I took your flowers.
That's okay.
You were nervous.
No, I was a drug addict.
I thought I needed it to do the job...
...and to talk to pretty ladies like you... I didn't feel like a loser all the time. It worked for a while.
Then it didn't.
...look, honey.
You're really sweet and everything...
...but this is all just a little much for me right now.
It's no problem.
Lot of baggage, I get it.
I just wanted to say that I'm sober...
...and I'm lonely...
...and I can be good to someone if they let me.
Sheriff Andy.
How about a hug?
I could really, really use one tonight.
You sure I can't convince you to stay?
...but I don't really think Emma's ready for that.
So I'm going to take her home and put her to bed.
You and Emma are the best thing--
Don't jinx it.
So now you're superstitious?
I just feel like if we are too cute and cheesy...
...that God is gonna drop a brick on our heads.
Listen, I think life is violent and cruel by nature... when something good comes along, you gotta stop and celebrate it.
Be grateful.
Okay. Well, in that case, you're welcome.
So are you.
- Night. - Good night.
You're really leaving?
You know, if you didn't like it, I can take direction.
I liked it.
I liked it a lot.
And maybe next time we could try oral.
You know, Hoyt was kind of shy about that, I think maybe because of my fangs.
Yeah, I'm down for that. Just-- Uh...
Jess, could we stop talking about Hoyt so much?
Yeah, sorry.
Sorry, it's just all that I got to compare this to.
Do you think there's a part of me that's...?
That's missing? Is that why you don't wanna stay?
Why would you ask me that?
It's just something Hoyt said.
Thought we weren't talking about him anymore.
- Hey. - Yeah?
You're funny...
...and you're exciting...
...and you have the sexiest hip bones I've ever seen.
I'm leaving...
...because fucking you made me hungry...
...and I don't wanna drink your blood...
...because I'm not ready to be that intimate with you.
At least not yet.
So you're gonna glamour some total stranger and drink their blood?
Okay. Heh, heh.
I get it.
You know, it's kind of like a hooker with kissing.
Not that you're like a hooker.
Oh, well, maybe I could pretend to be.
If you like that.
You're like no other woman I've ever been with.
And I have been with a lot of women.
Oh, God, that's so sweet.
I'm sorry. Uh...
Low blood sugar.
I'll see you around.
Well, I knew you'd be back.
- Reverend Newlin. - Trick or treat.
- When'd this happen? - Last night, the night before.
I don't remember. I'm sorry, boss.
- It's like somebody hit delete in my brain. - Hey.
Fuck, you've been glamoured.
Why would a vamper wanna glamour me?
Or dig a hole in a damn parking garage?
Ms. Flanagan, we've been expecting you.
Hi, Nan.
And gay stormtroopers.
Perfect. Two birds, one stone.
The Marnie situation has been resolved, if that makes any difference.
Ding, dong, the witch is dead. Yippee.
His Majesty showed great leadership in extremely perilous circumstances.
You should be kissing his ring.
Why bother when your tongue's already so far up his ass?
I wish for one fucking night you could experience...
...the litany of bullshit I've had to deal with.
Then you'd have some idea of how little I give a fuck about your witch infestation...
...or your whole backwoods kingdom, for that matter.
For someone who cares so little, you seem awfully pissed off.
Do I, Bill? Maybe that's because I quit my fucking job.
You quit the AVL?
And the Authority.
- No one quits the Authority. - Quit, fired, same difference.
We assumed we were the ones to be terminated.
Oh, there's been an order issued on your heads.
My last duty was supposed to be delivering the true death to both of you.
Of course, I realized I'd be next.
I have been alive for 816 years.
I refuse to be retired like a fat first wife.
Let me make sure I got this straight.
You're mutinying against the American Vampire League and the Authority?
- And you expect us to join you? - We won't be alone.
There are factions inside the regime who have never been...
...completely on board with the current agenda.
Sheriff Northman knows what I'm talking about.
- What's in it for us? - Ha, ha.
Aside from surviving the night... about your little fairy waitress?
Oh, come on.
The mind reading, the microwave fingers?
You didn't think I knew?
There are at least a couple of thousand vampires who would do anything... get a taste of her blood.
Go ahead.
She belongs to neither of us.
She smells fantastic, but that's hardly worth dying for.
You're bluffing.
I saw the way you both looked at her.
Hungw puppy dogs slobbering over the same juicy bone.
You fucking--
We are not fucking puppy dogs.
What a bitch.
MAN [ON TV]: --an ordinary wrench can't turn.
But with the Squeeze Wrench, you can easily tighten with no trouble at all.
A simple squeeze of the handle accelerates the Squeeze Wrench to tighten or loosen...
...standard and metric nuts and bolts.
Now, easily tighten...
You still awake?
What are you doing?
I should have done this a long time ago.
Oh, no.
Please don't. Please don't kill me. Please, please, please.
Tara. Tara.
Tara. Oh, God, Tara, no.
Tara, no.
Please, somebody help.
Somebody please help us.
Oh, God. Oh, God. Somebody!