True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 11 - Soul of Fire - full transcript

Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica descend on the witch's coven, intent on killing Marnie and anyone else who poses a threat to them. They're not quite prepared for the barrier Marnie has set up ...

I'm so sick of silvering myself all day every day.
I'm pissed off all the time.
This is what PMS used to feel like.
Our objective is to kill the witch, finish this one way or the other.
But we're gonna finish this tonight. Are we clear?
Utterly. Can we blow up these Wiccan dipshits already?
I got a mani-pedi at 4.
Vampires are outside with automatic weapons.
What idiots.
Listen to me.
Bill and Eric are here to blow up the place. If we don't get out, we're all gonna die.
CASEY: I gotta get out of here.
Don't you get it?
This is the Hotel California, baby.
You can check out any time you want, but you can't never fucking leave. Whoo!
Marnie is just...
MARNIE: Roy is wrong.
This is not a prison.
- You may leave at any time. LAFAYETTE: Mm-hm.
You use that against the vampires.
There's the door.
- Good luck. CASEY: What, do you think this is funny'?
We're all gonna die because of you, you fucking bitch.
TREVOR: Casey.
TREVOR: Casey. Casey!
No, no, no. Oh, God.
TREVOR: No. - No, Casey.
- Oh, shit. SOOKIE: What?
Marnie just puked a bitch out.
MARNIE: I told you don't leave.
What do you mean, "puked her out"?
I mean she came right out of her motherfucking mouth, and I can see her.
- How can you see any of this? - He's a medium. It's a gift.
- Since fucking when? - What's she doing now?
LAFAYETTE: She's dirty, dark hair.
It's Antonia.
You murdered an innocent, one of our own.
Evil has blossomed in you.
Our time together has come to an end.
Our plan.
- We are so close. - You are not who I thought you were.
You will not leave me.
The bitch wanna leave, but Marnie won't let her.
- Oh, no. - What?
A binding spell. Marnie's binding Antonia to herself.
- What does that mean? - Means Marnie's gone bat-shit.
If she binds Antonia, we're all fucked.
She's pulling the bitch toward her, but Antonia fighting it.
Marnie won.
We're fucked.
BILL: Eric, watch the back.
JASON: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop, stop, stop.
- Jason. - Stop. Stop.
You can't blow that place up. Put that down. Sookie's in there.
- I told her to stay away. - And you expected her to listen?
- Fucking Sookie. - Fucking Sookie. Put it down.
JASON: Fucking Sookie?
- Fucking Sookie? PAM: Yeah.
Fucking Sookie. As usual, she's in the goddamn way.
I don't believe this.
Hey, Sookie picked you up cold and scared off the side of the road...
- ...and opened her home to you. - Well, technically, it's my home.
Fuck you, chump. It's her house.
And you, how many times has Sookie saved your life?
Letting you drink her blood like it was your own private soda fountain.
And now you'd even think about hurting her just to settle some score.
Are you both fucking nuts?
We must abort.
I agree.
PAM: Holy shit, gentlemen.
Do not tell me you'd put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress.
We have to find another way.
And just so you know, Marnie put a spell on the whole place.
Watch this.
Goes around the whole dang place.
We have to disable it.
Damn straight.
Why are you staring daggers at me?
Wasn't even looking at you.
Yeah, you were.
And I still feel guilty, okay? So sue me.
Jason, I don't care how you feel.
You're the furthest thing from my mind, okay?
ERIC: We gotta think about Sookie. BILL: Well, then we can't use explosives.
JASON: Look out.
Stalling time's over.
Where the hell is he?
That gun's not exactly helping my memory.
- Where's Marcus? - New Mexico.
- New Mexico? - Yeah.
Oh, no. Hold on.
No, no, he's in Brazil.
Fucking asshole.
Oh, shoot. My bad.
He's in fucking Disneyland.
- Where is he? - Hey, new guy.
I don't know how they did things down in Mississippi...
...but in Shreveport, we don't sell out our packmaster to no shifter.
Your packmaster's a sociopath.
Made us accessories to murder. That someone you want to protect?
LUNA: Marcus? Emma?
SAM: Luna?
Where is Marcus? I'm gonna kill him.
Emma's missing. Son of a bitch snatched her out of school.
Tell me where he is or I will fucking kill you!
- Tell me where. - Easy.
- Fucking tell me where he is! - Easy. Easy now. Easy.
Hey, hey, hey-
- Hey, we'll find Emma. - Why are you here?
Marcus murdered my brother.
He did what? Oh, my God.
Listen. I need to find him and set things right.
This isn't a wolf-shifter thing.
It's right and wrong, plain and simple.
Now, unless you wanna be accomplice to kidnapping too... tell me where Marcus went.
NATE: He said he'd be back. That's all I know.
- Debbie, just listen to me. - I'm listening, Marcus.
You're not listening.
I ain't going away with you.
- I can't. - Daddy?
- You mean you won't. - Right. I won't.
I like you.
- I really do. - Daddy.
- What, sweetie? - I wanna talk to Mommy.
Your mommy's busy right now, Emma.
Why don't you go color, huh?
Let your daddy talk to his friend for a minute, okay?
- Okay. - All right.
Look, you and me, we make sense together.
And I promise you this:
I'll get you off the V.
Is that right?
You know, I've tried, Marcus.
I'm trying.
It ain't easy.
Lots of days, I don't know if I wanna get off it.
That's because Alcide ain't giving you the one thing you really need...
...and you turn to that V shit to feel whole.
Alcide loves me. He gives me plenty of love.
I ain't talking about love. I'm talking about children.
He ain't ever gonna step up to that plate.
Emma, she needs a mom.
Ain't talking about a shifter mom, neither.
I mean a real mom. A Were.
I just can't.
Why not?
Because I love Alcide.
I'm sorry.
- Then why you with me? - Alcide ain't been faithful.
I told you that.
I don't buy it.
I ain't just a revenge fuck to you.
I can't stick around here.
Why don't we just pack a bag, grab Emma and get out of here?
Oh, my God.
- She's got a pulse. TREVOR: She's alive?
- What? - You want me to shoot her?
She does?
You see?
I'm no murderer.
Yeah, you're a regular fucking humanitarian.
JESUS: It's barely there.
Marnie, please.
Please, let me try to save her.
Well, yes. I mean, you're a nurse. Of course.
Okay. We're gonna need, uh, hot water and towels to stanch the bleeding.
Help me get her to the bathroom.
- I'll help. JESUS: No.
No, I need someone who won't be emotional.
Come on. Now, goddamn it.
JESUS: Right here.
She looks so stiff.
- Boyfriend, she's dead. - I know.
- You said she had a pulse. - We need to force Antonia...
...out of Marnie's body before she kills us. We need Casey's body to do that.
Force Antonia out?
How the fuck we gonna do that? With a damn ghost crowbar?
Sort of. It's brujo shit and it's gonna be ugly.
Look, I need to go get some things.
Don't go anywhere, okay?
Well, that'll be fucking easy.
I need a few things...
- ...for disinfecting and cauterizing. - Use anything you need.
L-- I am terribly sorry about Casey.
It was self-defense.
Marnie, it was almost murder.
I've known you for years. You're one of the gentlest people I know.
Why would you do such a thing?
She was about to jeopardize everything we've worked for, Holly.
I don't know you very well, but from everything I've heard...'ve always been such a kind, loving person.
I was a doormat.
All my life, I've lived in fear of other people.
And now for once, people are frightened of me.
And that's a good thing?
Well, yes, I prefer it.
You've been to my house for Thanksgiving.
You've played with my kids.
I don't believe you'd hurt me just because I don't agree with you.
Don't patronize me.
And don't coddle me like a child.
I don't want to hurt anyone.
- But Casey was-- - Casey attacked me.
I had every right. I am not a punching bag.
I get it.
You've always felt like an outsider...
...and now you feel like people are finally respecting you.
Well, yes. That's right.
I understand. Sometimes I feel like a freak too.
- I'm not a freak. - I just meant I feel misunderstood.
Sometimes picked on, even.
You just want connection.
HOLLY: And you got it.
We're all on your side.
We're your friends.
SOOKIE: Please.
Marnie, you can end this.
You have all the power.
Ah. What kind of Christian...?
I mean, what kind of man just up and deserts his cousin... the middle of the goddamn woods?
Fucking PTSD'd-out degenerate, that's who.
I swear to holy Jesus, Terry Bellefleur...
...I will punch your face to the back of your head when I get home.
You mean if you get home.
Oh, now don't start with that negative talk. It's not helpful.
Screw helpful, moron. We're in dire fucking straights.
Well, do you think I don't know that? Who the fuck am I talking to?
Shep, hold it together, man.
Don't go all lost-in-nature retarded.
Holy God.
- Stay away. - Ma'am, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Stay back.
Ma'am, I'm a police officer.
They're probably in another state by now.
Mexico's only a few hundred miles away.
Hello? Emma. Oh, my God. Are you okay?
Honey, are you with Daddy?
Where are you? She doesn't know where she is.
- Just check the phone number. - Baby, hold on.
That's my number.
She's in my house?
Do you see?
Do you see what awaits you if you walk with Antonia?
ERIC: Don't bother.
That witch had complete control over me.
She's a robot. She must die.
Vintage Cartier.
I'll take good care of this.
Sorry. Go ahead.
Is there no way that she can be saved, as you were?
Well, it's possible, but I--
KIRSCH: It's you who needs saving.
I serve Antonia Gavilén de Logrofio.
You will all walk in the sun and roast like pigs.
Show your face, witch.
Hiding behind magic like a coward does not become you.
You were right.
It's time for negotiation.
The vampires seem to like you.
Will you join me?
Bill. Eric.
Marnie wants to negotiate.
How may I serve Antonia?
Be quiet.
Oh, my God.
Amazing, isn't it? The power of the sun harnessed.
The protection spell is impenetrable to most humans, and not fatal.
But to vampires, one touch, death sentence.
BILL: It makes no difference what you hide behind.
You have killed your last vampire.
How optimistic.
Let the girl go.
Oh, so you'd like to negotiate?
Let the girl go.
Fine. The girl can go.
But I'll need something in exchange.
- What? - Anything.
Your lives.
Kill yourselves and she walks free.
Both of you.
- Good one. - Don't laugh too much.
You wouldn't want your lips to fall off.
Come on. Just make them a real offer. They'll listen. I know them. They--
I accept.
- Fine. BOTH: What?
- No. No. - Quiet.
I have your word? You will set her free?
Free as a resurrected bird.
Bill, you can't.
You realize if you renege, you will never leave this building alive'?
Everyone that you ever cared for will be slaughtered without mercy.
Very well.
I will shoot you and then, Pam, you will shoot me.
The true death to save Bo Peep?
I don't fucking think so.
- No! BILL: Pam, I forbid you.
- Ah! Emma. Oh, my God. ALCIDE: Shh.
Are you okay?
Where is your daddy?
Upstairs. With that lady.
Hey, take Emma outside.
Marcus, you gotta go. I feel guilty enough as it is.
You sticking around, it's just making it worse.
- Alcide. - What the fuck is going on here?
Alcide, nothing happened. I swear.
Relax, fuck-face.
It's just like a shifter to hide behind a gun.
Y'all come from cowardly stock.
You hid behind five men when you murdered my brother, you fucking insect.
I'm not gonna hide behind anything, Marcus.
You want to fight like honorable men for once in your sorry life, fine.
I'll put the gun down.
- No shifting, either. - I don't need to shift to kill you, brother.
You're not my goddamn brother. My brother's dead.
- I'll snap your neck with my own hands. - No.
Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this.
Did you see that?
They don't care about you.
And no negotiating with them.
They see it as weakness.
And I am not weak.
ROY: You sure as shit ain't.
You fried that one fanger like a moth in a bug zapper.
That was fucking awesome.
Casey's death won't be in vain.
Her body will amplify the magic.
So were we lucky Marnie killed her?
More birch bark.
Light that candle and bring it over to me.
Lafayette, where we're going right now, it's deep.
You may hear and see things that you really don't want to.
- Oh. That ship has fucking sailed. - Listen.
I'm gonna be using a very dark part of myself.
Whatever happens, however I may talk to you...
...whatever you see, please, don't take it personally.
Is that fucking demon face gonna come back?
It's part of my family's magic. It might manifest. I just don't know.
- Take it. - I don't want that.
Take it.
You disobeyed me.
I am not gonna let you die for Sookie.
You could have killed her!
- Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Suicide, Bill?
Don't you ever do that to me again.
Jason. Jason.
I can't see.
- I'm blind. JESSICA: It's okay, Jason.
Just drink this. Here you go.
Okay. Okay.
WOMAN: I'm sorry that I hurt you.
- Uh... - You smell like a vampire.
- I do? - Yes.
You have vampire blood in you.
- Well, I'm not a vampire. - I know.
I read your thoughts.
You read my--?
What--? Where in the hell did you come from?
What the hell are you doing? Why are you on top of me?
Because you're handsome.
And muscular.
I have been cutting back on the carbs.
- Who are you? - My name is Maurella.
God, you're so beautiful.
Before we make love, I must know that I can trust you.
You can trust me. I'm the law.
There are a great many dangers in the woods and in the world.
I'm vulnerable here.
Will you protect me?
Of course. You're safe with me.
- Do you swear to the light? - To the what?
Do you?
Yes, I swear.
It is sworn.
Make love to me.
You're a bigger pussy than your brother.
Back off!
Do you think you can steal a man's family without consequences?
You're not a man. A man doesn't kidnap his own daughter.
A man don't need a pack of thugs to fight his fights for him.
- Stop! Get off him! - Shut up.
You are pathetic.
And weak.
And small.
Live with that.
- Aah! - No!
Oh, God.
What did you do?
ALCIDE: You. - It's okay.
It's okay.
- We can fix this. - Debbie Pelt.
- I abjure you. - Oh, no.
- Please don't. - I see you no longer.
I'll hunt with you no longer.
- Alcide. - I'll share flesh with you... longer.
Show me the present.
Show me the future.
The vampires are planning on murdering us all.
Quickly, form a circle.
I saw it.
It's here in the blood.
If we do nothing, we're signing our own death warrants.
They have no regard for our lives.
So just join me now.
That scarf is Marnie's. Tie my hands with it.
Take this.
Rub it on the markings. Get it everywhere.
Don't stop.
This symbolizes the bond between Marnie and Antonia.
Let's break the motherfucker.
I wish for everyone to leave here alive.
I don't guarantee it.
Thank you.
Oh. Your blood...
...I can feel it.
It's tingling all through me.
Aah! What? It's super nice.
Don't kill me. Don't kill me.
What the hell's going on, guys?
What the fuck, folks?
Aah! Jason! Jason!
What's happening, Bill?
BILL: I can't fight it.
JASON: Oh, shit. They're gonna fry. Fuck!
Come on, man.
You're gonna die.
Come on!
Stop this!
JASON: Stop this, Sook.
Wait. Did I fucking do that?
I am so sick of this necromancy shit!
When I get that witch, I am gonna rip her heart out!
Eric, I'm sorry, okay? Sookie's fine.
Get out of my sight.
But there was a protection spell. It wouldn't hit her.
Get out of my sight before I kill you.
- You crossed me! - Not on purpose.
Sometimes it just happens when I get upset.
It's true. I've seen it. She's telling the truth.
- Be quiet. - Yeah, shut up, Tara.
Fuck you, you Uncle Tom. Yeah, I said it.
Marnie, I'm sorry.
You have all betrayed me.
LUELLEN: I haven't.
- Stop! HOLLY: Marnie, for God's sake!
God has nothing to do with it.
Oh, shit.
SOOKIE: No! Stop!
Please save me. Aah!
Baby, I need you to fucking fast-forward this.
Sookie is out there about to burn up.
Oh, please!
Please help.
Don't leave! Please make it stop!
Please help me.
- Sookie. - What? What is it?
It's her fear. She's trapped.
She's petrified. We have to get in.
SOOKIE: Please.
- Oh, my God. - Ha-ha-ha.
- Never! - Ah!
I fucking quit this group.
Holy fuck.
- She's safe. - The shield is gone.
Bill! Don't shoot.
They're innocent. Marnie was holding them hostage, I swear.
Just Marnie.
Bullshit. Listen, bloodsuckers, you wanna get to Marnie... gotta go through me.
No one lives forever. Not even you.
Where's my daddy?
Andy Bellefleur, do you know how long you've been gone?
Terry's driving around right now looking for you, worried sick.
He's worried? I'm the one your dumb-ass husband abandoned in the woods.
No food, no water.
Oh, that was hours ago, and it was only a few miles away.
Heck, Mikey could have made it home faster than you.
What's wrong?
Something strange happened to me in the woods, Arlene.
It might have been just the drugs leaving my system, I really don't know.
Oh. Sweetie.
Well, tell me.
Well, I was trying to find my way out the woods, and I heard a zap.
And then a woman jumped out of a ball of light.
Oh. She was so beautiful.
- Uh-huh? - Yeah.
And her finger lit up like one of those light sticks you get at the circus.
And then we...
...made love.
And I was good at it, Arlene.
Little rusty at first, but by the time I found second, third gear, I swear--
- Andy. - Sorry.
Anyway, uh, after we finished...
...she jumped back into the ball of light and vanished.
It was like magic.
And)! remember when Terry went off his meds...
...and he was telling everybody he was King Zygnatz?
And you were so kind, and you took him straight to the hospital?
Yeah. So?
- Oh, I ain't crazy, Arlene. - Well, I know.
But you did fill your body full of that V garbage...
...and I think it might have poisoned your mind too, honey.
Well, you know, it felt so real.
I'm sure it did.
But you wanna know what's real?
You got a family that loves you.
There's a waitress named Holly...
...who thinks that you're just the cutest lawman in four parishes.
You are the sheriff of Bon Temps.
Those things are real, Andy.
Realer than any angel in the woods.
Shoot. Of course.
You're right, of course.
I'm gonna go call Terry, tell him you're safe and sound, okay?
Thanks, Arlene.
ERIC: Your Majesty, I've glamoured those you requested.
You did what you had to do.
I know.
Thank you.
How are you feeling?
Well, much better.
- Sookie's good. - Hmm.
I can see again.
Thanks for...
You know, thanks.
You're welcome.
So I drank your blood again.
It was either that or die.
I know.
I know.
We are in a world of fucked up, Jess.
I mean, I'm gonna lose my best friend.
Don't tell me about loss.
Even without your blood in me, you are all I think about.
What the hell am I supposed to do now?
Wish I knew.
You know, after all the freaky shit I've been seeing...
...some shit don't seem so freaky to me no more.
But tonight? Mm.
That was some freaky shit.
- Can't believe Marnie's gone. - You ain't blaming yourself, is you?
- I don't know. - No.
No, no, no.
Marnie was a big girl.
She made up her own motherfucking mind to hold folks hostage...
...and murder her friends.
Ain't no way that bad juju wasn't gonna come back to her.
- That's true. - Truer than rain, lover.
You galloped in and saved some folks tonight.
Never fucking forget that.
I know.
We're alive and we're safe.
Be happy for that.
I am.