True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 10 - Burning Down the House - full transcript

As all hell breaks loose in Shreveport, Sookie summons her most potent powers yet to save Bill, in the process breaking a spell and leading Marnie/Antonia to re-evaluate her mission. Jason urges Jessica to glamour him for Hoyt's sake; Terry drags Andy to "Fort Bellefleur" for an intervention; Alcide reconsiders his allegiances after Marcus fight with Tommy; Jesus, accompanied by Sookie, Lafayette and Jason, tries to breach the Moongoddess Emporium's defenses to liberate Tara and Holly, while Bill leads a brigade of vampires committed to blowing the place to kingdom come.

Yeah! You better run!
It's like pouring boiling water on fire ants! Woo!
Kill king. Kill king. Kill king.
Get the fuck outta here!
Hey! We're your friends.
Kill king.
Must kill the king. Here comes death.
Let him go!
Not for me.
Kill king. Kill king. Kill king.
Silver. Bill, please don't.
Don't let her control you. Fight her!
Go home.
Sookie, go!
No more!
What the fuck?
What have I done?
Oh, no.
Mama, wake up. Mama, please wake up.
Mama, please wake up, Mama!
- Ahhh! - Bill! I think he might be...
Get off me.
We have to help these poor people. Bill, image.
Everybody stay calm.
The fire department and EMT's are on the way.
I, myself, am a trained, caring, and a certified first responder.
We didn't do anything wrong.
You sure?
I'm a free woman.
Hoyt broke up with me, and I broke up with him.
Well, I didn't.
Well, listen to you. God. Talk about bromance.
Well, he is my brother.
He was the littlest one in elementary school...
And if I didn't do his fightin' for him, those other kids...
Would like to have killed him.
I know.
You've told me and Hoyt's told me many, many times.
In eighth grade, he shot up ten inches. No muscle yet, no balance at all.
That boy had to walk with a cane for six months.
Somebody had to help him then, too, and that was me.
Well, Hoyt walks just fine all on his own now.
Maybe it's time you let him. You're as bad as Maxine.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Hey, Jess, you and me, this is different. This will kill him.
Look, I don't want to hurt him either.
It was the blood, ain't it?
Uh... I never would have done it, if I hadn't of drank your blood.
Bullshit. Don't you dare...
Pretend that you didn't want me.
I did want you, and I still do.
But I'll never be able to face him again unless you...
You wanna wipe everything that happened between us tonight right out of your mind?
You have any idea how that makes me feel?
Well, I... I don't know what else to do.
- This is for you, too. - Hmm.
He'll know about us as soon as he looks at me.
I am not gonna glamour you, just because you don't want to feel guilty.
What about my guilt? Who's gonna make me forget?
Fuckin' humans.
I'm gonna go find somebody to eat.
Hang on. We'll be at the hospital in five minutes.
A few stitches, little duct tape, pretty nurse, you'll be good to go.
- They can't do nothin' for me. - Quit talking shit.
It ain't just the beatin'.
Turnin' into Sam, it did something.
Shifter to werewolf. I'm dyin'.
We gotta try.
Jesus, fuck!
Take me home. Please.
Where's home?
Hey, how many bars do you have?
Four. No, two again. One.
I don't have any bars anywhere ever. My phone sucks. Ow!
People, we are locked the fuck up and incommunicado . Face it.
Magic is not stronger than technology.
Three. Wait, no one again.
Damn. Ma, hello? Hello?
I am not gonna die in a Wiccan shit store with them.
I fuckin' refuse.
There ain't no spell that can't be undone if you got the juice.
Marnie, or Antonia, it's just another witch.
I'm not the fuckin' ancient, pissed-off witch.
She ain't no more pissed off than I am. You?
Yeah. I got some rage.
We are strong, angry women, Tara.
All we gotta do is force a crack in her wall.
There's an incantation here...
You should have been there. It was the bloodbath, and we sort of won.
Enough, Roy.
Come on.
- Put the vampires inside. - Come on, robots.
Where's the other one? Where's tall one?
Who are they?
Is, uh, anything wrong?
Yes. No, no. Yes.
What's Roy mean? What bloodbath?
You can't hold us prisoner.
Why are you all so ungrateful?
I am protecting you.
I have put my soul at risk to destroy the night beasts for you.
But at what cost?
Uh, we won't say anything to anybody, we promise.
We will all stay together...
You've been keeping secrets from me.
What's the deal with your little dairy maid and her lightning trick?
We have more important concerns.
There are glamour squads all over Shreveport.
If anything leaks...
"Remember the Civil Rights movement, sweeping social change..."
"Inevitably accompanied by violence and the appearance of chaos."
Yada-yada. That is the spin we'll give it.
Spin doesn't matter now.
Spin always matters.
You are not in charge anymore.
Oh...oh, yes. Yes, I am.
I raised you to that throne, and I can bring you down in a heartbeat.
This is your fault, all of it.
And that is exactly what I'm gonna tell the Authority.
What the fuck are you talking about?
If you'd let me kill that witch when I wanted to...
If you had any idea of the factions I'm fighting with in the...
I don't care. Now, this is what will happen.
We are going after the necromancer, and we are taking her out.
By any means necessary.
I remember everything. Us.
Nothing's changed.
Except you.
I haven't changed. I'm just more.
The other Eric is still here.
Look at me.
Can't you see him in my eyes?
So what's the problem?
When you were about to kill him...
I just couldn't bear the thought of a world without him in it.
I think it was how I was able to stop you.
I love you.
I don't want to lie to you, but I can't help it.
I love him, too.
How is that possible?
Sometimes I think it's because you've both given me your blood.
Maybe it's just chemical.
You gave yourself to me completely. You are mine.
I never promised that.
And you gave yourself to me completely.
Yes, I did. I love you.
Bill called me. Are you back? Is it you?
Yes, I'm back.
My God, I missed you.
That fuckin' sorceress, I thought I'd lost you forever.
How did you get her to break the curse?
Well, she didn't. Sookie did.
Well, thanks.
Don't mention it.
Why didn't you summon me the second you were free?
We'll talk about it later.
Sure. Fine.
Fire killed her 400 years ago. We can only hope that it works again.
Blowing up MoonGoddess Emporium is not a 21st century solution.
Blowing up MoonGoddess?
You're fucking our whole agenda up the ass.
I need you to get me off the Greta Van Susteren show tomorrow.
God, I hate her.
Bill, you can't do this. Tara and other humans are in there.
Well, they bet on the wrong horse. It's too bad.
I've summoned Jessica.
We'll secure the windows, silver ourselves, and go to ground.
Pam, you'll stay here.
I'm so in.
If Tara hadn't warned me about the hotel,
Eric would still be a zombie and you'd be dead.
My kind is still in danger.
I can't risk potential genocide to save one human...
Just because she's your friend.
Lovable, isn't he?
At least let me help. I can... Last time you helped...
You got shot and almost died.
Stay away from there, Sookie.
Because tomorrow night, we're gonna finish Marnie once and for all.
And if innocent people die?
It's war. It happens.
No. No. Sam.
Hey, we gotta, we gotta get him some vampire blood. No.
No. No.
He's got a right to choose his time.
Okay. Okay, okay.
Can't hardly feel nothin' now.
Hey, hey. Shhh. You fool kid.
It's company.
Shhh. Don't be afraid.
You know, I'm, I'm uh...
I'm thinkin' the folks who pass on for little while and then come back.
Well, they say it's beautiful over there.
There's books on it.
They all want to stay. They say it's like goin' home.
It's all feeling good and white light and people who love you.
You really believe that shit?
Why not?
Now, could be.
There ain't no heaven...
And Hell's a dogfight.
I'm gonna disappear like I never was.
That's what I want.
Well, won't you be surprised when angels come and lift you up.
Hey. Shhh.
I'm sorry, Sam. For everything.
No. Nothin' was your fault.
And, listen, I'm sorry. I should have been a better brother. I didn't know how.
You were the best part of my life.
That is so fuckin' sad.
Sam, he's goin'.
Don't forget me right away.
Hey, Tommy, I'll never forget about you.
You're in my heart, always.
You're my brother.
Tommy. Hey.
Tommy, listen. You're loved. I love you.
Oh, God.
Marcus Bozeman is a dead fuckin' wolf.
You ain't gonna let me in?
Oh, well, place is kind of a mess.
I don't give a shit.
What's on?
Uh, I don't know. Somethin'.
Well, who's playin'?
It's them against them.
Want a beer?
Uh, I had a beer for breakfast, so what else you got?
Uh, well, nothin'. Just beer.
I guess I'll have a beer then.
You know, that house is, uh, it's pretty empty.
It's like too full, too empty, all at once, you know?
Keep thinkin' I see her turnin' the corner.
Or I'll get a whiff of perfume...
From the pillow. You know, I washed it
a bunch of times, but I can still smell her.
The smells, whoo boy...
They'll take you right back in time, won't they?
And she's gone for good. Thank God.
You know, I'm a lucky man to be out of that mess. Mmm.
I can't stay at that place, J.
Like, I don't want her back. She... It's just...
But I keep waitin' to see her walk through the door, or like...
Crawl up out of her cubby hole, you know, and...
All kind of cute and kind of sleepy, you know?
Don't. Hey, don't do this to yourself.
I'm cool. I'm great.
Just let me crash with you for a little while, will you?
Yeah. Sure. No problem.
Ugh. Bubba.
Hey, don't cry, man.
I ain't cryin'.
Open your eyes, Mister.
Ah! Ah! V!
Seriously, V?
Uh, uh, wait a minute. Hey, uh...
What? It's not what you think. I... We have little children.
If one of them got into that, oh, dear, God in heaven.
After everything we've been through, Andy, I cannot believe you.
There's a safety cap, I think.
That ain't the point! Ugh...
Hold on. What? You think it's mine? No way. Come on now. It's evidence.
Are you gonna let him sit there and barefaced lie?
Hey, that's crossin' a line, lady.
Me? You are an elected official on illegal drugs.
Oh yeah? Well, this ain't even your house!
Arlene, go back to bed. Oh!
- But he... I... Okay. - I got this.
You ain't comin' near my babies until you get yourself straight, Andy.
You got no right to bust into my private bedroom.
I wanted to catch you early...
And apologize about the awful things I said when we was savin' Mikey.
Fine. Leave me alone.
I don't think so. You and me, we got somewheres to go.
The hell we do. Where?
Fort Bellefleur.
Why are you lookin' at me funny?
I'm just wondering why you don't have more sympathy for poor Hoyt.
I got more sympathy for that boy than anybody else in the entire world.
But he's either cryin' or rantin' and ravin'...
Or telling me somethin' he's told me 500 times already.
He won't stop talkin' about Jessica.
Love doesn't leave in a second if it goes deep.
It takes a long, long time.
Then he drank 11 of my beers.
Passed out and started fartin', continuously.
Jason, I did not need to know that.
So, can I stay here tonight or not?
- Of course. But... - Hmm?
I need your help.
If it's got anything to do with vampires, no thank you.
I'll sleep in my truck.
Bill wants to blow up MoonGoddess Emporium, and Tara's in there.
Well, he can't do that. What the fuck for?
'Cause of what happened at the Dorchester.
What happened?
Fuck are we doin' here?
I'm gonna save your goddamn life.
Hangin' around our old tree fort?
This is where we come when there's trouble.
When we were kids. I ain't a kid no more.
You sure? Looks like you've been suckin' down V like it's mother's milk.
Don't you talk about my Mother.
Oh, we're gonna talk about it all today.
This is still your hidey-hole, ain't it?
For a year after the Marines, you lived up there like an insane squirrel.
Uh... You checked up on me.
Brought me groceries, kept the family off my back...
Even when I thought you was an Iraqi insurgent.
Now I'm gonna repay the favor.
Oh yeah! That's while you were doin' piles of every fuckin' pill they make...
Not to mention smack, meth, and crack.
Did I bust you? Hell, no!
Well, I got clean in the long run, now didn't I?
No drugs for me, 'cept the anti-psychotics.
Now when I need a little understanding, you hijack me from my own home.
You don't have a home, Andy, any more than I did then.
You live with Grandmama, just like when we was kids.
Fuck you. Ugh.
V is not like anything else. It keeps me sharp, makes me strong.
It's medicine. I'm a better man on V.
That's junkie talk, Andy.
I'll give you a chance to prove it.
If you don't see somethin' you like, I got the bows and arrows hid over there.
You crazy fucker. What's this got to do with me?
Choose your weapon. We'll see who's the better man.
This shit is ridiculous. Vampires are gonna bomb Shreveport?
They can't glamour the whole fuckin' city.
Yeah, they can. It's what they did to everybody last night at the hotel.
We're the only humans who know what went on.
Well, can't the police do anything?
Like what? Put up yellow tape? Direct traffic?
Even a SWAT team's no good against magic.
Besides, those Shreveport boys ain't gonna believe a Bon Temps deputy...
Or an anonymous tip, which we already tried, and I got laughed off the phone.
Tara. Ugh. This is Tara, talk to me.
Voicemail... Fuck Marnie.
Don't blame her. She wouldn't have anything to do with this.
Marnie's a victim. She's trapped.
- It's the Spanish spirit. - Whatever.
If she would have goddamn let her parakeet rest in peace...
Then Eric Northman and Bill Compton wouldn't be marching on MoonGoddess...
To blow up my only fuckin' cousin.
Look, I know Marnie better than anyone else.
If I can reach her...
She'll help us push Antonia out and send her back to wherever she came from.
It's the only way.
That's Latin, Holly. I, I don't speak Latin. Do you?
Yeah, I speak Latin. I need it for my job.
No, of course I don't. We'll just have to wing it.
Ugh. Well, wh...what if we...
Pronounce something wrong, and instead of...
Breaking her spell, we start a plague of locusts in here?
Not gonna lie. It's a possibility.
Great. Love it.
See, magic is about energy and intention...
And I'm thinkin', maybe the Goddess will know what we mean...
Even if we say it wrong.
Well, but, that's a big fuckin' maybe.
Your attitude is not helpful. What we need here is some faith.
Well, that's not really my thing.
Uh, you burnt the shit out of your hand on a fuckin' doorknob.
There's a 400-year-old witch and two zombie vampires in the bathroom.
You're telling me you don't have faith in magic?
- Uh, yeah... - It's all around you.
Yeah, but...
Believe in us, Tara.
Believe in yourself.
Believe that there's somethin' out there
that's bigger 'an us, and it's on our side.
Can you do that?
I'm leaving you!
What do you mean?
We haven't finished our work. We've barely begun...
I cannot go on, not after last night.
Last night was a victory. We almost assassinated the king.
One king of one state of one country.
In my time, it was different. Your world is huge.
It is teeming with these creatures. And what about the humans?
All that blood and... and panic and, and the screaming.
It sickens me. We are no better than our enemies.
Of course we are.
Now, we don't torture and kill. We fight people who do.
This is not who I am.
But, it is. You are a fighter.
You are a great necromancer.
I only turned to necromancy to control death...
To save my village from fever.
I was a healer. I saved lives.
I delivered babies with these hands.
I did not come back to shed the blood of the innocent!
But they are not innocent.
They are sympathizers.
They are collaborators.
- You hate them. - No, not everybody.
But you have been gone a long time, Antonia.
I don't think you remember what people are really like.
They're cruel, they are bullies, they treat you like a pariah.
They are just, you know, mocking, and judging, and shunning me...
When I didn't ask to be what I am.
They did the same to me.
Those people who you healed...
They watched you burn, and they did nothing.
Have you forgotten that?
And they watched your agony like it was sport.
They smelled your flesh roasting, and they did nothing...
They couldn't. They wouldn't.
They thought of nothing but themselves.
But, you and I, there is a communion of souls.
I know you feel it, too.
I know how lonely you've been through the centuries, wanderin'...
Aching for an end of your exile.
Fate brought us together to fight evil.
Did you really think no one was gonna get hurt?
Don't abandon us. We need you.
For a life without vampires.
My sister.
You'll ruin everything we've worked for all these years.
When I get out of here at dark, your goddamn goose is cooked.
Painful, degrading execution, that's what's in store for you, Bill.
Uh-huh. And what's the biggest thermobaric payload?
We'll take two.
Don't listen to her. She doesn't know it yet, but it's the end of her time.
What the fuck do you know?
True death for you, too, Northman.
Don't you threaten him, you incompetent bitch.
Fuck you! Oh! True death for you, too.
I don't care what happens, as long as I get to kill shit.
The price is irrelevant.
If everything is ready to go by sundown.
Don't know about you guys, but this place gives me the creeps...
And where is everybody?
I feel some bad juju .
Antonia cleared out the whole neighborhood?
That's a repelling spell.
Oh, glad to know I'm not just chicken shit.
Hey, who's in there? Bunch of people.
Hard to tell 'em apart.
Find Tara. She'll be the loudest.
Drag her in a cage and beat her ass good.
She's there, and she's mad.
Pissed off like usual. That's a good sign.
You guys wish me luck.
Are you really gonna try to do the Mavis move?
In principle. Antonia doesn't sound lost or confused...
And she sure doesn't look like she wants to leave.
But I gotta save Marnie, and I'm irresistible, right?
I don't like it. You're walking into the mystical un-fuckin' known.
This isn't my first time or my second time, and it won't be my last.
That don't make it right.
All right, guys. You know what? I'll go.
- No, Jason. - Why not? I'm the law.
And I can lie. I can fight.
I can run like the fuckin' wind.
But you aren't magic.
- Hey... - I'll be okay.
See you soon. Yeah.
Sookie, listen for me.
I will.
Careful, man. Cuidate, baby.
Oh, shit. Fuck.
Wait, wait.
Lafayette wouldn't have let him alone. Reinforcements.
Get down.
Hey, she walked out.
- She didn't get burnt. - Get out my way!
No! No! You idiots, no!
This is incredible.
What power.
It's a simple protection spell.
- Marnie? - Antonia.
- My name is... - I know who you are.
Marnie and I share everything.
Then you know that I'm her friend.
Are you? Where have you been?
We needed you.
Mexico. It was an emergency. My grandfather's very sick.
I'm so sorry. I should have told you before I left, but...
I came back as soon as I could.
Marnie trusts you.
We trust each other.
I'm a little harder to convince.
Tell me what I have to do.
Come to me.
Through the wall? Antonia.
We have enough weak links in our circle. If you can't do it...
I have no use for you.
Can he do it?
We're callin' this shit off. Hey! Get down.
Fuck! Fuck.
He wants to keep trying. I can hear him.
What the fuck's happened to his head?
It's a Latin thing.
Welcome back.
Why don't you know where your old man's at?
I mean, he's the type to check in every five minutes.
Hmm. Once upon a time.
Uh, he didn't come home last night.
And I ain't heard from him all day. It's how he treats me now.
I'd tell you if knew.
Well, I appreciate that.
What do you want him for?
Well, we're in the need of a frank discussion.
You don't like him.
Different philosophies.
Him and me, we've got the same problem.
Yeah, I just want to be normal, you know, run with my pack...
Hunt, have kids.
Alcide likes it on his own, as you know.
He doesn't want kids.
Well, that don't make sense.
I mean, my little girl, she makes life worth livin'.
Yeah, I'd give anything for a baby.
He says it's too hard too be a wolf these days.
He doesn't want to put a child through it.
Uh...what total bullshit.
That's funny. That's what I said.
I don't know what to do about it.
Sure you do.
You hook up with a different wolf.
I'm just about ready.
He ain't here.
If you're lyin', I'll shoot you right between the eyes.
It's the truth. Now get the fuck out before somebody gets hurt...
Somebody did get hurt.
Alcide, you got your wires crossed. We're pack.
Somebody got killed.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Somebody got beat to death! Four on one!
And you're one of the fuckin' four.
You murdered my brother. Aw, Christ.
For what? For what!
We weren't tryin' to murder him.
We were just kickin' the shit out of him. Back me up. Don't let him shoot.
I told you to stop. You wouldn't listen.
Marcus is the one I really want.
Right now, I'll settle for you.
- Good shot. - Shut the fuck up.
Want the AK?
I don't need a AK to hit a paint can.
Looks like you do. Reload.
This don't prove nothin'.
I ain't been to the range in awhile. That's all.
- Are we done yet? Can we go? - Nope.
What do you want from me?
Admit you're a fuckin' drug addict and you need help.
You want to humiliate me. You always did.
Bullshit. I was the humiliated one.
Second you were born, it was like I fell off the face of the earth.
- I don't remember it that way. - You don't remember nothin'.
You were a baby, stupid.
Don't call me stupid.
Everybody in the family's like, "Oh, look at little Terry.
"He's so cute, he's so sweet."
My own mama knitted you booties when she should have been knittin' for me.
You were too old for booties.
I wasn't too old for socks.
She could've knitted me socks or a sweater or somethin'.
That ain't the way it was.
Then you got bigger, and they're like, "Oh, that Terry, he's so good lookin'."
"He's a track star. He's gonna make the Bellefleurs proud."
Nobody said a word about me.
Well, words don't put food on the table.
But you wouldn't know about that, would you?
What are you sayin'? You ate at our house all the time.
"Here, Terry, take the best piece of meat...
"And a few o' Andy's favorite shirts while you're at it."
You think I wanted to wear your ugly hand-me-down shirts that didn't even fit?
Wasn't bad enough my daddy died in Vietnam.
My mama left me for a Yankee race car driver.
You took shit away from me my whole life!
We didn't have any money!
You all had it all and never gave us nothin' no matter how bad we needed it.
The only reason I went into the Corps was college, and now I'm too fucked up to go!
You fuckin' had it all!
It was Grandmama's money, you asshole, not mine! Now it's gone!
Good. That's what you fuckin' deserve.
Yeah, but I'm a sheriff, and you're only a fry cook, so I fuckin' win!
Oh! Son of a bitch!
I'll fuck you, Terry!
You shouldn't have been able to breach my boundary.
Did you acquire some new abilities in your travels?
I think I did.
And you have the demon to serve you.
Yeah, I don't know.
I was hoping to get with Marnie so we could figure it out together.
I usually come to her with all my questions.
We spent an entire year talking about magic and everything else.
You were her most faithful ally.
I still am.
If our circle were stronger...
We would be able to exterminate those vampires so much more easily.
Uh, your friend, the Moor, is he gonna join us again?
He has a gift.
The Moor? Lafayette?
Oh, Antonia, no... Um...
I tried. He's just really scared.
But if you let us out of here for a little while...
I can probably bring him around.
That protection spell is our strongest defense.
For now.
I understand.
I wonder.
I don't want to be rude.
Ask. You have nothing to fear from me.
Can I speak with Marnie, please?
I speak on behalf of both of us.
I know.
But she's my friend and my teacher.
I miss her, and it would be nice to say hello in person.
Just for a minute.
You are a very kind man.
So rare. I'm not surprised that Marnie cares for you.
- Jesus! - Marnie?
- I thought you'd abandoned me. - Never, are you okay?
Yeah. Uh, uh, I am magnificent.
- Are you sure? - Well, can't you tell?
You ever seen me looking so happy?
All due respect, you're like possessed.
What? You think this is against my will?
I'm sorry. I just assumed.
Oh, of course. Uh, how could you possibly comprehend?
No, no...
Um, here. Feel my vibrations the way I taught you.
You see? Do you see?
Do you feel our strengths?
Her desires, my desires.
Her ambitions, my ambitions...
Her enemy is mine... I am in control.
This is not possession, this is union.
- That's great. - Yeah.
Come on. Let me show you.
We've got our very own vampires in the ladies room.
Sookie, the game has changed.
Shit. Marnie is behind this now.
What? Did that bitch do somethin' to him?
Marnie's flipped sides. She's runnin' the show.
Break the rampart, break the cover...
Free us slaves, unwind we pray, our Goddess.
Break the rampart, break the cover...
Free us slaves...
It's marvelous. They'll do anything I want.
They'll slaughter their friends, kill each other, eat chocolate...
Go to the beach...
Unwind we pray, our Goddess.
Huh! Huh.
Sookie, get out of here now!
Something's up. Jesus says run.
Then we should run, right?
- We can't leave them. - Hell, no.
Tara! Hurry!
- Run! - Where Jesus?
Walls up!
Sookie! No! God!
Oh, fuck.
Say you'll give up...
- You won't do V no more! - I give up!
I'll never do another drop again. Please, I'm so scared.
I'm seein' things.
You look like a monster.
It's me.
Don't worry. It's only me.
At least your visions ain't real.
Stuff I see, it all happened.
You've been through so much.
I ain't got no excuse.
I ain't judgin' you.
Plenty of men come back from war and don't live in a tree house.
I'm so ashamed of myself I can't stand it.
I don't want to be who I am.
Bringin' V into a house with children...
How could I do that without even thinkin' about it?
What if it's ate my soul?
This is what rock bottom feels like, son.
There's nothin' wrong with you deep inside.
You're cryin', Andy. Men without souls do not cry.
Are you sure?
Hell, yeah, I'm sure. Here.
Who knows you better than me?
Nobody. Not a person on this earth.
You know I'll help you anyway I can.
I love you, cousin. I love you, too.
I'll pull the truck around.
Fort Bellefleur.
I ought to spend more time here.
I can see why you come back to the tree house.
Always was a good place to think.
When Daddy died, when Mama left...
This is where I went.
Headin' for home.
I'm not gonna relapse. Gonna be a real uncle to your kids.
I know you are. And you're gonna take your first steps as a free man tonight...
When you walk all the way home.
Lock up the guns, sheriff. See you at the dinner table.
Terry! Terry! Goddamn it!