True Blood (2008–2014): Season 3, Episode 9 - Everything Is Broken - full transcript

Eric finds himself under investigation and house arrest by the American Vampire League over the disappearance of the Magister. He tells them his entire story and of the danger Russell ...

ERlC: We need sanctuary.
PAM: Oh, my God. What have you done?
I staked a vampire, the lover of Russell Edgington.
-Are you insane? -Where can we go?!
A human home is safest. We've been invited into Sookie's.
No! That's out of the question.
You never panic. Should l be panicking?
Ginger, dear, where do you live?
Across the river in Bossier. Why?
We need your house. Now-ish.
Because of the V-Feds?
I'm sorry, Miss Flanagan. The bar is closed.
Thank you. I already ate. Tru Blood only, of course.
Can't stay out of trouble, can you?
The VRA is two states away from ratification.
I should be kissing asses in Oregon, not cleaning up after you in Louisiana.
I promise there is nothing amiss in my area.
Shut up. You're making my head hurt.
Officers, silver him.
-Where is he? Where is he? GUARD: ln the study, sire.
Talbot. Talbot.
Talbot. Talbot. Talbot.
No. No.
My lovely....
Talbot! Talbot! Talbot!
...l suppose l should have mentioned that.
There's an old tarp out back.
Normal couples do not do this, Bill Compton.
Thought you'd given up on being like normal couples.
What would you rather be doing?
Sitting on the sofa, watching television?
Well, used to be my idea of excitement, you know.
You've spoiled me.
Just once, l'd like to not find a dead body in my house.
Is that asking too much?
Sookie, he was sent to kill you.
If l didn't kill him, he would have come back for you.
You have to trust me.
Don't you?
I do. l mean, l try to, but then there's things like--
Like that secret file you got on me.
You know the one. Edgington showed me.
All kinds of birth records, family trees, newspaper clippings about me.
He said it's yours.
It's true.
I collected information to find out...
...why Eric Northman has such an unusual interest in you.
I assume it has to do with what you are.
Do you know what l am?
Truly, l do not. I'm doing my best to find out.
I don't know how you did things in the 1 800s...
...but keeping a file on the woman you love is creepy.
I have to know what you are, or else I can't protect you.
But you have to trust me...
...and stop thinking of me as a thing to be protected.
I took care of Debbie by myself.
I'm not afraid to spill a little blood anymore.
Much as you want to be human, I think I'm meeting you halfway to vampire.
Usually, this is where I come up with an excuse to get you the fuck out of here.
Like, "l gotta get to work early." Or, "l think I got food poisoning."
Or, "Will you help me clean the lice out of my bed?"
I go with ticks.
And which is it this time?
-No. I guess you can stay. -Ah.
Good answer.
Very good answer.
I like your ink.
-Oh, yeah? -Mm-hm.
They say the Olmecs and the Mayans used to worship the jaguar.
LAFAYETTE: Mm. -Mm-hm.
He's strong and elusive.
He holds power over the universe.
Is that what you think of yourself?
Okay, my high school was the Jaguars. Ha, ha, ha.
That's more like it.
But it's pretty anyhow.
CRYSTAL: I told you, he's not here!
FELTON: Well, where the fuck is he? And why ain't he got you chained up?
I don't know! Stop it! l can't think!
JASON: Ah! Just freeze!
Hands on your head.
-You a cop? -Shut up.
-ls he a cop? -Don't answer.
-Not really. -What are you asking? Ransom?
-We ain't got much. -What? Ransom?
-He wants money! -What the hell are you talking about?
I ain't leaving. You been promised to me since you was 4.
Hey, she can do what she wants.
-You're the one who kidnapped her. -What?
She came to me.
Is that true? l swear to God, I'll kick your ass, you ran out on me.
Don't talk to her like that!
Don't make me hit you.
You know I hate it when you make me hit you.
Dude! I got the gun! Shut up the fuck up!
Why does he think l kidnapped you?
-He raped me too. -What?
-Cocksucker, that's my girl! -l didn't rape no one!
Give me the gun, baby!
FELTON: You bitch! Why the fuck did you hit me--?
JASON: Hey, hey, hey. Give me that.
Could you not make me a rapist?
I'm sorry. It was the best I could think of.
We better tie him up before he comes to. He's stronger than he looks.
-All right. I'll get my handcuffs. -No. He can escape handcuffs.
What? What is he, a magician?
Just-- Rope. Trust me. Bring me rope.
FLANAGAN: The downstairs is clean.
ERlC: Well, l told you there was nothing.
FLANAGAN: It's been wiped.
Well, l'm a Virgo.
I like to be neat.
Your screeching fang-cushion of a barmaid...
...who's been glamoured so much she can't even remember her own last name...
...knows that no one ever goes down there with so much as a mop and a promise.
Suddenly it's as sterile as an operating room.
It doesn't prove anything.
If only we had a Magister to decide that.
Relax. It's not like you killed someone.
Just need your official statement.
That's all.
Webcams. For the Authority.
Members of the Authority, it's Nan. Can you hear me?
As regards to the matter of the disappearance of our Magister--
Last known whereabouts, this dump in Shreveport, Louisiana.
--you have before you Eric Northman, sheriff of Area Five.
Smile for the cameras, Eric.
I spiked it a little. Looks like you could use it.
Hey, listen. What you went through sounds like more than one person can handle.
You're here.
Yeah, but l don't think I'm doing too much good.
Have you ever thought about--?
I'm not going to a shrink.
Pour my guts out to a stranger is the last thing l need.
Just tell me you'll think about it.
I got it.
You're lucky it's just me.
Arlene's gonna throw a Molotov in your brother's window if you don't get here.
Well, why? What's going on?
There's all kinds of noises, Sam.
Girl noises.
Ordinarily, l wouldn't keep anybody from enjoying themselves--
Enjoying? She sounds like she's being murdered.
Listen, l got two kids with school in the morning...
...and a pregnant woman who says she needs at least nine hours sleep.
It's for the baby!
I tried knocking on the door...
...but they ain't answering.
I know it's late, but if you could just--
No, it's all right. l'll be right over. Five minutes, okay?
TOMMY: Yeah, bend over!
Come on! Hold on!
Hey, I gotta-- l gotta run over to the apartments. Do you wanna...?
ERlC: There's a pattern.
The Turks told folk tales of shapeshifting jackals at the fall of Constantinople.
The Aztecs were decimated by disease from the Conquistadors' war dogs.
Each time, there's been wolves fueled by vampire blood.
I nearly found him in Augsburg in 1 945.
His wolves were in the service of the Wehrmacht.
He disappeared after the war, and I-- I thought he finally met the true death.
Now he's returned.
Do you know why?
In times of conflict, Russell Edgington inserts himself into the affairs of men.
To what end?
He claims it's to prevent humans from destroying the planet and themselves...
...and thus our food source.
But Tru Blood changed all that.
Humans are no longer food for us.
-The Great Revelation-- -Russell opposes the Great Revelation.
He doesn't want to coexist with humans. He wants to subjugate them.
-The Authority will not-- -"Fuck the Authority!"
RusselI's words. Verbatim.
This is why he killed the Magister?
He killed the Magister because the Magister defied him.
He kidnapped Sophie-Anne because she refused him.
Now, if the Authority or the AVL stand in his way, well....
These are treasonous allegations.
-Why didn't you report this? -l should have.
But the Authority has existed for only a few hundred years.
My history with Russell Edgington goes back nearly a thousand.
My family was massacred.
All of them, by wolves.
I managed to kill one...
...and l watched him change into a man at the end of my sword.
And these wolves, they're the same.
Sweden, Germany, here.
With all respect...
...l did not report Russell Edgington to you, because I want him to die at my own hands.
I have waited a thousand years for this.
Yes, l understand.
I'm flying immediately to Portland. Thank you.
What? ls that it?
The Authority will review your statement against the, frankly, strong possibility...
...that l've lost an entire night's worth of air time promoting the VRA... order to listen to a load of bullshit.
But some do believe in a fair hearing.
Ms. Flanagan.
Russell Edgington is a threat to our very existence.
FLANAGAN: But he is a king.
One who donated half a million dollars to the same American Vampire League... say he's trying to bring down.
Weird, huh?
Bring in a couple of spare coffins for Sheriff Northman and his....
Whatever you are.
You're on lockdown till the Authority makes its ruling.
TOMMY: Yee-ha!
Yeah, girl!
Jump up and down. Let's see them titties shake.
Jesus, put on some clothes.
Sorry, can't hear you.
Let me put on some clothes.
Oh, from the bar.
Hey, Sam. This here's Nicole.
Heh, heh. Natalie.
-lt's okay. We ain't done much talking. TOMMY: Uh-uh.
Are you high?
-Well, l am. You want some? -No, no.
Want me to go? I don't wanna get you in trouble.
No, no. He ain't gonna do nothing.
He's just stuck in the mud and wants to drag me in.
Seriously, dude. Look at yourself.
I'm naked, she's naked. We're partying.
And you're just standing there.
How you have a good time's your own business.
Believe me, l've done it all and more.
Yeah, he says that. Where'd that guy go?
Hey! You can't be bothering the neighbors while they're sleeping.
You telling me that as my landlord or my dad?
Fine. Whatever. Yes, sir. We'll keep it down.
That all?
I'll see you in the morning.
That's your dad?
Where'd you learn that shit?
-l used to be a rodeo champ. -Really?
Okay, call.
WOMAN [ON PHONE]: Renard Parish Sheriff's Department.
[IN HlGH-PlTCHED VOICE] Yeah, there's a guy tied to a tree by Jefferson Road.
It's about three miles north of l-20.
He's got a bag full of vampire blood in his pocket.
I think he's some kind of drug dealer.
WOMAN: ls he in need of medical assistance?
Hey, does he need medical assistance?
That's good enough. Come on.
You should have let me sleep last night. Got a 1 2-hour shift.
Hey, Ruby, you almost done in there? It's time for us to go home.
You have got a excellent selection of cosmetics. l'll give you that.
I'm ready for you now.
Can't nothing hurt me when l got on my war paint.
LAFAYETTE: Heh, heh. -Something different about you.
I don't think so.
You ain't got your mask on.
That's because you been hogging all my stuff.
I see you. My son is shining through.
-Did he do this to you? -No.
I guess you can say that.
I'll be damned.
Maybe God loves fags.
That sounds like a compliment.
Ruby, we gotta go. Come on.
You need to bless the Jell-O so everyone can eat. Come on.
All right, now. You go ahead.
Without my ring. Thank you.
RUBY: Come see me, La La.
All right, Miss Lady. Eat your vegetables.
-So I'll see you? -When l see you.
JASON: Whoa.
-What happened? -Who's she?
-This is Crystal. -Hi.
She's with me for the day. It's like a ride-along.
Rosie, hey. You okay?
We had a man down last night.
What? Which man?
He's alive, barely. His mama's at the hospital with him.
What happened?
He went to answer a distress call around 2 a.m.
ROSlE: I thought it was a crank.
Some moron called disguising his voice...
...said that there was a guy tied to a tree holding a bag full of vamp blood.
I didn't know.
We sent our man into an ambush.
They smashed him up like a piñata.
Crushed his windpipe.
Boy's impossible to understand as it is.
-Shit. -That's awful.
ANDY: Goddamn it.
Can't be losing deputies my first week.
He's the only man I ever loved.
I gotta go type up a statement.
JASON: Just give me one second.
KENYA: Taking our boy to his arraignment.
ROSlE: Okay.
Hey, listen. Andy, l'm real tore up about this thing with Kev.
What you want, a hug?
I got ulcers so big, coffee's coming out of my belly button.
Is that even possible?
You got three seconds.
I got an idea about who might have done it.
Did we find a bag of V at the scene?
Kenya put it in evidence, along with some guy's clothes.
Word on the street is that the meth lab we busted in Hotshot...
...they're dealing V now.
Where'd you hear that?
Well, you want your cops to protect their sources, don't you?
You ain't a--
Just go on.
Okay. l was thinking, if we can connect the V...
...from the fuck-knuckle who jumped Kevin back to Hotshot...
...then that would give us probable cause to raid them again, right?
But you probably thought of that already.
It's one of several theories l got.
Gotta call into the lab. I tell you what...
...if it turns out our V addict is from Hotshot...
...l'm calling in the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, the DOJ and Blackwater...
...and we're gonna send that shit hole back into the slime it climbed up out of!
Oh. Yeah, yeah. I'm behind you, boss. All the way to the end zone.
And if you need any muscle with Kev gone....
Go make sure Rosie hasn't drowned at her own desk.
Yes, sir.
WOMAN 1 : That was my cousin. WOMAN 2: Oh, really?
Hey. Tara. Right? From Merlotte's?
-Yeah. -Hey.
Everybody, this is my friend from my new job.
We ain't had a chance to know each other...
...but guess we're in the boat together now, huh?
I don't know. l'm not even sure why I--
HOLLY: Oh, come on. Don't worry. We ain't as scary as we look. I promise.
How about l start?
Hey, y'all. I'm Holly.
It's been a while since I spoke...
...but there's enough new faces here, I figure I ought to take a turn.
I'm a rape survivor.
Easy for me to say now, but took me ages to be able to put those words together.
And it's women like y'all who helped me the whole way.
Fifteen years ago...
...l was locked in a room and raped by my coworker for five and a half hours.
And every day l face not only my memory of that...
...but that part of me who--
Who wants to feel sorry for herself and expects the worst out of people.
But that's not who I was raised to be.
And l still believe that people are worth trusting...
...and every day, that piece of me gets a tiny bit stronger...
...and wins out just a tiny bit more.
It's Hadley. What are you doing in your house?
I told you to leave. They're coming for you.
Well, they came, they gave it their best shot and l'm still here.
Come on, l'm begging you. You and Jason are the only family I got left.
Where are you?
Well, Sook, do you think you could come to the aquarium in Monroe?
I got someone I need you to meet.
SOOKlE: Hadley?
Okay, stay right here. I'll be right back. Okay.
Oh, my God. Is that--?
I took him out of daycare. His daddy doesn't know.
I haven't seen my son in over a year.
You'll lose him for good if you don't bring him back.
-Did anybody follow you? -What?
Whatever it is you're not telling me, now is the time.
Okay, okay.
Shit. I screwed up. I got involved with a vampire.
Her name's Sophie-Anne.
She's the Vampire Queen of Louisiana.
The--? Are you kidding me?
I told her things.
I told her about you and the powers you got.
Why would you do that?
I didn't think anything of it, but suddenly she got interested...
...and now I think Russell Edgington is interested.
It's my fault all these vampires are after you.
What do they want with me?
They don't think like regular people. I don't know why they do half these things.
But you just-- You gotta get out of Bon Temps. Please.
I'll find someplace to lay low. Why haven't you left?
Hunter, sweetie, come say hi to your Aunt Sookie.
Sook, l need to know if he's like you.
Please. If he is, l have to protect him.
Hunter, come on, sweetie. Come on, baby.
Who is this Iady? Where's Daddy? Why isn't he here?
It's okay. We don't have to talk.
Come on.
Which is your favorite fish in the aquarium?
It's all right. No one knows. Just us.
The bIue one.
The bIue one's nice. I like the orange one too.
You don't have to be scared. Your mama loves you very much.
Mama's real scared too. Mama's more scared than me.
Oh, sweet Lord, no. No.
Come on, we have to go.
HUNTER: No! No! No!
-Where are you taking him? -l got some friends.
The less you know, the better. Come on, baby.
HUNTER: She knows! She knows! -Come on!
That's great. Thank you.
Hey. Hey.
-Where's the rest? -lt's all on the table.
-My white ass, it is. This here's 2 dollars. -Sounds good to me.
Four Daughters of the Confederacy with French manicures...
...told me I was the best server they ever had.
Don't tell me they left me 2 dollars!
It ain't my fault they're cheap.
Hey, hey, hey. We can hear you in the dining room.
In the years you've known me, when has a four-top left me 2 dollars?
I don't have your money.
Turn that fucker upside down and shake it out.
-l'd like to see him try. -Okay, okay. Settle down.
Sam, if that little runt keeps stealing my tips, l'm gonna need a raise.
Oh, that's a good one. A raise?
For what? Service that fucking sucks?
This-- Hey. l'm taking that money out of your salary.
Oh, nice. So you're gonna take her word over mine?
Shit. Is there anyone you don't let walk all over you?
I've had two boys just like him.
You'll never get him to admit he took it...
...but dollars to doughnuts, he ain't ever gonna pull that again.
God, time was this was a nice place to come to work.
Well, l've seen worse. A lot worse.
I mean, the kids, God love them, but coming here was the best part of my day.
You can still eye your man through the kitchen window.
That's worth something, ain't it?
I don't know for how much longer.
The baby coming... ain't his.
I never said that till now.
The daddy, he's gone. He's dead.
But that man...
...was pure evil.
I'm bringing an evil child into this world.
I know l am.
And sooner or later, Terry's gonna find out.
I got a time bomb in me.
Six and a half months left of fooling myself and everybody else...
...before the best man that ever walked through my door gets blown to smithereens.
How am l supposed to live with that?
You want this baby?
No, I don't.
I can't believe l just said that.
Hey. You need someone to go with you to the clinic?
Oh, God, no, no, no. I can't do that. No, that is wrong.
-lt's plain wrong. -Okay, okay.
That's your business.
But you ain't no time bomb.
There's other ways to resolve it.
Come on, now.
No, it's impossible.
It's daylight.
How did you--?
-You killed her. -No.
-Come back! -No!
-You killed Sookie. -l haven't.
You've taken her blood. I can see it in you.
-l love her. -You think you do.
-You only want her light. -No.
She's safe. She's alive. I swear to you, l would never harm her.
Leave her alone, vampire. We will protect her.
How have you ever protected her?
We have. Believe me.
-Who is we? -Now, why would I tell you that?
Sookie needs to know what she is, so that she can protect herself.
Please. What in God's name are you?
Did you sleep at all?
I'm fine.
-Are the guards still outside? -Mm.
Pam, whatever the Authority decides, l will not allow you to take any responsibility.
You didn't kill the Magister.
But politically I'm a much cleaner scapegoat.
Who's easier to pin it on?
The sheriff in your custody or a king who might be anywhere?
And if they search Russell's palace, they'll find the remains of his lover.
-What did he do to you? -Nothing.
But he was the nearest thing to Russell Edgington's heart.
He had to die.
A hundred years I've been with you.
Why did you never say anything about Russell or your family?
You didn't need to know.
What good would it do to share my pain with you?
You didn't need to carry it all by yourself.
I am not weak.
I was the sole survivor.
The burden is mine alone.
We've lived through so much for so long.
It can't end this quickly.
Everything ends.
Even the immortals.
If l can't go on... must make a new vampire.
It is your time to be a maker.
SUMMER: I am so hungry, l could eat a horse.
-Two? -Hey, Jess.
-This here's-- -Follow me.
You ain't even gonna say hi?
You could always come during the day or on nights when l'm not working.
There's even other places you can go eat.
This is my place. I've been coming here for years.
And you're the one who called it off, so, what do you care?
I don't. It's fine.
Well, in that case, I'd very much like for you to meet Summer.
Jessica, l have heard so much--
JESSlCA: Shit.
She didn't mean it.
-l am so proud of you. -Why?
Because you chose life.
I love vampires as much as anyone else, but they have no life in them.
Look how sad she is without you.
She pulled you into the night.
I'm just so thankful you chose to come back with me.
Can't do much antiquing after dark, can we?
I saw the look in T-Dub's eye.
He thinks I'm the snitch.
Why else would I be at the station?
You gotta quit worrying about them.
Tea-Bag, he's in your rear-view, darling.
Because I got the sheriff's ear today, and we are gonna bust Hotshot.
-What? -Round them all up and take them all down.
So you just lay low for a day, maybe two.
-Wait. What's gonna happen to them all? -They'll go to jail.
No, they're my-- They're my kin.
-We gotta get up there and warn them. -Whoa, whoa.
You gonna run back to the people you're trying to get away from?
Back to Felton, who hit you and almost killed Kev?
How'd he get away anyway? We strung him up like Christmas ham.
Jason, there are folks up there that don't touch the drugs.
And the kids, they don't know nothing else.
You can't send them into the system.
You can't.
A visit from the chef. Wow. lt's my lucky day.
I wanted to meet the sick fuck who ordered the veggie burger with bacon.
I was just curious to see if you'd do it.
Boyfriend, for you, I'd do all kinds of things against my better judgment.
That's why I come back. For the personal service.
You don't finish that...
-...then you ain't getting no dessert. -Ah. Heh, heh.
Lafayette. Hey.
The nurse from Meadow Glade? Is this a thing?
If you call two days in a row a thing. For me, it's a record.
Yeah, well, still plenty of time for it to blow up in your face.
Well, fuck you too.
No. I didn't mean-- Never mind. That's-- That's just--
-Forget I said it. -Mm-hm.
Ain't no reason why you shouldn't trust him.
I told him all the shit about me, and he keeps coming back.
I don't know if he a fool or a fucking miracle.
If he can handle your mama, heh, I'd go with miracle.
Bless Jehovah, it's about fucking time. Hoo.
-l'm sorry, I didn't mean to-- -No.
No, I'm happy for you, baby.
-Heh, heh, heh. -Thank you.
SUMMER: I'll be right back.
Guard my dolls.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare your girlfriend.
It's all right. Couldn't help yourself.
She seems...
-...short. -Heh.
Yeah, we can't all, uh....
So she know you hate dolls?
Uh-- We don't really talk much about me.
Does she at least make you happy?
HOYT: Uh....
I hate her. God help me, but l fucking hate her.
Everything is dolls and show tunes and cleaning stuff...
...and she will not stop talking.
And l feel like it's making me crazy.
Then what are you doing with her?
Guess it beats sitting around thinking about you.
Hey. Hey, you okay?
Hey, come on.
What the fuck is your problem?
Is he inside?
Talbot, Talbot. Look.
The American Vampire League protects your murderer.
Perhaps they even sent him.
Oh, they will suffer for their sins, my beloved.
I swear to you...
...they will suffer.
You look like shit.
Well, l feel fantastic.
The ruling is as follows:
The Authority disavows any knowledge of our interview...
...your statement or, indeed, this ruling itself.
None of this ever happened.
Missing royals, dead Magisters.
It's a political tar baby no one wants to touch...
...not with the VRA close to ratification.
Russell will not stop killing.
What if the human public learns of it?
That's why you're going to take care of it.
Quietly, discreetly, and most important of all, completely off the books.
You wanted revenge, it's yours.
What resources are you gonna give me?
None. We're not getting near it.
How do you expect me to kill him? He's three times my age.
Listen, you whiny little bitch.
The only link between Sophie-Anne, Russell and the Magister is you.
You brought us this steaming pile of shit and you're going to make it go away.
Bring me his fangs, or l will have yours.
He did it once, he'll do it--
Stay there, baby.
You little two-faced whore.
Watch your mouth, old man.
-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.
That's my daughter. You think you can turn on your people?
Who do you think you are? I didn't raise no snitch!
You are not welcome here. You got a problem, take it outside.
Yeah, let's go, daddy-O.
And you? You said you hadn't seen her.
That's true. I hadn't seen her.
You can't man up to your own lies, you fucking pussy.
Come on, let's get the hell out of here.
Who's a pussy? Who's a fucking pussy?
CRYSTAL: Oh, please, please! That's my daddy!
You fucker! Get up! Fucker!
CRYSTAL: You gotta stop him!
Get his arm, Hoyt.
Okay, easy.
JESUS: He's still breathing, but he's in bad shape.
All right, hold on one second.
You got him? Grab his legs.
Listen, bro. You gotta meet me at the ER door in 20.
Thanks, bro. I owe you.
He said come on down. Come on, man, let's go, let's go!
Wait! Stop!
JASON: You can't fucking go with him. Hey, hey, hey.
That son of a bitch used you.
-You hate him. -He is my daddy, and the only one l got.
If you can't understand that, you don't know me at all.
Crystal, I know when you're being an idiot.
You're running back to the people who've been controlling your life.
You're right, Jason. I don't need no one controlling my life.
-Especially not fucking you! JESUS: Come on!
-Come on, we need to go now. CRYSTAL: Let's go!
-Crystal. Crystal! JESUS: Come on, let's get out of here.
JASON: Fuck!
Don't, don't. lt's an ugly, ugly sound.
I killed you.
That's what everyone said, you did it.
I thought, why would anyone spread such vicious lies?
Why would you kill someone you loved?
I do not love you.
They said that too.
That, l refused to believe.
I had to see for myself.
You wanna know what hurts the most?
You didn't mourn.
If you had a shred of love in your heart for me... would have mourned me.
I love you so much.
You don't love anything.
You can't.
Because you are a psychopath.
You violated me and terrorized me, because that's what vampires do.
And you're calling that love.
I'll mourn you, Tara.
I'll mourn you to my very marrow.
The only pity is you will never know how much I will grieve.
Come on! lf you're gonna fucking kill me, kill me!
What's taking you so long?
You want to hear me beg for my life? Is that it?
It's the only thing y'all can feel.
The destruction of life, because you ain't got none in you.
You sick motherfucker, I won't give you the satisfaction!
Why do you want to die so much? Why do you want to make me kill you?
Because the second l'm gone, I'll be rid of you forever.
I'll be free and you'll have nothing!
Shut up! Shut up!
Your heart is beating so fast.
I want to feel it stop.
JASON: Take your hands off her.
This is a private conversation. It's none of your concern. Run along.
Move the fuck away.
What, you gonna shoot me now?
You do realize I'm a vampire.
You could empty every round in me and l'll heal.
Not if l got wooden bullets.
Please, come on in.
Where have you been? I've been calling you for hours.
I don't know how to explain.
Felt like I was only away for a few minutes, and then suddenly it was past 1 1 .
-You mean you overslept? -No.
Where did you go?
Did you visit the Queen?
The Queen? Why would I?
-Do you know the Queen of Louisiana? -Well, yes. l was her subject.
I saw my cousin today, and she said she used to be with the Queen.
And now the Queen's working with Russell to come after me and anyone else like me.
Do you know anything about that?
I think I know why they want you.
Why didn't you say anything?
I only learned it today.
I'm not entirely sure what it was or how l even got there.
Perhaps it's because l drunk so much of your blood.
...l know what you are.
We're heading to the airport now.
I've got the speech here.
I'll have it all memorized by the time we land in Oregon.
No, go ahead. l'll hold.
REPORTER [ON TV]: --an update on the president's most recent reform proposal...
...and what it will take to prevent a pushback from the Senate.
And there is a study out now that suggests...
...a surprising connection between exercising....
Oh, Miss Flanagan.
Recapping the top stories... Salem, Oregon, both pro- and anti-vampire advocates...
...rallied in anticipation of the state's upcoming ratification vote...
...on the Vampire Rights Amendment.
Polls show the measure gaining support in recent months...
...although nearly 20 percent of the country remains undecided. Ugh!
MAN [ON TV]: Oh, Jesus!
Does that help you decide, America?
Do not turn off the camera!
You've seen how quickly I can kill.
Ladies and gentlemen... name is Russell Edgington...
...and l have been a vampire for nearly 3000 years.
Now, the American Vampire League wishes to perpetrate the notion...
...that we are just like you...
...and l suppose in a few small ways we are.
We're narcissists.
We care only about getting what we want, no matter what the cost, just like you.
Global warming, perpetual war, toxic waste, child labor, torture, genocide.
That's a small price to pay for your SUVs and your flat-screen TVs...
...your blood diamonds, your designer jeans, your absurd, garish McMansions!
Futile symbols of permanence to queIl...
...your quivering, spineless souls.
But no. ln the end...
...we are nothing like you.
We are...
Because we drink the true blood...
...blood that is living, organic and human.
And that is the truth the AVL wishes to conceaI from you.
Because let's face it, eating people is a tough sell these days.
So they put on their friendly faces to pass their beloved VRA...
...but make no mistake, mine is the true face of vampires!
Why would we seek...
...equal rights?
You are not our equals.
We will eat you...
...after we eat your children.
Now time for the weather. Tiffany?