True Blood (2008–2014): Season 3, Episode 8 - Night on the Sun - full transcript

Sookie is home from the hospital and is convinced that her relationship with Bill is over. She receives a message from Eric, who is still in Mississippi, that Russell is still out to get ...




-Back off.
-Keep out of this.

-l don't take orders from vamps.
-Get away from her.

-Tara, he saved her life.
-After he almost fucking killed her.

-You're alive. Sweet Jesus.
WOMAN: ls everything okay there?

MAN: Yeah, she had a nightmare.
JASON: Sook?

Say something. You brain damaged?

I-- l need to speak to Bill, alone.

So he can finish what he started?
Hell, no.


-Everyone, please.
-Y'all heard her. Out.

You're afraid of me.

Can you blame me?

I never meant to hurt you.

-l couldn't stop.
-l know.

I can't take back what I've done.

No, you can't.

I don't know how to start forgiving you.

Don't know if l ever will.
There's too much.

I'm not asking for your forgiveness.

I don't wanna be forgiven.

From the day we met,
it's been one long, bloody fight.

And l keep waiting for it to be over...

...for us to be happy... start our lives together
like a normal couple.

-But it's never gonna happen for us, is it?
-l want you to have all that.

I want you to lie in the sunlight...

...have children...

...grow old with someone.

I want you to have the life you deserve.

And l cannot give it to you.


I love you, Sookie Stackhouse...

...and l will love you forever.

I love you too.

Be safe.



This isn't a room, it's a fucking closet.

Where am l supposed to put my birds?

You never said
she was going to live with us.

She's my wife, Talbot.

We just acquired the state of Louisiana.
I thought you would've been excited.


Franklin's brains won't wash off
the guest linens...

...l had to bury werewolves
under the gazebo...

...and that Sookie bitch staked Lorena.

I've had enough excitement, thank you.


They made quite a mess, didn't they?

Well, at least you're safe.

That's what matters most to me.


Oh, things may be
getting complicated soon.

I'm afraid I acted somewhat impulsively
while l was gone.

What did you do?

-Spit it out.
-l killed the Magister.

He deserved it.

Are you out of your mind?

-The Authority will never stand for it--
-Fuck the Authority.

They won't be able to prove a thing.
I made sure of that.

-You're acting like a century-old child.

I've sent a check to the AVL in support
of their foolish Vampire Rights Amendment.

-You can't buy your way out of everything.
-Of course l can. This is America.

Forgive the interruption, Your Majesty.

There's a were-bitch in your study.

Go, while I babysit your wife.



RUSSELL: What's up, pumpkin?
-They killed my Cooter.

Aw. He died a hero.

He weren't no hero.

He just wanted to do some V
and have a little fun.

And they shot him in the heart.

Let me go after them.
I'll rip their fucking heads off.


I like your energy.
What do you think, Northman?

Well, l enjoy a good head-ripping
as much as the next vampire...

...but in this case, it might be wise to
consider the value of the heads in question.

You mean the Stackhouse girl?
Yeah, she's something special, isn't she?

She fucked my ex-boyfriend
and made him shoot my fiancé.

-She's a cunt.
-But she's a special cunt.

Ah, don't worry, darling.
I'll let you play with her first.


Respectfully, Your Majesty,
given the recent turn of events...

...bringing Sookie into this
may not be the best idea.

Well, that's exactly why l need her.
I may have inadvertently started a war.

Miss Stackhouse
could be my secret weapon.

Well, Sookie's abilities
are unpredictable at best.

And like most humans,
she's ruled by petty emotions.

I would not trust her.

The real question is: Can l trust you?

You turned on your own queen.

Now that l've freed your feisty ward... do l know
you won't sell me out as well?

Because I have been searching for you
for a thousand years.

A true leader.

One strong enough to unite us all.

I believed my maker, Godric,
was such a vampire, but he was weak.

He succumbed to his humanity,
and it killed him.

Dispatching the Magister...

...that proved without a doubt
that my search... has finally ended.

-That was rash and foolish.
-lt was brave and uncompromising.

Vampires have yearned
for someone to stand up... the tyranny of the Authority
for centuries.

Just give me the chance...

...and l will show you...

...just how deep my loyalty runs.



When's Papa gonna buy Mama
a diamond ring?

That's what l wanna know.




Don't you worry, chère.

I'll take real good care of our baby.

Oh, no, you're dead.

They buried you.

Death can't keep me from my boy.

You're gonna finish
what your daddy started...

...ain't you, petit boug?

Gonna be just like your old man, you.


He ain't gonna be nothing like you.

-You get away from us.
-l'm in his blood, boo.

Ain't nothing you can do about that.


Arlene! Wake up, wake up.


You were dreaming, baby.


JESSlCA: Oh, I never thought I'd miss you,
but I totally did.

All right. There's some stuff l gotta tell you,
but you gotta promise you won't get mad.

Jessica, there's no time for this.
Collect your things and leave immediately.

-Where we going?
-We're not going anywhere.

-Look at me.

As your maker, l release you.

Well, what's that supposed to mean?

It means our ties are broken.
You are free to go.

Well, but what if
I don't wanna be released?

-You can't stay with me.
-Well, l ain't going anywhere. No way.

-Listen to me.
-No, you listen to me.

I drained someone.

I was hungry and l was sad,
and it was an accident.

I didn't know how to control myself.
You never taught me.

No, I need you.
You are the only maker I've got.

I can't take care of you!

I can't protect you!

I'm no good to you.

Well, l'm no good either.

And l don't care what you say,
I am not leaving.


I don't wanna be alone anymore.


I don't wanna talk about it.


If you need to get back to Jackson,
I understand.

I'll be fine.

Sookie, I know you're tougher
than a one-eared alley cat...

...but l ain't leaving you alone right now.

Besides, l reckon Jackson
won't be too friendly tonight.

There's a guest room upstairs.

You're welcome to it
for as long as you need.

Someday it won't hurt so bad.

Is that what you keep telling yourself
about Debbie?


Andy, what are you doing here?

Just because I let Bill give you his blood,
don't mean l forgive him.

Sook, you need to press charges.

What he did to you,
that's domestic...something.

Actually, it sounds more like assault
or attempted murder.

I'm not gonna press charges on Bill.

Your brother's just trying
to look out for you.

SOOKlE: I know, but Bill didn't attack me
on purpose.

He was starving and unconscious.
It's his nature.

That's no excuse.

It's over between me and Bill.
There's nothing more to talk about.

Maybe now is not the time.

If you change your mind,
we can get a restraining order.

No, screw the restraining order.

If he come near you again,
I'm gonna kill him, l swear.

You ain't killing nobody.

JASON: Stop looking at me.
She's gonna hear what I'm thinking.

Don't lose your shit on me.

Fuck. Shut up, brain. She's gonna find out.

Jason. Find out what?

-What have you done?

You got no right being in my head.
That's trespassing.

I do so have a right.

If you come into my house
threatening to kill people and lying.

Fine. l'll leave.

Somebody's gotta make that fanger pay
for what he did to you.

That fanger?
Jason, that's not who you are.

That's now how Gran raised you.
You ain't a bigot or a murderer.

I know you love me
and you're just trying to protect me...

...but l have seen enough killing
and hating.

I can't take any more.


Please just tell me
you ain't gonna do anything stupid.


You ever gonna tell me
what happened to you?


Just not tonight.

Well, hooker, l need to know.
You got a death wish?


I don't.

I fought like a motherfucker to survive.

Never realized how much
I wanted to live till....

I can't go there right now, Lafayette.


You ain't got to go nowhere.

You just stay right here with me.



Get in here before someone sees you.

Make sure that's everything.

Because you ain't welcome back here,
you understand?

I want you boys to know l don't blame you.
I'd leave us too if I could.

What's stopping you?

That son of a bitch done nothing
but knock you up and suck you dry.

That son of a bitch is your daddy.
And he's my husband.

I know he's no good...

...but love don't discriminate.

That's why--

You can hate me if you want...

...but l'll still love you.

Both of y'all.

As long as l'm still breathing.


Take care of my boy, Sam.

Take care of yourself too.

I'm so glad y'all got each other.

Let me help you with that.

-l'm stronger than l look.
-l believe it.

But if you wanna help...

...l could really use some money.

I know l got no right to ask...

...but Joe Lee done spent
every cent we had on that fight.


That ain't gonna get us far.

I don't give a fuck where it gets you
as long as it's out of here.








-And now you can fly too. Ain't you fancy?
-Mama, how you get out the hospital?

-And what are you doing here?
-Hell, I came to protect you.

-They coming for you.
-Who? Who coming for me, Mama?

The vampires, the witches...

...the dogs and the cats, they know.

They all know.

And they are coming for you, baby.

But l got here. l got here.


TARA: Hey.

You wanna be alone?


I used to do this all the time.

Just lie in the sun
till the whole world faded away.

And your Gran would yell
about you putting on sunscreen.

"You're frying like a fritter in a pan."

My whole life's at night now.

You gonna go back to Bill again?

No one's ever hurt me so bad.

I trusted him with every part of me.

Maybe it's stupid
to trust someone that much.

You didn't ask for any of this.

I knew what he was
the minute l laid eyes on him.

I knew he was dangerous.

And l ain't gonna lie,
that's part of what I fell in love with.

Bill gave you his blood
before your first date.

He saved my life.

We both know what drinking their blood
does to you.

He glamoured you
into thinking you were in love.

Glamouring doesn't work on me.

It might be over between me and Bill,
but what we had was real...

...and l can't just flip a switch
and turn my heart off.

You know what you sound like?

One of those songs about dumb bitches...

...who let their men cheat and beat on them,
all for the sake of true love.

Let me tell you something.

At the end of those songs,
the dumb bitches always end up dead.

Did you just call me a dumb bitch?

I'm sorry, but if you go back
to that vampire, that's what you are.

What l can do in my brain,
it's every bit as deadly as Bill's fangs.

I know what it's like
to be afraid of my own body... not be sure what it's gonna do next.

I've killed.

I may not have cheated, but I wanted to.

-Me and Bill, we ain't so different.
-Yes, you are.

I saw the look in his eye.

Same as Franklin's: cold and crazy.

-Like a rattlesnake.
-That isn't the Bill I know.

-Then maybe you don't know the real Bill.
-Tara, l don't wanna fight with you.

You've been through a lot.
I can see you're in pain.

-Let's talk about it.
-l can't.

Because trust me, Sook,
you don't wanna hear what l've gotta say.

Morning, Tara.

Good. Maybe you can flirt some sense
into that girl...

...because logic sure as hell
ain't working.


Hold on.


Yeah, l'm coming.

Goddamn it.

-Let me unlock the goddamn....
-l need your truck.

What happened to your face?

Come right in.

What did you do, swim here?

Only way they couldn't track my scent.

What, is that drug-dealer code
for something?

Listen, l don't wanna cause you no trouble,
but I had no other place to go.

-All's l need is your truck.
-My truck.

Yeah, l heard you.

But, Crystal, you ain't getting my truck until
you tell me what happened to your face.

Can l get a towel?

And some whiskey?


Got any of those Tru Bloods?

Aah! Motherfucker!

That's Tara. She's all bark and--

-Well, she bites too. Heh, heh.
-Heh, heh, heh.

But at least she ain't a vampire
like our hostess.

Chili's down in Monroe
had a vampire bus boy.

He was real fast.

Well, seems like you're gonna fit in
just great around here.

This is a nice place to work.
Don't let nobody tell you different.

You mean all the dead waitresses?
I heard.

But l figure,
world's been around long enough.

No matter where you step,
somebody's died there.

What an interesting way to look at it.

Besides, l got two kids to feed.

This recession and all,
can't afford being picky.

I got two kids too. Lisa and Coby.

And the one on the way?

You have a name yet?

How'd you know?

Hey, Arlene.

Who's this?

-This is Holly, your new waitress.

Don't sleep with her.


-Hey-- lt's okay.

It's okay, it's just me.

Tara, it's okay.


It's okay.

I've been promised to Felton
since I was 4.

Four years old?

Is that even legal?

Case you hadn't noticed,
we don't care much for the law in Hotshot.

Well, is it like a church
or cult or something?

Because I've done that,
and they washed my brain.

Daddy says God's just a drug,
like meth or whiskey.


Is he the one that did this to your face?

After you came and saw me.

What? This--? This is because of me?

Because I told him
I weren't gonna marry him no more.

Oh, great.


I mean, not great
that he punched you in the face.

Great that you ain't getting married.


Goddamn. What is it about you, Crystal?

Why do you make me feel this way?

-What way?
-Like I'm home.

-l gotta go. Give me your keys.

-But you said--

If you wanna go...

...l'll drive you anyplace you say.

But l think you wanna stay with me...

...and you're just scared.

You don't know them.

They don't know me.


Moms, I done told you,
ain't nobody coming for me.

-Who knocking, then?
-That ain't for me, Mama. Trust me.

Aah! Jesus.

You got a lot of people real worried,
Ruby Jean.

That white bitch say,
"Sit there. l'll be right back."

-You showed her.
-l gotta pee, Jesus.

One of our new nurses left your mother
in the garden.

It won't happen again.

For what I pay that place, it better not.

Come in, please.

Thank you for coming on your day off.

-l didn't wanna call the hospital in case--
-ln case they sent the cops?

Yeah. l guess that wouldn't be too good
for your business, huh?

Look, Jesus, about the other night--

Hey. I ain't going back there.

You ain't taking me back.

I ain't crazy.
It's them drugs they're giving me.

-Stay-- Ah.

You got power, boy.

You always have.

That's why they're coming.

I got to protect you,
but I can't do it if you keep drugging me.

-Mama, give me the knife.
-Do not touch me.

Ruby Jean...'re right.

Your son is very powerful.

But l'm not gonna let anything
happen to him.


Just give me the knife.

Let's watch some TV.

Thank you.

TV's all faggots
and murderers and ho's, Jesus.

Where the clicker?


I'm not gonna hurt you.

I need you to deliver a message
to your cousin.

I ain't seen Sookie since--

Tell her exactly what l say...

...and nothing more.

ALClDE: Janice, listen to me. Stay there,
call Dad. l'm on my way.

-Goddamn it.

She and her pack of Were trash
burned down my sister's salon.

It's one thing coming after me,
another going after my family.

None of this would've happened
if you hadn't helped.

Debbie was crazy
long before you came around.

I just gotta find her
before she goes after anyone else l love.


Sorry, Sookie. l gotta go.

Of course. They're your family.
Don't be sorry.

Should come with me.


-Yeah, but you--
-l am not gonna spend my life running.

That's not a life.

Russell and his wolves will come back
for you at any time.

Call somebody to come stay with you.
Your brother, that sheriff.

My brother and Andy
wouldn't stand a chance against Russell.

I can't let anyone else get hurt
because of me.

-l ain't leaving you here alone.
-lf I'm in danger, Bill will come.

Sure about that?


You can read minds
and shoot light out of your fingers.

Who am l to tell you what's best for you?

If l knew what was best for me...

...l would have fallen in love
with someone like you.

Back at you.

It's too bad we're so stupid, huh?

I'm glad I met you, Sookie Stackhouse.
You take care of yourself, you hear?

You'll come back and see me sometime?

You can bet on it.

Keep your eye on Tara.
If she needs anything, get it.

She starts yelling or throwing drinks,
come and find me.

-Sounds like my kind of girl.
-Don't you flirt with her, either.

-She your girlfriend?
-She ain't my girlfriend.

She's just going through some stuff
that's none of your business.


Is Jessica Hamby working tonight?

Give it a rest, man.
She's way out of your league.

-Who the hell are you?
-Tommy Merlotte.

You're in my family's establishment... you listen to me
when l tell you Jessica's done with you.

She's moving on to a real man.

You wanna pick a fight,
do it with somebody your own size.

-What do you say?
-Wanna take this outside?

-Hey. Nobody's taking nothing nowhere.

Hey. Hoyt, I apologize for my brother.

Tara, get him a drink on the house, please.
In my office. Now.

-l hate that dick.
-Hoyt's not a dick.

And whatever's going on
between him and Jessica, stay out of it.

-You ain't my father, so--
-Right, I ain't Joe Lee. I care about you.

I don't wanna see you get hurt.

I could take that big crybaby
with both my hands tied behind my back.

Tommy. Look, l know it's been a fight
for you up until now...

...but it don't have to be that way
no more.

All right, so how about
you just give trouble a rest for a while...

...and focus on building a future
for yourself?

-What are you talking about?
-Well, Merlotte's was my dream.

I want you to start thinking
about one of your own.

Get some money saved up.

You know, you go to college,
make something of your life.


You really don't know me at all, do you?

That was much better.

I'm getting fast, aren't l?

Yeah, but werewolves are faster.

-You really think they're coming for you?
-Or Sookie.

-Or both of us.
-Well, why aren't you with her, then?

Because she doesn't want me to be.

If she needs me, I will know it.

All right, she screwed up your proposal,
I get it.

But the whole time she was looking for you,
she was wearing your ring.

Jessica, it's over.

No way.


But you love her.

I do.

Which is why l have to let her go.

I love Hoyt.

But he's so good and sweet.

He deserves to be with somebody
who deserves him.

I'm sorry.

It sucks.





Who's there?


Hadley? Oh, my God.

Where have you been?

Is--? Is Gran here?

I should've called...

...and said l was sorry
for running away from that rehab.

-None of that matters anymore.
-You're right.

Gran is fine wherever she is.

We're the ones who are fucked.

I didn't come here to visit.

I've got a message for you
from Eric Northman.

How do you know Eric?

What's he done to you?

Nothing too bad yet...

...but if I don't tell you this exactly,
it ain't gonna be pretty.

-Tell me what?
-Russell is coming for you.

-Don't trust Bill.
-Oh, and l'm supposed to trust Eric?

What does all this
have to do with you, anyway?

I've gotta go.

Hadley, wait.
You can't just leave like this.

I've got to. And so should you.
They're coming.

Russell was powerful enough to kidnap Bill,
and God knows what he's got on Eric.

If he wants me, he's gonna find me,
no matter where l run.

Sookie, if they find you,
they're gonna do horrible things.

I'm so sorry.
I hope one day you can forgive me.

Forgive you for what?

HADLEY: I'm the one who told them
about you. All my fault.


Go ahead, leave,
like you've been doing for centuries...

...chasing after this or that
while l sit here alone.

In a mansion with all the blood you can drink
and all the vampire boys you could want.

Oh, poor Talbot.
Are your diamond slippers chafing?

First the queen, now a telepath?

All you care about's
your precious collection.



Your Majesty...

...perhaps I have a solution.

I know l'm a poor substitute...

...but l would be honored
to keep you company.


-l don't know.
RUSSELL: That sounds like fun.

I am positively jealous.


Mr. Northman and I will try
to find some way to amuse ourselves.

Thank you.


I've never been outside of Bon Temps.

-Never had no job other than cooking.
-You cook?


-My sister works at Merlotte's.
-Not food, meth.


Jason, what am l gonna do?

If l stay here,
they're gonna find me and kill you.

That ain't gonna happen.

No, no, no. That ain't gonna happen.

We're together now.

No one's gonna come between us.

That is crazy talk.

But l almost believe you.


Is that your stomach growling,
or you got gas?

It's my stomach.

I ain't eaten since this morning.


Tell you what.
Why don't you hop in the shower?

Come here.
And l'll go get us something to eat.

-No, Jason, I ain't staying here by myself.
-lt'll just be a minute.

I'll lock the door.
Ain't nothing gonna happen to you.





Well. Well, that's pretty fine, isn't it?


I must say.

He's looking over here, huh?



Can l help you?

I'm looking for my daughter.

-What's your daughter's name?
CALVIN: Her name's Crystal Norris.

Blond, real pretty.

Got a black eye because she's so clumsy,
she walked into a wall.

Well, l haven't seen anybody like that
around here.

Maybe it's best if you gentlemen
were on your way.

I know she's been here because she took
my truck and it's outside in your lot.

So quit being a fuck mouth
and tell me where she is.

-There a problem here?
SAM: Everything's fine, Tommy.

I don't know you,
I don't know your daughter...

...but this is my bar,
and you ain't welcome here.

Listen up, shifter.

I find out you're lying, l'm gonna
rip your dick off, feed it to my hogs.

Hey, hey. No, Tommy.

You heard him, Tommy.

Down, boy.

You smell that?


Yes, sir.

She's snoring like a buzz saw.

Thank you.

You told them
I'm letting her spend the night?

Mm-hm. They weren't very happy
about it.

But l think it's good, you know?

She went through a lot to get here.

Think it's her way
of saying that she needs you.

Waving a kitchen knife
is a hell of a way to say you care.

She wasn't gonna hurt anybody.

Ruby Jean has got a flair for drama.

It runs in the family.

What she said before
about you being powerful...

Mm-hm.'s true, you know that, right?

When I was 5 years old, that woman
told me l could breathe underwater.

My little ass almost drowned.

So, no, boyfriend, l don't listen
to most of what come out her mouth.

She's schizophrenic...

...but it doesn't mean
that she's not perceptive.

Look, just let me say this,
then l'll get off your back, all right?


Dealing drugs is very dangerous
for somebody like you.

All that energy you've got,
it can go dark if you let it.

I think you've been hanging around
my mama too long.

Her crazy is starting to rub off on you.

-l'll be back in the morning to pick her up.
-Jesus, wait.

The dealing, l ain't got no choice. l don't.

I've been trying to stop for a while now.
It's not that easy.

And if you don't want nothing
to do with me, that's fine.

I just wanted to let you know because--



I'm bored.

Take off your clothes.

A little privacy?

Everybody out.


It's been a long time since l've done this.

-A man?
-No, a vampire.


Anybody here?




Hey! Is anybody in--?






-Who in the hell are you?
JASON: You Crystal's father?

-Wait, you're the guy from the--
-l'm the guy holding the gun.

And l'm telling you
Crystal ain't never coming back here.

-And you ain't never going near her again.
-Stupid punk.

-You got no idea who you're messing with.
-No, you got no idea.

I'm a cop, and I know what you're up to.

So you're gonna leave Crystal
the fuck alone.

Or me and the whole sheriff's department
gonna come after you...

...and your hillbilly freak show.

You feel me?


Oh, yeah. I feel you, boy.











Open up, little piggy.

Or I'll huff and I'll puff...

...and l'll blow your house down.

I don't wanna kill you, but l will.

I got nothing left to live for anyway.


You took it all.

You brought this on yourself, Debbie.

Take another step and I will shoot.

Why don't you just pull the trigger now?

What do you care?

There's people that still love you for reasons
I ain't even gonna try to make sense of.


Talking to me about love.

How noble and shit. Bitch, please.

I see right through you.

You fuck vampires and werewolves
because your own kind rejects you.

They know you're nothing but a freak.

I've had vampire blood. Lots of it.

Me too.

Your boyfriend's yummy.




JESSlCA: Hey. Get back here.
-Jessica, stay in the house!



Since no one was hospitable enough to
invite me in, l had to wait till you came out.

JESSlCA: Help.
-l take it this is yours.

Let her go.

What do you think, Gus?
Should I let her go?


Oh. Well, I take it that's a no.
I'll tell you what.

I'll trade you the red one
for the blond one.

How about you and l settle this
among men?

Aw. How very sexist of you, Bill.

When it comes to killing,
I have always been an equal opportunist.


You are 3000 years old and a king...

...yet you hide behind guards, wolves...

...a baby vampire.

Are you a coward...

...or are you just lazy?


Here you go, boy.

-Rip her to shreds.


Northman was right about you.
You are a waste of the blood.


Silver spurs. You like?





-Turn over.
-Oh, yes, Daddy.


Russell took my family.

-Now l take his.





Get out of my house, bitch!

Fuck you.

Next time l won't miss.


-l love you.
-l'm sorry.

SOOKlE: I love you.
-l'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

-l love you.
-l'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I love you.





I'm sorry. Please don't kill me.
I don't wanna die.