True Blood (2008–2014): Season 3, Episode 4 - 9 Crimes - full transcript

Sookie joins Alcide at a raucous engagement party for Debbie Pelt, his former fiancée; Eric is given a deadline to locate Bill; Andy gets a promotion and draws Jasonʼs attention; Franklin takes Tara on a road trip; Arlene is irked by Jessicaʼs arrival at Merlotteʼs; Sam brokers a deal with Tommy and his parents, Melinda and Joe Lee; Bill "procures" dinner for Russell and Lorena.


Don't take it personally.

The Were you were fighting
had vampire blood in him.

Bill's, in fact, so I know it's strong.


Werewolves doing V?

Goes against everything we stand for.

-The rest of the pack into that shit?
-The ones who took Bill, at least.

Like l need more reasons to hate them.


Is Debbie your ex-girlfriend?

She's my fiancée.

-She moved out a month ago.
-A month?

-And you still haven't got new furniture?
-l don't have time for it.

You ever hear from her?

My sister, Janice, does.
She runs a beauty parlor.

Debbie still goes in
to get her hair done up.

Almost done.





Are you hurt?
I know the werewolves have you.

Nobody has me.

I have left my life in Bon Temps.


And l am leaving you.

-Shut the fuck up.

The last time l saw you,
you asked me to marry you.

You did us both a favor
by not saying yes.

You have to say that.

Someone's listening.

Lorena, actually,
to whom l have just made love.


We fucked like only two vampires can.

I didn't hold back for fear of hurting her
like l do with you.

-Look at your life since l entered it.

-l've only caused you pain.
-That's not true.

I am death.

I will bring you only suffering.

Our worlds are too different.
Our natures too.

We were doomed from the start.

-l don't believe you.
BILL: Believe what you want.

You are no longer of concern to me.

Do not try to find me.
I do not wish to be found.



What does he mean,
he doesn't wanna be found?

I'm pretty sure it means
he doesn't wanna see you anymore.

-That isn't what he said.
-Well, what do you think he said?

I don't know what he said.
I just know that isn't the man l love.

Well, maybe the man you love
never existed except in your head.

Is that supposed to be making me
feel better?

No matter how well
you think you know somebody...

...they can still turn around
and kick you right in the nut sac.

I don't have a nut sac, and Bill...

...he's risked everything for me.

Our love is way bigger than him
breaking up with me over the phone.

-How many relationships you been in?
-What does that matter?

Well, all l'm saying is there's no nice way
of getting out of these things.

Come here.

-Oh, my God, you're so warm.

It's okay, I'm just not used to it.

It's a Were thing.

We run hot.

I thought maybe you were coming down
with the flu.


-You probably want some privacy.
-That's the last thing l want.

At least let me go put on a shirt.


Tommy! Get back here, you little shit!




-Were you sleeping in my parking lot?

We hadn't left yet because, uh,
well, we got nowhere to go.

We're a little behind in rent.
Plus, our landlord got foreclosed on.

Oh, so that's why you came here.
To eat my food and steal from me.

-Tommy tried to break into my safe.

Sometimes I think that boy's cheese
done slid right off his cracker.

He does desperate things
when we fall on hard times.

When you fall?
How often does this happen?

-Wait, l don't wanna know.

-This is not my fucking problem.
-l know it ain't.

-Just please don't take it out on Tommy.
JOE LEE: Tommy?


-What happened now?
MELINDA: No, no. No one's hurt.

-Sam caught Tommy stealing.
-Oh, that boy makes my ass itch.

-l ain't asking for your sympathy.
-l can't have you living in my parking lot.

No, we'll be gone
the second he gets back.

He's just off somewhere
beating himself up.

-Won't be long.
-lt better not be.


Tell me everything you know
about Bill and Sookie.

-She says it was love at first sight.
-You don't believe that?

In love? Hell, no.

People just get what they want
and leave.

And what does Sookie want?


Being a telepath gets real noisy,
and she can't hear Bill.

Her brother, is he a telepath too?

Jason barely knows what he's thinking,
let alone anyone else.

If you keep smiling like that,
I'm gonna get jealous.

I thought I loved him for a long time...

...but he never loved me back.

Then he is an idiot.

-Where is Sookie now?
-Jackson, Mississippi.

-Where in Jackson?
-l don't know.

Find out.


-Hi, Tara.
TARA: Sookie, you sound awful.


...broke up with me.

Oh, my God. what an asshoIe.

TARA: Tell me where you are.
I'm coming to get you.

No, I just need to cry my eyes out
for about a week.

What you need is your best friend,
right now.

-Give me your address.
-After all you've been through?

I don't want you getting mixed up
in my mess.

You'd do it for me.
I'm getting in the car right now.

-l'm exhausted.

-l'll call you tomorrow, l promise.


What do you want from Sookie?

Oh, you should be more concerned
with what I want from you.

Let me go.

Not gonna happen.



That was the best sex l've had
in decades.


At least somebody enjoyed it.

There was true passion
between you and l tonight.

Any passion you felt
was me killing my love for Sookie.

It had nothing to do with you.

It's been a long night,
and l need to sleep.

Now get the fuck out.


Oh, William.

I'm happy.

You're with me.

And you're not going anywhere.

Even if it takes 40 years...

...l know you will love me again.

You can't help but love.


Cheese and rice.
You scared me half to death.

-What the hell are you doing out there?
-Waiting for you to invite me in.

Can all vampires fly?

-Can all humans sing?
-Are you kidding?

Couldn't carry a tune
in a bucket with a lid on it.

Come on in.

So how goes the search?

Turns out he's not who I was looking for.

You smell like the ocean in winter.

How is that possible?
Bill doesn't smell like anything.

-That's not possible.
-You played by the North Sea as a child.


How did you know?

I'm smelling your memories.

-Not even you can do that.

I got skills you can't even dream of,

-You want more?

You want more?

Or I boring you?

That'll be all.

MAN [ON TV]: The Vampire Rights
Amendment's impending passing...

...has left many up in arms,
but perhaps none so much....

Any time you wanna head back
to Bon Temps.

Since you're not looking
for that asshole anymore.

Oh, l still plan on finding him.

-Okay, doormat.
-l'm not a doormat.

-l just want him to say it to my face.
-What, he didn't hurt you enough?

I think he's in trouble. Maybe l'm wrong.

If he can look me in the eye and tell me
it's over, l'll leave him here to rot.

You looking for closure?
Just let it go, move on.

Says the man cooking breakfast in a wok
because he's too sad to buy a frying pan.

I need more information.
Take me to that engagement party tonight.

No fucking way.

-l paid my debt to Eric Northman.
-l know you're still hurting over Debbie.

Seeing her with those creeps
might help you get over her.

Are you insane?

Either one of us showing up
after last night... just asking to get our asses kicked.

You go if you gotta.
Don't put your shit on me.

Ring, ring, hooker. Ring, ring.

Now, l know you holing up at Sookie's,
but long story short...

...l gots me a six-figure bucket seat
cradling my black ass right the fuck now.

And you got yourself my old ride.

That's right,
Buddha done did us a 1 80, he did.

Now, why don't you calls
a motherfucker back, please?




-You must be Janice.
-And you're Sookie Stackhouse?

Thank you, Jesus.

I'd have settled for a two-bit hooker... get my brother's mind off that bitch
Debbie Pelt, but you are cute and sweet.

You're just what he needs.

Thanks for coming over.

When you called,
I was checking my horoscope.

Know what it said?

"Things are looking up
for somebody close to you."

Nailed it.

Don't get too excited.
Alcide and l are just working together.

You don't look
like you work construction.

No. Someone l care about's
gone missing...

...and Alcide has inside information
about the folks I think have him.

I called you
because l need to get into Lou Pine's.

You need to look the part.
Well, that is my specialty.

How deep do you wanna go?

I wanna look
like l could kick some serious ass.

Which l can.

JANICE: All right,
let's pick out some temporary tattoos.

No chance of anything more
between you and my baby brother?

I'm not really looking,
and he's still hung up on his ex.

Finding out about her engagement party
tonight did not help matters.

-Yeah, right, engagement party.
-Excuse me?

Oh. No, right.
That's right, engagement party.

JANICE: That bitch Debbie's
actually getting herself...

...initiated into
that nasty pack of freaks.

-How did Al find out about it?
-Uh, Hollis told him last night at Lou Pine's.

Fucking Hollis and his big mouth.

I'm glad he didn't say nothing
about her being hooked on V.

But if Alcide still loves Debbie...

...don't you think he should go
and try to talk her out of it?

No, he should not.

My psychic told him if he stayed with her,
he would get himself killed.

Did he listen? No.
She ended up dumping his ass.

Why'd he stay with her so long?

She was his first love,
he never met anybody so alive...

...all that shit.

But how many bullets
are you gonna take for somebody?

How many bad things happen to you
and the ones you love...

...before you realize feeling alive
ain't enough?

I am just glad he made it out alive.

Arlene, what's happening, baby?

I'm just trying to buy my crew here
a round after a long day.

A long day? lt's lunch, okay?

And l'm the only waitress working,
as usual.

You'll get your beer when you get it.

What is she thinking?

Hey, right here. QB 1 gets the first beer.

JASON: l wanna see this.
FOOTBALL PLAYER 1 : Here you go.

About time.

Who's that cocky little shit?

It was 1 8 yards deep. It was sick.

You're just mad because
he's about to break your passing record.

He's close.

Say he's got the best arm
of any kid in Bon Temps since....

Well, since you.

What's his name?

Kitch Maynard.

KlTCH: Don't even think
about finishing that pitcher.

-That's QB 1 's.
-Fucking winning name.

ANDY: Get on up here, Bud.
Get up here, young man.


I'm gonna keep it short.

Everything I learned about
being a good cop, l learned from you.

You always been a hell of a sheriff, Bud,
and l'm gonna miss you.


We figured since you hung up your hat
for good...'s time you put on
your new dancing shoes.

Put them on now, Bud.

Thank you. They're beautiful.


It's been a great honor
serving this community.


Yeah, baby!

And it's an even greater honor
having served with such fine men.

And woman.

And it is in that spirit that l announce
to you your new acting sheriff...

FOOTBALL PLAYER 2: Kitch! Kitch! Kitch!
-...Andy Bellefleur.

MAN: Way to go.
BUD: Congratulations.

Kitch! Kitch! Kitch!

KlTCH: That's what I'm talking about.
-Thank you.

KlTCH: That's how you drink a beer.
ANDY: Boy. That's a surprise.

And a hell of an honor.

All I've ever wanted to be
was a good cop.

-lt's Kitch, right?
-Well, around here they call me QB 1 .

But you probably can't remember
that far back.

-What's your name?

Tammy. Wooh.

You are smoking.

You got all them dimples.

I'd have made out with you...

...but unfortunately for you,
you're with a disrespectful fucktard--

Whoa, whoa.

--who's causing a ruckus
when a fine, upstanding citizen... getting all commemorated.



You think you're a rock star, don't you?

World at your feet,
folks serving you beer underage.

Girls sucking your cock whenever
you say go. No offense, Tammy.

You ain't nothing, boy.
You'll find that out soon enough.

Yeah, well, come end of season,
they'll be shouting my name...

...and they'll forget you ever existed.


But 1 0 years from now...

...there's gonna be a version of you,
1 0 years younger...

...doing the same thing to you.

And then who you gonna be?


Yeah, that's right. You heard me.


Well, l guess the only way
to get a promotion in this town... to drink like a fish...

...hallucinate farm animals,
and kill a black man.

Hey, promotion. Ha, ha.


Ow! Shit.

SAM: Here, let me help you.
-God, you wanna help me?

How about doing your job, boss?

Right now l'm a hostess, waitress,
bartender, busboy...

...because everybody you hire
comes to work...

...whenever they fucking feel like it
or ends up dead.


And l've got enough
on my plate without--

I'll get someone else in here
soon enough, okay?

You have got to start looking out
for your own, Sam.


SOOKlE: In here.


I guess my sister took to you.

Debbie's getting initiated into
Coot's pack, and she's addicted to V.

Shut the fucking door.

Debbie's a bloodhead?
How'd you find out?

I was poking around in Janice's brain.

She didn't tell you
because she's trying to protect you.

-Why didn't you let her?
-Because I know you care about Debbie.

I figured you'd wanna know
if she were in danger.

She's gonna let those fucking mongrels
brand her.

-V's the only reason. lt's gotta be.
-Of course it is.

Maybe it's not too late
for you to get through to her.

-Stop her from ruining her life.


That mean you're coming with me?

I probably won't get in otherwise.


We're gonna have to go in separate,

You might be able to fool some
with that getup.

They're just gonna
beat the shit out of me, again.



How long did you work
for Sophie Anne?

BlLL: Thirty-five years.

I was a procurer.

Were you any good?

I received no complaints.

And then you started sampling
the local flavor in Bon Temps.

No. I was on sabbatical.

Well, now you're playing coy, William.

So which is it you doubt,
my intentions...

...or my power?

Can you assure me that
you will be able to usurp her territory?

Well, that depends on the quality
of your information, now, doesn't it?

-l insist.

"A woman is only a woman...

...but a good cigar... a smoke."


Rudyard Kipling.

No Shakespeare, but less impetuous.

And he never stole spoons.

Your Majesty, if l am going
to sign my own death warrant...

...l will need something in return.

When I have fulfilled my duties...

...l want Lorena gone.



It is a punishable offense
to kill another vampire.

Not if no one reports it.


Eric Northman,
the queen's sheriff of Area 5...

...has been selling vampire blood...

...and l believe it is at her behest.

If the Magister finds out,
he'll put her on trial.

He's been itching for another inquisition
for centuries.

-Why on earth would she be so stupid?
-The Great Revelation.

She's close to losing her fortune
now that we're being taxed by the lRS.


Tug on the purse strings,
you'll find a lady's heart.

That's very nice, Bill.

Very nice.

I feel like celebrating.


Missed you.

You miss me?

Did you miss me?

I can't stop thinking about you.

Something about you is just so....

What's the word?




We have so much ahead of us.

When people come in, first thing,
count how many of them there are.

More than two always gets a table,
never the bar.

So say there's three.

Pull out one, two, three menus
and walk them to their table.

Well, what about the waitressing part?

You gotta be 1 8 to serve alcohol
in Louisiana.

That is so not fair.
I'm never gonna be 1 8.

And l used to be the best server
at our church pancake night.

Think you can handle it?

I'm a vampire, not a fucking idiot.

Uh, hi, welcome to Merlotte's.

Table 5's available
if you'll just follow me right this way.

A hostess ain't gonna help me
with my workload.

And she sure as heck
ain't helping herself to my tips.

Calm down. l put an ad in the Pennysaver
for another waitress.

No one said anything
about Jessica getting tips.

People love giving redheads tips.

And l've always been the only redhead
at Merlotte's, Sam.

You know that.

Sorry, Sam.

Ah, l get a little emotional when I'm--

When I see people
taking advantage of you.

-What are you talking about?
-Well, you let in every stray, Sam.

I mean, first that old dog,
and then your folks, and now Jessica.

I mean, it's your business,
it's not a charity.

I can take care of myself. My folks
won't be coming around anymore.

You sure they know that?
Because they're grilling in the parking lot.

One thing's for sure, we'll never be
as bad of parents as they are.

JESSlCA: Well, your server
will be right with you, all right?

-Oh, excuse me.

Jessica? Jessica Hamby?


-No, you've got me confused, l think.
-Jessica, it's Chip from Bible study.

Hi. Oh, my God.

I can't believe you're alive.
Your folks are gonna be so happy.

-My God, it's a miracle.
-Yeah, I guess so.

Oh, praise Jesus. Praise him.

You shitting me?

My little brother
just got busted dealing dope.

You won't find a better product.

-You a cop?
-No, sir.

I know your boy's a lean,
mean selling machine.

I'm just here to up your game.

Help you step up in the world,
clean some shit up.

I'll go grab the Dirt Devil from Felton.

-See if he's hungry too.
CRYSTAL: I ain't his mama.

What you say? You feel me?

Nothing this hot will cost you this little
and earn you so much.

We're not getting in business
with people like you.

People like me?

-No, you look, son.

Polite's in short supply around here.
It's time you get your ass home.


FELTON: Let's get these tires off.

FELTON: Oh, ain't you pretty, princess?

-Get the fuck up out my ride.
-How about no?

-How about I whup your fucking ass?

Unh. I told you
we ain't so polite around here.


How'd you end up
in Bon Temps tonight?

I was just on my way home...

...back from picketing the baby-killer
factory up in Birmingham.

-Stopped for a bite.

You wanted to stop for a bite...

...but you decided it was too late,
so you drove straight home.

-lt is late.

Then you got a little lost on the 1 65...

...and that's why you got home
a little late and a little hungry.

And you never even saw me.

I hate being hungry before bed.


Take that.



Get your fucking hands off me,
dead man.

-Take the deal.
-You'll have to kill me first.

No, I think l'll kill
all your brother-cousins first.

-How does that sound, Lafayette?
-Oh, that-- That sounds good.

-Unh. We'll sell.

Just let me fucking go.


And that's called closing the deal.


Let's go, RuPaul.

Get the fuck up out of here.

TARA: What do you want
with Sookie and Bill?


My employer's interested in them.
Him, mostly.

That where we're going?
To your employer?

"Slappy's Snack Shack, five miles.
Persimmons and cherries."


If there is one thing that l miss more
than sunshine, it is good fruit.

Where are you taking me?

Here l am
trying to make pleasant conversation...

...and you wanna ruin my surprises.

There ain't nothing pleasant
about being bitten and tied up.

You're tough.
I could taste it in your blood.

I'm not a bad guy, Tara.

I just wanna make sure
that we have a chance.

Untie my hands.
I'll give you whatever chance you want.

Are you like this
with your other boyfriends?

-This is kidnapping.
-This is opportunity.

My job supports my financial needs.
My emotional ones....

-lt's just there's so much l wanna tell you.
-Then tell me where we're going.

I've been so lonely.

But now you're mine...

...all that's changed.

I figured the sooner you left Bon Temps,
the happier you'd be.

Unless you plan
on stealing from me more.

You don't know shit about me.

Well, l know you got a pretty raw deal
with your folks.

I know you think l got off easy.

Why'd you even look us up, anyway?

Well, when l was your age...

...l had no example.

Everything I did--

Shit that was worse than stealing,
by the way.

--l did blind.

And l survived...

...but it caught up with me so bad,
sometimes I wished l hadn't.

Guess l wanted to see
how different it could have been.

And now that you have?

I see that I can't get back what l lost.

But you're still young...

...and you don't have to make
the same mistakes.

And you could stay with me.

-l could set you up at the bar.
-You don't get it.

My folks are fucked up,
but they can't get by without me.

Now, l know it feels like that,
but they're not your problem.

That's all they are.

I ditch them tomorrow, they end up
in the gutter by the end of next week.

You think I can live with that?

I won't be free of these people
until the day they die.

Well, l have to say
I'm a little disappointed.

I pegged you as a professional, but clearly,
you lack the necessary artistry.

Bossman, have you seen this face?

It ain't nothing but art.

Well, you walk into every situation
all flash and fire.

You expect them to adapt to you.

That's not salesmanship, it's ego.


PAM: We're being raided.

So? Call the American Vampire League...

...they'll get their lawyers on it. I'm busy.

It's not the police...

...the Magister.

I'm coming there now.

Don't be stupid.
Leave while you still can.

They're looking for the V, Eric.

The Queen set you up.


Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Magister. What a pleasant surprise.

Oh, there's nothing pleasant about this.

This is blasphemy.

Take her.

I know l ain't got no fangs...

...and l know I can't talk whatever
language that is you talk in...

...but l can move your shit.

Oh, hell.

How am l supposed to deal
with this fucked-up-ness?

Hey, Andy. I wanna be a cop. A real one.

-That's good, Stackhouse.
-Yeah. I've been old Jason long enough.

Well, apply yourself like I told you,
someday you might make a good one.

No, I don't think you're hearing me.

You see,
I'm not doing them fake ride-alongs...

...and filling out forms.

I'm thinking there's gotta be
an easier way.

Ah, you've been thinking that way
your whole life, Stackhouse.

Where's it gotten you?

You're gonna make me a cop,
and you're gonna make me one now.

Jason, even if l wanted to, I couldn't.
There's rules.

There any rules about taking
TV interviews and promotions...

...for not shooting a killer dead...

...when I'm the one
who's gotta live with doing it?

Any rules about that?

I push this,
it'll blow up for the both of us.

You know, I read something
in all that cop homework...

...about when you make up stories
about murderers and crimes.

What do they call that again?

-Falsifying evidence.
-Yeah, falsifying evidence.

Last few days...

...shooting a known killer,
tackling a drug dealer in Hotshot....


I'm already the best cop you got,
Sheriff Andy Bellefleur.


Aw, shit.

MELINDA: Uh-huh.
These dogs plumping up real good.

There you are.

Boy, l'll whup you.

Now, here's what's gonna happen.

I'm gonna give you a place to stay
for now till you get back on your feet.

No more stealing... more drinking...

...or the deal's off.

I think we can manage that.

Don't see why not.


Think you can fly straight from now on?

Supposed to be a joke.

Maybe I can.

-No. No, no, no, not you.
-Russell's expecting me.

He's out. He'll be a while.

We'll wait.

Is this for me?

It's skinny.


It's a private party. Hollis ain't here.

We're on our own.

MAN 1 : Yeah.
MAN 2: Yeah.

-Shoot it.
-No, thanks.

She looks familiar. Did I bang her?

-l mean, fuck, yeah!
MEN: Yeah!

MAN 3: Again.


One more. Third time's the charm.

Oh, go, go, go!

Go, go, go!


Who the fuck are you?

She's with me, Debbie.

In the mood for anything in particular?

Something smoky.

Not too fatty.

See, l was thinking...



You said you were a procurer?


As you wish.


Let her go! l am who you want.

But l have been framed.

"Oh, you've got the wrong man."

"My dog ate my homework."

"I saw Goody Osburn with the devil."

Excuses are one thing l can assure you
do not get better with age.

Do you deny the blood was being sold... your area?

Not on my orders.

Then on whose?

Your queen's?


What shall it be, sheriff?

Desecration of the blood
or treason against your regent?

-Both among the most dire of crimes.

It was Bill Compton!

It's true. He-- He's gone missing.

You've seen yourself how easily
he betrays our kind for personal gain.

I believe he is behind this...

...and l am gathering evidence
to bring him to you.

Now let me finish my work.

They say the loss of a child
is the deepest of despair.

Two days, Mr. Northman, or she dies.

A true death.

You thought this knight-on-a-white-horse
shit would work?

-With me?
-What have you done to yourself?

I finally got free of you.

And l never been happier in my life.

I still care about you. Go through with this,
the pack will never let you back.

I don't need your pussy pack.

And l was fucking Coot
when l was still with you.

-This isn't about us.
-Like hell.

You came here and brought this skank
just to make me jealous.


-Well, coming from you, that's just funny.


You did not just say that to me
at my own fucking party.

Alcide came here despite every
good reason in the world not to...

...because he believes the woman
he fell in love with...

...still lives inside you somewhere.

He's willing to risk his life to make sure
you hold on to her...

...even if he doesn't get to.

It isn't too late.

We can get out of here right now.

-What the fuck is this?
-lt's just a conversation, Coot.

Well, she's all done with you, Herveaux.

She went and found herself a real wolf.


Come on. Let's do this shit!

MAN 1 : Yeah!
DEBBIE: Leave him alone, Coot.

-Let him stay.
-No way in hell.

He needs to see this.

He ain't never gonna let us be, baby,
till he understands I'm with you for good.





MAN 3:
Yeah! Yeah!

Coot. He's one of the ones
who took Bill.

I have an errand to attend to.

If l'm not back before Mr. Compton
returns with our dinner... feel free to start without me.


-Who's that?
-Russell Edgington.

He's a rich antiques dealer here.




...shall you drink...

...the dark wine...

...of our ancestors.


What's a vampire doing in a wolf den?

Why are they submitting to this fanger?

Oh, my God. He supplies them.

Holy shit.

Oh. Not tonight, pumpkin.

Otherwise your brand won't last.

Tonight... continue the grand tradition
of expanding our pack.

My contribution is but a small token
of gratitude...

...for our collaboration
throughout the ages.


The ages?

MAN 4: Yep.



Now I leave you amongst your own
to celebrate.


All yours.


I'll take good care of you.

-What's your name?

What is your real name?


What is your name?


What does your husband think
about your profession?

No husband.

-Never wanted any.

World's too fucked up.

-And your family?
-Told me l wasn't worth nothing.

-l figured they ain't worth knowing.
-Perhaps you're right about that.

-No point anyway.

Loving anyone...


Feels good at first,
but it always turns to crap.

I know the truth about life.

It's a hell l'll never get out of alive.

No one does.

MAN 1 :


Debbie, you dumb bitch.

MAN 2: Yeah!

MAN 3: Yeah!
ALClDE: This is so fucking wrong.







What's happening?

-Are they all shifting?
-You need to get out of here.

Sookie, run. Run!

Well, what have we got here?

So, what kind of party we having?

Yeah. Ha-ha-ha.


-Ladies first.
-Why, thank you, Russell.


Please join us.