True Blood (2008–2014): Season 3, Episode 2 - Beautifully Broken - full transcript

Bill comes face to face with his kidnappers and the vampire King of Mississippi, who has an interesting proposition for him. Bill is not keen on the proposal but refusing may put Sookie in danger. Back in Bon Temps, Sookie learns more about the symbol she saw on the neck of one of Bill's kidnappers and subsequently sees a rather ominous looking figure lurking around. Eric offers to protect her, but he clearly wants something else from her. Tara survives her suicide attempt and meets a new vampire at Merlotte's bar. Sam meanwhile has tracked down his biological family who confirm what he already suspected. Jason is growing irritated at the amount of publicity Andy Bellefleur is receiving over shooting Eggs. Jessica meanwhile turns to Pam for advice on being a vampire and on how to dispose of a body.

My ear. My fucking ear.
You're next.
Your Majesty.
I said escort him, not hunt him like an animal.
He is a goddamn animal.
He killed three of us, ripped off Louie's ear.
You're about to get deader, dead-ass motherfucker.
-Back off. -Cooter?
-Seriously? -Call me that again.
I fucking dare you.
Coot can be a little sensitive about his name...
...and the evisceration of his friends.
For future reference, Coot, I'm not a fan of improvisation.
When I give you an order, I expect it to be followed exactly.
-You understand? -Mm.
These wolves do your bidding?
Well, unfortunately, not as well as l'd hoped.
-l'm terribly sorry, Mr. Compton. -You're sorry?
Your Majesty, you've had me abducted by werewolves.
Dragged across state lines. They took silver to me, fed on my blood.
You drank from my guest?
Mr. Compton, join me at my home.
I will explain everything.
That was an order.
Tara, what--?
The fuck are you doing?
Open your mouth.
Open up your goddamn mouth. I ain't playing. Open your mouth.
-Spit it out. Spit it out. -What are you doing?
-Spit it out. Saving her life. -Sweet Jesus.
You too busy praising Jesus to realize your daughter trying to move in with him.
Tara Mae, no. You can go to hell for this, baby.
-Please, Lord, forgive her. -Will you move the fuck back?
Get out of the way. With a mother like you, it's a miracle she ain't tried this years ago.
-Where you taking her? -Hospital.
-No. Let me go. -l'm going with you.
You failed this girl for the last time, you hear me?
Now get the fuck up out my way.
It stands for Operation Werwolf...
...some kind of secret Nazi commando force from World War Il.
You found this branded on a dead man's neck?
Bill summoned Jessica there. He was trying to show us who kidnapped him.
Yeah, Nazi werewolves.
That dead guy was strong and fast enough to take Bill.
He had to be something supernatural. I was hoping you could tell us more.
Never seen it before. Sorry.
Why do l get the feeling you're blowing me off?
Let's go to the ladies' room and stare at ourselves in the mirror.
Here's what l know about werewolves:
There's a reason their existence has remained a myth to humans...
...for thousands of years.
They're territorial, vicious, pathologically secretive.
Boy, does that sound familiar.
And here's what l know about you:
You're so blinded by your obsession with Bill Compton...'re likely to run through the streets screaming "werewolf bait"...
...alerting whoever has Bill that we're onto them...
...or getting yourself killed.
-You think l'm that stupid? -No, I think you're human.
-Don't underestimate me. -Don't underestimate yourself.
Your life is too valuable to throw away.
So, Pam...
...when you're feeding on someone... do you not kill them?
Bill didn't teach you that?
Bill doesn't want me to feed on people.
And now he's gone and....
It's in the heartbeat. You feel it in the blood.
And when it slows, you stop.
Yeah, but how do you stop?
I think about crying children with soggy diapers.
Also maggots.
...let's say that you did kill somebody by accident.
What would you do with the body?
You have no connections in the Were community.
They're not gonna answer your questions. They don't want you to know they exist.
Bill's out there somewhere in danger.
I can't just go on with life like that's not happening.
You know that, maybe better than anyone.
-When Godric went miss-- -Bill Compton is no Godric.
But he's everything to me.
Please don't do that.
It makes me feel disturbingly human.
I risked my life to help you find Godric...
...and l don't expect you to do the same for Bill...
...but at the very least, I hope you'll help me if you can.
Sookie, you gotta get me home before dawn.
It's here, Godric. l feel it.
Help me. Please, help me.
It's going to be all right.
I won't hurt you.
We're on the same side, you fools.
No, we're not.
You're late.
-William Compton. -Welcome to Mississippi, Bill.
Sorry l'm not dressed, but we were expecting you last night.
-There were complications with his escort. -Fucking werewolves.
Let's show you to your room, get you all, uh, cleaned up, huh?
My room?
Your Majesty, you promised me an explanation.
And l have no intention of letting you leave without one.
I just redecorated the guest room.
Wait till you see the bed, Bill. It's marvelous.
It once belonged to Countess Elizabeth Bathory...
...Hungary's legendary serial killer.
Rumor has it that she loved to torture virgins...
...and bathe in their blood.
Now, be careful of the door, Bill.
It's 1 00 percent sterling silver from Morocco.
It's light-tight, of course. Bathtub's through there.
And if you need anything, anything at all...
...someone will always be right outside of your door.
Just ring the little bell.
You're only making matters worse for yourself by holding me captive.
Oh, no one's holding anyone captive.
We're, uh-- We're conducting business.
You're a guest in my home.
Guests are invited. Guests can leave of their own accord.
And once you've heard my proposal, so can you, if you choose.
Enough business. Time to rest.
You had the bleeds twice this week.
We'll talk over dinner.
So nice to meet you, Bill. Enjoy the bed.
-He's a challenge. -l think l'm gonna have to bring in the girl.
I threw up all the pills. l'm okay.
I don't need to go to the hospital. Just pull over, please.
-Bitch, you tried to kill yourself. -l didn't plan it.
I just saw the bottles, and l thought, "Enough."
-l deserve some peace. -And I deserve to plan your fucking funeral?
Spend the rest of my goddamn life blaming myself?
I'm sorry. If you take me to the hospital, they're gonna lock me in a padded room...
...pump me full of drugs, and force me to tell them what happened.
-Lordy. -lf I tell them about Eggs and Maryann...
...they'll throw away the key.
-Eggs would want you to live, Tara. -Eggs doesn't want shit.
Eggs is dead.
The one time in my entire life I thought I was happy...
...l was a fucking zombie.
What the hell is wrong with me, Lafayette?
Life ain't not having problems, Tara.
It's about being able to deal with the ones you got.
-Well, obviously, l can't. -You can and you will...
...if I gotta drag your narrow ass through this world kicking and screaming.
Look, the Buddhists weren't lying when they said life is suffering.
It don't mean you get to check out early and leave me here.
What are you doing?
First l'm gonna get some food in you.
...there's something you need to see.
You want me to stay here? I feel weird leaving you all alone.
I'm a vampire, Sookie. l don't need--
-l don't need a babysitter. -Of course you don't.
Be gentle with him.
-And if you feel anything from Bill-- -l'll call you.
What are you doing here? It's almost dawn.
Thought you might be hungry.
Hoyt, you can't keep showing up, leaving stuff at my door.
Now, listen to me.
If there's one thing that I learned from this whole thing with my mama...'s that l gotta take better care of you.
You couldn't control yourself. Be like if l hadn't eaten...
...and people were walking around with hamburgers on their necks.
No. That's not what it's like at all.
You don't know what it's like. You never will.
Biting people...
...getting so mad that l do bad things by accident, that's in my--
-lt's in my nature. -Wanna know what's in my nature?
Running back to my mama...
...and doing anything that she tells me for the rest of my life.
I ain't gonna do it.
We can fight our natures together.
It's too late.
Don't say that, Jessica.
So gross.
Oh! God.
My family junk.
-Oh, Jesus. -Oh, Jason. I'm sorry.
It's 5 a.m. What are you doing eating my chicken in the dark?
I couldn't sleep.
And, uh, well, I just kept thinking...
...about how Gran would be doing handstands in her grave if she saw her--
Ugh. --her house like this.
So l thought l'd come and clean up, and then l got hungry.
I figured you'd be with Bill.
What did l say?
-There's werewolves? -Yes.
Holy shit.
-Bigfoot? Is he real too? -l don't know. I guess it's possible.
-Santa? -Jason, focus.
-Yeah, sorry. Well, what can l do to help? -Nothing.
Apparently, that's what I'm supposed to do too, which is totally impossible.
Every sound l hear, every time the phone rings...
...every shadow, l think it's Bill.
I keep expecting him to come through the door and say:
Let me talk to Andy.
I won't tell him the whole werewolf part...
...but maybe there's something he could do to help.
Andy Bellefleur?
Yeah, we went through some pretty intense shit together...
...during the whole Maryann thing.
What kind of shit?
I don't know. l don't remember half of it.
And don't even think about reading my mind...
...because I just wanna put all that behind me.
You heard about Eggs.
I helped him remember things.
That's why he went after Andy and got himself killed.
Yeah, that wasn't your fault, believe me.
Well, tell that to Tara. I don't think she's ever gonna forgive me.
Maybe I deserve that.
Well, you were just trying to help.
It's the thought that counts.
And, uh, Tara's tough. She'll get through it.
Sookie, you just need some sleep.
Let me worry about Bill for a while.
Thanks, Jason.
It's just you and me now.
Well, you're gonna marry Bill, and now it's you, me and Bill.
Don't move.
Get out of the car.
Which is it? Don't move or get out of the car?
Come on.
Hey, Mama.
Joe Lee.
Quit hollering. lt's too dang early.
-Who the hell are you? -Who the hell is he?
My name's, uh, Sam Merlotte.
That's the guy l told you about, the one asking all the questions.
-Found him spying outside. -Spying? l was sleeping.
All right? Put the gun down.
-l'm not here to hurt nobody. -You from Collections?
Because I put that check in the mail yesterday.
Merlotte. That name's familiar.
We met before?
Thirty-four years ago.
-Tommy, put the gun down. -What?
Put the gun down.
It's you.
It's really you.
It's really who?
Who is he, Mama?
Grab her, knock her out.
Be back in time to watch Let's Make a Deal.
Morning, Sook.
You okay?
Did you just see someone here?
No. Usually when I see things other people don't...'s because l ain't taking my medication and l--
Come on out, you big coward. What have you done with Bill?
Motorcycle boot. Size 1 0.
-Now, that's just weird. -What?
Tracks end here.
Which don't make a lick of sense unless he turned himself into a bird and flew away.
Or a wolf.
Yeah. Panther or coyote maybe...
...but l ain't never seen no wolves in these parts.
Until now.
Jesus Christi.
-Tara, calm down. -What the fuck, Lafayette?
You drive me two and a half hours to show me something...
...and take me to a fucking nuthouse.
How could you, Lafayette? You can't commit me against my will.
Ain't nobody fucking committing you...
...but if you don't chill out quick, somebody may change their mind.
Hi, um....
We're here to see Ruby Jean Reynolds, please.
Let me check.
-Just one bite. Come on. -Mm-hm.
-Come on, Ruby. -You come on.
-You gotta eat something. -Come on, eat something.
Why do you always do this?
Can l help you?
Oh, that's just my son, Lafayette.
Hi, Mama.
-You told me your son passed away. -He did.
God killed him because he's a faggot.
But he keep coming back.
This is Jesus.
He's a Mexican, but he ain't raped me yet.
-l'm sorry. -Don't worry. I'm used to it.
-Jesus. -Lafayette. This is my cousin, Tara.
-Hi, Tara. -Hi.
I'm glad you're here.
I've been taking care of your mother for six months.
-l think you're the first visitor she's had. -Don't listen to him.
People just keep coming and going. They coming and going, baby.
What you want with me, Lafayette? Wish to hell they'd leave me alone.
Listen, if you can get her to eat something, you'd be my hero.
He spits in my food through them rotten-cheese teeth.
-Oh, my fucking-- -Nice to meet you.
Mama, you remember Tara.
God killed you too.
Well, that's my job.
I was just doing what l had to to protect myself, but l ain't no hero.
Detective Bellefleur, in addition to being stabbed...
...the victims were also clawed by an animal.
What kind of animal was that?
Well, that's a good question.
And l'm sure Sheriff Dearborne would love to answer it for you.
-Detective.... -One other question...?
Uh, we're still working on that.
We're not sure if the suspect trained the animal.
Hey, what are you doing here, Stackhouse?
All these reporters, they're here for you? Is this because of Eggs?
It's because of me winning the Miss America Pageant.
-Thought I told you to lay low. -l need your help with something.
-Ain't I done enough for you already? -Hey, l was trying to save your life.
Now I'm trying to save yours.
Listen, l'm sorry. I know l shouldn't be here...
...but Sookie, she's trying to blame herself for killing Eggs.
Andy, we gotta make this right. We gotta make it right.
-Yeah, but, sheriff.... -Hey, how about a second lunch?
-Won't he come looking for his clothes? -He'll come looking for more than that.
-l'd feel a lot better if you let me call Andy. -l've already got somebody on it.
He's a sheriff and a vampire.
Listen, Terry.
-You can't tell anyone about this. -Could l get a little help?
This guy is my one shot at finding Bill.
I'm not so good with secrets.
I think you're a lot better at things than you give yourself credit for.
I've been out there hollering for help for 1 0 minutes.
I'm sorry. I didn't hear you.
-Let me get that. -No. I can do it all by myself.
Just like I do everything else.
Would you mind telling Arlene how l'm good at things and all?
But if you want my advice, tell her yourself.
You wait to tell people how you feel about them... never know what can happen.
Sookie, hold up.
-You know how to use one of these? -l ain't that blond.
-Thanks, Terry. -l....
I've always liked you...
...and l'd miss you if you got killed.
Just so you know.
I was 1 6.
-Your daddy was doing 1 2 years in prison. -For a crime I didn't commit.
Your mama didn't even tell me about you till after she gave you away.
I didn't know what else to do. The Merlottes seemed like good people.
They had money and a big house.
They said they could give you a better life.
Did they?
Did you have a good life, Sam?
Till l was 1 5.
What happened when you were 1 5?
I think y'all know.
Was that the real reason you gave me away?
Because of what l am?
I knew there was a chance, but your daddy's regular.
And l prayed and I prayed that you'd turn out like him.
Why would you pray for that?
What you are is special, son.
You got something extra in you.
-You should be proud of that. -ls that right?
Because what being special has meant to me... walking this world alone, not knowing what the hell I am...
...why I am this way.
Sam, Joe Lee may be married to a shifter and raising another...
...but there ain't no way he can understand what it's like to be one.
I am so, so sorry you had to go through that all alone.
I am too.
What about no one telling me my whole damn life l had a brother?
-Anybody sorry about that? -Boy, don't use that tone with us.
-Joe Lee, calm down. -Welcome to the family.
You can have them.
Why didn't you tell me?
She made me promise not to.
-Didn't want nobody seeing her like this. -But six months, Lafayette?
Alone in this place? Even she don't deserve that.
She don't deserve it. You know how much it costs keeping her here?
More than two legal jobs' worth, that's how much.
I mean, the only reason why l'm paying, because l hate her raggedy ass so much...
...l don't wanna take care of her my goddamn self.
If that were true, you would've left her to the state...
...or on the street where you found her.
You think I can end up like her.
There's some darkness in this family, Tara.
My mama, your mama.
But they ain't strong enough to beat it. We are.
We've been fucking fighting tooth and nail... survive this bullshit our whole life...
...and l ain't letting you give up now.
I get it.
You promise?
I promise.
All right, now let's get the fuck up out of here. lt stink in here.
But, hooker, if you ever try to pull the shit you pulled last night again...
...l swear, your ass gonna get a room right next to Ruby Jean.
I'm gonna make sure the motherfucker spooning your peas...
...ain't half as hot as Jesus.
-ls you feeling me? -Yeah, I'm feeling you.
-And we clear? -We clear.
-We got it. All right, now. -We got it.
1 958 Plymouth Fury.
You know that's the same car they used in Christine?
-Stephen King? Horror movie? -Yeah, you think I don't know that?
Probably think I can't even read.
Hey, I didn't say that.
I bet they sent you to one of them fancy fuck schools, didn't they?
I'd give anything to be adopted...
...grow up with rich, normal parents instead of freaks.
-Would you, now? -Yeah.
Well, they weren't rich, and they weren't so normal either.
When they saw what l was, they walked out on me.
So l'm supposed to feel sorry for you now?
-At least you had 1 5 good years. -Did you know you were gonna shift?
Did they tell you what to expect?
Yeah. Would've much rather had that than what I got.
Oh, you've known them a couple hours, and all they did was coo on you and cry.
You got no idea what you're talking about.
Well, l didn't realize this was a "whose life is more fucked?" contest.
If it means that much to you, you win.
Look, l got no idea how to deal with this whole family thing.
Never imagined I had a brother...
...something like that was even possible.
All right? l'm not here to take anything away from you.
Yeah, well, good, because l ain't got nothing to take.
I need to run, cool down.
Care if I join you?
Don't care.
I used to get in a lot of fights.
After you.
Bon Temps Hardware.
-Hi. Do you carry chain saws? -Yep.
-Yeah? How much are those, huh? -Two sixty-eight twenty-two.
How much?
Two hundred and sixty-eight dollars and twenty-two cents.
-Uh, can l rent one of those for the night? -Uh-huh. Forty-nine ninety-five.
-Awesome. Thanks. -Thank you.
Chilled carbonated blood.
It's cruelty-free, all willingly donated.
Note the citrusy finish.
This one ate only tangerines for weeks.
Mr. Compton, thank you for joining us.
It is an honor to have you in my kingdom again.
Your Majesty has been very hospitable.
Perhaps my queen will take this into consideration...
...before she has you staked.
If staking vampire royalty were a viable option... me, you would not be sitting here.
Why am l?
I wanna make you sheriff of Mississippi Area 2.
The world's only cactus plantation.
You didn't kidnap me and drag me across state lines just to offer me a job.
Oh, you're too hung up on state lines. Those lines will soon cease to exist.
You're waging war against the queen of Louisiana?
How barbaric.
Look, vampire politics may be medieval, but I'm not.
Excuse me, gentlemen. I need to drain the second course.
Carlo, bring me that Thai boy.
I mean Sophie Anne no harm.
In fact, just the opposite. I intend to marry her.
For the moment, she says no.
But a queen is entitled to change her mind.
And how will you make that happen?
With your help, of course.
Well, that's my job.
I was just doing what l had to to protect myself, but I ain't no hero.
The citizens of Bon Temps may beg to differ.
-Andy. -TV star.
I mean, detective.
Detective Bellefleur, you are a real-life, honest-to-Jesus hero.
You're the wind beneath my wings, man.
Aw, stop it.
You are embarrassing me.
Well, you got nothing to be embarrassed about.
You shot the bad guy. Right in the head.
Everybody loves you.
Well, what do you want me to do? Stand up and tell them all the truth?
-You'll go to jail. -Maybe that's where I belong.
I keep trying to do good all the time...
...but all l ever end up doing is just hurting people.
You're a good guy, Stackhouse.
You got a lot of heart.
You're prettier than most girls.
If you just applied yourself right, you could accomplish almost anything.
You really think so?
Why else would I be babysitting your drunken ass...
...making sure you don't piss your entire future away?
I love you, Andy.
You're my best friend.
Now, that's just sad.
Hello, Sookie.
-They came for you. -Just one. This morning.
He took off before l could get anything out of him.
That why you're here?
Or do you know something about Bill?
I lied to you.
Who is your master?
Who is your master?
Give me your blood. I will tell you.
The blood is sacred.
Who is your master?
He is one of you.
A vampire is never at the mercy of his emotions.
He dominates them.
We will find him.
You and Godric were in the SS?
We posed as whatever would help us in our search.
-But you were hunting the Nazi werewolves? -The symbol is runic.
This, uh, pack dates back a lot farther than the Nazi Party.
So they aren't Nazis?
No, they're much more than that.
These are not ordinary werewolves.
They're organized, well-funded, highly-trained...
...and fueled by vampire blood.
Why didn't you tell me last night?
The bigger question is, why am I risking everything to tell you now?
My loyalty is not to Bill.
In fact, it would advantageous for me in numerous ways if he were never found.
Now they're coming for you, and l owe you.
When you said you were risking everything to tell me...
...what did that mean?
The goal tonight was to keep you out of danger, not put you in more of it.
Eric, you can't just say something like that and then leave.
Oh, l'm not leaving.
You're going to invite me in so l can protect you.
Or have passionate primal sex with you.
How about both?
You're not gonna distract me by talking nasty.
I already have.
-So are you going to invite me in? -l'm still Bill's.
So you are.
-Warm blood bisque infused with rose petals.
There's a lot of natural gas to be had in Louisiana.
I enjoy the music. Frankly, I've outgrown my sandbox.
Sophie Anne is a delightful eccentric.
Please, she's as mad as a monkey on a trike...
-...and she has been for centuries. -Talbot.
We don't need to say everything we think.
For a number of reasons, she's incapable of managing her queendom.
Take you, for example.
She has one of the most promising young vampires in the country...
...under her command, and she sends you to where?
Bon Temps.
What a waste of talent.
She didn't send me to Bon Temps.
It was my home before I was made.
After the Great Revelation, I chose to go there to mainstream.
You expect me to believe she'd allow you to move to a town... the middle of a swamp and date a waitress?
I know you're still working for her...
...and l know she has secrets...
...and l wanna know what they are.
In return, l'll make you sheriff of Area 2.
Perhaps Your Majesty is using werewolves to gather his intelligence as well.
There's clearly been a mistake.
I am not the vampire you are looking for.
I am not privy to the queen's secrets...
...nor do I have any interest in being your sheriff.
-l'm sorry to waste your time. -Poor Sookie.
Such a shame she has to pay the price for your stubbornness.
You leave Sookie out of this.
You're in my house, Mr. Compton.
Put your fangs away.
I'm sorry if it's hard on you being here, but I gotta work...
...and l am not leaving you alone.
It's hard being anywhere right now. Might as well be here.
Love you.
How long you been standing there?
Little while. You sick?
-Because of my shrimp again? -No.
Now, l know Coby and Lisa are part of you...
...and maybe you think I'm not the kind of person you want around them.
But l made a list.
A list of what?
Ten reasons why you can trust me with your kids.
Number one:
I'm a nurturer.
I found a baby armadillo by the side of the road and I nursed it.
Now it sleeps under my bed, and its name is Felix.
Number two: I have a diploma from anger management...
...where I learned talking about your feelings is the manly thing to do.
Number three--
Number three:
I never killed nothing by accident.
Number four....
Busy night?
You the only waitress?
Actually, I'm a bartender, and l ain't working tonight.
-Then what are you doing here? -Honestly?
Trying not to kill myself.
And how is that going for you?
Well, l'm still alive.
Makes one of us.
You got any of those Tru Bloods?
We only got the B-positive, and the microwave's busted.
-You a friend of Bill Compton's? -No.
-Are you? -Not really.
What the fuck?
Holy shit.
Andy, l'm telling you, I can walk in a straight line. Look.
-Mm-hm. -Like a fucking arrow.
I ain't letting you drive like that.
-Get in. -Well, this is fun.
I ain't never been in the front seat before.
Detective Bellefleur...
...we've got a 586 in progress in Hotshot.
Uh, Rosie, you realize a 586 means illegal parking? Over.
Oh. I could have swore that's what Kenya said.
Anyway, they're busting a meth lab, whatever the code is for that. Over.
Wanna take a drive?
-Huh. l ain't never been to Hotshot. -Nothing to write home about.
Andy, you ain't even on duty. What are you doing here?
But more importantly, what is Jason Stackhouse doing here?
-Take two, one-- -Stop it.
-You stay in the car. -"Stay in the car."
This is my town, Kenya.
And whatever happens in my town concerns me.
Quit speechifying. There ain't no cameras here, you damn fool.
You sure did sound smart on the TV, Andy.
There a problem here, officers?
Calvin Norris, we got a warrant to search your property.
What for?
-Get off my land, you fucking pigs! -Stand back, sir.
Don't tell me what to do. You got no fucking right to be here.
-Calm down, Mr. Norris. -Calm down? Fuck you.
I'm an officer of the law...
...and you are not allowed to say that to an officer of the law.
That's the law.
-ln there. lnside. I see him. -Stop. Andy.
Are you all right?
Goddamn it, stop!
Sheriff's Department. Stop!
Hey, I got one.
I got me a drug dealer.
Woo! Big night.
Hey, hey.
Ride on that shit. Fuck that shit. I'll ride that shit like a pony.
Hey, this is where it happened, dude.
Andy put that serial-killer nigger down right here.
-Oh, shit. -Hey!
Shit. It's the freak's girlfriend.
His name was Eggs, you racist piece of shit.
Well, you're the one who went and fucked a killer, bitch.
-Apologize to the lady. -Serial killer weren't enough for you?
Now you gotta go fuck a goddamn vampire too?
I said, apologize to the lady.
Fuck you.
Blood gelato.
Sookie has nothing to do with this. She's innocent.
We know that you love her, that you've killed for her.
From the look in your eye, I can see you'd do it again...
...if you thought that would save her.
So romantic.
It's not romantic, it's delusional.
-Lorena. -Oh, goodie.
I'm just in time for dessert.
To have and to hold... love and to cherish... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, until death do you part.
Doesn't bother you that you'll be the only one dying?
-l'm not gonna talk about this with you. -Okay.
So you'd really rather stay out here all night than invite me in?
One minute you lie to me, the next minute you ask me to trust you.
You do something generous and selfless...
...and then you follow that up with something nasty or downright cruel.
Invite me in.
-You can't bully your way into-- -lnvite me in now.
Mr. Northman, will you please come in?