True Blood (2008–2014): Season 3, Episode 12 - Evil Is Going On - full transcript

Eric's plan to get rid of Russell seems to be working but when when Sookie recovers from the feeding frenzy, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She also decides to ban all vampires from her house. For his part, Bill tries desperately to convince her that everything he did was to protect her but a new revelation from Eric about about the first time she and Bill met throws yet another wrench into the relationship. Sam Merlotte meanwhile tells Tara about his true nature but also has to deal with his brother who has absconded with the bar's cash. Tara also learns something interesting about her mother. Lafayette continues to have eerie visions and Jesus reveals something about himself. Jason meanwhile decides to tell Crystal's family of an impending DEA raid.

RUSSELL: Ah, fucking silver.
Your father deserved it, you know.
Just as you deserve this.
All I wanted was a couple of goats for my wolves.
You slaughtered my entire family for a couple of goats.
GODRlC [IN SWEDISH]: Forgive him, Eric.
End all this hate...
...while you still can.
Forgiveness is love.
Love is all.
RUSSELL: Just shut the fuck up and die, please.
I swore to my father.
Your father was a self-important, greedy little putz...
...and he got what was coming to him.
Only peace...
...follows death...
...for all.
Even for him.
You fucking betrayed me again.
I only pretended to betray you so that l could save your life again.
And it worked. Russell is gone.
Where's Eric?
Outside, burning.
SOOKlE: What?
He bound himself by silver to the king. Was the only way to kill him.
I can't let him do that.
BlLL: Sookie.
You do not own me.
Eric, this is just stupid.
Go away.
[IN SWEDISH] Eric. Forgive him.
In the brief time you have left.
No forgiveness.
I won't let you do this.
Sweetie, please. Use your gift.
-l don't know how. -Yes, you do.
Don't think about it. Don't try.
I will not surrender to the true death.
I will find a way to come back...
...and kill your precious Viking and your brooding Mr. Compton...
...and his unbearable progeny and anyone you ever cared about...
...and all because you didn't use your fucking power!
Well, it's about fucking time.
Now drag me the fuck inside.
You watch your fucking language.
PAM: He needs blood. Human blood.
He's too weak to drop fang.
Bite me.
PAM: Thank God, the key.
Keep an eye on him.
We both know he could lose control.
This is all part of a concerted effort on the pa¤ of the right-wing fringe... stir up fear of vampires.
Oh, was it the right wing that ripped a guy's spine out on live television?
No, but it is the right wing saying that all vampires need to be wiped out of existence.
Following that logic, Osama bin Laden is human...
...therefore all humans need to be wiped out of existence.
Did you hear that? All human beings must be wiped out of existence.
The vampire agenda, pure and simple.
I didn't know you could cook.
I never made breakfast for you?
Maybe that's because you always snuck out before l woke up.
Maybe that's because you always woke me up, barking in your sleep.
There's a reason for that.
My adopted mother, in addition to being a repressed, codependent doormat...
...was kind of a great Southern cook.
-Bacon grease. -lt's all about the bacon grease.
There's a reason why I bark in my sleep.
Do not tell me you're a fucking werewolf.
No. No, no.
Because there are already too many supernatural freaks in my life... it is. -Tara, l'm not a werewolf.
Thank you, God, for once.
I'm a shape-shifter.
You're a shape-sh--?
Shut the fuck up.
No, I'm not gonna shut the fuck up about it, Tara. It's what l am.
It's who l am.
That's enough.
ERlC: Where's Russell? -Outside.
-We have to bring him in. -Are you insane? Why?
Godric appeared to me and asked me to spare Russell.
-You are insane. -Sookie--
You want me to go get the guy who wants to kill us all and bring him inside? Really?
Eric, do the world a favor and let that little fuck fry.
I'll go out there myself.
Oh, for the love of God.
I'm here to save you.
RUSSELL: Ah. Thank you, Miss Stackhouse.
Shut up.
Don't you think being a shape-shifter is something you should tell a person...
...before you sleep with them?
Maybe. If it is, I apologize.
I cannot deal with nonhumans right now.
Tara, Franklin was a psychopath.
I know you're not a psycho, Sam.
But too many bad things have happened to me because of supernatural stuff.
And humans.
Wish I could just reboot.
Be a completely new person.
In a brand-new life.
Without knowing any of the shit I have learned recently.
You can.
Be surprised how easy it is, someone smart as you.
And the other you, the old you, never catches up?
Well, of course it does.
That's why you just gotta keep on moving.
BlLL: You're a fool not to kill him. ERlC: Killing him won't solve anything.
-No, but it would keep him from killing us. -Oh, he won't be doing any more killing.
Eric, who the fuck are you right now? He killed your family.
Rip off his fucking head.
Do not listen to them.
I shall reward you handsomely.
Well, that's humiliating. I'll take that.
Sookie, come and hold these chains together.
As tight as you can.
Don't even think about it, bitch.
Are you kidding me?
It's all I'll think about ever again.
We should go to ground. You stay here and watch him.
I'm not babysitting this psycho while you nap.
ERlC: He can't glamour you.
Ginger's coming in later. He would glamour her in a heartbeat.
Pam, make one of the guest coffins available for Mr. Compton.
-l'm staying out here with Sookie. ERlC: Suit yourself.
-You have the bleeds. -l won't leave you alone with him.
I don't want to look at your face, or any of your faces, for that matter.
Go crawl back into your holes, you creepy, cold freaks.
It's Eric Northman.
Please, be careful.
I'm gonna need your van and your help tonight.
Do not stake him.
How big a blood-demic y'all got going on?
ANDY: I wouldn't say it's an epidemic.
Well, this here's blood enough for about a hundred doses.
That's a lot of hard-ons, enhanced athletic performance...
...and spontaneous healing of physical infirmities for a town of how many?
Twenty-seven hundred...
...and 12. Excuse me, sir.
Stackhouse, why are you here?
JASON: Are these the DEA guys? -Who's this exactly?
I'm Stackhouse.
-l'm a deputy. -Off-duty deputy. On leave, actually.
Listen, l know all about the blood ring in Hotshot.
I'm the one who cracked it.
-When y'all going in? -My office.
Get your--
You ain't thinking about tipping them off, are you?
-l know your new girl's from there. -All kinds of innocent people up there. Kids.
So we just let them sell drugs?
Well, if we stop them, somebody else is just gonna start up. Right?
You just rationalized away all need for law enforcement.
I don't know what that means exactly...
...but you gotta stop those government people out there. Please.
Give me one good reason why.
I would, but l swore I wouldn't tell nobody.
Jason, the fucking DEA is here and they are going in today.
-Fuck. -You listen to me.
You go warn Hotshot, you can kiss ever becoming a cop goodbye.
No, please.
What the heck?
Oh, sweet Lord. She bit him.
-Mom, what are y'all doing here? M¤lNE: Hoyt.
You remember Mr. Rakestraw, guidance counselor over to the high school.
It sure is good to see you again, Hoyt.
-Want to take a seat? -l got work to do.
I'm supervisor when Jason's not here.
Yeah, well, l'm here for these folks who really love you.
They just want you to hear them out. Then you can say what you want to say.
Then we're done. Not a big deal.
-Heh. Uh.... -Sit down, Hoyt.
I'll start.
"Dear Hoyt.
I have known you ever since you were a safety patrol...
...and helped me across the street every day.
You always smiled and said 'hey' to me.
I have watched that kind, caring boy grow into a fine, outstanding, great man.
But now, instead of choosing life... want to go back to a vampire who just wants to drink your blood...
...and it just breaks my heart."
Oh, well, now.
RAKESTRAW: Here. Mrs. Fortenberry.
"Dear Hoyt.
You are my first- and only-born.
And if you think l am going to sit back...
...and watch you throw your life away on a redheaded dead girl... are sorely mistaken.
There will be consequences."
Yeah? Like what?
-Like I will not let you back in my house. -l already left.
-l will disinherit you. -You don't have any money anyway.
-l am your mother. -You're a mean, prejudiced old control freak.
Okay, let's just try--
You just shut up. You're not even a real therapist.
Everybody knows you got a bottle of Malibu Rum in your desk, so shut up.
Now, look. I love Jessica.
I'm not leaving her.
If you don't like it, you can't be a part of my life.
She is a killer. They're all killers.
We saw that on the TV.
I wish you well.
I wish you the best husband in the whole world.
But that ain't me.
RAKESTRAW: It's okay.
You're early.
I figured l'd make a couple of pots of oyster stew this morning...
...but l goddamn ran out the house so fast, I forgot my key.
No problem.
Thank you.
MAN: Cross me and you're a dead man.
Rough night?
You could say that.
Miss Stackhouse.
I'd like to propose a deal.
This ought to be good.
I will give you my word that I will not harm you or anyone you love.
Stepping around the fact that your word's worth about as much as tits on a turtle...
...what else?
One million dollars.
-Five. -Two.
-Seven. -Okay, 5.
What else?
I will kill Eric Northman.
And Bill Compton.
Or neither.
Or just one of your choosing.
And your house in Mississippi. I like that house.
-Done. -What do I have to do in return?
-Release me. -No.
It may not be me, but someday some vampire is gonna rip you open... get at the essence inside of you.
-There is no way around that. -Shut up.
You don't know what it is to drink your blood.
It is paradise.
Arcadia. Nirvana.
Who even knows what your blood is capable of?
I am surprised that your Mr. Compton has showed such restraint.
He is either a true gentleman or very, very smart.
Smart, why?
By showing such a degree of control...
...he's able to make the experience last that much longer.
That's basic tantra.
But others won't be able to stop themselves.
They'll drain you dry, which is a shame, really.
But the rose only blooms for a short while...
...l suppose.
That's enough out of you.
You better hope to God l die...
...because I would rip you open and feed your entrails to you.
Why are you carrying this around?
He was the love of my life.
-This isn't him. -lt will be.
You think you can bring him back to life?
-Of course not. -Yes, you do.
Somehow, involving my blood.
-Fuck you. -No.
JASON: Maybe everybody already took off.
CRYSTAL: No, they're here.
Y'all come on out.
It's me, Crystal.
JASON: l don't think there's anybody here. CRYSTAL: Shh.
You brought him here? Ain't enough you polluted your family?
Now you bring outsiders?
-l want both of y'all off my land. -There ain't no time for this.
-The DEA is coming for you. JASON: And there's lots of them.
Get rid of all the V or they're gonna haul all of y'all off to jail.
We never should have agreed to sell that. Fucking fangers.
Creek, you and Eddie Boy get that cooler. Destroy that shit.
CALVIN: Yeah, and bring me some guns. Gasoline too.
Yes, sir, Daddy.
This don't make a difference between me and you.
Well, don't you think it should? I'm trying to help your family out here.
Well, we don't need none of your fucking help.
We were doing fine on our own for a long time.
Is that so?
Because I see a lot of people who look dirty and hungry...
...and kids who probably ain't in school...
...and several people obviously got dental problems.
Here you go, Uncle Daddy Calvin.
Bufort, l want you to get all the meth and the gear.
Put it in the back of the tow truck. Eddie Boy, you park it deep in the woods.
I'm throwing this vamper shit in the latrine.
-Wouldn't do that if l were you, Daddy. MAN: He's got a gun!
Too much money to be made off that vamper juice for me to let you get rid of it.
Been drinking this dirty blood? Want it all for yourself?
-Don't knock it. You ain't never tried it. -l ain't a little pussy like you.
FELTON: That so?
MAN [ON RADlO]: It¤ now c¤ea¤ the Vampire Rights Amendment will not...
...achieve the m¤ority needed to become law.
This just days after the passage seemed not only possible, but li--
Hey, buddy.
Hey, listen. l owe you an apology.
-Don't worry about it. -No.
No, no, no.
I treated you terrible and you don't deserve that.
You're a good man, a good employee...
...and friend who's made a tremendous sacrifice for his country.
And for the rest of us.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, it's okay.
It's more than okay. It's great.
Arlene's good. Our baby's good.
-Coby and Lisa are good. -Yeah.
-My armadillo Felix is good. -Yeah.
-And now we're okay. -Yup. Yup, we are.
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better.
I swear, sometimes l feel so lucky.
-Right. -And so grateful.
And l feel it so hard, I think it's just gonna split me in half.
-Right. -And I don't ever want it to stop.
You know?
Not really, but l'm happy for you.
Hey, Tommy.
How come you're not answering the phone?
Can l hop a ride with you?
Or I can follow in my own car.
Sheriff, you're injured. You'd be a liability.
Of course, sir.
Need me to do anything on this end?
Run to the store, grab me a pack of Luckies.
ANDY: Asshole.
FELTON: I ought to kill you motherfuckers.
I felt kind of bad shooting my own daddy. I ain't gonna feel nothing shooting you.
Put the gun down. Nobody needs to get hurt.
Maybe I like hurting people.
That's the blood talking. Look at me. I've been there, man.
It's lying to you. You don't wanna hurt anybody.
-You don't know what I want! -l know you want more V.
Ain't nobody here gonna try to stop you from taking it with you.
Say goodbye to my woman, because she's coming with me.
-No, she ain't. -She can either get in that truck herself...
...or l can shoot you and put her in it. Her choice.
I have to.
-No, don't. FELTON: Ten.
Listen, when he shoots me, you change and run and don't look back.
-Nine. -This is what l was born for, Jason.
-This is what's in store for me. -You know that's not true.
Who'll keep me from shooting him and dragging you off anyway?
Because I know you ain't all bad.
I know you wouldn't do that to these women and kids.
You know, with you and Daddy both gone...
...well, somebody gotta take care of everybody that's left.
And that somebody is you.
Tell me how to.
You just help them, however you can.
If this is the last time l ever see you....
I will find you. l promise.
I'm so sorry, Jason.
Don't you worry about your people. You just stay safe.
I love you.
She worth it?
Everybody... name is Jason.
-Mama. -Baby?
Tara Mae? Baby?
Don't come in here.
Reverend Daniels?
I spilled some lemonade on my pants.
LETTlE MAE: Baby, it ain't what it look like.
Yeah. Your mother was just helping me with my sermon when l spilled the lemonade.
LETTlE MAE: Tara Mae.
I know this is embarrassing, but--
Does his wife know? His kids?
He gonna tell them.
-Soon. -Soon.
He loves me.
He gonna leave his wife. He just needs time.
I'm in love.
Be happy for me.
God knows I don't have any business judging anybody, but aren't you sick of this?
Don't you want to change your life while you got time?
I am changing.
I'm gonna be a minister's wife.
I'm gonna be happy at last.
Good luck, Mama.
I really hope you will be.
ARLENE: I don't know if l can put up with Sam being an asshole again today.
Not after everything I've been through in the last 24 hours.
I'm inside her right now.
She can't get rid of me.
WOMAN [lN VOlCE-OVER]: This is hell. we're in hell.
Are you crazy?
-You should not be working. -We need the money.
Do you wanna lose this baby?
Of course not.
I am seeing things.
Bad things.
-What kind of things? -Blood.
I saw a monster head on you.
-Look, where are you right now? -Merlotte's.
Am l schizophrenic like my mama?
Look, l'm gonna be there as soon as l can, okay?
I'm leaving right now.
Okay. Okay. Hurry up, please. Hurry up.
Hear that?
That's my wolves coming to rescue me.
Are you sure you're not hungry?
I could make you a peanut butter and butter sandwich. No?
Could you please not do that?
-How did you know to come for me? ALClDE: Here because Eric called me.
Said he needed my help with something.
Promised to settle all my dad's debts.
Why? You in trouble again?
When am l not in trouble?
Is Janice okay?
My whole family's okay, knock on wood.
Debbie's gone missing, though.
I've been thinking about you. A lot.
That's nice, I guess.
-l even had a couple dreams about you. -Alcide.
I'm just saying, it sure is good to see you again.
I'd have hated if we never saw each other again.
Don't, okay?
Don't be such a good guy right now.
I can't help it if I'm a good guy.
Yet every full moon, he turns into a wolf and kills and eats his prey.
Rabbits and squirrels, not people.
Good, you're here.
-Your truck out front? ALClDE: Yup.
Let's go. Got a lot to do.
Sookie, stay here.
Pam'll protect you.
Feel safer protecting myself, since I now know l'm basically vampire crack.
By the way, l rescind the invitation to my house for all vampires present.
So don't even think about following me home.
ERlC: Get up. RUSSELL: l do not take orders from anybody.
ERlC: Suit yourself.
ERlC: If you two have finished eye-fucking each other, can we go?
Eric, do not bring that thing back inside this bar.
MAN: That's all we need.
Your so-called deputy here tipped the suspects off.
Whole place was cleaned out.
Nobody there except him and two dead guys.
I told you, they was killed by Felton Norris, who then stole my truck...
...Louisiana license plate Larry-Charlie...
He took the V and his gun with him.
Now I gotta call fucking New Orleans, tell them what a clusterfuck you got here.
Sons of bitches, backwater hicks.
Where's my Luckies? Somebody bring me my Luckies.
Way you just fucked yourself and me both, that's pretty impressive.
And thanks for spilling the beans about Eggs to Tara.
Andy, this ain't about us.
There are bigger things.
Like what? A girl?
Like a whole lot of other people who ain't really able to fend for themselves.
Well, l hope you realize you just screwed your one chance...
...of ever making something of yourself.
Sometimes the right thing to do is the wrong thing.
And l know I did the right thing.
Come here, come here.
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.
What the fuck is happening to me, Jesus?
My first memory is of my mama talking to motherfuckers who wasn't there.
Is that what's happening to me?
I don't think so. l really don't.
You just opened up something inside you. You're much more sensitive now.
I don't want to be sensitive to that shit. I want it as far away from me as it can be.
Listen to me, Lafayette. Look.
When my T¤o Luca started teaching me magic...
...l was in a sweat lodge for three days...
...and the earth started talking to me, literally, with multiple faces.
This don't make me feel better.
After, l started seeing things that people wanted to hide.
But it wore off.
Or I just got used to it, l don't know.
Now, wait a minute.
You said somebody taught you magic?
You kind of need to be taught.
What are you? Huh?
I'm a ¤¤o.
-A witch. -You're a witch.
You're a witch who's a nurse who's a dude.
Oh, well, shit, I guess I lucked out, then, huh?
Oh, my God.
I love it.
I just needed to make a change.
Change is good.
Feels like forever since we just hung out.
It has been forever.
I've been such a bitch to you.
Hey, don't beat yourself up, not after everything you've been through.
I hate being mad at you.
I know. You're basically my sister.
We shouldn't be mad at each other.
-What the hell happened in your bedroom? -You don't wanna know.
-Vampire? -Werewolf.
I'm gonna run over to Merlotte's for a while.
I need to see Lafayette.
Will l see you later?
Yeah. l won't be gone long.
Good, because l don't wanna be alone right now.
ALClDE: We're done now, right?
My dad's out of debt. You leave him and my family alone.
RUSSELL: Just kill me, Viking.
Take your fucking revenge.
ERlC: That was the original plan.
Then l was thinking... do l know beyond the shadow of a doubt...
...that you won't find some sort of peace afterwards?
Heaven. Oh, dear.
GODRlC [IN SWEDISH]: Everyone deserves peace, Eric.
I can't bear the thought of you finding any redemption.
Wrapped in silver, encased in concrete.
You won't be going anywhere for at least a hundred years.
A hundred years, that's nothing to me.
That's a nap.
That's 1 00 years with no escape from your grief... escape from knowing I took what you love most...
...and you will never get it back.
A hundred years during which you will go mad...
...madder even than you are now.
And you are as mad as a fucking hatter.
A hundred years for me to plan exactly how l'm gonna kill you both!
Have fun.
You make me bleed, my child.
So much hatred.
This is who l am, Godric.
This is what you made!
Do you not see that he is the one who is mad?
Speaking to phantoms?
All I can see is how utterly powerless you are...
...knowing that you're about to be buried alive.
And honestly, it's a thing of great beauty.
You will regret this.
But right now, it feels fucking good.
When fate presents one with such a grand opportunity, what else is one to do?
MAN: This is Ruben. -[IN ERIC'S VOlCE] lt's Northman.
I want you to find my progeny, Pam, and kill her. Now.
HOYT: No peeking.
And no using special vampire powers, either.
JESSlCA: Okay.
HOYT: Easy, easy. l gotcha.
All right.
A little dip.
There we go.
Would you please come in?
It smells funny.
-Hope you like it. l already paid the deposit. -lt's totally cute.
No, I mean, it could be really cute. Can you paint it?
Oh, of course. Gonna do all kinds of stuff.
But building a totally tricked-out hidey-hole for you is first on the list, though.
You wanna live together?
I wanna marry you.
But, uh, we can't.
Says who?
People become ministers on the lnternet.
So, what's to keep me from becoming a minister and marrying us myself?
I love you so much.
I don't know what l'd do without you.
Well, it's lucky for you you'll never have to find out.
We must talk.
Come in.
Russell is gone.
Thank God for small favors.
Eric as well.
-What? -l ended him.
He tasted you.
He knew what you are.
Even if we are to go our separate ways, I will make sure that you are safe.
-But Eric would never-- -Sookie, most vampires are not like me.
Even if holding themselves back occurred to them, they would probably not be able to.
I'm not taking any chances.
I intend to bring the true death to all that have tasted you and know what you are.
Russell, Eric....
Pam, the queen, and any who discover it in the future.
I will do anything to keep you safe...
...even if it means me not being a part of your life.
This I swear to you.
I have never loved, nor will l ever love, as l have loved you.
Wait. Don't go.
Did you tell her you were originally sent by the Queen of Louisiana to procure her...
...because of what she might be?
I did not know why she wanted you.
As l grew to know you, I purposely kept you from her.
Were you ever gonna tell me?
I hoped to someday. I swear it.
What about you letting two psychos beat her within an inch of her life... you could feed her your blood the night you met?
Think she'll forgive you for that?
Oh, my God.
-Sookie-- -ls it true?
He tried to silence me tonight so you would never know.
He doesn't wanna protect you.
He only wants to protect himself.
-Get out of my house. -Please.
Don't ever come here.
Don't ever call me.
Don't ever talk to me. Ever.
You manipulated me into falling in love with you.
It is who you are, Sookie, not what you are, that I love...
...and will love always, until I meet the true death.
Love?! You don't even get to use that word.
-l rescind my invitation. -No!
I want my phone back.
You too. Get the fuck off my porch and out of my life.
For the record, l would never have given you to Russell.
Go back to hell where you came from, you fucking dead piece of shit.
I'm sorry to see you suffer like this, but I thought you had the right to know.
Did you kill him?
Please tell me you killed him, because l will never get all the cement out of my hair.
I gave him a much worse punishment.
Ruben tried to kill me, by the way.
I took him out.
Oh, great. On top of everything, I'm out an assassin.
I have zero patience with that shit.
SAM: Tommy, come back here!
So now you're gonna shoot me?
Give my money back.
Fuck you.
You came along, changed my whole life.
Took away everything I knew.
And now you're just throwing me away like garbage.
I think I might have saved your life, you stupid little shit.
Yeah, stupid. Good, rub it in!
Just give me my money.
-How am l supposed to live? -Get a job.
I can't fucking read.
Not my problem.
Fuck you.
You ain't gonna shoot shit.
-Your Majesty. -Hm.
We'll sidestep your recent defection.
For now.
Tell me, do I make a good widow?
You are a vision.
Bill, don't be such a sourpuss.
Aren't you the least bit excited?
Russell is no more.
I am pleased, yes.
Dear me. How dreary you are.
All right, bring me the girl.
I have waited centuries to find a true fae.
I can't wait to feel the sunlight on my skin again.
Maybe I'll get a yacht.
Sookie is not here.
Yes, l brought you here under false pretenses.
But l do have another surprise for you.
Only one of us will leave this house.
You dare challenge me?
I'm over twice your age.
But l have nothing left to lose.
Gran, I am so lost.
I followed my heart, but it led me down a dead-end road.
I miss you so much.
I've never felt so alone.
And l've spent my whole life feeling alone.
WOMAN: Sookie.
You're not alone.
Come with us.