True Blood (2008–2014): Season 3, Episode 1 - Bad Blood - full transcript

Having decided to accept Bill's marriage proposal, Sookie finds the restaurant deserted and sets off to find him. She tries to enlist Eric's help but he has his own problems when the Queen ...

-Bill! -Madame.
My boyfriend, he's gone. Someone took him.
-A kidnapping? -Did you see anyone or anything?
For the love of God!
Fucking vampires! It's always nothing but shit.
"Sookie Stackhouse."
That that hot number you was with at that frog restaurant?
Aw, if she was hot, how come you didn't nab her too?
-Not telling you anything. -So that's a yes.
Sayonara, Sookie.
No! Unh.
Who the hell are you?
How about you just call us the Fuck You Crew?
So he proposes to you, and you said what again?
That I needed a minute to think.
Aren't you gonna stop her from trampling all over the crime scene?
Why aren't you taking this seriously, Kenya? My boyfriend's been kidnapped.
It is Deputy Jones.
I'd appreciate you addressing me as such.
-How long were you in the bathroom? -No more than a minute or two.
-Was it one or two? -What difference does it make...
...when every second you spend questioning me, these bastards get further away?
What if there were no bastards?
What if, while you were in the bathroom for a minute or two...
...your vampire friend realized he didn't wanna be humiliated anymore, took off?
How do you explain the turned-over tables?
-To me, looks like evidence of a struggle. -To me, it looks like a man lost his temper...
...with good reason.
Come on.
Just file a missing-persons report for me. Please?
Forty-eight hours, that's the rule. You want a lift back to town or not?
-Heh, heh. -Merci beaucoup for nothing.
Because then-- Then l just walked outside and--
-Oh, I ran outside and he was laying there. -Be strong.
And l heard Tara coming up behind me and l didn't want her to see that.
So l turned around and tried to stop her, but she busted on through.
And she threw herself on him, and it was just so sad.
-And what time would you say--? -Hey, coz.
-Just after 9:30. -You're sure?
One hundred and one percent.
See, l know because Big Bang Theory had just come on. l love Big--
I know what you're going through.
That first kill...'s got a way of making you feel like that's all you are.
But you've got to know that you are still a man...
...that is capable of goodness...
...and of heartbreaking generosity of spirit.
And if you can cling to that with everything you got...'re gonna be all right.
I promise.
Thank you, ahem...
...for that. Ahem.
-l love you, coz. -l love you too.
From now on, let's tell each other that more.
All right, Andy. I'm ready for your statement now.
I hope I was helpful, Sheriff Dearborne...
...because last time we did this, after Rene, l know l wasn't.
But l have the utmost respect for y'all...
...because without law enforcement...
...we would be nowhere as a society.
What the fuck, Arlene?
-This ain't a goddamn beauty pageant. -Oh, shit.
The only man I ever loved was just zipped up in a bag...
...and you don't have the decency to pretend you give a fuck.
I give a fuck.
-Tara. -But l don't know what l expect.
Trash is as trash does.
I'm sorry you fell in love with a serial killer, all right?
But honestly, who here hasn't?
-Bitch, Eggs wasn't no killer! -Tara, he confessed.
Miss Thornton, please. This is a murder investigation.
I don't care what he confessed to.
-He ain't responsible for it! -Oh, why? Because of society?
-Because of slavery? -Sweetheart--
-You backwards redneck! -l'm gonna take Tara to Sookie's.
Bud, if you wanna talk to her, you can meet us there.
And we gonna steal this tequila, but I doubt that'd surprise any of y'all.
Come on. Hey, come on.
Stupid-ass racist dyed-haired bitch.
I hate when they make everything about race.
Come on. Come on. No, you stay with me, okay?
Come on.
No, I'm sorry. I can't take you to the hospital, okay?
Just wake up. Come on.
You're a fucking whore.
I know.
I know l am.
Hey there.
-ls Bill here? -No, it's just me hanging out.
-Are you all right? -Yeah, totally.
I mean, l'm-- Things are still fucked up with Hoyt... l've been crying and all, but I'll be fine.
-Bill's been kidnapped. -What?
I thought y'all were just going to dinner.
-We were, but then he proposed and-- -Oh, my God.
-Wait, Sookie. -Oh, I-- l didn't say yes.
-You rejected him? -lt's not like that.
Just-- lf he does come home for any reason...
...let me know, even if he commands you not to.
-Oh, you know l can't do that. -l don't care.
Just do it.
Shit. Fuck. Shit.
Fuck. Shit.
Hey, whatever your name is, wake up, okay?
Oh, no, no, no. Come on.
Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, my God.
Maybe this'll work.
I can't tell whether or not my skin is burning up or if it's freezing...
...but it feels so fucking good.
Pull over, Jimmy.
I gotta get me a drag off of this fuck.
-Nope, we ain't stopping. -l'm dying over here.
Spit some in his mouth.
-What? -That's gay.
And playing with your own titties in a car full of dudes ain't?
It's the only way you're getting any V.
Come on. Come on.
Can't fucking believe l'm doing this.
-You're the one in charge, is that correct? -Oh, shit.
I got vampire juice all over my good touring gloves.
If you have any kind of orders to keep me alive... are about to fail.
At the rate that you're draining me, I will die.
Oh, fuck!
Andy, where the hell'd you come from?
I didn't want anybody to see me. I parked around back.
Came in through your window.
-What the hell's going on here? -Hey, how's Tara?
She's a fucking mess, that's how she is.
-Jesus-fucking-Christ. -Don't you freak out on me.
I killed a man.
No, Stackhouse, l killed him.
That's what l just told Bud and that's what we have to stick to...
...because there's holes in our story, big gaping ones.
-Like? -lf he was really in my face with a knife...
...then how come the gun that killed him was fired from over 20 feet away?
Well, shit, man.
Why'd you tell him a story with holes in it?
-We gotta tell him the truth. -You tell anybody anything...
-...we'll spend the rest of our lives in jail. -l don't wanna go to jail.
Then l need to see a lot less conscience and a lot more cojones...
...and l need to see them pronto.
-All right. -Now listen.
Bud Dearborne's a good man, a good cop...
...but he is tired and old, and he don't see the holes like he used to.
We are gonna get through this... long as we act like everything's perfectly normal.
I ain't even sure what normal is anymore.
For you, normal's going out and getting tail... l suggest you start there. -That's the old Jason.
I wanna be new Jason.
When this thing blows over... can not get laid all you want to, but for now... gotta be the Jason Stackhouse everybody knows.
So conscience off, dick on...
...and everything's gonna be all right.
-Fine. -Say it with me.
Conscience off.
Ahh. Conscience off.
-Dick what? -Dick on.
-And everything's-- -Gonna be all right.
All right, then. That's more like it.
I wasn't here tonight, Stackhouse.
Now, l don't remember telling you lavender was my favorite color.
I'm in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam.
-Where's Bill? -Heh.
-l have no idea. -Then where's Eric?
He's, um, indisposed at the moment.
Indisposed doing what?
Sookie, stop. Don't. Come back.
I know he's in here. Bill?
Holy S.
See anything you like?
I do.
I take it Sookie couldn't be stopped.
What can I say? She overpowered me.
Off you go, Pam.
Sookie, meet my new dancer, Yvetta from Estonia.
Yvetta, meet Sookie...
...from here.
Don't go anywhere.
So, what brings you to Fangtasia on this balmy summer night?
Bill's been kidnapped, and l think you did it.
I didn't.
Any other theories?
I'm still on this one, thank you very much. Where were you tonight around 1 1 :00?
Here, with Yvetta.
Doing this?
For the last six hours?
You seem surprised.
Is Bill's stamina not up to snuff?
Tell me where I can find Lorena.
If you don't have him, she does.
Solid theory, but given the tenor of your last run-in with Miss Krasiki...
-...I think it's better if l dealt with her. -How do l know you will?
Because if Bill was, in fact, kidnapped, by human or vampire...
...l am duty-bound as sheriff of the area in which he resides to find him.
Even if l do want what is his.
Then do it.
By the way, you owe me $1 0,000.
Run, dummy! I feel so strong!
-Stop it or you're gonna get yourself-- -Killed.
You feeling all floaty yet?
-Kind of. -Good.
Tequila and Klonopin, baby girl.
A steady diet of that, it'll keep them thoughts away...
...till you is more equipped to deal with them.
It's Eggs.
Come here. What happened?
-They shot him. -What? Who?
Andy Bellefleur. Said Eggs came at him with a knife...
...confessing to killing them women and cutting out their hearts.
The fuck he know any of that?
Oh, my God.
Tara, he came to me earlier today...
...said he needed help remembering what Maryann made him do.
So l helped him.
-You fucking did not. -l'm sorry.
Oh, you're sorry.
You signed his death warrant and that's all you got? Fuck you!
Get off her! Get off her!
Stop it, Tara.
Is you crazy?
-We're in the same boat. Bill's gone too! -What is wrong with you? That's Sookie...
...your best friend in the world.
-He didn't need to know! -Get her out!
I was just fucking leaving.
Sorry, Sook.
-You remember our conversation? -Yes.
I asked you to do one thing for me.
Bring me Bill Compton.
And you said, "Done."
So why wasn't it done, Mr. Rubin?
I already told you. By the time we got to the restaurant...
-...he was gone and there was a cop car-- -You failed me.
How could you fail me?!
Find him, Mr. Rubin...
-...or tomorrow's sunset will be your last. -Eric.
But sunup's in a couple of minutes.
Then l recommend you find a daywalker you can trust to find him for you.
-What? -You're losing it.
How is that helpful, Pam?
You need to call the queen.
The queen is the last person I need finding out.
You're not the only one whose fate hangs in the balance.
What do you think the queen will do if l tell her l lost...
...the one vampire who could link her to the dealing of vampire blood?
And that l have no idea where he is?
And what do you think she'll do if she finds out from someone else?
Call the queen.
There are times when l seek your counsel, Pam.
Now is not one of those times.
Fine. l'm going to ground, then.
It's Bill Compton. I need your help.
How'd you find me all the way up here in Arkansas?
You've had my blood, remember? Quite a bit of it.
Come on in.
Thank you.
May I use your shower?
Of course.
There's, uh, plenty of towels in the bathroom.
If you could spare a shirt, I'd be much obliged.
I-- l really didn't pack anything.
It's kind of an impromptu road trip I'm on.
But you could-- You could have the shirt off my back if you want it.
I'll take what l can get.
Well, thank you.
I'll take that shower now.
Unless you'd care to join me.
-l think l would. -Good.
We're gonna have a nice time.
I hear the water in Arkansas is very hard.
Don't answer that.
Am l speaking with Sam Merlotte?
You can just call me Sam.
This is Audrey Bishop with the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce.
I hope l didn't wake you.
I'm really glad you did, Audrey.
Regarding your inquiry into Melinda and Joe Lee Mickens...
...unfortunately, our records show no current address on them.
But I can tell you they were evicted from their last residence over three years ago.
Evicted, huh?
-So you reckon they've moved on, then? -I didn't say that.
I'm not supposed to give out this kind of information...
-...but you know their boy? -Well, wait, wait.
-Wait a minute, they have a son? -Uh-huh.
He works over at Cornejo Tires...
...right off the 79. Name's Tommy.
Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I bought new radials from him.
Turns out they were used, as in bald as a baby's behind.
Well, thank you so much, Audrey.
Remind me never to mess with the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce.
My plea--
If l know my mama, she's probably...
...telling all her friends she did me a favor by lying to me for all these years.
-l just feel betrayed. -l don't know, bubba.
I think I'm with Big Maxine on this one.
Hey, take that back or l'm gonna stick a branch up your butt, prickly end first.
Weren't you happier before? When your daddy was shot by a robber...
-...instead of by hisself? -Not really because...
...before I belonged to her, 24/7, 365.
But now-- lt's like they say, the truth has set me free.
That sounds like the same religious dog muck...
...Steve Newlin was trying to sell me on.
I'm starting to think the truth, it's poison.
-Aw, you don't really believe that. -Yes, l do.
Look, man, people are always trying... fuck up other people's lives by telling lies about them.
You wanna really fuck somebody's life up?
Tell the truth about them.
They ain't never gonna be the same.
...somebody must have told the truth about me, then.
My whole life's gone from happy to hell inside ofjust a couple days.
I got no girlfriend, I got no roof over my head...
...unless you count my car, where l slept last night.
-l've been there. -Good to know I got friends, though.
Friends are good.
-Because I need a place to stay. -l reckon you do.
Jason, can l crash at your place for a little while or not?
Of course, man.
That's kind of a nasty way to ask.
How is she?
Sleeping finally. So keep it down. I don't wanna wake her up.
Thank you for calling me.
This ain't about you and me...
...building a bridge into our future together, all right?
You shot a gun at me.
But you know what? I don't even have the time.
I got two jobs, both of which l need... of which I already didn't even show up for today.
And Tara been asking for you nonstop, so--
-She has? -Like a moth to a flame.
Poor thing just want her mama.
That's because she knows in times of trouble...
...a mama's the only person her baby can turn to.
Thank you, God, for this opportunity to heal my baby.
Yo, please. None of that.
Do everybody a solid and instead of looking up at a God that let this shit happen... need to keep your eyes on your fucking daughter...
...because she ain't right to be alone.
-l promise. -Good.
I'll be back around midnight.
-Lafayette. -l'm late.
I'm sorry about shooting your gun at you.
Bitch, you-me bridge... ain't gonna never motherfucking happen.
I take it you heard what happened last night with Bill.
Kenya told me. She also told me you got a hint out of line with her.
If anyone was out of line, it was her.
The man l'd be engaged to now if l'd gotten a chance to say yes...
...was kidnapped last night and Kenya wouldn't even file a missing-persons report.
How the hell could she...
...when the person that's missing ain't a real person?
Tell me you did not just say that...
...because if you did, I might have to forget that I was brought up to respect my elders.
We are all supposed to respect our elders.
And since Bill Compton's got about 1 00 years on you...
...l think he deserves at least a hint of your respect.
There's a-- A woman. A vampire, actually.
Her name's Lorena Krasiki, and l think she's the one who took him.
I need you to help me find her.
You have to understand, Sookie.
I got dead bodies piling up on me. Dead human bodies.
I can't be spending this department's limited resources...
...following up on hunches about vampire-nappings.
I don't think l should have to understand that.
Because I love Bill just like you love your wife...
...and your children and your grandbabies.
So to my mind, that makes him worth following up on.
-Excuse me. -Yeah?
-You Tommy? -Congrats, bro. You can read.
Tommy Mickens?
No, sir. Family name's Harmon.
So, uh, you're not Melinda and Joe Lee's boy, then?
Because somebody told me he's working here.
The Tommy you're looking for, Tommy Mickens...
...he quit about six, seven months ago.
Said he was leaving town. Didn't say where to.
A real piece of shit, if you ask me.
Yeah, well, from what I'm hearing, pretty much all the Mickens are.
I can't speak to that. He's the only one l ever met, so--
Sorry l couldn't be more help.
Ah. Well, thanks anyway.
You got some nice tires.
Maybe I'll come back and get me some...
...on my way back out of town.
Give you a good deal if you do.
I'll think about it.
Name's Sam, by the way. Sam Merlotte.
God works in mysterious ways, Tara Mae.
-Mm-hm. -Keep talking to her, Reverend Daniels.
I think it's helping.
And this devil woman came to you.
She introduced you to a man...
...and together, they tried to pull you down into the pits of hell.
But all of it was part of God's plan to lead you back to your mama.
And l'm so glad you're back.
Ain't nobody ever gonna get to you again, baby girl.
It's just you and me now.
Didn't fucking work.
Oh, it stinks.
Did you get my flowers?
I hope l didn't wake you. I just--
I miss you.
-l miss you too. -You do?
-Great. So when I can l see you again? -But, um--
-But-- -Got a haircut.
-This is just a really bad time. l gotta go. -l actually think l look kind of badass.
Jessica? I--
Do you want a drink?
Hop on, sweetheart.
Your Highness. Magister.
Mr. Northman.
I haven't seen you since the Bill Compton trial.
Yes, it's been, uh, too long.
-May I ask what brings you to Fangtasia? -We need to talk.
You should probably close up.
-We can just use my office. -lt's bugged.
-How do you know this? -Because I'm the one who bugged it.
It's how l know l can trust you.
All right. Everyone out now!
Except she can stay.
No. No humans.
I need both of you at full attention.
Trouble abounds in your fair state.
-Tell me. -lt would seem your idyllic little home... competing to become the V capital of the world.
Can you believe it?
I am so embarrassed.
Naturally, l told the Magister... were the only vampire in my kingdom that could be trusted with this.
-Anything l can do to be of service. -Our blood is sacred.
Wasting it on anything other than procreation... blasphemy.
-Madness. -Desecration.
Have you noticed an uptick in users in your neck of the woods?
Maybe even here in your club?
I haven't, no.
See, that's surprising to me... every other sheriff to whom l've spoken has.
The amounts are so great, in fact...
...we can only assume a vampire is responsible.
An act of self-loathing so shameful...
...that whoever is responsible should fall on his own stake.
Respectfully, Magister, I'm not sure l follow your logic.
If your average run-of-the-mill drainers were behind this... would stand to reason said drainers would need vampires to drain...
...which means there would be missing vampires, and plenty of them.
How many vampires have gone missing in your area?
None, Magister.
So now do you follow my logic?
I do.
-And I will look into the matter. -Good.
And l will expect results.
You will have them.
Hey, Lafayette. There something different about the chili tonight?
Actually, yeah. It was tasting kind of flat... l put a pinch of cinnamon in it. -Cinnamon?
Yeah, how the hell you smell that? I put a half a teaspoon in the whole pot.
I'm pregnant again.
-Hey, you forgot your rings. -Fuck my rings.
Hoyt, where you been, bubba?
-Hoo. Been crying. -Ha, ha. Dude, shut up.
I want you to meet our new friends. This is Missy and Jen.
Recent graduates of New York University...
...currently driving across the South to California...
...where they're gonna start up in veterinary school in the fall.
...this here is Hoyt Fortenberry.
He just moved out of his mother's house.
-l like you. You're like a big puppy. -Oh, my God, you're so right.
-Heh. -Sit down, pup. Pour yourself a beer.
Well-- You know what, Jason? I'm not really--
Sit down, pup.
-So veterinary school? -Yeah.
With an emphasis in canine psychology.
-Like shrinks for dogs? -Hey, don't knock it.
Yeah, don't. Don't knock it.
The thing is, dogs' feelings and people's feelings aren't really all that different...
...except theirs are harder to figure out.
-Because dogs can't talk. -Hmm.
Exactly. Ha, ha.
See, if Hoyt here really were a dog...
...he wouldn't be able to tell us why he's so sad right now.
-Actually, it's because my girlfriend and l-- -Mm. Mm. Oh.
What kind of dog would you say l am?
Well, you're no puppy, that's for sure.
You got that right, Missy.
I'm Jen. That's Missy.
Yeah, l know.
I was looking at you, but talking to her. Something we do here in the South.
But if you don't wanna learn about our culture, l'm--
-l'm happy to do it your way. -You're a Lab.
Correct. I am a Lab.
But now for the hardest part.
What am I thinking about right now?
-You know, in my brain. -Hmm.
I bet you're wondering if you're gonna be able to get us...
...back to your place tonight, and if so... out of control are things gonna get?
You girls are gonna make great vets.
-What do you think? -What the hell? l'm in. Let's go.
-Sweet. -We'll follow you there.
Yo, J. You know, l ain't all that comfortable with this.
What? Hoyt, if you and me are gonna be roommates...
...there's a certain amount of pussy overflow you just have to get used to dealing with.
Come on.
Attaboy, Stackhouse.
When we do find the vampire who's responsible... will you punish him? -Or her.
-And will it be in public? -Of course, one who is proven guilty...
...of such a crime must be made an example of.
This kind of moral anarchy cannot be allowed.
To a speedy resolution.
-The speedier, the better. -Magister.
-ls it just me or is he really dull? -Your Highness.
I mean, isn't moral anarchy kind of the point?
I can't think of anything more depressing than living by the law forever.
-Your Highness. -Yes?
Forgive me, but I don't feel the same sense of relief you do.
-You don't think he believed us? -Not entirely, no.
Then l suggest you sell everything you have... soon as possible. -Excuse me?
The pigs at the lRS are breathing down my neck...
...and l need money now.
Sell the blood at half price if you have to. I don't care what it takes.
Just move the product and then cover our tracks.
All due respect, Your Highness...
...l fear you're not considering all the angles.
All due respect, Mr. Northman...
...l'm due a lot more respect than that.
And l'm sorry to compromise your manhood like this...
...but hell hath no fury like a vampire queen broke.
Move the blood.
There's something l couldn't tell you in front of the Magister.
Bill Compton has gone missing. Kidnapped, perhaps.
I don't care. Move the blood.
He is the one vampire that knows about our arrangement.
My side of it, at least.
Then l don't understand why we're even talking about him.
Let him rot.
I'll show myself out.
Thanks, Isabel.
Anything you can find out is more than l got. Talk to you soon.
May I?
Come on in.
Now, why did you have to go and kill that maenad?
-She's a terrific decorator. -Any news about Bill?
No, just making my nightly rounds.
And Eric wanted me to give you this.
This is too much. It's only supposed to be 1 0.
We know. Eric wanted to give you a bonus for going above and beyond.
Well, tell him thanks, l guess.
I'll say you sounded more appreciative than that.
-What was that? -lt was Eric calling me.
I should probably check in.
He can call you?
-Needs that hot sauce out there on 3. -Okay, I'm on it.
There you are.
So, uh, you remember how we talked about doing something after work tonight?
Are we still on or...?
I don't know, Terry. I have to focus on my kids.
A half-off sale on V?
Even though part of the allure of this shit is how expensive and exotic it is.
Well, then sell it for twice the price. We don't care.
Just so long as it's all gone by the time we wake up tomorrow evening.
-Tomorrow? -ls there a problem?
No, hooker. Look, l can't sell all this shit by tomorrow.
I got a cousin in trouble. She needs--
I don't know what it is about me that makes people think I wanna hear their problems.
Maybe I smile too much, maybe I wear too much pink.
But please remember...
...l can rip your throat out if I need to.
And also know that l am not a hooker.
That was a long, long time ago.
-All right. -Yeah?
You picking up what I'm putting down?
-l is. -Good.
I'll be back tomorrow to pick up the money.
You might wanna start letting me know when you're swinging by.
-lt'd be considered polite. -Has Bill called you?
No. And l told you I would tell you if he did.
Not that kind of call. l was just with Pam. She got all shivery...
...then she told me that Eric had just called her and she had to go.
-She was shivering? -You ever felt anything like that?
Last night. lt came over me like a wave, and it made me feel sick too... that time l drank Kahlúa. -This isn't about underage drinking.
Bill is missing, and without your help, he might never come back.
Now, other than sick, what else did you feel?
I don't know. Maybe-- Maybe I felt a place.
-What place? Where? -l don't know.
Come on.
-But-- But where are we going? -You gotta find that place.
And what the hell is that smell?
A possum died under the house.
Come on.
Stanley, is that you, my boy?
Ma'am, my name is Bill Compton, and l am badly in need of assistance.
-You're not my son? -No, I'm sorry.
And you look hungry.
I am.
Well, come on in.
I'll fix you something.
-May I trouble you to use your phone? -l don't have one.
I had to choose between my oxygen and my phone...
...and since no one calls me anyhow...
...l chose my oxygen.
So, what can l get you to eat?
I don't know if l can thank you enough...
...for what you done today, Reverend Daniels...
-...for my baby girl and for me. -You don't have to thank me.
You're a part of my congregation...
...and my congregation is like my family.
Still, can l--?
Mm-- Uh, um--
-Uh, like my family. -Ha-ha-ha, you're so funny.
I could conversate with you forever.
Tara Mae, can you say "thank you" to the reverend for coming to see you?
-Thank you, Reverend Daniels. -Thank you, Tara...
...for reminding me of the healing power of God.
I'm gonna go take a shower, all right?
Of course, baby. Wash it all away.
-Lettie Mae. -Hmm?
Do you think Tara could--?
-Mama. -ls that you, boy?
-Yeah. -Where you been?
Hoo. That's it.
Obviously, it's not. This thing is softer than when I started.
Yeah, l'm sorry. lt's just, uh--
What? l mean, you're hot and all...
...but this is so underwhelming.
Hoo. Okay, let's just-- Let's just power through this.
Uh, how about l do you?
-All right. -All right.
-Oh, yeah. -Aah!
Hey. Do you guys mind if I join you?
Hoyt's so hung up on his ex, he won't even watch me play with myself.
Oh, it's all right with me if it's all right with you.
Oh, my God. I can't believe I'm doing this again.
-Ha, ha. -Woo-hoo!
All right.
-Did he already--? -Uh, no.
-Well, did you try--? -Yes.
This is what l've been dealing with for the last half-hour.
Okay, how about you two just, uh, focus on each other for a minute?
-He's weird. -Whatever.
-Okay, what's his problem? -lt's-- lt's not you. lt's just--
Every time l look at you...
...l keep seeing these big old bullet holes in your heads.
Oh, my--
-We're out of here. -Goodbye.
-Y'all are leaving? It was real nice meeting y'all.
Who are you?
That doesn't matter.
-What's your name? -Olivia.
That's a lovely name.
Now, listen, Olivia.
I was never here tonight.
You will have no memory of me or what l've done to you.
What did you do to me?
Good girl.
Now, before l go, can you tell me where I am?
-ln my house. -And what parish do you live in?
I live in Copiah County.
I want you to have this.
It's from Stanley. He came to see you.
-He did? -Yes.
He wanted you to have it to show how much...
...he appreciates everything you have ever done for him.
He's a good boy, my Stanley.
I have to go now.
Goodbye, Olivia, and thank you.
-Where Tara? -ln the shower.
Reverend Daniels came over to talk to her.
-Said she's gonna be just fine. -Tara!
Damn it, Tara. Open up! Open the door!
We're getting close, l think. l'm feeling nauseous, just like l got last night...
-...when Bill was-- -Stop!
That's Bill's car!
I am a freak of fucking nature.
There's a body in here, but it's not Bill.
Give me a hand!
Check him for a wallet or phone...
...anything that might tell us who this fucker is.
No wallet.
No phone.
Okay, what is that?
Find it yet?
-l found something that looks like it. -What's it say it is?
Well, it says it's got something to do with "Operation Werwolf."
I should warn you.
I've fed.